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No Phone/No Banking

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You must have a cell phone to bank here. Otherwise, it's find the nearest branch office and do your transaction in person. I quit after60 years.

Stay Away At All Cost

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A terrible experience. Opened an account because of a generous incentive, which they refused to honor because the account was briefly overdrawn - they allowed the overdraft, I didn't ask for it or need it. Charged me a fee for sending me a paper statement which I didn't ask for either and never offered an option to switch to electronic. No email communication. No communication of any kind, in fact. To try and resolve the issues I had to call the branch my account was associated with even though I opened it online and never set foot in it. Most unpleasant and unhelpful group of people. When I said that I wanted to close the account, they told me that I either had to do it in person (nowhere near my house, so not an option) or send them a notarized letter - yet another expense, and what modern financial institution operates this way? Their centralized customer service was helpful, one redeeming feature. They closed the account for me and I did get the check for the remaining account balance, so at least they aren't overtly illegal. Overall a huge waste of time. Stay away.

Horrible Bank

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Like many said I'd give this bank negative stars if possible. I've been with them since I was 18, almost 10 years that let's you know how long I've put up with their bs.
They have like... 4 or 5 atms in the Pittsburgh area if you use a non S&T ATM you get charged by the other ATM/bank AND S&T. So about $6 or so to take your own money out when you don't have an ATM in any near vacinity.
I tried to get a credit card something that the people at there service system basically begged me to do. Despite banking with them for years I couldn't get a credit card, couldn't get a car loan because I don't have enough credit. But I've been a customer for years please keep that in mind. I've opened credit cards with others no issue.
The saving account interest rate is horribly low. Their app sucks.
Just don't bank here. Go to dollar bank if you like smaller banks.

Avoid S&T Bank

Involuntarily became a customer a few years ago when my previous bank of twenty years was bought out by S&T Bank. They are just plain horrible. Wish my old bank had done their homework on these idiots before merely dumping us off to the highest bidder.
Among the most irritating of all the issues are the ridiculously high fees on just about any service or bank function you could imagine. They have spotty ATM service due to frequent __S&T__ based failures, problems that have nothing to do with the wider network. You're talking no ATM service for an entire weekend - this occurs several times a year. If you want to use another bank's ATM in that case you get hit with a big S&T fee. They have some of the highest loan interest rates around. Their customer service is lousy, in both brick-and-mortar and bank-by-phone. Concerning their bank-by-phone service, it took S&T over three years to ask for my password instead of my SS# (as they had offered and I had requested). When I complained about this, even the customer service manager could not wrap his brain around the fact that my unpublished (memorized) password is infinitely more secure than a SS#, especially in this time of business website breaches and identity theft. All he could offer were endless empty excuses while it was clear he couldn't have cared less. Even their phone-banking automated teller is laughingly bad. Whenever I use the "ExpressLine" bank-by-phone system (always reluctantly), it is like being transported back to 1982. It doesn't sound even close to the way a human being talks. It moves way too fast; it runs words together with little or no time between phrases, making it _very_ hard to understand what your choices are at any given time. Then, unbelievably, it threatens to end the call within a second or two of the last choice offered if you don't press a button while trying to figure out what this stupid thing just blurted out. If you're able to make a selection before it throws you off, it keeps talking on the same menu level, then suddenly stops mid-sentence and then switches up to the next menu level. Just in case you've wondered, I don't typically have problems with other companies' automated phone bots. It's just that S&T's phone bot is flat-out, jaw-dropping bad. And they don't care - I've told them about this issue many times and always get the same response, bad attitudes and impatience.
LOL, this crap bank even tried to rip my kids off with their coin-counting machine - the totals were way off even after taking S&T's ridiculous fee into account. The same old tired excuses were offered for that one, too.
Sorry for the long post; so many issues - I don't have time to post more.
My entire family (six accounts) will be leaving for another bank soon.

Construction Loan

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Wow! I should have known.......this bank bought one of the worst, most unethical banks (Integrity Bank) in central PA and they seem to be following in their footsteps.

This bank is absolutely terrible just like Integrity Bank! I had a construction loan with Integrity Bank and they paid the builder without my knowledge or authorization and the builder never completed the home.

They should have a sign that says bank at your own risk! Terrible, terrible, terrible!!!

