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Horrible customer service. I mean absolutely horrible. Representatives are not very knowledgeable, or they try to mislead you. My latest call took TWO HOURS to speak to someone. They don't even have a call back service. It's 2020 people. Get it together. So you literally sit on hold for two hours listening to some awful music. There are enough banks and lenders out there - steer clear of this company.

TCF Bank - $10 Fee Per Month For Inactivity

In AZ at Cooper/Ray Branch, I set up 2 "free" checking accounts with TCF for $100 each in 2017 to use specifically for ebay/paypal selling. I had set up an account for my parents there the month before. I used a bit initially but that lessened over time. However I did leave the accounts there for future use. Apparently since I wasn't actively using the accounts, TCF charged me $10 month for each account starting in 2018. No calls, no letters, just $10 deductions from my accounts noted on online banking statements until the accounts went to zero (10 months). I was not actively monitoring the accounts knowing the inactivity. When asked why I wasn't given a heads up as to this happening, the Branch Manager for a large Minneapolis branch told me that they have too many accounts to monitor them. Based on my AZ experience and their Alaska USA sale, I would not use them if you have any other choice. They have my $200 from my 2 "free" checking accounts. Thank God I didn't put in more! Be careful you people in the midwest and the Chemical Bank merger. They have a SLC call center set up to handle your calls/challenges. And I have a feeling people are dealing with bigger amounts than my $200 donation.

Bank Stealing Money At A Time Like This.

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Piss poor customer service. Fees and charges keep coming up on my account, yet the bank can't tell me why. It seems like they are using Covid as a time to start stealing from people which is sad. People are out of work, bearly getting by and you have the place where your money is supposed to be safe stealing it from you. So sad. If I could give it a zero I would stay away from this bank. They only wanna get rich off your money, even if it means you die.


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This is the worst bank I have dealt with... I had a home loan, i needed my loan number to pay off the loan. The website did not provide and their customer service would not help, I went through hell for a week to get my loan number. THE WORST BANK!

Stay Away From This Bank!

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Stay away from this bank! TCF totally doesn't care about their customers. I called about a double charge of $12.00 on my card in another state. Their answer to me was to drive back to the other state & complain to the business in person. WHAT!!!! My advice to TCF customers is to close your account while you can. You'll be sorry.

TCF means: Total Customer Failure

Online Banking & Customer Service Terrible

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I originally opened my account as a college checking account, and had no issues with it using it only for paychecks and debit transactions.
However, when it came to making payments to another bank, things got messy. As this was my first time making a payment through TCF and the other bank, I made the payment in two portions. I made an initial, small payment through bill pay which went through fine. Seeing that, I initiated the next, larger $300 payment. Over a week went by since it had been REMOVED FROM MY ACCOUNT, and never showed up in the other bank. I contacted customer service and the lady rudely informed me that "It's the other bank's problem now, It's already been taken out" and dismissed me. I had already contacted the other bank who informed me it had never arrived.

I know this was not my error in accidentally typing in a wrong account/ routing number, as the first payment went through just fine.

This company is not easy to work with, and the customer service is beyond rude and not at all helpful.

This Is The Worst Bank

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This is the 3rd time my account was breached. Somehow someone got a hold of my savings account a few months ago. Withdrew a substantial amount. Filed police report. Finally got funds back. Closed accounts. Opened new ones. 2 weeks ago. Guess what. Savings account was hacked. Now this time the phone number and company was red flagged. Both checking and savings were supposed to have a better security to stop this. My savings account can only be in person transactions. Now this is the 3rd time. Same company. Same number. Why the fuck did I set up my account to red flag this “company” and they let it happen? This will be my 3rd police report. Either You have someone on the inside scamming me. Either way. There will be a full investigation and pending law suit against your piss poor bank.

Not A Loyal Bank

I had a dispute case. Which not only, could I not contact the Dispute Department, only via email. They never responded, never contacted me to ask any questions. This was a $1200 dispute case. I emailed everyday, called almost everyday. They never contacted the company who took out my from my account for the wrong reasons and is a PROVEN FRAUDULENT COMPANY. They then sent me a letter and denied my dispute 12 days later. My co worker who was in the same situation as I was, received her money back 3 days later. They kept in contact with her. She has chase they helped her 100%. TCF is a bank who WILL NOT have your back! SO I will be closing my account today!

