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USAA Bank. What A Fubar Place

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What a fubar organization. You can sure tell that USAA isn’t the owner anymore. What a screwed up place. Ruining USAA reputation.

Worst Bank Ever

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Stay away from this military bank most bigoted against lgbtq bank ever no access to account. Said I’ll get my money bank in 60 days they took my remaining benefits and let me starve and said I’m sorry sorry means nothing when your starving to death with no money

Ugh...No Access To Our Account Or Money.

My husband has been a member with USAA for almost 28 years. From a brand new Lt to his retirement as a Lt Col. Well...We made an international purchase...or tried to (from a place I've ordered from before BTW ) we verified PRIOR to pressing the process payment button through VISA AND also verified after with USAA it was NOT a fraudulent charge when we recieved the text to confirm that... yet the charge was still declined ..AND our account is now under "review" for fraud. We can't access our money now for who knows how long (They say 3 buisness days, but I've seen comments regarding this and it seems that's what it starts as but that time gets longer) even after verifying multiple times this was a purchase WE were making. AND Now we have about 8 bills that aren't going to go through because we can only make deposits into our account . I probably would get this review alittle more~ if there was maybe actual fraud to look into...But we have verified multiple times now IT WAS US. So it seems, we're basically just waiting on someone to unlock our account now for a charge that was verified multiple times to be our own, BUT.....In the meantime we don't have access to our funds and 8 bills we will be paying fees for when they bounce or don't go through because they are only accepting money INTO our account. And all this for a purchase we did everything we had to TO verify we DID MAKE.(OR TRIED TO) And apparently nobody can do anything about this to speed the process up....Or at least we can't speak to anybody who actually can. I can't even view our accounts. And when I call the automated system it says my information isn't recognized. Like I don't exist...But Our direct deposit are still hitting just fine...Funny thing...Last month we had 20+ charges to Apple to our account back to back....That didn't trigger a "review" or even a block. This though....A international charge to a buisness I have purchased from before AND verified with VISA verification prior to pressing process AND through USAA verification AND verifying by phone in person....This does though.

They Really Suck

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I've been using USAA banking for years and use ACH deposits from my brick & motor bank to fund the account and pay my bills from USAA. Everything was fine until 2 weeks ago, without notice USAA started to limit my ACH deposits from $5000 to $500 per day, and anything above $500 gets a 5 business day hold. I called customer service and was told there is nothing they can do, but I can wire transfer money without a hold. I'm not going to pay $25 wire transfer fees, so that ends my relationship with USAA banking.

Stay Away From USAA

This bank makes money off of Zelle like a kick back, we put our money in the bank thinking it is ok, but they let them scam almost 1000 out of my account. My money I bought a swim spa, they turned it in as fraud , so the company won’t sell it to me! The bank has threatened me, let Zelle steal my money, stole my chance of a swim
Spa, threatened to throw me in jail, heck a 2 year old could do their job… I can’t wait to get rid of this nightmare, stay away, my horror ending story of 2021!!!

Run, Don't Walk Away From USAA...

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If you have anything but the most vanilla banking needs, avoid USAA at all costs. I manage a trust for my family which had most of it's funds at USAA. Since they have no brick and mortar presence, the only interface with them is the most horrible phone customer service system in existence. You call them to try to accomplish something, you explain to the person you are talking to, they don't know what to do, so they pass you to someone else who doesn't know what to do, they ask you for documents, which they almost immediately lose, they waste hours of your time and accomplish nothing. You call back to try to get the same thing accomplished and you have to start all over again because there is little to no record of your previous call, there is no way to talk to anyone that you have talked to before, not that it matters because they didn't know what to do anyway. Their incompetence borders on criminal behavior. Like I said, run, don't walk away from this 'bank'.

USAA Does Not Protect Their Customers

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I don’t like to post negative but people need to be aware to stay away from USAA.

I am writing to notify anyone that has @USAA to cancel all of your accounts.

I had someone take $1301 through the USAA approved ZELLE app, that is actually ON the @USAA app, and they are not covering my under consumer protection/identity theft/fraud. I was left with $26.

AND they still didn’t freeze the account while fraud was under investigation and charged me with a NSF the next day when a regular, legitimate payment tried to come through. So now my account is negative.

I filed a claim. They denied it. I have now filed a Federal Claim, I also filed through the Attorney General (as the Federal Claim department suggested), and filed a local police report in person.

USAA could SEE the fake emails and they still denied the claim. AND, regardless, their security measures should have flagged the account for suspicious activity and suspended it. There were 4 transactions one after the other. I RARELY use ZELLE so that should have been a read flag.

Where is their security? I am appalled and stranded financially. I have been with USAA for more than 25 years and this is how they protect me?

USAA’s security measures are a joke, they don’t protect their clients, and they don’t stand behind their claims. Stay far away from USAA.

Run From This "Bank"

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I can't even use them to fund my webull account because they put a stop payment on them without my consent. They send other customers mail to me and won't stop it. Their customer service is trash, I have been polite and tactful, yet hung up on. You will never get a survivor to call you back, ever. I have only used them for about 4 years and have had a membership with them for about 20. They were a backup bank I regret using now. I am currently looking for a new bank.

Terrible Banking And Customer Service. Broken Processes

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Terrible customer experience. Numerous problems and complaints(even formal ones with BBB). They don’t seem to get it...still. Even after contacted the CEO’s office a dozen times. They shut down my entire account access...twice! The first time lasted a week, then a few months later (after I was on to their broken process) it lasted for 3 days (over a weekend). Their ineffective “fraud” process kicked in and shut down my access to all my accounts without ever contacting me and asking about banking activity that was in question - not once. They make the customer squirm and try to find out what happened and get accounts access again. I closed ALL my bank accounts and annuity and moved my money to Schwab.


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After a period of poor customer service, things have gotten better... with the exception of the security department. Security didn't like one of my transactions and locked my account without notifying me. Customer service was unable to tell me what caused the shut-down. I didn't have access to my checking account for nearly two weeks. No one even bothered to notify me when the account was unlocked. When I called for the 5th, or so time, the rep noticed that it had been unlocked.

Lack Of CS When Dealing With Fraud

I have been a customer of USAA for 13 years, and had someone hack my account on 11/10. They made a large deposit and a zelle and cash app transaction. When I noticed the fraudulent activity I contacted USAA immediately, and changed all my log information. USAA froze all of my accounts and all of my funds the next day, with no warning (which according to one of their managers they are supposed to call and tell you, and give you a chance to withdraw some of your funds). 3 days after the initial reporting of the fraud, speaking to multiple people a day, I have no answers other then it is under review, that no-one can release my accounts until they are done reviewing it, which can take 3 business days, and if I'm found at fault they won't unfreeze my accounts till any negative balances are paid. You cannot speak to the actual fraud department, the check in question has my name typed on the back, not an actual signature, and not a single person can give me any kind of answer! Please tell me how you expect someone to live with 0 access to any money? The customer service with this bank has gone way down hill. The lack of empathy, urgency or anything is 0. As soon as my accounts are unfrozen I will be pulling any and all money from this bank. I will never entrust USAA with my business or my money ever again!

29 Year Member Treated Horribly

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Ex-wife file bankruptcy NOT me. After being a member 29 years, after 3 years USAA submitted against me for 2 accounts in my wife's bankruptcy. 1 account was removed and after 3 years they added the other. The first account was removed from my credit report and they sent me a letter to provide to credit bureaus. USAA stated I paid until Jan 2020 now reports bad credit and I'm delinquent. I haven't paid in 3 years due to my ex-wife's bankruptcy. USAA bankruptcy won't give specifics but reports me as delinquent. I am being punished by USAA for something outside my control as a retired military officer. I've had several loans over the years with USAA.

Like Many Banks That Cater To Military...

...they are far more interested in LOANING you money than paying great deposit rates. But, good customer service and a range of products make USAA a solid choice. Though years ago the personalized service was the best, today it's at least better than the mega banks. You can't go wrong banking here but, you CAN do better with more personalized serviced elsewhere.

USAA ACH Transfer System Problem

I have had an account with USAA for over twenty years and have been using their ACH transfers for years. On April 29 I transferred $5000 to a linked account. Usually these transfers are available at the receiving institutions the next day. This one wasn’t so I called and was told the transfer was done and completed and given a confirmation number. I called the receiving institution and they didn’t have it and they asked for a fifteen digit tracing number. I called USAA again and they couldn’t find that number. Today I spent three hours on the phone including one in which the receiving institution CSR was on a three way call with me trying to find my money. It turns out that USAA is experiencing what they call an IT problem and I was told they have known about it now for several days and hope to have it fixed by the end of the week. I was actually told by one CSR “We have a problem with the transfers and bill pay system and there ain’t nothing we can do about it.”
I can’t believe a CSR would actually say something like that to a customer. I asked for a letter and compensation for lost interest as my money was on its way to a CD paying 3.2 percent. I was told we won’t send a letter. Basically no one cares that I spent hours trying to get an answer to a problem that they were aware of and they didn’t want to tell me. I have lost any remaining trust that I had in USAA and will be closing all of my accounts with this failing institution.

Becoming Member Nightmare

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I recently enrolled into USAA. I opened a savings account and moved several thousand into that account. I talked to a financial adviser and created an IRA into which to rollover my 401k. I then initiated the rollover, which hadn't occurred at the time that this happened.

This morning I attempted to login and found that I was locked out. I contacted support and after MANY handoffs I learned that USAA has decided that I was doing something fraudulent. They will do no business with me, and they won't explain the decision. And there is no way to have them reconsider that decision. They closed all accounts and restricted all access.

So now I have 10,000 in a savings account that I can't reach and I had a rollover started into this IRA. Fortunately I was able to cancel the rollover. What a nightmare this would have been had the rollover been done.

When they decided to cancel my account they made no effort to reach out to me. What a mess!

They told me on the phone that it was not possible to tell me why they think I am doing something fraudulent. Everything I told them was 100% truthful.

Also, their web software is extremely buggy. I attempted three separate operations online on three separate days. All three operations failed due to buggy software (becoming a member, opening savings account, changing profile). I kept encountering pages in which the "Next" button would not work. All three operations had to be done via phone. I complained about the terrible software and think that my complaints may have prompted my problems.

Was on the phone many times and spent most of that time listening to their USAA jingle.

I strongly suggest that you avoid USAA. This was my biggest mistake in many years.

One last consideration. When you deposit money in bank you expect it to be available. My 10,000 is not available. A rep told me that she could not tell me when it would be returned. Could not tell me if it would ever be returned.

Why put money in a bank when the bank acts as if it was there own. I wouldn't leave my money there either. They cannot be trusted!

Looks Like USAA Has Lost An IRA Account

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I'm a recent USAA customer due to inheriting 2 traditional IRAs from my mother, along with my sisters.
The turnover to us began in December and only 1 of the IRAs shows on our account listings. When asked about the other one, we were told it was not showing up due to: an IT problem.

Is this a thing with USAA? Not good for a financial institution.

Also have a complaint regarding a penalty we now owe for late disbursement, but that will be another post.

USAA Held My VA Direct Deposit On A Closed Account

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I am furious with this bank! We had the VA direct deposit set up to go into an account with USAA and just two days before the direct deposit was to hit, they closed the account, due to inactivity and no deposits made. I had a savings open that I hardly used and was told by an executive resolutions manager that they will take out whatever fees were owed to them and manually put the rest into an open savings I had. That same day, I was told by another ERM that they don’t do that anymore and I will have to wait 10 full business days before they cut me a check for OUR MONEY!!! I spoke with 10 different people that gave me all different stories as to when I will be receiving the money via check. The direct deposit hit that account on 11/27/19. It is now 12/13/19 and I have not received our money. On 12/11/2019, I spent a good hour or two being transferred, put on hold, and disconnected from people who were supposed to help me. The last person I spoke to told me he had never seen anything like this and apologized. USAA ruined our Thanksgiving, and now going into Christmas for money they are holding on to that is not even theirs. We missed our mortgage for the month and had to cancel doc appts because they are holding our funds. Nobody can give me a definitive answer on anything and keep regurgitating the 10 day hold but, it is now going on 13 days and customer service reps said they didnt see anywhere in the system that my check had been sent off. Another thing, after that first ERM told me that they would manually deposit it into my savings, they closed my savings the same day she said that! This is so wrong and purely evil that they will withhold money that isn’t theirs and ruin people’s lives in the process. Thanks to USAA, we were late on mortgage, no gas money, or money for doc appointments and medications. I hate this bank.

Held My Money Hostage!!!

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I had to move on short notice for work reasons and sold my car to do so. I deposited the check through USAA bank’s mobile app. After I hit submit the app told me the bank would hold all but 10% of my deposit for 7 days, not enough for me to move with. No warning, no ability to back out of the transaction, no take it or leave it, just The Man laying it down. Called and spoke with their Executive Resolutions people who are supposed to be the customer service team to end all customer service teams and they were OBSTINATELY ADAMANT that my funds would not be released, not even a PORTION, not even AFTER IT CLEARS THE FED. If you are a veteran and are considering distance banking with USAA, here’s a word of advice: DON’T. They don’t care about veterans. They will screw you just like Citi or BoA would, except with USAA you’ll have no teller or offices to go to locally to resolve your issue.

Today Was Last Straw

Will be moving to another bank. Over the years it’s been questionable but today I find out they had disabled certain features then tried to make me think I never had them so I charged fees. There are NO ATMs in middle Tennessee to make a cash deposit and you can’t wire the funds from any bank without having an account at that bank. You call usaa for options and aren’t given any but they do proceed to tell you how you can wire funds from your account! Idiots. I get out of the hospital after major surgery and have to deal with this the next day. 4 banks and half a day, one bank CR told me to get a money order and see if it would go through mobile deposit! Finally but at a loss of time, has, hassle. USSA is no longer about the customer and sometimes I would like to be able to wire the funds for deposit when I receive cash from a job or gifts from family. So if I have to open an account at another bank I might as well move everything to that bank as I’ll get all the options and extras there and won’t have to spend time bouncing around or have to go out of my way to do banking and get charges fees when the disable an option so they can charge you. They talk to you like you’re an imbecile and try to make you think your the idiot.

The Worst Experience I Had Trying To Deposit Money Into My Bank Account

This a crazy store you won’t believe but it’s 100% true.

Back in 2015 I was hurt very bad at work, so I was placed on Worker Comp and started depositing check for over 2 years. Then problem with me payment for worker comp were found so they sent me a check over $17K. So I tried to deposit check (that was a big NO GO) ok after multiple call I had to give up they would not raise deposit limit on mobile banking App (Hello you are a Bank correct?) so I was forced to go to the bank the check was drawn on. I had to account they close after I pulled money out. Crazy right go to another bank.

Ok so fast forward to a few days ago. So I am at the settlement part of comp claim, I know I will be getting a few checks that will total $580k (over the next few months). So I call USAA and tell them I have a check coming the is $150k in a few days (got the check 2 hours later in mail). I call and explain that problems I had with the little two years ago. So I ask if there is any way I can find out how to deposit such a big check. At that time thought it would be one check (they sent 2 check total $150k). So I spoke with a very nice woman whom Swore to me that she there would be no problem. Put me on hold and came back and said OK you’re approved up to 150 K. BIG FAT lie. I explained to her before I hung up the phone I was not 100% sure I trusted what she was telling me and said I believe this will not work. But I tried anyway.

OK then I come home to find two checks in my mailbox. For the full amount so I do as I was instructed in call USAA back (keep in mind I just spoke to they only 2 hour early) I tell the new person I get on the phone the whole story and say on I have 2 checks but I was told by fist person that say long as the Checks are under $150k each no problems. So the new Representative me on hold and goes and talks to someone to get limited lifted. The representative comes back and says well can only deposit if it’s under $75k (this is not going to help one check is for $83k) so she now transfer me to someone else. OK after being bounced around 4 other people, (mind you I’m trying to put money in a bank), I get told that I have to mail the check to them but they refused to give me a point of contact they really want me to blindly mail them off. After I tell them I am not comfortable with that and I will not do that I want person to receive check. I even let them know that if they’re not willing to help me I will go to another bank and I will not come back. So needless to saying I got nowhere. I hung up.

OK I didn’t let it go in there I called back. This time between manager. After being on hold for a while over 10 minutes I get a gentleman and states he is a manager. I explain the whole thing to him. Still no help could not give me a straight answer about any of this process. I let him know that all this and consistency and trying to deposit checks does not ensure trust with their institution. Since they weren’t willing to help me I want to another bank one that was very happy to see those checks and to know more are coming.

Long story short USAA does not seem to have properly trained individuals, each time you call you will get a different story or a different explanation of how to do something. Not sure they even know what they are doing at this point!
Oh and let me recap a little bit when I insisted I wanted a person a point of contact to send check to for the deposit I was told that they do not give that unless you have $1 million in their bank. Are you kidding me I’m coming to you with what will be $580K in a few months and I don’t even rate getting the account manager of some time to help me.

They apparently have so many wealthy clients they don’t need us. We’re only poor dumb Vets we don’t count.

Be very careful with them you do business with them you better watch everything you do. Don’t assume that anyone you talk to truly knows what they’re doing.

Not What They Used To Be

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It saddens me to have to write a poor review of USAA banking. We have been members for many years and always felt valued until the last year or so when we began to experience degradation of service. Beginning in August 2018, we had an issue that could never be resolved. More than that, we could never reach anyone in their escalation office who would speak to us. After many months, of letters, emails and phone calls with promises that we would hear back we finally moved all of our savings to a credit union. Even after months of aggravation, when I called in March 2019 to close my savings account, the service rep really tried to help and said that he was able to reach someone in the escalation department and would I please accept a phone call back? I confirmed that I would but then never got a call - that was 3 months ago! The front line reps are great and always try but then I never hear from anyone higher up. It is positively unbelievable that such a great company with a great history could now be so terrible with their service.

USAA fees

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Overdrew on my checking acct- at USAA- got a cash advance for several times the amount and now after three months cannot get USAA to direct me how to discharge that debt and stop the interest charges-
Do the math- suppose 10,000 other customers are having the same problem- that income from interest charges is quite a scam, don’t you think?

USAA Downhill Decline In Customer Service/Products

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It took me 6 months to get $400 back from a vendor with inadequate support from USAA, debit card security breach/hack and now their overdraft protection system is pulling funds from customers checking accounts at will. They did not tell anyone about the overdraft issue.

Can't access any money for easter weekend due to USAA computer problems...

Due to USAA's internal network problem with their overdraft kicking in for no reason, I am about to go into the four day weekend without access to my checking account funds. Because of the overdraft fault it keeps pulling money from my checking account leaving a negative balance. Well done USAA, thanks for ruining my weekend with no funds available. Sickening.

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Good Stuff Here
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oh wow USAA! getting in my face now when you are at fault. Well done!

Disability Taken From Veteran To Cover Fees

I am a disabled veteran with PTSD, I have been banking with USAA since 2010. Over the past couple years because of my illness and trying to navigate the trials of the VA, I have not been financially stable. In August of 2018, I lost my job. Since that date, USAA has charged me more than $2000 in NSF or Overdraft fees. $844 of which was taken directly from a deposit of my VA disability, leaving me with less than $200 to survive on for the month, and absolutely no way to pay my bills. I explained my situation to them, and begged them to refund the fees but they refused each time. I was lectured about my financial "irresponsibility," and informed that it was their RIGHT to charge these fees to a suffering, disabled veteran. No kindness, consideration, care, or empathy was shown from ANY of the representatives who heard about my case. I sent a letter to USAA through multiple contact methods in November of 2018 and did not receive a response at all. After contacting the office of the president, Chad Borton, I was informed that it was, "received by back-office staff." But never addressed?

USAA knows what it means to serve-- Themselves.

I am beyond disappointed with this company and disgusted that they continue to make their money using veterans and service-members as a prop without even following through with their promise to care.

Horrible Bank

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USAA used to have good customer service, but that has deteriorated and USAA is now among the worst banks. USAA's mismanagement is so severe that it is under 2 separate recent orders from Federal Agencies relating to USAA's woefully inadequate customer service and management, as well as USAA charging illegal fees to customers. One case was brought by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the other by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and both orders are from early 2019. In one of those cases USAA had to pay millions of dollars in refunds to customers it charged illegal fees to. That is how terrible USAA's management is.

My own experience has mirrored the findings of those federal agencies--USAA makes errors in its banking, has terribly trained customer service agents, and different departments have such poor communication that it becomes impossible to get anything straightened out.

Combined with their generally inferior banking products (poor credit card rewards, terrible interest rates on savings/checking accounts, etc), there is simply no reason to be a customer of USAA.

Best Bank Ever

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I have a checking account and USAA limitless 2.5% cashback VISA credit card account.

The coolest feature about checking account is when you schedule fund transfer from external account to your account, the money is available instantly (I think up to certain amount, $5000?). For example, if I have $1000 on my USAA checking account and schedule a transfer for $1000 from another bank account, the available balance on USAA is $2000 instantly. The $1000 gets debited a few days later from the external bank account.

The 2.5% cashback credit card is no longer available but USAA allowed customers who already had them to keep them. I get cashback so much faster compared to 1% cashback cards.

USAA Banking: Ineptitude

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Second generation member, myself for over 45 years, we got to the point with Banking that we could no longer access our accounts via internet. We attempted to resolve this over the phone. After literally over a year of trying to get this fixed, and as nice as the USAA rep always was on the phone, no progress was ever made. Case Files were started repeatedly, promises of calls back from supervisors and elevated reps were never made. Frankly, I am flabbergasted that the institution of USAA would allow their hard-earned reputation to suffer, or to provide less than stellar service to their members, as has been our prior experience with vehicle, home, and umbrella insurances for decades. There is simply no excuse for this deterioration of professionalism. This is a leadership problem at the CEO level. The Buck must stop there. I recommend you DO NOT bank with USAA.

Upscale Insurance Company

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I made a fine choice and am completely satisfied with them for " our " banking needs , as well.

Wish They Had More Locations

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I do really like USAA, don't get me wrong there are minimal fees and most of my banking I've done online with them but since they've closed several of their branches I've had to open up another bank account so that I'm able to have the ability to deposit cash from time to time. I remember when I got the notice that they were closing a branch that was relatively close to my house, they said they were going to expand their deposit taking ATM access but I haven't really seen this "expansion".

Overall though if you need to withdraw cash from an ATM they have a great network that are no fee, and on the occasion you are charged a fee they will reimburse you up to their monthly cap which is nice.

