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Smooth And Easy Experience Opening A Teen Checking Account

My son got a summer job and it was finally time for him to learn about money management. I use USALLIANCE as my primary FI so I called them to see what options we had to deposit his paychecks. Best call I've ever made. The rep helped us open a Teen Checking account, ordered a debit card and walked my son through depositing his first paycheck on the mobile app. We learned about all the self-service options USALLIANCE offered via the online and mobile app - simply amazing! Wonderful service by staff who genuinely had our best interest in mind and a product that will grow with him over time as it will convert to a regular checking account when he becomes 18. Very satisfied to say the least!

Great Service, Great Rates. Easy!

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GREAT CD RATE. Better than the "big guys". Easy to use the mobile app, very convenient. Also, if you need to call in, the people on the other end really care about resolving any concerns. I was also told about a great Credit Card offer.

Awful Awful

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Complete Garbage In Every Way

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- Terrible website interface
- Terrible braindead customer service
- Terrible banking products
- High hidden fees
- Dishonest

There are so many better options, do not use this credit union.

Great Service!

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I had paused part way and saved my application for a CD. Once I had moved the funds to my hub bank, I called and got a CSR that finished my ap in ten minutes. Didn't lose a dime on the transfer. That CD was 3% for a year. Only lasted a couple of days.
BTW, the funds came from CIT Bank which transfers swiftly that evening....I had a CD with Alliance earlier and kept $1 in a savings account to save filling out forms the next time...The CSR transferred my beneficiaries on file in a second to my new CD..

Account Opening Was Very Time Consuming

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Recently, I opened a new 12-month CD and member checking account at this very large credit union. I was told they have over 100,000 members and 2 separate customer service call centers in 2 different states. I opened these 2 accounts by phone all in one very long day, and during this long process talked to 9 different customer service representatives. They were all nice to work with, but they made several important mistakes and gave me incorrect information several times.

First, they entered my name and address incorrectly. I later caught these errors, but it was time consuming to go back and correct them in their various systems. Second, they needed to pull my credit report from one credit bureau. I have security freezes on all 3 credit bureaus, so I asked them which credit bureau they used. They said I could unfreeze any one of them, but after I chose one and unfroze it, they said they only use Experian, which was not the one I chose. So I had to spend more time and go through the unfreezing process again.

Third, they said I could use a credit card to make an initial small deposit into my new member checking account, and that there would be no charges or fees of any kind by the credit card company for this transaction. In actuality, the credit card company charges me for this transaction as a cash advance.

Fourth, I funded this new account by using an inbound wire transfer. USAlliance gave me a routing number and account number to do this, but the new account number they gave me was wrong and did not correspond to any account they currently have. So they said they did not receive any incoming wire transfer deposit, and they told me the wire transfer was rejected. However, when I called back 8 hours after my initial phone call to them, my account showed that the wire transfer did successfully go through, and I was able to finally open the CD that same day.

In short, if you open an account by phone, allow many hours to complete the process and check constantly for errors on their part. Why go through all of this? Because their promotional CD interest rates are among the highest offered at present.

Opening A Account Is Horrible - AVOID

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So I liked the CD rate they were offering and called to open an account. The agents seemed fine but they provided conflicting information. My advise is this : if you have a credit freeze don't bother with this call center set up. They have no idea how to deal with it. One agent told me I had to provide them access to my credit through all 3 major credit bureaus. Seriously, I spent a few hours trying to open an account and finally gave up. If you don't live in the immediate area all you have to deal with is a call center. For a few hundredths of a point of interest it is not worth the head ache. AVOID

Current Member Terminating All Accounts- Choose A Different Credit Union!

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I have never written an online review before but I am so upset with us alliance I now have to terminate all of my accounts. They offer some good rates but to be honest their customer service is really subpar. There are plenty of better credit unions out there- do not choose this one.

False Advertising???