Mobile App Is Useless

Installed the TCF Bank app hoping to use it for depositing checks in Minnesota for a family member. Camera errors out every time it tries to capture either side of a check. I have no trouble using the camera on the mobile bank for BB&T Bank here in North Carolina.

Totally awful. I tried to call TCF Customer Service and they had no sympathy nor did they offer to have someone deal with the problem.

Update Online Banking Is A Nightmare !!!

all of my scheduled payments disappeared, i was on the phone for over an hour to fix the problem. this is hands down the Worst online banking system ever. i have never need any assistance with any other online banking, so i am pretty sure i am not the problem.
I will be taking my business some where else !

Average Bank

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Overall, TCF Bank is average. Its big, has tens of thousands of customers and hundreds of branches. Its not a bank where you'll get awesome customer service every single time. As a former employee, we found that many people complain about TCF (more so than Wells Fargo, BMO etc.) and even to your face. However, more often than not, these people usually have or had a difficult time managing their money and incur fees which they agreed to upon opening their accounts and then complain that they are being unfairly treated. In the past, TCF's fee structure was set up unfairly. As far as I know, this was addressed to make the bank more competitive, by being one of the first mainstream banks in MN to offer a 100% free checking account.

Trying To Find The Silver Lining

This bank let me open a account online. I was notified about the check order. Was also given the option to select none. My confusion starts here. On 12/17/2015 I called in and asked when I should expect my new debit card to arrive as I had got a email about the checks being mailed but not the debit card. I was told by a very rude representative at 1800-tcf-bank that my checks were mailed then with the rude tone of God told me the debit card was declined and I had to call DrumRoll ""888-823-2802"" well awesome I've been calling since 12/18/15 and it just drops the call and never rings. So after looking up this number I see a modification log for the bank adding new addresses and employee phone numbers and ect to the directory. That number was deleted from TCF National Banks public directory and it's no longer a valid number. So I can't do anything about it. I have 6 accounts at First Merit bank of Akron OH and I like that bank. I opened this one to utilize wire transfers to send money on a recurring basis to save money in a account I have checks and a debit card for instead of a regular savings that only had a ATM card. I already have 3 of those and 3 checkings. If I wanted that I would have opened that kind of account. People don't open checking accounts anymore for just checks. It's 2015 people use debit cards not ATM card. The fact they won't tell me what department I need or why it was declined confuses me to no end and I would really just like a answer people thank you but no thanks. Guess I'm driving80miles to close this account in person as y'all advised I have to do. Joys of country living.



Worst Customer Service With Wire Transfer Scam

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I unfortunately got scammed on a rental property in New York July '14 but figured it out within 1 hour of transfer. Because the scam was international TCF does not make reports on international wire fraud involving their customers... not even a flag or note on my account. Unfortunately it was too late however the bank in the UK sent them an email requesting more information to deal with it on their end. BUT TCF did not respond to that email for over a week when I went to the bank; possibly making my chances of getting my money back much lower! They did not have a contact person for me to work with so every time I called to check on the status of the situation I had to use the generic 'all call' number and explain the entire situation to the operator and be transferred multiple times! They did not even suggest a stop on my account to avoid any further problem and so I thought of it on my own. Then when I lifted the hold they accidently only lifted my online hold so my checks were not being paid nor was I informed so it went on for a few weeks. Seriously, I can accept responsibility for being scammed BUT the service I received from TCF was worse than losing the money. When I made a complaint to TCF they thanked my for my 'candor in informing us of your recent experience' and that's basically all I got, not even sure if the bank ever got any updates because I haven't...time to find a new bank!