Their online interface is probably the best of the banks and credit unions I do business with, and when using their bill pay payments seem to post quicker from them as compared to the credit union.

Great Bank

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Overall, I've had no issues with USAA Bank. I do all of my banking through them. The are quick to respond to all my inquires and offer multiple ways to contact them if needed. They have a slick online platform and mobile app that can accomplish most tasks for day to day banking. The only thing I was not a fan of was the switch from MasterCard to Visa. I feel MasterCard offers better buyers protection and reward programs than Visa.

USAA online banking

I do my online banking with USAA. It is my absolute favorite bank and I do it all from online. They are always so kind when I call customer service. I also like how they have no banking fees and my direct deposits always show up right away.

USAA Banking Experience

I have been a banking member of USAA for about 2 years now. I joined when I married my husband, because he had been a member for over 10 years already, and had really good experience banking with them. I have found over the past 2 years that I am very satisfied with USAA as well. The fees are very reasonable or nonexistent, and the ability to make online transactions is as easy as it gets. I was previously with Bank of America, but USAA is far superior I must admit. The website is easy to navigate as well, and it is easy to see where all my funds are, and how they are doing. THe website gives advice for investment too, and the customer service is excellent. I really feel valued as a member when I call customer service for any banking issue I might be having. At this time, I cant imagine switching to another bank.

USAA Online Banking

I have been a member of USAA for nearly eight years now. They have always been amazing. The thing I love most about them, other than their genuinely friendly customer service, is how quickly they make deposits available. Usually, I can count on a deposit showing up at least one day before it is even scheduled to be deposited. For example, when I was working, my paycheck was deposited one day earlier than all of my co-workers. My husband receives his 4-5 days early than his co-workers. It even worked the same way during tax season. We saw our refund deposited the same day the IRS sent funds to USAA.

USAA is a great benefit for those eligible

USAA has been a great experience for my checking and savings accounts. I am able to do anything I need from the mobile app (Deposits, Bill Pay, Transfers, etc). I receive timely alerts of any potentially fraudulent activity, and am able to verify through a response SMS. If I have needed to call for support, the staff has been friendly and resolved my issue quickly. One example is when I rolled my company 401(k) into a Roth IRA after leaving the job. The representative guided me through the necessary paperwork, and ensured that I had all the information needed to ease my mind when transferring my life savings.

USAA is great!

USAA is great for banking. Their checking accounts don't have fees associated and direct deposit setup is great. I have been able to link between several accounts within USAA and to outside banks that allows me to easily make transfers without fees. I am also able to use any ATM anywhere since they do not have them and they will reimburse ATM fees up to $15 a month. Customer service has been great, especially in replacing lost cards, checking banking errors, and updating information. When I got married, it was a simple email to USAA to get my name changed and to be issued a new card.

USAA Looks Out For The Customer

I've been very happy as a USAA customer. They seem to genuinely try to serve the customer, they are not just out to make a profit. You can take cash out from any ATM machine and USAA will refund the bank charges, making it more convenient than any other bank I've used. There is no fee for my checking or savings account. Their app is easy to use, they make it simple to move money around or pay bills online, and they do a good job protecting my security as a banking customer. I deposit checks through the app on my phone, and it's a huge quality of life difference not having to make it to the bank during business hours. They do not charge for online bill paying from my checking account, which is also a bonus. The rare times I have needed help or advice, they have been accessible through phone or email or online chat. The app seems to be regularly updated. My only issue with them has been that there is an upper limit on phone deposits, and there are no brick and mortar partners that you can go to to deposit a check -- it has to be mailed.

Excellent service and ease of use

As a military member, USAA is the ideal bank for me. They are very competitive on their insurance rates, they make it easy to deposit checks via my phone, and I can use any ATM and I am reimbursed for the fees each month. I recently started using USAA for investments, and their research tools leave something to be desired, but they are adequate when used in concert with other tools available online. The fees are very competitive and I use the Dividend reinvestment program which is easy and effective.

USAA services are hit or miss

As a checking account holder, I find the rates and fees to be competitive and generally better than most banks. The ease of internet banking is convenient and hassle free. The site is easy to use and navigate. Customer service via the phone is pretty bad. The hold wait is long and the reps don't seem very experienced or knowledgeable. It is easy to apply for other services online when you have a checking account, but their other services (in my experience) are terrible.

USAA is amazing

USAA is by far one of the greatest banks I have ever used. I do not plan on changing it in the least. I think the greatest thing about USAA is their customer service. Every time I have a problem or an issue or question, it takes 30 seconds to get in touch with the person and they are always really warm and kind and understanding. They help me with understanding interest and fees ( something that they have very few of ). I am really lucky kid to have USAA and know that there's always someone to talk with when I need it. It is frustrating not having an actual location to go to to deposit cash, but I make it work.

Avoid USAA

I’ve been a USAA member for 22 years and had generally been happy with USAA. However, USAA has recently exhibited mind-boggling incompetence which resulted in all my accounts being closed due to USAA’s error.

One day last year, without warning or explanation, I got a letter in the mail from USAA saying that it was closing all of my accounts in 30 days. Figuring this must be a mistake, I called USAA customer service to ask what was going on. I was told that USAA had decided to stop doing business with me, that the decision is final, and that no reason would be given to me. This meant that my children’s college accounts would be closed, my wife’s and my retirement accounts would be closed, and our checking account and credit card would be closed. I pleaded to customer service supervisors for an explanation, knowing this must be a mistake, but they said they did not have access to the reason for the decision.

True to their word, USAA closed all my accounts 30 days later. They even charged me a $20 account termination fee for closing one of the accounts. Most of my cost, though, was the hours I had to spend to move all my accounts and business to new banks and to file paperwork to avoid taxes on the closed education savings accounts.

I thought long and hard about what could have prompted USAA to want to close my accounts. Then I remembered that about 6 months earlier, I had received a suspicious voicemail from someone claiming to be from USAA wanting to talk to me about activity in my checking account and asking me to call him at an unlisted number. Recognizing this as a possible phishing scam, I had instead called USAA’s main customer service number, told them about the voicemail and the name the caller gave, told them that I’m happy to answer any questions they have, and asked them what I should do. They had said that they had no record of anyone from USAA trying to call me, that it was probably a phishing attempt, and that I should ignore it and forward a transcript of the voicemail to [email protected] . I did exactly that (and received no response). Now that USAA decided to shut down all my accounts, I began to wonder whether that voicemail actually *was* from USAA and my lack of a return call to the given unlisted number was why USAA was unhappy with me.

I wrote to USAA customer service asking whether that voicemail from 6 months ago was in fact from USAA and whether that was related to them closing my accounts. In the letter, I said that if the caller wanting to ask about my account was indeed from USAA, I remain willing to answer any questions they had, since I’ve done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide. USAA did not respond to my letter.

Despite all my financial accounts with USAA being closed, I still had car insurance with USAA. When I logged in to USAA’s website a month later to get my latest insurance statement, I found that my online access had been suspended. I called USAA customer service and asked for my account to be unlocked so that I could access my insurance statement. The USAA representative kindly unlocked my account and then, without me asking him to, read me the notes in USAA’s file about me. The notes apparently said that USAA had received a letter from me asking why my account was closed, that letter had been forwarded to the office of the CEO, that they had investigated and found that the voicemail I had received 6 months earlier *was*, in fact, from USAA, and that no response should be given to me. The USAA customer service representative said that he had never seen anything like this in his many years working at USAA. He said USAA would only drop a customer if the customer committed a grave violation and that there would typically be warnings given. He reviewed my account himself and said he saw no record of any warnings nor any suspicious activity. He agreed that my not returning the voicemail probably contributed to USAA’s decision, though he didn’t know the reason. He agreed that I had done the prudent thing by contacting USAA customer service when receiving a call asking me to call back at a non-USAA number. He recommended that I write to the office of the CEO and explain everything.

So, as suggested, I wrote to the CEO of USAA and explained how I have only ever acted in good faith to protect USAA, that I have not done anything against USAA’s interests to my knowledge, that USAA seems to have erred in telling me that they had not contacted me when they had, that USAA’s error seems to have led to USAA’s decision to close my accounts, that their account closing fee is unfair since I didn’t *choose* to close the account, and that it was poor customer service for them to not respond to my earlier letter despite the fact that they realized they had erred when they researched the matter. To this, I got a curt response saying that they had a right to stop doing business with me, that they exercised that right, and that they will not be writing to me further on this topic.

I wonder what I did to get this treatment from USAA. One one hand, whatever it was must have been very minor, since they only bothered to leave me a voicemail asking about it (no email or letter) and they let me go on using my account for most of a year after that. On the other hand, whatever it was must have been so severe as to justify shutting down all of my family’s accounts without explanation and to get no reconsideration when the matter was escalated to USAA’s CEO.

Since then, 9 months have passed. I recently got a personal credit card invitation from USAA offering a $200 introductory bonus. I thought to myself that USAA must have finally come to its senses and removed me from its blacklist. I applied for the card and was accepted by USAA. However, several days after using the card for the first time (to buy baseball tickets for my family), my account was shut down without notice. No bonus was paid to me. I received a letter in the mail saying that my account was shut down “for unacceptable behavior or activity”. I called USAA to ask what the unacceptable behavior or activity was. The USAA representative, after putting me on a long hold, told me that my account was closed for the same reason why my accounts were closed last year. I explained that I’d never gotten a reason last year and this was the first I’d heard of “unacceptable behavior or activity”. I asked if he could share details. He replied that he had no further information for me.

Since opening that credit account, I’ve received three more credit card offers from USAA. I won’t bother trying to accept them.

It’s sad that a once great company like USAA has such a bad case of organizational schizophrenia and poor customer service. USAA has repeatedly demonstrated that its left hand has no idea what its right hand is doing. It punishes its good, long-term customers for being conscientious and avoiding phishing scams and it is unwilling to acknowledge when it is wrong.

Great Overall

My experiences with USAA have overall been great. As far as I know, they were one of the first to use mobile deposits. That made life so much easier. I had a bank concurrently that I could go to in person to deposit checks if I needed to, but I never did. They've changed their app several times with regards to mobile deposits. Since I use it pretty infrequently, it seems that every time I use it is different than the last. That can be kind of annoying. There are some quirks that I've yet to figure out with USAA. For example, the way they register mobile phone numbers is odd and inconsistent. Each of my three kids has an account which I'm the joint owner on. I would really like each kid to be able to text USAA for the balance on their account (and only their account). But in some places I am limited to three phone numbers, so that leaves one kid out. I've contacted them about this problem and they were somewhat dumbfounded. Granted, that was months ago and I haven't followed up. Maybe I should....

Check Uploads

I've done insurance business with this institution and - at their suggestion - decided to open personal checking and savings accounts. I do not have direct deposit and the minimum balances are more than fair, however, the ability to upload check's I've received via photo has been very difficult. I'll get a confirmation that my check has been received and then - in one case after I destroyed the check - I was told there was a problem with the check. I've learned to save my checks until after they clear the bank.

USAA Experinces

We have banked with this institution for more than 7 years. While it exists as a brick-and-mortar institution in Texas, we have never been able to utilize it. We recently moved to another state and needed to transfer our insurances to the new state. They were so incredibly polite and understanding. I even had several questions that didn't directly pertain to my reason for calling and they were happy to assist. We have had several products from them through the years, loans and many types of insurance. We have even lived internationally and they were always there to help us.


I have been using USAA for twelve years. Their customer service has decreased in quality over those years but compared to other banks I have used, like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, they are amazing. They have streamlined their online options and were one of the first banks to offer deposits through pictures of checks, which they have to do, because there are no local branches. Their website is very user friendly and so is their mobile app, both of which I use regularly. I do wish they had an email address to contact customer service, they only have a phone number and a chat option, so if you are contacting them outside of business hours then you have to wait forever to get someone to chat with you. Wouldn't it just be easier for everyone if they let us leave a message so they could get back to us when they are able to?

USAA is awesome

I have been banking with USAA for over 12 years. I have had a savings and checking account with them for the entire time. In the past 6 years, I moved my insurance needs to them; I currently have my cars insured through them, and also have my renter's insurance with them. In all of my time with USAA, I have never had a single issue with any of my accounts, or my insurance policies. Their rates for insurance have always been competitive, and in all actuality, they were the only company that would insure me and my family when we were living outside of the United States. We had an automobile accident a few months back, and the claim for it was about as painless as you can imagine. I always recommend USAA to anyone that I know who is has need for insurance or banking.

Very satisfied with USAA Bank

I set up checking and savings accounts with USAA Bank at the urging of my wife, who already had USAA accounts. I had previously used a local bank from the Northeast United States, but since I now lived in the Southeast it was no longer convenient to use that bank. It was very easy to set up my checking and savings accounts with USAA online. The fees were very reasonable, and USAA has several policies and features that make it very convenient even though it does not have physical branches. First, I can easily deposit checks from an app on my smartphone. Second, I can withdraw money from any ATM without paying a fee, up to 6 times a month. USAA has low fees, and gives a good interest rate on my savings account. Customer service has been very pleasant and easy to deal with on the rare occasions I have had any issues. Overall I am very happy banking with USAA.

A Great Online Bank

I've been using USAA as a bank for the past 8 years. I switched from a national bank and haven't had any regrets. I have a checking and savings account with USAA. They're app is very user friendly and allows me to manage my accounts efficiently. There are no monthly fees for either my checking or savings account. I've never had a security issue with someone getting access to my account. USAA doesn't have any ATMS of their own, so they refund all ATM fees once a month. This is great, as I don't have to drive all around town looking for a specific ATM nor do I have to worry about any fees. Every time I have needed to talk to someone at USAA they've always provided the best customer service. The one thing that USAA could improve on is the interest rates associated with their savings account. It is very low and I've seen many other online banks that have better interest rates. However, the increase in interest rates aren't enough to make me feel that I should switch, given the other benefits that USAA provides.

Bank Experience

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I have banked with USAA for awhile. At first, I thought it was one of the best online banks that I have used. I noticed fraudulent activity on my account. I contacted customer service to help me and they were no help. They insisted that I just pay the bank back. When I had no idea what they were talking about. After countless tries to get the help I needed, I just gave up and closed my account. Besides the customer service the banking was easy to use. I didn't like the fact that a cap was put on how much I use each month. I feel its my money and if I want to pay my rent and bills with it then I can. I found this bank to be awful.

A Bank That Cares

USAA provides services to members of the armed forces and their families. In that way, the service is exclusive, and I feel that allows for more personal and quality service. I found myself having a better banking experience than my peers who had other banks. For example, travelling internationally was easy and there were no fees when I bought things overseas with my debit card. This is important to me because I travel often, and I've had no negative experiences in buying things on my trips. The services they provide are also excellent and reasonable, for example their free credit check. I've been a member for years and never had any problems where I had to talk to customer service. They have been timely about sending me new cards when my previous one expires. Not having a physical bank has not been a problem since they also offer mobile check deposits, which has always been easy to use. I would not change my bank.

Satisfied USAA Customer

I have been a USAA customer for over 15 years now. I do all of my banking online and love the ease and convenience of it. One of my favorite aspects of USAA's online banking system is the instant deposit check scan feature. All I have to do is take a picture of the front and back of my check and it is in my account. I also love that I can use any ATM and all the fees are credited back to my account. Anytime I have called with a question or for any reason the customer service is always polite and quick to help. Just this year my identity was stolen and USAA did everything possible to help the situation. USAA is a great bank and I will be a customer for life.

Banking With USAA

It took me a long time to bit the bullet and open my USAA account. Now that I have I kick myself for not doing it sooner. The customer service alone is top notch. I know anytime I have a problem or question I can call and be treated as if I am their only customer and my needs are their only care in the world. On top of the fantastic service the range of services that are offered are amazing and surpass that of any competitor whether it be an online or a brick and mortar institution.

USAA for Life

Since marrying my husband in 2010 we have banked with USAA. They have been a great bank to work with. We have gotten great rates on our auto loans. They have made it easy to set up 529 accounts for our kids. It is easy to navigate the banking website and we can pay our bills easily online. It was a breeze to set up auto bill pay through them. With no fees at the ATM we have no problem getting cash out. One note that I was not thrilled with is how they handled the closing of our mortgage. Our account manager kept getting changed and we were not notified and things were lost and because of confusion on their end we closed a day later leaving us to scramble to get a hotel room. I like when I call I get a native English speaker and understand military issues. We also have IRAs set up through them and were pleased with our options and how we can move things around and feel like we have control of our investments.


I have been a member of USAA Banking (as well as other products) for many years. I have also been a member of locally ran Federal Credit Unions. YOu would think that a bank with no branches would be inconvenient, but they are actually far more easier to work with than any local branch. Their rates are competitive. Depositing money is easy. The only inconvenience is having to go get a money order if I need to deposit cash. Even with that factor, it is still faster and more pleasant to do so than it is to drive to my nearest bank and make a deposit and deal with people's bad attitudes.

USAA will reimburse up to 12 ATM surcharges a month if you need to make a withdrawal, regardless of how expensive they are! Their customer service is fantastic! I have had my bank card compromised multiple times and USAA has noticed before I did that there was an issue. I always had my money back in my account in less that 24 hours while they complete their investigation!

The only con is their website is a little glitchy. That may be due to me living in a super rural area though.

All in all, USAA is fantastic to deal with and I plan on continuing to bank with them for a long time to come!

Great Checking, Insurance

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I've been banking with USAA for 10 years, have all of my insurance accounts, checking, and aan american express card with them. The website is very easy to navigate and so is the mobile site. I frequently do check deposits on my phone. There is a reasonable delay for things to post (1-3d). Very easy to move money between accounts, internal or external. I believe there are 6 atm fees reimbursed per month and I've never been charged an unnecessary fee. The customer service is amazing and with all of the times I've called over the years I've never had a bad experience. They are all very knowledgeable, friendly, and get the job done. I'd do everything through them if it made financial sense but their savings account rates leave a lot to be desired and I'm moving my long-term money elsewhere. I've also found better credit card perks for my lifestyle through Chase Sapphire. However I will always keep them for checking and insurance policies and strongly recommend them for these accounts.


This institution is exceptional in every category. They have phenomenal services especially with customer service and fees. I have no complaints about them on any level and i hope to remain a lifetime customer with them. Their web and mobile services are very user friendly and easy to navigate. Excellent overall service and quality.

Calling for a new debit card.

I had requested a debit card a few months ago but never received it, and was unable to request another card for myself. My husband and I had opened a joint account, and I was having trouble getting debit cards for the both of us. I requested a call online, and they called in seconds and had me connected in less than a minute to a representative. The gentleman was very nice and able to get my problem solved in a few minutes. He asked if I had any other questions and was very helpful the entire conversation. It was a very pleasent experience.

Great mobile/internet banking with various accounts

I've had an account with USAA for a few years now. I have a savings and checking account. They've always given me great support whenever I've needed it and they have great account benefits. I've never had any issues transferring money between accounts. The process to use the website or the mobile app is very simple as well. I've deposited several checks using their mobile app and they deposit quickly and easily, just needing a picture of the back and front of the check. I find it much simpler than going to a physical branch and I greatly appreciate the time and detail they've put in to their app/website making it so easy to use. I don't pay any fees for my accounts and I think they're a very competitive bank in terms of great products and benefits.

I get a bit of emails once in a while about other products as well which I don't mind, as I have a lot of other services aside from just banking through USAA. I think they're a great bank.

USAA reviews

We have banked with USAA for nearly 10 years now with not a single bad experience. We have a credit card, a debit account, a savings account, our home insurance, our car insurance, our life insurance, nearly everything now is through them. We have had nothing but great experiences, especially compared to other banks we have tried. Even when we call for customer service, or with questions, they are ALWAYS kind and accommodating.

Never want another bank.

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I chose to open a checking and savings account with USAA 8 years ago after having such wonderful experiences with their car insurance. Not having physical branches is not a problem, I deposit checks instantly with my phone. The money is available right away. I can quickly transfer money from savings to checking and vice versa, and you can even link another bank account to do transfers. They also provide free credit scores and monitoring. The web portal and app are both user friendly and intuitive and have very good security. I have a pin code on top of my regular password and security questions so I feel safe that no one will be able to hack my account.

I absolutely love USAAs services and will continue banking with them in the future.

Customer Service Makes Up For Any Pitfalls

USAA's online chat customer service is amazing. Anytime you have a question, you can click "chat with a representative" and PM back and forth until the issue is resolved. I've had to do this a few times because of the various inputs and outputs for my accounts, and at the end of every chat - even if the solution I desired was not available - I am at least completely well-informed of the hows and whys.
Just yesterday I used the service to inquire as to why my ATM card didn't work when I attempted to use it. The rep asked me what type of card it was, and we quickly discovered that USAA had switched to VISA more than a year ago and that I should have received a new card in the mail. I had not, and now a debit (instead of ATM) card is being delivered to me.
A few months ago, a second savings account had an overdraft fee applied by an attempted draw from a linked 3rd-party account. This should not have been possible, and I asked about it a year ago when I opened the account for this purpose. Because the chat interactions are stored as documents, we called them up. It was on hold (rather, waiting for a text response) for quite a while, but the rep came back with good news and the fee was cancelled.

Usaa Checking Horrible

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I have been with Usaa for several years now. I have my auto insurance with them too ! I was injured at work and now on tempt disability for the last 2 years. I get the same amount every two weeks. The computer decided to put a hold on more than half of it . They will not even help !! I have no bounced checks or any negative issues ! Guess I can’t pay my insurance!!
Time for new bank !!!!!

USAA, Only a Call Away

My wife and I banked with USAA for many years, for the most part it was a good experience. USAA is a bank that is primarily marketed for current and former United States service members. For many years we had a checking account, savings account, car insurance, and a credit line with this company. The customer service was always super friendly and some of the best customer service in the business. The web page was also one of the best in the business, this was the only was to access your services and accounts. USAA could not afford to have these two items be any less than what they are for no other reason than the average consumer would not think trusting a bank with no physical location is a good idea.

We eventually left USAA because the bank had no physical location, it became very tiresome to find a place to cash a check, especially if it was a third party check. Another thorn in our side were the ATM fees, which were refunded in part at the end of the month but still was not cool.

A perfect experience

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Working with USAA has been a wonderful experience every time. They offer a competitive rate for their products and services. They make it easy to bank with them. One of the hardest parts of online-only banking is not having a brick-and-mortar location to go to when you need to withdraw money or speak to someone. The customer service from the online and phone system removes this obstacle. Not only do they offer fee-free ATM withdrawals from any ATM, but they are quick and responsive on the phone and are available 24/7. They are a phenomenal bank to do business with.

