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Bait And Switch

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I was promised 1/8th point off my home mortgage if I opened a Webster account. At the closing table I was told this was no longer available. While not devastating, just a horrible way to conduct business.

Beyond Awful

Realized an unauthorized charge was made to our account. Took over 72 hours to finally speak to someone, who at that point told Us we had to call back. It seems as They just expect Us to pay the charge. Will be pulling all my money out. Suggest the same. They have no Customer Over the weekend even when its fraud related......Suggest everyone pull their money out.

Customer Service

I have been a customer of what started out as Astoria Bank which was taken over by Sterling and now it is Webster. The local branch has two wonderful tellers but the rest of the meager staff are soerly wanting. Calls to their hotline are answered by a recordring which nobody answers even days later. If you hold on you can be left on for up to 30 minutes but no live person picks up. Tryng to leave a message on the HQ website is a joke, they will not accept yur questions or review citing that it is incorrect.
Trying to get my monthly online statement is a hit but mostly miss. They lock me out then I have to go to the local branch and when they call the techs they are told the account is locked out because they do not recognize me and need a copy of my drivers license, how many copies do they need?
Very unfriendly website they need to get a decent IT person to fix it. They also need to get some friendly customer service reps who care! I rate the bank on a scale of 1-5 as a one except for the two overworked tellers at the branch, they are great.

Worst Bank EVER

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Please. if you want , we can join you in the lawsuit. This Bank is horrible. Hear my story: On saturday I had a balance of 29.60 and on monday morning I checked and it was the same. and at the same time another deposit was coming to my account for 5k, I transferred 29 dollars to my paypal. and they say Captial One credit card posted late causing my balance to go from -29.60 negative and then the the paypal transaction came through- resulting in double late fee (37 x 2 = 74) - I asked hi.. how do we believe that the Captial one came first or the paypal came first. They are saying - you have to believe us. No other way. What kin d of nonsense is this? - Big Robbery.

Webster Bank Is The Worst Bank Ever

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So I deposited $280 into a Webster Bank ATM in Ansonia CT. I get an error message with receipt but the ATM did not give me cash back. I go inside to inform tellers about Their ATM taking my money and not depositing it. To add insult to injury a male teller said that I was desperate for money! So , I explain the situation to a bank manager . He tells me that the ATM isn't owned by them so that company would have to investigate but gave me credit until investigation was done. I thought the drama was over , boy was i Wrong.

Three weeks later I'm lookng in my account online and notice a misc debit and it was them taking their money back. I called and the rep said that the ATM only recovered $80 . So they took their $200 back. They said they mailed me this information but they mailed it to an old address that I lived at almost 4 years ago. But they mailed my Debit card and all other bank literature to my current address which I used for signing up. This has been the worst experience ever with a bank . Nobody will help me. i don't know what to do ??

Holds On Payroll Checks

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Went to the bank with my wife to cash her paycheck. After depositing her check on Thursday morning we went to pay bills and take my dog to the vet. Only to find out that the check didn’t clear. I have been banking for over 30 yrs and never have i had to wait an extra 2 days to get money out of a payroll check. This policy of waiting for 2 days is the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Thanks for nothing Webster Bank now that all the payment arrangements i made are now no good. I will be closing this account ASAP.

Webster Bank - Professional Service

I have had Webster Bank ever since I started working with a Dunkin Donuts Franchisee. The company did payroll through Webster, so the bank offered me a free premium checking and savings account, completely waiving all fees for the account. The people at the two bank locations I frequent are very professional, and have always been able to help me with issues. I lost my Debit card recently and they were extremely courteous during the whole process of getting a new one. They offered to print up a temporary one, while a replacement was mailed out to me. Another occasion that Webster was able to service me was when I had an issue with Sprint. Sprint had taken additional payments, after being canceled and were refusing to return the funds. A few minutes on the phone with an employee at Webster Bank and I had my debits returned, and future debits from Sprint frozen. Their online banking options are another reason I have stuck with them for more than five years, as I can handle all my business needs right from my computer without speaking to anyone. The portal is simple to use and doesn't have extra fluff that makes it confusing, as well they have a app for my tablet and phone that make it very convenient to bank on the go.

Great CT Bank to do business with . . .

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I have been with Webster Bank for almost 20 years. I really like the network of convenient ATMs throughout Connecticut and now much of the northeast, including Boston and New York areas. I rarely use ATMs outside of Connecticut but have noticed Webster branches and ATMs in new places and it is nice to know that I can use them in the future. I think my favorite part of Webster Bank is Webster Online banking. The interface is easy to use from my mobile phone and/or computer and the system has a very high level of checks for making sure it it me logging on and using the systems to do business. I also occasionally use local branches and have found folks to be pleasant, competent, and helpful. Great overall bank checking, savings, CD's, and other products too!

