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Very Difficult To Transfer An IRA Account

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I'm not going to post all of the details, but bottom line, it is very hard and slow to transfer an IRA to another institution. They can't do it via Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS), so that leaves a lengthy process vial USPS or a non-ACATS. I was willing to take a check sent to me and get a 1099-R for the IRS, but even that was difficult.

I would never have an account with synchrony again. They are probably fine if you never try to take any money out! (possibly not so bad if it's not an IRA, but I don't want to find out - cutting my losses)

SYNCHRONY BANK Robbed Me Of My Dignity!

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I had a CD with Synchrony Bank for $60,000. I notified them of an address change early January prior to my CD maturing at the end of February. Two days ago, on the 11th of April, I was notified by my new bank that Synchrony had finally transferred the money; however, they had deducted $898.92, claiming I had withdrawn the money early! I have tried so many times I cannot count, to contact anyone at Synchrony Bank but it is impossible. All I get is a chatbot or someone who isn't even qualified to discuss banking. How does this continue to happen when it has been reported for months now, that other consumers have suffered similar losses. Because of their negligence, I lost the opportunity to invest nearly $62,500, at 5.75% interest. During the time they were “reviewing” my account to “potentially” release the funds, as though it were not mine- they claimed that I failed to contact them regarding the address change and then they put me under some kind of “investigation,” that not even my Wealth Management Bank could resolve. I wanted the money sent back to the bank from which it originated- so Wealth Management could then transfer it to another bank. They refused to discuss the reason why my bank- Northwest Bank, was not an option. My family has been banking there since 1988. Every time I confront Synchrony Bank about their negligence and gross mishandling of my account, they blame me because I failed to contact them. Classic projection and victim shaming is all I got from them. They refused to let me talk to a real banker that could help me- because they didn’t care. They kept me from three opportunities and then promptly took three months worth of interest away from me for no reason. I am at my wit's end. I'd rather put my money under a mattress than go through this again. You felt you were entitled to keep my money. I am mortified at their behavior. They kept telling me to document it in their app, and upload everything that was necessary- three different letters from other banks saying the address change was okay with them. They wouldn't transfer my money and they wouldn't write me a check either. They keep telling me to use the app and I swear to God they never read anything I sent them. Everyone else sent me a check either to my home or to my bank of origin within 24-36 hours. I have contacted everyone I can possibly contact about this issue. The way I have it figured out, if Clark Howard says Synchrony Bank is safe, then it should be. I just finished writing to the folks at the Clark Howard Show, to see if they will let me tell my story on the air. I ALSO CONTACTED THE CFPB TO REPORT THEM!
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Synchrony Bank's Ineptitude Leaves Their Customers Stranded!

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It’s so disappointing having to keep funds in a bank and not access it. Not only did Synchrony Bank fail to provide adequate customer support , their process to access funds is oblivious and frustrating. Despite so many attempts to link my bank account and retrieve my money. It is evident that the so-called support team is incapable and not a problem solver even for the simplest issues. It’s fortunate that I found assistance through w.o.r,c:on.s.I/ they truly came through when I was in a difficult situation with Synchrony Bank. Their dedication and expertise helped me recover my funds with ease and they also provided personalized assistance to my situation. I highly recommend their services to anyone facing similar challenges.

Beware No Protection For Consumers

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This banks protects business first, not their customers who pay their bills. They provided no vetfiable proof of my charge authorization and still allowed the charge to remain. Find another place
place to get a credit card. Close your account.

There is no protection for consumers at this bank! They make money by offering no interest accounts through businesses, who then charge your account without your authorization.

Don't Get A Credit Line With Them

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I've never missed a payment, have a better score now than I did when I first got the credit card, and they decreased my spending limit out of the blue claiming that it was because of my credit score. Again, funny... my score is better now than it was when I got the card. I have been a great credit card holder and find it wrong to decrease my limit (which will affect my credit) for no actual good reason. I went ahead and closed my account because if you're going to affect my credit once, I am not going to let you do it twice. I had a credit line with them through dicks sporting goods. I also have a credit line with them for TJMAXX. I will be closing that credit card too and doing away with synchrony completely.

Synchrony Bank

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I'm having issues getting my CD out of there. Let them know ahead of time that I was not renewing it. They make the customer call you can't do it on line so I did. I called a couple of times to see what the deal was with transferring money out and they told me it would take 3 business days from when the CD expired. They said that it had to go through a security check first to prevent fraud. I received a phone message yesterday from Crystal who said 'call us back' and left a number that was a general number and not to her directly. No one knew who she was - they said she was 'back office'. They promised the money would be forthcoming and that my call would suffice for them checking to be sure it was 'me'. Today I checked the credit union where I'm sending it and it's not there yet. So I call again and they tell me they didn't have the complete account number and they can't do the switch without it. When they are going to tell me - who knows?? So the woman on the phone says 'don't worry your 10 day grace period is not up yet' as if to say 'good thing you called because if the 10 days go by you won't be able to move it.' NOW they swear that they started the process up but here we are, 3 day weekend so I'm looking at another week where my money is earning no interest and I don't have any control over it. I have banked with them for years but this is the first time I've moved money from them - well they are holding on tight and seem to be doing everything possible NOT to let that money out of their bank. I am totally frustrated, disappointed and worried. I no longer trust them or their operators or their 'back office'.

Denied A Savings Account!

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We tried to open a HYS account for my 93 Year old dad to park his money (250K) from the sale of his house as he moves into assisted living. We got a letter saying his application was denied because of the Patriot Act. No specific reason other than they could not confirm his identity. We called to try to resolve the problem, but they were not helpful and gave zero help. I guess they don't want his money.


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I have had a credit card with Synchrony for many years through Sam's Club. It's a business account and we use it to pay most of our business expenses for a few small businesses we own. In the last couple of years they have randomly put fraud alerts on both of our cards countless times. In every case there was not once charge that wasn't a normal pattern of business for us. We can never get anyone who can explain why this keeps happening. We are now in the process of moving everything to a new card and no longer doing business through them. Which means we cannot take advantage of the Sam's promise of 5% for gas, etc. Super frustrating to deal with these people.

Synchrony Fraudulent Activity Closing Accounts

As the title reads: This so called failing bank has closed one of 3 three accounts with an outstanding payment history. They have closed my Ebay without any notification via email or regular mail. They are attempting to do the same with my Belks account. I received a email stating there was some activity on my account. Logged into synchrony portal and see no activity whatsoever. 0. balance. 0 payment due. However a review needed. Called the number on the back of my Belks card, spoke with rep that sent me a link to upload picture ID and DL photo front and back. I received TS# to report back to Synchrony bank. Only to be told they can use that TS#, Docs must be sent to Synchrony Bank in Altamonte Springs, FL . So I asked if I was to close out the account, would it affect my credit score with the credit bureaus. I was told to contact my bank? Synchrony is the bank that issued the card! You are the bank! " make it make sense". This what we are dealing with incompetent people and information being mislead. Filing a complaint and joining any group that is facing the same or similar issues. Also would like to add that Synchrony customer service number on the actual website are answered overseas. So other countries have access to my personal information via through Bank system that avoid U.S. taxes!

Synchrony Bank Is Impossible To Use

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I have and account the I have to pay on through Synchrony but I have no log in and only the last four digits of the account number. Yet they demand I have a card but I don’t bank with them and at this point I’m glad I don’t. Their customer service is practically nonexistent and unhelpful

Withhold Of Funds For Months!!!

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They have put my money on hold for months now. No answer, no information. I want to close the account, they won't let me. Disgusting policies and customer service.

Wait Time Is Too Long

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Been on hold for over 30 min, really?!

Synchrony Is Terrible

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Terrible, terrible, terrible... Synchrony is an awful company. I literally went through the process of joining this website just to warn others. Please do no business with these people. Synchrony is a "bank" I would avoid at all costs.

The Verizon Visa looked like a good card with high rewards. I was immediately approved online. A few days later, I received a letter ostensibly from Synchrony (the issuer of the Verizon Visa). The letter stated that I had to call right away to further verify my identity... I dutifully called. From the beginning of the call, I was made to feel as if I were a suspect in some financial crime. They transferred the call to the "Fraud Department" where I was further verified, and then told I needed to go to their website, make a video, and send a copy of my driver's license... Talk about Big Brother? I informed them there was zero chance that I would provide that level of information to any financial institution. I have outstanding credit, an AMEX Platinum, no debt, gainful employment, and yet the folks at Synchrony made me feel like a criminal. I withdrew my application immediately because I want no relationship with these intrusive clowns, and I told the representative that I would be leaving reviews like this everywhere I could. Additionally, there's a hard inquiry on my credit now, without an account being opened. For those that don't know, that can damage one's credit report.

If you value your credit or your privacy, do not apply for the Verizon Visa card or have anything to do with Synchrony Bank.


This is NOT a real bank. This is just a sophisticated scam to steal your money. DO NOT give them your info. I REPEAT, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFORMATION.

Bad Customer Service

I made a mistake by opening an account with this bank since they do not have any physical locations; I am obliged to talk to their customer service supervisor. Instead of listening to the concerns I called about, she seemed more interested in listening to herself talk, as if she had more issues to resolve than I did.

Run Away! Far Away!

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They are an incredibly frustrating establishment, I really hope that more people stay far away and they are run out of business. Their customer service has no clue what is going on, each time you call you will get different answers and no help. They close accounts without warranted reason and do not notify you of the change until Long after it is already done. We often used the card for vet visits and only learned of the change after having to bring our dog in unexpectedly. They are predatory and horrific. After paying off what we owed I will never again have anything to do with this bank. They are a true nightmare.

Deceptive Practice Of Switching Your Amazon Prime Membership Payment Method To Amazon Store Card By Synchrony Financial WITHOUT Proper Notification To NEW Amazon Store Card Members!

Synchrony Financial has a very disappointing and unfortunate habit of Deceptive practice of switching your Amazon Prime membership payment method to Amazon Store card by Synchrony Financial WITHOUT proper notification to NEW Amazon Store card members!

Also their customer service center supervisor David in the Phillipines customer service desk for the Amazon Store card is so rude, I went ahead and canceled my Amazon store card with him as I don’t need to be a customer of a company like Synchrony Financial and if I could give 0 ??, I WOULD!!! ??

For more on my rant, visit this link:


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This bank is still in the stone age when it comes to handling financial matters. Will take well over a week for a mobile deposit to post, will take 5 days for an EFT transfer to any external account, and that's if they don't suspend your external account for no reason. This company has a lot of issues, they will hold your money hostage and will tell you there is nothing you can do to get your money right now. This bank needs to be brought into the modern banking age, other banks are offering the same rates with much more modern features and quick fund transfers.


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This deceptive outfit began lowering available credit and closing accounts last month without notice leaving me in the lurch. When I discovered this behavior and contacted them they lied and told me I had requested accounts closed or available balances lowered. Or worse they were just smug and non-commital on these issues. I closed all 7 accounts I had with them as non really had a balance on them at the time. I'm sure this dinged my FICO score but I don't really care about that, myself as I am retired with ample income. I used the cards for various perks throughout the internet and didn't really need the financing. All balances were paid off promptly and there were no late payments or other untowards behavior by me. The part that frosted my arse is the way in which they did all of this without notice. I certainly would never/could never recommend Synch to anyone friend or foe due to their nasty attitute upon making contact, which in and of itself was a daunting task. Attempts to make contact with a human were riddled with stand-offs both electronically as well as within the hierarchy of their staff. Transferred several times. Hung up on several times. Failed requests for service. Shall I go on? Suffice to say these are folks you want to avoid dealing with on any level. They are smarmy and the staff shows the internal pressure of working for them.

Deceptive, Misleading And Defrauding

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I am so saddened that our banking system allows such a company to operate such misleading and deceptive trade practices as this organization. I signed up for a two year payment plan in 2021. As soon as I received my first statement, I quickly calculated that they were specifying a payment amount that was to set me up to not pay it off on time. After GREAT resistance I finally got the rep to change the amount to be auto deducted such that I would pay it off in time and avoid any and all interest charges.

Upon the expiration date of the promotion, somehow they had added additional monies owed and passed on a doozie of an interest charge. They are unable to explain how that happened.

Note that I have contacted them now four times tallying at least seven hours of explaining to each representative their error. Each and every time, they had no notes on the prior conversation, continued to deny that I ever filed a complaint. Eventually they agree they saw I had contacted them and then begin again the standard script evading any note of customer service and/or resolution. I even received emails stating I had messages in my account only to go there and discover no such messages. Their idea of customer service is to hide, deny, hide then deny.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES enter into any agreement with this company. They are designed to set you up and then run for the hills. How can this company be allowed to operate? They are a disgrace to business.

Inputted Simple Information

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I wanted to open a 15 month CD. I Inputted simple information like name address DOB. Told me there was an error. (Will not tell you the error, just you have an error) I looked, NO ERROR!!! Tried my wifes information. Once again in came up with the same error message. Tried adjusting information, like North instead of N., Nothing worked!!!! If you cannot get past the first questions asked, how does the bank get on line deposits????

Smooth So Far...

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the opening and access to the account was pretty straightforward, have had this account for 1 year. i opened it for the competitive interest rates.

I have not withdrawn yet so can't comment on that side.

i'm giving it 4star because withdrawal is an important factor for most people and i have not had that experience yet.

Synchrony Has Been OK

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We have had a number of CD's. They are easy to open when funded from a savings account with them. They don't ask for uploaded copies of this or that to verify drivers' licenses etc.

Someone Lied

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Only 1 star because i couldn't leave 0. I was told when I went to purchase a mattress that I had 2 options for a minimum payment, 1% of the total amount due or $39, whichever is greater. A synchrony bank rep was the one who gave us this information. After getting our first bill in the mail the minimum payment is $119. I called customer service, waited on hold for 15 minutes to speak to a manager, just for them to tell me there is no such option for a minimum payment and that I was SOL. As a manager of a business I felt this was absolutely unacceptable and I will with out a doubt will be getting rid of my balance with synchrony. To promise a customer a set rate to persuade a purchase just to send a totally different bill is not only Shady it is disrespectful to your customers and should be illegal. Do better synchrony.

Opening A CD

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I have never been so disgusted with a company as I am with this “bank” over how they fail to conduct business in any proper manner and send correspondence that is false by their own admission.
I do not have the time or patience anymore to discuss this matter in detail after 2 hours and 14 minutes of futility on the phone.
Read all the reviews carefully. I wish I did.
Then when you want to open a CD run as fast as you can to another financial institution for your certificate of deposit.

Terrible Service.

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Very poor customer Services. Keeps you waiting on an average of 25 to 30 minutes on the phone. Also if your ahead on your loan and have auto draft and get ahead on your loan payments the bank won't accept auto draft payments. This is a complete hassle and very annoying tactic from the bank... I wouldn't recommend this bank and Services to anyone. ~•~

This Is The Most Disturbing Bank Form I’Ve Ever Seen

This bank protects frauders. One of their clients canceled a 850$ payment and they allowed this to happen even though we are an established business. Basically they disputed the charge even thought the customer gave all the info. Customer then proceeds to dispute the charge upon completion of the task at hand. His bank allowed him to do this so with that being said. They are frauders as well. I will proceed to sue this company along with their frauder client. This what they are doing is illegal!!!!

Very Old Algorithms, Customers Be Aware

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I have worked for banks for over a decade and can tell you Syncrhony is using very basic a/o very old algorithms that lead to customer service problems. Principally their auto-pay funcions will malfunction but they don't have customer service staff trained to understand what's happening (and so I just removed the auto-pay and would manually jump onto the account once a month to make a payment, which is bizarre and inconvenient in 2023/2024). Their customer service staff is also poorly trained (and so they don't understand the products or services, and apart from reading what is on their limitted access screen back to you, are not very helpful at all). If you need the credit take it, but there are better banks to work with.

Total Waste Of Time

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Don't bother trying to open an account, it is total waste of time. They say it can take up to 2 weeks to mail a decision. Advertising high-yield products when they know that they cannot handle the influx of applications is extraordinary and suspicious and I will call this entrapment. We need to look further into their practices

When My Mom Passed They Kept Her Money

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LeAnn was so rude , made the experience of my mom's passing a terrible experience .I spent 5 hours jumping through hoops .then LeAnn said they were wrong the check was being sent . Then she called from a private Kansas number late in the evening asking me to verify me .bottom line the bank is keeping my mom's money beware.

Being Scammed By This Company Via Autopay.

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So I got an Amazon Store Card a few months ago. I ended up finding out through my regular bank today that my checking account was overdrawn - $400 because I was on autopay for the full amount of $1050.00 from Synchrony without my knowledge which caused the overdraft. I already had made a payment for $250 a couple days prior because the minimum payment was $209. The autopayment still went through without ever disclosing to me it was going to be a large lump sum. I had no knowledge that the autopayment was going to be almost the full balance. My credit limit was $1500 and they didn't even charge the full amount so they left $250 still on my balance. To add to the problem they cancelled my account because I tried to make the same payment multiple times with an incorrect routing number. They still took my last two payments with the correct routing number though ($250+ $1050) and left the remaining $250 in a closed account. I put in a dispute with Synchrony and with my bank but because my checking account was linked I literally fucked myself over. By the posts I'm seeing from other people on here this doesn't seem to only be happening to me. Is there a class action lawsuit anywhere I can join? It's not even the middle of the month and I still have other payments that are supposed to go through. This fucking sucks.

Be Careful With The Amazon Store Card

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THis bank and the amazon card is as scammy as it gets. They give you propmotional purchases at 6 months and 0 APR but when you make payments unless you've really looked into it the money goes towards the most interesting aspect for them hence you end up paying interests all the time. THen they send you emails asking you to stick to the minimum amount so that you keep the benefit of the promotional purchases and start charging 20%+APR on the rest. I have never seen such a dishonest attitude from a credit card. I just paid off the balance with another real card (Discover) and will stop using it for promotions. Thats where they get you.

Synchrony Bank Is Horrible

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I bought something at Furniture Row and have been paying online for several months WITHOUT logging in.
Now the bank insists that I create an account and log ing, but they didn't bother informing me of this change. They still call it "Pay without logging in", except you have to log in!
I tried to contact them but they put me on hold for a long time, until I finally hung up. Their customer service is a robot who cannot communicate. They have already sent me 3 emails that I didn't ask for (spamming). I am paying off my balance now so I don't have to deal with them in the future.
Don't use this bank!

Worst Bank Ever

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Synchrony bank automatically enrolled me in auto payment without my authorization after having the credit card for over a year. As I do monthly, I scheduled an online payment. Today I find out that they took two payments out of my checking account causing overdraft. I contacted the bank and was advised they can send me one of the payments (by check in mail over 2 weeks) but refused to reimburse my NSF fees. I demanded a manager and was told one was not available, but I would get a call back some time over the next 3 days. Worst bank I have ever dealt with; they literally stole money from my account.

Slow Wire Transfer Process

Initiated a outbound wire transfer request on a Wednesday morning and it completed on Friday.

Synchrony Bank

I have filed a recent complaint with Synchrony Bank with BBB, this business is unethical, they charge your account thousands of dollars without your consent. They have not be communicative, their customer service is absolutely awful. Please never use their bank or credit cards.

Unwarranted Account Closure

Synchrony Bank recently closed 3 of my accounts with them and this decision was completely unwarranted. I had two Guitar Center cards and one Levin Furniture card. I found out about this through a push notification with Credit Karma.
I am more so concerned about the Levin account. I called into customer service and the first representative I spoke with was extremely rude. He told me a letter was sent to me and he read the text of that letter. He eventually hung up on
me. The reasons for my closure is completely bogus. I understand I agreed to their terms and conditions upon opening the account, but that doesn't mean I can't dispute their decision. I called back in and spoke with a friendly rep who transferred me to a supervisor. The supervisor told me it is impossible to reinstate my account, although reading some of the other complaints on BBB it seems they did reinstate other accounts for people. She gave me the corporate address to which I mailed a letter. I also filed a
complaint through the chat system on their website. They sent me an email a few days letter with another letter that basically said the same thing as the first one. It was a do not reply email address so I couldn't send a response back. I
have made every single payment on time for all 3 accounts that were closed, I had these accounts for years! It's no wonder why these guys have a 1.9 BBB rating. Closing your customers' accounts for bogus reasons is terrible customer service. I will consider my complaint resolved when all 3 of
my closed accounts are re-opened. Until then, I will
continue mailing letters and filing complaints with customer service.

Don't Run Or Walk---FLY Away

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This bank reminds me of the finger trap toy - easy to put your fingers (money) into, but hard to take them (money) out.
It seems the ACH withdrawal limits and conditions change with the weather. I tried to withdraw from the savings account and was told it was over the DAILY limit. So i kept reducing the amount until it finally told me it was ok.
The next day i tried to withdraw the same amount and was told it was over the daily limit. WHAT? It was the same amount as yesterday! So I changed the date to a later date. Finally about 3 days into the future it accepted my withdrawal.
Then on the day the withdrawal was supposed to go through i got an email telling me it was cancelled. Meanwhile i called to speak to a "banker" and got a lady somewhere in perhaps Mexico where i could hear a rooster crowing in the background (she said she was working from home) and was given an unintelligible reason why - something about it was too close to a previous transfer. What?! It's not 25k/day? No - you have to wait for other transactions to be completed. So to take perhaps 100k out, would take about a month.
Wanting to get away from this bank as quickly as possible i read over the rules which stated you will lose all the interest for the month if you close the account before the interest is credited. So as much as i hate to, i will have to leave a dollar in the account until i get my interest for the month.

Worst Bank Every. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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I have had several accounts with Synchrony bank, all my experiences have been horrible. They will arbitrarily lower your credit amount or close your account, even if you have been 100% on time, and pay off your account. They claim that Trans Union is reporting that we have too much dept, high balances, and little credit. However the opposite was true with us. We have an 830 Fico Score, our credit report with Trans Union shows we have $100,000 available in revolving available, less then 5% in balances on that credit. They are liars, untrustworthy, the worst bank I have ever worked with in 50 years. DON'T USE THEM!!

Worst Website For An Online Bank In The World

I have given up. Their website is so dysfunctional, slow and error ridden. I continued to get email notifications for statements for accounts that were closed years ago. Just tried to open up a CD and it got through the process to link my bank but then it errored out. Gave up and went with a different bank. Website is garbage!

RUN, Don't Walk, Away From Synchrony Bank!

Synchrony takes the prize for the WORST bank I have ever dealt with. The WORST. First THEY "misplaced" a $50,000 deposit that was transferred into our Synchrony account from an external bank that had been verified repeatedly. I spent over 10 hours on the phone with their various customer service agents and FOUR MANAGERS. I was able to procure the paperwork from the bank that had sent the deposit, provide it to Synchrony and only then did they "find" the money and post it to my account. Deciding that I could have NO confidence in a bank that could "misplace" fifty-thousand dollars, I initiated two external transfers to try to get it out of this inept bank. For spite, they locked down ALL of my accounts and will not complete the transfers. So I have had to file complaints with the Office of Comptroller of the Currency, The FTC and have a pending complaint with the FBI for fraud. Do yourself a favor and do not get involved with Synchrony. I have never had such rude, hateful and idiotic treatment as I've had there, especially with their "manager" JOHN. If they put Synchrony Bank into the hands of people like John, they will end up like Bud Light. And that would be a big favor to hapless people like myself who are victims of their scams, abuse and suspected fraud.

Not A Serious Bank

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I underwent a significant ordeal involving this institution. Following this encounter, I reached the conclusion that Synchrony operates on a much lower tier compared to established traditional banks and is not equipped to compete at the same caliber. Regrettably, I made an error by placing a substantial sum of money into their High Yield Savings account. In a matter of months, they made a series of mistakes to the extent that I had to involve the authorities to reclaim my funds. Instances of lost transactions, frozen accounts, and a refusal to deliver services seemed to be commonplace there. I consider myself lucky that I managed to recover the entire initial investment. These individuals are either completely uninformed, engaged in dishonest practices, or possibly both. I strongly advise you to do yourself a favor and steer clear of them.

Horrible, Horrible Bank

Absolutely horrible company! I made payments on time that were double, or triple the amount due and they canceled my account due to my credit score, not based upon my relationship with them.

Which by the way reduced my credit score even further.

Better yet, totally soured my relationship with the company that the card was for. I no longer make my larger purchases with the business that offered me the Synchrony-based credit card but now shop elsewhere.

If you are a person looking for a card, look elsewhere.

If you are a business looking to add a credit option to boost your sales, this company will only infuriate your customers.

Buyer Beware! Shop elsewhere!

Long-Time Customer's Observations

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I opened an account here several years ago. At the time, they were one of the few offering above-average deposit rates. Since then, they've fallen behind.

The good: clear, larger font interface. Interest-to-date information is provided for money market accounts at the top level for that account. I have never had any problems transferring funds into or out of Synchrony.
The okay: sometimes, their website crashes.
Should be better: their money market rates don't keep up with their competitors. Customer service has been clunky at times.
The bad: it feels like they've fallen behind due to their maintaining the status quo.

Synchrony Is A Bad Company

This bank is in the business of ruining consumers credit. They close good standing accounts for no other reason but to ruin your credit. BEWARE do not use this bank. They do not care why would they? Multimillion dollar business just loves destroying hard working individuals credit. Do not use them.

Worst Mistake Of My Life

Never notified/tried contacting me regarding interest charges to my account, yet attempted contacting me non-stop via texts, calls, and emails every single day after the interest charges were posted to my account to collect the money. Terrible customer service and automated speak as I was called (for collecting the interest charges) and nothing on the recording disclosed who was calling. The live representative answered the phone only saying “hello?” and did not identify themselves/their company so I thought it was a scam initially. I immediately paid the whole balance, including the $2000+ of interest charges they put on my account (with zero notice), and closed my account the following day once the money transferred. They also charge “card security fees” that were never disclosed to me ($90/mo). Shady, deceptive, deplorable company. 0/5 stars. Would never recommend.

Complete Waste Of Time

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Please avoid this company. The verification process is very difficult and frustrating. It not worth the effort. I am giving one star because that is the minimum allowed!

Worst Experience Ever

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Worst experience ever had with a us bank, my furniture 1k loan been changed and been fined 400$ plus intrest without lettingme know terms on sales daye. Really feels like a prepared fraud practice

Very Hard To Get Your Money Out Of Synchrony Bank!

As you can see from the reviews, they have gone downhill dramatically in the past few years.

Wires, which should be same day, or next business day at the very latest if you miss the cutoff, regularly take 3-4 business days. That is completely unacceptable by any modern, 1st world banking standard.