USAA is a Great Online Bank

I generally prefer to online bank for convenience and was eligible for USAA through my military service. They have a great customer service team and it was a pleasure to work with them any time I had an issue as they were friendly and quick to respond. Their website is pretty standard as is their app, but it gets the job done and I haven't had any issues. I like the lack of monthly service fees for their services as many other banks either require a direct deposit of a certain amount or charge a small fee per month. Their interest rates are a bit low on the savings account but I was mainly interested in a checking account anyway. I recommend them if you're eligible and you want a checking account.

For those with a fast paced life, USAA is the bank to use

Usaa's site is easy, convenient and all around hassle free. There are a couple brick and mortar branches in my area and their in-person customer service is just as good as their phone customer service. I use random ATMs all the time around here and have withdrawn up to $300 at a time. I have not withdrawn more than that at one time, so I don't know if they have a daily limit for me, but all ATM fees up to $15 are reimbursed. The one time I needed something signed by a bank, it was nice to have the actual location, but in my personal experience, I never have needed anything in person because they offer pretty much everything you need to do things remotely. I probably could've gone to wells fargo to get the bank signature if I had to since my mortgage is through them, but USAA was close and pleasant to work with.

Good Reputation And Customer Service

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While USAA has the advantage of refunded ATM fees and no fee accounts, their savings and CD interest rates have been very poor for many years. As an example: My basic saving account is through another major bank, which has no fees. and no ACH limits. My interest rate is currently 1.35%, and their rates have never been lower than .90% for approximate 4 years. USAA's savings account rate for folks with 10K or more in their savings account is only .15. In other words,the interest rate on my savings account is eight times higher than USAA with no fees, which is why I took my life savings out of USAA several years ago. Similarly, USAA's long term CD rates have been at 1.11% for several years, when there are 5 and 7 year CD rates available for more than twice that interest rate. Because USAA has good customer service and a long time reputation, they are able to take advantage of non-financially savvy members who do not notice their extremely low and non-competitive interest rates.

USAA Website Sucks

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The website is terrible. Every time I try to access my account they won't accept my pin or password or answers to secret questions. And of course I try to go online evenings and weekends when they are closed. I am completely sick of it. I hate shopping around for banking and ins but it's time to do so. I have been with USAA for over 20 years and they are like any company that grows too fast. They lose the ability to have the same customer service that made them grow in the first place.

USAA is a great bank

I have used USAA for 18 years, and I love their service and products. We have three checking accounts and two savings accounts. There is not fee for any of our accounts, and we get refunded for any ATM fees that we are charged by other banks up to $10 per month. We can easily transfer money between the accounts without a fee, and if we have any problems, then USAA is only a phone call away. We can also deposit checks through our phones. The only drawback is that there is no physical location where we can go to deposit cash, so we have had to get creative when it comes to having cash.


I have been with USAA for 14 years and added my husband to the account 5 years ago. USAA is a no hassle type of online bank. Their customer service is unmatched. When i talk to an agent on the phone they really care about my issues. earlier this year when we were moving out to Denver we were robbed. When i told them the first thing they did was ask if the kids were okay. i have never been with a company like this before and i can't image wanting to go to another one.


I currently hold four banking accounts on USAA.COM, three checking accounts and one savings account. Although I have honestly never experienced many problems using this bank, I have plenty of experience using their online features. As a person who suffers from anxiety, dealing with a bank is one of my least favorite things to do but thanks to their updated webpage, I can access every bit of my account with ease. Every link is active, you are able to access not only your banking account but they also offer other services that you can use once you have opened an account. The accounts I use do not charge fees, I am protected from fraud and a negative balance and I can manipulate my account through the site. There is also a chat service that allows you to connect with a representative if you do not enjoy phone calls or do not have access to one. I think that USAA has covered every bit of their site with the everyday banker in mind.

Long time USAA Member

I have been a USAA member for close to 20 years. I do all my banking through them. I have been completely happy with their services. One time I had a dispute on a charge on my checking and it was taken take of immediately. I am able to access my account securely from anywhere. I really like the online services the best. I can pay bills, transfer money, deposit checks, all with a few clicks. I would highly recommend USAA to anyone!

Great Banking

I have had an account with USAA for over a decade however, I just recently switched to this bank as my primary account for my direct deposit and bill payment. I have been thoroughly impressed with the services provided for the checking and savings account. One of the impressive features is the built in budgetimg tool that is setup with the checking account that can help you to undwrstand where you are spending your money and help to prevent waste. The biggest selling feature for me was the reimbursed ATM fees when using the debit card which has saved me up to $20 a month. I also enjoy the ability to add non usaa acounts into your account listing. I now have one location to moniter all of my bank accounts with ease. The eDeposit service also makes it super easy to deposit checks directly into my account grom my mobile phone which is super convenient. I will continue to use this bank.

USAA Banking is the BEST!

I have had USAA for banking as well as various other services for years! They are fantastic! You would think, having limited branches, it would be difficult to use but they are absolutely wonderful! It is a little difficult depositing cash (i.e. you have to buy a money order and deposit it via taking pictures with your phone, but I have never had any issues). To withdrawal cash, you do that at any ATM. USAA reimburses up to 12 ATM fees a month to cover the inconvenience.

My bank info was stolen about a year ago (probably from a card reader at a gas station) to the tune of 1500. I had my money back in my account within a day or two, with little to no hassle, while they investigated. USAA was actually the one who noticed that there was suspicious activity and turn my card off before I even noticed and then called me.

For anyone who is eligible, I would 100% endorse this banking institution!!!

My experience with USAA, an online only bank

I mostly enjoyed my experience with USAA. I had a checking account, savings account, and an investment account. My automatic payroll deposit was always a day early, this was very convenient. I could easily transfer money between all three of my accounts with the online application. One other perk was ATM fee rebates. As long as I kept my number of transactions low, I did not have to pay fees. There is one big disadvantage to having an online only bank, it was making deposits. If I had cash, I had to take that somewhere and get a money order and then mail that in. This could take several days to accomplish. There were machines at select stores where you could deposit a check for immediate withdraw. I used this once and it made an error. It was a check for 1,000.00 but it deposited as 100.00. It took several days to get the error corrected. I have since moved to a local credit union.

Great bank with good benefits

This bank gave me great insurance rates. All of my checks would go through and they had great customer service. I enjoyed my experience with them and would reccomend them to anyone


I have had a good experience with USAA Bank and they have been very nice and helpful. I had to sign up and there has been difficulty with my paper work so I have to get some paper work to turn in and they explained the whole procedure to upload and send to the bank via the internet. I had to look up some other information on line and they helped me access the information I need. Very helpful and polite.

Best products and customer service of any bank

USAA is the best bank I've ever had experience with. They offer excellent technology to make up for the fact that there are no local branches. The have amazing customer service that is flexible and understanding. The products they offer are diverse and competitive with other banks. The ease of use and fluidity within their ap make it easy to stay organized while using multiple services from this bank. I have car insurance, home insurance, 3 checking accounts, and a savings account with this bank. It is easy and fast to transfer money and pay bills using their mobile service. I have transferred money at all times of the day due to my husband's military service and it has always been available for him to use immediately. Overall this bank is just easy and saves us money! I have deposited checks via the ap and the checks always process quickly and accurately.

USAA is great!

I bank with USAA, and all of my banking is done via the internet. USAA is an amazing bank, and we have never had any complaints about USAA other than we have found that you can generally find some insurance products cheaper than what USAA offers you online. We had an experience years ago during a government furlough where our paychecks were held and USAA contacted us and allowed us to still pay our bills based on what our typical monthly income would be without charging us any fees. Months after that, our identities were stolen and USAA worked with us through online chat, phone calls, and emails to get it all sorted out. We have our auto insurance through them and when my husband was in a major accident they contacted us a week later to check on him, despite our claim not being finished at that time which solidified our reasons for staying with their company even though we could get auto insurance a few dollars cheaper a month elsewhere. Overall, banking online with USAA has been a wonderful experience.

My Online Expreiences

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With USAA I have had the easiest time with my online banking. I have been with them for over ten years, and although it was unusual to not be able to make deposits to a bank, it soon became easy to manage everything I needed. Recently I opened a new savings account on my phone, without the help of a representative, and it was easy to do and only took me a few minutes to complete.
I also frequently deposit checks and have only slight difficulty. I can easily adjust and deposit the checks, but the inconvenience is slight and not something that happens often. I can also make transfers with a few simple button clicks, and I have not experienced any issues with transfers ever. I can also make numerous transfers without trouble.
There are no fees associated with any banking products. I find this to be the best feature of banking with USAA in general. I would recommend USAA as a banking choice for anyone eligible to use them.


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I have used USAA for five years. I have a checking account and two savings accounts with them. They do not charge fees for any of them. Mobile deposit is streamlined and easy, and the website is well laid out. I really like their online banking system. They are reliable and everything works well. When I've had to contact customer service, they have always been nice and helpful. I've never really had major problems, though.

USAA Online Banking

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I began banking with USAA not too long ago, partly because this was the bank in which my parents used, but also because it seemed to be a trustworthy institution. As of now, I have 3 different bank accounts with 3 different financial institutions for various reasons I don't care to explain at the moment, however, USAA online banking is the one I use primarily. The interface is easy to use, it offers touch identification which shaves a ton of time off logging into and out of the app, without losing any security in the process. You can quickly see all of your accounts at once, which is easy because you don't have to physically click on each account to see the account balance. Also, you can hide accounts that you don't necessarily want to see on a daily basis. If you have a savings account that you want to keep out of sight and out of mind, it is very easy to hide this account in the USAA app.

Best bank ever!

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USAA has to be the best banking system I have ever used. Whenever an issue arises, which is rare, it gets solved right away and customer support has always been so nice. There was an instance a few years back where I had my wallet stolen, along with my cards, and someone went on a huge spending spree. After a few thousand dollars in purchases, they caught wind of what was going on and called me immediately. They shut down the account and got my money back. The person that stole it was actually arrested because of surveillance cameras at the stores. I am so grateful for all of the help I have received before, during and after the incident and to this day. Since it's a military based bank, they also have so many benefits and discounts. They even have everything that has to do with stocks and investing!

USAA Works for YOu

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I have now moved all my banking to USAA. I was unsure at first at using a bank that did not have a physical presence and was tied to the brick and morter idea. When I first opened my account I kept a small amount of money in a traditional bank but now realize that I never needed to worry. It is easy to use their app to transfer money from each account and pay my credit card bills. I also like that I can use any ATM and not pay fees from my bank or any other institution. I have also been able to order checks from them with no fee. It is a fee free banking experience for me that lets me bank wherever I am.

USAA-great bank

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I opened my first account with USAA when I was 20. I had just opened a local bank (Credit union) and still had a small bank in Kansas that my parents had access to and that they monitored for me. I didn't really like the credit union but had a auto loan through them. My military boss recommended I use USAA, especially since i was to be deployed soon. He knew I was having issues contacting my credit union and said USAA does all banking online or on the phone.

Originally my exhusband (married at 19-both of us were in the military) and I got our auto insurance and renters insurance through them. Then we added the savings, eventually 1 year later adding a checking.

Our savings was just a regular savings. Our checking account we ended up adding our military direct deposit to go into it.

I am since divorced, but still have a Checking/Savings as well as home owners insurance, auto insurance through USAA. I love how I can call no matter where I am at and have them deal with things. The only downfall I see is not having easy access to a concrete store. Sometimes I don't WANT to have to fax in a request or email something with my signature. The online requirement is great, but it also sucks if you have slow connections/or just don't feel like having to make sure your scanner/printer is working well.

Fee wise, I have zero issues with them. Account benefits wise-excellent!!!!! My insurances are VASTLY lower than other insurance types offerings just because I have a checking/savings account. I still have a Wells Fargo account that I deposit my second job paycheck into (direct deposit), and I have since closed my Credit Union and all but one account at the small personal bank in Kansas (parents can access that one), but its SUPER EASY to transfer funds.

They don't charge me for ATM fees up to a certain number of withdrawals. I don't even remember what that number is, I have never met that many atm withdrawals in a month. I think deposits into any atm are free.

I like USAA alot. the ONLY bad thing is that customer service people can sometimes be VERY bitchy. And when they are bitchy, they can cause you problems. Most times I have no issues, but sometimes thats when I wish I had a local branch to go to so I didn't have to play russian roulette with customer service people and "whos in a good mood today". Thankfully, asking for a manager usually resolves that issue. I get someone else who will just answer any questions or help me bank.

Excellent Banking Experience

I have used USAA for over 11 years, and have never felt inconvenienced by the lack of a physical banking location, however I have benefited by their advanced internet and app technology that I believe they have invested in rather than physical bank branches. Long before big name banks were offering the service, I was able to deposit checks from the convenience of my own home using a scanner, and as smart phones began to become more popular, I was able to deposit checks with my phone in a matter of minutes. Their website and app interface is easy to use, and when a representative is needed they are easy to access via a chat or phone call. You are greeted with a friendly customer service representative that treats you as a valued customer. Due in part to the reduced overhead by not offering physical locations, USAA has passed along their savings to me, the customer! I have virtually no fees in any of my USAA accounts, even ATM fees from other banks are refunded monthly!! A free financial advisor has helped me set up the best financial portfolio for me and my family, and transferring between the accounts and seeing my total portfolio is easy on their website and app. I wouldn't even consider using another banking institution.

USAA makes online banking convenient

Despite the maturation of the internet in various regards, online banking is still a throwback when it comes to user experience and ease of use. I have found my experiences with USAA's online banking to be quite different, and it's the little things that make this opinion. USAA has made it easy for me to manage both my personal and business bank accounts online without ever having to speak with anyone over the phone. What's more, the website is better laid out and has helpful features lacking on many other banking websites (such as an ever-present toolbar that displays the institution's routing number along with the number of whichever account I am servicing). The chat function actually works, and the response is usually very prompt and helpful.

USAA - Great online only banking

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I've been with USAA for over 8 years. I have banking, investments, and house/auto insurance with them. I really do not have any complaints. Their online portal and customer service are great! The ATM can be a challenge at times, since there are no physical locations in my area, but they reimburse up to a certain amount of transactions. Insurance premiums are average, I don't think they are as competitive as they used to be but I enjoy the experience and service so it's worth it in my opinion.

USAA-Best of the Best

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I have been banking with USAA since the age of 16. Banking is available to family members of Military members. They have been nothing but joy working with them. I opened my first checking and savings account with USAA when I just turned 16. The convenience of the online banking system with USAA was very appealing. I currently have direct deposit set up with USAA and my paychecks arrive in the account 1 day prior than they usually would with another bank. This has been extremely helpful since I have my money available to me a day earlier than suspected! I have had some experience with calling USAA about my checking account when I have had discrepancies and the customer service representatives have always been super helpful and they take the time to fully understand my concern/problems.

Great online bank

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USAA has been great to work with. Although there is not a bank to walk into, they make everything simple and easy to do online or on the app. I especially like that they reimburse all ATM fees charged by other banks so you don't have to worry about extra fees. It is easy and fast to get someone on the phone to help too, and they have always been very helpful. The only problem I have ever had was not being able to get a cashier's check quickly, but there may be an option for that, and it has only come up once in 20 years!

Online banking through USAA

I have been using USAA for almost 10 years now and through the course of those 10 years I have nothing but positive things to say about them. There savings account is pretty standard across the board. The real jewel with banking through USAA is their checking account. No monthly maintenance fee, no service charge to withdraw from USAA approved ATM machines and ATM reimbursement using ATM that is not on their network. While on active duty this saved me on numerous occasions. Being able to use an ATM anywhere in the country and not having to worry about ATM fees is amazing. The mobile banking is perhaps one of the best I have seen. Very easy to use and navigate. Very comforting to be able transfer money between accounts, send people money, or deposit checks from anywhere that allows me to access the internet or my mobile network. When I was setting up my Roth IRA with them, their financial advisor was top notch. Very knowledgeable and professional. Managing my Roth IRA is also quite easy. I would recommend USAA to any person that is in the military or was part of the military.


We have been with USAA for twenty years as our banking institution. Since we do not live near any branch offices we have to to all our banking online. I really enjoy how user friendly it is both the website and app. Service is always outstanding and helpful. One time someone got a hold of my card number and charged my card in Britain. USAA sent an email right away and locked the card so no more charges could be made. They covered the fraudulent charges and sent me a new card the next day after they confirmed it was not me.

USAA Online Banking Review

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Although USAA started in Texas as a small insurance firm, they have grown into a nation wide online banking center for military affiliates. We switched to USAA because we were very unhappy with our bank in town and wanted something with a higher level of customer service. I was unaware how rarely I would need to speak with a customer service representative within USAA. All of our banking needs are easily handled within our mobile app or online. We can manage our debit cards, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, track spending, make deposits and much more all from the convenience of our mobile phones. Our deposits are also credited to our accounts a day early as a kind courtesy from the bank. I am very satisfied and would happily recommend USAA to anyone in need of a fine banking establishment.

Satisfied Customer

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I have been banking with USAA Federal Savings Bank for 5 years and have always enjoyed the experience. I never thought it would be possible to only bank online, but it is. I'm disappointed by other banks online services when I compare to their features to USAA. Their online banking and app features are the best I've seen from mobile deposits to transferring funds. They have an incredibly secure system and the ease of use is one of a kind. I haven't had any fees applied to my accounts since I opened them, and they offer a wide range of products. It's especially rare nowadays to find a basic checking account that earns interest. Their customer service is first class as well, anytime I've had to contact them over the phone they're competent, friendly and efficient. There's not enough good things I could say about USAA - I'm incredibly pleased with their overall service.

USAA is nice

My experience with banking at USAA Bank has been a positive one. I am able to make deposits by taking a picture of a check on my phone and easily submitting it to the bank within minutes and the funds are immediately available. I have no problem taking cash out of any atm because at the end of the month USAA reimburses any fees that come from taking out cash. I can easily get in touch with a customer service representative if I need to by phone call and have things settled if needed; for example, I once had to deposit a Canadian check and was given prompt and easy-to-understand instructions on what I needed to do to deposit it. USAA has an app that is simple to use and can be accessed with a pin number from your device. I have never dealt with a rude customer service representative. Both credit and debit cards are available to use with your account and you can order checks if you need them as well. I have both a checking and savings account with them and would not dream of switching to another bank because USAA fits my needs.

Reliable, Easy to Use Banking

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I have been a member with USAA for about 14 years and have never had bad banking experience through them. My entire immediate family members are also USAA members who have been happy with their banking services. There are no minimum checking and savings account requirements and no monthly or yearly fees as well as no overdraft feels. Even though there is no physical bank to go to, they have a fantastic online system as well as an application in which you can scan checks to deposit them immediately. I use the scanning feature on a consistent basis and have never had an issue. Whenever I have had questions the customer service representative have been very friendly and informative. I think the only complaint I have is their hours in which you can reach a representative. Overall all have had great service and will be using them for a long time to come.

My Experience with USAA

Overall I'm quite satisfied with USAA. The call center is reasonably quick and efficient. The bill pay feature saves me a lot of time and helps me keep track of my spending. Whenever I've had questions or concerns, a friendly agent has been able to answer most questions without having to put me on hold. When one of the customer service agents has needed to research something, they will call me back rather than leaving me on hold listening to dreadful hold music.

The account summaries are clear and legible. I don't have to go rooting around to find information. The web interface is very useable and I can easily find my way around the site.

The interest rates are quite low, but that's more a function of the disfunctional market system we've adopted in this country. I don't generally trust banks (and who would given the market crash and abysmal response) and I'm always a tad suspicious, but I feel that USAA is genuinely trying to be a good actor.

USAA from good to bad.

I joined up with USAA way back in 2006 after my parents having been customers for at least a decade. Originally I joined up for car insurance but quickly went on to get a savings, checking and credit card account in addition.

Originally USAA was the best. I had worked for various banks (that I would never recommend) so I felt like I was able to appropriately judge their practices. The fees used to be very low, the customer service was personable and helpful and the benefits at the time were great. My associated debit cards had rewards on them and the interest was high compared to any other bank.

About 5 years ago customer service started going down hill. Random fees started showing up (and again I worked in banking so I always made sure to read the fine print, this wasn't a case of me just not knowing). I'd contact their customer service for a variety of reasons and suddenly the formerly helpful and friendly staff was cold, nasty and not interested in helping anyone. I had set up my car insurance to take monthly automatic drafts from my associated USAA checking account and not had an issue for ears about that. Several years ago the draft didn't come out despite there being enough money in the account. I was not notified that the draft did not come out, a month or so later I got a notice in the mail that my car insurance had been completely cancelled, and I owed xyz amount. Despite hours going in circles with customer service no one could tell me why they did not notify me, as a 10 years customer of the bank on either end that there was an issue with the draft out of the same bank, and how it was legal to cancel my car insurance without any sort of warning.

Shortly after I started having issues with my credit cards also through USAA, the interest rate went up to something like 45% despite not missing payments and were eventually closed down. Anytime I went in to pay any of this the website directed me back and said they could not accept payment or there was a glitch.

After several years of putting up with this I eventually left and stopped recommending USAA to friends and family.

User Friendly Online Bank

I've been a customer of USAA for nine years. I currently have multiple checking and savings accounts with them. USAA makes it easy to open new accounts in order to better budget your money. I've had one occasion of someone getting into my account and USAA's customer service was top notch and took care of everything for me quickly and efficiently. I truly feel like a valued customer. They also refund all ATM fees and have no minimum balance fees. I can't recall ever being charged a fee on my checking or saving accounts. Their website an app are user friendly and intuitive. The one negative is that their interest rates are nothing to write home about. Overall, I feel like you can't get any better than USAA.


What started with just a question about insurance with USAA had turned to some of the other products that they provided. We learned that we could save money on our insurance if we added a savings account as well. My husband and I had no hard feelings at all about having to open a banking account with them in order to fufil a need with the insurance. The customer service was so good, they were on top of what we had discussed, I never had to repeat myself at all. I received a ATM card in the mail, and to my surprise there are several local ATM's that don't charge me any fees to withdraw my money. There is an app that I was able to download and it is very secure. I can choose to do facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, or just enter my pin. I can transfer money from my regular local bank to My USAA account rather easily. My Husband and I have closed our savings account at our local bank and use USAA as our primary savings.