Good Rates for a CD

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I was pleased with my overall experience with Webster Bank. I had a fixed term CD here. The rate was very competitive with other local banks. I had some profit from a real estate transaction and wanted to get some interest on the money before reinvesting. I did a six month CD and was pleased with the rate and interest I made. I also use Webster Bank for a free checking account since I had my CD there. I use it in conjunction with PayPal for eBay transactions. I have never had a problem with using the checking account. Any tellers I have worked with at the bank have been pleasant and helpful. I don't find their website to be the most user friendly, however. For me, it is a bit slow. Here, I actually prefer to do my banking in person. I would recommend this bank.

Dishonest Policies

I got a Webster checking account with my loan in a plan to swap over from Bank of America. After digging into details and limitations of their online banking, my wife and I decided against it, but kept the checking account open with a specific balance to keep our loan rate down.

After paying off our loan, we reduced the account to 0 and tried (and failed) to close the it, not being able to get to a bank together.

We finally have time to close it, and find almost $100 in fees. Apparently, they charged us *one* service fee for not having a minimum balance, then started piling daily $5 "Overdraft Fee" hits.

When we called to contest it, we were told not-too-politely that this is the fine-print of the policy, and that our account would be put into collections if we did not pay it off. So from a zero-debt checking account, they're now attempting to extort $100 in junk daily fees. Having worked for a collection company before, I know that banks have an agreement over DDA overdraft collections, that no bank will let you open a checking account if you have any other checking account in DDA collections, even if contested.

No escalation routes, no nothing. Pay us money we have no right to demand, or we will ruin your credit and prevent you from opening bank accounts with other banks.

I will have a BBB complaint pending as of this weekend. This is a warning to everyone. DO NOT BANK WITH WEBSTER. They're buried in the kind of malicious fine print that won't stand up in court because they know they don't have to go to court.

Please, anyone who reads this, stay away from this terrible bank. They're not the great bank they were 10 years ago.

Business Owner

WARNING!!!!! This is the worst bank! I had banked with new Milford Savings Bank since the late 1980s Webster took over 7 approximately years ago. It was ok at first, but they have turned into a literal nightmare!! They do not care about their customers. They make mistakes and will not reverse fees. I wasn't even close to being overdrawn and I was charged 4 fees at 37. each I brought the printout in to the branch. They had no explanation she even called two different managers who also had no explanation. You would think at that point they would refund my money. NO!! They said they are only allowed to give one charge back. That is ludicrous!! Last Thursday, I made a deposit with my credit card machine, the money is available midnight the night I process it. I went into the bank Saturday to withdraw some of the money in order to pay employees, They had no record of the deposit. 1200$ gone. First Data informed the teller of the transaction reference number and proved that the money had indeed been deposited into my account on Friday at 12:01 am The teller basically said they have misplaced my money and even though they have proof of the deposit, they could not withdraw any money at this time. I had workers showing up at my house that day to get paid. They batched out their drawers while I was standing there so when I asked to at least withdraw the available funds so I could give them something, they told me they were closed. I was standing in the bank and they closed while waiting on me. She basically said "I don't know what to tell you, come back on Monday". This sort of thing happens over and over with this bank. I am officially done with these guys. Its terrible that they took over the bank that I was happy with, play games with my money and cause me a lot of stress. I cant run a business like this! DO NOT bank here, anywhere but here!!

Vampires Do Exist.

We have been banking with Webster for many years.  Each year more frustrating than the last.  They are MONSTROUS when it comes to fees.  They send all these emails sounding trumpets and throwing parades when they make policy changes that benefit their customer then roll them back with only a whisper. 

They scramble up debits and credits so that you never really know what's in your acct and incur NSF fees.  They used to say that they wouldn't charge more than 5 NSF fees in a day (at $37/pop) but they changed that to 7.

Recently we made 5 small purchases (totaling $116) not realizing that we were low on funds.  That resulted in $410 in fees.  When we showed Webster their OWN bank records and showed them that only 5 actually had NSF, they, unsurprisingly, and after a 4 day wait, told us that they weren't reversing any of the charges.  

We're done.  We are leaving this lecherous bank.  They are vampires.  I went back and calculated how many NSF fees we've paid JUST THIS YEAR SO FAR (and it's only May!) and it's totalled $1,904!!!  

I could've gone on vacation with the money they've taken from us due to their 1990s banking procedures that never shows us what we ACTUALLY have in our acct until it's too late.

We are in the process of moving the little money we do have to another bank (who, by the way, only charges ONE $9 overdraft fee per day) and we will be going in to close our accounts next week.

