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Solid bank with local support and flavor

I opened an account with this bank because I was looking to diversify the types of institutions I support - rather than the huge banks like Chase, Bank of America, etc., I wanted something like a credit union. This place is! It was extremely easy and affordable to open an account for myself. My partner and I also opened our first joint savings account there because I had such a good experience with my personal account. Anyone I've ever talked to on the phone is very courteous and knowledgeable. I'm unfamiliar with their mobile abilities since I don't use those too often - other than that, I'm happy with everything so far!

University Federal Credit Union is the way to go!

University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) is a fantastic place to bank with! Ever since moving back to Austin a few years ago, I have had my checking account as well s a couple savings accounts with UFCU. As a credit union, their fees are minimal and they really go the extra mile for their clients! For instance, I noticed some very suspicious looking charges on my bank account and I went into my local branch right away. They offered me coffee and sat me down with a banker to work out if there were any other fraudulent charges on my account, and there were! They were able to reverse the charges and reassured me that my account was safe after we changed my debit card and created new passcodes. They even issued me a special account and card for my online purchases, so that I would be able to avoid this sort of problem in the future! UFCU really is fantastic!

the UFCL is a good choice for UT students

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As a student at the University of Texas, the UFCL (University Federal Credit Union) is a good choice for your banking needs, because they offer competitive products and protect your interests as a student better than the big banks do! If you just need a checking and/or savings account and don't need any flashy banking products and don't want to be spammed by big banks advertising all of the time - UFCL is a great bet and a good place to go! The staff is also very helpful and personable

Great Credit Union

University Federal Credit Union is very helpful. They are very cautious when people are applying for loans and make sure that every party involved knows the upsides and downsides that come with their loan. It's this type of dependability and honesty that really make a difference in these difficult financial times. Once everything is settled and the loan is procured University Federal Credit Union has reasonable prices and pleasant people to speak to about your loan. A great service!

Great Bank

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I have nothing but compliments for this c.u. I've had nothing but exceptionally good service from them. I would recommend University FCU to anyone, but especially to those who went to UT Austin and those who are or who have lived in Texas.

University Federal Credit Union (Austin TX)

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I have been a member of the University Federal Credit Union for nearly 15 years. While this credit union is primarily for people who are associated in some way with the University of Texas, their membership policies allow a wide range of people to access their services. Their loan rates for cars and other vehicles are excellent. They reward loyalty (number of years as member) and repeat business by lowering loan rates. You can get free checking with free checks and bill pay by having a fairly reasonable end-of-month balance of $2500 in all of your accounts. They are strong proponents of financial education. This includes a great saving program for children with special "Kidz" CD rates and checking accounts for teens 14 and up. Their website includes lots of useful features -- scheduled events, financial education links, and loan calculators. Loan requests are easy and can be done directly from a member's online account with quick approval times. Over the years, I have been very pleased with their customer service agents. The employees are polite, knowledgeable and friendly. Accessing my safe deposit box is always quick and easy. Lastly, concern over customer and employee safety has led to a series of safety protocols and upgrades to thwart both bank fraud and bank robbery. I feel very safe knowing that my money is with UFCU.

University Federal Credit Union

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This credit union is based out of Austin, although it has locations in Galveston as well. I found the staff to be super friendly, nice and considerate. They really do seem more like they care about you than a typical bank, even though at the end of the day they are still a bank. I refinanced a few loans and ended up saving a lot. The only thing that was not very convenient was their mobile application and website. They worked fine but were not as convenient or had the same amenities as some other options, but it was only a minor problem.

Worst Bank Experience I've Ever Had

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I wish that I could give UFCU a 0 star rating and I completely regret joining, because I have had the worst banking experiences of my life here - worse even than Bank of America, which is notorious for their poor customer service and hidden fees.

I started my car refinance in March. It's now June. I supposedly finished the process at the end of May, but is it over yet? Of course not! When I first spoke with Janis Larrimer on the phone back in March, she was very direct, made the process seem very simple, and said after answering all of her questions I would only need to sign the paperwork. She then transferred me over to Kamille Williams, who not only asked me for the exact same documentation I had already provided to Janis but also failed to respond to my follow-up questions regarding why she needed my documentation a second time.

After her failure to respond, I contacted Janis and requested that she transfer my account to someone else who would respond to my questions in a timely manner. Janis obliged, transferring me to Ashely Maldonado. Ashley asked me for still further documentation - telling me that I was responsible for getting a copy of my loan title from Capital One, even though Janis had told me originally was that all I needed to do was sign the paperwork. Due to Capital One's failure to respond to me, it took weeks for me to find out that the state I bought my car in was a title owner state and to then find the title in my files. When I finally found it and made the requested copy, it then took even longer for me to actually get it to UFCU, because branch hours are only 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., a time period that I, like most people, am at work. While I realize that Capital One's delay was not the fault of UFCU, they should have been explicit at the beginning of the process in regards to the paperwork I needed to provide them instead of telling me that I only had to sign the paperwork in order to finish my refinance.