ACH online, good luck knowing how much you can transfer. Synchrony has taken the transfer limits off of their website and you now have to guess. It will accept your transfer, but then cancel it later if it doesn't meet their undisclosed limits. And those limits vary based upon your balance so you can never take more than 1/2 of your available balance. Whose money is this?

Then there is the wait to reach a customer service person. I was a diamond/kryptonite/unobtainium (whatever their worthless designation is) and I can never reach anyone in less than 30 minutes.

They now service a $450 account for me which I'm going to leave in there for them to have to maintain until they go out of business. I'll never put another penny in their bank unless I get a windfall that needs to be spread out. Much better choices such as Ally or American Express which offer 1 day ACH transfers.

ATM Card Unreliable For Travel

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On our travels to Morocco and Portugal in late April - Early May we encountered problems using our ATM Card from Synchrony Bank. Although it is on the Visa Plus Network it wouldn't work at ANY major Moroccan Bank ATM machine in any location we tried. In addition, In Portugal we couldn't get it to work on ANY major bank machine in the Multibanco network. Only the onerously expensive (13% commission) Euronet machines would work. Multiple and expensive calls to Synchrony Bank support did NOT result in any helpful answers. The card was validated as working by Synchrony support. My advise is to not rely on Synchrony Bank for international travel support.

Cd Withdrawal


Cannot Rely On Synchrony For Access To Your Money

I closed my accounts after 9 years, even taking an interest penalty. Members of family cannot get access to their money after hours dealing with overseas call center where untrained agents explain there is no fraud issue, simply "system problems" and resolutions to take 5 to 7 days. It ended up taking longer.

When an account is finally being closed an email comes saying your account has been reactivated. Then you get an email saying your account has been closed because it was not funded within 60 days.

With Synchrony it is essential to have set up links so that you can pull your money using your other bank hub. That way you have control.

As in my mother-in-law's case, they will finally say you now have access to your account, but you really will not be able to set up a link with trial deposits from your other bank at that point. You might be able to use Synchrony's own transfer capability by using their app, and that will be very slow and limited to $25,000 per transfer.

Every step of the way Synchorny will thank you for being a valued customer and choosing Synchrony Bank even as your are attempting to close all accounts.

Just Awful

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Been waiting for over 2 months for my new sams club credit card replacement, third time they are supposed to send , supposedly gonna be here today, need to sign for it after wasting time I finally talk to a person they have not even sent it out , they are incapable of sending a tracking number, I would have know it’s not coming , they can’t even give me one when generated they want me to waste another half hour going thru their laborious phone system again, Sams club needs to find a functioning bank

Worthless Customer Service

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I use Synchrony for their Amazon shopping card. In my experience, their customer service is largely unhelpful. I don't need customer service often enough to cancel the account. But when I do, they tend to be a waste of time.

Can't Part With My Money.

They won't give me my money back. Empty promises without follow through. No amount of time with customer service helps. Each time I'm left with a promise for the future and no follow through.

Interest Rate Update

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Broker cds: Make it 5 percent for 5 years and call it a day

Hotel California

Posted by: |

I used to be very happy with this online bank and their interest rates until I tried to withdraw some money. The first problem is that they change their terms without notice. I only realized this after running into problems with them that they had changed their conditions last year without informing me, by memory and by the account's Documents record. The original agreement stated that transfer limits would be displayed online when requesting a transfer, so you'd know what it is. The new agreement just says they won't tell you but if they reject your transfer request, call them and they'll tell you why. This is relevant because they apparently changed the ACH limit to $25,000/day, based on some kind of rolling timeframe that was not clear even on the phone. So not a problem if you have a modest balance, but if you're trying to buy a house or something and need the funds by a certain date, not so good. So, okay, pay the $25 and wire the funds. Only it took them a full seven days to wire (with a one day delay because I forgot to give them some info, but the rep didn't catch it either), missing my deadline. Not to mention multiple calls with misinformation and a late night call in the middle of a date at an expensive restaurant, letting us listen to romantic elevator music while on hold. Anyway, I'm out of here!

Gone Downhill; Diamond Status Of No Value

I've banked with Synchrony for over 5 years, which is long enough to earn top-tier Diamond status, which gets you free wire transfers and a priority phone number.

I called in to set up a wire transfer on the "priority". It took about 10 minutes on hold until an agent came on, who transferred me to the wire transfer specialist. I was on hold another 50 minutes. When I asked whether the wire transfer would post that day, I was told "they're telling us 2-3 business days" (which is corroborated by another review). Since that killed my plan I decided to simply do an ACH transfer instead (pulled from another bank).

With sub-par rates, long hold times and requiring 2-3 days for a wire transfer, I see no value in keeping deposits with Synchrony any more.

Synchrony Bank

So, I found out on Friday that my account with Care Credit had been closed with no notification from Synchrony Bank via email, text, call or mail. I didn't understand why and called them on today. Synchrony Bank closed my account in June 2022 that I had with them for over three years, with no late payments ever, no payments due ever, and nothing owed to them at this time based on a credit report that was received by them from Transunion. I asked the representative why did Synchrony Bank pull a credit report on me after having been with them for over three years, the representative stated to me that Synchrony Bank automatically receives these reports every month from the credit bureaus and based on what Transunion stated they denied me credit and closed an account that had been open and in good standing with them for over three years,. Did you Synchrony Bank forget that everyone is suffering from the fallout of Covid 19 and still recovering and I am still trying to find out how they received a credit report when my account has a fraud alert on it from the breech of a certain credit reporting agency and had a freeze on it? Neither Synchrony Bank nor Transunion had permission to access my account without calling me (Transunion and asking my permission if my credit report could be accessed by any company, so one of these companies also broke the law, that is criminal. I also stated to the representative why I didn't receive notice of this decision via mail, phone, email or text from Synchrony Bank, the young lady stated one was sent out, I stated to her no, I never received any type of notification from Synchrony Bank stating my account had been closed, the representative stated to me that she would email me one today, I stated to her, no, I didn't want it, it was to late for that now, I already new. I want to say to you Synchrony Bank, what you did was criminal, dirty, underhanded and sneaky, if this is the way you treat loyal customers after over three years I want to warn and let anyone and everyone know that based on your character and treatment towards me you are not worthy to be in business, your account is closed.



Opening Process NOT Safe With Very Bad Customer Svc

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Can never be a good ONLINE Banker;
Account opening process shifted to off-line with a Reference ID, and the svc rep was rude and asked for my SSN instead of Reference ID.
Even worse, there were no follow up at atl,; not a greetings, nor a welcome email, whatsoever!
All my opening process of 82% just got evaporated.(Although I have waited for 9 business days.)
Very bad business attitude!!!

Going South????

Has anyone seen anything negative about Synchrony in any of the major financial news outlets? Any kind of internal problems. This site shows them still in high rating. The reason is that I am having an awful time with them. 21 days just to cut an RMD check and another 7-8 days to receive it. Also had $ sent to them 12/27 and didn't process it until 1/23. Currently have a request to close a no penalty account and put funds in an already open account that was given them 12/29 and as of today 1/24 it still is not processed. All of these mentioned have been followed up with multiple phone calls. I have moved out a large sum of cash, but I still have 2 IRA's and 3 CD's. At present I want to get away from them in the event they are going south. Thanks

I Agree With The Large Number Of 1 Star Reviews...

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I opened a savings account with Syncrony a couple years ago. No major complaints until recently I noticed I was prevented from logging into my account unless I switched from paperless (no other option given other than to 'accept' paperless). This is disrespectful and underhanded.
Oh wait there is another option...take all my money out and deposit it into a bank that gives a user options.
In conclusion, "Syncrony sucks".

The Worst Bank I've Dealt With

This is the worst credit experience I have had in my life. They're greedy predatory and I advise anyone who's considering any form of credit from this back to stay as far away as possible

Horrible Experience

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This bank is the absolute worst in my opinion. I have five accounts with them and looking to close all five. The customer service is horrible they make changes to your account and sends no notification of changes. Very shady practices in my opinion. Would not recommend.

Long Hold On Phone

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I called on the phone to find out some simple information and after I called I was on hold for forty minutes! I hung up because I had to leave. It was just a simple question

All Good After 5 Years

No complaints about Synchrony Bank after more than 5 years as a customer. High Yield Savings plus multiple CDs. But if you need frequent and active support from customer service, then online banks like Synchrony may not be for you.

Literally The Worst Company

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Worst experience with a bank

Took out a walgreens care card. They gave me a credit for $35 which was used to purchase somethings. The balance of the things were less than the $35 so I thought I would only have to pay the interest or at least the service charge. Turns out that wasnt the case and they charged me the whole amount and no credit was issues.

Fair enough, probably my fault for assuming how things work. Called in and scheduled the payment for the FULL amount. that was in november.

Come to find out, the full amount wasn't paid. There was a balance of $2.

So what does Synchrony do, they charge me an additional $46 dollars.

Supposedly it was $2 interest and $44 in fees. What kind of bank charges 200% in APR in only month?

I called customer service, to verify what was going on. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, I was then told they would take care of the amount.

Cool, thanks for not charging me money for something that wasn't my fault.

When I asked to get a written confirmation of what was said, I was told they couldn't.

Okay, so let me still talk to the supervisor since this service opportunity has cost my credit to go down 25 points.

No supervisor would send out an email stating that the charges were waived. I was on the line for almost an hour.

If youre looking into getting a credit card with them. Don't. STAY AWAY. Go with first premier

These people have no regard for money or situations. Thank the lord I'm in a situation where the impact is minimal, I cant imagine what these people get away with the people that dont have the Gal to stand up to them.

3 Days To Send A Wire!?!?

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I have used Synchrony for a number of years and never had an issue sending wires until 2022. A wire now takes 3 days to process and there are at least 3 verifications of the wiring instructions during the long drawn out process. A wire is supposed to be same day and this is the policy/process for any bank I’ve ever used. Literally, I can mail the check and the recipient will receive the check in the time it takes Synchrony to process a wire. I complained to a manager thinking their excuse would be a staffing issue. Surprisingly I was told this is Synchrony’s new process and they disclose that a wire can take between 1 and 3 days. I appreciate the caveat but people send wires for a reason otherwise we could just ACH which takes at most 2 days! Do not bank at Synchrony if you need to send money same day!!


There is no online access for IRA accounts. They do not respond to certified mail correspondence. When calling usually 30 minute wait, I could deal with all of this, but once you finally get to the correct department, the person responsible to help is never available - they say leave a message and they will call back in a few day. They will not call you!! I question the solvency of this bank. They are suppose to hold your money and release upon request. They have so many barriers, it makes this impossible to accomplish. This is either intentional or serious lack of staff, apparently there is only one person in the entire department for the entire organization that handles the IRA transfers. Must file a complaint with the department of Banking and Insurance to transfer funds. BTWIi am still on hold with the bank for last 30 minutes.

Need To Get Rid Of Ridiculous ACH Transfer Limits

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Primary recent complaint stems from lowered--MUCH lowered ACH transfer limits driving me to use wire transfer instead. It took over a week and multiple calls to finally enact the transfer as the customer service reps would not wait on the phone with receiving bank to make it happen--and this with an already established external account. Previously, this process was seamless via their webpage ACH transfer. How is it more efficient and less costly to now involve humans? Answer--it's not. Overall rating would be higher if not for this.


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The bank is way understaffed and incompetent staff. I would not do business with this bank until they get staffed up and adequately train their staff! Wait times to talk to someone who can actually answer your question or process a wire is over an hour It takes 5 DAYS to process a wire, yes, days not hours Staff cannot answer basic questions such as did the wire go through. Often get disconnected after waiting 30 + minutes to get transferred to a manager, hours on the phone with synchrony and still no wire 5 days later. Hopefully Synchrony can return to what they once were, but beware until then

Synchrony Changes Transfer Limits

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Per bank representative, Synchrony now only allows 250K per day/ 500K month incoming deposits and 25K per day / 100K month out going external transfers. He states I received notification of this change, but I have no record and he was not able to provide the date of any documentation provided.

Longtime "Large Balance" Customer - VERY UNHAPPY

I too am a longtime Synchrony customer with SUBSTANCIAL balances. During 2020-2021 the customer service was really terrible. Ok...maybe COVID stuff. It seemed to improve Q2 of 2022.

Now it is not acceptable!
I opened 2 additional CDs in November 2022. I asked that these be combined with my existing account statement...Since mid November. I have been unable to get ANY statement.-more than 20 hours on the phone and still nothing. Well, they have managed to make it so now I don't receive statements, electronic or postal for ANY of my accounts. As I also have a Savings account I was getting monthly the bank has become a smolder Dung-Heap.!

Closing a CD with the $ going to a Synchrony Savings still takes a week. An only ACH to a registered external bank takes 7-10 days.

DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT AT SYNCHRONY until this is resolved

Learned The Hard Way

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If I could give this NEGATIVE stars, I would!
Against my better judgment, I read the reviews and still attempted to open an account with Synchrony. Here's one major problem that concerned me: I entered all my information (including my telephone number) and got to a screen where they wanted to confirm my identity. The ONLY option on that page was for an OLD work number (more than 12 years old). The only way to get around this was to call the bank. I called the bank and apparently the phone number they associated with my account came from a "database" on information they have collected from different sources over the years. WAIT! WHAT??? In order to give them a different phone number, it will take several days and I have to call back...blah blah blah. Are you kidding me? STAY! AWAY! This bank is a joke. I called back and requested that my account be closed (luckily before any funding happened).

Excellent Service

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Because of my ignorance, I thought setting up an external account was what I needed for a wire transfer to close on a house.

Three days later, when it failed, I learned the error of my ways. So instead of having a week, I had three days.

I spent three minutes on musical hold to talk to a live person, and five more minutes to talk to an account manager.

When I called again today to find out progress, another three whole minutes to talk to a person.

It took about 24 hours to get the transfer complete.

Their phone responsiveness is excellent, and they completed the transfer as quickly as could be expected.

Only criticism is that the page for establishing an account should include a note that if a wire transfer is required, to call them at their contact number.

No Penalty CD Issue

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Be aware cancelling a no penalty CD can not be done online, requires a call. Once you get thru, it will take 5-7 days per the rep to close the CD.

Other than this I have had no issues with this bank acccount


Posted by: |

Ole Dear God this is the most scamming bank. They will NOT wire my $185K back unless I give them passwords and access to my personal checking acct. The man said most people just change their passwords after they give them access. Well there are a lot of stupid people then because no way I am giving my passwords to someone that sounded like they are in Iraq or somewhere. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK IF YOU ARE NOT STUPID!!!!!


Posted by: |

My husband and I deal with a LOT of banks in our retirement and this is beyond the WORST. We deposited $185K into their High Yield Savings. You have to go thru the small deposit verification to set up external accts. like all banks. HERE IS THE ISSUE, once you have your money there, you can only ACH a small amount a day back to your external acct. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET MORE THAN THAT UNLESS YOU PAY TO WIRE. Problem with wiring is one of their employees called us on a third party call with our external bank trying to get our passcodes to wire our money back. OUR BANK SAID TO NOT ALLOW SOMEONE TO DO THIS - COULD BE FRAUD!!! Why on earth will they not even wire your money back to the external account you spent time setting up and verifying. WE HAD TO JUMP TO LOOPS TO GET OUR MONEY BACK DECIDING TO CLOSE OUR ACCTS. PLEASE PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF THIS BANK. Go to Marcus Goldman, or Capital One, or American Express they allow you to move back and forth with your bank any amount you desire.

Synchrony Cannot Handle The New Business They Are Getting

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Takes them 7 business days to close account. Takes them 5 businee days to transfer. Opened account for 16 month cd. Three days later they increased rate for 16 month cd but would not honor that new rate like their competitors. Instead I could close, wait 7 business days for close. Pay penalty. Wait another 3 business days for t transfer. They say it is because they are so busy.

Avoid This Bank

I changed my mobile phone number. I updated it on the Synchrony bank website for my savings account. The next time I try to login, I'm prompted to verify using my phone number. There were 6 old phone numbers in the drop-down box. But the phone number I just added to my account 2 weeks earlier was not listed. So I couldn't login to my account.

This has happened to me in the past. The Synchrony agent said my new phone hasn't been verified yet. What? Every other bank and credit card company let me change my phone number online and I could use it to login immediately. Not Synchrony. The agent said my new phone would be added in 2 months. Really? I can't access my account for 2 months?

To make matters worse, the agent rudely talked over me several times.

Account closed.

Don't risk getting locked out of your account for 2 months just because you change your phone number.

Name Change Request To -> Ripsyouoff Bank

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the worst bank ever. they just care about ripping you off.
From my understanding Synchrony partners with PayPal which I'm sure they love until any accountability is due. I was checking out at a merchant’s website and saw a PayPal credit option which I selected only to discover after processing my transaction it used my bank account. I tried calling PayPal where representatives directed me to the PayPal credit department. The PayPal credit department introduces themselves as Synchrony when speaking with a manager to have this credit pull disputed, (as it makes no sense to me to have my credit effected, I would have just checked out using my debit card) he tells me the issues is with PayPal not them even though there is a partnership. I understand this could be a PayPal issue however you partner with them and are using them as a vendor so accountability should be considered not only when it is convenient for you as a company. He told me no compliance issues as everything is in the fine print! Glad to know that you are ok with people being misled through one of your partners instead of wanting to correct it and investigate this more closely.

Can't Reasonably Move My Own Money Out Of Synchrony

As others have said, you have to wait 3 business day for Synchrony to release up to $25K of your own money via ACH. Worse, if you cash a $100K CD, it will take you a min of approx 12 business days, since the daily $25K transfer limit doesn't release until they release the first $25k request. And BTW, I looked and looked on the website and see no mention of such a policy anywhere -- at least not where someone would find it in time to know what they are getting themselves into when the deposit funds here. Their excuse is "for you security". Please, we are transferring to a validated account and how is it any more secure after I wait 3 business days? This is a scam and I'd be happy to talk to a law firm if they think this may be worthy of a class action.

Synchrony Sucks

The company intentionally has the automated system send you around in a loop so you will not get a live rep. The fees are ridiculous. I would not recommend opening an account with this company.


Posted by: |

I opened a roll-over IRA account with Synchrony. I followed the online instructions for opening the account and learned months later that my funds had actually gone into a non-IRA account. (Looking back, it seemed too easy but I was following their instructions.) To avoid paying tens of thousands in taxes, I was able to have the money moved from the non-IRA account into an IRA account. But, Synchrony penalized me $3000-plus. My calls to them went unreturned. No one would help me or call me back. When I finally demanded that I speak to someone with the ability to do something, I was given another useless nobody who acknowledge the poor Website programming and said he would bring it up at the next staff meeting. Of course, no one ever got back with me and I got stuck paying this horrible bank $3000 for their error. Avoid this wretched bank.

Terrible Transfers And Competence

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ACH and general processing is WAY to difficult, time consuming and ridicules. Synchrony Bank has a customer service that is designed to benefit Synchrony and burden the customer. My experience indicates a strong probability that Synchrony lacks competent managers and that the processing of funds and using the website is accordingly at best very poor. I wish I had known this prior to opening an account based on just the CD rates. It won't happen again!!

Unacceptable Hold Time/Withdrawal Limit Too Low

Its my money ! Synchrony Bank holds your money for three days before making the transfer to external bank ! Also, there is a $ 25k withdrawal limit on your savings account ! Called customer service to see if I could withdraw more than $ 25k, as I wanted to withdraw MY MONEY. The lady I talked to was polite, but the transfer couldn't be made to my satisfaction. I went ahead and made the $ 25k transfer, this is the third day and its still not in my account at the external bank. You better believe I am going to close my account here.

Incompetent Bank

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when your cd matures, synchrony will not transfer your funds via ach even though they received your funds to open the cd via ach. they insist on wiring your funds insisting it's more secure than transferring your funds via ach. so giving your external bank account information to someone in an impoverished 3rd-world nation is more secure than initiating an ach transfer? these people are nuts. also, they are just as inept when trying to resolve a credit card dispute, an all-around worthless bank.

My Credit Card Experiences Were Uniformly Bad

Posted by: |

I had PayPal, Discount Tire, and Lowe's credit cards that were issued and maintained by Synchrony. Everything was fine until I had a problem. When someone stole my credit card number, they locked me out of my account. Later they sent me a "your statement is available" email with a link to my locked account. The due date came and went while I waited for a replacement card and access to my statement. A woman with a big attitude in their overseas call center could not understand why I didn't want to pay a credit card bill that I had never seen. Calling Synchrony for help was about as enjoyable as a trip to the dentist, although to be fair, that's somewhat insulting to dentists.

2021-11-08 Update: I closed all accounts well over a year ago, and considered it all to be over. But recently, I received a shockingly late, vague, and all-around-useless letter from Synchrony in the mail. Dated 10/28/2021, it said "A recent review conducted by Synchrony Bank identified that you contacted us on or about the below date" and "Date of inquires: 5/2/2020". (19 months later!) The rest of the letter was absolutely worthless. My opinion of Synchrony went even lower, and I didn't think that was possible.

Closing All Accounts Randomly

closed all my credit card accounts
783 credit score, never missed a payment and had $ 1755 in rewards that I have been saving for a while.
oldest card was since 2013.
After closing my accounts the rewards are no longer there. Buyer beware.

someone needs to file a class action lawsuit

Horrible Experience

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They closed my account saying i had insufficient funds when I am paid all up to date horrible customer service they didn't want to resolve the issue they just told me you couldn't help me and their website does not match their records even though my account is closed the website still says my account is open and they can't help me with that they obviously don't know what they're doing.

Customer Service

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Don’t use this bank if at all possible. I waited 45 minutes on hold to explain why I was calling. The representative cut me off and started rattling off questions. He had a bad connection, and an accent. That I had a hard time understanding. I asked him to slow down, and he disconnected the call.

Bordering On Unethical. Stay Away

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Horrifying company. Bordering on unethical. My 91 year old mother had to pay off her hearing aid. She asked for a payment plan at a level where she would pay no interest. She called Synchrony Bank, and was assured that she'd be able to pay in that way. She asked for this in writing, and though she was promised it numerous times, it never came. After paying a low payment religiously at an obscene interest rate for two years, they are billing her twice the original cost. They refuse to answer any request for help. We wrote directly to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]. Not one has even taken the time to respond. Stay away.

Prepare To Use Lube

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Awful bank! If you like fees and no help this is your bank.

Master Card Rewards

Synchrony Bank issues a PayPal branded credit card with 2 percent cash back rewards. The reward goes to your PayPal account and from there, it can be transferred to any of your linked external accounts. I have this card and in fact, I found it very convenient to be able to move the cash "Any Amount, Any Time" to another account. However, claiming "Any Amount, Any Time" is a misnomer as it should also include the phrase 'Per Statement Cycle'. What actually happens is that your 2 percent cash back rewards only appear at the end of the current statement cycle. "Any Amount" is true but "Any Time" is actually false. It is nice though to have a credit card with rewards expressed in percentage rather than points. Many card issuers like to tout points because no one actually knows how much in dollars a point is worth. The whole process of claiming your rewards is rather lengthy because once logged onto the PayPal site, it has to transfer you over to the Synchrony site for further navigation. The "Chat Now" feature goes to a Robot but if you fail to get a useable answer, it connects you to a live person. I thought this was very useful and far above the typical level of customer service.

Update: 04-23-21 - Cough ... Choke ... I keep applying for a credit increase to no avail. I've gotten several denial letters in the mail turning me down. Strange because my credit score is above 800 the last time I checked. In retaliation, I stopped using their Master Card and went back to using my PenFed 2 percent cash back Visa card. When you get rotten treatment, you can always vote with your feet.

Update: 04-27-21 Deplorable Dispute Procedure | With most credit cards you simply give them a call to place an item into dispute. Not with Synchrony Bank. You have to download a lengthy dispute form, then complete and sign. And the kicker? Your only option is to FAX or Snail Mail it to a PO Box in Orlando. Who in this day and age still uses something as obsolete as FAX going over an antiquated twisted pair line? Even more revolting, who still licks stamps and uses Snail Mail? This alone is enough to cast a deep shadow over Synchrony and cause any reasonable person to run for the exit.

There When I Needed Them!

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From Care Credit to Lowes.. This bank has been there for me when I needed them. I am very grateful for that!!

Money Transfer Delays, Offshore Customer Service

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My account was suspended 3 times for no reason other than security,. 5 days without access to funds .. all calls are off shored.. other fund transfers take 3-5 days where most institutions take 1-2 days. They hold any transfer for extra security it appears if you try to transfer more than $5000 dollars so... I presume they can not release the fund with out a ... beware..

Needs To Shutdown

Synchrony Bank formerly (GE Capital) is a very unhelpful and useless bank. The website is outdated and no one is there to help you out.

Useless Company

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If you need any help with your account, they are useless!

Poor Security, Poor Customer Service

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When logging in to an account online, the bank sends a security code, supposedly to the customer's phone, and that code must be entered online. Recently, however, I noticed that Synchrony had added someone else's phone number in addition to my phone number as a phone that could receive the security code. I called the bank and told them that the new number was not my phone and had never been my phone. The customer service rep and her supervisor both told me that that was too bad, there was nothing they could do to remove the additional number and it would have to remain on my account as a valid phone number for me. Yikes, how bad can the security be? I also found out that all CDs are set to renew automatically, and you cannot change that online. If you don't want to renew a CD, you must call the bank within 30 days (no sooner) of maturity. Synchrony also takes longer to credit your account for transfers in than other online banks. Capitol One and Ally Bank are much easier to work with and have far better websites and customer service.

Website Is Always Screwed Up

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It has been a month since I could login to Customer service first pretends this is my fault and then claims that they are 'gathering customer problems' so they know how their website is working. Well, it isn't working. It's not my fault. It's their fault. They either don't care that customers can't login or they don't have the money to take care of the problem. Either way, this is a huge red light. Closed my account. I recommend you do too.

Hard To Get Out

Posted by: |

Everything was great, until I decided to close two CDs and have the funds transferred to my bank. (I did the same thing at Ally on the same day, two minutes on the website, and the funds were in my local bank within 24 hours). With Synchrony, closing a CD cannot be done online, I spent about 20 minutes on the telephone, and then I was told that it would be 3 to 4 business days before the accounts could be closed, and another 3 to 4 business days after that before I would receive the funds. I have not even received an email from Synchrony confirming the closure of my CDs, and no mail or other alert or notice on the Synchrony website. I won’t be back.

Great Bank, Nice Customer Service

Had a Jumbo CD with a great rate and they delivered. Easy application, nice website and answered the phone too! If you rather stick with the big boys (Synchrony or Marcus are just two of a many) that are great bets for accounts without gotchas, have name recognition, easy website platform and near top tier rates and lack limitations on access. W 5 stars!on't be THE rate leader but stays closer to the top.

