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A Very Bad Bank To Put Your Money In

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I have an auto loan with them, after years if paying my bills on time, I decided to go paperless and they promised emailing me the bill to remind me, they did it twice, and this month they decided to stop.
I remembered my car payment and went online to check it, to find out I was few days passed due!
Bad banks, would try to screw you up like that, Fock wells Fargo.

First Horizon Bank

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Customer service Agent name was Felicia. I called for assistance with Zelle. She said it was not an option for business accounts. I asked her why would you not offer the same level of services for your businesses that you do for your regular customers? Agent was not helpful. I asked her to speak with a supervisor, she said none was available. I request her to have someone call me back. She made me jump through atleast 5 different verification peices. I ask her to put me through to the customer service survey and I have now been on hold for 8 minutes listening to music. Someone then picked up and hung up. Why is it this difficult to provide customer service feedback? This bank has horrible customer service even in person.

Wells Fargo Does Not Believe By People's Civil Rights And Privacy Rights.

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I was told in writing by Wells Fargo So called ECMOs that Wells Fargo has no email or website for online complaints and has no managers or supervisors.  Customers like me find no REAL Wells Fargo site to complain but here.
Wells Fargo is refusing to use my mailing address as indicating on my account preference. Wells Fargo is ignoring my privacy rights and my civil rights, Wells Fargo is refusing to follow the laws and regulations. and my account preference.
I have been a Wells Fargo customer for more than 35 years, at all the past 32 years my account mailing preference is a P.OBOX. for the safety of my mail and for my privacy. Everything was fine till the last 2 and half year When Wells Fargo start the illegal activities and contracted the customer service to a company called ENTERPRISE COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT OFFICE (ECMO). since that, Wells Fargo decided not to use my P.O.Box. anymore and they start directing my mail to my residential address. In the last 2 and half years, I complaint to Wells Fargo more than 95 times and requested not to mail anything to my resident but all the complaint were answered by a copy and paste standard letters even the answers to my complaint were mailed to my residential address when my complaint and my request is to mail to my P.O.BOX. not to my resident. The Wells Fargo working from the comfort of their home employees from the ENTERPRISE COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT OFFICE (ECMOs) do not read my complaint they only copy and paste standard answers and mail it to my residential address when in my complaints I provided the P.O.BOX as my mailing address and I did not provide my residential address and my account mailing preference is my P.O.BOX.
The contracting company ENTERPRISE COMPLAINTS MANAGEMENT OFFICE (ECMO) are refusing to send my complaint to a REAL Wells Fargo manager.
Wells Fargo is refusing to address my issue properly, Wells Fargo is refusing to investigate, Wells Fargo is refusing to follow the rules and regulations regarding my account mailing preference, and they send misleading answers and they do not even read my complaint before they answer it, The people who answer the complaints for Wells Fargo are labeled ECMOs , Those are inexperienced people who are working for the contractor ECMO from the comfort of their homes without any supervision not under Wells Fargo's Management.
I tried to speak to a Wells Fargo manager or supervisor, but I was told that Wells Fargo contractor's employees who answer the complaint are working from their homes and there have no way to connect me to a Wells Fargo manager or supervisor because they are independent contractors, they do not work under the supervision of Wells Fargo bank they are working for the contractor ECMO.

So, after more than 2 years of complaints to Wells Fargo and to everywhere they have authority over Wells Fargo and after more than 95 complaints, Wells Fargo still did not address my issue properly and did not solve it and Wells Fargo is still denying me the right of privacy when I do not want the bank to send the mail to my residential address. and Wells Fargo is still refusing to use my P.O.BOX mailing address as it is indicated on my account preference.
Every time I receive a Wells Fargo mail to my resident, I submit a complaint with  a copy of the new letter  but the Wells Fargo working from home employees do not read it and they say you did not submit a new evidence.
I have tons of letters from Wells Fargo as evidence that they are mailing to my residential address.

Not A Nice Bank. People Should Stay Away From Them

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They refused me loans for nothing and anytime I came to their branch location their staff will discharge me and tell me that it's late to offer me a service. I will not bank with them again, I am going to close my account. They could not help me with the loans I asked them for when I was in serious need so no need for banking with them.