I have been a customer of US Alliance for over 10 years. I recommended my friend to it and persuaded him to finance his house with US Alliance. US alliance had advertised in their website a $250 gift card if you get a mortgage with them. My friend did it. He applied for a home loan and closed within the time frame. He closed in August and until this day he hasn’t received the gift card nor has anyone given him a status. I have emailed regarding this issue and no one emails back. I feel they have been very unprofessional. How can they advertise and not know the process or even have the courtesy to call or email back and give a time frame

I Would Give Them A Zero For Customer Service BUT...

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...everyone I spoke to at US Alliance was very nice. Nice does not mean smart or timely. I wanted to make my account a joint one with my daughter and add more money(so I could get full NCUA coverage).

That's when the idiocy kicked in. They kept asking me for more and more proof, official ID, utility bills (most kids don't have), etc etc. Despite my daughter being on about 10 accounts at major institutions, and me providing backup and more backup they would not open the account. Their system told them my daughter's SS number was not what it has been since birth. The backup I sent included a pay stub with address and SS no--that should have been enough.
Two weeks later, after chasing them around, I gave up. Rates at other institutions that can handle requests quickly and intelligently are out there.
Nice does not mean intelligent!

Misleading Advertising - "Early Pay Direct Deposit"

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I've been banking with USA for 7 months. For the first 7 months my direct deposit paycheck was put in my account 2 days early. So I scheduled payments for my 3 credit cards. My paycheck was not in my account as promised two days early. When I called to ask where the money was they said, "well it's not guaranteed. It depends on your employer's activity for deposit. I explained that there is no mention of this caveat in their advertising, I was advised to put a stop on payment on my Credit card payments to avoid the $35 overdraft fee. When I called to do this, they said it will cost me $35/stop payment. There was no accountability from US Alliance for false advertising.

36 Mo. August 2017 CD Special

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Surprisingly, this was for existing members only, not for the public or new members. Speaks well for their loyalty to existing members!

It ended today , 8/31, for members.

Annoyed While On Vacation

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I spoke with a manager at the bank and was told that no one could deposit my check for me while I was on vacation. As my bill payments were due to be withdrawn out of my account, it led to so many overdraft fees. I then had to leave my vacation and drive all the back to Ct to deposit the check myself. Had I know that someone else could actually make the deposit for me, that would have saved all those overdraft fees and the drive back. I'm so upset right now and heading back down south annoyed. Everyone should always give the customer accurate information

Worst Bank Ever

They enticed me with a spinning wheel of cash prizes: "if you spin the wheel, you'll have the number land on deposited into your account in dollars". I won $10, and a bank account near my job. It was convenient. The people who first greeted me was Alberto and another gentlemen, both were nice and for 5 years functioned as some of the best representatives of my finances I've had by far. Suddenly, I stopped speaking to Alberto, and random exorbitant fees started popping up frequently for charges I hadn't made to my account. Insufficient funds fees (which I was told would not occur on this type of account) became numerous. Suddenly instead of one fee, I started getting double fees, and they weren't being forgiven.

I was told I owe $80 in order to use or close my account because of charges I didn't make on an account I was told could not make charges it didn't not have money for. When I called them for help, I spoke to an uncaring, unforgiving, unprofessional, and downright rude teller and lazily passed to an equally if not more uncaring, and unforgiving supervisor. Both acted as enforcers more than bankers.

After 5 years of banking with them, I'm taking my money elsewhere. Worst bank ever.

Best Customer Service

I worked with a particular manager at USAlliance. She was super diligent to help the process of opening an IRA and transferring a Trad IRA from another financial institution. She never took longer than 24 hours to get back to me and it was usually less than 15 minutes. I have nothing but good things to say about USAlliance. They are great there!

Moms Death

My mom passed away after a long battle with cancer and died before my very eyes. Went into US Alliance to settle her estate and they ABRASIVELY told me that I only have ONE option and that was to go to court and pay to get this money which is close to the same amount of the funds that are in the account. They have held on to this money for almost a year and refuse to release it. So, if I don't go to court the bank just takes the funds????? Spoke to three different representatives and all of them were rude, abrasive and of NO help or customer service what so ever. I would never ever trust this bank for any of my dollars. BEWARE of this bank and its UNCARING, DISGUSTING staff.