Bad Business

I started my first account at Irwin Bank when I was 10, then it got bought out by S&T. Since then it has been a nightmare. Everything that you do has a fee. If yoi use their app, fee, if you deposit a mobile check, fee........ another shady thing I noticed. Recently I was adding up my withdrawals and deposits and my number cannot seem to match what they claim I have in my account. Their number is almost $100 off. Their customer service is horrible, they tell you to go see a branch about an incident when you get there...oh yeah there is a fee for that. I have an account with PNC as well and I have never had issues with them. S&T is a bad bank to go with. You can't save with them either. I opened a savings account and boom monthly paper statement fee....wait a minute first off I don't get paper statements and second.... $2 for a piece of paper? Yeah they make money watching those who don't much suffer.
Almost forgot to mention.... if your account gets hacked into they never inform you. You find out yourself when you go to use your card at a restaurant and it gets declined. They let you get humiliated and make you feel like a loser. Then when you call them and ask where your money is that's when they tell you they locked your account because of the hack. Usually banks call you and tell you, nope they like to make people feel like they are stupid.

Bad Experience Since The Change From Integrity

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when this bank was integrity it was awesome! since its s&t its horrible. they wack you PER mobile deposit! im closing what WAS a FREE account

Terrible Customer Service Terrible Mgt

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I was overdrawn by $2.68 and had a 4 small transactions totaling $21 pending at the time. $210 in overdraft charges?????????????????????????????????
Miraculously all the pending transactions happen to come out after my overdraft cleared. I can clearly see how they manipulate your acct. I closed my acct today without being asked an explanation why I chose to close my acct. I guess this is an everyday occurrence for S&T customers to go elsewhere. Between my wife and I we have 7 accts with S&T and will be closing them down ASAP!!!!

What A Hassle

I would advise you to take your money elsewhere. I attempted to contact the bank about an issue with spending allowance and got hung up on multiple times, online and mobile, and still haven't solved my issue. They will tell you one thing and do another. I recommend FNB or PNC. This is just not a good place to go, unless you're starting out and want a leash to control your own spending.

Constant Realignment Of Debits

I was a Peoples Bank of Unity customer all my life.  Then about 20 years ago S&T bought People Bank and I continued there.  Now that I do so much online banking I'm seeing there's constantly a realignment of debits.  We are paycheck to paycheck people.  We always pay our bills, but sometimes things come up or one of us uses the debit card and forgets to mark something.  I've noticed a number of times when I look at our balance on a Thursday night...maybe 11:00 p.m. there is a positive balance.  Paychecks typically come in sometime in the early hours Friday morning.  When I look at 6 a.m. to be sure paychecks are in I'll see that there is an overdraft fee for something (now this doesn't happen all the time, but maybe once a year).  Then I'll look later and see multiple overdraft fees.  I'll notice that the largest payment has been moved down and smaller, less significant payments are moved up.  They cover the largest first (with the nonsense line that "it's the most important so it's covered first" ) Instead of one overdraft fee I've had up to five.  I've questioned this practice.  No help.  No satisfaction.  I've noticed that other banks have been sued for this practice.  I'm waiting for S&T to be sued.  In a time where people are having a very difficult time they are no help.  Suddenly this past January we all suffered a tax increase that decreased our own pays by almost $200.  They don't care.  They have been no help. 

Not A Smooth Transition--Not Geared Toward Customer Service

Gateway Bank, a small local bank, has now become S&T Bank.  It has been a very rough transition, to say the least.  We used Gateway Bank for our law office banking, and I had a personal checking and home equity loan there.  Let's start with our office's experience.  We were never provided with the folder of information to help through the transition, and were only given a week's notice of when S&T would go "live" with our accounts.  The customer service reps at S&T bank seemed to appear indignant that we were not totally prepared, even though they hadn't gotten the information to us to prepare, i.e., with our payroll service, nor did they offer to assist with this process, and indicated they were "hopeful" our first paychecks would clear.  This left our employees unsure as to whether their paychecks would be processed in a timely fashion.  Luckily, they were.  My personal experience was setting up my online banking.  I tried it three times, unsuccessfully, and eventually called the dreaded customer service number. After being on hold for a while, the rep did get me into the online banking system, and I asked her what I had done wrong.  She said I had done nothing wrong, but it's very common to have to call in to have them do the last step.  I asked why they didn't reveal that little gem of information online, and she said it's because some customers don't have to call to get it working.  Now I look at my home equity loan statement, and there was more interest applied (as opposed to principal) than when I first got the loan!  Back to the dreaded customer service line.  I'm now waiting for a return call with an explanation.  Think I'll get one???  My next call is to First National Bank to get my home equity loan refinanced--away from S&T!

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