The Worst Bank

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Do you enjoy torture from a mortage application? If yes, use WF. Otherwise, run, run, run from this shoddy bank. The bank will not honor the lower rate that you spend money to lock in.

Happy To Stay

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Wells Fargo has been very understanding on mortgage payments the very fair end understand the needs of people living in homes. No reason to switch mortgage personnel. Thankful for the reupholstery hacker Royalblade@protonmail. Com did for my credit. Results was fast and definitely put me in line for good rates.

Horrible Bank, Would Avoid At All Cost.

I won't write a novel, but for context:

I had heard about the horror stories of Wells Fargo, but they had a good rate on a credit transfer so I proceeded to opening an account and due to a miscommunication, they ran the credit transfer TWICE...meaning 1. That my account was overdrawn by double the credit limit 2. that I'd have to pay off 6k immediately because there is no way of reversing the transaction and 3. that my credit was impacted before I even recieved my card after opening the account. I escalated all the way to corporate and while they stated that the second transaction should never have been able to be place, they could not do anything or help with a credit reversal.



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If you report it immediately no charge LIE!!!

After 2 days you pay $50!!!!

After 2 WEEKS YOU PAY $500!!!!





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Online looking for a financial institution to use for a balance transfer. My other half spends well whether she has it or not. Don't have available credit? No problem she has me to get it for her. So she was looking for a balance transfer deal to payoff the previous one on which she came up short. Plus needed more credit to make repairs in an overpriced house that should have never been bought.
With that being said I find what appears to be a great deal from Wells Fargo(WF). I did business with this "financial dog & pony show" once back in 2004. It was for a bridge loan on a house purchase. Per usual the woman working for WF "lied, lied, & denied." At the end of the day I pulled money out of one of my bank accounts and paid off the bridge loan and the woman went back to being a teller. So I see this offer for 0% interest on upwards of 21 months on a balance transfer. With my 834 FICO score I figured I was a lock for the lowest interest rate post transfer at 12.99%. Filled out application and got immediate approval for $16k or so. Had to wait about 7 business days for payoff of other financer's monies. When we received our cards I see that I am not getting 12.99% but 16.99% interest rate post transfer time. I contact them immediately as I am looking at the paperwork they sent indicating my FICO score was 834 (of 850). I was livid but per usual even when I got further up the corporate finance pole they were not adjusting the interest rate. I should have known better as one thing WF excels at is the old fashioned "bait & switch" moves. My lady will have the cards (I'd just as soon shred my card) as I WILL NEVER do business with Wells Fargo again. As long as she pays on time and more than a minimal amount monthly there shouldn't be any problems. I plan to keep a close eye on things as WF can not be trusted. They are the worst bank/credit union I have EVER done business with as they are less than truthful. Should you contemplate using them for a balance transfer unless your FICO score is 850 of 850 you aren't getting the lowest interest rate. What bothered me even more was the fact that I had a 834 of 850 credit score not only did I NOT GET THEIR LOWEST, ADVERTISED RATE but got one 4% higher!! Do yourself a favor if you see an offer that seems good from Wells Fargo (WF) IGNORE IT!! They will find a way to change "not ONLY the RULES, but the WHOLE GAME!" They are the worst.

Worst Big Bank You Could Ask For

Do not use this bank! SO many hidden fees and charges. In the end you'll find your money slowly eaten away.

Nice $200 Bonus But The Bank Isnt Anything Special

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Nice $200 bonus but the bank isnt anything special. I give it a 2/5 star rating.

Horrible Bank And Cruel Investors!!!

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DO NOT USE THIS BANK! Service is trash and they invest in climate destroying fossil fuels!!!

Meh Is The Only Work I Can Think Of For This Bank

Decent bank but nothing special. Workers are rude and fees are average. Not bad but not good.

Update On Customers Views…

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From another post on DA…”Just saw a write up on Wells at FINANCEBUZZ and while focused primarily on home loans the negative/generic reviews cited therein was (negative way) impressive. Link is https://www.bbb.org/us/ia/des-moines/profile/mortgage-lenders/wells-fargo-home-mortgage-0664-102258/customer-reviews

“1 out 5 star rating! Great BBB ratings but those reviews are not used by BBB. And remember BBB is paid by business and input is from that business! Somethings never change!”