Great Experience

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Had such a great experience with Doreen G. at the West Haven office. She was super helpful, patient while explaining everything and knowledgeable about all the services. I had many questions and she took her time to explain each and every one in detail. Highly Recommended.

U.S. Alliance

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Every experience I have had with this institution has been outstanding. The last one being with Jackie. She was professional and personable, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend US Alliance. I appreciate great customer service when dealing with my finances.
I have an auto loan, a credit card and am now opening up a bank account.
Thank you!
Ps the mobile app is informative an easy to use

Med Lan Tech

Doreen Goodwin is a very helpful head teller for

West Haven Branch At The Va Hospital

i am overly grateful for the people at the va branch . especially ms. Doreen Goodwin who goes out of her way everytime i enter that branch no matter how major or minor my transaction or question is she always makes me feel like im the most important customer. however ive watched her and it seems to me that she makes everyone feel that way. Doreen is definitley a assett to this credit union and one of rhe reasons i am and remain a member

Main St., West Haven Branch

I enjoy coming to US Alliance on Main st., West Haven, CT. My go-to teller is Qurana Guy. She is very efficient and delivers wonderful customer service. I have not encountered an issue so far ever since I opened an account with US Alliance with the help of Qurana.

Great Service

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I needed a fence and I was unsure if I wanted to pay for it out of my savings or do a loan with the credit union. I decided on the loan after discussion with one of the branch member's at the VA Hospital location. Randall was very knowledgable and extremely pleasant to work with, he made the whole experience seamless. I appreciated his understanding to my sometimes hectic work schedule and abilities to let me sign electronically. I thought it couldn't get much better then that when I spoke with Jackie who helped me to get through the e-signing progress and explained even more when I asked questions about the loan. I was astonished at her service and how hands on she was by treating me like a friend. That experience is why I will return to USALLIANCE for future needs. I even got their credit card after speaking with both Randall and Jackie, the rate is much lower and the benefits are greater then my previous cards with other companies. I just wanted to point out these two for their exceptional work and again thank them for everything!

Exceptional Customer Service

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I applied for a loan online and I was informed of the specific documentation needed for the loan to process properly. The car dealer faxed the requested items. During that time, I called intermittently to for updates. Finally after waiting several hours and an hour before the US Alliance offices closed, I was told two more items were required. The dealer faxed that information. After traveling through rush hour traffic I got to the office at the VA hospital but it was closed. Needless to say I was upset but Doreen Goodwin, Apryl Bedenbaugh, and Michelle Perrotti stayed after hours to complete the loan process. Normally I don't write reviews but the level of customer service they provided was exceptional. I wish I could give them more than five stars. I am extremely grateful for the help they gave me.

Director, Case Manaement & Telehealth/VA CT

Ms. Doreen Goodwin and her staff consistently provide outstanding customer service. They are exemplary staff and are always courteous, professional and a pleasure to work with. They always go out of their way to help with whatever needs I have from withdrawing money, setting up a checking account, notarizing a document or needing a check written. Thank you for having this outstanding team available to us at VA Connecticut Healthcare System.
Donna Vogel
203 993 3222

Helpful Staff

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I went into the Liberty Branch on Saturday to open a checking and savings account with Theresa specifically because my daughter said she was the best. I got to experience her first hand. She is such a happy person and She answered all my questions, recommended a few products that could help me. She was outstanding. I will be recommending her to all my friends and family. She's the best!

Awesome Customer Service

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I went to the liberty branch to open a checking account. I went to Theresa she was super helpful and really friendly. She told me how amazing their savings accounts where so I opened one of those to. I came in with my four kids and she told me about the kids accounts. I opened savings for all my kids. I loved here energy. She was great with my kids. I will be going back to see her. Theresa is simply awesome. Thank you Theresa!

