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Customer Service

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The customer service is incompetent starting bank manager all the down to reps answering calls. I left a message requesting a callback, which never happened. They are supposed to mail out annual statements from my individual retirement account, however, failed to do so. When I tried to get electronic access to my account, the bank manager claimed he had a computer problem (yeah, it's a bank in the 21 century). The same manager failed to provide a satisfactory explanation why my statement could not be sent by mail. We've been customers since 2003 and we are done with this bank.

They Are Impossible:

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They have acquired numerous other Banks that had terrible service so they wend out of business. Simmons Bank continues to have terrible service. At least one of the former Banks that Simmons Bank now owns decided to have a gimmick about Identity Protection This and Accidental Death That, which I do not believe one word of it. It simply is a scheme to charge a Monthly Service Fee. I got a letter successfully from them where they said they are eliminating all these Gimmicks. They are finally no longer claiming to offer things that I really doubt Ever Even Existed. They continue to charge Monthly Service Fees. Their customer service continues to be discriminating. ... They do not care for my Accent. ... Calling them is unacceptable. Their website November 16, 2021 had numerous "OOPS!" Errors which eventually signed in and first was intercepted by a Terms Of Service. They deny Access To Money in my Checking Account with them unless I agree to surrender every form of Legal Action against them. As for Visiting them, I intend to eventually ... so that I can close my Checking Account. I have various Bank Accounts with a completely different Bank. They are completely out of The Simmons Bank League; Simmons Bank can not compete. This other Bank I have Accounts with has much better service. Customer Service. Web Site, which does not have annoying and very demanding and even unacceptable Terms Of Service. Seriously I recently have a new installations of Microsoft Windows which requires the same "ACCEPT OR NOTHING AT ALL!!" demands. However, Not even Microsoft (!) is that demanding as Simmons Bank. Currently I can access my account. However, these Unacceptable Demands can not be found again until the next time they "Update" them. Sending them to me on paper and without charging me. And finally, I can not even access any Bank Statements unless I have the Mobile App.

Simmons Bank

My home mortgage was taken over by Simmons bank nearly 20 years ago. I have had nothing but problems. Currently, they took money in escrow to pay my insurance. Did NOT pay my insurance. THEY said that they were going to pay off the 200.00 owed on the house and send me the rest. THEY KEPT that money. They did NOT do the paperwork to show the house has been paid for and now, apparently, they are going to 'foreclose' on the house so they get to keep it. These people are corrupt. I get different stories constantly and am filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Dept. about them. My next step is to contact a lawyer.

Simmons Sux

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Customer service is horrid. Received conflicting information from the online customer service versus the lady that called me 24 hours after someone was supposed to call. 10/10 DEF WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.

Worst Bank In The History Of Banks

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I have been banking for over 50 years. Never in my lifetime have i ever encountered such poor customer service attitudes and lack of ability to be helpful as I have with this bank. Our pervious bank merged with Simmons, we held over a balance of 6 figures. Every time i went into the bank i was treated as if i was an inconvenience. I finally stopped going in person, but even the telephone customer service was not much different. We finally moved all our money to a bank that treats us with respect and are helpful. My recommendation to anyone looking for a bank to never ever bank with Simmons. I don't even know how people continue working with and for them. Even my friend who had worked for the previous bank when it merged with Simmons had to leave their job because the management was horrendous and the working conditions sucked for them.

Very Poor Customer Assistance

Got told I’d receive my money next day and now I’m waiting a week. Would’ve definitely went somewhere else because I’m in need of this today. Won’t be banking here anymore

Worst Bank I Have Ever Encountered!

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Simmons Bank is by far the absolute worst baking experience I have ever had in my entire life!
We have had nothing but problem after problem after problem with Simmons Bank not just the associates but the software the glitches in all of their systems.
They recently did an update to their mobile banking in which it lost all of my accounts for my external accounts that I need to transfer money from Simmons bank to external accounts. No one can explain to me why this happened no one can explain to me how I can be fixed no one can seem to get the information back so now I just have money floating around out there my own money but now they’re wanting me to pay $15 to do a wire transfer for my own money.
That’s just the tip of the iceberg when they first bought Landmark Bank and we were all switched over to Simmons the planning of which was very well planned out the execution is like Mickey Mouse did it nothing worked none of their phones worked you couldn’t talk to a real person you had to wait in line for 2 to 3 hours at a time to talk to an associate just to get your own money. It was at that point where we moved the majority of our money to a much larger well-known bank and have not had not one problem with that bank we had to leave certain accounts open at Simmons Bank and we have had nothing but issues with those accounts for a year now! With so many other choices of banks out there I cannot say this loud enough for the people sitting in the back take your money and go to a larger more reputable bank because Simmons Bank is clearly ran buy a bunch of incompetent leaders.

