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Sccu-Superior WI, Is A Terrible Institution.

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It is a predatory lending institution. Do not use this "so called" credit union. They will fee you to death, they prey on the old and weak. Most of there $ comes from the state, via social security and welfare, don't let their numbers fool you. This bank needs to be audited, loose record keeping. Loan officers and underwriters that work there, do not do their job. I think they put your name in a hat and draw it. If your name isn't drawn, then no loan. They are always hiring, because they under pay their workers, and treat them bad. They deserve negative stars if that is even possible. If your looking for a bank, pick one that will work with you-not these clowns. The biggest clowns are the leaders, bank president and managers. Do not trust this bank.....10 year customer, not anymore....maybe ill bring in my pennies for them to count.....but that'll be about it.

Objectively, Not So Good

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This is a copy of the letter I wrote to this Company.

I don't expect you to call me, or to show this matter to someone related to ideas about accountability so they can at least see it and understand they have an issue. The way I was treated by your Ashland branch and the lack of concern about my account by your company, is enough for me to know you won't be interested in this. I'm sending it anyway, just for the very slim chance that it might get through to someone with an interest in customer service. I was surprised because up to a point it was a pretty good relationship.

I had an account at your CU for a few years. it was a good experience for a while. It really fell apart at a certain point. I'm not sure what happened or why I was not made aware that I had an outstanding balance of 88.55. I had closed the account a few months prior to your recorded closing date of 03-06-15.

It started when I was going into arrears after I had done some business with a company that debits accounts in order to take payments for their services. I stopped doing bus. w/ them and they continued to debit me. I went into the Ashland branch to figure out what was going on and to resolve the problem. I printed up all my records there, sitting in the waiting area and saw that this was happening. I went back in to talk to the Pres. or CEO, or whatever the title of the person operating the branch is. I thought for sure they would be interested in knowing what was happening and helping me get my charges reversed by that company I had been doing business with,or at least to tell me what my options were.

As I was explaining it, the boss, in the blue jeans and t-shirt, sitting in the chair literally turned her back on me in her chair and wheeled around to do something else, right while I was in the middle of a sentence. She treated me like a crazy person, or like I wasn't even there. It made no sense because up that that point they were helping me print things out so I could see what the issue was. I couldn't believe that. I feel like since I was being wrongly charged that she'd want to help. She just dissed me right when I was coming to the realization of what was happening. I was there for the purpose of resolving the problem. That was the whole point of my being there.

Now, I felt the best thing I could do, since she was not going to help me was close the account in order to get the charges to stop. I certainly did not want to continue doing business there after that.

I don't know the exact date that I closed the account, but it was still somewhat warm outside. It was August or Sept. of 2014 probably. Maybe later, but it wasn't Winter yet, because I was helping to build the new firehouse in Ashland at the time. When I closed the account I owed a few dollars, I think I remember it was twelve dollars and something. I paid it, and signed the papers. I remember part of what I signed was a half or quarter-sheet of paper stating something, how I'm aware of what I'm doing, closing the account, and I signed it, and there was something perhaps stamped on a letterhead, etc. I remember that sheet fairly clearly, and also the teller who had always been great. I was kind of bummed I would not see them any more and that it was under such bad circumstances.

I don't believe I have that account closing paperwork any more, and now I have to suffer because someone at your company also forgot to do something. I lost my paperwork, but YOU LEFT MY ACCOUNT OPEN WHILE SOMEONE WAS AUTO-DEBITING ME OR FEES WERE RACKING UP.

I have had a couple of accounts since then, and currently some savings which are still building up nicely. I went to open a new account with a bank I really like and suddenly we see this charge off report from your CU. This makes no sense because I'd never seen it before and no other bank or report had ever brought it up. Now, magically, there you are, in my life again.

It says that the account was closed in March of 2015. What that means is, instead of closing my account, it was kept open and the debits kept happening, or fees racked up.

I'm perplexed by this. I have been working very diligently to get my finances in order, and in the process of improving my credit, and all the right things that need to happen, like being in the tiny percentage of Americans who are actually saving, and now I find this.

I understand that w/out the closing paperwork there is no way anything can be done. And that I have to eat it for your mistake. Isn't that the way it is. I guess that's why you started a bank, or CU or whatever you're going to call it. You get your way, no matter what.

There will be something good that comes out of this. I don't know what it is yet. Perhaps someone reading this can learn something from it. Like maybe blue collar people are garbage, and you are allowed to treat us like dirt, and our accounts are small and not important, and if you want to be able to get away with being awful at your job, you have to own, or work at a bank or CU, or whatever you're going to call it.

Superior Choice CU Is Awesome!!!

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High market yields plus GREAT customer service! I've been with the credit union for a number of years. They have always treated me very well while providing me with the best in service. Their "no closing costs" mortgage is an exceptional value!

Superior Choice Credit Union Is TERRIBLE

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I recently had an incident with SCCU that has discouraged my trust with banking institutions. I was wrongfully charged an overdraft fee because an error on their behalf, processing a transaction twice. They refused reverse the fee. I was forced to leave work and drive to the bank to deposit the money I was charged on the fee. I first spoke to a "manager" Tammy Carlson who was so incredibly rude to me, it actually made me cry. When she told me she "couldn't help" me I asked to speak with someone higher. I then spoke with Ben Altomen (sp?) who was at least nicer but he told me I was one of 26,000 members so he was unable to help me. Wow, by telling me I was ONLY one of 26,000 members made me feel unimportant and irrelevant. I'll be looking for an new institution as my trust is compromised with them at this point.

17 Yr Customer

Not Happy! Ive been a customer here for about 17 yrs, I have their mobile deposit app, I made a mobile deposit waited till I saw it was accepted then made 2 purchases, 1 at walmart another at a gas station, both purchases were posted as NSF and I was charged $58!

Online Services

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This is not a bank - the people that run it would be better served running a lemon stand. It is almost like they hired Disney to run their on-line services. It doesn't work half the time and when it does, it only gives half of your account information. And, if you expect some kind of a mobile app, about the only app is driving your car to their office to see who's account they have misplaced your money in.

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