Customer Service

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I have been a member of this credit union through many name changes. I am a member since around 1996. I often visit the woodbourne branch and the Liberty branch. I seen all these amazing reviews and I was inspired to write one myself. The woodbourne branch has sweet staff usually always a pleasure. The staff in Liberty is sweet also and very helpful. I see reviews about a Lady name theresa and it shocked me that they were good. Everytime I'm in Liberty she does not Crack a smile and seems to be a very unhappy person. Everything else about USALLIANCE is an A+.

Account Deposits

I recently overdrew my account and I went to see what was going on with my account. I walk into the Liberty USALLIANCE and I was greeted by a very bubblie happy upbeat associate Theresa. I walked up to her and I told her my situation and we figured out what went wrong and she was very helpful. She asked if I had online banking and/or the mobile app I did not. Theresa helped me set up both my online banking and my mobile app. She also recommended a Line of credit for overdraft so if I ever to overdraw my account I have that as back up. I talked it over with my wife and we will be going in to see her and setting that up. Thank You Theresa.

Best Customer Service

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I went to the Liberty Branch Saturday and had the most amazing experience I could ever have. Theresa Miller is amazing. She was so helpful and I will always return to see her. I was off in my check book by a substantial amount and she sat down with me and went through my entire account. She helped me find all the transactions I was missing and we balanced my check book to the penny. I will always go to her. She was always smiling and super friendly. She's the absolute best.

Best Customer Service!

I went in to the Liberty Branch Applied for a Large Car Loan within 1hr Jessel had me approved and ready to go. There were documents i was missing and instead of bothering me at work she called the dealership directly and got all necessary documents. USUALLIANCE IS THE WAY TO GO! THE LIBERTY GIRLS ARE AWESOME. JISSEL IS ALWAYS SO HELPFUL

The Best Customer Service

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I visited the West Haven Branch, located in the VA hospital. I came in because I was trying to apply for a loan and the young lady I dealt with, Michelle, was just amazing. She took the time out to go over everything with me, suggest things that would help me build up my credit. I have never had a banking experience like that, she took so much time out of her day to help me. It seemed like she genuinely cared about me and trying to help me! You guys earned a customer for life due to her customer service.

Great Credit Cards

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Went in to the liberty branch a young lady Jesel helped me with all my needs she was absolutely amazing. She helped me with a credit builder loan 6 months ago. I then went back to see what my options were after paying the credit builder. She suggested a credit card and i got approved. Jesel was very knowledgeable and helped me with everything i needed. USALLIANCE is the way to go! Stop by and see jesel in Liberty she wont let you down

Personal Loan And Checking

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I went into Usalliance in Liberty Ny to apply for a personal loan and opened both a checking and savings account. I applied on a Saturday and was approved by Monday morning. Jiselle and Jena went above and beyond for all my needs! I recommend Usalliance for all your financial needs. I will be returning for my car refinance very soon!

Great Customer Service

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I have to say I am very impressed by USAlliance Financial. Opened an account online easily, truly friendly and efficient customer service...shout out to "Shannon". She was prompt with my requests and was great to work with.
And, their Mobile Banking App is probably one of the best I've seen....comparable to Chase's (who imho has the best mobile app for large commercial banks).

Requires Unnecessary Information

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I am a long standing customer (20 years) with checking account, and wanted to add a saving account. I login and began filling out their required form. Although it would seem that verification questions at this point (since I have an account with them) would be unnecessary--such as all the information about my driver license--I dutifully filled them in. But after a point it seemed invasive, obviously information to build a profile of me for their sales, etc. For example, do they need to know my occupation, how much my salary is, whether I own or rent, or have a mortgage? All of this just for a savings account when I am already a customer? It was too much, very offensive. In addition to this: Why would I trust them with all this information when so many companies do not have the needed security to protect this information from hackers? No doubt they have lost customers over this approach and they are about to lose me and the use of my money for which they have provided me almost no interest all of these years.