Enough is enough.  Let them bleed some other poor person dry.  

Would Not Give Military $500 Credit At Closing

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I worked on a refi for my in-laws in December 2012-February 2013. It not only took forever to close, but we kept getting more paperwork to sign after the closing. The WORST part is that the rep, Kimberly Lynch, just happened to "forget" to tell us that military (active or retired) get $500 back at loan closing.  I found out a week or so after the closing while looking at Webster's website for an answer to a question I had.  When I asked her about that, she said she simply forgot to ask during the assessment since she was talking with me and not them and that they won't make good on the money back!  Oh, OK-no problem.  The bank withheld $500 from a couple of seniors, one of which is going through cancer treatment-no problem that you didn't do your job!  BIG thanks for serving our country!  Now the loan was sold to Fannie Mae a week before the first payment was to begin.  Webster Bank is not to be trusted.

Worst Bank Ever

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I've been with Webster Bank since for probably 18 years(about the time they took over Derby Savings bank). They started out as a very consumer focused bank looking to provide the best service and reaching out to the needs of their customers. Over the years it has become nothing but a money hungry corporate machine. The tellers in their branches are friendly(for the most part), but it is the overall institution that has become disconnected with their clientele. They are not flexible, they do not care about your needs, they WILL not go above and beyond for you in any situation. It is all about them and their bottom line. They can care less about you and your money. Believe me. If you open an account here, you'll be sorry you ever did. I have a business and have given them millions in deposits over the past few years and they could care less about me or my business. I will be removing ALL of my funds from Webster and closing all accounts.

Loans At Webster

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I went to the bank on mills st. On Berlin I was treated very poorly . Truest to get a business loan , it took two months to get my results back cause Ana drop the ball on me . She never called me . She didn't give me the right forms and they stop the loan process . I had to restart the loan process again .and I got denied . But I think if I had someone helping me I might have got the loan . Webster is for the big business , not for the small business man. I close my account and went somewhere else .

No One Calls Me Back On My Loan Application

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I deposited a check on a Wednesday at the drive up window and the nice young man mentioned that Webster was having a special on refinancing loans. I have a small mortgage with them. I no sooner got home when the Branch Manager was calling me and telling me how they could lower my interest rate with no closing costs. I went there on a Friday and spoke to the Branch Manager who showed me a rate of 3.86. She then took my application. She did answer many of my questions and seemed helpful. She needed my last 2 years income tax returns. I went home and immediately emailed them to her. It was Tuesday and no one called me. So I called the branch and left a message for the manager to call me if she didn't get the tax forms. Someone else called me from the loan office and asked me for these forms. I told her that I emailed them to the branch manager the very day I filled out the application. Then Thursday the forms arrived, showing what the loan terms would be, and the rate on these forms was higher! Also, I had a lot of questions regarding some the the terms. I called the branch on Friday, left a message, no one called. I called on Saturday left a message. No one called. Guess What! I am going to find another bank and refinance with them. A lot of banks are offering low interest rates and no closing costs. Credits unions too!

Wouldn't Cash A State Tax Refund Check For Long Term Customer

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I am a senior who has had an account with Webster for many years, as has my wife. I tried to cash a $60 State tax refund check which both of us had signed. They would not do it stating it was a federal law that both parties had to be present in order to cash the check. Never mind that my wife and I have thousands in our accounts. So I took the check across the street to Coastway Bank where I also have an account with less funds in it and they cashed the check with no problems. I guess Federal law is only in effect at Webster. I'm going to move my money out of there and look for another bank to do most of my banking in. I can now understand why the general population used to cheer the 20's & 30's bank robbers when they robbed banks. When are they all going to call it a day and stop robbing all of us citizens?

PO'd in RI

Stellar All Around

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Meriden branch has consistently gone above and beyond in terms of service and accomodations on checking, savings, ancillary issues. Presently moving our accounts from troubled, non-responsive BofA to Webster.

Slow On Home Equity Line Approval. Promise To Call Me Back Not Kept. Poor Service.

Their 7-day guarantee is a joke. It has been 2 weeks and I have to chase down the branch manager every day. He said he would call me Monday. I had to call him at  6 PM. He said he would call me Tuesday before 4 PM so that he could get answers. He never called. I need a car but was  getting a HELOC on a property that has no mortgage. THEY PROMISE EVERYTHING BUT CAN'T EVEN KEEP THEIR WORD ON GIVING YOU A PHONE CALL. DON'T GET A LOAN FROM THESE PEOPLE. I WOULDN'T EVEN WANT TO THINK ABOUT GETTING A MORTGAGE FROM THEM. It may take years. 1-800 customer service line not too helpful either.

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