USAA Online Banking

I decided to use USAA to open savings accounts for my daughters. I was initially hesitant about opening accounts through an online only service. I knew USAA was safe and secure but I just didn't know if it would be frustrating to do my normal banking transactions through an online only channel. My concerns were eased almost immediately after I opened the accounts and began my initial deposit process. The process was smooth and issue free. I've since deposited money from birthday gifts and other holidays and the process is always seamless. I conduct most of these transactions through the moble app and it's really been so easy and intuitive. I can't believe I ever had any doubts or hesitations! I highly recommend USAA online banking to anyone considering them. It's been a fantastic experience.

Excellent Online and Mobile Bank

USAA makes banking as easy as possible. Their web page gives instant access to account information and very responsive customer service with the option for online chat or having them call you at home right away. With direct deposit of my paycheck my funds are usually available prior to my payday. They don't charge any fees for using another bank's ATM and also refund any fees that bank may charge, so it's like they have an ATM on practically every corner. The USAA mobile app is very intuitive and makes depositing paper checks super easy. The money is also instantly available for withdrawal from an ATM which is very convenient.

Greatest Bank Ever!

I use USAA which is hands down the greatest bank every created. Unfortunately, its only reserved for military and their families. It was the only bank during the recession that didnt tank and actually made money. They take care of all their customers by working with them and meeting their needs. They provide a lot of free services that are included with your accounts. They offer affordable insurance on top of everything else. Everything can be managed through their mobile app. You are able to make timely deposits by check with simply a photo and they offer the best customer service than any company in possible the entire country.

USAA Consumer Experience

USAA offer's a variety of services with very reasonable rates and fee's. I have a free checking account through USAA and have had a mostly positive experience using it. On one occasion with USAA I had a EFT rejected for my dental insurance when I had more than enough in my account to cover it. After contacting customer support and talking with the representative I got stonewalled with the only explanation for the rejection as "You had to many pending transactions". After getting nowhere I gave up and sucked up the returned check fee. I kindly let the gentlemen know if it happened again I would gladly bank with Navy Federal. I have an investment account through USAA as well and have had absolutely no problems out of it. I Would recommend USAA's investment services to anyone.

USAA - A Bank That is Top Notch

I have been banking with USAA for over 13 years now. It is an online only bank that is tailored for members of the military and their families. They are very innovative as a bank. They were one of first banks to offer mobile deposits and mobile checking. To deposit a check, all I have to do is take a picture of my check on my phone and upload it into the USAA mobile app. They don't have branches available in my area, but there is no need for them since I can perform all my necessary transactions online. They also offer very competitive insurance rates for my car and home. I don't have to pay any annual fees for my checking and credit card services. Overall an amazing bank.

Super reasonable!

I managed to get an account due to both parents being veterans. The representatives were incredibly helpful, even to the point of suggesting alternative routes to investigate before making a commitment. When I returned, they offered me insurance (rental and car, etc.) to tie to my account as well! I took them up on that offer for a bit, but, being a kid at the time, I let it lapse and they ended up charging me for something or other -- lapse fee, or something like that. Once I re-enrolled in the insurance program, they actually waived half of the fees and added the rest onto my premium charges (again, fine with that). I have one or two other counts with some other banks, but those were made due to promotional deals (Huntington -- $150 dollars for starting and storing money in a checking account for at least 3 months or something like that), but USAA remains my main go-to for managing my cash.

Something Has Changed

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I'm extremely upset. I have been banking with USAA for more than 11 years without incident. They've been great with customer service and speedy deposits in the past.

Things seem to be changing though. Lately, revisions to their long standing policies have turned a dream bank into a trainwreck. Large transactions are scrutinized and difficult even beyond what regulations dictate. Over the past few months my deposits are held for extended periods, even guaranteed funds like cashier's checks and money orders. Recently all of my accounts were frozen without warning and combed for fraud.

When your only option is to interact online with your bank (they famously have no branches), you would hope that they would be over communicative. No one wants to bank with a "black box." I understand that there are regulatory bodies to appease and members to protect, but when did banks forget that they exist as a service?


I have banked with USAA for almost 17 years and they are online only for me. They only have a branch in San Antonio so everything is done online via web, phone or app. Their products are excellent, low cost and customer service is outstanding. There are some rare times where I have cash and would like to deposit it but am not able to easily. I maintain a brick and mortar bank for this purpose. That's the main drawback, but luckily having to deposit cash is not often or critical for me or my needs. We have banking, insurance, and credit card products through USAA. Their website is easy to use, easy to navigate. Their app has improved greatly over the time I've banked with them. Deposits via check used to be a bit painful as you would have to mail the checks to USAA, but over the last 10 years or so they enabled online check deposits via their app which is great. The customer service is outstanding and honestly I'd not consider banking with anyone else.

Great Bank

I have been banking with USAA for the past few years. All my transactions with them have been almost 100% online via their online banking and mobile app. They don't have any branches in person, despite that fact, i have had a very good experience with their banking in terms of quickness and convenience. Their mobile app allows me to deposit checks without having to go to the ATM and the funds are always available immediately. I also transfer money between my account and my husband's via online banking and it is extremely convenient and the funds are available immediately. Most of my family banks with USAA so we can set up transfers easily too. I really enjoy banking with USAA due to how convenient they make their banking with out having to leave my house or visit an atm.

Worse Banking Experience Ever

I wanted to use their debit card as I do my AMEX Bluebird, (fund immediately prior to purchase,) to protect my primary checking accounts from online exposure. Unfortunately. USAA has seen fit to sit on funds transferred in from a linked external account for a week rendering this account useless for the intended purpose. I may use this on occasion where AMEX is not accepted, but that will be the extent of the business I'll do with them and funds left on deposit will be left to a minimum.

USAA Banking experience

I have been with USAA for the past 10 year. They have been an incredible bank to do business with. With them I have held multiple auto loans, auto insurance, credit cards, and personal checking and savings account. They have always been there for me when I had a need or a service they were always my bank of choice. It is super easy to get an auto loan with them, no need to talk to a person just do the entire application online. That alone makes it very easy. The personal account were also very hassle free. Not to many fees and very easy access to my funds.

Good bank

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I've used this bank because it's convenient. When they don't really have actual banks because they wanted to make it easy for military families to use throughout the Witold no matter where we were. I believe they have like one actual bank in Texas mainly and that's it but it's so awesome because they work mainly through internet making it just was accessible as going to an actual bank. I been using them since 2007 and have been a faithful customer only working with them. I hate their fees but it's not bad enough to where I would ever leave.

Nice Bank

Generally the checking and savings accounts are easy to use. I like the ability to link multiple accounts and easily transfer money between them. With the popularity of direct deposit I only occasionally have an issue with deposits. However when I do need to deposit cash or a paper check this can become a huge hassle with no quick and convenient solution. There is no option for depositing cash and the only place anywhere near me that I can deposit a check requires a drive of an hour or more depending on the time of day.

Banking with USAA

I opened accounts for both of my daughters through USAA. They have a great program for minor accounts called a youth savings account. The entire account opening process was so simple and easy to do. I opened the accounts with a transfer from my checking account at BOA and it was super easy to do. Since then I've deposited money on various occasions as they have received it from birthdays, holidays, etc. and the process is super easy, especially check deposits. Their mobile app is very easy to use and intuitive. Overall the experience has been a great one and I'm very happy with my choice. I think this is a great bank and plan to keep my accounts open here for the long haul. I was skeptical about opening accounts online without a physical bank office to make deposits, etc. but the process has been so simple and user friendly. I'm very impressed.

USAA's amazing customer service

I have been a member of USAA for several years now and I will say that I will never cancel my accounts with the company. I've never experienced better customer service both on the phone and in online chat. It is the first time I'd ever seen the ability to deposit a check via mobile app. I believe USAA may have actually been the first to do so. The app is the cleanest and best organized of any of the bank apps I've seen -- online only and brick and mortar. About 5 years ago, I ran into an issue where someone had hacked my eBay account and because it was linked to my USAA account, the hacker was able to withdraw all my funds from the linked account. I placed a call immediately to USAA fraud and security. Within about an hour, after everything was cleared up, USAA was able to provide me exact details of what happened, what was going to happen and when I should expect my funds to be replaced. All funds were actually replaced the very next day which was a day earlier than expected. I work in tech so was able to understand the security info I was provided. The security rep did not try to dumb down anything for me. It was a very good, very pleasant experience.

USAA Experience

USAA is an excellent online-only financial institution. Their fees are very good compared with any other bank I've tried to work with, as they have no minimum balance required for fees to be waived on their checking and savings account. Their customer service reps always give me good service, never any frustrations with them, even if it negatively impacts their business, like when I discontinued my auto insurance through them. Their website and mobile apps are also top-notch, with great features and reliability. I'd recommend them highly to anybody eligible.

Amazing Bank

I have been with USAA Bank for over ten years. This bank is amazing for individuals like myself. I am constantly moving from state to state as well as out of the country. Everything that I need can be accomplished online with out the need of a hard stand building. My checking account information is always a click away. I can deposit checks online via scan, fax or photograph. This an amazing feature that makes doing business with the bank and other institutions a breeze. All payments to my account are done in real time with no delay. I can submit certified checks from my account and have them mailed to anyone anywhere from anywhere in the world. I can go online to adjust with drawl limits super easy for making larger purchases using my checking account. Overall the experience I have had with the bank has be very good with ease of use and excellent online and phone costumer service.

I'm Ending A 28 Year Relationship

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USAA no longer deserves to represent themselves as a company for Veterans. Just read their reviews. Ive been a member for 28 years and am now pulling out everything but life insurance. GOD I hope I dont die.
Had an auto accident in December 2016. As of April 2017 we have yet to receive reimbursement. Communication is poor. They have played games throughout the whole process and have now agreed in words only to pay a very small portion of the money needed to repair the car. Got hit by a huge city bus and they can't understand the damage and say they see rust on a well-kept Florida car that is rust-free. They insult your intelligence and stick together internally no matter how high you go. They say the police report only notes damage in rear quarter. Sad to see a former pillar becoming dust. Will be sending a letter to Florida Insurance Commissioner and Senator.

Great Bank!

Makes everything extremely easy online.I love being able to take pictures of my checks and having them deposited immediately. Also, the online help chat that allows me to get things done like getting a new card without calling customer service is lovely. I never want to switch banks.

Could use some work but still the best

I love this bank. I been faithful to only them the moment I opened an account back in around 2007. I always liked the convenience of doing everything online versus having to constantly go to a bank. I can deposit checks through their mobile app(which I see others started to follow suit with that). I love the assistance I get when I'm in an accident through my insurance with them as well. Also, I like how they will shut my card down if transactions all o a sudden happen in areas they don't know me to be. Yes, it's a pain in the butt but I love the fact that if it ever happens not to be me, they're on it. Only thing I hate is their credit cards. Terrible interest rate. Other than that, I love having my personal accounts through them because they exceed all my banking needs.

Worst Bank I Have Ever Dealt With

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This is the worst bank. I closed a jumbo cd and they send a check made out to the wrong person. Tney send me a check made out to their mployee.
If you don't mind a bank stealing your money, this would be the bank fo you absolutely the most horrible customer service it has been 5 days and they have done nothing to resolve the situation

Online Banking that's Better than Brick-and -Mortar

My oldest bank account is with USAA. Even though they are an online-only bank, I've found that I like them much more than another brick-and-mortar bank that I have an account with.

USAA allows you to use your debit card at any ATM without having to pay ATM fees, which is a huge plus. USAA ATMs are pretty rare, which could detract from the customer experience, but this feature makes getting cash an easy process.

I've called USAA customer service plenty of times, and each time am greeted warmly and thanked for my membership with the bank. Their mobile application makes transferring money simple if necessary, and allows me to set up bill payments quickly and easily. I even received checks for free when I requested them.

USAA is a great bank to bank with and highly values customer experience, even though they are an online bank.

Great Service

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I have had this bank for about 8 years now.I will start by saying the pro's out way the con's for sure.The offer a lot for online most is great like if I need to take out money I can go to any bank and my bank will refund any charges I am out.Since they have no ATM for there bank I don't have to look around all day I can pick any bank.I feel like they have more freedom to do what they want.The online and apps are great I can do more then I could with a other bank one thing I can do is Add in a charge that has not been charged yet Its also like when you balance a check book .I have had a few times over the year had to call and have them fix something on my account they always do it right away there is no wait at all.I was on vacation with my family the hotel charged 3 times what they where suppose to the hotel said it would take awhile to get the money bank in my account I called my bank they talked to the hotel had them send over a letter to the bank saying I was over charged within 20 I had all my money bank in my account I have never had service like that before.The few things i don't like is that if I ever needed to cash a check or something in that line its harder to do ups store work with that bank and you just go into the ups and they can deposit the check that way but now that everything is on there app I have not had any issues at all.

USAA Is The Best Bank If You Qualify

Something I love about my bank, USAA, is that I can use ATM's anywhere in the U.S. without worrying about withdrawal fees. Because USAA does not have a brick-and-mortar location (at least not any that I'm aware of), they can afford to refund ATM fees and they give you permission to use any ATM in the U.S. I also appreciate that USAA provides me with information to improve my financial well-being. I get a magazine from them approximately quarterly that includes tips about saving for the future. When I'm logged into their web site, I'm shown links to additional advice articles and calculators that are designed to motivate me to save. It's nice to know that my bank encourages me to do what's in my own best interest, instead of focusing only on its own profits. The big downside of USAA is that I think they limit who can be a member. I believe I am eligible to be a member of USAA only because my parent was a federal employee.

USAA is great

USAA was one of the first adopters of mobile banking and I was one of the first people many knew who deposited checks via phone. People would stand in awe as I deposited checks where funds were immediately available and I'd rip up the check and be done. Gone are the days of standing in banks lines for no reason, gone are the days of waiting for funds in my account. I'm not the type of person who enjoys errands for no real reason nor do I enjoy standing in line, so I heartily endorse USAA and their mobile banking.

USAA Strong

My experiences using USAA savings and checking accounts has really been a pleasant one. They are very good with keeping members informed of changes or potential technical issues. Their banking app provides everything needed for account management at your fingertips. Also USAA was quick to alert me and even refund my money prior to an investigation when my checking account was hacked. I have found their customer service tepresentatives to be friendly and effective. Although USAA does not have their own ATMs they refund ATM fees up to $15 which usually covers any transactions I may have had. The only downside is not being able to deposit actual cash. I have found this not to be a big issue though because I rarely have cash o deposit. Even checks can be scanned and electronically deposited into my account.

USAA Bank rocks!

I have been using USAA mobile/online banking for about four years now, and I could not be more satisfied. I have both a savings and a checking account, as well as a debit and a credit card with them. Their customer service is top-notch, and I believe this has to do with the fact that only members of the military and their families are eligible to bank with USAA. My favorite feature that USAA has to offer is mobile deposit, which allows me to take a picture of a handwritten check and deposit it into one of my accounts in as little as 60 seconds. Also, I can use any ATM that I want anywhere in the entire world without having to worry about any fees associated with not being a member of that particular bank/institution, because USAA reimburses me for up to $15/month in transaction fees. When I was in Ireland last year, I never worried about running out of cash because I had my USAA debit card with me and could always withdraw more hassle-free in case of an emergency. Lastly, they are an incredibly friendly and helpful company. A few months ago, I was considering buying or leasing a car, and I wanted to get an insurance quote to see how much my monthly payment would be. I submitted an online quote and the next day I received a phone call from a very helpful gentleman who walked me through the pricing of their insurance options. This was my first time doing anything like this, and I understood everything right away because they were so helpful. I am so happy that I get to use USAA, it is really an awesome bank!

USAA: excellent and reliable online banking

I have been with USAA since 2002, when I opened my first savings account in high school. Their customer service has been impeccable; when my card got compromised, they immediately took care of fraudulent charges and reassured me. I opened my first credit card with them, based on their recommendations, to build credit during college. When I was living abroad, they paid for all service calls and refunded me foreign ATM fees beyond what was agreed in the banking contract. When I had to roll over my 401(k) from work to a private IRA, USAA helped be every step on the way, even going above and beyond and contacting my employer's corporate bank to ensure all the information I was provided was accurate. They also offer great rates on home and auto insurance, which I currently don't use, but may in the future. Each time I call with general information, the customer service agents are friendly and helpful. I have never been displeased or disappointed in USAA, and will continue to be a happy customer for many years to come.

Benefits of online banking

I have banked with USAA for 10 years now, and I plan to continue banking with them for the rest of my life. They only have one brick and mortar building that I know of in Colorado Springs, but it always feels like they are available to me wherever I go. I've been all over the world, and I have always had easy access to my money. Here are a few ways they do it. First, they refund up to $15 in ATM fees every month. There's no ATM network that you have to be aware of for you to pull out cash for free. Second, they allow you to pull out a ton of money via ATM with a phone call, or a setting in their phone app after some identity verification. Last, although commonplace now, they were the first bank I saw that offered the ability to deposit checks at home. In summary, USAA is continuously offering ways to bank with them without worrying about them being located nearby. This is great for anyone that travels a lot.

My Experiences with USAA

USAA is an online bank that services armed forces members and families. I was first turned to USAA in my time in the Army, and I have never regretted it. Although it is online-only, their service is second to none in my experience. They were the first major bank that I heard of to accept deposits to your checking/savings accounts from home using the internet or your phone. Their interest rates on the savings accounts are generally very good (although not the best), and their website and app are by far the easiest to use. Transferring funds between accounts is especially easy compared to other institutions I have utilized. Despite their large size and online-only aspect, their phone operators are always easy to reach with very little hold time if you do need to speak to a live person (for military members, they will even call you by rank if you so desire). They also apparently run a very clever security department, as they discovered an identity theft of my checking account information minutes after it happened and called me to verify - I was very impressed. Even creating new accounts is easy and almost instantaneous despite being online-only.

I wouldn't bank with anyone else!

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I have been a USAA Federal Savings Bank member for over 8 years and I couldn't be more satisfied with them. I have both my checking and savings account with them among other products. They have excellent customer service and are always accommodating and helpful. Their security is top notch. When an out of state purchase (that was not made by me) was charged to my bank account, they flagged it for fraud immediately and contacted me. They opened a fraud investigation and I didn't lose a single cent. My debit card was cancelled for my protection and a new one was overnighted to me immediately. They don't charge monthly fees for the accounts and I get ATM surcharge reimbursements. They don't have the highest interest rates on their bank accounts so I don't collect much interest but with no other banking fees and such excellent service, the low interest rate doesn't bother me at all. After all, something is better than nothing and the 10 cents I accrue a month in interest is 10 cents more than I had! I would recommend USAA to any military member eligible to bank with them!

Scary This Company Can Exist!

They are more than happy to throw their customers under the bus at every opportunity and then levy hidden fees. No protection for their customers. Horrible customer service. Amazing they can still be in business.

One of the best banks!

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USAA is such a great bank for a variety of reasons. Being military based, it helps so many active members, veterans and their families with an exceptional experience. This includes getting the best customer service, help finding and obtaining home loans, car insurance, life insurance and various other products that fit your needs. The website also has deals and discounts exclusively for members such as hotels, car rentals, flights, discounts on Disneyland trips etc. They also have thousands of ATMs that don't add on a surcharge every time you use it or you get it put back into your account. Within the website you can also purchase stocks and that includes a section about the ins and outs of provide knowledge about stocks. It's a great and lenient bank and I'm glad to be a part of it.

Taken care of!

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USAA was one of the first banks to roll out mobile banking and with good reason. When on tour or at sea or just travelling, it's difficult to deposit checks. USAA knew their clients and made sure to cater to their needs. I have been so impressed with their customer service and fees and services offered I find myself banking, insured and investing with USAA. I'm very pleased with USAA and I'll be banking with them for years to come.

The best bank I have worked with.

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I have now been a USAA customer for past 2 years. The experience has been incredible. Whenever I have had a problem and called their customer service, I have received the most helpful support. The USAA agents take time explaining all the solutions. The USAA website and mobile app are user friendly and easy to navigate. The bank primarily caters to the needs of the US veterans, therefore their rates, fees and services are highly competitive. I have always found the best options available with USAA vs any other bank. They reimburse me for my ATM fees from any ATM. Therefore, Idon't feel stuck whenever I require to withdraw money Besides Savings and Checking accounts, I am planning to pick up a few additional products.

USAA is the best bank I've ever dealt with

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As a military family, we are fortunate to be qualified to bank with USAA. Although it is an online-only bank, we have never found that to be inconvenient because it allows check depositing through the app, and any time we need help from a customer representative we can use the chat feature or reach someone by telephone. We have never been put into voice mail limbo, we always get a live person right away and their customer service reps are always extremely helpful, efficient, and expedient. The worst problem we have ever had was someone getting our banking information and taking over $4,000 from our account. A call to USAA was all it took and the money was back in our account within 24 hours. Extra services, such as money orders or cashiers checks, can be ordered online and received as quickly as you need it. The debit cards can be used at any ATM and because there is no brick-and-mortar location, ATM fees are reimbursed monthly! We have banked with USAA for over 20 years, and we don't ever intend to change.

Do all business with USAA

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I have done business with USAA since 1994 and would never consider leaving. Many people struggle with doing business online; however, USAA has continued to add features to it's banking which makes it simple. The ability to deposit checks from my iPhone and the reimbursement of ATM fees each month are outstanding. I pay bills online, transfer funds between accounts and have just opened a youth checking account for my son.


USAA is by far the best bank I have ever dealt with so far. The direct deposits to my checking account actually come two days earlier than any other bank I had used in the past. I have never had a complaint and whenever I had any questions about other products I was always directed to a human quickly. I say human because my biggest complaint is dealing with recordings and computer generated voices on the phone, but not a problem with USAA. As far as all the options offered on their online services.......just great. Everything online is very clear and easy to understand. I never have a problem finding what I'm looking for on their site and USAA in my opinion has the best online banking offered by any bank. Another great thing offered with their checking account is their checking card is charge free anywhere. I have traveled all over the United States and the rest of the world and have always been refunded for any atmosphere charges at the end of the month which is a great offer coming from a Internet bank. I also love the fact it is so easy to transfer money from one account to another. I can easily send money from my savings to checking instantly online at anytime and this has saved me many times in a pinch. In closing USAA is by far the greatest online bank a person could work with.