Bad Service

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I try to use Zelle, money never was delivered. Then I had to wait to get the credit back. With Chase money arrived within seconds, I transfer money to another bank 3 days later I had no access to the money in neither banks,
I transfer from a Credit union to the same bank money was available the next day

I Banked With Wellsfargo 25 Yrs… What’S Wrong With Me?

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I have been banking with them for more than 25 yrs. I bought at least seven or eight properties and I was never able to accept any loans from them because of their outrageous conditions. I was on vacation in South America once and I needed a couple of thousand dollars. They were unable to transfer the money despite having more than enough in my accounts. I just made a wire transfer from another bank to Wells Fargo, no charges for the wire from the originating bank but WFargo charged $ 15.00 FOR RECEIVING THE MONEY. If they put a monkey to review my accounts for 10” immediately they realize how much business they are losing with this penny-pinching practice policy they have had in place for 25 years.
Not only they will not be getting my real business, but they will only get a very unhappy business guy willing to spread the word…for free!
The most expensive $ 15 they ever made!

Supporting Shady Bussines

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Autobidmaster is a fraud. They sold me a car that unsafe to drive. I have a lengthy car inspection report. I try to get my money back through wellsfargo but they keep me waiting for nothing for 2 weeks. I am done. They support shady business and I lost 6k. I closed and account and go else where after being a long time customer.

Wells Fargo Are Horrible!

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Wells Fargo decided to try telling me, that my check, that I tried to deposit by taking a picture of it and sending it in. They never seen it in person but they said their collecting all of my credits, and closing my account, due to a counterfeit check. Which definitely isn’t counterfeit, good thing I didn’t try depositing my other check I just got Friday. I swear Wells Fargo has costed me more money than they would let me deposit. Their horrible and they just need to go get a whole different life and get out of the banking industry, they can eat dog poo because how can you say if a check is counterfeit or not. If you didn’t see it personally. Smh. And they said I can’t open an account with them ever again. Like what in the actual duck is up with these stupid people man. I wouldn’t bank with them ever again anyways. They would reverse my transactions and say it’s a 35$ INSF. When I had money in there and the money transfers take longer than a week to transfer. So they lie and said 2-3 business days. Naw they are liars and stealing your money.

Ruined My Credit Utilization

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I applied to Wells Fargo only because I had good credit experiences with them in the past. However, during COVID-19 2020 I ran into a temporary financial setback and was some days late with one payment (but not more than 30 days). While other banks had moratoriums and all kinds of COVID programs in place to support customers, WF slashed my credit line in half which ruined my utilization percentage and negatively impacted my credit score. When I contacted them to restore my line the so-called executive representative was rude and apathetic. After paying them off I will cut their card in half! And throw it away (sorry I applied).

Wells Fargo Debit Card

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I forgot to take my debit card out of a WF atm today and the person behind me used it to withdraw $1000 from my account. Wells Fargo is telling me they are not responsible for refunding my money to me. (Even though I was STOLEN from!) i've filed a police report and they are checking the video cameras on Monday when the bank reopens. Has anyone else had this experience with Wells Fargo? I know it was my negligence that caused this fraud, however I've been a great customer for over 15 years and my husband and I have 4 accounts with them, in addition to our credit card and truck payment. I'll move our money and our credit card and truck loan to another bank if we don't get our money back.


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WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE is the most corrupt company I've ever dealt with. Their employees lie all the time. I've never been given the same information twice by any of them. When I've complained about the lies and conflicting statements they've made, I get apologies that I was provided with "misinformation." Check your statements carefully. My statements have been incorrect for months and it still hasn't been resolved. I have found several payments that have not been applied to my account and no one from Wells Fargo will explain why. I keep being told that they need more time to review my case. It's been going on for months. They are really dishonest. Don't trust Wells Fargo!

Stopping Online Transfers !

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Been with Wells Fargo since 1981. Added a new CU account using the process where they deposit 2x small amounts to the other account to verify. That worked and validated. I then attempted to transfer $1000 to same account. Admittedly 2 days before I had pulled $1000 to a different CU account. Have regular incoming from SS but been working for US Census Bureau and so extra money coming in and wanted to move it somewhere with a better interest rate. So get a popup asking me to either visit an ATM (14 mile round trip and its 11 pm) or call customer service. So I was told in order to validate my identity I had to go to the ATM or open a case that would take 5 business days. Totally unacceptable that a bank would not allow you to move your own money to verified personal accounts!! I am about through with Wells Fargo. Despite my better judgement figured that I would continue a relationship of 38 yrs. I am beyond angry!