Legal Theft

TCF Bank robs their customers and it just blows my mind that they are legally allowed to have the evil practices that they have. Any five year old can look at 100 cash and tally it down to when they have no more cash in the order that they spent the money. But TCF has their own set of math (all in line with every other bank that cashes out in mad profits from their poorest customers). TCF doesn't tally my spending the way I spend it. They post things in orders that make them the most money in fees. They are ALWAYS pushing you to use your 'available' balance to check how much money you have when they KNOW that the available balance is almost ALWAYS wrong. I had a pending transaction from subway for about $10. I checked my available balance to be sure it was counted against my available balance. It was there. I go to the store and buy a couple of items against my available balance. The next day, I went to the convenient store and made another small purchase. The next day, I checked my available balance and to see if I had enough to hit the ATM and I did! The next day (day before payday), I check my balance and I was in the negative and being charged 2 nsf fees!!! I checked my account and I called to go over it with TCF's wonderful service people (sarcasm there) and here's what happened:

-My purchase at Subway disappeared. The merchant has 72 hours to submit for payment and when they don't, the bank gives you the money back into your 'available balance'. Of course, there's absolutely NO record of this happening. So you don't have any idea that you should be setting aside a transaction that will most likely come back to hit your account.

-When it came back to my account, TCF posted each transaction in just a way that gives them the most in fees. Not in the way I spent my money, but they arrange it in a way that gives them the most profit.

I KNOW it doesn't cost them $37 to process a returned item and it makes me sick...completely sick to know that they get away with managing MY money in a way to ROB it from me. Every bank deals in just the same way. They should all be charged in criminal courts for making the people who can LEAST afford it pay the most in penalties. And penalties for what? Penalties for THEIR accounting practices???? Seriously?

Don't ever try to leave them!

I actually had a fine experience with TCF Bank... while I was there. I knew going into them that they had some pretty crazy overdraft fees but since I never overdrafted in the 10ish years I was with them, that really wasn't a issue. I loved that they had a free coin machine for customers, something I have not found since I moved out of the north east.

When I ran into trouble with TCF was when I tried to leave. I moved and the part of the country I was moving to had no TCF banks at all. My intention was to transfer the money from one bank to another via check- which I did- then cancel the account at TCF. They wouldn't let me. Literately. They told me that I am not allowed to cancel the $0 balance account in my name unless I drive back to Michigan and show up in person and get something notarized. For the first time in my life with them, they were rude and condescending to me, and over something very, very silly and minor. The fact that they refused any and all amounts of identification that I could provide them over the phone, via email or fax baffled me further.

I eventually figured out, after some research, that they auto close accounts that remain overdrafted after a certain period of time. I called them again, gave them one last opportunity to let me close the account, told them I was aware of their cancellation policy on overdrafts and flat out told them I was going to buy dinner on their behalf if they didn't let me cancel.

I ate well that night, and now my accounts closed.

Watch out for hidden fees.

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I am a long term customer of TCF bank. For the most part, its pretty reasonable. Its easy to get in and out, the customer service works well, and the online section appears to work fine. There's not much you expect in those areas just walking in, but it certainly meets expectations.

There's a few problems however. For starters, they openly try to scam you with fees, hoping that you won't come in to complain. If you overdraw, they charge $25 to $35 each time even if it is only by a few cents. Meaning that if you make a lot of small purchases in one day, and go slightly over, even if its by five dollars, this can amount to a $100 fee. Definitely a bad choice for college students who might be making a lot of $1 purchases. You have to deliberately ask them to stop allowing you this flat convenience fee.

Likewise, there's some problems with their online banking. If you lose your password it is hard to reset it. The instructions are rather vague, and if you don't understand them then even calling in will lead over confusion on what you need to do. It took me awhile to get that sorted out, when resetting my password.

Aside from that, its more or less a fairly reasonable bank, however.

Worst Bank In Minneapolis, MN

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TCF Bank charges $35.00 a pop if your account is overdrawn $0.1 or $10,000. They post NSF fees first, so your account continues to be overdrawn after other transactions have posted.

Sometimes, you are maxed out but the online record is off, and then you are hit with NSFs fees in a tsunami effect.

Customer service is always bad. The IDS location is a sweat shop and their service slow.