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Overall I am very satisfied with USAA and my online experience with both their website and mobile app. I have been a customer for over 10 years and couldn't be happier.

USAA Military Banking

I loved using USAA banking! Everything about it was great - navigating online, directions, etc. Only problem was the offices were not located where we were stationed at the time so we were unable to have any face to face contact.

Very Unacceptable

I've banked with USAA foe 5 plus years, having deposited 15,000 for investment purposes. Each person I spoke with regarding intention and options varied from advisor to advisor. Recently my regular checking account was hacked by a third party I had no knowledge of.
The actions of this individual was to deposit an.obvous fraudulent US GOVERNMENT CHECK then attempt to withdraw it. USAA took the action to turn my account info a deposit ONLY status. While I appreciate and recognize this action was to protect other depositors. For them to not allow me access to the direct deposit I've received monthly from the VA is beyond comprehension.
I have therefore decided to close my account with them. While this appears to most as sour grapes, believe me its not. Customer service recently has fallen significantly. Both in quality and access. If one has a problem then resorting to the Executive Resolution team is the only manner to have issues resolved.
I hope that anyone considering this institution give this a second thoughts.

USAA review from young woman

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I have had a checking and savings account with USAA for many years, as does my husband. It's a great bank to be a part of, and the customer service is outstanding. Every time I call, every representative I talk to is very friendly, helpful, and has a caring demeanor. The only thing I really have to complain about is their overdraft fees. I know that overdraft fees are very typical with banks, however, as most USAA members are part of the military, they should be more lenient with the fee. Other than that one small complaint, USAA does an outstanding job with customer service, their online website and mobile app, as well as their products they offer.

Great Online Bank

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I'm pretty new to USAA bank, but not to online banking. I only do my banking online and I hate to go into an actual bank to do my business. The last bank I was at had horrible banking, and I can say with confidence that USAA has a much smoother interface. I log in and get all the information I want to see right away. Security feels good. If I get my password wrong, you can be damn sure they'll hit me with some security questions.

Setting up my bank account was a little complicated because they are situated in Texas and I live in another state. My husband already had a bank account with them however, so he just called them up and helped me get it set up. I had my bank account the same day. My favorite things about this bank is I don't get charged for having an account, and you can set your savings account so that it will insure you don't get back draft fees if you forget how much you have in your checking account.

I have an online store, and I've had no problems getting money into my account. Everything works well.

The Only Bank I've Been With

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I love USAA bank, it's the first and only bank so far in my life. I've anticipated in going to other banks but I think to myself why do I need to open up more bank accounts? They do everything I ask for, when I want my credit limit raised, they do it. When something goes wrong with my account, I call and it's fixed asap. It's a great bank for being an online bank. They hardly have any ATMs but they cover the first few withdraws (because of the fees) so that they are free for you each month (I forget how many they do a month). They don't have many brick and mortar banks but that's fine with me because I don't need to go in a bank, I just do everything online or on my phone. I love the deposit check from mobile feature, amazing.

The only downside I can think of is their savings account interest is low. But, that's completely common nowadays unfortunately. You'd be lucky to get 1% these days, and the only online bank I've seen that on is Ally bank, and that's the other bank I've thought about joining but I just don't feel the need to. These days savings accounts and their interest aren't what they used to be, and customers don't have much of an incentive to save money by putting it in a bank.

Overall, very happy with this bank!

Review of USAA

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I've been using USAA for over 11 years now. My experiences with them have been optimal on nearly every aspect. I use USAA for credit cards, car insurance, home insurance, checking account, savings account, and also as my investment account. The platform of USAA is really easy to go along with and their rates seems competitive to any bigger bank. There's typically 12 non-stop user access via online through talking to customer service. Speaking of customer service, their customer service is always on point. The representatives are always king, and are especially helpful in explaining things of uncertainty. When I was opening up my investment account with them, the representative made sure to go over nearly every thing I could possibly imagine, and the the portion that she was unfamiliar with she made sure to get the information for me, and I barely had to wait. The only drawbacks that I can truly think of with the online service is the fact that I have to go through so many security questions just to access my account, I also have slight concerns because of their wiring process. I found myself in a dilemma a few years back, when I needed to wire more than 4 times in the same month. But overall I am overwhelmingly happy with the service, and will continue to use them.

Review of USAA

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I've been using USAA for over 11 years now. My experiences with them have been optimal on nearly every aspect. I use USAA for credit cards, car insurance, home insurance, checking account, savings account, and also as my investment account. The platform of USAA is really easy to go along with and their rates seems competitive to any bigger bank. There's typically 12 non-stop user access via online through talking to customer service. Speaking of customer service, their customer service is always on point. The representatives are always king, and are especially helpful in explaining things of uncertainty. When I was opening up my investment account with them, the representative made sure to go over nearly every thing I could possibly imagine, and the the portion that she was unfamiliar with she made sure to get the information for me, and I barely had to wait. The only drawbacks that I can truly think of with the online service is the fact that I have to go through so many security questions just to access my account, I also have slight concerns because of their wiring process. I found myself in a dilemma a few years back, when I needed to wire more than 4 times in the same month. But overall I am overwhelmingly happy with the service, and I will continue to use them.

If you are able to enroll with USAA, do not hesitate! Better than the majority of banks!

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I am lucky enough to have USAA, not because I am military, but because my father was! He has been a devoted USAA car insurance user for decades..but I went one step further and use it as my primary bank, and for good reason. I was with Wells Fargo before and it was such a mess, not listing my balances properly and just looked like such a clutter, I was constantly overdrawing my account because things were posting late and it was so confusing so I made the swap when USAA was offering a $300 giftcard for enrolling with direct deposit. Since then, I could not be happier. Their website layout is so user friendly, it is easy to see where I made purchases, when, and what is now left in my bank account (you'd think this would be a right of passage, but with wells fargo it was not the case). My favourite thing about USAA? They give up to $15 a month back for ATM surcharge fees (because they don't have their own). They also have so many different features on their website, including financial readiness score, budget tracker etc that help you succeed in organizing your own expenses.

Favorite Internet Bank

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USAA is one of only a handful of companies that have earned my strong allegiance. They have a great reputation in the insurance industry, and I've been extremely happy with that service, so decided recently to switch my banking over to them as well. Their website is intuitive and has some great features (especially if you have multiple different types of accounts with them). It looks like it has a great graphic budgeting/financial tracking tool that I've yet to experiment with, but on the surface it looks better than Mint, which I hate. I have had one problem, with a vendor trying to pull multiple large payments out of my account instead of just the one they were supposed to, and the customer service at USAA was great to help me work through the problem and they cancelled out the overdraft fees that had popped up due to the other vendors error. I trust their security more than the smaller bank that I was using. So far fees seem quite competitive. Free checking was incredibly simple to get set up. I can recommend & feel very comfortable with them.

No Need To Look Further, This Company Is Amazing.

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There is nothing bad that I can say about USAA. Their website is clear and concise. You never are clicking around looking for answers that you can't find. They pride themselves in being able to save their customers money and to serve them with a sense of justice. And when you call customer service with any problems you are always connected to a person right away and they are incredibly helpful every single time. I have had several questions and they answer them so well. If you want to have people talk to you and actually take time to get you the answers you desire then this is the bank for you. They have everything you need in a bank and the respect you deserve as a human being.

Great Bank, Great Customer Service

Their rates are fair and on par with the standard or below. I've only had to contact them a few times in a few years but every time has been awesome. Once I had my account compromised and all my money gone, I called them and in two days had it all back. They authorize my funds as soon as the confirmation comes in without waiting for the actual funds. So for my case, I get paid Thursday instead of Friday , because they don't wait. I've never waited more than 4 minutes on hold waiting for someone. It is just an overall awesome bank.

Why We Chose Usaa:

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My husband and I recently relocated from a small town to a large city. We had no need of a physical location branch bank. We checked around, and discovered that my father, who was a Lt. Col. in Marine Corps, made us eligible for USAA. Ooh Raa.Being in a military family sometimes has its advantages. As a child of a military man, in good standing, we were able to be accepted into the USAA family.
We were impressed that when we called were greeted with respect. That is an absolute in the military! They were very helpful. We set up our online checking and savings accounts. We were set up online in just minutes. The account rollovers, closings, all went smoothly with the help of USAA.
***Bonus, if we do need cash, we can go to ANY atm, and the atm fee will be REFUNDED to us on next statement. How easy can you get?
We were very impressed working with USAA, so maybe 9 months into our banking relationship, we invested our IRA's with USAA.
They were very slow, patient, and explained as many times as needed for our understanding. We never felt bullied, rushed, or that niggling feeling that you may be making a mistake. We felt confident in our choice of USAA. We are pleased with our decision to move our money to USAA.

We Love Usaa

My husband and I enrolled with USAA after he joined the Army, and we've been extremely pleased with them. We've never had an issue with them processing payment or deposits, and their check cashing app is the best. A few months ago, we had a small budget issue, and didn't realize we had overdrawn the account. Fortunately, we learned that as long as it's a single transaction that doesn't overdraw the account by more than $5, they don't charge for it. That was a blessing that month, and we were so thankful to learn about that. A few days later, we received the ATM fees back, and that brought us back up into the black. Refunding the fees charged by other bank's ATMs is another reason we went with them.

Great Customer Service

I have both an interest-bearing checking and savings account with USAA Bank. In the past, I had only used banks with physical locations, and while I always managed to get the necessary tasks accomplished, there was also always a line before reaching the counter. I chose an internet-based bank because I was moving a long distance and wanted to have access to my account no matter where I was. Having an app on my phone where I could see transactions and balances has been very helpful. I keep the account balanced all the time instead of waiting to receive a statement. But the absolute best part has been the ability to snap a photo of a check and deposit it instantly while at home! The internet bank experience is superior to my banking experiences of the past.

The greatest bank?

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I have banked with USAA for about five years now and it is far and away the best experience you can have with a bank. As long as you don't need to visit your local bank, and these days who does that anymore, you'll be thrilled by what you get from USAA. If you ever have a need to call with questions, you'll have a personal conversation with an individual who listens to your concerns and provides you with a solution that works for you individually. Need to use an ATM from another bank? USAA will cover the transaction fee for you. Want to see your credit score every month? You'll get it for free. You can sign up to get it more often if you'd like. Never worry about the absurd fees that regular banks charge, they don't exist at USAA. Hey, they're the bank our military employees trust.

The best bank for veterans

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USAA's motto since 1924 has been "Service to the Services", and since then it has done just that. There dedication and service to veterans and their family's seems to be and is the core of their business model. After serving in the Army, I switched to USAA at the recommendation of my sergeant and I have never looked back. Overall, the level of caring and service this bank provides is above all banks I have ever dealt with. I was deployed to Kuwait with very limited communication, not to mention a time zone to the U.S. My credit card information was stolen and the person who stole the information spent about $6000 on my account. I called into the 24 hour customer service line for deployed soldiers and was connected to a person very quickly without the hassle of speaking to a computerized voice for very long. Within a couple days they were able to return the money and sent me a new credit card to my address over seas. From start to finish the process was very easy and stress free. I knew then that this is a bank that I will keep for the rest of my life.

USAA Checking is great!

I have been a USAA member for 10 years but have only had a checking account for less than a year. Previously I had used USAA only for credit cards, loans and insurance and done my checking with a local bank. I was enticed to switch to USAA because of a $300 promotion and I could not be more pleased with the experience. I was originally apprehensive about not having a local branch to go to but the app, the online experience and the customer service more than makes up for that. I really enjoy the refunding of my ATM withdraw fees and the interest rate is very good (compared to other banks). I have been upgraded to the secure chip card for my debit card and it has been great. Overall I have really enjoyed my experience with USAA checking and highly recommend the company.

USAA Facilitates Victimization Of Disabled Military Veteran.

I am a disabled Military Veteran, who has been forward deployed three times. The most famous of these deployments included operational support for the mission that resulted in the termination of Osama Bin Laden. I have also been a USAA member for over a decade and to be honest they have always done a great job for me. However I soon realized that their support ends as soon as you’re no longer a profitable asset to their bottom line profits. The following is the story of how USAA helped me get victimized and then turned their back on me.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the Navy and being sent out into the workforce as a Disabled Veteran I had a really hard time finding a job. I later learned that job seekers are often preyed on by con-men. After months of filling out hundreds of applications I finally received a job offer as a project manager for an international consulting firm. I made it through 2 rounds of phone interviews and signed my employment contract. My first month was training which consisted of 10 extensive and graded training exercise assignments. Towards the end of the month I had finished all the required training, so they assigned me to join my first project. My first assignment was purchase order research. I compiled a list of U.S. based sellers for a list of office equipment they needed for a client. After that they sent me a purchase order and told me to purchase the goods and send them to the client of record. Even though I had been working with this company every day for a month, I still have a hard time fully trusting anyone because I am a very cautious individual, so I immediately called USAA to ask how I could make sure this isn’t a con. I had a 2 part plan to ensure my safety. 1) They transfer me the funds first and I wait till the money is cleared by USAA, 2) I have the consulting firm transfer the funds onto a credit card that is already maxed out, which would free up the cards available funds to allow me to execute on the purchase order. Before doing anything I called USAA and asked them about my plan. I was informed that USAA could not change my card’s available credit without my permission, so given the the card was already maxed out it would be impossible to take on additional liability. I was also advised that once my card received the funds and the funds were cleared by USAA that the funds were safe for spending. After speaking with USAA I felt confident moving forward. The funds were then deposited into my account and cleared for spending. I executed on the purchase order and sent the items to the client of record on the purchase order. Two days later the funds were somehow virtually pulled back off my credit card and my card was left overdrafted by nearly $7,000. When I confronted USAA they informed me that they don’t know how the funds were able to be pulled out once they were in and cleared. Also they did not raise my credit limit, but rather they allowed the card to be overdrawn by nearly double it’s available limit. They apologized for the inaccurate information they provided and told me they will not help me with any of the liability, and additionally they will not even help restructure the debt. I’m now stuck with a credit card that is overdrawn by $7,000 (double the card’s limit). I don’t have a job so I have no way of paying this. The company that employed me, then proceeded to virtually 100% vanish. Everything from their website, phone numbers, emails and all my company contacts no longer existed. Then USAA, a company that I thought I could trust, and use for all of my banking, insurance, and credit accounts assisted this terrible con in leaving me unaware, misinformed and financially screwed.

USAA provided me bad information, which led to me being victimized, which lead to them raking in amazing amount of money from me in overdraft fees and destroying my credit. I don’t believe this was premeditated, but man it really worked out great for USAA. I’m sure they're having a very merry Christmas.

Has everything you need!

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We have been with USAA for about 5 years now, and we love them! Everything we need is in one place! USAA is a bank for the military, veterans, and their families, so they understand the unique life they lead. They don't shut off our debt card every time my husband travels, like other banks have done to us in the past. They help set up retirement and understand what a huge life transition going from the military world to the civilian world is, and help you prepare for anything. When my husband deployed with very short notice, they so kindly overnight-ed a new card, so he could have it before he left. They also waived all fees! We don't have all those crazy charges that other banks have! Free checking is awesome!

Great for young adults

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As a high schooler, my parents signed me up for an account at USAA almost 8 years ago. Since then, it has evolved to meet my ever changing needs in a very instructive and helpful way - guiding me through setting up car loans, auto insurance (and receiving payment for claims), renter's insurance, savings for the future, and hopefully soon a home loan. USAA has very competitive rates and a family atmosphere - even though there is no physical location nearby, help is a quick phone call away. And as far as their call banks go, I've never had to wait more than 30 seconds to be connected - much better than trying to call at some of the larger national banks! All in all, highly recommended!

USAA Is A Really Good Bank.

I've been with USAA for 5 years. I'm not a rich man so I'm not all that concerned about interest rates and investments. Its just a straight checking account to me. My money in and all my money out.

What I can tell you is this. I am very happy with USAA. I do have two observations.

1. It takes 30 days or so to get your ATM fees reimbursed to you. Seems like a long time to me. Should be within 5 working days.

2. Their online fraud protection is overly aggressive. My account has been flagged half a dozen times because I use a VPN. I keep telling them that its me doing this. Yet, their security software keeps locking up my online access. #annoying

I love USAA!

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I have been with USAA for almost five years. Every time that I place a call to them, the are very polite and helpful. They always do whatever they can to help you. One of the things that sold me was the free savings and checking accounts. They have no fees whatsoever, and they even reimburse you for ATM fees! They send you new cards in the mail if there is any reason to suspect that your banking information may have been compromised. This makes me feel like they are looking out for me. I recently opened a CD with them as well. I feel like my money is secure, and it is definitely nice to see my money accumulate interest. In addition, they offer online banking and banking through their mobile app. I find the app to be very useful as I can quickly check my balance and pay bills. I would recommends to anyone. I have never had any problems.

USAA's Personal Checking Suffers From Habitual Check Holding

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I have been a 'loyal' USAA member for over 25 years and have excellent credit, using their auto insurance and investment products to the tune of many tens of thousands of dollars. Because these products worked well for me, I decided to open a personal checking account with the USAA Federal Savings Bank--what a horrible mistake! My last two paychecks, from the University of California, were placed on hold for eight and six days, respectively, which made it impossible to pay my monthly bills on time. Both times, I phoned USAA's Customer Service to inquire why my paychecks were held, especially from a large financial institution like the University of California. I spoke with two representatives and one supervisor; each time, I was informed that they need to "know me better" before allowing me access to my own money. This after 25 years as a customer! I was informed that this will continue for as long as I am a "new" customer, but they were unable or unwilling to define how long they consider a customer to be new. (Finally, one representative admitted to me that they can deem me "new" for as long as they feel like it.)

It has become obvious that many banks, like USAA, are optimizing the float period of deposited funds to 'fluff' their asset audits. This comes at the personal expense of customers in the form of overdue payments to creditors and damaged credit scores. My advice is to avoid USAA's personal checking at all costs (literally) and stick with their insurance products, which remain sound. The only reason I gave them one star was for the potential they *would* have if they actually put customer service first. As regards personal checking, USAA is an extremely poor banking choice--look elsewhere.

Fantastic overall service from USAA

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I've banked with USAA for over 6 years now, and could not be happier with their services. They offer exceptionally competitive services when compared with industry competition, and in addition, provide a huge number of convenience services. ATM fee reimbursement, mobile phone deposit and personal advice with regards to investments are all services that I have made great use of. Additionally, as an active duty soldier, they're customer service department has been a tremendous help to me throughout a couple of deployments and moves, helping me to navigate some unfamiliar waters over the phone. USAA reps have helped me set up accounts, transfer money, set up auto payments for deployments and countless other tasks, and all over the phone. Overall, I've had an exceptional experience with USAA.

USAA is the BEST!

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I have banked with USAA since 2005. During the past 10 years I have never had an issue that they haven't been able to resolve in a timely manner anytime of day, whether online, or over the phone. I have worked with many other banks in the past and have left them due to poor customer service, expensive, and poor performing products. USAA has always charged fair prices well below the average in the industry, while providing products that perform above industry averages. USAA provides products to military members and their descendants. Having had a father that served our country, I am grateful to be apart of a company that serves those who have served and protected us and our freedoms. USAA has a customer for life!

USAA the best bank I have ever used.

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I have been banking with USAA for about 3 years now. This has been by far the best bank I have ever been with. Their website it really easy to navigate through. I can do everything that I want to do all without having to call a customer service representative. I use the app almost daily in order to check my balances and if I have to deposit a check it is easy by just following the directions on the deposit part of the app. Plus the money from the check is available instantly. I have never had any issue with their representatives when I have called them for something. I once had to call a representative to ask about a fee that I had gotten over a mishap and they refunded me the fee right then and there. It was very fast getting someone on the phone and not only did they take care of my issue they are always doing what they can to make sure I am fully covered with everything I may need. If they have other products that they offer they make sure to offer me that product and to fully explain all the details so I can make a decision on what I want to do.

Accounts Held For No Reason

I opened an account in 2012 and soon found out I did not qualify since I did not have any affiliations with military personnel. Open a checking and saving with a total of $500.00 and to these day I have yet to get a refund !! I sent proof of ID, account ownership, SSN, US Passport and an endless number of calls to always be told the same thing (( Due to past relationship with USAA we can not release your funds )) WHAT PAST RELATIONSHIP ?? THAT WAS THE FIRST AND LAST ACCOUNT I OPEN WITH USAA. Horrible bank with the fact they don't even have branches you can go and talk to a rep face-to-face.. This is very frustrating sings there is nothing more you can do about it, so my hard earned money is gone !!.
Please stay away from USAA !!!

Mobile Depost at home with USAA

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Today I had 2 checks to deposit into my USAA checking account. This was very easy to do using the USAA mobile app. First I had to download the app to my apple iPhone, next I had to sign into my account to get started. It was so easy to deposit my checks using their automatic capture feature that captured the perfect picture of my check. All I had to do was sign the back of my check and then put it on a flat surface for my iPhone to scan. Then I turned it over and my phone scanned the back of the check. After this, I entered the amount the check was for and it was automatically deposited into my USAA checking account. The USAA app makes it so simple and quick to deposit checks into my account. I am very grateful for this feature that my checking account has. It saves me a lot of time and effort trying to cash checks. Since USAA is a online bank and has no physical location to go to, depositing checks at home with ease is a must. I think that they have nailed it, and made it so simple to do.


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I've been banking with USAA for a few years now. I love their [email protected] program - before I discovered it, I was frustrated with the general mechanics of internet banking, since I frequently make small cash deposits (I'm self-employed.) [email protected] means I can deposit a personal check, a business check, or even a money order in five seconds or so, using the camera on my phone. That's a wonderful convenience. My favorite thing about them, though, is the customer service. That's a really unusual thing for me to say - calling and dealing with customer service representatives ranks in my all-time least favorite things to do, ever. But USAA's representatives are always cheerful and friendly, willing to stay on the line for as long as it takes without making you feel like you're wrecking their day, and really above-and-beyond helpful. Nearly every time I call, the agent I end up speaking to manages to tell me about some wonderful, relevant option they offer that I didn't know about, whether it's free financial advice for all members when I'm feeling frustrated with my budget, to dental insurance through an affiliated program, which was information my latest agent cheerfully volunteered when I apologized for speaking oddly due to a toothache. This is the only company I actually enjoy calling, and I have never had a disappointing experience yet.