3% My Life Savings Acct

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My Life Savings Account of $500 @ 3%
I forgot about this acct for awhile. The balance went over $500 due to interest added and dropped to .20%. Be sure to make a w/d once before the end of the month

I took all the money over $500 out and will pull the rest soon.
I found that the interest over $500 does NOT pull the entire balance down to .02%
But any amount over 500 does turn the acct into a blended rate percent.
The more over, the less the interest on the balance
3% on 500--- and .02% on 100 brings rate to 2.49%

25 Month CD Special @ 2.27% APY

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I made my application for this CD on Aug.17, 2015 and was approved on Aug. 19, 2015. The customer service representatives were great: Mario, Mike and Danielle. It appears that this special offer has been withdrawn as it no longer appears on their website. As far as I know I was not charged for the two required ACH deposits to fund this account. The whole experience was easy. I made a mistake by entering the promo code for this special, because I thought that I needed to. But that meant that I wanted two specials, which is not allowed. I got that cleared up, sent a copy of my drivers license and a recent copy of a letter to show them current address, and everything was quick and smooth. No signature card was needed, nor POD/Payable On Death form either. Thanks, Ken, for keeping us informed on the great rates available!

Great CD Rates

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Opened the CD in less than 10minutes at the west 31st location, completely painless.

Name Change

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Now "USAlliance Financial" . . . else, business as usual. For more info/details, see:

2Yr CD For Existing Customers

As irritating as these new customer specials are for existing customers, they do currently offer a 2-3 year CD at 1.61 apy, which is still pretty decent compared to the competition.

And, yes, I have let them know that it is bad marketing to effectively punish existing customers. In my experience, many other credit unions use this practice to attract new business.

Used Membership Referral TO Open Additional Acct.

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I referred my spouse and was able to open an additional 2.27% CD at a branch here in NY. My spouse also opened one and we feel pretty blessed to have such a great rate. We also put $500 into our "My Life Savings" accts. because it pays 3.05% A.P.Y on first $500. We figure where can you get %3 on a basic savings or MMA today. If the $500 was not in the US Alliance savings acct. it would be earning less elsewhere.

They Will Not Allow POD Account Unless You Have SS Number Of Beneficiaries

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I note, Alliance will not allow you to have a POD or ITF account unless you can provide the Social Security numbers of the beneficiaries -- a very unreasonable demand since if your beneficiary is not your child, you are not likely to have their Social Security number and for security reasons they should not give it to you. Besides, people aren't even required to have a Social Security number unless they have enough income to report for taxes, and a LOT of people's children do not have that.

This is one of a minority of banks that are very ignorant about POD accounts and Social Security numbers. Some insist the Patriot Act requires them to get the SS number of the beneficiaries, which is just 100% false. Others seem surprised that you can't just have the Social Security number of anyone in the population, just ask them -- how ignorant.

Also, many people, such as me, don't even want the beneficiaries to know they are beneficiaries until I die -- for it would create a lot of issues that could be undesirable and would change their approach in life, which I don't want to do. But even so, they can't just be giving out their Social Security number, and to even ask for it and to put them on the spot like that is an offense.

So, they have lost my business, because of their unreasonable ignorance.

Update On Promo

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I have been an existing customer for years. They did have a provision to allow existing member to use the promo IF they referred a new customer. CSR told me that has ended. They gave me no other options, so I am moving my IRA and cashing out a taxable CD.

Not really a smart business move to hack off existing customers who vote with their feet.

FYI - $30 to transfer an IRA, even a partial.

Nightmare For Months

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They lost/misapplied/maybe stolen several of our payments that we come in and pay in person monthly. They told us the only way to fix the problem was to sign up for automatic payment (which we were reluctant to do considering their track record with us). But they however gave us no choice as they had already sent someone to repo our car based on their errors and told us that was the only way they could fix it (repo guy said he was coming and would charge an additional $600) so we caved out of fear... SAD BUISNESS PRACTICE. Plus no one there knows what they are doing, new people everyday. And the girl who claims to be some sort of supervisor is ghetto, rude, and unprofessional as I observed her either talking trash about coworkers and making faces behind the managers back while I was talking to her on several occasions.

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