"BANKING ERROR" - Refused To Close My Account And Release Funds

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I've been trying to close out my CD Time Account since January and have already done so twice "successfully" at this point, but both time they had no record of my call or the request to close out the account. The phone calls on my second attempt were all recorded on my end (with consent) and I am now curious to find out how many others there are out there that have the same issue. Did you call to close out you Wells Fargo account and go through the prompts only to find out that it was still active a few days or weeks later? Read below for my story.

I have been with WF for a decade and I have had multiple accounts. Current have Checking, Savings, Credit, and a 5-figure CD “Time Account” that was set to auto-renew on January 8, 2020. I called them within the 7-day grace period to close this account and transfer the funds to my Savings. Two weeks later I realized that my account was still active. I did not pay it much attention back then and I did not have an urgent need for the cash, but things were different this time around considering the pandemic. I needed my funds as I had a great investment opportunity and so when I called on July 9th (one day after it auto-renew), again they read me the screen prompt (the usual language when you close an account) and I agreed to it and the rep was aware that I was also screening the conversation on my end. I explained that this was the second time I'm calling and that this time I needed to feel secure because the money was supposed to be transferred to my checking and I made it clear I needed it ASAP so I could transfer to my TD Ameritrade investment account.

Come July 14, I had to call them again. My account was still active, and I could not believe that they had ZERO records/notes/documents of my call. They said it may take another day for my account to close and so I allowed them another 24 hours. This time I had it escalated to the Executive Office in Boise, Idaho and the case manager who took my case said she will review all records of my calls to see what went wrong as I demanded my money ASAP and WF continued to refuse as I lost HUGE GAINS on the stock I was to purchase. On July 23rd I got a notification that my account was finally closed out. I then contact the case manager and she notified me that it was 10000% an error by Wells Fargo and that someone should've contact me or done something. She listened to all my calls and admit that I did call Wells back in January to close out my account and multiple times in July. She understood my frustration and said that this is what they refer to as a "Banking Error". This is potentially a huge Class Action claim. I have spoken to a respectable attorney in California for a Class Action claim if others are involved. If it happened to me twice on the same account, 6 months apart, I feel like there could be hundreds, if not thousands of others out there with a similar situation. If you have had similar circumstances, please reach out to me, especially if you have incurred a loss as a result of Wells Fargo’s failure to close out your account after you called and instructed them to do so. Please continue to share your experience and look for additional information for me and this incident on other online forums so we can touch base.

I have since only received an apology from the case manager, but they did not attempt to compensate me for my losses that are in the 4-figure range. When I requested a transcript of the case, they said it is only available with a court subpoena.

Great Service, Nice App

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I needed a branch close to my house, as I closed Alaska FCU checking account, after 10 years, website was bad, out of date, no linking accounts, app doesnt let you deposit checks, it just didnt work anymore, and nearest branch is 40 minute drive from my house on a good day no traffic, as they closed the one nearest to me, so I decided to try Wells Fargo since most of my family banks there for years and have great comments to say about them. Wow, i am impressed, customer service is great, i called twice and super helpful and nice, mobile app is superb, on line UI nice. No issues so far, WF ATM about 5 min away so i never pay ATM fees. I can deposit cash, and use the app to deposit checks. I linked Ally Bank & WF and no issues (checking account at both). I also linked my HYSA (Marcus & Capital One) no issues. WF is very convenient for me. Alot of people are negative about WF, but so far so good.

Structured To Trap Customers Into High Fees

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Unfortunately, I had been a Wells Fargo Customer for more than 10 years. I learned they have a pattern to really structure overdraft fees and other fees to their advantage. I grant that ultimately it is the account holder's responsibility to mange their account. When you have automatic deposits and automatic payments, some times its easily to go into an out of sight/out of mind routine. Don't do that with Wells Fargo. You will pay for it in a big way. Because they are mega and monstrous, they just don't care and are callous. It is known that bank fees are the new boon of profits for banks and 20% of customers pay 80% of the fees. Those customers are typically people who are struggling to make ends meet so they think overdraft fee protections are helpful. They are not. Here's a way to protect yourself:
1. Pay your bills on time yourself.
2. Don't rely on overdraft protection: it is not the gift you think.
3. Don't use automatics payments
4. Check your account balances frequently
5. Don't allow the banks to automatically increase your credit limits

Simply The Worst Bank...