Between Kamille's failure to respond to me, Capital One's delay in response, and the time it took me to actually be able to get to this UFCU branch during open hours, it was already May. After I turned my signed paperwork and the requested copy of my title, I thought the process was finished. Then I got an e-mail from Ashley saying that the title department wanted still more paperwork from me and, a few days later, a call saying that they needed my actual title instead of a copy like Ashley had told me at first. I'd explained the reason for the delay in getting a copy of the title to Ashley on April 30th, but apparently even though I told her at that point that I bought my car in a title owner state it didn't occur to her to let me know that in that case UFCU would need my actual title, nor did it occur to Janis when I told her back in March that I bought my car in Michigan.

And again I had difficulty getting to the branch because it opens after I arrive at work and closes before I leave. When I finally did get to the branch, I had an incredibly poor experience with the staff there. I'm mixed race, white and Japanese, and my last name reflects my Japanese heritage. While I don't expect people unfamiliar with Japanese names to pronounce it correctly, I also don't expect people to outright laugh in my face in response to me telling them my name - yet that is what Jennifer Alfaro did when I came to turn in my title. It made me incredibly uncomfortable and was, quite frankly, pretty racist of her to do. You don't mock your customer for being a race that is different from yours. I reported the incident to anther staff person present who said she would speak with the manager, but I do not know if she followed through.

After laughing at my last name, Jennifer then seemed incredibly confused as to why I would want acknowledgement of receipt of my title and did not know how to provide it to me. I would think that it would be pretty standard to offer acknowledgement of receipt for something like an original car title - it's not like I was handing over a copy of some paperwork that could be reprinted if necessary. Eventually, though, I got her to type up a document saying that she received it.

I notified Ashley that I'd turned in my title and she sent me the final paperwork when she received it from the bank. I signed it the same day, less than an hour after she sent it. That was about a week ago, during which time I thought UFCU sent the payoff amount to Capital One, especially since they already added the loan to my list of accounts online and scheduled my first payment. But earlier today I was contacted by Capital One regarding a payment that was due AFTER I finalized the paperwork from UFCU. I, being very confused, explained that I had refinanced with UFCU and that they should have already received the payoff amount. To my surprise, UFCU hasn't sent it yet, and I have no idea when they will, because it was supposedly already done.

Learn from my mistake: Don't bank here.

Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced With Any Financial Institution

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I've been a member of UFCU for seven years, though I have had other financial institutions until recently.  They have my direct deposit, my new car auto loan, my credit card business.  They are the only financial institution I use right now.  

This is because I left Chase and a competitor credit union and took all that business to UFCU due to UFCU's amazing rates.  The previous reviewer is 100% right that wise customers avoid for profit banks like Chase and stick to credit unions.  I respectfully disagree with him about UFCU's service, aside from the loan rates.  1.3% auto loans if you qualify!  Wow!  6.9% credit cards!  Amazing!

Unfortunately, they have terrible customer service.  My 6.9% credit card is charging 9.9%.  Why?  I don't know.  I've never been late or gone anywhere near the max.  The paperwork says 6.9% and they promise they will fix it.  But they don't.  My mobile app is locked out... again!  I walked into the Guadalupe branch on the drag and asked them to fix it.  I have my driver's license and can prove who I am, but the loan officer sneered at me for asking and said I must fix this from the internet.  Do they not have internet service at their branch?  I guess not, because I left that branch with the problem unresolved.  Finally I did get it working a week later and could make my bill payments.  Next month, the website asked me what my favorite ice cream flavor is.  I had never answered that before so I thought it was establishing a security question.  Nope.  My wife had answered the question, and so when I guessed wrong, they locked me out of my own account.

I called their customer service and answered FIVE security questions correctly before they accepted I was who I was.  I don't know why they asked me the questions, because as soon as they were done they told me they wouldn't help me.  I need to go to the website to fix it.  They won't do it manually.  The only time they set that up is when you open the account, I guess.

That wasn't the case at Chase or the other credit union, where they would fix the problem even if that meant using their internet resources in their office.  UFCU's employees seem to be more interested in socializing with their coworkers, was the impression I got on multiple occasions.

This is very frustrating because I think I'm a model member of their institution.  I carry a balance, have never missed a payment, and do a ton of business with their products.  But when it's time for them to do their part, they just want me to fix it on the website... which is essentially delegating their customer service job to me.

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