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Don't Waste Your Time

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Tmobile money is a startup joke. Customer service reps have no knowledge and will only give you the standard party line response because they don't really know. Bank mobile will terminate accounts without prior notification or reason claiming they can do that per their terms of service. Strange thing to do to an account that was open less than 24 hours and had no money transactions......
beware. There are other digital banking solutions out there that are better, Don't fall for the golden carrot they are dangling.....

Worst Bank Ever.

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Worst bank ever. I have the bank with T-Mobile from the day it was first offered. I deposited a $2000 check, then they blocked all usage to my account for two weeks. I have spoken with a T-Mobile money specialist every day for a week. Their excuse is they're not sure they will receive the $2000, yet they've already received it. I even sent in screenshots of my other bank account showing the $2000 had already been deposited. Regretfully I had also set up a direct deposit. I was placed in the embarrassing situation where I had to call my landlord and explain why my rent would be late. My advice is, unless you can afford to go weeks without your money do not use T-Mobile money

Terrible And Unprofessional

I work for T-Mobile so naturally I opened a T-Mobile money account when I had gotten the chance. It wasn’t open for even a month, haven’t even set up direct deposit like I planned yet, before the T-Mobile money security team closed my account without reason. I’ve been calling the customer service number for a duration of nine months since my initial account was created in November and every time it’s the same answer. “Sorry, we have no information and can’t do a thing.” I’m basically shit out of luck and have no idea why. There’s absolutely no way to contact the security team to find out what the heck happened so I can fix it and I can’t create a new account at all. Horrible experience. Would not recommend. And I work for T-Mobile, I’m so very disappointed.

Very Deceptive, And Not Worth The Trouble

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Not worth the effort since the 4% interest rate does not exist unless you have a T-Mobile Wireless Account.
I signed up and it was very quick and easy….perhaps because I once had a T-Mobile Wireless Account that I closed about 5 years ago???
I think anybody can open the account, but you will only get 1% interest unless you have a qualifying T-Mobile Wireless account. The fact that you need a T-Mobile Wireless PostPaid plan to qualify for the higher interest rate is cleverly disguised on their website.
I did not notice this until I tried to add $1000. into my new T-Mobile Money Account but could not? It kept saying that my deposit amount exceeded the daily limit? Right about where I entered my deposit amount it clearly states the daily limit is $3000. ?????
I contacted T-Mobile Money and was informed that because I was not a T-Mobile Wireless customer, I was limited to $300. Daily.
I am in the process now of removing all my money from T-Mobile Money and closing my account.
This is exactly why I closed my old T-Mobile Wireless account years ago….. Poor customer service, double talk and little hidden “Gotcha Clauses”

Great Savings Account

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I don't use this account to do regular banking, just for savings. No fees, 4% up to $3k and 1% after that is better than you find almost anywhere and the req'ts are simple if you're already a tmobile customer. Easy to transfer money in and out.

Refused An Account - No Cust Svc

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So, I applied for an account and was refused. They REFUSE to say why and attempting to find out is the same as running into a brick wall, but with worse outcome.

They say they DON'T have to provide information .. because. Simply, if you were refused, try again later, and see what happens.

So if there's a problem, or an error - you will NEVER be able to correct it.

This Bank Sucks

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Made a check deposit on Wednesday last week. 200 on Friday available. It’s now Tuesday when funds are to be available in the account. Waiting for then to clear the checks and make funds. Call and they tell me it should have been done already but it wouldn’t be available until tomorrow 7 days after deposit. Oh, and there’s no one who can do anything about it. It’s the system and they don’t have control over the system. What the hell are you here for then? Do not use them as a real bank. Just a back up and for the high return only. They suck.

Don't Sign Up With This Bank!!!!

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I signed up with this bank 6 months ago, but started using it as my regular bank 4 months ago. No problems until a few days ago when they suddenly "restricted" my account with no explanation despite 3 phone calls and/or emails. Now I can't receive my direct deposit paycheck in the account and I can't use it to pay bills. Fortunately I have a backup account at a different bank. I would consider using this as a savings account like other reviewers suggested but I'm so fed up with this "bank", I will close out this account as soon as possible.

Horrible. Over 10 Day Hold On Funds

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Horrible checking account. This bank may be ok to use as a set aside/savings but if you need your funds available within 2 or 3 days to live, pay bills, groceries, etc. you'll starve or have electricity cut off because they will hold deposit for over 10 days. Even a u.s. postal money order which by law is supposed to be posted the next business day. It is beyond ridiculous to hold usps money order that long. I certainty wouldn't trust them with any large deposit amounts and certainly wouldn't trust them with a direct deposit of my paycheck. If they will hijack a lousy $300.00 money order, which is almost like cash, for 10, 15, 30 days (and oh yeah, it says in their terms they can hold a deposit up to 60 days!) for their
own use to make money off your money I can only imagine the games they will play with large deposits.
Closing this account down immediately, I can't afford to have my money tied up for over 10 days. And customer service is a joke, don't even bother.