Excellent Customer Service, Although Glitchy Website

I signed up in the middle of the pandemic for a savings account to backup my Ally account. Mostly so I can have a cash backup since Ally was working on a debit card problem. When I did sign up at Synchrony's website, it crashed in the middle of my application. I saw my new account member for maybe a second, and it was gone. I called customer service. They were incredibly polite, but they had the same problems with a massive system crash. I waited until the next day, and a banker helped me get signed up for online banking. They can launch a cobrowse tech help window where a banker can get you into your account. Very nice as that beats talking over the phone for help. The rates are competitive with other banks. And my ATM card arrived about a week and a half later. So I am fairly happy with Synchrony thus far!

Never Again

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Trying to close a certificate of deposit. Told there would be an online option but none showing under their account details and letter only lists a phone number. Isn't this supposed to be an on-line bank? I call a rep for a second time and am told that my money could be held for up to five business days. NEVER had a bank or credit union do this to me. They can have the highest rate in the country and I never want to do business with them again. Meanwhile my account is still be shown as active and I am concerned that I will not be able to get my money out.

Pleased Customer

Posted by: |

I'm really surprised by some of these one star reviews. I've had CDs with Synchrony since the GE Retail Bank days and haven't had any problems. Customer service has always been responsive whether by phone or online. After their recent rate drop I decided to close out a CD that had matured. I sent a message through my online account and the CD was promptly closed and the funds were in my external account the following day - no phone call required. They often have some of the better rates. They're a 5 star in my book.

Awful Bank

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Be very careful when putting any money in this bank. I have been a customer for over five years and had a CD mature today, went on line and could not close it out, so had to call the "call center".

Needed the funds, so requested to do an internal transfer to my savings account, They informed me that it takes 2 to 3 days to do an INTERNAL TRANSFER!

Any other bank can accomplish this IMMEDIATELY, it is an INTERNAL TRANSFER! With most banks I can transfer my funds myself by going on line.

This bank is incompetent!

Terrible Customer Service

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Opened a business account with Lowe's Home Improvement thru Synchrony Bank, paid my first bill early and in full, payment was processed and charged to my personal credit card account.
Instead of a Gold star from Synchrony for paying early and in full they put a 15 day hold on my account.
Unbelievable...customer service absolutely of no help and person at top level extremely rude.
Plan to cancel my account and take my business elsewhere.

Easy To Deal With.

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Have been using Synchrony Bank for many years for both CD's and online savings accounts. Just recently had a CD mature. One phone call to customer service and the funds were deposited into my existing Synchrony savings account. Nothing but good things to say about Synchrony.

Horrible And Fraudulent

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Will NOT return my monies from 3 mature CD.
Will not transfer my money!
3 weeks - yes, 3 weeks!!! After I called many times and waited for 1 hour or more. Hand Written letters and forms, dozen of Email's!!!
My funds disappear completely ! So several thousand dollars are to 0.00!!! on three accounts only to reappear as a renewed CD at at very low rate.
Regardless they do the opposite of my multiple requests and what they assured me was being done.
Dishonesty and Extremely poor Management with the standard were sorry. Yes Synchrony is very SORRY in so many ways. I only wish I would have read this before opened my accounts. BEWARE!

Bad Customer Service

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My wife has and account with you and because she was late one time she has been called 3 times asking her to pay before the next due date, the people that called are rude and not professional at all. When we pay this account off we will never do business with this bank again.

Will Lose Your Money!

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Do not use this bank!! They closed my high yield savings account on 1/8/20 and cannot tell me where my funds are. They do not care about you or your money. Very poor communication and not worth the effort to try and get better interest rates.

Number 1 Complaint About This Bank.

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Transferring money out takes forever. They seem to hold on to your money for the maximum days the law allows.

Don't Expect To Send A Wire

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They advertise three free wire transfers per month. You can forget about that. I ordered a wire transfer on a Wednesday at 2:40, ten minutes past the deadline for that day. No problem - Thursday would be fine. BUT, no wire transfer on Thursday OR on Friday, despite my spending most of the day on the phone with them (much time on hold, and speaking to representatives who do not speak English well). We needed the money to close on a HUD home and almost lost the house due to the incompetence of Synchrony. HUD gave us one more day to perform. I went to Capitol One Bank, put the order in, and within two hours the wire transfer was complete. And everyone I spoke to spoke English!!! I hate Synchrony and will be removing my funds. Don't be fooled by their good interest rates - you will pay a high price for that.

OK If You Don't Need To Transfer In Or Our A Lot

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If you let your money sit with them the rates are good. The main gripe I have is they play with the float. When transferring money in or out it takes an excessive amount of time - and they do not pay interest for that amount of time the money is "in transfer". The other issue is minor - they could do better with their website. There is no summary of accounts (you have to go through a menu to get to each individually). There is no easy way to see how much interest was paid for the year. There are no on-line tax statements.

Synchrony Bank Is The Worst

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I have online savings account opened several years ago. It is difficult to transfer money out from Synchrony bank and it takes much longer time (at least two days longer) than any other banks with which I ever have account(s). The delay can cause big trouble because you don't expect it would take so long to get the money ready to use based on the experience with other banks or the information they provide that take 3-4 business days. And, their customer service is extremely bad. I highly recommend Capital One Bank, and keep away from Synchrony Bank.

No Turbo Tax Import

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Generally positive experience in regard to rates, but recent changes to web site are very user unfriendly and they still don't have import of 1099's into Turbo Tax. I can hope that will change for 2019 filing season.

Review Posted 2/7/20: Synchrony Loses $500K

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I am withdrawing a $40K CD every month until I have it all transfered to another Bank!
My latest closed CD was done first thing Monday morning. (2/3/20) Here I sit on Friday afternoon (2/7/20), and the account shows as active, still no transfer!
You don't have to be a genius to figure out the interest lost every month. Rest assured that at this time next year, they will no longer have any of my $$$.

NO ACCESS To Your Accounts

Their system goes down frequently, sometimes for days, whcih stops you from accessing your accounts. for example 11/24/19, 11/25 and still today 11/26/19. online only banks can be a hassle....

Synchrony Bank Is The Worst

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I have two CD account with them which opened several years ago. I tried to login today to check my accounts but their web doesn't work. I tried to call their customer service several times. They kept me on call for 30 minutes everytime with a message "your call is important to us all our representative will be with you shortly"!!!! I was never able to reach to anyone. I need to close my accounts and take my money out without a luck. This is horrible bank. Stay away from them.


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Synchrony Bank is the Worst bank you can ever use! I have had Extremely POOR customer service every time I call, their employees seem dumb compared to any other bank. I Strongly recommend CAPITAL ONE for All your banking and Credit Card needs!

Worst Ever

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I requested for an account in Synchrony bank and after that I lost my credit scores 3 times: for hard inquiry of opening account, 2nd they closed my account with no reason, 3rd having remark on my account as a punishment after I called them to give me a reason for closing my account. Just stay away from this bank. They say strange words: they told me you requested for several accounts but we see you have one account!!! They give you fictitious reasons that they also do not believe. I wish I have read the reviews before applying.

Online Bank That Requires BEGGING By PHONE

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Totally frustrated with this bank. Extremely difficult to get your money back upon CD maturity. They force you to renew and offer no options to cancel renewal online or via chat. Only option is to place a phone call and beg for your money back. But even then that only works about 25% of the time. Usually requires multiple calls and long waits. Chat online does not work at all (they just say "you aren't logged in" even though you are. The phone app works, but then they just tell you that you have to call by phone anyway.

I guess the purpose of this nonsense is to keep their grubby hands on your money. Sorry, but it is MY money, not YOURS. Looking forward to getting my money back from this so-called bank as fast as possible.

Worst online bank ever, and I have used and am still using many of their competitors.

Cumbersome To Close CD

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Been with this bank several years starting when it was called GE Capital. At one point I had close to the FDIC limit deposited here. It was easy to do transactions but now difficult. I logged in to their website to check on my account and was greeted with anotice about one of my CD's expiring in 30 days. it offered a way to manage this CD online which I tried but it not work for transferring the balance to an exisitng Synchrony High Yield Savings account. It kept giving me error message about a $2000 minimum deposit amount needed. The CD balance was way more than $2000! So I used their Chat function. Chat rep was nice but told me he cannot help with my issue. That I needed to call their Business Center! What use is Chat if they just tell you to make a phone call. Phone rep was nice but he had to put me on hold a few minutes so he could put the advance instructions into their system. I asked for an email confirmation of the transaction instructions, he said no email is available but the bank will send me a letter by US Mail after the CD matures, even though I'm set on paperless communication!
Time to get all my money out of this bank. The frustrations from transacting with this bank not worth it.


Posted by: |

They have outsourced functions to the Philippines. Personnel are less than helpful. They do not understand what is being asked. Quite difficult to reach someone based in the US. Do not follow through on instructions and when the error is brought to their attention, no one takes ownership of the problem to correct it.
I would never open an account with them again.

Paypal Mastercard - WORST CUSRTOMER (NO) SERVICE!!!

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I've waited for over 2 (TWO) hours on their "CHAT" to get someone to chat with me, and they were helpless. When I asked for a supervisor, all I got is a blank screen, and I've been waiting for over an hour again, with nobody to even respond if there's still anyone on the other side, am I in a queue, when I will get some supervisor to chat with me. NOTHING!!!

The MAIN problem I have with this clueless bank is that they take money out of my account a few seconds to minutes after I use my card. That is "automatically done", and is as fast as cyberspace could be.

When I pay money into my credit card, it takes them "24 to 72 hours" to "process" the payment. The money is out of my bank account or PayPal balance immediately, but it takes them this long to "process" the payment. And, there's nobody in their stupid "system" who can change or override this!

We have become a society of computer/system dependent morons. There is no human touch, no human connection, no human discretion. Just a whole lot of "this is what the computer/system tells us, so this is what we do!

The WORST thing that PayPal ever did is hook up with Synchrony bank. Their "system" was so much friendlier and easy to use before this move. TERRIBLE MOVE!!!

Warning About EWP Penalities At Synchrony

As indicated below synchrony does not commit to waiving any EWP.

Because the account agreement uses the phrase "...will generally be permitted...." Synchrony effectively does not commit to waiving EWP under any circumstances


"An early withdrawal without penalty will generally be permitted in the following circumstances:
• In the event of death or the adjudication of incompetence of an owner;
• Within the Grace Period described below;
• For IRA CD account holders, if the early withdrawal is made to satisfy an IRS-required minimum distribution; or
• For IRAs established under 26 USC §408 and the money is paid within 7 days of establishment of the IRA (but we will assess a penalty equal to
the simple interest earned on the amount withdrawn)."

MY 5 Year CD Is Matured Today . I Want The Money Transferred

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They will not allow me to do this online . Every time I called I have been assured the money from the CD will transfer to my high yield savings as I requested yet I have no proof as the online system will not show this as a transfer and every time I tried online it came up as errors. I am writing this review so everyone knows I want my 5 year mature CD closed today and the money put in the high yield savings i have there I expect to see the interest since the money is not leaving the bank just being transferred to a different account, The customer service is great but they do not have the power to email me to assure me my CD is closed I have to wait till the bank sends me notices when its convenient for the bank, I am scared they will not close the account and instead drag this out and then try to fine me 360 days when they auto renew it against my wishes . I see no reason synchrony Bank cannot show online that I closed my Mature 5 yr CD and its being transferred to my savings account with them ,

Negative Experience

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I am an an existing customer and up until now was happy with this bank. I like the fact that I get a monthly paper statement. I have an online savings account and 2 cds and tried to open a new cd to fund from my online savings account using online application. My account was declined. When I asked customer service why I was declined the representative did not know and said I would get a letter in 10 days. Then attempted to open another 12 month cd with the representative. A soft credit pull was required and I agreed to this. Then I was asked what other banks I bank with. I began to answer and then asked why they need to know this. The representative said it is a question that is coming up and did not know why. I lost patience and decided not to open any more accounts with them and will be taking my money out. This is not a loan, this is a deposit with funds that are already with them and they make it so difficult to open a cd. Now it appears that the rates went from 2.80 to 2.70. Looks like they were playing games.

Don't Expect Them To Mail Your Matured IRA CD Funds In A Timely Manner!!

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On 4/17/18 my new financial institution faxed the paperwork over to have them mail a check for my IRA CD maturing the next day. They claim to have mailed the check on the 23rd, today is May 1st and still nothing, it never takes more than three days to get my mail from the East Coast normally and mail moves every day, it does not stop on weekends. They will not reissue the check until after 10 WORKING days which will be 5/7 and I'm losing my guaranteed rate at the new credit union due to the delay. Now that I think about it, it took over three weeks to open the CD with them five years ago and they kept saying they never got the funds yet, wonder if it's their policy to hold onto customer money as long as they can before opening and closing CD's. Maybe I need to contact the banking regulators about this and see what they say. On the positive side, I've always been happy with their rates and also their customer service folks but this delay is simply unacceptable, it will cost me a $25 overnight fee on the replacement check plus three weeks lost interest and a reduction in the rates since they are heading down right now. I've asked my credit union to fax me a copy of the envelope postmark if the original check shows up and I will make a HUGE stink if they held onto that check for a few days before mailing it.

Worst Bank EVER , Wish I Could Give 0 Stars

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Slow start as many have made comments about, statements were not correct, omissions, duplicate entries, making me not trust this bank for competency. Statement Date cycle never changed, had to call the bank to retrieve the interest and balance information - never up to date. Unprofessional, tried to get resolved, poor customer services. Dont care about best rate any more. Not worth this hassle. Charged cancellation fee when had every right to close out account, due to lack of trust in bank. They wont answer the phone calls, etc.
Worst bank ever used. Even email address posted online does not work.


Synchrony was to ACH out my money to another institution. I had to call them for five or six days until they finally did what was required of them to do. When asked why the carelessness handling occurred, I was told "someone didn't follow the instructions pertaining to my account.

I wasted a great deal of time to compel them to properly send my money as required. What a disappointment.


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Awhile back, I started receiving calls from this bank saying my account was overdrawn and when I was going to make a deposit to bring my account positive. I told them they had the wrong number since I didn’t bank with them. The lady verified my name, DOB and last 4 of my SSN and informed me that someone opened an account and used all my information to do so. She transferred me to the fraud department where they immediately closed the account. They said they would be sending me some paperwork that I needed to fill out and return to them. I sent back the paperwork and two weeks later I got a letter that said they finished their investigation and said I’d have to be the person who opened the account since all my information matched what was on the account. After that they sent my account to a collection agency and reported me to ChexSystems. WTF?!?! I filed a police report and their investigation found that in fact I didn’t open the account. I sent this report to the bank and they said it didn’t matter since the account was already closed there was nothing I could do. Chex Systems and the collection company deleted me from their records.

SL 0 0 W To Start And SLOW TO PAY OUT

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After I mailed in check for IRA, it took 10 days for account to be opened.
My CD IRA matured on 3/17/2019 and paperwork had been filed ahead of time to close the account and mail check to me. It was processed on 3/25 according to customer service rep. Check has not arrived today 3/29/2019. I was told I need to wait until 4/5 to complain that check is lost.

I've lost 24 days of interest so far!
When other CD's mature, I don't care if Synchrony has the best rate, I'll never do business with this bank again.

Wish I Could Give 0 Stars

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Although they often advertise good rates, they pull them just as quickly. Many of their standard practices are suspect at best. There are over 1,000 negative reviews of this bank for good reason.
Avoid these guys like the plague. They are quite simply the worst bank on the face of the earth, bar none.
If there was an award for dumbest fraud unit, these guys would win easily. The only group that keeps them from being the dumbest on earth is the Synchrony Customer Service team. Shame!

Did Not Roll Over CD

In Feb 2020 my CD matured. I called with instructions to have the CD rolled over into a new 18 month CD. In May 2020 I checked on the CD. Synchrony rolled over the maturing CD into a High Yield Savings Account. The customer service representative agreed that Synchrony did not properly execute my request. But, the representative said that because I did not advise Syncrhoney of the error within 60 days of my request that there was nothing that Synchrony would do to correct the problem. This is the only bank I've dealt with that was not able to handle instructions to rollover a CD over the phone. Pitiful.

Problems Changing My "Secure Login" Phone Number

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I have had an account at Synchrony for about 18 months and have had not any particular problems until now, and this is somewhat of a nit, but I'm curious if anyone has had something similar happen (at any bank, ever).

I wanted to change the phone number for secure login, the number that they will text a code to in the event that you are using a different browser/location, etc. (2-step verification). I looked all over the web site but couldn't find a way to change it. I was able to change the phone number in my profile, no problem. I called them and they said a 3rd party handles that and I would have to call equifax to change it there. They gave me a number that was equifax, but the wrong number. Once I got the correct equifax number, I had to go through a complete verification which was fine, but time consuming only to be told that they don't store phone numbers unless there is a fraud alert on my record and there wasn't a fraud alert and there were no phone numbers associated with my equifax credit record.

Bottom line, I'd like to have the correct number associated with my synchrony account, but it doesn't seem possible at this point!

Worst Bank I've Ever Had The Misfortune To Deal With

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Terrible customer service, complete with flippant attitudes due to highly restrictive policies and antiquated methods (i.e requiring you to fax or mail documents), rude managers, long transfer times into and out of the accounts. Save yourself the frustration and never do business with this bank; it's not worth the man hours it will take you to get anything resolved should you ever have an issue and in the meantime, they will simply deny you access your money for weeks or longer.

Scary Experience

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I opened an account with Synchrony a year ago - it was relatively simple (some little things were missing - like opportunity to review the information or edit what you entered), but it was saving account in addition to Ally Bank and I did it to try out alternatives. Since I am not using it for anything outside accruing interest rate, I didn't try to access account regularly. Recently due to favorable interest interest rates I decided to open another account on weekend and discovered that their website doesn't handle online opening of the account outside of regular business hours. I tried several times for me and my husband (at least 3 or 4 attempts, then I did it in the evening hours, the same result). Then I got very concerned and try simply access the existed account and always receive error message about technical difficulties). I finally called them and asked to cancel the application and mentioned that I have problems to access the existed account. They were sympathetic but that's the extend. So, to summarize you have an Internet bank with genuinely competitive rates (at least on January 2019), where you can not access your own savings and if you try to increase the amounts that you deposit, you can do it with better results by using their automated phone service.

Worst Banking Experience Ever

I transferred money from Capital One to my Synchrony account for the purchase of a vehicle. CapOne 360 does not offer wire services so I had to transfer the money to my Sychrony account. I already had more than enough money to cover the wire in a CD account at Synchrony, so no risk to the bank. They are now telling me that I have to wait 5 business days to use MY MONEY. They have put me at risk of losing the vehicle due to the sellers 3 day payment contract. They are not flexible in the least and have now put me in a terrible situation. I will be closing all accounts with this institution as soon as possible. They are not what I would consider a real bank.

2 Weeks To Fund A New CD And Still Not Done

It has been 2 weeks since I went on line to open a CD account and activated funding by direct transfer from an outside account. I received a number of emails, spoke with a number of representatives and today was told that it would take 3-5 business days to finally fund the account. (this is what I had been told at least twice before). I cancelled the account and was told it would take 2-3 business days for that to take place and another 7-10 business days to get written confirmation. It appears that most of the calls go to a call center in the Philippines and that may be part of the problem. Stay AWAY from Synchrony Bank at all cost.

Never Again

I have accounts with NFCU and US bank and NEVER had any issues the way I've had issues with Synchrony. Worst banking experience. Poor business conduct.

Horrible 1St Experience With An Online Bank

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I was recently enticed by an impressive short term CD rate and decided to take a leap of faith and open my first account ever with an "online only" banking facility. Of course the account opened easily online. So 14 days later, I have a CD, but am not able to fund it. I've called numerous times. Different customer service people tell me a variety of things that apparently never work out. I'm giving up! For .1% over the others....well, I've lost that gain in the last 14 days that $$ could have been making me more $$$ in another institution. I find myself questioning....if it's this difficult to give them money, how hard must it be to get it out?!?!?!?! Not going here.......

They Will Take Principal Away From You.

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Clicked on their 13 month special cd rate but the website takes you through a process. Afterwards I guess I clicked on 12 months by accident. Found out after I received my mailings from the bank. I called customer service to attempt to rectify. They would not resolve the issue. If I cancelled the cd and got the 13 month cd, they will take 90 days of interest that they did not even pay me to do this simple thing. So they want to take my principal. Not happy. Glad its only a year. I will not add money to this bank.

Beware Of Extreme CD Penalty

CD early withdrawal penalties outrageous. Read first before depositing any funds!
Will never do any business with the bank again. It is not clear on documentation how the penalty is calculated and I was sorely surprised by the result.

Worst Bank Ever! No Common Sense!

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I've had an account with Synchrony bank for about 3 years now and have had a few minor bumps in the road until this last completely frustrating event. My tenant gave me a check for the rent of the home she rents from me. I deposited the check and three days after I deposited it my tenant called to tell me that her payroll was deposited short and the check she gave me may bounce. By then I had already transferred the money out of the Synchrony bank account into a new account I had opened. I was notified that the check bounced about a week later. As soon as I was notified I went online to transfer money back into Synchrony and my account was blocked with a message that I had to call them. I called them right away and was asked a series of questions about the check. I explained what happened and they told me my account was under fraud investigation "for my protection" and that it would take a few days to conclude. I hung up thinking everything would be straightened out in 3-4 days. I called again the following week and told them that my account was still blocked and I couldn't deposit the replacement funds into the account. I was then told that they now had to put in a request to another department to unblock and that would take another 3-4 days. That same afternoon I received a voice mail from Synchrony asking me when I planned on replacing the funds. I called them right back and they told me that they didn't have any record of anyone calling me. Another week went by during which I received a letter in the mail and a message to my online inbox threatening that they were going to report me to the credit bureaus unless I replaced the funds within the next 30 days. I called them again, now for the 4th time and explained to a supervisor everything that had happened the previous 3 weeks. She told me that I could replace the funds by mailing them a check and I explained that I didn't have checks that I did all my banking through transfer with the other bank the same way Synchrony encouraged me to do it with them. We are now going on 45 days and 5 phone calls from me to them and today they are still telling me that it will take another 4-5 days and that the problem is that the fraud department had not been able to get a hold of me. WHAT??? I told this supervisor to go ahead and transfer me to them right now since I was so hard to get a hold of and she told me she could not. I would need to answer any "strange 1-800 phone numbers" (her words) that came through my phone until they called me in the next 3-4 days. Needless to say I am closing this account and will have to either try to wire the funds or ask someone to write a ck for me to be done with this nightmare!

[Major Issue]Bank Transfer And Statements

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My high yield savings account with Synchrony Bank is having issues ..again. This time it's worse, I can't make transfers in or out of my account.
My annual bank statements can't be view as well. The only good thing is that it says my money is still there.. for now? This is really concerning since it feels like my life savings is in limbo.

Horrible Experience

Submitted an account application for 1x HYSA @ 1.75% and 1x 14-month CD Special @ 2.45 APY. Then it occurred to me that I might have used an incorrect e-mail address. During conversation with telephone rep to verify above, I was informed that not only were my accounts approved, but that a total of six accounts were actually opened. Did it not materialize to these incompetents the question of why a new customer would open multiple identical accounts? Why wasn't I alerted of this? A simple telephone call would've sufficed. Further, Synchrony was unable to complete electronic transaction from my common money market account to fund the two accounts in question. Rep then stated he would close all accounts but the two above, and that I would see the information online within hours. Did not happen. I called the service number again. Another rep verified the account closures, and provided the two remaining account numbers so I could initiate funds transfer from my money market account. Then today, I received several e-mails stating that the accounts which were previously verified as open were closed. Called the service number (again). Hit the same automated number options. This time, I was transferred to the "IRA Department" by some gentlemen who sounded like he did not care to be on the phone. I asked if he could help, to which he responded in generic statements about which accounts are open and closed. His tone of voice and manner of discussion made me regret providing him with my personal information. I do not trust this bank, nor do I understand why anyone else would.

Absolutely terrible experience. I'm not a millionaire by all means, but I will be taking my responsible funds to another bank. Thanks for the time wasted, Synchrony. I'll be sure to let all my friends and family know about this incident.

Easy Peasy

I've had an account with this bank for about 2 years and have no complaints. I've set up several external accts so I can transfer money at my convenience and get a better interest rate. Internet banks are the bomb!

First time using an online only bank.

I decided to open a high yield savings account with Synchrony Bank last year because I was fed up with the "brick and mortar" banks I had been using my whole life. I was a customer of Wells Fargo for the last ten years and I hate the customer service and the savings account gives me almost nothing back in return. I opened my Synchrony Bank because the interest rate I got on my savings was 1.5%. By comparison the account I had with Wells Fargo had a .22% APY. It may not seem like a big difference but that one percent increase made depositing money into my savings more attractive and actually led to me saving more. The biggest thing I did not like about using Synchrony Bank is that there is no physical location I can go to. I am able to use a lot of ATM's without a fee but it would be nice to have an actual store to go into and talk to a banker. While I have never had any issue getting a hold of a Synchrony Banker over the phone or via chat, I miss having a face to face interaction to answer my more difficult questions about my savings account. With that being said, I love the return on my savings account. One year in and I've already earned more interest on my savings than the five previous years with Wells Fargo combined!!

Worst Banking Experience Ever!!

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Opened a CD online and asked TWO reps if I needed to do anything after I verified the two deposits. Both said the transfer of funds was NOT automatic and they had to initiate the transfer. Well, guess what!! Both reps were wrong!!! The transfer did happen automatically but because of their initiation a second CD transferred was attempted. I was hit with an NSF fee. Spent much, much time on the phone. Spoke with a supervisor who called me back the next day and failed to leave her extension. Really??!!! Could not reach her and had to start the conversation from scratch. Lo and behold, this past Monday I got another email from the bank saying the account could not be opened and was hit with a SECOND NSF fee!!!
I would bust the transaction but am petrified of something else going wrong. Have spent close to three hours on the phone trying to rectify their errors which they agree is due to their incompetency!!! Today I received an email saying they haven't received the signed signature card which I mailed back several days ago. What a hassle!!!

Had A Really Fine Experience With Synchrony.

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I just had a 1 year CD for 100K mature at 12:01AM on May 15, and today on May the 16th the funds are showing up as posted and available in another bank that I had verbally requested Synchrony to transfer those funds to. During the time that I had opened the CD a year ago, as well as the time last week that I called them to request the transfer, the phone was always answered fast, the reps were courteous, and the funds transferred without a hitch. The only reason I have left Syncrony Bank is because I now prefer to leave my funds instantly available to me in online savings instead of a CD. While Synchrony has very high CD rates, they are a little bit less competitive with their savings account interest rates..... which does make a difference when you have a large sum of cash involved. But, if I wanted to renew into a CD again, I'd have gladly stayed with Syncrony bank and can highly recommend them.