Better bank somewhere else.

Very average bank

I don't expect much from this bank. If it were not for the fact that there are enough branches around where I live, I would never have opened an account. I think there are some much better options, but I keep my account active because it is what I have had for a few years. I'm looking to switch up soon though because the web interface is very dated making it hard to find what I am looking for sometimes.

Really Bad Experience

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If you make a deposit it takes up to 5 days to clear up so they can charge you fees... they charge fees for each transaction you post..... if you have money and do 2 transactions they won't pay only one, they will tray to split the money into both so you can overdraft for both transactions and charge you, if you call customer service they all have a terrible attitude

Worst Bank Ever

They put my information in their system incorrectly. That wouldn't be a big deal except that they won't let me access my account. I called their customer services, no help but the foreign call center told me the correct number to call. Apparently it's a completely different branch of the company and they don't share records. So I called them, went through about 2 hours of transfers and hold times and then finally they said they would correct their issue and that it would be a few days before the changes would take place in their system. I try again a week later and it's the same issue. Now I have to start from square 1. The most ridiculous part of this is that I'm going through this ridiculous process in order to make my payments. I'm trying to PAY THEM. I hope their shareholders are looking. Worst banking experience ever.

Never Use This Bank!

I have been a customer of this bank for over 15 years, Yesterday they manipulated my checking account statement to reflect I had funds to cover a new online purchase.... therefore I made the purchase with confidence.... then the next day they removed the previous deposit to incur a NSF fee, then reinstated the deposit the following day, but the fee remains. After yelling at a "customer service" rep for an hour, they refused to remove the fee. A year ago they instituted a new policy without informing me, that now I was required to have a high minimum balance, and when i got below that level, they charged me 50 dollars.. I fought with them for weeks before i was able to win that one. NEVER USE THEM, THEY NICKEL AND DIME YOU TO I established an account at one of their competitors and am firing them.... DONT FALL FOR THEIR PROMOTIONS

Should Have Listened To My Mom

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I went back to TCF after having issues with Bank of America. For a while I was happy, but now I am not.

They seem to post transactions at their own will. Then even when everything shows a positive balance - they charge NSF fees for items that still allow for positive balance.

I called and asked why this happened - and the representative did some double talk. That basically reminded me of the double talk I received from the rep. from Bank of America.

I know double talk when I hear it. But now I have to pay up my account because of the double NSF fee charges I received from them.

But be warned - if you go through the same thing, do NOT expect any help. I wanted to fight the fees, but they said there was nothing I could do. There should always be a chance to fight fees if the customer feels they are not right.

Just think before you chose TCF. My mom told me they were probably going to screw me over (like they did before), but I wanted to give them another chance - to prove her and myself wrong.

That was a mistake, cause my Mom was correct it seems.

Tcf Is A Horrible Bank

!st Of we had a account from another bank that tcf took over we had this account for 24 years. So when I got some one to sign up they talked me into opening another account then I had to pay for checks I never use. I figured I have no checks for my old account so leave this one open to use for checks. Well then they started charging for not enough activity so I tried the use it 10x no charge but the amount you needed to use changed 3x I got charged 4 times for this because I rarely used this account and kept very little in it it bounced for the charges then for a check that the water company held for 2 months and decided to cash. To make a long story short I put 18,000.00 in there and the funds are available at the other bank they decided to hold it for 10 busines days at tcf and I have only had 4 nsf fees in 2 years. Why would they hold it from another bank?? Clueless Time to find another bank I have 2 savings account and two checking accounts with direct deposit screw them!! they SUCK give me first federal bank back please. And there charges 90 cents for pos 2.90 for pos I have no clue what all the charges are every month on my account.

