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Terrible After South State Took Over

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I have been with Center State Bank for 7 years and never had an issue.
South State took over and now this bank is horrible.
It takes sometimes 3 days for a purchase to show out of your available balance.
Payments don't post on time.
The website barely works.
The only thing that is still good are the Tellers at the branch I go to. Other than that I am looking for a new bank.
Save yourself some aggravation and go somewhere else.
Not sure who decided this merger was good , but they need to be fired.

Terrible Customer Service

I've banked with Center State Bank for 17 years. I have had personal and business accounts over the years and have always been treated with 100% respect. I've deposited multiple checks at $10,000 plus and never had any issues with holds. Since the change to South State, I recently deposited a check for just over $5,000, and the bank placed a 1 week hold. I spoke with corporate to see if funds could be released and the representative was absolutely rude, refused to give any help, and was perfectly fine with me closing my accounts. She had zero empathy for my situation, and again, no problem at all with losing a 17 year customer. This bank is pathetic, and there are no advantages to banking with this small time bank.

Stay Away From These Idiots

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Worst bank ever!!! Nobody knows what they are doing with the online banking...called them every day for almost a week before they would manually set up my account. Only 2 people I talked to where nice & helpful...they have no idea what they are doing. The bank itself won't return phone calls & don't seem to care about their customers!! Terrible yourself a lot of aggravation & go elsewhere!

Nightmare From Hell Bank

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Absolutely the worst Bank i have ever had the terrible misfortune to deal with. Opened a simple Checking. Try to register for online Banking. Their software does not work properly. It does not input my password when i register. So i call the Empty heads at the 800 number. They cant help. The Branch where opened their own people can not get it to work. So here they have an online banking system which neither the Customer nor the Banks own people can get to work. Why do idiotic operations like SouthState get Charters to even be in Business?

South State Is A Nightmare

The customer service is decent, they try to help at least. It isn't their fault the bank they work for is miserable. But SouthState is by far the worst thing I've ever had to deal with. Their 'fraud' line NEVER calls when they shut down my card and don't notify. Claims it's because they put me down for 'evening only' with my number, but no bank is open in the evening! Took me 3 hours of calling different customer service people time and time again just to make a simple transaction. Weeks ago I paid for my tuition for school, and have done so 3 times a year for the last 6 years! This week I had to make a SIGNIFICANTLY smaller transaction and they shut my card down 3 times in one morning after assuring me it would work time and time again, just to NOW inform me of my supposed daily limit?? Why in the last SIX YEARS has this never been the case except for today? Their app used to show all my recent transactions, now it only shows me the last couple weeks and NO OTHER HISTORY so it's near impossible to keep up with my balance and checkbooks! If it wasn't for the internal transfers being handy between family, we would have shut this down ago when our bank first got bought out by SouthState and absolutely ruined.

Great local bank

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South State Bank is a small, local bank that is starting to grow all over South Carolina. The people that work there are extremely friendly and make an effort to get to know you on a personal level. Every time I go in, the teller knows my name without even having to look it up. Their rates are competitive with other banks in the area. If possible, they will try to beat interest prices at other institutions in order to gain your business. The only downside is that there really are not any banks located out of South Carolina so traveling tends to be a little more difficult, especially if you were to run into an issue.

Poor Customer Service At Broad Street Sumter Location

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I am very disappointed in the un professional, spiteful and argumentative behavior of the staff at this location. The Mgr is not qualified to deal with issues and lacks the ability to problem solve. I had multiple issues with customer service, one with my debit card being shut off with no notice (and I had plenty of money in account) - when I went in the staff person was defensive and hostile and took at least 45 minutes to turn it back on. Also, they don't honor business checks without a 10 day hold even when check is from same community. The manager is the worst offender for customer service. Awful experience. Worst bank in Sumter.

Stay Away! No Customer Care Post Setup!

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Do not give yourself the headache of opening a checking account with this bank!!! Outdated technology can't compete with other banks and balance shows previous day posted.

You really can't believe what they tell you your balance is without manually tracking every single charge. I've incurred three, yes three, overdraft fees in the last week because transactions from three days ago are either just appearing on the account summary in the app or due to the fact that pending transactions don't always show up. Additionally, trying to access paperless statements (or even online banking) through Safari does not work at all and there's no link to a full site. The mobile app doesn't help out with statements either. I feel like I have no visibility or control on my finances in this account. I was only keeping it because I am a former employee from one of the banks (multiple branches) they acquired and I still know great people who still work there and keeping that account makes me feel like I'm helping to support them.

Too bad I can't give zero stars.