Simmons Really Is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

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Simmons Bank acquired a really great bank in Springfield several years ago, Liberty Bank. It's been all downhill since then and has recently gotten even worse. Inconvenienced customers by closing several bank locations (which in turn caused the lay off of many truly customer-oriented staff - which is the only reason we stayed so long). Online banking software changes constantly, is frequently down, and is restrictive to the customer in managing bill pay; and have now received a ludicrous fee hike and discontinuance of current checking account plan. Needless to say, we will be moving all our accounts to a bank that offers customer service in reality instead of merely empty words on paper. It appears Simmons is moving away from brick and mortar locations and moving to more impersonal banking methods.

No Email Address For Charge Disputes

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I got a credit card at Simmons years ago due to low interest rate. But recently I bought something online which, when received was something else. The company would not take it back. Opened up a dispute with Simmons and for awhile they didn't require me to pay. But here's the rub.... that dept has no email address to send information to. They required documentation via FAX or USMAIL!! no email. I sent infor via fax, then, later by USMAIL. Neither made any difference.
Bottom line. Terrible customer service, antiquated system of communication for charge disputes. I will never use them again.
Not to mention their recent changes to their website suck.


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Simmons Bank has stopped sending me statements since July of 2020 and are charging me late fees. Customer Service says it's my problem. I canceled my credit card with them and now have to call them every month to make my payments by phone. Something hinky going on with Simmons. Buyer Beware!!

No Service And No Paperwork

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Stay away folks. Simmons took over our local bank over 6 months ago.
They don’t have live accountable personnel to take care of crucial information, documents or fixing problems related to errors during the banks transition from Landmark Bank to Simmons.
Horrible service.
They seize bank fees that one person says will be “taken care of” when payments were made on time.
Payments go into unknown accounts and no one will tell us where the money went or how to get it back, this is on internal transactions.
Cannot get any statements or payment records on an auto loan, which is now paid off.....but can’t get title.
We had accounts at Landmark for 15 years. Zero late payments, zero overdrafts and zero complaints. Not so at Simmons!

Bank Is The Worst

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It’s a joke. Penalties for accounts not explaining that x amounts only cover your checking. Your are told after this charges you 36.00! Bad bank

Landmark Bank Was Better!

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Ever since Simmons took over Landmark customer service, online banking, staff is the worst! Several bank errors, purposely will hold your funds from Zelle or deposits to conveniently charge you fees, they have made a mess out of my account and I've had enough, I will close my account. If it wasn't for the branch manager who opened the account and who's been trying to help me, I would've closed all my accounts a long time ago. Be aware on how they post your transactions, I'm requesting an investigation on WHY they returned a check and charged a returned item fee BEFORE posting my Zelle transfer that normally takes minutes to show on your account, yet that night they took hours to credit the Zelle funds to my account, in order to charge me the new outrageous fee of $36! I will definitely file a complaint, I HATE Simmons bank. They post online transactions in the most confusing way for their convenience! To charge you fees! Their app is horrible!!

Over Six Months With No Access To My Money

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i use this bank for royalty deposits.once they closed my account for returned mail,after changing address it takes two months to open my account.debit card stopped working,even with new pin will not time my account is called dormant even that one month before i got a deposit and also done a paypal transfer,many times can not log into account,it reads unable to verify identity.the bank refuses to wire my money to me,this is a very sick bank.

Disaster Bank Will Ruin You

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Simmons Bank is TERRIBLE.
They took over Bank SNB a few months ago and it has been nothing but a circus since the switch. Mobile banking is not at all accurate and has been a cause for more than one overdraft on my account.

I can't keep track of anything with this account, a purchase posting will not be at all predictable or timely. It can post to the account the same day, next day or a week later. I'm talking about debit card purchases, that's just insane.

Oh and now, it seems I'm stuck with Simmons for some time. I can't open an account at another bank because of the overdraft fees Simmons caused when they took over my old bank. Now that's flagged as bad account management on me and I can't open another checking account.

Thanks for nothing Simmons.

