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The Worst!

Posted by: aml321 | Oct 13, 2012

I wish I could pick no stars...they financed our car OK great..told my husband to take a loan to fix our credit..OK did that. Being military I lost my job during a pcs move so I held off on the loan and only made car payments But I guess the bank can decide where my payment went. They only put it on the loan So one morning 0400 some one knocked on my door and took my car. The bank after Talking to me for 2 years about accounts that were only in my husbands name finally Said nope we can't talk to you sorry, but they did for 2 years? They would help me they wouldn't do anything I sent them a poa that was done in military attorneys office stamped sealed the whole 9 yards , and the lady Amy Stevens said his signature didn't match..so they still wouldnt talk to me.what a way to treat a customer of 9 years a family a militray soldier. This bank and the people stand for nothing in my mind . Soldiers stay away from this bank

Service Credit Union Review

My opinion of Service Credit Union is that it is a fairly average credit union. I became a member only because due to being the sole bank/credit union on an overseas military base I was stationed at. It provided a few useful services, such as foreign currency exchange and cashier checks, which were all useful while living in Europe. I opened an interest accruing checking account, which at the time did not require a minimum balance. While serving overseas, customer service was decent, but not outstanding.

Upon returning the USA, I found Service Credit Union had a branch relatively close to where I lived. Customer service here was subpar. I had an overdraft at one point, and when I went in to pay the overdraft as well as the fee, I was treated pretty rudely by the teller. Dealing with their customer service over the phone was generally a painful experience as well.

Overall, I'd grade Service Credit Union as completely average. It's not bad, but there are far better banking options out there.

Look Out For Inactivity Fees At Service Credit Union

My husband and I opened an account at Service Credit Union two years ago.  We were required to make a deposit of $5.00.  We had anticipated opening a CD there, but changed our minds afterwards, and left the account open just in case we wanted to open a CD later on.  We were told at the time that we must make at least one transaction every five years.  Two years later, we received a letter from Service Credit Union, warning that an inactivity fee of $50 would be charged unless we made a deposit to our account within a couple of months.  This $50 fee would be charged every time we went one year without a transaction, and if we went five years the fee would be $100.

Black Friday Specials....

Posted by: Hohum | Jan 15, 2012

But buyer beware. If it's too good to be true, well then it usually is.   Got a great rate, however, never told I had to direct deposit my "entire payroll check", and was not told there was a $39/month fee for Life and Disability insurance.  I have never heard of such a fee for insurance, particularly when I already have this type of coverage thru my employment and a full auto insurance policy.  If this is typical of Service Credit Unions practices, I am truly sorry for all the military people being misinformed and charged these riduculous charges.  Non profit, yea right.  Picking up where BOA left off. I'm outta there.  I will be checking with the NH State Banking commission on these practices.

Military Friendly?

I joined this credit union in 2006 because we (USARMY servicemembers) stationed overseas dont have much choices, they charged us fees for everything, now they have an scheme that they pay for your bills for a minimum fee even if you dont have money. Even I agreed to that, look to me like they profited a lot with that type of help, after hundreds of dollars in fees, for balances checks in ATM's, transfers between accounts fees, transactions fees, international withdrawal fees, overdrafts fees...etc, I still dont see how non profit and military friendly they are.

finally I refinanced my car loan with them and changed to USAA, so they can't stop profiting with my money


Applied and got approved for my car loan on August 20, 2012 and purchased a vehicle that day from a great car dealer in San Diego. It is now September 10, 1012 and that dealer has not been funded from Service Credit Union, we have faxed all required documents now approximately (10) times now, have spend several hours on hold and several hours talking to Service Credit Union about this, thank god the dealer has been cool, but are getting very frustated also, they need to get paid. Will never use this credit union again.

Vehicle Loan

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 10, 2012

Very Poor Service. We Purchased a Car with a Loan through Service Credit Union on 8/20/2012, the date today is 9/10/2012 and the dealer that we purchased the vehicle from has not been funded yet, the dealer has done everything correctly, but Service Credit Union will not pay the dealer, I would never use Service Credit Union again for a loan, this is really bad, the dealer has been very nice so far, but they even said they might need the car back soon.

Old Technologies

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 27, 2012

Bank itself is marginal in terms of rates and fees they charge. Their website on the other hand is like a bank's website from the mid 90's... Very basic and no new features for military stationed overseas. Don't count on getting wired up via your mobile devices or having the capability to make payments and transfers via flash or java interfaces...you have to spend minutes actually typing in account numbers and the other information. Takes me forever to pay my bills online...super annoying.

Reliable, Friendly And Easy

Posted by: Gretta012 | May 13, 2011

i joined this credit union as a teen and have remained a customer for the past 18 years. I love this bank as all the services are free and they offer lots of great promotions at different times. The tellers are super friendly and recognize you by name when you come in. Rates are fair in this economy and banking is seamless. New perks like online deposits are great! I am a very happy customer and plan on staying with them for a long time.