Great For Military Personel And Their Families

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USAA is a bank specialized for military personnel and their families. They provide great products and customer service for the service men and women. I have been with them over 10 years and I have only had one problem with them. I have only had one instance where I had fraud on my account. I called them up about it and they told me they would have to investigate the situation. I thought this would only take a couple of days since someone was going through my account and taking all my money and I didn't know how I was going to pay bills or even buy gas to get to work. This took 2 weeks. I ended up having to borrow money from my mother until it was cleared up. Though I am thankful that all my money was put back into my account, I wish it would have taken less time to do and I didn't have to borrow. Overall, USAA has a great bank and I would recommend them to anyone. Their customer service is outstanding. They are always polite when you call and even though I am out the military. They always address me by my rank, which makes me feel as if what I did for my country went and does go along way.

Easy to use online banking

My husband and I have had an account with USAA for almost 6 years now. I think it is easier banking online with them than with any other bank. They make everything convenient for you. I always deposit my checks through the mobile app where I can just take a picture of my check (Front and back ) and it goes straight into my account. I also like that I can transfer funds online and on the mobile app. I can print out my insurance card online if I need to and electronically sign my documents. I recommend USAA to friends and family all the time.

USAA the best bank I have ever used.

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Well I have had USAA for about 15 years and they always seem to amaze me. I called to do a funds transfer from one account to another and because of some miss understanding before I was not able to do it online. So I called them and talked to one of the clerks which was very nice. I told her I wanted to do the transfer and she started to do it and then realized on the account it was not letting her either. She said there was another way but she was not able to do it so I asked her if I could talk to her manager to see if they could do it. The manager got on the line and was very helpful and sorry the other associate was not able to do this for me. She went into the old system and did the transfer for me and told me she was going to use my call for training to teach the other associates to use that system for times like these. The manager was very helpful and everything got done really quickly.

Finally Leaving USAA After 9 Years

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I've been telling myself for years I'm leaving USAA, but I was lazy. Their customer service is not great. Their phone system is the most aggravating thing ever. It doesn't recognize anything you say or press. And if you have a problem requiring human interaction, like you get charged $30 in ATM fees and the company only reimbursed $15, you have to go to an "escalation team member" who just wants to give you a hard time instead of refunding the add'l money. Mind you this "bank" has no ATMs of their own, not like I had much of a choice. Anyway, I'm over it. Their insurances cost way more. We switched to esurance and dropped auto insurance down $500/6 mo. policy. It's just too much. They aren't great and I do not recommend them.

USAA is probably the best bank I have ever worked with

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I joined USAA after I married my husband, a soldier in the US Army, 17 years ago. During this time, we have had two checking accounts (one of which we gave to our oldest daughter when she came of age) and two savings accounts. We have had overdraft protection and very low fees throughout our time with them. When my debit card was swiped and someone ran up hundreds of dollars worth of purchases on it, the bank caught it before I did, and they handled everything for me. The phone app is wonderful, it makes depositing checks and making transfers a breeze, and since I got the app, I rarely log on to the site anymore. Every time we have had a problem and needed to call the bank, we have had the most friendly and polite customer service agents, and they have always quickly resolved our problem. I would absolutely recommend this bank to anyone in the Armed Forces.

Amazing Bank for Military Families

I have been banking online with USAA for 7 years now. I have a checking and savings account with them. At first I was concerned about doing all of my banking online, but with the mobile app and fantastic customer service (though I rarely need it) USAA is a first-class bank. The mobile app makes it simple to deposit checks, check my account balance, and make any transfers between accounts that I need to make. In addition, all money is available immediately. The best part about banking with USAA is the customer service. On the rare occasion that I have needed to call and speak with someone, I was never put on hold. EVER! How is that even possible? The representatives are beyond helpful and always go above and beyond to assist me. If I could buy my groceries from USAA, I would. This company is truly amazing, and its commitment to serving military families makes it that much better.

Why I choose USAA

I used to feel that it was important to belong to a brick and mortar bank in order to have face-to-face contact, but since banking with USAA, my experiences at brick and mortar banks do not even come close in comparison. I started out with a checking account at USAA and learned that there are many perks to having a checking account there. I get unlimited free checks. I am able to use any ATM machine, and not only does USAA not charge me a fee for using other ATM machines; USAA reimburses me for other banks' fees! Every time I have called USAA, I have spoken with highly professional, helpful, personable staff who go above and beyond to help me out. USAA offers numerous other services, which I also utilize: auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, mutual funds, financial planning services, life insurance. I'm not sure if this is relevant to include in this survey, but I have been extremely impressed with USAA with regards to their auto insurance. I was in a fender bender, which I was at fault in, and the woman from USAA was very compassionate and professional. She helped me out and never made me feel bad for being at fault. The other driver's car was fixed, and I never heard of any problems with my claim. A few years back, another driver rear-ended me, and USAA was very efficient and helpful in ensuring that my car was fixed and that my medical bills were paid in a timely fashion. I have belonged to USAA for more than ten years now, and I have never had a negative experience with them. I highly recommend them to anyone who is eligible to utilize their services. I've received warmer, more personalized services from USAA, never having seen a face from their bank, than I have from any other brick and mortar bank I have belonged to.

USAA is the best thing to happen to banking!

I have found USAA bank to be extremely user friendly and a winner in customer service. They have always been helpful by phone. Especially one time when I needed a large amount of cash and I was able to call them and immediately raise my atm withdraw limit for the day. It is extremely convenient banking with them, I have been with them for over 4 years now and have not missed having a local branch. They have done banking the right way. I sing their praises to anyone who will listen and encourage all who are eligible to enroll them as your primary financial institution.

USAA is a great choice

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I have been a member of USAA for over 15 years and they have been great to deal with. My first experience was getting renters insurance for my apartment and it was easy and fast. The customer service was great. Based on that experience I opened up a second checking and savings account with USAA. I did this all online in a matter of 15 minutes. The checks came in the mail within 10 working days. There was no charge for the checks or for the debit card that I had linked to my account. Direct deposit was easy to setup and I have zero issues with my checks getting into my accounts. The mobile app is awesome. It is easy to transfer money, pay bills, and check account balances. The website is also easy to use and navigate and it is just as easy to transfer money, pay bills, or check account balances. I love that USAA has fee reimbursement for ATM withdrawals as too. I try to find fee free ATMs but when I cannot I don't worry because I know that USAA has my back. The fees are reimbursed typically in no more than 10 working days. I had a question about setting up bill pay and was able to call and talk to a person within a matter of minutes. Customer service at its finest. Based on my experiences I would strongly recommend USAA for you banking needs.

USAA is a great bank to work with

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I have both a checking and savings account with USAA, and have had no problems transferring or depositing into either.
Their mobile app is outstanding; it allows you to deposit your checks anywhere, at any time -- one of my favourite features of the company.
I have only had an issue once with USAA: due to my own mistakes, my debit card was locked from use. I called USAA, and their customer service was exceptional. The time on hold was very short, and their representative was kind, helpful, and professional. They quickly resolved the issue and I was left astonished at the company's professionalism.
I strongly recommend USAA as an online bank!

USAA Excels at all facets of online banking

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USAA has a very useful website. All of the account information is easy to find, which I routinely check since I'm doing wire transfers often. Their app enables easy deposits by just taking a picture of your check, which works like a charm. One of the best things about USAA is no-fee withdrawals at any ATM. If they ATM charges a fee, they will refund the amount in a short time. I once had an account issue with USAA. I was able to find a live chat window on their website and within minutes I was talking to a real person about the issue. After I told them what it was, they quickly corrected it, and I saw my account updated on the website. All of this occurred within 10 minutes. I have never had another bank with such good customer service. Across their website, they have links to the multiple services they offer, including tracking your spending, auto insurance, and investment tools, all of which offer competitive rates.

Simply the Best

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I've been with USAA for over 25 years. My first major dealing with them was when I was 17 and had gotten into my first car accident. When I called them on the phone and explained what had happened, they made the process exceedingly easy to complete. They guided me through the process and even accepted my word over the phone what the quote to fix my car would be even WITHOUT verification. Now I know times have changed but that service just blew me away.

Year after year I'm continually impressed with their high level of customer service. I've never experienced one negative customer service rep. On the contrary, they have consistently gone above and beyond what is in their job description to help me. This place is the epitome of what a good organizational model looks like.

Their products are on par with any in their industry. The variety of financial services they offer is comprehensive. Their online tools allows one to do most transactions quickly, smoothly and efficiently. Also, their online security is the best I've seen.

Finally the company pays its customers a dividend each year based on its performance. Last year I got a fifty dollar check. It may not sound like much but when you consider I pay an already reduced rate for insurance for outstanding service. Well, that little check just puts the icing on the cake.

Usaa and my experience

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I have banked with USAA personally for a couple of years now, this company as a whole branches out into many aspects for military personal. They have free banking, and great interest rates! I know personally if I ever have a problem figuring something out, or something not working I can call the customer service number and everyone I have ever talked to is very friendly, and is definitely there for me the member. There products are great not only do they offer free banking, and great interest rates, they have some of the best insurances I have ever come across. If you are looking for a great bank/company that is mostly for online usage than USAA is your Bank. The layout of their website is super easy to navigate as well!

USAA is the Most helpful bank.

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USAA is devoted to serving our service men and women and their families. They go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that their customers are taken care of. When a major retailer was hacked last year during the holiday season, USAA fraud protection noticed that my card had been compromised early, they alerted me of the breach, kept me updated on the situation, canceled my card in a timely matter, and I had my new debit card with in two days. USAA offers the best interest rates on car loans that I have ever seen. Not to mention when you go to purchase a new or used car, USAA actually suggests car dealerships and at some of the dealerships you actually receive a discount for financing through USAA. When it came time for me to start building up my credit USAA's financial advisors were extremely helpful with tips advice to grow my credit score. USAA is a bank that I will bee with for years to come, their customer service is unbeatable. My only suggestion is that USAA increase the amount of USAA ATMS in my area but with their atm fee payback service this really is a minor grivence.

USAA is the BEST!

We have been with USAA for almost 15 years. We have our homeowners insurance/car insurance/checking account/ savings account with them as well as a credit card and a loan. They have always had the greatest customer service representatives that answer your questions thoughtfully and are incredibly helpful. They are always willing to help us any way they can which has included lowering our rates to compete with other banks. They have grace periods with your insurance accounts and are always helpful when mistakes are made (like a few days late on a bill). Their rates are unbeatable and they know exactly what their customer wants. Their is also NO ATM fee's at any bank! I have always been able to get a hold of them quickly to answer my questions.

Great Customer Service

USAA is amazing at the customer service thing and their product offerings is second to none. The one thing that I didn't understand is how they have so low interest rates 0.00% on checking and 0.10% (APY) on savings? They have no branches to maintain, so this was a thing that made me look elsewhere after about 1.5 years.

A bank that strives for customer satisfaction

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I have used USAA Bank for the better part of eleven years and my complaints are few and far between. This amazes me because I can remember the banks I used to work with and complaints seemed to be a daily occurrence. USAA offers benefits to those who've served in the US military, current and past, and honestly I do all of my banking with them. Insurance, savings accounts, checking, no matter what banking product I need I go to USAA first. No fee checking account, no minimum saving accounts, and car insurance all at one place. The customer service is beyond anything I would expect from a large bank. Insurance claims, to change of address issues, to just calling up and needing advice, USAA has always been ready, willing, and most times able to assist. When you call you get a real person. There is no lengthy process of picking through automated menus, or the delay as your call is routed to some far off country for a local and simple issue. However, the best part, personally, is that I only have to talk a person on the other end when I absolutely feel I have to. The website offers all the services you need and the mobile app is good enough to handle any daily banking needs I have had so far. Not to give the wrong impression, it has not been eleven years of sunshine and roses. I've had frustrations with USAA. I haven't been able to get a credit limit increase on my USAA American Express card yet(to be fair, I'm sure I have something to do with it other than being a valued customer), Getting a personal loan has proven impossible (again, if I were a bank, I may not have lent me money either when I came asking). Gripes and grumbles are to be expected throughout a long term relationship, however, they are so few and far between that they pale in comparison to the benefit and value of banking with USAA.

Simply the Best

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I have been with USAA since I was old enough to have an account. I have car and renter's insurance with them in addition to banking, and have never had a negative experience with customer service. They have been very quick to respond to recent card number thefts (namely Target and Home Depot) and automatically issued new cards if you had shopped during the compromised time frame. I use their mobile app a lot to make deposits and monitor my accounts. I love the ATM refund (up to $15/month) and the ability to make ATM withdrawals worldwide (if you call and notify them of the dates you expect to use ATMs outside of your usual area, they are great about recording it and not notifying you of what you already told them). I don't really have anything negative to say.

Great Bank!

It took me a little while to get over the idea of an Internet bank. We qualified for USAA because of my wife's father service in the Navy. Great services, great prices, Mobile check depositing, etc. The website helped track inflow and outflow of cash well enough. The one thing i still have to get over is Cash. I don't carry much cash nowadays so its not an issue. But very rarely I'll get a couple hundred or thousand dollars for selling something or what have you. There is just no good way to get this money in your account. So I end up spending it faster than I should. If you deal with a lot of cash you want to put in your account, make sure there is a usaa atm that accepts cash deposits near you, or keep an checking account at a local bank for safety deposit boxes and to move your cash around. Other than that minor issue I love this bank.

USAA Will ALWAYS have my buisness

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Several months ago my family was in a tight spot financially. A few days before payday we had accidentally went into the negative on out account and were charged the standard overdraft fees. We were upset about it but it was our own fault, not USAA's.

A couple weeks later I paid a couple bills and my husband paid a couple bills, one of which was the mortgage and we realized we had over drafted our account AGAIN, by about $18. Since it was the Mortgage that had yet to hit it was over our overdraft amount and would be returned to the mortgage company unpaid (we were in the process of a loan modification and being late would have cost us the house). When looking at the account we saw the reason for the error was an auto-draft that we had stopped the previous month had still came through even though it was not supposed to. I called USAA in a PANIC at 8pm on a Friday night. I had called to see if I could stop payment on the auto-draft so that the mortgage would be paid. The VERY nice man who answered the phone, yes a real person answered the phone at 8pm, calmed me down and said he would look at the account. He said there was no way to stop payment on the auto-draft but he would return the fees they had charged the previous month. Not only did he return 1 fee which would have covered the shortage, he returned 2 more since he saw there would be another ten days till we were paid again.

We have since improved our financial situation and hope to never be in that situation again but USAA was a life saver that day!!

The absolute best choice in online banking !!

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I've banked with a lot of banks over the years, and they've all had decent internet sites. However, I was completely blown away to discover USAA banking. They have the absolute best banking website I have ever used. It's even capable of linking up to all your other finance accounts. So I just sign on to and I can view my Car Insurance, Checking, Savings, and Brokerage Accounts all in one place. It's quite genius. Plus if that's not enough, they have amazing software for droid and iphone. Their apps and widgets are truly remarkable. The only drawback is it can be kind of hard to talk with a real representative on the phone. They're usually online in chat though.

Going Down Hill Fast

I've been a member of USAA for almost 30 years. Always loved their service and found them competitive for everything except investments. The last 12 months I've had terrible experiences with their banking. I deposited a USAA checking account check at a local bank that handles my business account. Local bank recognized my credit and credibility and immediately released the funds to me. Imagine my embarrassment when I log on to my account 3 days later and USAA returned my check to the local bank; not for insufficient funds but because I didn't endorse the check. I explained my signature was on the FRONT of the check and the local bank knows me. NOT good enough for USAA. I had to jump through hoops to get this straightened out. When I complained, I was told it was FOR MY PROTECTION!! Another incident followed two months later. IN the process of moving all my money accounts from USAA and am also investigating other possible insurance companies. Sorry to leave but it's time to take my business to a bank that knows me and provides REAL service

USAA to the rescue

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My husband and I were attempting to redo our shower without the help of a contractor. This meant several trips to the hardware store. Little did we know, that our multiple purchases subjected us to fraudulent transactions on one of our debit cards. Before we were caused any inconvenience, USAA already had a new debit card in the mail! Their wonderful customer service and fast reaction to the situation assured us we had our funds with the best financial provider. The mobile apps just make our banking experience only 1000 times better! Did I mention, they also refund us when we use non-USAA ATMS?!?! Well they do! Just awesome!!!

Insurance, Yes. Banking, No.

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If you confine your banking activities to those online, you're probably okay. But anything complicated enough to require a representative will inevitably end badly. Here's something interesting...USAA bank puts a hold on checks issued by USAA Insurance. Go figure.

Good bank for the Internet Savvy

I'd like to say I've been with this bank for over 5 years now. Although at times I wish I could enter a bank to deposit checks or speak to someone in person. This internet serviced banking does a good job with regards to taking care of you. They do refund up to $15 in ATM fees as well, which is nice since they have hardly any physical banking locations. Do I like how low interest rate their checking and savings account are? Absolutely not. They do have very low interest rate percentage so don't expect a bang for your buck putting your money in this company. Just stick with moderate to high risk investments instead that USAA has to offer in brokerage or investment banking. The company does have very good insurance overall which I would recommend to many people and having your insurance carry over to a rental vehicle is a plus. Now customer service is good as well, they will do everything to try to help you out. Their renter's insurance coverage is very good premium as compared to the coverage(s) offered. The auto insurance offers many discount options such as multicar, service, different insurances used, etc. Would I recommend this internet based banking? Yes this is a good bank to work with but are trying to stay competitive with other banks now. This website offers everything you may need in coverages within one company. Offer from medical insurance to banking to auto to home to investments, etc. You will like the bank and what it offers.

USAA is for banking and not much else

USAA is a bank for US Military members and their families, but while their services are adequate there isn't a whole lot of other things distinguishing them from other banks. The interest rate for savings accounts is so incredibly low that it is virtually zero. The bank does reimburse certain fees and they stand by their services, but I've never really had any problems that needed any special care beyond that. Customer service has always been helpful when I did need help, and the employees generally seem to know a lot and care for their customers.


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USAA Internet Banking Review

I am an active USAA internet banking user till 2010, The user interface is very fluid and user friend, They have changed the user interface thrice in the last 3 years to make it better, They also have so many tools to manage my funds, Since the bank is open only for members they have the highest security feature, The USAA site has some features like ordering the cheques online, Changing the address online, requesting a new card online which is not available in any other banking site. The also have a intutive UI that helps me to track my account activity more easily. I have banking account with BOA and Chase but the USAA internet banking is the best but it is limited to only usaa members.

USAA For Over 42 Years

One would think that someone would learn after all that time however circumstances proved otherwise, until now. As I said, I've been with USAA for over 42 years and during that time have had mixed reactions with their services. I've banked with them, taken out loans and had home owners and other forms of insurance. At the time, their rates and service was better than most however a few years ago they decided to simply drop my home owners because we live within 75 miles to the beach in Eastern NC. Oh sure, they decided to re-install this insurance after a couple of years but at a much higher price. Now they have decided to limit my banking and other services over the internet because of a Chapter 13 that they knew about for several months. A sort of punishment although this Chapter 13 wasn't anything they didn't know about from day one. I even talked with representatives about it who informed me that it was no problem and something that I had to do, etc., etc. Still when I try to bank with them, I have to jump through other hoops to simply check my statements. Now I'm being treated as a second rate citizen bu them. There are several other banks and or credit unions who might like my money better than these folks.

A really great bank!

I have always loved USAA and have used a lot of the services they offer. The banking is easy, but there can be downfalls to not having branches around. They've made it easier with photo deposit and such so I have no real complaints. The mobile app is pretty easy to use but sometimes a little slow to loud my accounts and I have to refresh, no biggie though. I have my one and only credit card though them and I love it. I had their insurance and I loved it too, but am now with my husbands insurance company. I think the thing that really sold me with them is ease of use and AMAZING customer service. I'll bank with them for years to come :)

No Problems

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I have been using USAA exclusively for the past five years for all of my banking and insurance needs. I love that I can do everything I need to do from my phone so not having a physical bank to go to does not affect me in any way. The iOS app is great - being able to deposit checks by taking pictures is especially useful. So far I've used USAA checking, savings, credit card, auto loan, renter's insurance and auto insurance products. Although I am no longer in the service, I can luckily continue to use USAA's services and I don't see myself switching banks anytime soon.

Best Customer Service Hands Down

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I have been banking with USAA Bank for over 10 years now and I have never worked with a bank who was so invested in my financial security. They closely monitor my accounts and contact me immediately if they notice suspicious activity. With all of the fears of identity theft, I know I am in good hands with them. Someone had duplicated my debit card information once, but USAA had less than a 24 hour turn around to have the funds back in my account and issued a new card to me immediately. They have a competent and friendly staff and I am very lucky to have USAA as a benefit to myself and to my family. I cannot say enough about them.

Great Bank

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I have done business with this bank online for years. They are hands down one of the best banks to do business with. They are very friendly. I can always count on someone to help me out when i call them if I need any help. They are kind and polite at all times. My favorite feature of this bank is the one where I can just scan my checks and upload the picture and the money goes into my account. This is very easy and saves my from having to stand in bank lines forever. I will continue to do business with this bank for years to come.

USAA Bank Positive and Negative

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USAA is a great bank. I had it when I was 18 years old. I started off with a checking account and they didn't have an monthly fees which was great. They didn't have any overdraft fees either. They would let you know when you were over in your account so you can deposit money and they give you like a week to fix the overdraft. The only problem with USAA is if your not a military family such as: spouse, kids, or had some retired in your family you cannot have the account. Also, for check its hard to deposit because you can only go to UPS stores and not the bank which kid of sucks.

USAA is the best

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This is the best bank I've ever dealt with. They refund all ATM fees, and are always available if you need to talk to someone. Two different times, I misplaced my debit card, and was immediately able to get in contact with a customer service rep. They put a hold on my card, until further notice. Both times I was able to locate my card and within minutes of making one phone call, my card was active again.
The only downfall is having no physical locations. This is no big deal if you set up automatic paycheck deposits, but is a bit of a hassle of you receive a check or cash you want to put in your account. Sometimes it took up to 10 days for money that was sent in to hit my account, but you just need to be vigilant about keeping an eye on your balance.
Overall, I would highly recommend USAA to anyway. The ease of use, the customer-friendliness and the low fees for everything are just unparalleled.

USAA review

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I have had a great experience with this bank. No trouble getting a credit card with my relatively low income only working part-time. Any issues I've had with my credit or debit card being lost or stolen has been resolved quickly. In fact, they have express mailed my new card every time. I have a car loan with USAA that worked with me to get a good rate!