I will submit the following info about cashing out of a maturing CD with them so the process goes as smooth for you as it did for me; Make sure you have another bank already on file with Synchrony that you want the funds transferred to. About 11 months in, at a month in advance of the date of the CD maturity, Synchrony will post a daily reminder in your account page asking you what you want to do with the maturing CD. With that reminder, you can click and indicate your preference and renew the CD, or you can transfer the cash to another bank by ACH that you have on file with them. However, I chose to call them up and verbally dictate to them that I wanted the account to be closed, and the last penny of interest due me to be transferred. If you don't call them up to make this request, but use the website to do the transfer instead, then what will happen is that you will only get the 11 months of interest that is shown on your current balance.... and the account will later reflect the final 12th month of interest after you had already transferred out the 11 month interest balance. Being I intended on closing my account and I didn't want any lingering interest showing up later, I called them to request the account stay open until all 100% of the interest is showing on my account, and then transfer the full amount and close the account. There was absolutely no problems whatsoever, and they were a pleasure to deal with.

Great choice for college students

As a college student, I prefer to use Synchrony bank as my savings accounts due to the benefits they provide for them. They offer a special account for college students and with this account I've been able to grow tax free funds to help pay for my tuition. I've found their service to be of great help to me as a student and am thankful I am able to have an account like this. It helps me plan for the future as someone who's young and doesn't know much about finance.

Will NEVER Do Business With This Bank Again

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Can't begin to list all the problems with this bank. I opened several CDs with them years ago, when their rates were higher than average. Since then, they've proven themselves to be so incompetent that I can only conclude upper management does not care at all. On one occasion a CD came due, and I requested the funds be sent to me through an ACH transfer. After two days the funds had not been put through; I call and stay on hold for 20 minutes before speaking to someone who tells me it takes up to 4 days. That's legally permitted, but every other bank I've worked with (and I do this often) takes 24 hours or, occasionally, 48. Synchrony always takes the full 96 hours. However, on this occasion they hadn't put the transfer through -- they'd sent a check via regular mail, sent bulk rate. It took a week before I got someone on the phone who admitted as much. So I had to wait three weeks for it, but even then it never arrived; they claimed it must have gotten lost. Then they said it takes two more weeks to file a "lost check" claim. All in all, it took TWO MONTHS for me to get my money -- all of which time it was sitting in Synchrony's float account, where they were earning interest on it. I filed a complaint with the BBB, and their response was a pack of lies. On numerous other occasions I've had other problems with Synchrony. Pretty much every time a CD comes due, they have one reason or another why it takes an extra week or two before they return my money to me. I contacted a lawyer about it, who read the application and showed me the small print where it says the customer waives the right to be part of any class-action lawsuit against Synchrony. Pretty smart of them to put that in there, since they knew they'd get sued. Criminal company you should absolutely avoid.

Put more money in your pocket with Synchrony Bank

I decided to switch the bulk of my cash savings to Synchrony because I was getting such pathetically low interest rates from my brick and mortar legacy bank. I was a little nervous at first but after reading online reviews and doing my due diligence, I decided to take the plunge and invest in some CDs at Syncrony. They have great rates and FDIC insurance, so why not put more money in your pocket? Their customer service team has always been very helpful and the chat feature on the website works great. Banks like Synchrony are the wave of the future, especially in this low interest rate environment that hurts savers who don't want to put their money in the stock market but need a decent return.


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This is a good bank only if you want to just park your money and never do anything with it. They have good rates. But if you ever want to make a withdrawal or do anything with your money, GOOD LUCK! Their customer service is the most horrible I have experienced.

Great savings account interest rate

While researching current CD rates, I came across Synchrony Bank. I realized that the interest rate for their savings accounts was similar to that of many CDs. Why tie up my money in a CD when I can keep it in a savings account and still get a decent rate of return? It was very quick and easy to set up an account with Synchrony and transfer funds. The only issue I had was that the online setup automatically gave my father's phone number as mine (he also banks with Synchrony, and we have the same name). I'm not sure why this happened, since we obviously have different dates of birth, social security numbers, etc. I haven't had any other issues, and I'm very satisfied with the interest rate. I also like the fact that there are no unnecessary emails, just one per month informing me that I have a statement ready.

Synchrony Bank review

This bank provides great customer service. Whether a person utilizes their chat or calls in on the phone , the representative is always friendly and ready to be of great assistance. Their fees aren't horrible, but rather very competitive . I do wish the average savings account paid a bit more, but the customer service and peace of mind outweighs that small difference. Overall, I will continue banking with them.

Synchrony Offers Easy Way to Get Best CD Rates

After being frustrated with low interest rates offered by most banks and doing a lot of research, I decided to open a CD ladder with Synchrony Bank. At first I was reluctant because I had never banked with an online bank but after chatting with the customer service representative and reading reviews online, I was ready to take the plunge. They offer the best CD rates around with FDIC insurance. For example, Synchrony offered a one-year CD with a rate of 2.15 percent (APY) which is well above the rate offered by most banks and credit unions. On the Synchrony web site, you can easily compare how much you would earn in interest at various financial institutions and the results speak for themselves. A one year CD at Chase, for example, only carried an interest rate of 0.05 percent, meaning that after one year you would earn $2,150 on a $100,000 CD at Synchrony vs. only $50 at Chase - a difference of $2,100.

Uncertain of customer service but highest savings rate I could find.

At first it was difficult setting up the account and the website frequently was under maintenance or I'd have to constantly resend. I've never spoken to anyone from the bank. Everything online. However, they mail items quickly and recently I've had no issues with the bank. The reward tiers and what one gains are still difficult to understand. The savings rate is top notch, though! Transfers have been easy. I appreciate the free monthly ATM withdrawal.


I opened a High Yield Savings account with Synchrony Bank about a year ago. I opened this account as a savings account for my son's car fund. He's only 13 but wanted me to start saving his money for him to get a car when he turns 16. So far the interest rates are higher than similar accounts and everything seems to be going fine.

Will Never Do Business With This Bank

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I recently attempted to open a new savings account with Synchrony Bank. I was attracted by their rate and that they had ATM access on the accounts. I had planned to use this account for a portion of my son's college savings and liked the idea of having quick access via the ATM in an emergency.

I have existing accounts with both brick and mortar credit unions and banks and with an internet bank. I have a credit freeze in place with all three credit bureaus. I knew the credit freeze would be a minor hassle but I've been through this before. I did my research and saw many posts that Syncrony did not do Hard checks for deposit accounts. Based on that I expected to have to have a phone conversation with them and answer some verification questions but not a big deal.

So I submitted the online application, waited 3 business days and when I had not heard from them (other than an email acknowledging the application was submitted), I called.

1st call - they found the application, verified last four of social, put me on hold while they checked with account review. Not bad, just a few minutes on hold. Came back, credit freeze was the hold up but they could not transfer me because the phone I was calling on was not in my report... huh? I was on my cell phone and you don't have access to my report, it's in a freeze. Put me on hold again and call was disconnected.

2nd call - called back, found app, verified last four of social, put me on hold. Came back, I need to call back from the phone I used to put the freeze on my credit with... huh? I did that several years ago, I have had several cell phone with different numbers (which I don't have anymore). Maybe it was my land line (I'm not near that during the day). I likely did the freeze online, do they mean the phone I entered in a form? She didn't really know. Asked for a supervisor, waited many minutes on the phone and hung up.

3rd call - immediately called back and asked for supervisor. Repeated social verification and all, put on hold. Eventually (maybe 5-7 minutes of hold), Supervisor came on. Gave her info on previous calls, put on hold. She came back and repeated the problem but with a few more details. They needed me to call back from the phone I entered in the freeze application. Or I could unfreeze the credit (that would require paying the credit bureaus a fee). Or I could update the phone number with the credit bureaus - I think that would involve cancelling the freeze and setting up a new freeze, I don't know if you can update the phone number as a unique action and I don't feel like trying to find out how.

So I'm done with Syncrony Bank - wasted my time and energy. I went though this last week with a different internet bank that didn't have an ATM card on the saving account - but fine, they have a good rate too, I'll go with them (Ally Bank, I'm very happy with them). They asked me a serious of questions (just like the ones if you request a free annual credit report) and used my answers to verify my identity. Didn't suggest I unfreeze my credit or even call back.

The Best Web Bank Is Synchrony

I have a savings account and also two CD accounts with Synchrony Bank. Synchrony has the highest rates among both online and brick and mortar banks. Every time I call customer service, the responder is always helpful and knowledgeable. Opening a new account is easy and very straightforward. Their website is laid out well and is very functional. I also enjoy the reward tiers that are offered for discounts and promotions.

Synchrony Bank - Competitive Rates but Not the Online Experience I Expect

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Last month, I decided to open a high-yield savings (HYS) account with Synchrony Bank. I had read about Synchrony Bank in a blog post about ways to earn a passive income. Synchrony's HYS rates were extremely competitive, much higher than the rate my other bank offers on a Money Market account (.20%). It was relatively easy to open an account. I completed an online application with all of the typical identifying information you would need to open a bank account and was approved quickly. Synchrony is an online bank only, so the easiest way to deposit money was to set up an electronic transfer with my primary checking account. To do this, Synchrony makes two small deposits to your account. You have to watch for these deposits and verify the amounts with Synchrony to prove that you really are the owner of the account. This process only took about 24 hours. With a HYS account, you can make as many deposits as you need (these do not count as transactions), but you are limited to 6 transactions a month. This means that you can not transfer money out of the account via EFT or withdraw using an ATM card more than 6 times a month. This wasn't problematic for me and I appreciated that the ATM option was available, as this was not offered in some of the other HYS accounts that other online banks offer. My biggest issue with the Synchrony account is the length of time it takes for them to process a transfer to another account. It can take several business days for them to process a transfer of money out of your HYS account. If you need your money fast, you either have to use the ATM card or wait. I never used the card, but I imagine there is a limit to how much you can withdraw at one time. The idea that my money wouldn't immediately be available if I needed it was a concern for me. Another downside of Synchrony is their web-interface and the lack of a mobile app. The website is very simplistic. You can basically view your money and make transfers. The lack of a mobile app means you can't take photos of checks and deposit them. Ultimately, I chose to close the account. While I would certainly earn more interest, the lack of immediate access to my money and the lack of a mobile app made feel uneasy. The customer service rep I spoke to over the phone to close my account was very helpful and pleasant. No complaints there.

No complaints over 5 years

I've had multiple accounts with Synchrony Bank over the last five or so years. In that time, I've had generally no major complaints and have held multiple types of accounts with them. They've been very good at communicating with me various aspects of their accounts and have done wonderfully in solving any issues I've come across. My only real concern that I've had just a handful of times is the down time of their website. Over five years, I could count on one hand where I've had issues logging in or maneuvering through the site due to maintenance issues, and each of those times was in the middle of the day. I would assume that it would be best to be done outside of normal business hours as to not impede on the customer's daily activities

CD rates

Synchrony Bank has been great for CDs. GO to your local bank or credit union and see the 0.05% that they offer on checking. Realize that's only a NICKEL on your deposit on $100, when their 2.5% CD is $2.50 on that same $100. Amazing.
I read a lot on making and saving money on the internet. The bank and its CD rates were attractive. Couple that with the super simple and fast web interface, great rate, and it is a no brainer. They have an app for those who want it for banking but I do that locally at my credit union. This is more a deposit and forget it. Emails come to you when the deposit posts. I have been using them for three years. Deposits were always timely and chat feature is helpful if you have a question, but I am just there for the CD's and have only asked a question once.

If you have the cash to spare they have a simple interface and make it easy to keep rolling them over into more.

Good bank for online needs

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Synchrony Bank provided a pretty decent experience when it came to setting up an online CD. It was a bit difficult to get started simply because of a $2,000 minimum that was required to open the account. The terms were pretty good and I was able to get a pretty good interest rate for a short-term savings plan. The only reason I closed the account was due to some unexpected medical expenses and it became necessary to withdraw the funds. I was close to the maturation date (I chose the 12 month CD) and was able to close out the account and get my money with at first some online help via a chat and then a followup phone call to ensure everything was in order. Once I get back to savings mode, I will return to Synchrony Bank to get another CD. I will next be looking at setting up an IRA. I have already done the cursory work via online chat and most of my questions were quickly answered.

Great rates, not a lot of service.

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I have a high yield money market account and a 12 month CD with Synchrony. While the start up process was easy and I could do it all online, it was difficult to get someone on the phone that was helpful. While hold times weren't too long, I could tell that they really push people to use the online chat feature and I did not like the automated system on the phone. The website is easy to use and the rates a fairly competitive, but if it is important to you I would not recommend. When my 12 month CD was up for renewal I wanted to get my money out of it, but it was extremely difficult for me to figure out how to do it. Additionally, I didn't get anything in the mail reminding me, unlike any other bank that I have worked with. When I called the customer service they were efficient but not the most friendly. Overall I would recommend them if you are looking for a friendly website and good rates.

A Bank That Simplifies Things

I have never been a person that likes to go to an actual bank to process my transactions. I prefer to do all of my banking online, it's much quicker and easier for me that way. What I like about Synchrony Bank is that I'm able to do all of my banking online, even opening a new savings account. I have a regular savings account and a money market account. I think the interest rates are pretty good and there was no minimum balance to open an account. I deposit money into my savings and from there I'll use an ATM to withdraw money that I will spend. The rest stays in the account earning interest. I prefer to bank this way instead of using debit or credit cards. I've used the online chat before on their website and someone was available right away to answer my questions about one of my accounts. Overall I'm very happy with Synchrony Bank and will continue to bank there.

They are good with their customer service

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Both me and my wife have accounts set up with Synchrony Bank. The website is extremely easy to use. One annoying thing is often while logging in the username does not register due to case sensitivity which is frankly annoying. We have been late a few time on payments and received a $25 late fee! I have contacted customer support easily through an online chat though and was connected fairly quickly. They were extremely kind and understanding and waived our late fees with no problem at all! They have done this two times for us now! So overall I think they are an amazing bank aside from the late fee charges. The customer service is definitely top notch and I would recommend them to my family if they were interested in opening an account.

I was really impressed

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I have been banking with Synchrony Bank for about 3 years now. I had originally been looking for better rates for a long term CD. I was planning for retirement and wanted to make sure I was getting the best returns possible. After looking for some time I found that the rates at Synchrony Bank to be the best options for me. I had approximately $5,000 going into a 60 Month CD with a rate about 2% APY. I was very impressed with the rates but I also was very impressed with the Customer Service that I received while working through this search. They had no issues answering my millions of questions and guiding me through the process step by step. I really appreciate all the help and have no issues referring friends or family to Synchrony Bank.

ACH Transfer Is Pathetically Slow! Good Rates Though.

Lets be honest if it was not for their above market rates, I would not be a customer with them because I feel their inordinate length of transfer times on ACH is setup for them to skim a couple of extra days interest. Transfer times should be decreasing not increasing. Their app is terrible as far as check deposits go. Would like to have check access for the Optimizier+. I have been with them since the GE days and use this to park long term money, but the transfer times make it far less inconvenient especially now that stock settlement is trade + 2 days. Transfer times are too slow!

Prefer a different bank

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My experience with this bank was just okay at best. I frequently had problems with the website and calling customer service often produced mixed resulys. My biggest aggravation with those calls was having to play the "for this press 1, for this press 2, etc" game and often not hearing what I was looking for in the list.

Good online savings account!

I opened an online savings account at Synchrony Bank. The interest rate for high yield savings account caught my attention which I liked. I called customer service to speak with an agent and he answered some questions I wanted clarified. At that time I went ahead and opened the high yield online savings account. It has been easy to transfer money to and from this savings account with my checking account at another financial institution bank. Overall, I was pleased with my decision at that time.

Highest Interest EVER!

I have checking and savings accounts in two different banks. One is a brick-and-mortar (TDBank) while the other, Synchrony Bank, is solely online. When I read about the high interest on savings accounts at Synchrony, I thought it had to be wrong. I earn pennies a month from my brick-and-mortar bank (TDBank)so when I calculated that if I deposited a reasonable amount of money into Synchrony Bank I would get a substantially higher of monthly interest. I was a little apprehensive about depositing into an online bank since I had never done it before, but after reading about Synchrony on online sites, I decided to open an account with Synchrony. I quickly connected my brick-and-mortar (TDBANK) to my new Synchrony account. I was so pleased when my first month and I earned almost $20 in interest alone. I have maintained my saving with Synchrony for over a year now and I am still getting my high interest every month... The only downside to banking solely online is I do not interact with a human but, as of yet, I have had no need to do so.

Synchrony = Great Online Savings Bank

I had some extra cash savings and wanted to earn some decent interest on it, rather than let it sit in my regular bank savings account making minimal returns. After researching some financial websites I decided to try out Synchrony Bank's high yield online savings account. Opening the account was actually really easy and I was able to deposit my money from my regular bank through an electronic funds transfer in no time. I find the online interface to be very well designed and easy to work with. I am able to check on my account easily and can have up to six transfers in a statement cycle with no issues. I also have a very competitive interest rate of 1.50% APY that is up to par or better than most online banks.

Satisfactory Service

I've used Synchrony Bank for the last two years and have yet to have a bad experience with them. I have a high yield savings account with them and am very satisfied with the rates I earn on my money. Compared to the account I have at my local bank, this account earns almost double over the course of a year. All of my transactions can be done online which is super convenient. I also use the app to manage the credit card I have with them and have always been satisfied with the usability of the app. I've never had any issues with Synchrony and would highly recommend it to people looking for a way to manage their money through investments and savings accounts!

Synchrony Bank is the Best!

Synchrony Bank has some of the best rates of the all the internet banks. They have great competitive rates, as well as very supportive customer service. Every time I have called, they have been very helpful and resolved my situation very quickly!

Sychrony Bank is a good, steady experience

Synchrony Bank is very easy to deal with since you can take care of most things without having to deal with a person. It is as self service as you need it to be. When you do have a problem, you can chat online and get most of your answers there. However, if you do have to talk with a person they are pretty eager to help you with any problems. The lone problem I have had is an issue I had with direct deposit. My company was unable to at first get it set up but a few days of back and forth made the transition from a traditional brick-and-mortar bank well worth it in the end. The fees charged are average.

High Yield Savings Account

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I searched for an online high yield savings account online and came across Synchrony Bank. The interest rate for this account caught my attention and I liked it. I called to speak with a representative to answer and clarify some questions I had. After my conversation, I opened the savings account. It was easy to open. Also, it was easy to transfer money to and from this account with my checking account that is at another bank. Customer service was helpful and polite.

CDs are not a great value, but site is easy to use

I bought CDs through Synchrony bank because I liked that it was online only and I'm wary of the investment market now - I think it's going to plunge soon. But the rates are terrible - less than inflation! I picked Synchrony because it seems to have better rates than other places, but I'm not so sure. I don't have time to do tons of research to gain a few dollars over the course of the year. But at least I'm making SOME profit now that savings accounts yield almost nothing.

Satisfied Customer

I have been a customer of Synchrony Bank for approximately 2-3 years now. When I first began, I was looking for an online bank to create a savings account. The account had to have a higher than average interest rate amount for savings accounts for me to be interested, and this one did (at either 1.1 or 1.2, when the average was less than 1 at the time). Creating the account was fairly easy; I had actually begun with another online bank, but due to that bank's unfriendly customer service, they lost me as a customer before we even got started. After that issue, I was slightly hesitant reaching out to Synchrony Bank, but they treated me just fine, and their starting process was slightly more streamlined than the initial bank. Before I knew it, my initial deposit had gone through and was earning interest, and I've been adding to it ever since. My interest is credited at the same time each month, and Synchrony's other products, such as a 2% APY on a 2 year CD), as well as their rewards system, has me glad that I'm a customer.

Synchrony Bank Savings Account

Synchrony Bank is an on-line bank. I opened a high yield savings account approximately 16 months ago. Prior to opening the account I researched the bank and thoroughly reviewed product offerings. I found the information and marketing to be consistent with on-line reviews of their products and customer service. Opening the account was a bit frustrating and I found the customer service response at this point to be lacking as the information I was given was not complete. Rather than reconnecting, I figured it out through trial and error.

The interface with the website, after setting up my account, has been great. It is intuitive and the steps are logical and clearly explained. Accessing statements and tracking current activity is simple and the information is in real time. I frequently transfer funds to and from this account. The process of setting up other institutions to send/receive funds was straight forward and available to me the first business day following setup. Transferring funds is a simple process. The information regarding projected length of time for funds to move in and out of accounts is clear. I frequently find that funds are transferred/available more quickly than stated in the guidelines. Email notifications of activity are quick and thorough.

The initial interest rate offered by Synchrony Bank included a time limited incentive which was accurately applied. Since opening the account, the APY has increased 3 times, and remains the highest I have found when researching rates. I have not encountered any fees associated with this account. End of the year tax documents were made available in a timely fashion. Marketing from Synchrony regarding adding other banking products has been minimal.

Certificate of Deposit

I have been happy with my experience with Synchrony. I got a certificate of deposit and found the process easy to complete. I also like the interface-design of the website. To date, I have had little interaction with actual employees. Most of my business is accomplished online. What drew me to this institution was attractive rates on certificate of deposit accounts. Rates where much higher than those I could find at local institutions. My CD is set to mature in four months. If there are no issues at that time, I plan to open another CD with Synchrony.
Initially, I was concerned about having an online only account. There are no Synchrony branches that I walk into if there is an issue. Had I not known someone who had an account with them, I don't know that I would have opened the account. While rates are important, so is customer service. While I have not had much interaction with customer service staff, I do believe that I would be able to resolve any issue that may arise.

Good Bank with Solid Online Features

I have been with Synchronicity for a little over 2 years and I haven't had a single issue with them. Their online and mobile banking is better than my old bank, Chase, and on par with Bank of America. My direct deposit goes in on time without issues.

I have called Customer Service twice when my card number was stolen and they were on the ball, they send me a new one ASAP and when that one came up being used before I got it, they send me another, took like 3 days and they were updating me all along the way. Fees aren't bad, cost about the same as my BoA account, but they are way friendlier.

Why Lose Interest While Funds Are In Transfer?

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I pulled funds from another bank account into my Synchrony bank account.
The amount was debited from my other bank account on Friday but was only credited in my Synchrony bank account on Tuesday causing loss of interest for 4 days.
If I pull funds from my Synchrony bank account into another bank account, I do not lose any interest since the funds are debited from the source bank account and credited in the destination bank account on the same day.
I do not understand why a large and reputable bank like Synchrony does this. If other banks can make the transfer without loss of interest, then why can't Synchrony bank do the same?!

No Problems

My experience using synchrony bank is fairly good. From all the times I have deposited, I have not had trouble with any of the features yet. Everything seems to work very easily and the website is very simple. The only issue I have had once was when I deposited something into an account, it stated it was deposited but never showed up in the account. After calling and talking to customer service, they found out why and fixed the issue while I was on the phone. All together, I have had a great experience.


My initial introduction with Synchrony Bank was brought on from a family member that told me about their high-interest return rate savings accounts. At the time I was using a local bank that I had a checking account set up, with a basic, low interest savings account system in place. My family member told me about Synchrony Bank and their various CD offerings, as well as money market and savings accounts. What I liked about the Synchrony account offerings was the ease in transferring money between the savings account and my checking account at another bank. It keeps me at ease knowing I can hold a vast majority of my earned money (from direct deposit) in the Synchrony account and quickly transfer it to my checking account for purchasing or bill payment.

Great Online Bank!

I am older and therefore I did not have a lot of experience with doing banking online. My wife, however, did some research and she learned from a close friend about Synchrony Bank's high interest savings accounts. Even though Synchrony Bank was highly recommended, I was nervous about putting money into an online bank. After doing a little research of my own, I made the decision to put a small amount of my savings into Synchrony Bank. I was surprised to see how easy it was to do. I was even more surprised when I started accumulating decent size chunks of interest EACH and EVERY month. I then transferred my entire savings into Synchrony Bank and I have had no regrets at all. The only thing that I can say is that I do not converse with a real human for my transactions. SInce I have had no issues with Synchrony I have not had the need to attempt to contact customer service.

Closed My Account

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couldn't tell what happened to one check of two I sent for deposit, finally after 3 weeks it was returned in the mail because I failed to write date on the check . But not a supervisor could have told me that or any of reps I spoke to. I'd give this bank 0stars if possible. I have found better rates at other intuitions

CD's at Synchrony Bank

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I opened a Roth IRA with Synchrony Bank last January. The interest rates are amazing compared to other IRAs in today's market. Saving for my retirement has always been a top priority and signing up for this account was easy. I called their 1-800 number and spoke with a very intelligent service representative. It was amazing to have all of his expertise without feeling "sold to". He was extremely knowledgeable and helped me place my money in the best account to suit mine and my family's needs. I have peace of mind that this institution will protect my best interests and plan to continue to do business with them in the future. I would also recommend anyone looking for this type of savings account to give Synchrony Bank a chance.

Just another savings account

Synchrony Bank has been an okay experience so far. The savings account interest is decent at 1.50% APY and their online platform is easy to understand. Synchrony Bank does not have checking accounts which makes it hard to switch all of my banking needs over to them. The ATM fees are also a little ridiculous. For a bank that's mostly online, they should waive ATM fees all together as five dollars per transaction is a little steep. Customer service is hard to get straight answers from sometimes. I had a few questions about fees and was stuck on hold for 20 minutes while someone "went to a manager" and was ultimately hung up on. You can't really get face to face with someone and they only have one brick and mortar location.

Very Poor Mobile Deposit Process

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From the time you click 'deposit" until it posts, there is no way to track that a deposit is processing. The time it takes to post is completely unsatisfactory, and even the phone 'bankers' (I use the term loosely) can't even see the deposits until it's posted. One says it never got there; another says they can't see it until it's posted. You can't get the same answer to the same question twice.

Synchrony Bank - Well worth the time.

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I love this bank. Legitimately. I was not planning on even exploring savings accounts options with Synchrony, but I took out a loan with them to finance furniture. Now, my husband and I have a savings account with them. We have several savings accounts with different institutions, because it helps us to diversify and make sure that we are keeping true to saving for different things and/or events. Synchrony, however, has some of the best returns on your money, so we never close this account. We have closed other savings accounts, but never this one. The customer service is stellar, and the account information is almost always up to date through their online service center. Also, their online service center is really easy to use. That is a huge selling point with us because we are not super tech savvy.