TCF Steals Money From Customer Accounts Using Fraudulent Fees


I had a no fee checking account with TCF. I recently noticed a fee of $1.95 per month being billed to my account for check image fee. This is for enclosing a scanned copy of checks with my statement. It is ridiculous to charge me for this. The bank has to scan the checks anyway, no extra effort on their part. But they imposed this charge stealthily. By the time I noticed it they had billed this fee for 6 months already. I called them, and they agreed to stop billing me this amount in the future and terminate the check image “service”. But they refused to refund the 6 months of fees already billed. Their attitude was that I should have noticed the fees sooner and called sooner. They told me that I must look carefully at the small print on every piece of junk mail they send me, because sometimes they contain warnings of new fees that will be charged to my no fee account. If I miss this small print it is my fault, and they can steal money from my account because I did not notice.



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We started banking with TCF over 25 years ago and they were great until a couple years ago. They now have multiple hidden fees that cause over drafts that results in more charges. My wife got involved with pay day loan companies (her mistake) and closed her account to stop them from ACH withdrawals. TCF then told her they would still honor the ACH withdrawals and charge over draft fees. We found out later that there is a federal law that allows you to revoke ACH withdrawal authorization, and you would think TCH would have advised her of this but did not.

It is our fault for getting involved with these pay day loan outfits, but at one time banks would help with these sort of problems. TCF seems to only care about the fees they can generate from the smaller companies.

TCF Policies - Customer Convenience Is Not A Priority

My local TCF Branch is excellent, knowledgeable, and pleasant to deal with.  Recently, I've had two issues where I've needed to contact them, and found that the local phone number was disconnected and replaced with the corporate 800 number, so you can no longer contact your branch directly.  I received incorrect information about IRA's and one of my accounts from the 800 number, and had to drive to the branch to get it straightened out!  Obviously, customer convenience is not a top priority!  Two other banks that I deal with both have their branches accessible by phone, so why would TCF decide to restrict customer access to their branches?

TCF's fees are getting higher and TCF seems anxious to impose them.  I just had an overdraft fee due to a timing issue where funds left my account quickly but took a day to replenish.  I was hit with a $37.00 overdraft fee!  Luckily I had TCF's recommended overdraft protection, but when I called them they said that the protection didn't apply, hence the charge!  Perhaps I'm too simplistic, but I have difficulty understanding overdraft protection that doesn't protect when you have an overdraft!  So, I called back to check and was told that there was no overdraft protection on my account!  It appears that someone else is as confused as I am!

I'm going to check my other banks and the credit union in the area to see which of them offers more of what I'm looking for, like ease of access and sensible customer service, and will likely transfer all of my accounts to another financial institution.

***DON't BANK AT TCF EVER!!!!!***

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This is the absolute worst bank I have ever had in my life. I liked the idea that TCF was open when other banks were not, due to my work schedule. I soon found out that was the only good thing about them. Here are some of my issues:
1. I closed one of my checking accounts due to fradulant activity and opened a new one. The problem was they only closed my account to debit & then charged me fees because I obviously did not have any money in it. Even worse they expected me to pay the fees even though it was there mistake.
2. I need to get a signature guarantee stamp for a insurance policy of my deceased father. I was the beneficiary and when I called on the phone to see if they could do it they said yes. I went into the branch give her the statement, my id, and everything else she told me to bring and then they told me they can't do it because the statement does not say I'm the beneficiary! WTF first off it's really none of their business the purpose of the signature guarantee is verify that I am the person signing the document. I was sending it to a different company anyway that does have all my info! I went into Wells Fargo and they did it for me with no problems at all!
3. They tried to charge their customers $28/day in overdraft fees regardless if you spend any money during those days or not.
4. Their customer service is horrible!! They don't care about their customers at all! It doesn't matter what branch I go into someone always has an attitude for no reason.
5. I finally decided to close my accounts once and for all and they said I couldn't do it because something was pending. I put money in the account since their was automatic payment going through then they told me they sent it back and charged me a ton of fees. I called the customer service line and they said they couldn't do anything about that even though I spoke to the person at the bank when I made the deposit and they said my account will be fine to close once the payment goes through. Another lie!! I paid some of the fees so I could just get this account cancelled. Typcial overnight, scam bank.
6. Their online banking is horrible. It is hard to follow & it is cheap. My new bank makes it so much easier to see your deposits, withdrawls, balances etc.