First, my debit card needed replaced and after not receiving it for 10+ business days, I went back into the branch. I can tell that their systems are cumbersome as a simple card request seemed difficult both times. As it turned out, the original card was never completely ordered. She re-ordered it for me and it arrived shortly thereafter. While reviewing my finances, I found that I was being charged for a magazine subscription I no longer wanted but couldn't figure out how to cancel and called customer service for assistance because the description in the ledger wasn't detailed enough to locate the source to cancel. Apparently THEY NEVER CANCELLED MY OLD CARD which is where the subscription was being charged!!! So if my card had been lost/stolen, it could have been so much worse.

Finally, when I called customer service about the overdraft fees tried to transfer funds in time but again, I cannot reiterate how slow their transactions process) she said that they should only show as pending and would fall off once the batch ran overnight because the charges that incurred them were less than $5 swipes on a vending machine. GUESS WHAT? THAT WAS NOT TRUE AND DUE TO THE DELAY IN PROCESSING THE TRANSFER, A 4 DAY OLD CHARGE POSTED AND I GOT ANOTHER FEE!!! That's 3x$36 = $108 and I just flat out can't afford that.

I will be closing the account the first chance I get if they can't get these fees straihhtened out and really it makes no sense because I know the branch manager where the acct was set up reviews and reverses invalid OD Fees every morning. Such garbage.

My experience at South State Bank

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at South State Bank. I primarily use South State Bank in order to deposit checks and for their debit card services. There have been times when I accidentally over drafted my account and after talking to my favorite representative, she had the overdraft charge cancelled. The overdraft was completely my fault, however, South State Bank was understanding of my situation and accommodated my needs. I have done business with larger banks and this is not the norm. When you are a client at South State Bank, you feel as if they really care about you.

Debit Card Blocking Sign Of Times To Come

I am with South State Bank because they took over First Federal of Charleston, which I'd been with 25 years, my Bill Pay is set up there and a few of the old timers are still around. First thing they did was cancel the high interest account FF started to attract deposits to increase value before selling to SSB. I'm getting 1/10th of a cent on account with tens of thousands of dollars in them. I email a branch manager a question and my email is ignored. And I have repeatedly had the same humiliating and expensive experience with my debit card being blocked when i have plenty of money in my account. The branch manager told me it was for my protection as they area small bank and do not want to have to cover fraud. Hooey! That is for their protection! As the other writer mentioned, there is no customer service on weekends, which is really unbelievable.
Bottom line: Banks not giving us access to our own money is deeply troubling. I'm trying to get away from all banks. I trust them not one iota. Look what they did to our economy and what they are doing now to build a pipeline on private land. Look how they are brutalizing people in North Carolina trying to defend US Constitutional law. If i could i would try a member owned credit union.


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Do not ever use them if you value customer service. We purchased tickets for the the Wings Over North Georgia air show (that was rain or shine) and they cancelled the show due to rain and would not refund our tickets-Wings Over North Georgia said we could drive back to Rome the following day (4 hour drive and rain prediction that day as well) or we could go next I opened a dispute to get my money back with South State. South State denied my dispute by saying that it was "clearly stated on the website that there were no refunds"...I was like, "Well it was also clearly stated on the website it was rain or shine and they cancelled the show"...she said that it didn't matter the decision was made and that the case was closed. I even told her that I would be leaving the back because I felt this was poor customer service and all she said was "Is there anything else I can help you with today?". I'm canceling my account for a bank that will take better care of my money.

Terrible Customer Service

Here is why you should not use SCBT (South Carolina Bank & Trust). A month ago, I traveled from Las Vegas to Los Angeles for the weekend, and my debit card got blocked after one transaction. I couldn't reactivate it because the customer service helpline runs only during the weekdays and on Saturday from 8:00-2:00pm. Stuck without money, since it happened after 2:00pm on Saturday, I had to wait and borrow money just to get home. This happened AGAIN this past week in San Francisco, and again, the customer service hotline was closed so I had to borrow money to get home. I sent this message to them in reply,

"Hello. I am contacting you again because of SCBT's lack of urgency to help one of their long term patrons. I am currently stranded in San Francisco with no cash. Why? Because SCBT deactivated my card again. I have no way of mitigating the situation because the customer disservice helpline is closed for another 24 hours. I am hungry, helpless, and it is all due to what I am sure will be explained as a "safety protocol". Have I mentioned that the exact same thing happened a month ago when I traveled to Los Angeles for work? I keep trying to find a way to rate your services, but I cannot find a selection for "negative five stars". Get your act together SCBT, not because I plan to remain as a patron to your excuse for a business, but rather so that future unfortunate patrons don't experience the same egregious customer service that I am experiencing right now. Do you roger that?"

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