Terrible Customer Servive

published review 2/16/18
I tried to open a saving account with $10,000. From their behavior, Synchrony does not want my business. After I submitted the application, I received no courtesy email stating that they received my information and were processing my account. Over a week went by, I heard nothing from them. I was afraid i might have stumbled upon a scam site that was trying to steal my information. Finally I called and they told me the problem was the credit freeze I put on the credit reporting agencies after the Equifax hack. I asked them why they didn’t contact me? The customer service rep said they did, which was not true. I told her that I was not going to do business with an organization that obfuscates the truth. The main thing you want in a bank is trust. I am taking my business elsewhere. My advice to Synchrony is to cut the salaries of their top management and invest the money in better customer service.


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Synchrony Bank is the latest internet bank to come out with big rate hikes on its deposit accounts. Most noteworthy is the rate hike on the 12-month CD. Synchrony increased the rate 35 bps to 2.00% APY which takes the top spot for nationally-available 1-year CDs. Minimum deposit for the CD is $2,000. Synchrony also increased the rate of its High Yield Savings Account. The rate went up by 15 bps to 1.45% APY. The account has no minimum balance requirement or monthly service fee. Below is the full list of products that had rate hikes, showing both the old and new rates. All of the following CD rates require a $2k minimum deposit. The savings and money market accounts have no minimum balance.

Synchrony Bank offers products with value and reliability.

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I currently have a High Yield Savings account with Synchrony Bank. This account meets all of my needs and expectations. I am satisfied with the rate as well as the level of service I receive from this fine institution. Their products are competitive and sufficiently varied. I also have an open Money Market account with the bank. This account compliments all of my other existing financial products. My family has a diverse range of financial tools that we utilize to broaden our long term tools and goals. The bank offers an excellent online banking experience. Most of my needs can be met by taking advantage of their online web platform. Customer Service is superior. On the very rare occasions in which I have needed to contact a service representative, I have received unparalleled service and support. With regards to fees and other costs with regards to doing business with Synchrony, I have to say they are more than reasonable and competitive.

Great Bank for Savings Account

Synchrony bank offers a very competitive high interest savings account. The actual sign up for the savings account is easy, quick and painless. I was able to sign up with no need to contact customer service. The savings rates for the CDs and savings accounts are some of the highest in the banking industry. I am able to transfer funds to the savings account automatically with no additional actions from me. The automation of account transfers gives a set it and forget it feel to the account that makes reaching your savings goals that much easier. I have yet to experience any issues with the account and have nothing but positive experiences. If you are in the market for a good savings account, Synchrony Bank should be on your short list.

Good rates, decent everything else

For a web-only bank you'd expect the internet experience to be better. While Synchrony offers very competitive interest rates and zero fees to maintain your account, I experienced long delays in money transfers, somewhat frustrating mix-ups with confirming my identity via USPS, and niggling annoyances with the website. Overall, though, the interest rates out weigh everything else for me, especially since I don't treat my account there as an "every day" sort of bank account.

CD rates with Synchrony Bank

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I've had several experiences with Synchrony Bank, my favorite though was with CD's. I was shopping around for the best rate and at first I was looking for a local Credit Union thinking they'd give me the best annual percentage rate. However after a lot of research i stumbled on an interest rate a few months ago for a 12 month CD that paid more than my local credit union. I'm a bit weary of financial institutions that are primarily onlie, but after looking them up on the Better Business Bureau's website, I decided to give them a try. I now have a few CD's with them as well as a savings account. I do prefer to keep my checking with my local bank but have considered expanding my relationship with them to include loans.

Bank evaluation

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This bank is great. Great customer service that has exceeded my expectations. Anytime that I have questions, they are happy to help and answer them. I have had a few issues come up w/fees and they have taken care of them without a problem. I don't do much of the mobile banking yet, but I plan too. They guide me step by step thru certain processes and instruct me in certain areas of my finances. They give advice and talk about products that they offer without being too pushy. Great institution and wouldn't bank anywhere else!


I would say this bank is very mediocre or below average. Poor customer services and at times it seemed like their were hidden fees or misleading information. The online platform was very bland and gray but thats probably not that important although I think it is important to have an interactive interface for customers and users. No competitive products are really offered.

Fairly Good

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My experience with this bank has been fairly good. The bank is an online bank only. This allows for unfettered access to my account both savings and CD. The rate is competitive. The customer service is somewhat of a problem. There appears to be turnover in staff and there appears to be a high incidence of searching for my answers as opposed to having them internalized. This sometimes leads me to feeling uncertian that my needs are being addressed appropriately, But this is offset by the rate of return on my investment.

Absurd Rules And Procedures

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I have many online banks and Synchrony wins the prize in poor performance.

Firstly, unless you allow Synchrony to have a permanent "cookie" on your device -- you cannot log into your bank account without problems.

Synchrony authenticates your identity by use of a published telephone number within the credit bureaus database. That's right; Synchrony refuses to use the telephone provided when the account is established. Instead; they seek to authenticate with a credit bureau published number. My mobile number is unlisted and private.

Where other online banks simply call or send a text message to the telephone number you registered with them when opening the account...Synchrony checks the "public database" to see if your number matches your identity and does this each time you try to check your account from an unknown device or a device where you deleted their "cookie".

I attempted to resolve this matter five times with a bank supervisor over a period of five months. Each time required a 25 minute telephone call before my access could be reset in order to gain access to my bank accounts.

Accordingly, I took the early termination fees on 3 CD's rather than deal with Synchrony nonsense.

If you don't want cookies on your machine, have a private telephone number and need monthly access to your account. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK! There are other banks such as Marcus and Chase that offer the best customer service matched with efficient technology.

Synchrony Bank Review

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I have banked with Synchrony Bank in the past, specifically using their CDs. I liked their CD because the return rate was decent (I think it was 2.5% at the time) for a short period of 12 months. I liked that I could pull it out after 12 months instead of waiting a longer time. I also liked that my money felt more secure there than the stock market. They did have a minimum to open, I believe it was $2500. I made a decent amount in a year and had no problems pulling my money out when I wanted to. I didn't have much contact with them because it was basically just opening the CD and then closing it. I didn't have any issues while my money stayed in there and I made the promised return. I would probably use them again if I wanted to make some secure money in the future. Right now I'm being a little riskier and trying to make a higher rate of return. Their customer service when I opened the account was decent - the typical questions on the application. I didn't have to ask any questions because I've done stuff like this before with out banking institutions.

What I Needed

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Synchrony is a great online bank for savings. They have a great rate and compare well to other online banks and blow away any local banks I've checked. What I really like is the online experience. Their website is easy to navigate and the information I want is easily found. Their app is amazing! I use it almost every day to keep up with my savings account. I've only had to contact customer service once but the experience was fine.

Great bank. Great interest rates!

I bank at Synchrony Bank currently and have their CD products. The customer service has been superb in helping me set up the account and using the online banking to check what I earn monthly in interest. I have 3 CDs with the bank and their rates are much higher than their competitors. With great customer service and excellent rates, I find that Synchrony bank is a wonderful place to bank at. I plan to open more CDs there in the future as their rates always meet my expectations. Their customer service is always available to answer any questions you might have. I have recommended this bank to my friends they have opened accounts there as well and are very happy they opened accounts at Synchrony Bank.

Synchrony review

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I haven't banked with this institution for very long (maybe just a couple of years), but it is by far the best bank that I have had. Their customer service is like no other. I have had a few experiences where my account was broken into and they were quick to help out and getting my money refunded to me, including charges that were accrued. I had so many questions in regards to that and they were so pleasant to work with, both in person and on the phone! I am still unsure is to how I feel about the overall web or mobile banking, but maybe that is because I was taught that you want to keep those close relationships in person. The fees are just like any other bank, but they do help out though if you are a great customer and haven't had many problems in the past. Overall, I would give this bank a 4 out of 5 stars. As far as other products, I am sure they are equally as good, but I have only been interested in their savings account.

Great savings opportunity.

This bank offers very competitive products. The interest rates in particular are far above the average for online savings accounts. There are no hidden fees at all. I have not had any experience with their customer service, so I cannot comment on how good their customer service department is. However, I have been a customer of this bank for over 5 years and have never had one single problem. Overall I would recommend this bank to anyone that is looking for an online savings account. The interest rate is 1.30% which is among the highest yield currently offered among any online savings accounts available. That combined with the absolute lack of fees makes opening an account with Synchrony Bank absolutely worth it. Join today!


I have used Synchrony for a while now. Their customer service people have been very good to me. If I have any questions they are quick to answer them or they will talk to someone else to help with my problem. Yes, sometimes they can have charges I'm not happy with, but most banks and credit unions seem to have the same charges. They have a great rate for their savings account that makes up for the fees. Overall, I would recommend them.

Review of Synchrony Bank

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Synchrony bank is an online bank which allows for a much better interest rate on savings accounts than your typical brick and mortar bank. Their website is easy to navigate and easy to transfer money to your local banks checking account. Most checks are easily deposited into your Synchrony account by taking pictures of the front and back of the checks with your phone/tablet. The only problem I have experienced is depositing checks that were from states/government institutions (e.g. State of Florida and State of Ohio) which might be a problem if you are a government employee. Synchrony uses 2-step verification if you forget your password. The only time I have dealt with their customer service was when I had changed my cell phone number and could not appropriately 2-step verify. The customer service agent was friendly and helped solve the problem. Overall, Synchrony bank has exceeded my expectations.

It is convenient

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Easy to deal with, and minimal paperwork compared to some of the other institutions. The rates are competitive, and the people are friendly. For me, the paperwork was the item that is most memorable. While there are certain pages that have to be signed/done with any account, they really do try to consolidate, and make it quicker and easier than some of the others that require signature, then signature of the signature, then endorsement of the signature, then notarized signature of authorization of the signature, etc...

Great experience overall

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I been with Synchrony since last May and I have been very pleased. That offered me a lot better interest rate on my saving than my local bank did. Because of this I switch and put my emergency savings into there bank. Overall, I couldn't be happier. I get my statements on time and I don't have to pay any fees with is a big positive. I would definitely recommend Synchrony to anyone looks for a great online bank. They are definitely worry free. I plan on continue using them for years to come.

Synchrony Bank-No complaints, high interest rate

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I was looking for a bank/credit union with a high interest rate to keep my savings in. I didn't want nonsense fees, and wanted my savings to compound. Several listicle websites listed synchrony on it, these lists usually were about best interest rates & convenience. Based on my location and qualifications, Synchrony fit best for me. I don't need to set up recurring deposit, no monthly/annual fees, no other stipulations, just a high interest rate. Customer service isn't very important to me since I'd prefer to figure things out myself online - I haven't had any serious problems anyway so I haven't tested out their customer service, the worst thing to happen is that sometimes I'm trying to make transfers and I'll get an error message, but all I have to do is try again later and it works fine. The transfers take longer than I'd like but I think it would take the same time for any bank. I believe my interest rate is 1.15, and with that I'm able to get about 8-9 dollars per month in interest accumulated. Motivates me to keep adding to it.

Good job but limited options

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Overall I was satisfied with my time at Synchrony Bank. They are the providers of the PayPal rewards card so I didn't have much of a choice of opening up an account with them if I needed the card. Overall, rates were reasonable and customer service was good, but never impressive (though nothing was done negatively as well). I lost my banking card a couple times in my years with them and they were always quick to act.

In my opinion, they are a good middle of the road option. You're never going to be blown away by what you receive, but you could do worse.

A familiar banking experience

I recently signed up for a new bank, and in my search came across Synchrony. I had already heard of them through their various offerings with store credit cards, but was happily surprised by their array of accounts and offerings. I enjoy the rates as well as their customer service. I had some issues when I tried to open, so I had to speak with someone immediately. I was very satisfied with the experience. The agent was friendly and understanding of the situation. I was able to get my account issues resolved in a timely manner and had not had a problem with it since. I am really excited about this company and what they are offering. Ive been looking into banking alternatives for a while but I think I will be sticking with this one for a while.

Great CD with a decent interest rate.

Synchrony Bank's 15-month CD offer is a great way for new investors to dip their toes into the world of investing without needing a lot of capital. Since I already had a savings account with them, Synchrony Bank was the first choice when I went looking to invest into CD. Their customer service were quite helpful and engaging when I was opening my CD. It was a smooth process that took less than ten minutes to get done. I tried opening CD at other institutions, and their processes were much more difficult and time consuming. Synchrony Bank is an institution that respect their customer's time, so I never felt like I was being strung along needlessly. They got me up and running quickly and painlessly. Synchrony Bank is a bank well positioned for the future. If the future for online banks are like Synchrony Bank, then we should all be quite happy.

Synchrony Bank Savings

I have an online savings account with Synchrony Bank. I chose this bank, primarily, because of the much better than average interest rate. Sign-up and setting up transfer capability with other banks was simple, straight forward, and very quick. Executing transfers is a simple process with both deposits and withdrawals occurring within a maximum of 3 business days. The process is intuitive and efficient. The interest rate has increased modestly two times since I have opened the account. I was able to establish email alerts for events that I prefer to be notified about. The notifications have come through as expected. The Synchrony Bank website is robust and inclusive of all information I need regarding both my account and potential products I may want to consider in the future.

An Online Bank That Requires USPS Documents???

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Since I have been more than satisfied with Synchrony for the past year, I recently opened another high yield savings with them. Mainly due to the fact that their rates are very competitive even if I have to deal with some slight transfer delays.

However, shortly after opening our second joint account, they requested a signature card for my wife. As this is our 2nd Joint account, I know they should have both of our sig cards on file... how they only have mine is highly suspicious as I have copies of both that were sent over a year ago. So they either lost my wifes sig card or have highly suspect organization.

Considering they only accept a sig card via USPS (?!?) I would like to know what they did with her original sig card. Had they accepted an electronic version like my brokerage account, my IRA or my local bank even does, this would not be an issue.

Very poor Synchrony, very poor indeed...

Savings Journey

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I'm currently banking with Synchrony Bank, they are a online banking account. I found this bank from being apart of a credit building/savings social media account. Synchrony Bank is very reliable, I was approved the same day to open a saving cd account. I also can set up direct deposit to transfer money into my account and the money is always there within 24 hours. This is a bank that I would recommend especially if you are using it for the same thing I am, they limit your pin withdrawals that makes your savings journey even easier. Customer service is also very nice helpful and fast.

A member of synchrony bank for years.

I have had several accounts with Synchrony. I can honestly say that I have never had a serious issue with them. The only thing that I'm not a huge fan of is the monthly fees. I actually called customer service and got the, to waive the monthly fees. The only thing is they still withdraw the fees each and every month and then eventually credit them back about five days later. I don't like that I have to wait that long to receive my cash back. A few of the fees are quite hefty, ten dollars and some change. I do like that they have mobile banking and I can have secure access to all of my accounts from anywhere. I also like the level of security that I have to go through to log in. It makes me feel safe to do what I need to do from a computer or a mobile device. I like the bank over all and do not intend to change anytime in the near future.

No Quicken Support

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This is the only bank I have found that does not support Quicken downloads. They must be living about 10 years in the past

Overall trouble free experience.

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Banking at Synchrony has been as expected overall and I have no complaints. While I don't have much experience working with their customer service dept. (a good thing in my opinion), I can say that I have never had any problems or been charged any fees that I did not expect on my account. I would not necessarily recommend them because every bank (unless they are out to get you) generally has no fees and perform the same exact basic functions.

Decent bank but poor customer service

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I have been banking with Synchrony for a few months just to expand my accounts to a different bank than the brick and mortar one I usually use. While overall I have found it to be satisfactory, my main complaint is with their customer service. Maybe I just got a bad representative on the day I called, but I felt like the person was incompetent and was not able to answer my questions in a professional and knowledgeable way. Maybe he had just started the job or something but even then I feel like he should've been trained properly to be able to inform me correctly about the products I was asking about. So this left me with a sour taste in my mouth towards Synchrony bank but I would say otherwise everything with them has been okay, pretty standard and average, no major complaints. This is something they definitely need to work on though. When I bank with someone, I want to feel like I can call customer service and get any issue resolved or get the information that I need, and as of right now i don't feel confident about that with them. However I will reassess this next time I call them for something. If the same things happens, I will probably close my account there because I will assume that they just have poor service and it was not a one time fluke.

Great Bank

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I have a high yield savings account with Synchrony bank. I chose to open this account because it offers one of the highest interests rates in the industry. I have had this account for about six months and love it. The customer service is excellent. I have not had any issues with the bank. They offer no fees if you go over six transactions per statement cycle which is good although I don't withdraw often. I recently had to purchase a car because my car was done. The withdrawal process was seamless and there were no penalties. I also had to close the account and open a new account due to my personal information being compromised. It was such a easy process. I basically need a new account number. It was smooth transition. The mobile website is a little visually out dated. The Website is great and easy to use. I have never had any issues accessing my account or viewing statements. Overall I really like the bank and love my high yield savings account with them.

Great for a decent return on CD's & high yield savings accounts.

I've been growing my money through CD investments for the past 15 years so I've definitely seen CD rates rise and decline a few times. At the worst I was only able to find a return on my investment locally that was around .4% on a 2 year deposit and that was just unacceptable for me so I began searching around online for a better return. Synchrony Bank had one of the best CD return rates I could find at the time (over 2% return rate) from an established banking entity so I called the 800 number on their website to inquire. I was unaware if any branches of Synchrony Bank were located near where I live but much to my surprise their customer service was actually very helpful over the phone and I was given very detailed instructions on how to open up an account and CD with them via their website. It seemed easy enough so I felt like I might be able to bank with them online only and wouldn't need a local branch to handle my business. Once I got started with the account sign up process online I decided to also open up a high yield savings account with them as well so that I could still access some of my money if I felt like the CD investment wasn't going as well as I had hoped. The high yield savings account didn't have quite as high of a investment return as the CD, but I like to play it save and Synchrony's website was designed well enough to allow me to customize my investments. The CD produced as I expected and I am very pleased with the investment return on my money. I have since reinvested my original deposit with Synchrony and am enjoying seeing my investments growing with this establishment. Their website is very user friendly and I have never needed any services offered by a branch establishment which makes me happy because it saves me time and hassle doing everything online. I would recommend Synchrony Bank for individuals seeking a pleasant return on their savings without a very long monetary commitment.

Good Savings Rate - Honorable Bank! No Hassle

I have had regular high yield savings account for over 10 months, and Synchrony is very honorable increasing the interest rate with no effort on my part. The only "online" downside with the bank, they have no app, but I don't need to login often. They do work with which is great, and I have had no issues with transactions. My only gripe is the amount of time it takes to actually make a transfer.. transfers to/from other brokerage/banks take 5+ days, depending when you submit transfer.

Fine bank, often make mistakes

I have, overall, had a fairly good experience with Synchrony Bank. However, on multiple occasions I have had fees/charges applied when they were not supposed to be, accounts closed without my knowledge, and rewards not applied. I frequently have had to call and have the customer service reverse incorrect charges or rewards. While this is very frustrating, their customer service has been fairly responsible and helpful. It would be easier however if these mistakes were not made in the first place.

Excellent Banking Services for Savings and Checkings

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Synchrony Bank is an excellent company for opening a checking or savings account because it has amazing customer service agents who are human and you do not have to deal with a automated/robotic customer service agent. I like how their services are easy to understand, transparent, and very clear and concise. The web and mobile experience is user-friendly and easy to use. They offer competitive interest rates on savings accounts and the fees are kept a absolute minimum compared to industry standards. I have never had any issues or complaints regarding Synchrony Bank, because their employees and executives are always striving to make the customers' needs come first above all else. They are not profit driven and instead believe that high levels of customer satisfaction is the ultimate reward.

Perfect account for starting a Savings

I set up this account about a year ago as a means of saving money. Each week, I have a certain amount transferred to this account prior to ever passing through my hands.
The site is very easy to navigate and understand. I can easily log in and view my balance, and can also change the recurring transfer at any time. I get email notifications each time a transaction takes place. The communication from this bank is great and their customer service is pretty reasonable as well. Since opening my savings account, which had a high interest rate to begin with, the rate has gone up a significant amount.
This bank has been great, and having this account has been stress and hassle free. I can also withdraw or transfer funds easily at any time, if I choose to do so. I would recommend Synchrony Bank to anyone.

Good bank with good savings rates. Very easy to deal with. I have many store cards through this bank.

I was looking for a bank with a decent savings rate. This was the best one I could find at the time with over 1% return. It was very easy to set up and transfer money from my regular account. I also have a few store credit cards financed through Synchrony. I think this is a very good online bank.

Banking with Synchrony bank

My wife and I both bank with and recommend Synchrony Bank. The customer service staff are always friendly and willing to take take out to help us out with our accounts. If there are discrepancies, they show due diligence in order to correct it. Statements are always posted in a timely manner and we receive phone calls if any suspicious activity occurs in our accounts. This is a great institution to deal with.

Synchrony Bank

My experience with Synchrony Bank has been very good. Their products are competitive. Their website is easy to navigate as well. I did give customer service 3 stars because I don't enjoy their phone system as it takes forever to actually reach a real live person on the line. I have been banking with Synchrony for 2 years, and have been pleased with their service, fees, and credit cards.

Their Systems/ Software Is JUNK

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Here's what I experienced in the first week of joining, (after which I closed my account):
- When logging in, they send a text message to confirm it's me. That's fine, except they send the messages to the wrong phone number! (it was the number of the secondary account holder - I confirmed they have the correct number for me on file).
- When calling, they ask for your SSN and a confirmation ID, which defaults to the last 4 of my SSN. Again, that's fine EXCEPT the last 4 digits of my SSN wasn't accepted by their system. Really?!?
- When I created my account, I setup a login and pwd. I use tools to keep track of my pwds. When I go to login the next time, they say my pwd doesn't work.

With systems that are such a complete mess as this, I am seriously considering reporting them to the FDIC and other regulators to protect other consumers from their debacle - how can anyone trust them to keep track of money?

Great Bank For CD's

I recently opened a CD account here in October of this year after researching online banks. I was somewhat leary of doing business with online banks, but due to the good reviews, I went ahead and opened my account. I have had nothing but great service, both by US mail and online. Great customer service and easy to operate the website. They do need to get an app for easier operation. The CD rate is very good. I do intend to open a savings account in the very near future. Opening the account was easy and was completed promptly. It did take a few days for the transfer, however interest is being paid promptly and I am very satisfied.

Positive Experience

Synchrony bank has exceeded my expectations as a financial institution. I use their savings account. I once over drafted because my direct deposit didn't go into my account when it was supposed to and I had to call customer service. They were very helpful and even reimbursed me for the overdraft fee. Dealing with them on the phone was very painless and I got answers to questions quickly. They also responded quickly via email to any issues that cropped up, but over the years there have not been many issues at all. I have recommended Synchrony bank to friends and family and they have also had similar, positive experiences like mine. I will continue to bank with them going forward.

Best Bank For Savings

After years of chasing teaser rates that always seem to go down as soon as you feel comfortable, I have settled upon Synchrony Bank as my one stop for all of my savings needs. Their rates are always among the best that are out there which means I don't have to continuously find myself opening and closing CDs as they reach maturity and need renewal. Also they are among the best for straight savings accounts which require no time agreements and who's funds can be quickly transferred for use on bills and such.
My only gripe with this bank is that their website can be a bit annoying with its security feature of calling with a one time code virtually every time I try to access it, but these days security is more of a necessary evil than a real complaint.

Synchrony Is Better

Starting a savings account with Synchrony Bank seemed weird to me at first. It was my first experience with online banking outside of credit cards, and I had already associated Synchrony with many store based credit card statements that would come to my house monthly in either my name or my wife's name. The idea of putting money into a bank such as this for a Savings account seemed almost foreign to me, and it was certainly unusual. However, after some research, I accepted this new type of banking, and indeed many credit offerors are creating similarly structured banking features these days. When I first joined Synchrony, I found the signup process easy to manage and the excitement of trying something new had an effect on my attitude about it all. I was initially very pleased with every step of the process - and especially the interest rate! However, now that time has passed and more banks have gotten on board, it seems that Synchrony is rather stuck where they started. Better user interfaces are available, better banking products, better interest rates. So while Synchrony, and online banking in general has distinct advantages in many cases over the traditional banking system, Synchrony seems to be in the middle of the pack at this time.

Synchrony is a good bank

When it comes to opening bank accounts, I always do a lot of research from their fees, deposits, and what they offer. What made me choose Synchrony was that I also had other family members who used Synchrony bank. What I like about Synchrony bank is their high yield savings account which is more than what other big banks are using which has a 1.30% APY. A deposit is needed, but adding additional deposits does help overtime as it does grow. They also offer CDs, Money Market, etc What I also like about Synchrony is their customer service, they are always willing to help if you have an issue and if they can't help you figure it out, they will still try their best to help you the best way possible. Their perks are quite nice; they have a 5 tier ranking from Basic to Diamond and with a certain amount of money, you get perks like unlimited ATM reimbursements, no monthly fees. It's a good bank to try out if you haven't already.

above par in customer service

I have used a few different banks over the course of my adolescence and adulthood. Some banks have been sub par, which was a reason to switch banks in the first place. I have been pleasantly surprised with the services that Synchrony has offered. From their elite customer service to their up to date, state of the art online banking site. I have had to call regarding an overdraft fee at one point. The service rep was very helpful and ended up reversing the fee after some investigation, as it wasn't my fault the account went negative. It was nice to be spoken to with dignity and respect, not like I had done something wrong that I was trying to get out of. I really appreciated that.

My Synchrony Bank Experience

I opened the account just to have an extra account for Christmas and the like. I immediately notice that the rate was better than US Bank. I decided to transfer most of my savings there. I am glad I did. I get regular statements on my earnings and many other interesting deals in my inbox. I can access my money quickly and have had no problems whatsoever.

Simple Yet Effective Place For Your Savings Needs.

Synchrony Bank offers competitive interest rates for its saving accounts. These competitive rates, combined with the ease to which it was to sign up and open an account online, was what initially drew me to Synchrony Bank. Depositing money into my savings account is simple and easy enough to do, though I do find the time it takes for the money to be credited to my savings account to be a bit slow; it can take up to five days for my deposit to show up in my savings account. Also, their customer service is excellent. I had a bit if a problem establishing an online account after signing up. I called their customer service and got the issue resolved in less than ten minutes. That's the kind of customer service I always want.

The online interface used by Synchrony Bank is easy and simple to use, much unlike some other institutions I used in the past. You would be surprised how much a simple interface makes banking so much easy and more pleasant. Overall, I find Synchrony Bank to be a well run, well made institution for those that want to start a savings account online. Sign up is simple and easy to do, and the interest rates are in line with other places that are much harder to sign up for.