Great Bank, Limited Services

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USAA is a fantastic bank, as long as you just want somewhere to keep your money, get a credit card, and pay your bills. However, if you want to get loans, stock, bonds, etc, it isn't so easy. Many of the products are available only to Armed Forces members.

I have had some problems in the past, such as my bank account amount changing from day to day due to different exchange rates. But overall, it wasn't too much of a hassle.

I recommend this bank for anyone who doesn't care about additional services and they simply want a bank with minimal fees.

Will never switch - USAA has a loyal customer for life

I absolutely love USAA. Their customer service is unparalleled (every time I call my problem is resolved and I am speaking with people who are pleasant and easy to deal with) and they seem to be much further past their competitors in terms of their offerings. For example, I was scanning and mobile depositing checks probably a year or two before I started hearing other banks offer them. I also love that I get direct deposit a day early with them. I have used one other bank since USAA doesn't offer business checking (yet!) and I have been so spoiled by my problem-free 14+ years with USAA that I found the little frustrations that I think are more typical for many bank customers very tiring. Other than maybe occasionally wanting to deposit loose change from my coin jar (something that is really a non-issue), I have not once found there to be any downsides to not having access to a brick and mortar bank as USAA has met my needs every step of the way. I have my credit card (with an extremely reasonable interest rate) through them, inexpensive life insurance, car insurance, renter's insurance, plus checking, savings, and some stock accounts. Other than my business account I have no need to deal with other banks which makes everything from paying bills to keeping all my financial affairs in one place extremely easy. I can honestly say that USAA is the only company that I can recommend without reservation and who I trust completely.

Why I love USAA.

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First, I was grandfathered into USAA. I was specifically not in the military but my dad was so I was eligible to be part of USAA. At first glance, I didn't like too much; I thought I paid too much for car insurance and it simply wasn't worth it; however, with time USAA won me over with countless of opportunities to show care and kindness to their members.

First, when I was 16, I opened up a bank account with them; received a debit card, and got car insurance (full coverage through them). When I was 18, I received my first credit card to start building credit and they gave me an amazing for being such a new comer to the idea of credit. If I recall, it was 10%. Which isn't too bad but way better than what other companies were sending me. The few times I had trouble with my card; either they fixed it right away and were able to counteract the problem (aka me double charging it once). No wait or hassles. Just perfect customer service.

Second, I purchased a house through them. I've heard rumors of HOW MUCH A HASSLE BUYING A HOUSE COULD BE? I can tell you, this was the easiest and quickest experience I've ever had. Their mortgage customer service was always with me and always there for me since day 1. Anytime I had a question; I called and they were there. Rarely any waiting and if there was a wait, it was minute.

Third, and this was the biggest thing they've ever done for me. I recently bought a new card; I was being competitive and I got qualified for 4% through USAA. However, when I got offered a 3.49 % to another bank; they were able to get me down to 3% to win me over as a customer. The coolest thing ever that my bank, USAA, was able to give me the best rate for my credit score and even beat the competitor out.

In all, USAA is a great bank who truly cares about their customers. I've heard many great stories from friends and family. I've heard of stories where USAA gives people more money than a car was worth before it was totaled so they could go buy even a nicer car; not by much (I.E. 20,000 car totaled, USAA gives them 22,000)

Thank you USAA for all that you have done. I truly appreciate it. You deserve more stars than I can.


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I have auto insurance and a checking and savings account with USAA and have been pretty happy with their service for about 8 years. They are very competitive on their auto policies and I like being able to adjust my coverage and print out a new card on line. I've heard Navy Federal Credit Union offers about the same or better service but I am much happier after switching from state farm and then geico insurance. It is easy to set up automatic bill payments and monitor everything through their site. I have had nothing but good experiences on the few occasions when I have had to call them.

USAA is awesome!

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USAA is an awesome bank, with a fantastic online presence. Customer service is responsive, and respectful, and they will get things right if anything goes wrong. USAA has great products, at a reasonable price, and they are fair when it comes to fees and stuff like that. I liked the business a bit better before they opened up membership to the world, but it's still a great bank.

Always Helpful

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USAA has always had great customer service. Whenever we had questions or problems with our accounts, they were just one phone call away. Their people are courteous and understanding. Their rates and fees aren't always the best, but the loyalty makes up for it.

Excellent bank for military members

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I've used this bank for the past 25 years while serving in the military. They have always been top notch. Never had any problems banking while deployed or stationed overseas. They understand the uniqueness of serving in the military, and provide products that complement folks in that environment. Will continue to use USAA for the rest of my life. My kids will most likely use USAA for their entire lives also.

Best Bank Ever

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Being Ex-military I decided to go with a military bank. USAA has been by far the easiest and most reliable bank that you could ever ask for. I have always got fast responses when calling their customer service line. The wait time has always been less then 5 minutes and the service has always been excellent and the people very knowledgeable.

USAA All The Way.

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To others that have had poor experience, I am sorry your circumstances went resolved in your favor as you have claimed.
I on the other hand have been treated very professionally and fairly through debit card fraud, credit card approval, loan approval, and renters insurance.

I have personally utilized their automation tools through their online banking system to setup notifications to my email and phone when large sums of money is moved from any of my accounts. There is also systems to put in place if you set it up to notify you if charges are being made outside your state/country.

I have been a victim of debit card fraud for almost 1k in two days. Via my text notification monitoring my account I was informed and contacted their fraud department. Same day they temporarily refunded my money while they investigate. If you are like me, you don't use a check or credit card often. So USAA sent me a new debit card 3 days later at their expense. 3 months after investigation they determined that it was indeed fraud.
Some people have not taken the time fully understand most banking rules and regulations from my perspective. Banks are not required to refund money from debit card fraud.

Customer service has been phenomenal, I have never waited more than 10 min. And every time it has been a prominent english speaker who went out of their way to give advice and do extra work they weren't required to do.

Also, I have taken the time to visit the physical location of USAA to meet the folks who have taken care of me. And I have never had so many people come up to me and thank me for my service. So many people working happy and humble spoke how eager they are to wake up each morning knowing that they will do their best to serve their Members as they call their customers.

And some of these other posts seem fairly old compared to me submitting this in 2014.
Again, I am sorry to see some of the people who have voiced a negative experience, but their ratings seem to only reflect only one experience vs long term exposure with the company.

Those who are serving should have plenty of stories about the company, so I suggest asking them on their experience before taking advice from random users such as myself.

USAA Big Bank Fooling The Military!

I think that USAA is violating federal and state banking laws when they say only people who have served honorably in The U.S. military can get services from USAA! If a bank said anyone who has served in the U.S. military could not get services that would be discrimination under federal law and also New York state law. So, why does USAA do it to non military members? Why does the federal government and the the state let USAA get away with is? Make the become a Credit Union so they can choose the type of members who are allowed to join! Why can't people who serve or served in the State military be able to join {State defense forces USC title 32 sec 109 forces}? USAA needs to stop fooling themselves they are not military friendly! They're just another big company that found a group to sucker and sorry to say its the U.S. military!

Non-Competitve Rates For Cds And Savings

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USAA still has fine customer service, but their long term CD rates are about 1/3 of Pen Fed (1.06 vs 3.04 for 5 or 7 years) and similiarly, their savings rates (.10 to .30) don't compare with more highly rated banks like American Express (.85) or Discover (.85). Worse, their bank rating through Weiss has recently slipped to "C" While other products like their credit cards and auto insurance remain among the best, military and affiliated families can no longer, in my view, trust their financial futures to USAA. USAA senior management has been notified of this concern three times over the last two years. They reply politely, say it will be evaluated; yet have lowered their rates further since original notification. We have moved our life savings out of USAA due to the poor interest rates.

Deposits Holds

I opened an account with them due to my brother loving this bank. But I found out fast that I should came here first. They really don't want you to put deposits into their bank. They only want direct deposits and they hold your checks a long time. The staff is friendly as long as you don't have any problems as soon you start to complain about something it goes south and they basically tell you to bank somewhere else. End the end a lot them ask why we even bank with them.

USAA Customer Service

I have been a member of USAA for over 40 years. During this time, I have personally witnessed an obvious overall decline in USAA's customer service. When I initially joined USAA, most of its employees (representatives) were prior service (military) personnel. That is definitely not the case any longer. Most, with whom I have spoken, cannot or appear to have no desire to relate to military personnel. I have found this to be true in both the insurance and banking functions. Most times they are in a "rush" to move onto the next "customer" (we used to be referred to as "members" ), perhaps not giving you the "correct" answer or response. Perhaps. the chain of command should be paying a little more attention to troops? Just my 2 cents worth.

USAA Lost Site Of Their Mission

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As a USAA member since the late 1960s I too am disappointed with the deterioration of USAA in recent years. They now seem to be more concerned with advertising and selling jewelry than providing good service and rates. In the past USAA did not need to advertise because the word about their fine reputation spread rapidly among the new recruits. USAA rarely provided the best rates, but they consistently provided very good rates. That is no longer the case. While I am still pleased with their insurance products, I now hesitate to call USAA about financial matters because I know they are going to try to sell me an annuity or direct me to some other product that I really do not want.

USAA Customer Service

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As a 20 year plus member of USAA their customer service has always been 5 stars +.

USAA Identity Verification- A Trap

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USAA let me open a new account as easy as any other banks. But this was just a beginning of a nightmare. It did not verify the identity when I opened the account, didn't do it when I tranfered fund to USAA. Only after I transfered fund out of USAA, my account was suddenly locked without any notice.

I called in for help and was told it needed to verify my identity. They asked for driver license, ss card,and utility bill. I sent them and wait for a week. No feedback. I called them again. This time, I was asked to submit the lease and tax return. i sent them and wait for a few days. No feedback again. I called for the 3rd time. I was asked for the phone bill and 3 year tax return. Each time when I called in, they asked more for identity verification. They never told me what they really wanted from me at the beginning.

I told them I did not apply any loan or credit card, it just a normal checking account. Why did they ask for 3 year tax return? The representative told me, "You have fund here. You'd better do what I tell you to do, if you want to access the fund."

I asked them why you did not verify my identity when I opened the account, but did it after I put fund in USAA? Why did you give me any notice, if I really lacked any document at the beginning.

No direct answer to my question at all. They just said to me, they had the right to lock my account at any time without any notice and did the identity verification at any time.

I was locked out of my account for long time. USAA set up a trap at beginning to lure me to transfer fund to USAA. But when I transfered the fund out, they did not like it and blocked my accessibility, then played the games to me. After I sent one document, they insisted they wanted another one. After I sent another, they changed the mind and required extra files.

It was the worst banking experience in my whole life. They hold the whole amount of my deposit. I could not pay the bill, I could not shop, or travel. The specialists were under-trained and under-educated persons. I could felt it throught the way they talked to me. I had much experience with all major banks. From the communication with USAA employees, the quality of USAA representatives were much lower than the national average level.

Probably you did not feel the service difference among the major bankers because you did not meet the inferior ones. In my mind, USAA employees were like from a special sector of the society, which lacked the education of accreditation colleges.

My dizaster with USAA was not ended yet. I will update the USAA story when I have time.  


USAA Is Crap; Does Not Support Military Like They Claim

I was with USAA for about 10 year with multiple accounts, checking, saving, auto loan, auto insurance, and renter's insurance. Upon recieving orders to deploy to Afghanistan I attempted to put my mother on all of my accounts so she could take care of my bills, and since she was going to be driving my truck while I was deployed.

USAA flat out denied allowing her to be put on my accounts, and tried to tell me that for auto insurance my mother would be covered as if she was me driving my truck. That is a load of crap, any intelligent adult knows that is not the case.

Their customer service sucks.

I immediately switched financial intutions and will forever recommend to my soldiers they avoid USAA as if it were the plague. and I will never use this crappy institution again!!!


I also agree with others if i could I would rate this bank with 0 stars!

USAA Has Gone Down The Tubes

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It has been eye-opening seeing the negative comments about USAA on a number of financial services fora. I've been with USAA for 33 years, never a late or missed payment, never an overdraft, and I think my last and only automobile claim was for a couple hundred back in 1982. When you look up "low risk" in the encyclopedia, it has my picture! Anyway, I am one of those who was always singing the praises of USAA over the years and I, too, ignored the warning signs of a formerly excellent organization that got too big and started chasing too many higher risk customers to the detriment of the former core customers. It's particularly disheartening when I think about how good they used to be, say, 20 years ago.

I had two extremely negative experiences last year, one with Mortgages as I started construction of a new home, and later with Property Insurance as I tried to insure it. In both cases, it appeared that the decision makers have been moved behind a wall, well insulated from the annoying customers, protected by 17 layers of middle management, not one of whom is empowered to actually make a decision. Essentially, USAA left me standing at the altar twice in a row on this real estate deal, and that's something I can't forgive. I then began the process of moving all my USAA business -- banking, credit cards, auto / property / life insurance, investments, you name it -- to other firms. After 33 years. I thought it was just me. But I see I am not alone when I look at all the reviews around the Internet instead of just those cherry-picked by USAA on their site...

In sum, with regards to the banking business:

The Good: Mostly competent online banking with no fees or reasonable fees if you do things right. Average credit cards. Use any ATM.

The Bad: Other banks offer better rewards on their cards. Customer service starts to fall down if your situation does not fit into their cookie-cutter checklist mentality.

The Ugly: Never, ever deal with their mortgage origination. You will regret it. Also, it is impossible to speak to anyone who is actually empowered to make a command decision about anything.

Deceptive Bank

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I attempted to refinance a loan and after telling them time and time again of issues which I identified they would not fix the errors. They even went as far as to tell me it was alright to let my homeowners insurance lapse. When the loan didn't go through I was assessed something called 'Forced Insurance" by the orginal mortgage holder. In the end it was evident they were just attempting to push the loan through regardless of the issues which I brought up. They were deceptive and yes, they straight out lied in an attempt to get me to sign the paperwork. They have refused since to even publish a similar review to this one on their site.

Violation Of Trust, Poor Ethics, And Bad Business Behavior By A Formerly Trusted Company

USAA is a large insurance company who claims to serve our nations active and former military and their families. They have had a good reputation in the past however they have adopted the same business practices that have corrupted many other companies. I have been with this company since I was 16 years old which is nearly 30 years ago. Recently I received the harassing phone call of the "you owe us money and we will not stop calling you until you pay us" phone calls that everyone seems to receive despite their credit standings or their diligence to pay on time. I have both home and vehicle insurance with USAA. Without notification USAA raised the rates on my home insurance and took the funding out of the payments made to my auto insurance. They then told me I had until the end of the month to pay a hundreds of dollars or my auto insurance would be cancelled. This is extortion since they know that it is illegal to drive a vehicle without insurance. USAA bank is associated with USAA and therefore receives the worst possible rating due to this practice. I recommend that USAA be avoided since this is a substantial violation of customer trust in what a company can do with their customers’ accounts and how they extort their customers by placing them in jeopardy of the law.


Great Customer Service, Non-Competitive Savings And Long Term CD Rates

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USAA still has wonderful customer service, but no longer has competitive long term CD and saving rates, especially in comparison to other military affiliated institutions like Pen Fed, and institutions local to them like SACU. While I cannot post individual senior management email addresses, as per the policy of this site, their general senior management contact email, for those USAA members who want to express their concern and recommendations is [email protected]  

Ridiculous Funds Unavailable

If you have lots of money and don't need it available, this might be okay.  But when you sign up for their links and they have direct access to account information regarding your "outside" account, why should your money be unavailable for almost a week?  On the first day of the month, I posted a transfer from my credit union to USAA.  On the second day of the month, the transfer was made by my credit union.  Yet the funds are not available at USAA until the seventh day of the month.  I won't make that mistake again.  Closing this account soon.


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This bank is by far the WORST bank EVER! I'm navy and there is no USAA bank in San Diego AT ALL! We JUST got a "financial center" to where you can walk in and use the computer. LOL. No money is held in the facility which also means no transactions can take place there! They do NOT report to the credit agencies as often as they should and hold checks for TOO long! I would not recommend USAA to my DOG!

Customer Service: In Training


I've been a USAA member for 18 years and until a year ago I thought USAA was the best financial institution anywhere.  But I've had to call customer service six times in the last year to correct errors they've made.  The last experience was the worst.  They had incorrectly shown my bank account as overdrawn and posted a $400 charge to my credit card for the overdraft.  After 30 minutes on the phone with the checking section my balance was corrected, but I had to speak with the credit card section to get the overdraft reversed.  The credit card customer service representative was completely inept and so I asked to speak with a supervisor.  At that time I was connected to a member of the executive resolution department.  She indicated that the overdraft would be reversed and the $400 would be taken from my checking account and credited back to my credit card account.  Well, 3 days later, the $400 was taken out of the checking account, but unfortunately never showed up as a credit on my Visa card.  Five days after the original phone call, the same member of the executive resolution department said she would research it and get back to me.  All told, I spent over 1 hour on the phone; and this was just one instance.


After all this I asked the executive resolution member why customer service has dropped off so much.  She informed me that USAA has doubled its membership in the last couple years and will need a little time to get the new customer service representatives trained.  Well, since I'm unwilling to serve as an experimental subject for the training of USAA personnel, I'll be closing my accounts.

No Protections In Place To Prevent Fraud

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Incompetent...never received checks I ordered--they were sent without the ability to track.  I was told I chose that method--no I did not, was never offered any options, just assumed that check order would be handled securely. What do I do?  Asked to stop payment on lost checks and was told payment could not be stopped on checks that are electronically submitted--what checks aren't electroniclally submitted these days?  I was told I could close the account and open another one.  All of this because of someones incompetence.  If USAA bank can't handle a check order securely how would they be handling any other banking transaction?  

USAA Banking And Insurance

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The service and products at USAA have gone way down hill since I joined in 1981.  Bad advice, bad service, bad everything.  I recently moved to Allstate insurance after 30 years at USAA because of poor service. I am going to transfer all my banking accounts shortly. Allstate was less expensive for the same coverage. USAA does not appreciate it's long term customers, and I no longer trust their advice.  I agree with another post on this site, I would give them 0 stars if it was an option.

USAA Phone App Is Crapp

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Attempted to deposit two checks on a Saturday, one 9150, one 750.

Opened the first check envelope for 9150 and deposited with no problem.  Confirmed receipt.

THEN, opened the second check envelope for 750 and the app could NOT accept the picture.  Tried 10 times.

Tried again on Monday and could not get the check deposited.

Call them to discuss and the agent seemed unaware that you can even deposit your money by phone app.

Told me to call their web services.

Today, USAA took $8400 out of my account, claiming that the picture they had for the 9150 deposit was a $750 check.  Of course, that was impossible from my end.  They screwed up the image files.

Did they call and tell me they took my bank balance?  No.  Did they e-mail?  No.  Did they text?  No.  They sent a letter by mail.  If I had not been checking my account, I would not have known for a week that they had taken that money out of my account.

USAA constantly calls and e-mails and texts for any little thing.  But not for this.

THEY got their image files fouled up.  Talking with "executive" resolution specialist was like talking with a corporate attorney.  Her message to me:  YOU screwed up.

If you use this phone app for deposits, they tell you to destroy your checks.  DON'T DO IT.  I fortunately saved my 9150 check, but I had already deposited the 750 check with my local bank.  Now USAA is going to claim those funds.

It is a toss up to see who will actually get that money and who will charge me $40 for a returned check.


You CANNOT get ANY customer care at USAA.  This is the THIRD major screw up by them this year.  Their insurance adjustors have NO CLUE about what they are doing and tried to process a claim on a car I don't even own and then on a car that had never been in an accident.

Their "resolution specialists" are taught only to take a company line and get you off the phone.


USAA Hurt My Family

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USAA really hurt my family. I am a disabled veteran and had my veteran's disability stolen by USAA due to a bank error. They refuse to take responsibility so I filed a lawsuit. They hired a multi-million dollar law firm to fight me with paperwork. Please help me by signing my petition against USAAEconomic Justice Petition: USAA Bank: Stop being malicious towards a disabled veteran! |

Great Bank, Excellent Services

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I love USAA, and can't recommend it enough.  I have had nothing but fantastic customer service (approximately 8-10 calls), and I love the unified interface.  I especially love the fact that just because I have a joint account with someone, not all of my accounts are exposed.  The security of the web interface is what I'd expect of a bank, and the UI is very sleek.  I love this bank.

Horrendous, Disrespectful, Probably Illegal

I opened an account with USAA after Wells Fargo began implementing new service fees that made keeping my checking account with them financially unviable. I chose USAA because of the rave reviews, free checking, innovative services, and because they cater to the armed services community; I work in international health and am based in rural Africa, so I figured my situation would not surprise anyone there.

Opening an account and getting checks and my ATM card was a breeze. I electronically transferred a sum of money, and after it was verified, began making payments from this account. My payments were immediately returned, incurring "returned payment fees" on several occasions. Confused, I attempted to login to my USAA account, only to find it was "restricted". I called, and after waiting on hold for close to thirty minutes and being referred to their Fraud department, was told that USAA had reserved their right not to do business with me.

USAA closed my account with no prior warning, so that I personally incurred large fees as I was completely unaware of my account's suspension. After numerous phone calls they have provided no explanation whatsoever. The funds I had accessible online are still being held by them. When they are released, they will be in the form of a check, which is useless to me in rural Africa; these funds are essentially lost to me.

I cannot understate how frustrating this process has been, and I would strongly urge all potential customers to avoid this bank at all costs. I had no idea when I signed up for my "free checking" how much time, money, and stress it would cost me. Charles Swab's checking account has the same benefits and with no foreign transaction - they presumably treat their customers better than USAA, but of course this is not saying much.

First Checking Account

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I opened a checking account with USAA about two or three weeks ago and I will be closing it as soon they release the funds I deposited. I deposited about $700 to the account and I saw today the checks won't be clearing for 6 DAYS! This was the last straw for me between driving 30 minutes to deposit checks because there are no other faster options for non-military and waiting almost a WEEK for them to clear I have had enough with USAA and will be switching banks.


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USAA offers the worst customer service of any company that I have dealt with. They offer multiple consumer products (insurance, banking, investment, etc.). If you use them for more than one thing (insurance, banking, investment, etc) they will block you from being able to use their services if you have any type of dispute. Absolutely POOR customer service. DO NOT do business with them! You will be much better served by going with a local company. They don't offer anything substantial enough to make it worthwhile to deal with their terrible customer service.