Customer service is terrible too. My debit card got lost in the mail and they wouldn't cancel it or replace it until I called back a third time.

They continually flag my anti-virus payment as fraud and lock up my card. Every month like clockwork. But when I did have an actual fraudulent charge they insisted it was fraud and wouldn't do anything about it at first. It took several calls and going up their customer services chain to get anything done about it. I think the only reason they did anything was that I had also contacted the BBB regarding the fraud.

If Simmons becomes your bank, then run, right away.

Worst Bank I've Ever Had Experience With Anywhere

There has been nothing except mess ups from the first day they bought out Citizens National Bank. One out of my two requested ATM cards got lost in the mail so I phoned the local bank and advised that one of them that was received was working and to only cancel the one card, mine, that was missing. They ignored that and cancelled both cards.

Then twice this past week I went online to check my balance, and their online service is down. Even the 24 hour banking telephone number reported that account information is "currently unavailable."

What's up with this bank? Who are the owners and why don't they seem to care at all about service?

Not a good bank to do any kind of service with at all.

TRASH Is A Good Description

They took over citizens national bank in tennessee and wow simmons bank is a dumpster fire. Their online banking is not accurate. The overdraft fees are ridiculous. The customer service sucks. I'm switching banks asap

Quite Possibly The Worst Bank

I have been banking with Simmons Bank now for almost two years and all I can say is DON'T DO IT! three days ago, I deposited a semi-large check and was told that there would be a 3 day hold. After the three day period, I call customer service to ensure that the funds had been released. I was told they had
When I went to make a purchase, my card was declined. I call customer service again and explain to them what had happened. They said there was a glitch in their system and that it would be fixed by 3pm.
At 5pm, I attempt to make another purchase, only to have my card declined again. I called customer service once again and was told "I'm not aware of any glitches". I sat on hold for 45 minutes, only to have them tell me that my account had been put on hold for 15 days because the bank that the check came from had not verified it.
I decided to speak with a branch manager who told me that there was nothing she could do and was in no way, shape or form phased by the fact that I would have ZERO access to my money for 15 days. But of course they had no issues charging me a new debit card fee for getting my name changed.
This is not the first problem I have had with Simmons bank, but it certainly is the last. This bank is a joke that has absolutely no interest in helping customers in any way shape or form. Stay as far away as you can. You're better off keeping your money under a mattress.

Ruining Banks Left And Right

Simmons First National Bank is by far the worst bank in the state of Arkansas if you have an opportunity to go to another bank which I'm pretty sure you do I would guarantee you'll have 100 times better experience. They like to charge for every little thing they do like giving you cards savings account everything that Metropolitan Bank used to give you free Simmons said screwed it so I wouldn't wish I could give them a negative Review for their horrible their customer service, horrible bank tellers are and the establishment it's self


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You have been warned. Everything about them stinks. They change the rules as they go. I can not say enough to stay away from them!

Simmons First National Bank

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Rude customer service
Very Unprofessional
Stay away from this bank
You have been told.

Simmons Bank Anywhere Statement

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I was told that I could bank anywhere when I opened 4 accounts with Simmons First and use the mobile apps for deposit. After I opened the accounts and got online, I was notified by the bank that I had to have the accounts open for 90 days before I could sigh up for BANK ANYWHERE and also had to have the accounts for 90 days and stay in good standing before I could sign up for mobile banking which also is $0.50 for each deposited check. I wish, I had done more checking before opening the accounts with Simmons First. I also received no checks for immediate use until my new checks arrived. It has now been 10 days and no checks or CC. Reconsidering my decision, using Simmons Bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simmons First Bank Is Garbage

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You must be kidding. I have to cancel my credit card with them right away. Their report-stolen-card 1-800 works only Mon-Fri. I found the $40.00 in my stolen card. I reported it and they promised to put it in dispute but when I received the statement, they included the $40.00 + interest + $10.00 late payment. None of other of my banks do that. I wrote them a letter to explain what happened, they ignored me and keep asking me for the payment. You must work for this bank to say something so nice about them. This bank is garbage .

Ruined A Good Bank

I was a long time Metropolitan Bank customer when Simmons took them over and it has been nothing but absolute hell ever since. Stupid fees and cut off times and rude ignorant customer service. I am beyond glad that my accounts will be closed this week. My parents are leaving too and multiple people can back me up. Avoid Simmons and go with Bank of the Ozarks or Centennial where customers are treated well regardless of how rich they are.

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