Synchrony is a decent bank

I have a 5 year CD with Synchrony Bank. They do give a competitive rate compared to my local banks, which is why I went with them. I have had a little trouble with customer service because I can only contact them by phone or email. With trouble I mainly mean wait times and such. They do take care of the request that I ask. I would just like it to take a little less time. They are always friendly and apologetic. All in all I have enjoy my experience with Synchrony Bank. I would definitely recommend them to people that I know, and I have done just that.

Love the High Yield Savings Account!

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I decided to switch this bank from a local bank because I was having a difficult time with my local banks about my deposits being posted in a timely manner to my savings. A friend of mine had been banking online for years and recommend Synchrony Bank. I applied easily for a savings account through the website and was able to easily transfer money over to my savings. Each month a portion of each paycheck is deposited into my savings account. I enjoy that they do have great security and identity protection as I had been a victim of fraud in the past. Anytime I have had concerns I have always been able to get someone on the phone and have the issue resolved within minutes. I have noticed that my interest rates are high but with the High Yield Savings Account at 1.20% APY and that makes me incredibly happy because my local bank was not even near that. I also enjoy the fact that if I did need to withdraw money from the ATM I will not be charged a fee. Overall I would recommend this bank to anyone looking for an online savings account. It's been great so far!

Online banking that is easy and secure

I have been a customer of Synchrony Bank for a couple of years now. I mainly use them for a savings account that is separate from my main banking accounts. I do this so that one: all of my eggs aren't in one basket, and two: if it's out of sight, it's out of mind and I'll be less likely to dip into it. Synchrony has been very easy to use so far. Their website is pretty simple and straightforward, and I really like their mobile experience. I've only had to contact customer service once due to an error in a deposit from one of my employers. The customer service rep was very helpful and the issue I had was resolved quickly. If there was a brick and mortar location near me, I might even consider moving my main accounts to them.

Synchrony Bank review

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I've been banking with Synchrony Bank for several years now. I use it because of the higher interest rates. I have a high yield savings account and several IRA accounts that I open each year. I put a small amount in each week to the savings account by way of a direct deposit and I transfer extra money in as needed. It's very easy to do transfers. This I like. What I don't like is the time consuming effort each year to open an IRA account. It takes almost a month to six weeks to set it up because they have to mail you all this paperwork back and forth. It's a bit confusing and very time consuming effort. And I always worry that it's not done in the correct year. This could be simplified since other online banks make it simple to do this.

One of the best

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I had an instance where someone got a hold of my card and started purchasing a bunch of stuff. They contacted me almost immediately when they realized the charges weren't normal as to what I normally buy and spend. They were able to put the account on halt immediately and we were able to track down the person. The company pressed charges and we were able to get all of the money back. I'm very satisfied with this company and helped me with a lot of headache.

Very Bad ACH And Bank Wire Transfer Service

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ACH service is delayed 2-3 business days for both inbound and out bound transfers. For outbound transfers, they withdraw the money from your account immediately but deposit it at the destination bank 2-3 days later. For inbound transfers they withdraw the money from your other bank that night but deposit it in your Synchrony account 2-3 days later.

Wire transfer service for outbound wires is extremely poor. The purpose of a wire is speed. But even if you call in to send the wire early in the morning, they do not even begin to process it until over 4 hours later. The wire will not be received by the receiving bank until after the business day in over. Therefore, it would be just as quick to transfer via ACH by initiating the transfer at the receiving bank and designating Synchrony as the source of funds.

Great experience

This company has by far the best customer service. I've been on the phone a few times to handle simple issues and I'm never put on hold. I'm always talking to a representative who doesn't mind taking their time in helping me out. I'm always satisfied and my answers are always fulfilled. I accidentally got locked out of my account (my fault) and they were able to unlock the account and set me up with a new password in a matter of minutes.

CD with a great rate

Synchrony bank offered top notch service when it came to opening my CD (certificate of deposit) account. They offered a great rate and even had the slogan listed as "what are your financial dreams today". I opened a CD like many people do to squirrel away extra money for a purchase I plan on making in the future (boat).

The easiest part of the whole process was signing up and getting my starting balance deposited. At no time during the process did I feel lost or in need of any kind of assistance. I have used other banking institutions in the past and have experienced issues all the way from trouble logging into my account, to obtaining the money once my CD had matured.

All-in-all I would say that Synchrony Bank was spot on in the service they offered me and the value they brought to the table.

Synchrony evaluation

Synchrony is a pretty good bank. Some things are great like their savings offers which are high (well relatively high) interest. Unfortunately, their customer support is ranging from abysmal to great. Every interaction is different in customer service, which is really frustrating. Can I do so and so? They will say yes on one site, and no to another...
While I don't necessarily like their customer service, their products are still worth the occasional troubles.

Synchrony Bank - Not the worst, not the best

I currently use two banks, USAA and Synchrony. If I had to do it over I would probably just stick with USAA, however, at the time I wanted more than one banking option. Synchrony isn't terrible, but I have had some less than ideal situations. I constantly have trouble signing into my account. Also, paying bills online was not a very easy and efficient process but I will say they have improved in that area. My one big complaint is with their customer service. They're polite but when I called to take care of an issue the person on the phone seemed distracted. I had to repeat one thing 3 times. Other times he didn't seem to understand what I was talking about. Honestly, it was a pretty simple issue so I can only assume I didn't have his full attention. Also regarding customer service, if they need information from you, they will called about a dozen times a day, but if you need information from them it's all of the sudden hard to get someone on the phone. Other than that they have decent fees and products.

Its OK but lots of room for improvement

Synchrony bank provided a decent online banking experience .In my experience using a CD account ,the APY was quite competitive .
Things I liked :
1 ) Decent customer serivce
2 ) APY was better than Bank of America
3 ) My terms and details were easy to understand and nicely explained
Things I didnt like
1 ) Very poor online experience
2 ) App was buggy and outdated .I had to call every time to get updates .
3 ) Could use US support .Most of the people on the phone speaks with an accent and difficult to understand at times

Money Is In Limbo Each Time You Transfer In Or Out

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As others have posted, this bank holds your money for several days before posting it to your account. In effect they are charging a fee of whatever interest you would have earned over those several days that they hold the funds. I sent a letter to the bank after noticing that whenever I do an ACH transaction (initiated from my online synchrony account) the funds show as withdrawn from the source account on the day after I put in the request but the funds do not show up in my synchrony account for 4 business days. This is in contrast to synchrony's disclosure statement which says that for ACH transactions originated by synchrony with a bank that has be pre-registered for your account the funds will be available on the same business day that synchrony receives them. The rep who called me back about the letter said that it takes that long for them to receive the funds. I pointed out to her that ACH transactions are required to clear in a single business day. We agreed to disagree. Any class action lawyers out there?

Synchrony Review

Synchrony Bank has been very good so far. I am very satisfied with my experiences at this bank. Overall, I would rate it as Excellent. It is above my expectations. Staff is always friendly and helpful. My savings account was easy to open. Everything is online since they don't have any bank branches. I discovered I actually like that. I travel a lot do it's inconvenient for me to go to a physical location to do business.

They're just alright.

I've had a high yield savings account with Synchrony Bank since I was 18 years old when I got my settlement check from a dog bite. Their fees are astronomical. I have to pay a ridiculous amount to keep my money with them, when the interest I earn barely makes it worth it. The website frequently locks me out from "failed attempts" to login even though my login information is all correct. I then have to sit on hold for usually about 20 minutes to a half hour and wait for a representative to update and reset my login info. I have been tempted to move my money on numerous occasions.

Disappointed Long Term Customer

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Very disappointed with recent notification of the policy to discontinue the practice of voluntary federal withholding on interest earnings. I have literally spent hours over the past 24 months with Synchrony related to this subject and after previous satisfactory handling by them they have now discontinued this valuable service. After opening numerous CD's based on the availability of this service, they now are ending that option. Based on my rather extensive interest earnings, it is essential that I have a bank that offers this. I will be closing out all of my Synchrony accounts as they mature and move the money to a more customer friendly bank. I currently have this service available at all four of my other institutions that I deal with and it makes my year ending tax bill much more manageable.

So Far So Good

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I just opened a high yield savings account about a month ago in order to save without touching it. This is because I'm undisciplined in saving with my current credit union as I can easily transfer between savings and checking. I read reviews and this was rated highly with a high APY return.

Overall, I'm currently happy with my decision to start using this external savings account.

I wouldn't say the sign up process was easy or smooth compared to lots of other things I've signed up for, but it wasn't difficult either. I was able to get my account number/information needed for registering an account online by calling the next day after my application was approved. Later I called after playing around with my online account and saw that I needed to sign the signature card manually instead of electronically, so I printed, signed, and mailed.
About a week and half later, the info I wanted right away ended up coming in the mail. So patience is needed I guess.

Customer service was okay. They weren't welcoming or anything like that, but did answer the questions I had.

Transfers between my external credit union was supposed to be set up to come from my checking but is coming from my personal savings instead. That could have been my mistake and I'm not even worried about it right now.
Transfers are taking around 3 days to be completed, which is below average in my experience. Again, not the biggest deal for me right now but I do hope this improves.

Do not confused their banking with their various credit cards services. I am not sure I'll ever use their credit cards due to the million complaints about their customer service or very inflexible policies that are not people or consumer oriented. I just wanted to be clear that my positive review is based on their savings account only.

Terrible Service

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Amazon was using Synchrony Bank for their credit card and switched cards to a different card with Synchrony Bank. Sadly Synchrony and Amazon didn't change the card on my Amazon Account I am guessing because I never got a bill from the new card. I receive all bills via email. Transunion that I had a late payment (and it was a whopping $747 plus the above charges. I was able to get the 2 charges removed. I immediately paid the bill online. I finally called a supervisor because I couldn't believe that I had my credit score dive over 60 points. It's still good but not excellent like it had been. She is going to notify the creidit union that it was not my error. I never got an email telling me that I owed the money. I don't know if Amazon or Synchrony Bank when the cards were changed to a different number didn't update user information sounds like that's what happened. I closed the card. Thankfully Amazon also uses Chase Bank and I get outstanding service from that Bank. Now if I could convince Talbots, Warehouse Discount and Chevron to change banks that would ner great.

Good Bank For Those That Want An Online Savings Account

I was shopping for an online savings account to place about 6 months' worth of savings for an emergency. I looked about and saw several online banks providing savings account services with decent-to-good interest rates. Synchrony Bank was one of those online banks. At first, they weren't my first choice; Goldman Sachs Bank was my top pick. But I found opening an account with Goldman Sachs to be difficult. They could not positively confirm my identity at all, despite the fact that I gave them my social security number, tax filings, and a photocopy of my drive's license. I soon gave up around they asked for a third round of identity confirming documentation. I tried Synchrony Bank as my second choice, and the experience I had with them are night and day different compared to Goldman Sachs Bank. I was quickly confirmed and my savings account was opened within a day. When I could not register an account to manage my new savings account, customer service was quick to remedy the issue. I have had a great experience with Synchrony Ban so far. I highly recommend them to those who want a no frills savings account with a competitive interest rate.

Very pleased with Synchrony Bank

I wanted to earn some interest on a small sum of money I inherited. I also wanted to be able to manage the money myself and avoid the hassles of dealing with pushy bank staff. I took a chance on Synchrony Bank and it has really paid off. I now have an IRA and a high yield savings account with them. The interest rate on my savings account is significantly higher than anything offered by my bricks and mortar bank. The account minimum is also very fair and I was able to start saving with a small sum of money which is great as it supports those of us trying to get (back) on our feet financially. The website and app are very user friendly. I have never experienced tech issues or any mistakes in my balances. I can access it 24/7 from all my devices and it has helped me to get really involved with my finances. I have rarely had to contact customer service but when I have I received help immediately, I wasn't transferred from department to department like most financial institutions. One person, one quick solution. Overall a really great experience and I am really impressed with online banking and can't see myself going back now.

Best Switch I've Ever Made

I decided to open a High Yield Savings Account with Synchrony after looking at other online banks and finding that this one had no minimum deposit, no fees, and a APY. I have been a customer now for a little over a year and I have made 116% more than I ever did with my personal bank's savings account. Making deposits from my checking account is easy and if the deposit is initiated during a weekday, the transaction goes through very quickly. The main account I created was joint and it was extremely easy to set up. Then I was able to open a second, individual account for a beneficiary AND I can access them both with the same log in information. The BEST part is the account started out with a 1.05% APY when I opened it and in the past month that number has increased to 1.20%.

Great interest on a savings account

I have been a customer of Synchrony Bank for approximately 2 years now. It was really easy to get an account started and my ATM card arrived pretty quickly. I like that Synchrony offers a higher interest rate than many other banks, both online banks and traditional banks. There are a lot of perks available, depending on how much you have saved with them. All accounts enjoy no monthly fees, some ATM fee refunds, and free ID theft resolution. Accounts with high balances get their own dedicated customer service phone number. I've never had a problem with my account, so I've never had to call. I would recommend Synchrony Bank to anyone who wants to start saving their money in a separate account, such as saving for an emergency fund.


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We were a high yield savings customer for many years and as long as the money goes into savings there is no problem. Great interest question.
Once you use their credit card, or use their other products that's when the magic happens...VERY RUDE & UNPROFESSIONAL managers & supervisors!!!!
Front line reps are very polite and professional BUT once you have an issue and a manager/supervisor is involved you would think the politeness and professionalism would continue. WELL IT DOESN'T!!!!
On the phone for 2.5 hours being placed on hold then transferred again...only to be, you guessed it...on hold again and again. Their famous words: I'm going to put you on a brief 3 to 4 minute hold, is that OK? Well it's never 3-4 minutes!!!
So GOOD-LUCK to you if you don't 'heed the advice' of the MANY who have represented their experiences and reviews as a 1 star. READ REVIEWS BEFORE LOCKING IN WITH THEIR CREDIT CARD.
I've recently read many different 'review sites' on Synchrony Bank & Credit Card which I should have done BEFORE I got involved. BIG MISTAKE for not learning before hand that reviews are VERY helpful!!! Don't let the high interest rate fool you. Look around as there are other online banks that comparable rates. No bank will have excellent reviews but I'd take my chances because they HAVE to be better that Synchrony!!!!!

Verify Identity

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My 19 year old daughter, who is in college, tried to open a savings account and was denied because they couldn't authenticate her identity! She has a checking account, a CD at another online bank (Ally), she also submitted her driver's license, and social security numbers in the application. All of this and she can't open an account to put money into!!! She wasn't asking for a loan. I've been a customer with Synchrony for over three years and until today have never had an issue, yet they took non of that into consideration. The service representative and her supervisor as well were very condescending and continued to repeat the same verbiage over and over instead of trying to rectify the situation. I hung up very dissatisfied. I then called Ally and they were more than willing to help figure out how to make it work! Needless to say I will be moving all of my investments. The rates might not be as high but in the long run customer service always wins.

Synchrony Bank IRA CD and CD accounts

I've been with Synchrony Bank for about three years. They are huge, and have been around a while, have competitive rates overall, and have, overall, a good reputation, which is why I chose to go with them over other online banks. I like that they answer the phone and that the customer does not have to wait to speak to a rep. However, the different reps have given me wrong information, which has caused me aggravation in trying to set up an account or retrieve money. So, sometimes, I wind up having to call back and call back and call back to verify, to untangle, what is going on. In the end, it has always worked out and the reps seem to genuinely want to help, but it is NOT helpful if it wastes someone's time calling back to say such and such did not arrive, did not happen, etc. Sometimes, I've had to call three and four times to get all the paperwork out to me, and it doesn't arrive, so it's a delay of over a month. Also, their rates are NOT always competitive. Most of the time they are, but one always needs to check. But, they are consistently among the top online banks as far as rates go. Again, my money has been transferred to my brick and mortar credit union, and not lightning fast, but not that slowly either. So, my overall recommendation is to use them. I have IRA CDs there right now, and they do send statements that are professional and easy to read, like clockwork, which is more than I can say for other online banks. They have a 2K minimum deposit for CDs, which is not unreasonable. On a 5 year CD, which is what I have, the early withdrawal is a year's interest, which isn't great, but I don't plan on withdrawing my IRA CDs. Some places only charge 6 months interest penalty, so best to check, according to what is important to you. I've also never had any surprise fees, as with other banks. They are very fee free, in my opinion. Very reasonable.

Have Not Had Any Problems.

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I have a savings and CD with Synchrony. I have been with them for several years and have not had any issues. But I do just use them for savings and cd's and do not transfer money often or use debit card. Website works good and does all I need it to. I will stay with them.

Love The Interest Rates

i live in nj and ONLY go to their brick and mortar location in bridgewater-----never a problem

Synchrony Bank is great!

I've only been a member of Synchrony Bank for a few months now, but so far I have no complaints! This is the first strictly online banking institution that I have signed up for and the process was so simple. I had no problems creating my savings account and transferring money. My favorite part of Synchrony is the high interest rate. It's by far the highest rate I've personally seen for a savings account. I'm assuming customer service is good, but I haven't had to contact them at any point since I haven't had any issues. The fact that there aren't fees for withdrawing money is a plus as well. Overall, I definitely recommend Synchrony to anyone looking for a high interest savings account!

Word Of Warning

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So I have been banking with Synchrony for a few years. From a product, fee and interest rate perspective I have been very satisfied. Today however I discovered a big policy blunder. Via the Synchrony website I requested a transfer from an external bank into my Synchrony account. The money was debited from that account on 6/7/17. But it has not appeared in my Synchrony account and after calling CS I was told it will not be credited to my account for another 1-2 up to 3 days from the debit date. So the net result is that my funds are in no-mans land, earning interest for them, but not for me. The claimed concept that the clearing house is sitting on my funds for two full days defies logic. With other banks I have dealt with (except one), the debit date and the credit date are the same or at most one day off. To make matters worse the CS agent tried to convince me that this was for MY benefit as they will not place any hold on my funds ONCE they are credited. I gave up.

User Friendly Bank

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I have a few different accounts with this bank and have found them very easy and fair to deal with. I have never had to deal with high fees or rude customer service. Their customer service is very good and their staff go out of their way to help you out or answer any questions you may have--even if you think they are stupid or irrelevant. Their website is very user friendly and one of the easiest navigate that I've ever found. All of your account information is pretty straight forward and easy to find. I love this bank and would recommend anyone looking for a new bank or out there just looking at their options to explore this bank in particular. Synchrony Bank is top notch!

Great Bank!

I have had my Synchrony savings account for over a year now and I am proud to be their customer. I originally came from Chase bank. I had problems with them that made me their long time customer leave to another bank. My friend recommended Synchrony bank and the ease of using it. I did some research, read reviews and compared to a couple of other banks before making my final decision. I am glad that I made the decision to have them as my bank. It is so easy for me to deposit, transfer and bill pay with them. I love getting text alerts every time I have a withdrawal, payment or deposit so I can track everything. It also doubles as a security feature since I can see what charges happen and know if it is fraudulent right away instead of it being overlooked on my statement. I also enjoy that they do not place a hold on checks that I deposit. My mind is at ease knowing there isn't any mishaps and my money will be there in the exact time frame expected. I would and I have recommended this bank to my friends and family. I am sure you will be quite satisfied as I.

Friendly Bank

I have banked with this online bank for a number of years now. I have a few accounts here and have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. I wasn't sure how I would feel about dealing with an online-only bank, but I'm glad that I gave it a shot. I bank with Synchrony Bank and have had nothing but positive experiences. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly and any time I've called with a question, they are always more than happy to help me out. I also have to say their rates are very competitive and they don't charge crazy fees like some banks. Their website is very user friendly. Anyone could easily navigate around their webpage and get to the information they need. I have found that everything on their site is pretty straight forward. I don't mind using their site at all.

Horrible Service If Victim Of Fraud

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I was a victim of fraudulent activity back in early December and I am STILL trying to rectify it with this bank. After having daily calls from the bank, and I do mean daily, sometimes twice a day, I'm still being charged for charges that are not mine. I've spoken to about about 15 associates who were not able to help remove them, the Fraud Department is unresponsive. One Associate was helpful and thought she could help solve this to no avail. Today I received another notice in the mail and the amount due is now more than it was when they originally sent me a bill. I'm beyond frustrated.
The Associates I have spoken to are all extremely nice and seemingly helpful, however I'm still being held responsible for charges I did not make and we're are almost in June. Horrible situation.

A solid bank with great CDs

I initially wanted to start investing my money and I decided to look into opening a CD with this bank. I shopped around for a while and this bank had the best rates. Synchrony would be my best bet and it is, even though the customer service could be better. Even though the customer service was my only negative experience I can't help but focus on it considering it wont be the last time I will need some help and guidance from the company.

The only website is much easier to deal with as the online customer service is completely different from the phone operators so I was able to find some satisfaction there. All in all I give this bank a solid 4 for what it has provided me.

Declined Application

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Wanted to send a check over wiring the money for a CD. Was told to wait because they would have to verify my information. Got a letter a week later saying the account was denied because they were unable to verify my identity. Interesting. Never have run into this before in forty years of having Certified Deposits.

Earn Better Interest

I always thought I would have difficulty changing to an online only financial institution until I realized how little I use my bank's branches. The last time I needed to go to the actual bank was when I transferred my single account into a joint account. Other than that, I haven't stepped into a bank in years. The problem is that I have been taking a hit on interest in order to pay for human interaction that I never use! I switched to Synchrony in order to reap better interest rates. The account setup was easy. I manage all of my savings transactions online (just like my previous "big bank"). Don't fool yourself into thinking that it's "scammy" or untrustworthy. Your interests rates will literally triple (in some cases) just by switching to something that lacks what you do not already use - perfect!

East to deal with

I have been dealing with Synchrony Bank for about two years now. I have an online savings account with them. For the time I've been with them, I have had no problems at all. Everything has been easy and whenever I had questions, I got quick answers. They are good with email response and don't have long wait times on the phone which is nice. They have low fees and the interest is good when comparing to what I can get from others. They have some other things I may be interested in and I will look into those, for sure. Other reviews I've read of them are good also. Hoping to stay with them for a while, as everything I need has been taken care of so far.

Mobile Deposit Non Existent

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I had enjoyed Synchrony, despite the lack of customer service until their mobile deposit became a complete failure. It will not accept checks and constantly tells you the image is unclear. You can rewrite the check, try a different device, etc., but good luck getting your deposit made. Without physical locations, this takes away the point of online banking. I'm not mailing a check every time I need to move money into my accounts.

Synchrony Bank Savings

Synchrony Bank is an online-only bank that offers a range of account options. If you're not familiar with Synchrony Bank, they're probably best known for being the bank behind a lot of store-specific credit cards. I first became familiar with Synchrony Bank as my Amazon Prime card is issued by them. Now, I have a savings account with Synchrony Bank that earns one of the highest interest rates that I could find. I get 1.05% interest on my savings account. It doesn't really seem like much but it's a higher rate than you can get from most banks and definitely higher than traditional brick and mortar banks. I like to invest most of my money but for short term money that you may need, putting it in a savings account that earns interest is better than nothing.

Failure To Process IRA Transfer Requests

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I opened an IRA money market account to consolidate my IRA funds. Synchony did not send the transfer requests to the financial institutions. At first I thought it was a mail issue, but after having the multiple financial institutions inform me that they had not received the transfer requests form Synchrony, it became obvious to me that Synchrony did not send out the requests. I am closing my account with Synchrony.

Bad Experience

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I've tried repeatedly to post a poor review but have not been successful. I guess that's not permitted.

Love it!

After doing some research for online banks, I recently signed up online for a saving account with Synchrony Bank. I was asked about 10 questions, just the basic name and address and identification information. I was able to choose the method of my initial deposit. I chose to do a bank transfer, but you could mail the deposit in also. It was extremely easy. I was also surprised how fast it all went, it took about 15 minutes. I expected a far more time consuming and more complicated process than it really was. So far I have not had any problems.

Synchrony is awesome!

I opened a Synchrony savings account a little over three months ago and have been very pleased so far! There are a few things I really like about Synchrony...The first is the interest rate, which is currently at 1.04% for me. It's much higher than banks that aren't strictly online. Synchrony pays me the same amount of interest in one month that the savings account I've had since I was a child pays me in a whole year! I also have significantly more money in my old savings account. Another thing I really like about Synchrony is the option to withdrawal money without any penalty. Definitely a keeper for my banking needs.

Very helpful...

After using many different online banks, and having the service and products be sub par, I was surprised by the ease of use and helpfulness of Synchrony Bank. Any time I have an issue, I am able to speak with a person that will help me resolve it within minutes. I have never talked to someone who had no idea what they were doing. Another positive, is the 1.25 APY on CDs over 2000 dollars. I have several through the bank, and from my research, they offer a very competitive rates. Another positive about this bank is the ease of use when it comes to using the mobile version of the bank. I really enjoy the simplicity, and have never had an issue or had a problem locating what I wanted to find on the site.


Synchrony Bank savings is one of the best in the market if you are truly looking to save and get the best rate. Synchrony Bank offers online banking with the option of a card to use for withdrawals. If you are looking for a bank that is at you fingertips and best for your wallet, this is it. Simply set up a direct deposit between your regular checking to their online savings and watch your balance thrive. Their site is extremely user friendly and easy to maneuver around. The rates are some of the best on the savings market. With not having to have a minimum balance requirement like other banks, this is the BEST out there for anyone looking to accrue savings quickly. Synchrony Bank Savings comes highly recommended. Current Interest Rate on their High Yield Savings is 1.04% and their current APY is 1.05%. You won't want to miss this.

Why to go with Synchrony for retirement IRA savings

I like Synchrony bank because their customer service is out of this world. Being self employed can sometimes make things very complicated when setting up retirement funds. The representatives at Synchrony bank are so helpful. When I called to set up an account I was presented with a personal banker who helped me set up the right plan to maintain my business tax plans. I didn't feel taken advantage of, or like he was trying to push risk on me to make money. I'm not always able to contribute steadily because as a self employed individual sometimes my finances are up and down. Whenever I do contribute I always call Synchrony bank to see how contributions will affect my future earnings and they are always very helpful. They are also extremely helpful with tax questions and requests for necessary documents. I have no complaints really.

No Major Complaints Here

Even since Synchrony switched over their website to the new layout and design the experience has been fantastic. I had a different bank in the past that never updated their software or made an effort to keep up with technology trends and it made me wonder if they care. With Synchrony Bank not only can I keep track of all my banking transactions within seconds but I also have the ability to check my credit card transactions and get up to date credit scores each month and they will contact me about any suspicious activity on my accounts too. I'm currently in the market for an HYS, CD or IRA and I'm looking forward to chatting with a representative to see what Synchrony has to offer here. Keep up the good work Synchrony!