Definitely Best As A Savings

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Deposits take a day longer to clear than other banks and they don't even show you how much is pending, only the total check amount is shown in your transactions and your have to wait 3 days it seems to clear, 2 full days to get the first $200. Every bill pay arrived late, check orders at Walmart kept getting cancelled until their support said I couldn't order from them with no caveats explained up front. You can't deposit cash into any ATM, period, and have weird out of the way places for free ATM's

So, I just have $100 of my pay every 2 weeks go there to meet the qualifications for the 4% interest and the rest go to my old Credit Union and am back using their checking and get to keep a separate debit card for my savings with T Mobile Money.

Not Liking T Mobile Money

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I opened this account at the end of Aug. So far I do not like it. I was drawn to it because of the 4.0 only to find the Max is 3k. Ok, so decided to use it as an escrow account. My major Complaints are I cannot connect this account to my main Bank USAA. USAA will not except their Routing number. I can connect to USAA from Mobile Money to Transfer money from my USAA account but not both ways or have to write myself a Check. No problem connecting from other Bank accounts. Thing is when Transferring money from my Accounts, or Depositing a Check into my T Mobile Money Account it is taking more than a week or Two to Credit my Money Account. That’s too Damn long.

This Bank Is A Joke

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Stick to a brick and mortar establishment! If an emergency were to happen, you need quick access to your funds. T Mobile Money, powered by Customers Bank offers a lucrative incentive to sign up of a whopping 4% apy, but ultimately, you end up paying for it in the long run. If you want to deposit money, you literally have to jump through several hoops. Customer service is poor and outsourced.
Not affiliated with T-Mobile, so you cant conduct transactions aside from paying your cellular bill.
My opinion? Not worth it.

T-MOBILE MONEY JOKE!! Don’T Deposit Your Money!

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T-Mobile Money gets YOUR money, puts a hold on your account claiming it’s under fraud review. When I contacted them (because no one ever let me know) to ask why my account was locked, the only answer I received was my account is being reviewed by their fraud department. The second representative that I spoke with claimed that T-Mobile had sent an email to my email address on file, which to this day I’ve not received. I was on vacation and had no warning my account would be locked for 5 days. I ended up stranded with -0- cents in my pocket, no money to purchase fuel, to buy food or finish enjoying my vacation.
I DO NOT and WILL NOT ever recommend T-Mobile Money Banking to anyone! Horrible customer service! Horrible experience and all because they chose to decide to lock my account. By the way, there were no fraudulent purchases or any other fraudulent activity on my account. Bottom line, there was no reason that my account should have been locked.

Do Not Waste Your Time

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Aweful Experience And Not Customer Friendly

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I switched to this bank July 2019 because of the advertisement and I am accustomed to online banking. My nightmare started as soon as I started my journey. I made two attempts to deposit a state payroll check via mobile which were rejected because they claim they could not verify the check although the same information for my direct deposit request was on the check. I in turn deposited the check via mobile and it was available within 24 hours. Because I had already set my new bank up to pay bills I then transferred funds to the bank from another bank which I was later informed would be available in 4 business days. 24 days later and my nightmare is still in full effect. The funds that I externally transferred are still not available, Tmobile has not paid my major bills and my account remain in the negative. I have customer service several times and they have did what I have common sense to which is read line by line my transactions but they cannot tell me why all my Bill's presented have been returned unpaid with funds in the bank. This has been the most unfortunate experience that I have had with a bank. If it wasn't too late to stop the direct deposit for 7/35 and 7/29 I would close this account today but I plan to close it on 7/29 on e my funds hit the bank.

Wish I Would Leave A Negative Rating

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Deposited a small dollar amount check into my T-Mobile money account and they literally put a 10 business day hold on it and the whole point of this check was to pay off a credit card that my business partner had put charges on and here we are getting dinged by our credit card company now. I'd hate to see the hold they put on deposits on checks from my work....lesson learned for sure never again.

Terrible. Just Terrible.

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Stick to cellphones. The employees or clearly TMobile do not have a remote understanding of banking. It's as if a fast food company decided to open and run a 5 star restaurant with the notion - food service is food service, if I can run a drive through I can certainly do this. Customer service is awful. The employees do not seem to have a banking background. Again, I think TMobile felt they could take anyone and "teach" them to work in a banking support role - fail. Use it as a savings account is all I could suggest.

Excellent Bank

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I just opened a T-Mobile Money Checking Account via online and it was fast and easy to do. I met all qualifications since I have been a cell phone customer since 2005. First with a flip phone then a smart phone. The site was easy to handle and once all verifications were made, the account was established. I deposited a small amount with the monthly requirement to be done on a regular basis. I received my "card' in the mail yesterday and verified it. I did make one phone call to T-Mobile Money and speak with a customer assistant to see if this can be used as a "debit card" with no fees incurred. I was told yes it can be used as such with no fees incurred but if cash was wanted it had to be at an Allpoint location. Further it was really nice to speak with someone who spoke clearly in ENGLISH. LOL I do not plan to actually use the card until the account becomes more established and then I might try it out at a HEB. I also do not plan to close my existing account with a local bank. I do like the advertised 4% interest rate and will see in a couple of months if it is paying as advertised. So far, so good. Am satisfied at present.

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