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Worst Customer Service Of My Life

You could not pay me to use this credit union. Expect the worst customer service imaginable when dealing with these people. I have been a member for over 12 years, and my experience has been unbelievable.

My debit card was cloned, and my bank account was drained, meaning I could not withdraw any cash before canceling the card. I do not own a credit card, and have no other means of payment, meaning I cannot buy food, pay bills, buy gas, etc. without this card.

I was told that the funds would be replaced, and a new card would be given in 7-10 days. 16 days later I call to figure out why I don't have it and they asked me "what debit card?" the card was never sent. Outraged I insist I cannot wait any longer, I need the card now. I was guaranteed 3-day expedited shipping. Two days later I call again to make sure it is on track, and I was told I was not given 3-day shipping, it would take ANOTHER 7-10 days. I tell them I'm getting this card now or I'm liquidating my account, they tell me I'll have overnight shipping and a tracking number. Four days have gone by, I have no tracking number, no debit card, nothing. The wait ques are an hour long each time to even speak to a representative.

Every time I speak with a representative, whether it be a manager, a supervisor, you name it, I am given promises. All of these promises are baseless and empty, they do not give a **** about you and will do nothing to help you. If I could give them negative stars I would, they don't even deserve one.

Dishonest And Incompetent Credit Union With Horrible Customer Service

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About 15 years ago I opened a Checking & Savings account with SECU as I was sick of bank of America with it's fees. Later, I also opened a secured Visa credit card with them to improve my credit score as I was new to US. After 5 years I moved to another state and I did not use my SECU account as well as the secured credit card as with an excellent credit score I was able to obtain many credit cards. I sent them a letter about change of address and have been receiving their promotional mails since then. Subsequently they closed my secured Visa credit card but did not send me the funds used to secure the card. Life got busy and fast forward 8 years when I decided to close my accounts.
I sent them a letter by mail and a SM online asking them to release my funds used to secure the Visa card and close my other accounts and send me a check of the amount in my accounts and secured funds. Not only they did not respond at all to my letter but it took them over a month to respond to my SM saying "we apologize for the delay in responding and hoping that matter has been resolved to your satisfaction" . WTF?
I then called them when the CSR told me to visit a branch to close the account. I told him that I am in another state and cannot visit a branch. I also asked him about the secured funds as to why they are still inaccessible despite the Visa credit card being canceled about 8 years ago. He told me that he can't help me and that I have to visit a branch to sort it out. I asked for a supervisor and he promptly told me that none is available.
The matter is still unresolved and I will be writing a complaint to NCUA.

No Complaints! Great Rates!

To begin, no financial institution is perfect! But SECU has made me feel secure, valued and important as a consumer using their Credit Union for the majority of my banking needs. I have banked with several other popular major public banks in the past and have been severely disappointed with them all. SECU's website, employees, fraud protection services and NEW ATM banking system are incredible, safe and up to date. I look forward to being a member with them in the years to come.


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Worst bank I've ever done business with. They post your transactions strategically so that you overdraw EXTREMELY resulting in fees on fees on fees. My husband and I paid $300 in overdraft fees only about a week ago. This week? SAME SHIT! What they're doing is 10000% illegal. My family is scrounging trying to survive because of that $300 hit and now they're attempting to do this again. Not happening. My husband and I have stopped our direct deposits and he's withdrawing what little we have in our savings. They can charge off the account or do whatever they want with it I'm not paying that sh**!

Don't Do Business With SECU

SECU is the worst. The reviewers who say Secu is great are plants. Employees who write these bogus experiences trying to convince you this is a good bank. It’s not. Do a little investigating. You’ll see.
I refinanced with them a few years ago. Totally disorganized. I should have realized it then. They took almost 4 months to close. I had to do everything. When I was with other banking companies, they did all the work. All I had to do was sign. Also, they lied to me. They said they provide bi-weekly payments, and they kept stating it until we closed. Well, guess what? They don’t provide bi-weekly payments.
Next, they increased my mtg by $300 per month. That’s right, $300 per month. Gave me a bunch of B.S. excuses, saying they made mistakes with calculations, this went up, that went up, etc. I have been in my home for 15yrs. This has NEVER happened until SECU.
Every time I call them they don’t know what’s going on. Please hold, or do I mind if they put me on hold for a moment. They need verification of who I am every time I speak to someone different, or when I want to pay my bill. Who in the hell is going to call them other than me to pay my bill? Sheesh. Also, the phone people will tell you they provide certain services and the branch people don’t have a clue. This bank is the worst. If I could undo my refi, I would.
Do not go to SECU. You will regret it.

Horrible Bank

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This bank is horrible the transactions dont go through when they are suposes to they have no security they cause 58 dollar charge and refuses to fix their problem and give me the money back major issues with people getting your information and then dont put the money back in the bank that has been disputed had a charge of 101.50 dollars to my account and they told me they couldnt do anything but credit my account and they credit my account for 1 fucken cent never go here there no good and they do not look after your money i get 1 fucken cent back from a charge of 101.50 dollars

Great Customer Service

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After switching from BOA to SECU I cannot be more happy with the way I am treated from branch to branch. I'm not just a drop in the hat to them and they want to resolve everything for you at the time you visit the instore. My only gripe would be the online transaction tracking does not show real time like the big name above. Usually within 24 hours all of the previous days transactions post.

Mediocre Infrastructure Too Generous

The previous reviewer is too generous in calling the infrastructure mediocre. I have been a member of SECU for 14 years. My experience with branch personnel is that they have generally been knowledgeable and effective, but the phone service is incompetent and becoming worse. Wait times on hold are a minimum of 20-30 minutes. Despite multiple calls, they have managed to botch a simple request to close a CD account and transfer the balance at maturity.

Good Service, Mediocre Infrastructure

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I've been a member of SECU for about ten years and it was my primary bank for most of that time. I will be closing my accounts soon only because I've left the Maryland area. Overall I'm reasonably satisfied with the bank, though I have had a few issues which required some intervention on my part but always worked out in the end. TL;DR their infrastructure leaves something to be desired, which is not surprising for a small bank, but I almost always got great customer service.

I've been in to branches many times for various services: cashier's checks, notary, car loan, CDs, etc. Most of these experiences were positive, but of course only the negative ones stick in my memory over time.

The most recent examples of my interactions with them had to do with some CDs I had in a ladder. I had a problem because I wanted my CDs be deposited into one of my accounts at maturation. The trouble was I had closed that account after the CDs were opened and before they matured, so each CD ended up auto-renewing instead. The maturations were staggered so each time I would visit a branch to get the problem taken care of, and they would back out the renewed CD and "fix" the others so it wouldn't happen again... only to find out six months later that the next CD in the chain still auto-renewed. It wasn't until the last one that this problem finally was resolved, though on the day after the maturation it temporarily showed the CD renewing and gave me a bit of a scare.

These problems were all technical with their (complex) account management system that I got a glimpse of once. I totally understand how little screwups like this happened with the system they have, and I never had a bad experience resolving them (even on one occasion where I was outside the 5-day grace period to back out of one of the CDs, they accomodated it because they realized it was their fault). The worst it ever got was when I tried to resolve one of the CD renewals over the phone and was told I had to come in to a branch to get it taken care of; a little strange but I was able to oblige.

This Is The Worst Bank !

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This is the worst bank !  There transactions do not go through properly and there rules change everytime you speak with a representative.  The customer service talks down to you as if you were a child when having problems with your account


This is a bank whom does illegal things with your money.  Please do not bank with them you will regert [email protected]!

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