Decent Online Bank

I recently moved my online bank account from Ally to Synchrony Bank. Ally currently offers just 1.00% while Synchrony offers a bit more at 1.05%. While that is a small difference - everything helps in this economy especially for risk adverse person like myself. They also have the highest 12 MONTH CD at 1.25% -- no other bank comes close to this. So it is really easy to setup a CD ladder and gain a few bucks while not locking in all your money. One thing that Synchrony doesn't have that Ally has was the great customer service. If you have a problem with Ally you can talk to a real person really quick. However with Synchrony, I feel their customer service department is lacking.

If you want great rates on your saving and the best rate for a 12 MONTH CD -- I would go with Synchrony any day of the week. Remember that it is an online saving account and online bank so there are limitation. If these limitations are okay with you it definitely beats getting 0% at your local Chase bank.

Highest Yield Savings

We use Synchrony Bank for our savings account. Synchrony has one of the highest, if not the highest, interest rates in the country at a little over one percent. The account was easy to set up and manage online, and has simple tabs and drop down menus to use whatever features the account holder needs to use. The only con I see is that there are two Synchrony savings websites. The other website is called My Optimizer Plus and is not the same as the Synchrony savings website. Not knowing of the disparity, I had difficulty logging in to the other website. I know for next time, but can see the confusion it may cause to someone. Transfer usually take a few days to go into your other primary bank account, so if you don't always need savings right away, you should be fine.

Good online Savings Account

They provide the best interest rate available for online savings accounts. It is currently around 1.06%. In today's economy that is a high rate, believe it or not. There are no fees to open a savings account. It is very easy to transfer money into and out of the account. It does take 3 days or so for transfers to complete. It would be nice if they could speed up that process, but it is not bad as is. It is a very easy experience to open an account with the bank. I was approved in under 5 minutes. I have had an account with them for 5 years and have never had an issue.

Lovely Site, Worrisome Fees

Haven't really necessarily done too much banking with them but I've had an account and I'm beginning to love it. I wanted to start using an online bank where I earn more interest since I'm coming from a background where the only other financial institution I've used has been a credit union. It's surprising how much better the website is compared with the other website I use. That said, I've been reading up on the fees and their applications, and I feel worried. I don't know how it compares with a non-bank, but I know fees (e.g., I know minimum payments on past credit are at least $27 under my contract) are higher than those on my credit union.

That being said, even though it scares me, it's not a bad bank by any means. Trawling information was a little difficult, even logged in, and finding the details of my contract was a little difficult. Still, it's a stylish looking website and it just feels safe and useful, even though I probably ought to be afraid of it.

Great Customer Service

I opened a checking account with Synchrony Bank due to an employer 5 years ago and I wasn't particularly excited about it initially. One of the first things I noticed was that their cellphone app was quite outdated and not very user friendly, which I really disliked because I like to check my balance and other information online very often, since it's easier. Another aspect I disliked was their overdraft fee which seemed a little bit too high compared with other banks I had experience with. But now to the part that really made me like this bank: the customer support. I had my wallet stolen along with my credit card and was very worried about losing the amount I had in my checking account, but the Synchrony Bank's customer support was exceptionally fast and understand, they froze everything and sent me a new card immediately, which I received in a few days. I had friends tell me they had never seen a faster and more effective customer support in such a situation, so I believe their outdated phone app and fees aren't that big of a deal when you have the security of knowing that they will fully support and help you in unexpected situations like the one I went through.

Great Bank

Love the high yield savings account. Highest rates in the nation, but what I particularly love is the identity theft protection that comes with the optimizer account. This service was super helpful when someone got a hold of my social and tried to get a tax refund under my name!

Not Flexible. Terrible External Transfer Times.

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If you initiate an external transfer from Synchrony bank they hold on to your money for 3 days before making the transfer. They debit your account the day you request the transfer but don't send the money for three days so you are out the interest.

Most other banks will send the money overnight so that you have it in your external account the next day.

Also, they won't change my statement cycle. Not very customer focused.

Now there are other online banks that offer 1.05% interest or more. This is not your best choice.

401K Rollover Too Difficult

I was going to roll over my 401k from capital one, but it was so complicated, 7 pages of forms, that I just gave up and went to my local credit union. The forms are unclear and redundant.

Good Experience

I applied online to open an account with the bank as a new customer. The questions asked were minimal. Soon after I received a call from a rep to guide me through the rest of the account creation process. The rep was mostly nice. I have little tech knowledge but he guided me through the process. It was a simple process and the rep was helpful. They even ran me through some of the perks and benefits for having an account. Depending on how much money you have in your account, you get different perks. Tha'ts pretty awesome. I would definitely trust and recommend Synchrony Bank to my family and friends. I also ended up opening an IRA and a CD account with them. One of the better banks I have worked with and I have worked with over 13 different banks.

Its okay but could be better!

I use this bank for some of my financial needs, Its a good bank to use but my main issue is with their customer service. I had set my account up a long time ago about 2 years. I set up online banking and bill pay for my deposits for my checking account to pay my bills. Every month when I go to log in it never recognizes my log in information. I call customer service every month and they always verify my log in and it always correct. They make me go through the whole process of changing my password. Then the next month it happens all over again, so I call. The last time I called the lady proceeded to tell me just to mail in my deposits verses getting the issue fixed. I was highly upset and told her that they really need to correct the issue because I only use online checking and bill pay. She stated she didn't know what to tell me. I asked for a manager and she hung up on me. The bank itself is good but the customer service is horrible. So unless you use the mail for deposits every month don't bother signing up for the online checking and bill payment system because you cant get in and they will not help you.

Great for online

A bank is a bank is a bank... That may be true in the general sense of the word, but Synchrony is special as an online banking institution. Their web/mobile service is excellent. I had a concern about my account balance, went online and signed in, and the concern was satisfied almost immediately. Their online account management is simple, clear and gives all the information needed when you sign in. An excellent experience. Customer service is friendly and helpful, which is important when banking. I had to call in a couple of weeks ago over an issue. The issue was handled easily by a friendly, courteous woman who treated me well.

Synchrony Does Savings Right

I haven't been using Synchrony Bank for very long but I can already tell that I'm going to love them! When I was searching around for competitive rates I was shocked when I saw what they were offering. The initial deposit to get the posted rate was a little high, but it was worth it in the end for the high interest. Before this, I had a savings account with Discover with lower interest, however when I saw the higher interest at Synchrony I quickly moved what I could over. They made opening an account easy and I was done opening my new savings in probably ten minutes or so. On top of that, their customer service has been great and they're usually fairly quick to respond with emails. I don't think I've had to wait any longer than a day to get an answer for my question. I also greatly appreciate their nerdy side with their partnering with Marvel for some exclusive content. As a nerd myself (not to mention someone who likes to save money) I couldn't be any happier and plan to open another account with them soon.

Easy to use, best rates around.

I have had an online savings account with Synchrony Bank for about a year. It is normally at the top of the list for savings accounts as it has the best rates and charges no fees. The interest rate is well above what other banks offer. The website is user friendly and when I've had to call customer service they have been helpful. When I had a problem, they quickly solved it and were very friendly and respectful.
As it is a savings account, I don't normally need to withdraw money, but on the occasions that I have the fees have been refunded - they refund up to $5 per month. I normally make direct online transfers and try not to withdraw. It is easy to log in and see my progress in savings.

New account with Synchrony

I recently opened a savings account with Synchrony Bank. I choose Synchrony because of their ease of setup online. Also, Synchrony offers great interest rates and terms for ATM use. I had some issues activating our debit cards (which were a huge plus in my opinion) and customer service was great and helped me with a short wait time. Synchrony also followed up with snail mail needing signature cards, etc. All postage was paid and was easy to understand. I don't think their website is that efficient. When I tried to set up my account the mobile check image was not accepted. I continue to have a difficult time logging in through their website. But overall I really enjoy Synchrony and look forward to using them for other products.

Good but needs more work.

I saw an ad online about Synchrony Bank offering high yielding savings and no annual cost/fees. Since my old bank had 0% interest i decided to open an account. I put in $5,000 into the high yielding bank account. It as easy to set up and easy to use. I could pay my bills and i liked getting monthly interest payments. However, it seemed like the website was new or something. There are times when I couldn't log into the system because the website was down. this is really annoying since I needed to check if I still have money or enough to pay my bills. Also the mobile app is ok but when it lags.Like when you type in a 5 you have to wait a second and then click the next number. that's just annoying. I removed the app and do all my banking online. I later opened up a money market because I got a special offer for putting 10k into a money market and I got $100 dollars. I have never spoken anyone with SB which is great since I hate talking to people. All the information is online and the FAQS are very useful.

Pleasantly Surprised

I had heard from friends about online banks, but was wary of them. One day I just decided to take the risk with a small amount of money. There were so many out there I didn't know where to start but Synchrony kept coming up with favorable feedback so I thought I would give it a shot. As I looked at it more and more, I was thrilled about the interest rate on savings account, that it reimbursed (to a certain amount) for out of network ATM transactions. I opened an account within a few minutes and never looked back. I have since (its been two years) moved my entire savings account balance over to this bank and am loving the interest income. In truth, I am actually saving more than ever simply because the money is in a different account/institution so i sort of forget about it. Who knew this was my solution to needing to save? I have not had an opportunity to need to call customer service yet, but if its as easy as the rest of my experience has been, I think it will be a breeze.

very satisfied customer

My bank is Synchrony Bank. I have been using this bank for my savings account for the past year. The online banking is very easy and understandable. I had decided that the best thing i could do was to put my money in the high yield savings account they were offering at the time. I know that I can sit back and watch my money grow. The customer service is great as well. I had many questions in the beginning when I opened my account and the people I talked to were very helpful. I love this bank and I would recommend this bank to anyone especially, if you want to open a good high yield savings account.

I Highly Recommend Synchrony Bank

I have been a customer of Synchrony Bank for the last three years. I first heard about them when searching for a good savings account. So, I decided to see what they offered as far as savings options. I currently have several CD's at Synchrony. This rate is very competitive and I feel good knowing my money is in their hands. Since all their CD's from 6 months to 48 months are the same rate, I purchase 6 month CD's so I can take advantage of higher rates as they become available. With the market's steady improvement, I have found higher rates to be the case in a slow but steady manner. I have called customer service with questions, and I always receive prompt and courteous responses. If anyone asks me about online banking, I recommend Synchrony Bank because their service, in my opinion, is unmatched.

Great Online Software

I have a savings account with them that I've had for a few months. Support has been excellent so far, they always refer me to American customer support that knows what it's doing. The only problems so far have been low interest rate on their savings accounts. I have found that there interactive website to be easy useful and not overly complicated to use. The mobile app is so simple to use my kids don't have to help me find things on it. I love the convenience of adding money to this account. Mobile banking has become a pleasure with Synchrony Bank.

Average experience for banking

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We had a savings account with this bank and never had any issues. We usually bank locally, but friends recommended doing some checking around for online banks a while back because interest rates were better. We found that to be true and were pleased with this bank's rates. I wasn't too impressed with the online transfer capabilities, though. I found it a little more tedious to transfer money. I think they could make that aspect a little more user-friendly.

Synchrony Bank Rocks!

Synchrony Bank is a wonderful savings bank. Synchrony Bank offers probably the best CD rates out there. You are required to open the CD with higher amounts than other banks but at the rates they give it is worth it. I have never had a problem with customer service. They answer quickly and are very efficient in addition to being very friendly. I have an ATM card with them as well. Synchrony has very low fees. If you want and like a savings bank, you should visit their very user friendly website. There you will find all of their products. They have great rates on money market accounts as well as High Yield accounts and IRA's. I truly feel this is a trustworthy bank and they have earned my business by their quality services.

Synchrony is fantastic

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I have a savings account through Synchrony. They have competitive rates and great service. I use their auto-deduction from their savings account to pay certain bills so there are no surprises or gimmicks. Their website doesn't feel cheap like some other internet bank sites. I have direct deposit with them; there were a few forms to fill out but it didn't take long at all for it to process and come through. I'm considering opening a CD with them as well.

The only bank I will ever need/use!

I have been banking at Synchrony Bank for the past few years. It was really easy to open a savings account on their website. I want to give a shout out to their customer service division as well. Anytime I call them, they have answers right at their finger tips and seem to fix or address any issues or problems I face. Their website is easy to navigate and really friendly. I love their online banking section on their website as well. You can search through any transactions you want to go through and I love their budgeting tools that they provide! Fortunately, I haven't been charged a fee since I have been there. However, looking through their fees list, their fees are considerably lower than much other banks!

Excellent Customer Service

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Synchony's customer service is excellent. About a month ago I had a problem with my account and I thought it was related to me recently moving. They quickly solved the problem and changed the address on my account. The wait time on the phone wasn't long either which is awesome because I hate long wait time.

The Best Way to Safely Beat Inflation

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Synchrony Bank is a purely online banking service that offers high interest savings account for individuals who are looking for safe ways to beat inflation. Synchrony was especially favorable to me because I was looking to exit my big bank and head into something a little less cluttered. I was returning virtually zero from my bank, and I was sick of getting hit with 3% inflation every year. With Sychrony's rates, I can almost cut the effect of inflation by 50%, which makes quite a large impact when we are talking about 6-figures worth of funds. The only hurdle that I needed to get over was psychological - it's an online bank. Once I realized that banking with Synchrony was essentially the same as the way I was previously banking with my big bank (all online, all mobile), it was easier to get over the fact that there are no physical branches! Trust me, and just try Synchrony.

Very Positive Experience as a Synchrony Customer!

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I opened a checking account with Synchrony Bank in December of 2014 after repeated problems with my old local bank. The difference between Synchrony and my prior bank were apparent right away. The representative talked me through the various savings programs and helped me see how I could grow my money with a strong APY, which was very important to me as someone just starting a career. Synchrony's online interface also has the feel of a major bank and not a local bank. Synchrony allowed me to automate almost all of my monthly transactions, which has saved me a lot of time. It also allowed me to consolidate all of my savings and wealth growth options. I would recommend Synchrony to anyone who values speed and simplicity when conducting online banking business.

Synchronybank Review

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I've been wanting to open a savings account for a while now. I finally made the decision in April to open a Synchrony Bank account. I signed up for the High Yield savings account. They currently have one of the highest APYs I found. One of the things I love about this bank is that there is no fee to sign up and there is no minimum balance requirement. You can deposit as little or as much as you like. Their online account and mobile app are both extremely easy to sign up to use and navigate and all the necessary information you need is posted in your account. My customer service experience so far has been wonderful. I had a lot of questions about how a savings account works and if i'm able to access my funds if needed and they were very helpful answering all my questions before signing up. If you're looking for a savings account with great rates, there is no better choice.

One of the better banks for savings accounts.

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I decided to go with Synchrony Bank for a savings account because it has one of the highest interest rates out there at the moment. So far I am not disappointed with the bank. It was easy enough to deposit the money online and start earning interest. They have a useful mobile app which lets checking your account and making transactions simple from your smartphone. Customer service was very helpful and easy to contact the one time I've needed them. The only part that I think other banks do better is having more resources online such as budget assistance and planning. They do have several other products which I plan to checkout like CD's and IRA's. Overall its been a good experience so far.

The Best Online Bank

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The fact of the matter is that you're wasting your money at "big banks." It's easy to tell yourself that you like the convenience, but when it comes to protecting your money from inflation, it's the percentage points that matter the most. I opened a savings account with Synchrony Bank with a great APY. Their interest rate is way above your average bank. How are you supposed to save your emergency fund, when you're losing it to inflation? It's impossible. I absolutely love Synchrony because of their rates, ease of withdrawal, and customer service. Whenever I have a question, I can get an answer within 10 minutes. The operators are always nice and they take your questions seriously.

Synchrony Hits The Mark

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I have had a savings account with Synchrony for almost 3 years now. I was told about them from a relative. I decided to give them a try after taking a look at their website. They have a high yield savings account, which means the interest rate that they currently give me is very competitive and very much one of the main reasons that I decided to go with them. I've never run into any problems at all. Customer service, if you ever need it (which I doubt), is on point ! Fees are nearly non-existent. They don't have any physical branches, therefore, they have hardly any of the overhead that the main banks do so they are able to have a very competitive products with super competitive rates. I can see myself sticking with Synchrony for many many years to come !

Synchrony Bank's savings rates are phenomenal in this current market

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I have shopped around for a great interest rate for a savings account and could not find anything worthwhile. Most of the rates were extremely low and the reviews for the bank's customer service and fees scared me away. One bank that stood out was Synchrony Bank. I didn't know much about them and didn't want to make a mistake so I took a while before I made the decision to open a savings account with them. I regret waiting so long; although the rate isn't super great, it is MUCH better than other banks out there. I love the mobile banking features and how easy it is to get in contact with a live person for assistance and guidance when needed. I definitely recommend Synchrony Bank.

Banking Made Easy.

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Synchrony Bank is one of the best banks I've ever dealt with personally. Very secure and safe and I've never experienced any issues with them in terms of errors or bank issues. Their fees are very reasonable and the web and mobile experience is pretty good as well. I really have no complaints at all and their customer service rivals with some of the best. They have a lot of good things about them that set them apart from a other banks and it's a no brainer in terms of who you should bank with. Synchrony Bank is the choice and way to go if you ask me. I've been dealing with them for a year now and I've had no complaints whatsoever about them. I would recommend them to anyone I know.

satisfied customer

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I have been a Synchrony Bank customer for almost a year and a half now. I switched over from a regional bank that I had been using for nearly ten years. A friend told me they really liked Synchrony, but I was still skeptical. My initial concern was about depositing checks. My place of employment does not offer direct deposit, so I have to go to the bank every payday to deposit my checks so that I can have the money in my account as soon as possible. Because Synchrony is online, I was worried about a lag time between when I deposited the check and when it showed up in my account. After my first deposit, I was sold. The funds showed up in my account just as fast as they did with my traditional bank.

Synchrony is great

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Having two accounts through Synchrony bank is both convenient and easy. I am able to pay my bills, make transactions, and find different products that interest me. Being on only social security, I am able to use their services for my convenience and schedule. Any fees they have are very reasonable. If I want, I can buy a product from any online store and just put in my account information and it goes right through. If I need money for something or in an emergency the funds are put into my local bank within 2 days, which in my opinion is pretty fast. I must say I am very satisfied with their services and advice. I have never had a problem with them or any of their services. Their service people are always polite and answer with consideration for my age. I would recommend them to anyone.

Great Bank

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I started banking with Synchrony Bank about a year and a half ago. I was ready to drop my old bank because of their fees. I have been nothing but pleased since switching to Synchrony. It has made banking a lot easier. I do not have to go into a branch if I need something anymore. I can talk to someone on line and dll of my banking from the comfort of my home. I am able to check my balance, pay bills and do everything I could do with a physical bank; I just do not have to actually go to the bank. No more rushing to make sure I get there before they close; no more wasting my precious time waiting in line at a bank. It may seem like a small difference, but Synchrony Bank has made my life easier. I would suggest Synchrony Bank to everyone.

Tried it and really liked this bank

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I have banked with Synchrony bank for over a year now. The concept of an online bank with no regular branches and no real people to deal with made me a little worried. Now that I have banked with them, I can say with confidence that this is a great bank to work with. I like the convenience of doing business with them. Once, we had a concern about a banking experience with them, but the customer service was really good. They took care of it in a timely manner and resolved the issue. That made us more welcoming of this concept. We are looking to add more funds and types of accounts we have with this bank. If you are considering an online bank, I believe you will have a good experience like we did with Synchrony Bank.

Great bank

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I work in the tax field and am always looking for better savings accounts. I came across Synchrony while searching for high yield accounts and immediately joined up. I have been happy with their rates as well as customer service. I had an issue with my computer but needed my 1099-int and the customer service representative was very helpful. We were able to get the information with relative ease. I recommend the bank to many of my clients who are looking for the same kind of services.

Good bank to be with

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We moved over to Synchrony bank when our previous bank GE financial was closed. GE suggested this bank. Initially we were not sure due to the size of funds we were moving and looked at other options but decided to give this bank a try. We have been very satisfied with the experience we have had so far. Any problems have been resolved timely and the customer service has been really good. Of course being an online bank , their site is easy to navigate and get things done quickly. We have since moved more of our funds and looked into more kids of investment options we may explore with this bank. Over all a happy customer and would really recommend this bank to anyone looking to explore online banking.


I opened a CD 24 months back with Synchrony Bank. As it was getting closer to the end of date, I called to move my money to a different CD for 12 months. Instead of giving me terrible service the representative explained that I have a 21 day grace period to make any changes, which I think exceeds expectations for me. My interest rate during the 24 months was amazing and am pleased with there CDs compared to my local credit union.

Horrendous Customer Service

I have TWICE have absurd trouble getting an IRA CD transferred from Synchrony Bank to another bank. Both times they came up with flimsy excuses why a check had not been sent to the new bank. Once they said I didn't identify the account number. When I asked them to overnight the funds, they charged me $25.00. I protested and had it kicked up to a higher level - and was refunded my $25.00 when they verified I had done everything correctly. Now I have been trying to get my husband's IRA transferred at maturity -- and twice was told all paperwork was in order. Now 1-1/2 weeks later they say "well no it isn't". Do not do business with this bank.

Synchrony Bank is great

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This bank has exceptional customer service. When I contacted them about starting a savings account they were extremely helpful and genuinely interested in telling me about the benefits of choosing them as a bank. This excellent customer service is the reason I decided to open an account with them and I have no complaints about doing so since! The only reason I wouldn't give them five stars is their user interface (on mobile, especially) could use more work, but it has gotten better.

Synchrony works for me

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While looking for a better place to earn some interest on my money than a traditional brick and mortar bank, I came across Synchrony Bank. I tried to apply to multiple banks, but the customer service individual at Synchrony Bank was the only one who was able to resolve my problem of having a less than ordinary address. They were able to guide me through a step-by-step process on how to set up my account, as well as provide information on the products that they offer. In addition to all this, Synchrony also offered a higher interest rate, although interest rates are at an all-time low, than its competitors. The only issue I have had with Synchrony is that they do not offer a mobile app for their bank. However, I can simply log on through the browser on my phone. They also send you an ATM card, which I have used without any problems, for free! I have yet to be charged with any surprising fees. All in all, I would recommend Synchrony Bank.

Better then Wells Fargo or BOA

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Having been screwed over and pushed around by the big names in banking for 15 years, I decided recently that I was sick of it, and it was time to switch. After a period when we were on vacation, a scammer got access to our Wells Fargo account and immediately ran up charges. Not only did it take 6 months of outright battling with Wells Fargo to fix things, we ended up having to pay nearly $4,000 so a lawyer could threaten them before they finally admitted it was their fault. Never again I said!

We moved our savings over to Synchrony, and I have been so pleased with it. Sure there are occasional issues with the software and I struggle to figure out how to do things, but customer service is pleasant and tries their best to be helpful. I don't have to worry about them completely screwing me over, and direct mobile access to everything is really nice. I keep far better track of my financial position, because it is easier to do so. Online banks and banking are no longer a new fad, and many of the companies are established and well capitalized. Additionally, not one of them has begged Wall Street for a bailout, and since neither have I, these guys are right up my alley. Forget the big banks, and give a online organization a shot. I have been so pleased with mine!

HORRIBLE Customer Service / Phone System

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I like the interest rates at this bank, and have had an account with them since when they were still part of GE, but they're only OK as long as you don't need to speak to anyone or get any customer service.

They have a HORRIBLE phone system / phone tree: it will take more than 2-1/2 minutes from the time they answer until you can get to speak to anyone with option after stupid option, menu after submenu after submenu. It is absolutely ridiculous.

They have increased the security to where it is cumbersome to log on. Their website is unreliable: it keeps giving messages about experiencing technical problems. So, you can't log in, sending the text or voice verification codes needed only works some of the time - and the error message tells you to call them. Good luck with that!

You have to verify yourself to the automated system. Then you have to verify yourself (the same damn question) to the real person.
It is enough to want to stop doing business with this messed up operation!

Synchront Bank, Good Experience

I have an account with Synchrony for about 18 months. I must say the experience has been pretty good. I have a Savings and Money Market with good yield on both (1.05 and .85 percent). When it come to maintenance of the account, the web interface is easy to navigate. I have been able to deposit money into the savings with no issues. Withdrawals from the money market were easy, too Customer service can be a toss up. I have been on the receiving end of great customer service and extremely poor customer service. I have been eyeing opening a CD with them. All in all, if you are fairly independent, know how to use your computer, and have your own financial plan, it's a good bank.

Good savings rates and easy to use

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I chose this bank after looking at a few others. What drew me to them was their high interest rates for a savings accounts as well as the perks that come along with staying with them. The only fault I have with them is that their website feels a little clunky to use at times, but I don't really need to do much maintenance on it because I have the process automated. Customer service has been helpful when I needed to as a question. I don't think I'll see a better savings rate at another bank any time soon. I feel confident with using this bank.

Great Customer Service

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I have been a customer of Synchrony Bank for over a year. So far, I feel the customer service and online services have both been great..

High Savings Rate with ATM Access

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I recently signed up for a Synchrony Savings account. I did a bit of research online to see what some of the best savings accounts were. I decided to go with Synchrony, and I am very glad I did. The sign up process on the site couldn't have been any easier. What I love about this bank is that it offers one of the highest interest rates for a savings account at 1.05%. Also, there is no service fee or minimum balance. They are also the only online savings account I know of that gives you an ATM card to access your money anywhere. I can honestly say, that if you are looking to open a savings account, this is definitely one of the best banks to open one with.

Outdated In Every Way

Regularly takes 3 or more days to transfer funds from my Synchrony savings account to my Chase checking account. I submitted a transfer the evening of 10/6/16 and now it is 10/12/16 in the afternoon and still no funds have been deposited into my checking account. I have the confirmation email from Synchrony saying my request was submitted, they just haven't managed to actually do it in the past SIX DAYS! I asked why their transfers take so long, since my AMEX savings had been able to transfer funds to Chase the next business day. They said it's a security feature. -_- I just can't.

Cannot add my Synchrony savings account to my FutureAdvisor profile, because when FutureAdvisor asks me for the verification code Synchrony is supposed to text or email to me, nothing ever arrives. I've tried both methods.

Their website is ridiculous. Why does clicking the login button open a new tab? That's stupid and unnecessary. No other good banks do that. You know what they said when I asked about this? "It's a security feature." Where's a wall? I need to pound my head against it. And the site is insanely slow. I finished reading another review before my Synchrony inbox opened. And no mobile app??? Really? So lame. Please save yourself the trouble and choose one of the 1% high yield savings accounts. The .05% is not worth the trouble.