Banking And Mortgages

I would highly recommend that any one interested in starting a checking acount or using USAA for a mortgage DO NOT.

First USAA is very inconsisted in depositing YOUR money in Your account.  Most months the deposit will go in on time, but if the deposit or trnasfer of funds happens on a weekend or Monday or Holiday, your account will not be credited till Midnigh Monday (really Tuesday).

After having several differt mortgages through USAA for over thirty years and wamted to refinance a existing mortgage, USAA said no.  I have never missed a mortgage payment or be late.

So, say goodbye to USAA before you start.

Timothy J. Currie

Member since 1970.

Horrible If I Could Give Zero Stars I Would

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Im in the military and this bank used to be amazing it has lost it all over the last three years.  accounts being frozen for just about anything and to get it unfrozen its pulling teeth even more so on leave about to go on deployment and coming home from deployment.  when i rely on having access to money.  this bank also gave me bad advise with the money i saved on deployment for a new car.  by the way temporarily placing money in mutual funds for 4 months not a good idea.  i was charged fees when i took it out and which was alot more then the 20 or so dollars i made.  recently i transfered money into my savings i needed to dip into it and transfer funds to checking it cost me $25 dollars to transfer 50 to force thee transfer.  would have been nice to know that.  there insurance is average there phone service.....the only way you can really get service because theres no branch anywhere sucks as of late almost like they dont care if they lose accounts.  they lost mine and i work with recruits im spreading the news that they arent what they used to be and navy feds the way to go.  im going to navy fed they have placed branches near every base around the world.  also before i end this ranting.  when there was a scare of military not getting paid like 8 months ago.  usaa said too bad.  navy fed was going to release it anyway take a hit until we would get back paid.  shame on you usaa you dont serve us active duty military anymore.   

I'll NEVER Bank With Anyone Else But USAA! LOVE This Bank!

This bank is incredible. I feel that the previous reviews are a bit whiny and that this has become an uncontrolled forum for venting.

I've been with USAA for 3 years now and am absolutely in love. Their people are capable, professional, and personable. I've ALWAYS gotten all questions answered and problems solved on the FIRST call. Their online banking is absolutely second-to-none. You slide your debit card and it's IMMEDIATELY visible on the iPhone or Android app, no matter where in the world you are.

They charge just 1% on all international transactions, meaning that they aren't making any money on the transaction, just covering their own costs. This was confirmed by a good friend of mine who works for a completely different bank. Wells Fargo, Chase and BofA all charge 2% and sometimes additional fees to use their cards or make ATM withdrawals overseas. 

I've never experienced a lenghty hold time when calling USAA either. If you check other forums online, you'll see how incredibly content their customers are. 4.5 out of 5 stars on Yelp (, Best Bank in an independent review (, Best Bank on (, and the list goes on and on and on....

Main reasons I'm in love:

-Online banking is easy, secure, accurate, instant, and feature-rich.
-Friendly, professional people by phone who get things done correctly the first time, every time.
-Deposit-at-Mobile is THE best product in the industry. No holds or restrictions like the big banks (Chase): take a photo of both sides of the check, submit it on your iPhone or Android, and the funds are IMMEDIATELY available in your account. Amazing. Makes me want to ask friends for checks instead of cash, just so I can use this feature!
-Text alerts are customizable and extremely helpful
-Website is able to handle 99% of my questions, concerns, or banking needs - including changing my PIN number INSTANTLY.

This bank is absolutely worth your time to try out. If you're not satisfied, you're not capable of being satisfied by ANY bank. They are simply THE BEST.

Very Happy With USAA

My wife and I really like our checking account with USAA. We've moved a few times in the past year and their customer service over the phone has been great. Free checks for life, and rebates on atm fees is also fantastic. If you don't need money from a check in a hurry, depositing by mail works well.

Overall, we've been very happy with USAA and will continue to bank with them for a long time.

Not Competitive And Painfully Slow!

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I have insurance through USAA, but their Bank is painfully slow and can't compete with RBFCU, It's as simple as that. I bought a car from a member who banks with USAA. It took them for ever to cash the Buyers Check. Keep in mind that USAA and RBFCU are in the same city!!!! And now, the lien is paid, it's been two weeks and the member still does not have the Title, Jeeezzzzz!

Their Credit Card rates are twice as high as RBFCU plus they are variable. Randolph Brooks is fixed! You can't see their interest rates unless you join, wow. Banks are out, credit unions are in!


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I was pre-approved for a loan. I applied for the loan and everything seemed in order I thought. I was answering the questions with questions and kept getting "we can't tell you how to answer the questions." It takes USAA 45 days to process a loan. I called every week to see what the status of the loan is, kept getting "waiting for an underwriter." I was also asking is there any other information from me, or do I need to do anything and they kept saying "no your are fine." 30 days into the process USAA came back and said we declined your loan application. NICE.

It took my loan officer at least 2 days to call me back after I left a voice mail.

This is the worst experience I have had with a bank to date.

USAA Bank Cares NOTHING About It's Members Or The Military

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They have a fraud dept that does NOTHING when OBVIOUS fraud occurs, they are complete idiots. It is Christmas Eve day and ZERO notification from the bank I have used for almost 10 years that my debit card info had been compromised. Two identical charges made in CALIFORNIA at a Shell station and I live in TX but no one notifies me or tells me ANYTHING. Spoke to fraud dept just now and they basically said "too bad" and then tried to blame the fraud on me because I used my debit card locally here in TX". Really??? And I will not have access to ANY MONEY now for up to 10 days until I get another card. Merry F***** Christmas to my child when he won't have gifts.


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I've never had an issue with them, and frankly, I'm shocked at all the difficulties people have had in the comments.  I'm in the Air Force and have been with USAA since 2006.  Their customer service is always prompt and polite, and I love that they pay dividends on everything, including car insurance and checking account (or there's interest or something - either way, you get money).  I also like the fact that you get ATM fees refunded.

I also find it amazing that everything is instant.  If I want to transfer money between accounts, I can do it on my phone and the money's there instantly.  Or if I deposit a check by sending them a picture, the funds are also in my account instantly.  Seriously, what other bank does that?  There's always some kind of hold with other banks.  USAA takes me at my word that the check is worth that much and that I'm good for it.  I have pretty much everything with them.

The only two downsides I can see is that they don't have a physical branch, so if I wanted to deposit cash, I wouldn't be able to.  I've never had to, so I'm not really worried about that.  Of course, there may actually be a way to do that, but I'm unaware of it.  The second one is that I've seen higher savings rates elsewhere.  I think also lower car insurancem but it wasn't by much, and I wouldn't trade it.

After 10 Years, This Is How They Treat People?

If you had asked me if I like my bank, I would have said yes, pointed out everything good about it and tried to get you to switch. NOT AFTER TODAY! We deposited a check at our local UPS store on Friday. A small amount, $700, no big deal, our pay checks are more than that. They only released $100. Ordinarily, that wouldn't be a problem, however we had to pay for vehicle repairs and came into hard times. We were supposed to go to Alabama for Thanksgiving but thanks to USAA customer service giving us the wrong information, our funds won't be "released" to us until Friday. Believe me, when this ordeal is done, I'll go to Navy Federal or some other bank. The representative I spoke to told me it wasn't her fault, she couldn't do anything about it (mind you, she was supposed to be a supervisor) and I would have to wait until Friday to speak to somebody about getting them released. If we had known this hold would have been this long, we would have just gone to a check cashing place instead of taking 8 days of leave only to not be able to go anywhere or do anything because of a hold. Thanks for ruining a holiday USAA!

Usaa Bank The "Do's And Donts"

Like any bank you hafta be very careful with investing your money into a company. Especially a bank. I would recommend not getting any insurance through these guys and deffinately not not opening any credit cards. Also be sure to avoid over-draft fees. This company has higher interest then Bank of America, and thats saying a lot.

USAA Is An Insurance Company First; They Are Still Refining On The Other "Stuff"

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I am the spouse of a Navy officer, and I consider myself fairly savvy with finances: retirement; insurances--life, property, etc; business accounts; bonds; stocks; mutual funds; options; futures; etc. USAA, at its core, is an insurance company; it knows insurance VERY well and it shows.

The other financial products (savings, banking, loans, retirement, investing) are not the core business of USAA, so it is not surprising that they do not perform as well in these areas. That being the case, USAA is highly innovative considering their target consumer audience (mobile military families) that cannot "bank" at a "brick and mortar" bank in nowhere America.

We have two car loans, one credit card, one investing account, all our property and casualty insurance, and our life insurance with USAA. The insurance rates are excellent compared to competitors (not surprising considering the above). The car loans were not the cheapest, but definitely had less hassle compared to other loans I have procured and paid off. The credit card and bank appears to work quite well. Every time I have interacted with USAA on the phone (about 6 to 9 times), they are patient, thorough, and helpful. The one time someone messed up (while underwriting one of the life insurance policies) the supervisor personally rectified the situation within 48 hours.

We do not have our retirement accounts with USAA because the expense ratios for their mutual funds are simply too high. The trading commission schedule is also not as competitive as others I have seen.

USAA is NOT for a "high-maintenance" customer; they are for the modern, do-everything-on-the-road customer. We have lived in five states and two countries outside the USA. We never pay ATM fees, either in the bank account or the investing account. We receive excellent exchange rates on the banking and credit card accounts in foreign currencies. USAA works with us for "worldwide" insurance.

It is the service factor for our modern mobile world that makes USAA worthwhile; not "to make the most money". I would recommend them to anyone that qualifies for the property and casualty insurance because this is their main power play; once you get this, everything else that turns out, well, is simply icing on the cake.

Holds Reg CC

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I've worked at a bank for several years - Wells Fargo, to be exact. Wells Fargo is an extremely conservative (not in the political sense) bank in terms of funds availability. I placed holds on tons of things that my friends who worked for smaller banks would laugh at. But when I started banking with USAA, I was honestly shocked at the ridiculousness of the holds they place on checks. I deposited my paycheck, and there is a four day hold on the funds from the check, which was less than 1,000.00. I have never in my life experienced this or would have even thought about placing a hold for that long, or at all, on someone's paycheck that was that small. I understand that what they do is legal under Reg CC, but to anyone that needs funds availability in less than a 5 days or so, I would run away from USAA as fast as I could. Closing this puppy out the second this hold is released and I can write a check for the balance to my other account. Complete waste of time.


I recently made an error depositing a check via [email protected] and two months later they reversed the check twice. I have called 5 times and been placed on hold for over 45 minutes each time. I finally had to beg to get a supervisor's number so that I could get the solution resolved. In all they held $500 from my account for 13 days. What if I didn't have enough money to cover that amount? What would they have done if I had bounced a check?

I cannot recommend this bank to anyone that is looking for full service. If you need an event sponosored for wounded warriors or Army vs. Navy they are hard to beat but banking....not their cup of tea.

Meh, Nothing Special

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So I have USAA through my dad for the insurance on both home and auto. That's what you want if you can get it. We figured the bank would be super as well. We have checking and a credit card through the bank end, and, well, meh. What do you really want from an online bank? They honor checks, provide ATM cards, oh, and they rebate fees other ATMs charge. That's kinda cool, but not the real reason for staying. The real reason is that I have no desire to put up with changing accounts if I don't have to. BUT, I've never worried about FDIC taking it over, and generally never had a problem.

Not Joining

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I was seriously considering opening an account with USAA Bank. But now, no way. After reading the problems that people have had with this institution. It's too bad that the bank started out performing such a gallant service, and have ended up as such a cesspool.

Decent Bank, Insurance, Etc... Horrible Mortgage Department

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i've been a member of USAA for 15 years, and have had some ups and downs with them.  their banking is top of the line, their computer banking is state of the art, and their insurance rates are low with great service to back it up. 

i have about 10 years ago received a mortgage from them to buy a house.  the process was smooth and easy.  the processor was on top of the loan, and communicated with me every step of the way.

that said, i'm now in the final stages of trying to buy a house through their mortgage department.  i had a 60 day closing window, which USAA failed to meet.  i'm now 2 weeks past that.  the processor hardly speaks english and can't write a legible sentence on email.  so i'm dealing with the supervisor.  i've met all the conditions of the pre-approval, before the orginal closing date.  the package has been submitted to underwriting at least 3 times (all after the original closing date) and each time they come up with a new set hoops to jump through.

the mortgage department seems disorganized, and the processors don't really seem to know what they're doing.  they don't communicate: with each other, or with the customer.  i will not seek another loan from them.  the smaller, local banks can do a much better job than these mega-banks....

USAA - HORRIBLE SERVICE- [email protected]

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USAA has become no better than all of the other Monster mega-banks.  They actually denied my REFI after they took the $350 application fee.  They did this the day before closing.  They termianted the loan because my wife was ill and could not sign papers. Once she recovered as was able to sign, they would not allow her to sign.  SHE HAD BEEN ILL FROM DAY ONE, THEY KNEW THIS.  Even though I have a Court order Guardianship giving me authority to sign, USAA denied the loan.  They did this the day of the scheduled closing.


They have grown to the point they a no better than monster mega BANK.  With the limited locations USAA offer, it is better to use a local bank.


Oh not to mention the Rewards programs was cancelled.


Why have USAA bank-? 

Great Bank...Sucky Rules

I've had this bank for about a year now, and up until today I have had no complaints about it. My mother actually opened this account up for me when I was away at college so I have never put a check into my account before. I didn't really have to put any money into my account until I got a job. This job just directly deposited my money into my account, so I never had to worry about it.

However, last week my boyfriend wrote a check out for me and I had to figure out how to put it into my account. My mom told me that  I just have to take a picture of the check and they put the money right into your account. This, of course, is more complicated than it sounds, so I looked it up on USAA's website. There, they said that you not only had to have a USAA bank account, but you also had to be qualified for a loan. For whatever reason, I'm not qualified for one, so I can't deposit this check I have sitting around into my account. I also don't live near a USAA branch location so I can't just ask a teller to do it for me. I am really annoyed.

If USAA didn't have this silly rule and they had more branches open, it would be a great bank. Oh well, I'll just have to find another bank that will let me do simple tasks such as cashing a check.

Better Than A Too Big To Fail Bank

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I closed out my Bank of America account as a gesture of protest and went with USAA mostly because of the no minimum balance free checking. It's also convenient to be able to manage my credit card, bank and insurance accounts all on the same web site. Having been a member of USAA for over 35 years, I have to agree with the other posts about the organization being better when it was restricted to military officers. I think the decline in the quality of service is noticeable. I used to brag about being able to call USAA and have a person answer. Now they're just like any other bank, with a voice recognition menu system that is extremely annoying. Still, it's better than Bank of America and USAA isn't on the verge of failing, like Bank of America appears to be.

I use the deposit from home feature, but mostly for small deposits. All of my major deposits are direct deposit. But it seems to go directly into my account. I am not aware of any hold on the funds, but the amounts are usually pretty small, so they're kind of inconsequential to me. There was always a delay waiting for checks to clear from Bank of America, so I think that's kind of normal.

Terrible Financial Advice, Poor Customer Service, Average Rates

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I'm 25 years old trying to open a retirement account. Not knowing any better, and trusting their advice, I opened a low-growth annuity Roth IRA. Realising my mistake after reading a few financial advice books, I tried to move it to a high-growth Roth IRA mutual fund, again with USAA. After months of un-returned calls, I finally talk to someone competent enough to give it to me straight. Turns out I'm going to have to pay 7% of the thousands of dollars I used to open the account in fines and fees. This has been one expensive, time consuming, frustrating cluster-! from start to finish.

Take your business elsewhere, their rates aren't even that good. Vanguard charges half of what USAA does, and they're getting my business as soon as USAA pulls its head out of its butt long enough to finish the paperwork.

Horrible Mortgage Department

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I have had USAA for many years for my insurance needs and have added pretty much everything since. Checking, savings, name it. Those departments are just incredible: great customer service, good resources and plans and hassle free data.

But the Mortgage department is atrocious, I mean all-time bad. I had a ton of problems with my loan processing and the title company had a very difficult time reaching my mortgage representative. On the day I was to close, I waited all day for a call or some sort of instruction and it never came. The title company was told the loan was held up in underwriting where it had been for a week and no one from USAA ever called me to let me know the status.

We did not close and no apology, explanation or status was received. When I complained my mortgage representative said, "Yeah blame me, everyone else does!" No one from USAA has contacted me since and when I wrote a review for their customer website, it was never posted. It is pretty much the same review I've written here.

Looks like USAA is getting too big, too fast and I am seriously considering transferring some of my financial assets away from this bank. Too bad, this was probably the best financial company I've ever dealt with.

What Has USAA Bank Done For Their Members Lately? NOTHING !

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When I joined USAA in 1963, it was a highly select Military Officer only organization. Over the decades this insurance company grew and grew and grew to include dozens of services including banking and membership became available to nearly anybody who is breathing.  They just opened membership to ROTC cadets and believe it or nor, to 'any person who ever was in the military and has an honorable discharge.'  Next, I anticipate 'anybody who has ever seen a John Wayne war movie'.  Oh, and of course as membership selectivity has lessoned, fraud has gone up. Now, we get to the REAL REASON members are treated like dirt. It's 'politically correct' to treat all equally. Thus, the deadbeat dads, the scammers, the con artists and, of course, legacy members of nearly half a century are all equal. Oh, brother!


Sadly, USAA Bank has become a bank like all other mediocre American banks. That means young, inexperienced bank officers who have little, likely no, military background or Federal service experience whatsoever. And these same cookie-cutter robot employees foster the failed banking industry  'we must grow' philosophy (pimped by their managers) that largely destroyed the entire U.S. banking industry including USAA due to greed, bad risks, bad loans and a collapsed housing market. So, who takes the brunt? Certainly nobody in banking got punished or fired. Again, who takes the brunt? Why, the loyal bank customers, who else!


My beef? Now using a great 'deposit by phone' capability I find checks deposited must be HELD until the bank gets the actual money from the institution on which the check is drawn, then the funds are placed in my own USAA account for use. Thus, we are back to the mid-19th Century banking mechanisms. In a word, those who have a record of integrity for decades must suffer waiting along with the deadbeats. The bank overcompensates for their industry mis-management of non-regulated loan policies of the recent past and now takes no risks or gives any latitude whatsoever to honest members. Thus, the ' politically correct' mantra prevails so as not to offend those who abuse the capabilities of rapid 21st Century banking.


Would I recommend USAA to anybody anymore? No! Never! I would suggest getting a hometown bank within blocks of your physical residence. Faraway bureaucratic institutions invariably lose their sense of mission and their raison d'etre. They come to view the customer as 'the enemy' and this is USAA today.


We purchased a car and USAA financed us. I was skeptical of how it would work since they are an out of town bacnk. But they made it so easy. They were always available online and over the phone. We just had to log on and print paperwork and voila! It was seriously easier than a traditional loan process! We were so gratfeul to them we got out car insurance through them, opened a credit card with them, and now that we have a baby we are planning on opening her an account with USAA.

I know membership is inclusive, but if you can get in, go with USAA. You can even deposit a check by using your smartphone and take a picture of it! So easy!!!! Whenever you have a question or issue you can call and every rep I have ever dealt with is SUPER nice and will go out of their way to help you.

I will saty with USAA, they impress me!

Poor Customer Service

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This Bank advertises it is for the Military Service Members and their Families.  Understanding the Military work round the clock and family needs are a 24 hour a day seven day a week requirement around the world when you call this bank you get a computer, automated call distribution system.  Understand this bank doe provide a good online service so when you call the bank you want to talk to a human not a computer.  No instructions are provided for you to opt out of the ACD.  Generally when I call the bank I want a human not an ACD, it takes several minutes and I have experienced up to 15 minutes just to get through the ACD and then wait in cue for a bank staff member.  Imagine you are a Soldier and need to call the bank you have maybe 15 minutes to conduct your business and get back to duty because the bank is closed when you get off duty.  Explain your excuse to your leader why you have to take so much time to get your business accomplished.  I submit the bank does not focus on Military Service Members and their Families it just says it does.  I called to have a check terminated.  After about 10 minutes I was able to speak to a human.  Next, I was referred to another human and again explained my purpose.  I was told the bank could not cancel my check or place a stop payment on the check for at least 24 hours and then they could not grantee the stop payment would take effect.  I asked to speak to a supervisor and received the same message.  What good is a bank if it cannot stop payment on a check quickly and accurately?

Constant Problems

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After dealing with constant problems and issues and endless run around with USAA banking, I took my business somewhere else. I still use USAA for vehicle insurance and my kids' savings accounts which never get touched. However, this morning I was reviewing my accounts and noticed that the last time I paid my insurance premium I overpaid by $0.98. In the past any amount overpaid would simply rollover to the next statement in the form of a credit. This time, the amount overpaid was listed as "waived" with no credit being given at all towards my next statement. I called and after a few minutes of computer prompting got an operator who placed me hold. When she came back, she forwarded me to someone else who put me on hold. After a while I was finally told that if I owed USAA $0.98 for an account balance that they would waive that amount and it would "go away" and that is what happened to my $0.98, it "went away." Although this is not a significant amount of money, I can't help but to wonder how much more of my money has "went away" and what type of business practices are being used at USAA? Just imagine if this practice was used on every USAA much extra profit would USAA make?

USAA Bank--Fantastic 7 Year Deal For Big Investors

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I just made a "super jumbo" CD (defined as over $175k) at USAA for a 3.79 rate/3.86 yield.  Smaller investors can still get a solid 3.55% yield.  I like that a bank will give a bonus for larger deposits.  On our $200K CD, the extra .30% means $600  more per year--not too shabby.  The application on line takes just 5 minutes as they promise, and that includes the time to link USAA to my local bank.  The transfer went smoothly.

Their phone personnel are awesome.  I had a lot of questions and they were very patient in explaining everything to me.  My only criticism is the website itelf, which is part of the reason I had to call in the first place.  The site is too congested IMO, making it difficult to find what you need.  For example, it takes about three clicks to get to the CD rates page--and the "view rates" tab is in small letters to the far right of the page.   This is only reason I couldn't give them the full 5 stars, but the rate itself more than makes up for the slight inconvenience.

USAA Is One Of The Best Banks I've Done Business With

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USAA is one of the best banks I've done business with.  I've used USAA for more than a decade.

Their customer service, ACH transfer service, free check-printing for life, and refund of ATM fees charged by other banks make them one of the best.

USAA offers CDs rate that are very good.

I have also used non-banking products offered by USAA such as Mutual Funds, Annuities and I'm very satisfied.

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