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What On Earth Is A DEI Director?

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Ever since TDECU had the president and ceo step down, it's no longer doing much for the community. And what the heck is a DEI director, and what for? To create division and fake issues in our communities? That very conspiracy they conjured up about the fake narrative of unequal treatment was ridiculous... up until now. They created it and it doesn't help anybody, it's harming everybody.

Five Negative Star Review

Do not do business with this completely unprofessional, dishonest, thieving company. Even with a court order, they have refused to return my deceased family member's very small account.

Scammed Out Of $20,000.

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If you do business with TDECU...get out while you still have money. We just found out that someone took over $20,000 out of our account back in November. The Credit Union told me a store I had made a purchase at had been compromised but my account had not been affected. They immediately replaced my debit card when in fact it was my ATM card. When we discovered it they say they won't replace it because it was over 60 days. We had no idea there was a time limit on fraud. We have been members since 1981and have never had anything like this happen. It appears your money is not safe with them!

Take Your Money Elsewhere

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Basic member here with a 2nd chance account due to financial reasons..

I deposited my payroll checks every friday with no problems and my funds are cleared to go either the same day or the next. My account went negative over the weekend. No problem, let me deposit my check Monday, and I'll have the green light, right? NOPE.
TDECU randomly places a FOUR DAY HOLD on my check for God knows what without notifying me.
Ask the Bank Rep what the deal was.. Answer - "It's part of company policy." I talk to a Supervisor - they transfer me over to the department that verifies all deposits..
Their answer is - well, since your account went negative, your deposit will have to wait to be cleared once the hold is uplifted in 4 days. It's out of our hands.


TDECU Scam They Use Every Month

i have had an account with tdecu for almost 10 years now. every month they charge an insufficent fund fee when my account is positive. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH.
i used to be able to call someone direct and they would reverse it for me, because the account wasnt negative. but now that the person has transferred to a different position i cannot get anyone to look at it correctly. they tell me "it shows negative on my screen. we know you cannot see what we see."

i have a screenshot of it however i cannot attach it to this review.


Worst Onboarding Experience Ever

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I have never in my 58 years gone through so much BS to simply open an account. I got so frustrated that I cancelled my application and instructed this CU to destroy all of my personal information.

Very bad business. AVOID!!

Horrible Customer Service

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Don't waste your time unless you want a lot of aggravation from a listless and lazy staff. I am through with them forever.

40-Year Member But We'll Be Moving 2A Different Credit Union

What you've been with TDECU since 1980 but because of their changes we will be moving to another credit Union. We've had well over a million dollars in loans with TDECU and currently have more than a quarter of a million dollars borrowed from them. We currently have about one and a half times the income that we had when we secured our last loan with them yet now they will not loan of measly little $5,000. Not only were we never late we were always early on every single payment. With a near 800 credit score they have failed us as a member and we will never utilize their savings or CDs and definitely not secure alone with them again. They used to be the best banking institution by far than any other but when they lost their exclusivity they lost their benefits to members the had built this credit Union. They've opened lending up to those that lack creditworthiness yet their long-time members that have had tens of thousands and signature loans can no longer secure a loan. Personally I believe they're targeting conservatives in libertarians because those that call themselves the leaders of TDECU are definitely socialist left-leaning communistic thieves. Challenged me in court on this because I've been bringing it to their attention for years and they don't like it. How about the well over 10 million of members $ they give to the University of Houston by two alumni on TDECU board. We got nothing in return. They are thieves and crooks find another credit Union, any credit union and Latoya you cannot justify denying us a $5,000 loan. 791 fico! Anything they respond to about this review will be a lie and I look forward to proving it! So go ahead TDECU post something in response and see if I don't expose further illegalities, discrimination and the like!


I spent 3+ hours buying appliances for my new home at Best Buy. When paying, my debit card got declined because I exceeded my “daily limit.” To my surprise the team who authorizes limit increases only work during business hours. WTF! So, don’t plan on making large purchases after business hours or during weekends. I just lost four hours of my time because of their stupid security restrictions. From a member standpoint, TDECU FAILED providing the “amazing” customer service they take pride on. They’re INCAPABLE of delivering basic financial transactions. Don’t expect too much from them. I’m closing my account and going somewhere else.TDECU is a total DISASTER. The worst part is listening to the supervisor at the call center say “this isn’t the first time it happened to our members” I guess they don’t care about those upset members unable to make large purchases. STUPID. Go somewhere else, don’t bank with TDECU.

Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced

Customer Service is HORRENDOUS at TDECU. I’ve been waiting since June 20 to get the title to the car I paid off. After numerous phone calls & emails to resolve the problem, it’s obvious that no one at TDECU cares enough to help. I have gotten broken promises, been lied to, put on hold for up to 25 minutes, and given the royal run around. Do yourselves a favor and do business someplace else.

The Crummiest Service I've Ever Experienced!

We were referred to this credit union by a family member who said he's had satisfactory service for about 30 years so we thought Great, we were having bad service with Bank of America. When we filled out the app online we stated we had questions. It was stated their customer service would be in contact within 24-48 hours so we waited. Turns out all questions needed to be submitted via the Secured Message area. We found this out about a week later when we called to complain. My fiance submitted an app to ADD another account and after a week he was notified that app was not received. He had a documented email that acknowledged it's receipt.

Poor Customer Service

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I want to start out by saying that I have been a Custumer of TDECU since the early 1980's. I have previously felt like the credit union provided friendly service. Recently, I have been having problems when trying to contact the credit union about banking issues. Since the Heights location has been closed to walk in service I have been relegated to calling on the phone to resolve the matter. The system that TDECU uses, where a customer has to call into a phone bank and wait on the phone to be answered, sometimes waiting 30 to 45 minutes to get an answer. To make matters worse, the people who answer the call have little banking knowledge and usually don't have the authority to do anything important, like resolve a matter. Then, I have to wait again to talk to a supervisor, usually waitng another 15 to 30 minutes to talk to someone. Many times, the supervisor isn't able to resolve the matter. This is so customer unfriendly! The credit union staff is not allowed to take down your phone number and have a supervisor call you back. Nor are they allowed to give you an email address so that you can have continuum of care. That would make too much sense and be customer friendly. My issue is that I am having a problem where TDECU has not credited me on two payments I made in May and June. I tried the secured message system which is a joke! It is not answered in a timely manner and there is no continuum of care. Several times, I have used the secured message and it's taken days for someone to answer. And, when an answer has been made, the person isn't reading the question, and doesn't address the answer. I just want to SCREAM sometimes. I'm considering withdrawing all my money out of the credit union, because their system is so customer unfriendly. If they are treating others like me, which seems likely, this credit union will be going out of business soon! Frustrated beyond measure!

POOR Procedures

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These folks are maybe 10-15 years behind in how they do things. To open a new CD, you basically have to go through the process and being brand new and opening an account with them. Their online process is also NOT user friendly, and you end up having to be cleared just to move your own money around.

I do NOT recommend doing business here.

Put My Money In Someone Else's Account

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TDECU you managed to lose $250 of mine and refuse to say why you improperly endorsed my money order.It is OK to make mistakes, but you should be transparent about why when you put someone's money into someone else's account. I had to find that TDECU had my lost money by ordering a Moneygram copy of the mis-endorsed check, and you still refuse to tell me how it happened that you misendorsed my money order and put it in someone else's account.


TDECU is on the campus of my alma matter, the University of Houston. They engage very well with students and young adults in general. I have always had an easy and efficient experience with deposits here. The only con is that this location does not have a drive though. Despite having to go inside, I am greeted each time and deposit slips are pre-filled ! My deposit experience has always been great, fast and easy.

Don't Trust This Bank With $1

Thes people should be ashamed of themselves. My account was recently cleaned out fraudulently, and instead of reimbursing the money and handling the investigation, we were told we would have to go through the criminal court system if we wanted our money back. This is absurd. I have encountered this situation with Wells Fargo and my funds were returned later that day, but all we got from this "bank" was an attitude. The supervisor informed me that i would have to file a police report in Texas, coordinate with the investigators in NYC to pull surveillance tapes, identify this person and pursue legal action relying on his ability to pay me back. Really? My advice if want to protect your hard earned money, is to find a bank that actually cares about your business. You've been warned!

Texas Dow Employees CU

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This credit union is so unorganized. Bluebonnet merged with them at the end of the month and now there are missing transactions. No one has any answers!!! Bluebonnet FCU made a BIG mistake!!!!!!!!!!

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