Account Opening Process

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Attempting to open a CD with Synchrony was a disaster. After providing personal, confidential information, I received no communication from them, email, mail, etc. After 5 business days, i called them to inquire, and they said my account was being reviewed, and it would be an additional 7-10 days. I have never had an issue like this, and will likely never attempt to do business wit them again,

Great Customer Service

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I have been a customer of Synchrony Bank for over a year. I feel the customer service is great and the online banking system is excellent.

Good experience with banking here.

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We banked with GE financial for a number of years. When they announced that it would be changing to Synchrony Bank, I was apprehensive. Most of my savings were with GE and the change was not welcome by me. However, my opinions about this bank soon became very positive as they made the transition to the new brand. Specially, I feel that their customer service has improved. I feet very comfortable dealing with them, and they have been very helpful and timely in their responses. I have continued to bank with them instead of taking my funds elsewhere. I am a satisfied customer, and I would recommend them to my friends.

Safe, Seemless, Online Banking

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My first concern before I opened up an account with Synchrony Bank was the fact that this bank literally only exists online. Having only banked with "big banks," I believe that my fear was warranted. I opened a savings account with a small deposit to see what it was like. My first constructive thought was that the website was great. It was extremely easy to navigate, and made me feel comfortable about what I was reading. The layout is logical. Things are listed under the headings that I expect, and the headings are just broad enough that I click/hover, just out of curiosity. I experienced no setbacks or problems while opening an account. It was very easy. A month or two later, my wife and I were interested in opening a CD for some extra funds that we were keeping for our first home. After checking out CDs at our local bank, we decided to open up a 2-year CD at Synchrony. The funds transfer was simple. I actually called ahead to make sure that I was allocating these funds correctly since it was a substantial amount of money (to us). The customer service could not have been better. To date, we currently have our growing savings account and a CD collecting a steady 1.25%. I actively add a few hundred dollars per month to my savings account and have never experienced a problem with transfers. All in all, your money is safe and the bank operates very well.

A Great Place To Save

Synchrony Bank has good products and services. I have a savings account and have not had a bad experience yet. The online banking is great, and I have never had an issue with any sort of technical or security concern.

Terrible Customer Service At Synchrony

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Customer service is very poor. trying to close my account at synchrony but they make it very difficult. No stars.

Computer Issues Are Scary

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Synchrony simply can't upload March 2016 statements to my account online. There are statements through February and then they start up again in Apil. When I ask about the missing March statement I'm told there was an issue, and they will never be able to upload March statements online. They say they have my March statement (I haven't seen it yet) but they can't put it online within my account. I'm waiting for the CD I have there to mature, and then I'm out of there!

Synchrony Bank

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We were banking with our local Chase Bank for several years. We had a checking and saving accounts. However, when our interest on our savings was only .30% APY, we decided we'd had enough. So we started researching and found Synchrony Bank had tons of good reviews and a decent 1.05% interest on our savings. We also liked the fact that it was so convenient to bank with them online. I think online banks are the banks of the future, and Synchrony Bank is going to be at the top of the list. The thing I like best has been their responsiveness. I had several questions about various things that I emailed to them, and I got a response back in less than 30 minutes. Now that is great online customer service!

Great For High Yield Online Savings Accounts

About a year ago I was searching for a bank which offered the best interest rate I could find on a simple savings account. Because this account was going to be strictly savings, I wanted a bank that would make it easy for me to deposit funds and have the best return I could get. Synchrony Bank was the bank that popped up from my Google searches as the best bank for a high and steady interest rate. It also had good reviews from other users. It was FDIC insured with a 1.05% APY. This was higher than any other bank I found. I opened the account and since then I have actually opened up two additional savings accounts for other family members. I am very pleased with my choice and have had no problems. I have no fees associated with my account and am constantly accessing my account online to watch my balance grow.

One of the best internet banks out there

This bank is relatively new and a recent branch off of General Electric, but don't be discouraged from putting your money here. They are fully insured by the FDIC like any other bank. What makes this bank better than traditional brick and mortar banks, and even other internet only banks, is it offers much better savings and money market rates. While it may only be 0.10 to 0.15% higher, that is still higher yield for the same safety you'd get anywhere else. And if you want CD rates, Synchrony has very competitive rates for short and intermediate term CDs. But like any bank, the long term CD rates are not as attractive, but this is not unique to Synchrony. That just seems to be the trends these days. Overall, I highly recommend this bank since it offers great rates

The Good And The Bad IRA

I've been a customer for over 2 years and have had no issues opening online savings and many cds.
The good news is the great rates. Some have complained of web issues transfer nightmares, etc. I've not experienced any so far. Transferring money to and from multiple external banks has been smooth and easy.
The bad is really bad! If you need to call for customer service, it's dreadful. They won't even be helpful when you want to transfer money to deposit at Synchrony. I've been trying to fund an IRA CD for a month, uncounted numbers of calls. They don't seem to care if I deposit money in the bank or not. Most unhelpful customer service ever! Check out the Traditional IRA transfer form. There is no room for a signature guarantee stamp, but the current custodian requires it. My bank providing the stamp says there isn't enough room. Customer service at Synchrony says, there is no form with space and you can't altered form to make space just squeeze in the stamp anywhere. My bank won't do it. Looking on bankrate for different bank for my IRA now.

High Yield on Savings

I have a high yield savings account with Synchrony Bank. I chose this bank because of the high return with minimum deposit. Currently their APY is at 1.05%. Setting up my account was quick and easy to do. After I was approved, I made my deposit and my money has been making a nice return. It is easy to transfer money to and from this account from my local bank. I like that I can put money in at Synchrony and get a great return, much higher than my local bank can offer me. If you want a place to stick your money and watch it grow hassle free, this is the bank to go with, especially if you don't have a lot of money to start out with. I haven't had any issues at all.

Completely Unacceptable

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I am wondering whether they are legitimate an how many customer do they actually have if they are open for business.

On the 5th attempt to open an account, the application process reached a point where the application can not be completed.

There is also no way to contact them electronically.

I am giving them 1 start because just like other websites, nobody thinks of what is being produced and this website does not accept 0 stars.

Synchrony Bank: Worth the Switch!

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I love Synchrony Bank. Their customer service is excellent, and they are always able to answer any questions that my husband or I have about our accounts. Additionally, I actually pay less than half the fees that I was paying at my other bank, and that's more money in the bank (pun intended!).

In-Sync With My Banking Needs

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I have been using Synchrony for many years now, and I am generally pleased. Synchrony has given me a high yield saving account. I get 1.05% APY, and I never get a fee. It is easy to use the website to make transactions, check history, etc. I can easily access my savings account when I need it. Also, my saving account interest rate is high, and it is not dependent on how much money I have in my account. I opened a Money Market account for no charge, and it has worked well. I get .85% APY and am limited to 6 withdrawals. This keeps me from spending my money too much. When I need to use the money, I can easily use checks or the ATM. CD's from Synchrony are ok, but they have a fairly high minimum for the higher APY. Most of the stuff I need to do is not person-to-person, but person-to-technology, which I love. If you every have any hard questions, it is easy to call customer service. The worst part of this bank is that they have no checking account. Otherwise, I'm really enjoying this bank, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Can't Beat That Interest Rate

This is a great bank that is very easy to use. I've had my Synchrony account for two years and have had no issues. I love the high interest my savings account earns (much higher than the measly .04% my local bank was giving me). They don't have any ATMs, but I've had no issues with ATM fees being refunded. Their app isn't the best, but at least it does show my account balance as well as perform some other basic functions. I expect some things to be skimped on to get such a high interest rate.

Painful Experience Trying To Open Up An Account.

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Truly a painful experience. The entire process of working with the bank is chaotic, unreliable, and painful. No one ever knows what is going on and there is no one to speak with who takes ownership and makes sure things get down. You can be in virtual limbo for weeks upon weeks, and nothing gets done. Well, I'm done with this bank. Far and away the worst bank I've ever dealt with.

Synchrony's High Yield Makes Sense

We discovered Synchrony Bank's High Yield Savings about a year ago. At the time, our regular savings account from our local branch was offering less than 0.1% a year. We compared with other online savings including AMEX, and decided Synchrony had the best rate: 1.05% a year. That is more than ten times what our local bank was giving us, and without any annual fees. For us, the entire sign-up process was accomplished online with ease. Then transferring between our bank's checking account and Synchrony was simple and straight forward. The interest is added toward our principal on a monthly basis. The only drawback is the time for funds to clear. Once we submitted a transfer request from Synchrony to our own checking account, it can take up to three business days for the funds to be available. But unless you are always pressed for time, it makes sense to allow your money to earn more interest for yourself versus your local bank.

Consumer Friendly Bank

I have used many other banks in my time, such as TCF or US Bank, but no other has compared to the service I have with Synchrony Bank. I have been with them for over 5 years now, and I have had an issue only once with a direct deposit not posting until 2 days later, but after I called them, she handled the issue and explained the delay for me, even giving me options on how to avoid issues next time. A very quick and efficient bank. I love their customer service because they make you feel important as a client and truly address your needs, questions, or concerns. I can't see myself doing my online banking anywhere else anytime soon.

Good bank for savings account!

Synchrony Bank is a good bank to grow your savings and future. They offer great rates and make it very easy to access the money if ever needed. The best part of investing with this bank is the rates that they offer. The local banks do not compare. It is also easy to get a hold of representatives for assistance or even log-in online to access your account and make changes. I am very pleased with how competitive they are. I do wish that they would improve the website a little. It is decent, but should definitely be worked on to be as helpful as many other banks that I have seen. All pros and cons considered, Synchrony Bank is an excellent company to work with.

Down Again, No Access

Down for three days over the weekend, trying to move the last $31 out, was using them to hold cash until interest rates changed.

They insisted I create a new PW, had to have two #'s, couldn't be either end, couldn't be together. Yes, I'm serious. Tried 3 times.

Finally got on, couldn't make a transfer.

20 minutes on the phone, I got a confirmation # and the rest. Two days later, site is down for maintenance, no return date mentioned.

All this after changing their EWP to a full year.

Best CD Rates around

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I had searched around for CD rates recently and online banks usually take the cake. I had heard briefly of Synchrony Bank in the past, but after doing some research (before I transferred them all my money), I was able to feel confident letting them hold my money for five years, the CD length I chose. Their website is up to date and I loved that I didn't have to go in there and sign papers etc. I checked out their FDIC status and they are insured for up to 250,000 per depositor which I don't come close to. My only complaint is that as an online bank I feel like it should have automatically set me up for e-statements. Instead I get a monthly paper statement about a five year CD.

Great Rates and Great Service

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I have been an account holder of Synchrony for the past year after looking for a better yielding savings account and CD for my cash reserves. I refuse to use brick and mortar banks because those banks offer horrendous rates. Synchrony's rates are some of the highest in the country even among peer internet-only banks. For example, their online savings account is 1.05% APY and is .3% higher than Capital One 360 and slightly higher than Discover/GoldmanSachs/Ally Bank. The benefit of Synchrony, though, is there is no minimum, so anyone with any amount can take advantage of these attractive rates. You can easily access the money by linking your standard checking account and transferring money only takes a few days, so it is extremely convenient. If you need help rolling over a CD or cashing out a CD, the online chat feature is quick and much easier than calling a customer service line (though you can call if you prefer). Either way, it is better than waiting in a line at a physical bank.

A Pretty Good Online Bank

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I ended up getting a bank account with Synchrony because I was in the market for another bank, having just left Chase where I was unhappy with their service and their fees. Synchrony's fees are understandable and are not implemented in every single place they can think of to try and get more money out of you. The savings account that I have even has a little bit better interest than the other banks that I have had in my past. This is big for me because I am trying to save for my future and, while it is not an ideal place to invest, am beginning here in my own bank until I get the handle of stock investing. All of my interactions so far have been pretty good. The initial woman I spoke to wasn't the greatest, but after I more clearly stated what I wanted, she was able to help me better. Everyone else has been great. I would definitely, and have, recommend this bank to other people.

5 Stars

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I have both a money market and CD account with Synchrony bank. At the time I was looking to open both accounts, they had the best APYs. The APY of a CD was what was most important to me. They also had plenty of options for the time frame or duration of the cd from short to long. It was easy to open my account. I love how I can check everything I need to online, and they are a member of FDIC. I did have questions, so I called customer service. They were very helpful, answered all the questions I had, were courteous and polite. I have recommended them to my family and friends. If I want to open and IRA, I will more than likely check them out first.

Had problems opening account, but no issues since

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I have a high yield savings account with Synchrony bank that was opened late last summer. I chose to use Synchrony bank because of the higher interest rate than I could find elsewhere. I went through the process to open the account online, which was reasonably user-friendly and not too tedious, and tried to schedule an initial transfer to the account from my local bank. Everything looked fine when I logged out, but as I watched my accounts over the next week, I saw the transfer (and the necessary account verification) had not taken place. The two small deposits required for verification of my external account finally came through about a week after I filled out the online forms to open the account, but when I logged back into the Synchrony account, it would not allow me to input those numbers, and eventually said the external account was verified, but would not transfer my initial deposit. Finally, about two weeks after opening the account, I called customer service, and after the brief initial hold time, I was transferred to a representative who got it straightened out, although she did have to put me on hold to go talk to her manager, and apparently there was a problem with my address, so I was locked out of the online system. I haven't had any problems transferring money in or out of the account since, so it appeared to be an isolated start-up problem, and they did handle it professionally.

Synchrony Success

I recently found myself banking with Synchrony Bank, and I could not be happier with the service I have received thus far. In the past year with Synchrony I have been very pleased with how quickly my deposits have been reflected in my account. For example, typically when I initiate a deposit, I will receive a message stating it will be about 5 business days until that is reflected in my available balance. However, this has not been the case even once throughout my time with this bank. I can happily say that my deposits are usually reflected the next day and at most two days after the initial motion has been made on my end. I am also very pleased with the customer service I have received while banking with Synchrony. If I have a question about my balance or a withdraw I did not make note of, I can simply call and always receive cheerful and helpful service from someone who can clear up any questions I have quickly. In summation, I will say that banking with Synchrony has been a pleasant experience and I am thankful to be working with them.

SYF Status

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Too much exposure to low grade private label credit cards.

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Synchrony Bank Review

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I decided to open a Synchrony Saving account, I have always used brick and motor type banks and decided to do all my saving banking online with Synchrony. Almost everything was done online except for a few things that I had to sign and send back. The application process was very easy and did not take much time at all. I was rather impressed with the saving account interest rate, it was the best I could find among any company. My interest rate is at 1.05% which is not great, but compared to the competition is pretty good. I will say that the online site could use some updating. It is not hard to use, but it could be better. My biggest complaint is that there is no mobile application. This is a huge disadvantage to me since I enjoy doing almost all of my banking via smartphone. I hope that this changes very soon. In addition, there is no capability to have person to person transfer. I know from some of my friends that there online banks have built in features like pop money. These are a few of the complaints but everything else has been great. I even had to call customer service one time, and the representative was friendly and handled my concern. The wait time was a little slow but nothing crazy.

A Solid Alternative For Savings Account

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I was looking for a savings account where I could incur higher interest. I tried online banking previously, but the interest rates were really low. I was able to link my existing checking account, and set up automatic transfer pretty easily. There's also an option of choosing if you want your transfers to be daily, weekly, bi weekly, or monthly. It's definitely helped me save for my individual taxes, whereas the savings account through my main bank takes out a monthly fee. Although minimal, it was frustrating to lose even the smallest amount of money that I planned on saving. Synchrony has the highest interest rates I've found so far. I have yet to have issues with the website and will plan to continue to use it in the future.

Synchrony Bank - A Good Choice For Internet Banking

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I have been a customer of Synchrony Bank for about four years now. I initially opened a savings account there because they paid about 1% compared to my local bank, which paid essentially no interest. Later I also had a CD account. When I retired from my job, I transferred my 401K to an IRA at Synchrony. I have a link between my local bank and Synchrony, so I can easily transfer money back and forth. I have had a couple of minor issues with the bank. The bank forgot to credit my account with $50 promotion for opening a CD account. I had to call them to remind them. When I wanted to take a distribution from my IRA, they send me the wrong forms to fill out. To their credit, they caught the mistake and contacted me to fix the problem. Their website is easy to navigate and I now know that I can download any form that I need. When I called them, I never had to wait long before I could talk to a customer service representative. Overall, I am a satisfied customer of Synchrony Bank.

They Made Me Feel Like I Was More Than A Number, That I Was Important To Them.

Posted by: |

I have only had my account with them for less than six months, but I have grown to trust them like they have been looking out for me for years. I needed a bank account that also offered a Visa or Master card. I looked around online and found them. I started talking to them online and they told me all about the perks they offered to their customers. I opened up my account. Two weeks into having the card I had no problem using the card anywhere. I got a text message from the bank. I called them and they told me one of the places that I used my card at had reported to them their credit information had been compromised. So they were going to need to reissue a new card to me. They kept my card available for me for a few days while they sent me a new card. That way I would still be able to get to my money. They were kind and understanding and gave me a lot of confidence in them.

What A Horible Web Site Experience.

Posted by: |

Be warned that in order to link external accounts you need to use a One Time Password (OTP). I've tried twice now to use their system, once to have it call me and once to have it text me. In both cases I was unable to get it to send me the code and the LOCKED MY ACCOUNTS!

Come on, seriously, your system is broken so your action is to lock my account. What a PAIN!

And the worst part is, they know there's a problem. "We're aware there's an issue and we're replacing the system, in a few months".

EDIT: Updating to 1 star overall. Even after getting them to unlock my accounts and verifying my trial deposits, one of my banks (Alliant Credit Union) apparently isn't in their "system" so now they want me to mail them a copy of my statement to prove I own the account, as if.

Great Rates

Posted by: |

The allure of Synchrony Bank was their high interest savings account. That's what got me going. I wanted to earn a little extra for having my emergency money in my savings account so I decided to switch my savings from a big name bank to synchrony. After a little over a year, I am happy that I decided to make the switch. It's been very nice to see my account growing. The only problem that I have faced was the sign up and registration for my account. The online and over-the-phone customer service was average at best. They seemed to not be able to answer simple questions. Things linking accounts, withdrawing funds, and adding funds were a puzzle to them. Questions that should have been answered in a couple of minutes dragged out to over an hour! They were kind of unorganized. However, since setting up my account, I have not had any problems. The easiest way to deal with average customer service is not to deal with them! Synchrony has great rates, a great savings account, and should be used by everyone!

Synchrony Bank Review

Posted by: |

I love banking with Synchrony Bank because they are friendly and easy to work with. They have competitive rates for CDs and savings accounts. Overall, a great place to bank!

Grerat Experiences!

Posted by: |

I've opened 3 accounts with Synchrony. No problems opening CD's and High Yield Savings online. Great friendly service when I called.

Hard To Buy CD's.

Been trying to ladder CD's on a parent's account, I am POA. Takes an average of 2 hours to transact a CD purchase over the phone. It can't be done online if you want to link the accounts (mine and parents). They seem to be very confused on how to do it. It gets funded from a money market account held by Synchrony but you need to keep checking to make sure this actually takes place. Just because you tell them to take it out of the corresponding account does not mean it will actually happen. Some time they send a tax withholding form for signature other times they don't. I've asked why and they don't seem to know. Last month when I purchased my 2 CD's they sent a w/h form to sign for one and not the other. For the previous 8 CDs i didn't receive any. They seem very confused. If it wasn't for the very competitive rates I would probably not be wasting so much time dealing with them.

Great Bank - Definitely Recommend

Posted by: |

I've been with Synchrony Bank for over five years now and would highly recommend them. I have a savings and money market account with them. I have had no issues with Synchrony at all and LOVE them. Their customer service is always ready and willing to help and address any questions or concerns I have had. I love their online banking - I do almost all my banking online, so this service (provided free of charge), makes me extremely happy! Their website is highly resourceful and user-friendly. The fact that I've been with them for over five years without any problems or hiccups, should definitely speak to the character and integrity of the bank. I have and will continue to recommend Synchrony Bank to all of my family and friends. You will not go wrong by choosing them for all your banking needs. They sit far above many other banks, and I have no doubt they will continue to rise in the ranks.

Great Savings Account

I came across Synchrony bank's savings account through reading an article on the penny hoarder blog about the best savings account rates available. After reading the article I did some research and found that Synchrony bank seemed easy to use and their savings account only required a small minimum deposit to open an account and had a very competitive interest rate and no fees.

Having found all this information out I opened an account the beginning of May to be my little stash savings account where I put money from side jobs I do online. Over the past 4 months I have had absolutely no issues with Synchrony Bank. Their website is very user friendly and easy to figure out, while still having good security measures you would expect from a high quality banking institution. The statements I get are easy to read and very well done.

I had dedicated myself to using this account to stash $100 a month in from freelance work, and have been able to do so every month- there is no limits on incoming transfers so I can easily transfer from my checking account at another bank into Synchrony. The only issue I do have is it seems to take a long time for the transfers to show up, but other than that it is great!

It has truly been a pleasure dealing with Synchrony, and would highly recommend them!

Synchrony Bank, Five Stars

Posted by: |

When I opened my High Yield account with Synchrony Bank, I was very excited. The interest rate was 1%, one of the highest of all savings accounts. I started my account off with $250. When I first opened the account, I had many questions so I called customer service, and they were very pleasant. They informed me about the account and told me how long my ATM card will take to come in the mail. The application process for the high yield savings was quick and easy. They even assisted me in setting up my pin number for my ATM card. I was very satisfied as a customer.

In addition to this, the online banking is extremely user-friendly. You sign on and it tells you everything about your account. It tells you how much interest you have earned. I enjoy the fact that I can access my money by the ATM, although it makes it harder to save. I would recommend this account to anyone.

Synchrony CD Review

Posted by: |

Synchrony Bank had wonderful CD rates for 2 year CD, which lured me to their site. However, I was unable to get my money transferred from my external account to them, even though I made 6 phone calls. Their website is NOT user friendly. I spoke to a customer service rep, who assured me that my money would be transferred, I even received a confirmation number and NO money was transferred. I was fearful I would never be able to withdraw my money.
STAY AWAY from Synchrony, they are bad news.

Very Positive Experience

Synchrony had the best rates when I was searching for a MM Savings account. Opened the account online, waited for them to vet me, setup the online transfer and now each month deposit into the account.

Had to call them once because of a small glitch and the rep was very helpful.

The only thing I wish they had was a confirmation number when making a transfer.

Many Errors

At the end of the year my wife and I needed to get RMD for our IRAs. We wanted to open a joint account where to park the monies temporarily. There was no long waiting time and no any kind of impoliteness. The problem was a very low level of professionalism, so we needed 5-6 calls instead of two to correct their errors. First, they promised to open the joint account but instead opened the account on my wife's name alone with me as her POA. Then they wrote me that they cannot transfer my money to that account because it does not belong to me, and they informed me by regular mail, just 4 days before the new year - I could be in violation of the RMD requirement because of their error and needed to pay 50% tax fine. When I called, they suggested to open another account on my name alone, and I agreed for the sake of rapid resolution. After that there was another error in transferring funds. So you should be very careful to check every execution of your request.

Real People Real Fast Phone Customer Service

I had a 15 month CD that during it time was bought out by Synchrony Bank Optimizer +Plus. I was a little freaked out at first but the pleasant surprise was that the phone support was actually good. Not used to that at all.

No long wait during the call, no computerized press this button and then several more buttons before a real person. I got a real person right away without the wait. Something I wish more companies would do.

Finished my 15 month CD, and I was given a email notice and a hard-copy notice via snail mail to remind me what do do next.

I have no problems. I would recommend Synchrony Bank Optimizer +Plus online banking. I know it a bit scary to put money in a company that does not have a brick and mortar branch in your hometown but for CD's I found it to work great.

BTW: best rate for a person with 2000 dollars to put in a CD

Poor Way To Do Business

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Their representatives had me fill out 3 forms to open an ira cd. I did that and mailed them to the Atlanta office. 2 weeks later I checked to see if they received everything and the form with all of our ss numbers was missing. Really you got everything but the one even though they were all stapled together. Never again will I do business with an online company.

No Brick Means Higher Rates

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I don't know of any physical locations for Synchrony bank in my area, this abscense of brick and mortar locations means one very welcome thing; higher rates. Synchrony is constantly at the top of if not leading the list of rates among banks including both savings and CD accounts. The absence of human interaction may be a drawback for some, but if you're looking for the best rates, but the rates may very well be worth the compromise.

Worst Telephone Service EVER!

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I moved my Savings into this bank because of higher savings rates. I am totally disappointed. I have been trying to reach them by phone for 3 days to report a lost ATM card while in Boise. Their phone just constantly rings busy. I am unable to find another phone number for them. They advertise high rates but, it is not worth the aggravation of not being able to get anyone over the phone. I emailed them two days ago, so far no response. I will move my money back to my local credit union. The joke is, that on all the negative reviews on this website they respond back to call the phone number. Good luck with that one. You will constantly get a busy signal. Don't waste your time with this place.

online banking

I have been using Synchrony Bank online for my savings accounts. I opened one up about three months ago, I was a little worried because their was not a physical place to go to, but it has the best interest rates around for saving accounts. The opening of the account was very user friendly and I received my verification by email quickly. I get statements in the mail like clockwork every month and have not have any problems transferring money. I like them so well that I have recently opened a second account with them, with the same ease as the first.

Excellent Online Bank!

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This bank is a great online based bank. I was looking for a bank to open a high yield savings account with, and I found Synchrony. Per a banking site, they had the highest interest rate for a savings account available at the time. Opening the account was pretty simple. One notable thing is that they do mail you paperwork to complete and mail back (at their expense) rather than fully complete the account opening process online. Once opened, it was easy to connect other bank accounts and transfer money between counts. I really like that I am currently earning a 1.05% interest rate where my former bank is at 0.80%. Customer service is easy to access by phone during regular customer service hours. When I called customer service because I got locked out of my account they were very friendly and made it easy to unlock my account by verifying my information. Their website is rather clunky and leaves something to be desired. You will get used to it, but I don't like the interface. I also feel that their fees are very reasonable and presented well. I have not paid a single fee during the year I have had my account open.

Hassle Free Banking

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Opening the savings account on line was a simple process. The test payments to link my external account went through the next day, and the funding transfer went through quickly. Additional transfers are easily set up on the website.

I find the website very easy to navigate. Everything I do is in an obvious location and not 3 menus deep like some other banks.

I can't comment on customer service. In the year I have had the account, I have never had to use them, but that is how I want my online banking to be, just login a few quick clicks and I am done.