Being Mislead A 75Th Stoney Island Branch And Recieved Bad Customer Service From On Of Your Branch Managers.

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As of March 26, I encountered a misleading experience at 75th Stoney Island. I came in there to pay a pass due balance and was told from on of your clerks to disregard it and open up another checking account. I was somewhat surprised at that statement seeing that every company would want their monies if owed. I constantly asked the banker if she was sure that it wouldn't make a difference, seeing that I owe? She said no problem it'll pass through as some others have. I did what she said and open up another checking account and wouldn't u know it my money was taken to pay another old account.  This I found out when I came to make a withdrawal!!! MAN WAS I UPSET AND VERY FRUSTRATED.!!!

I was told the more TCF bank get customers to open up accounts at their branch the higher rating that branch gets. It's sad that I had to be deceived for your bank to get that rating!!! Getting an understanding from the Branch manager wasn't any better..the attitude of 75th Stoney's branch is AWFUL!!!

Fees- Free Checking, Whatever. TCF Does Suck. I Wouldn't Even Give Them 1 Star

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Free checking is a bunch of lies. Even though I have direct deposit, it doesn't matter. You get a fee of 9.95 if you don't have 15 transactions, which does not include direct deposits. Did not have warning of this change in policy either. I feel that they discriminate against single income people who don't have $10,000 to there name and won't ever get there. Don't make me spend money when I am trying to save it to pay bills. I prefer to use my credit card which at least gets cash back bonus. I too am looking for a new bank.

Want To Close My Account

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I initially opened my account for the $100 promotion. TCF unexpectedly sent me a box of checks that I never asked for and deducted $18 from my account. I went into a branch office and all they told me was that they were sorry that they never told me that I would receive an order of checks by default. I tried to tell them it was unfair for me to be charged for something I was never aware of. They said that they could do nothing about it because the check printing company would not take them back unless they made a printing error. I am closing my account as soon as I get the bonus.

Closed My Accounts After Discovering They Started Stealing My Money Through New Fees

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TCF claimes to have notified all of their customers by "flyer" that there are imporetant changes to their accounts.   Nothing posted in their lobby, doors and the tellers are not warning you.  They now changed the rules on you checking and if you fo not have $10,000 dollars with them and some other requirements they will start charging your Account $9.95 a month.  Unfortunately they did very Little to warn their customers and when you find out by the deduction on your statement, they will not refund your money telling you that they "notified" you.  BEWARE they "notify" you in such a way that you are guaranteed to miss it.  Spoke to several other customers outside of TCF, none of them knew of the new policies either!  Bunch of crooks! 

CASH Not Available Same Day!

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Same thing happened to me. I realized I was going to overdraft so I went straight to the bank and deposited cash into the account since the overdraft was pending... it took 3 days to clear therefore leaving me with overdraft fee....

TCF Getting Crazy With Fees

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I will be leaving TCF shortly due to their fee structure and loopholes used to gather those fees. I realized today that TCF has been charging the $5 POS debit card fees since June. This is the same ridiculous fee BOA was going to charge and backed off because of the uproar. TCF just started charging this fee quietly without any fanfare and no one has said boo about it. I admit that I was not paying as close attention to my accounts as should have been. I called customer service in order to find an explanation and they told me that they have always charged $0.30 per transaction when the card is used as a debit card in a POS capacity. This makes no sense since the fees have only started appearing since June of 2011 and there is no way to charge $0.30 per transaction and ever get to $5 even. Also, the fee is the same every month. Where is the uproar about TCF or maybe people did not even realize it has been going on. Well I am starting an uproar about it.

Recently, my girlfriend realized that she did not have enough money in her checking account to cover an automatic payment that was coming out. She went to the bank and deposited CASH. The teller told her that since she deposited the CASH before the payment was made she would be fine and be assessed no fees. This is where it gets interesting. My girlfriend checked the account the next day and the CASH deposit was still pending. The CASH deposit did not clear for 5 days. My girlfriend was charged a $28 overdraft fee and TCF will not reverse the fee.

Needless to say we will both be pulling our accounts very shortly!

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