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First why did I opened a checking account (no monthly fee if keeping a balance of $1,500) with this notorious bank as crooks&robbers&thieves bank five years ago? To benefit from their 5% cashback (for all purchases) credit card offer (for one-year)l (for two consecutive years).

They notified me that they will close my checking account due to inactivities. Their activities are defined very vaguely and hard to achieve (e.g., check deposits in which they do not offer free checks or even starter checks).

(1) They did not send me replacement debit card when the original one expired last September. They offered no apology when I noticed it last week. And they asked for my blood to get a renewed one!!:D

(2) They lied that I requested to close the account when I simply asked for the process of closing accounts and whether there are hidden fees (e.g., early closure). They simply acted naive and ignorant that they did that when I called them.

(3) Their service center is open 24/7, BUT (1) be prepared that they hang up on you when you have the slightest complaints and/or ask for a supervisor, (2) All CSRs and supervisors are complete idiots and know nothing and do nothing; except causing you more stress and aggravations.

I am usually a gentle person but was annoyed by them for three phone call conversations, among other stressful times with them --- HINT: NEVER have anything to do with this bank and, if you unfortunately have an account with them, NEVER CALL them if you still want to enjoy your peaceful life!!!

SERVE THEM RIGHT to have all the legal complaints and lawsuits!!!! They should change their bank name to "WILL NOT GO FAR BANK.":D

Customer Service Etczero Stars

2 hours on the phone, rude incompetent people, hang ups, refuse to connect to a supervisor, arrogant. i have all names and last names. issue never resolved depite being urgent i.maintain always a 5 digit checking balance. wf and zelle their subsidary defrauded me of 750$. there are many other banks out there. I will start a petition to reign in wells fargo.I also will speak at the shareholders meeting before selling my stock. besides this rates on either side are not competitive.wells fargo and their employees forget that the taxpayer bailed them out. not them or their ceo .

Bad Bank Keeps Getting Worse

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Wells Fargo deserves its bad rep. In addition to the scandals that have been reported in the news, here are my recent bad experiences:
1. After years in the same location (a busy Von's grocery store), Wells Fargo announced that they were closing that branch and that people who had safety deposit boxes there would have to empty them. Unfortunately they were closing several branches, so there were no available safety deposit boxes at the remaining relatively nearby branch.
2. I have been a Wells Fargo Banking customer for decades. Today when I went online to verify a deposit, I was not able to do so because Wells Fargo has just implemented a new policy. Anyone who opts to receive paper account statements (as I have forever) may no longer also view their account statements online. I took it all the way up to the Executive Offices customer service level and, even though I said I need both paper and online and would move my accounts to another bank, I was told there is nothing they can do about it because that is the new policy.
I am fed up with Wells Fargo.

Won't Accept Cash For A Deposit

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I had someone go to the bank to make a CASH DEPOSIT for me and that person was told Wells Fargo does not accept cash. The bank requires ME to be present to make a cash deposit into my account. Apparently, customers do not matter. I'm done. Worst bank ever.

Don't Bank With Wells Fargo

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I went to deposit a foreign check on 12-6-19 and at first I was told they couldn't do it! I was confused because I called customer service and was told they could do it! So I go back inside the bank and was very embarrassed because the banker looked at the check and asked when did I receive the check I told him today and he said that the check was issued 8months ago and I'm like omg! Go back to my car and call the people that issues the check come to find out foreign countries write the day then month and year which you would think a Wells Fargo employee would know this! So I go back in the bank with the company that issued the check back on the phone and relay the information and then the Wells Fargo bankers has a dumb look on his face, once he saw that I was correct they give me a paper to sign and then tell me it will take 4-10weeks for the check to clear! I was so pissed off! I stayed in the bank almost 3hrs! Wells Fargo is the worse, there's no way that a foreign check should take that long, that almost 3 month that's ridiculous! The United States does foreign business all day every day so why should it take that long to clear a check and the funds was available even before I received the check! As soon as I receive my funds I will be closing my accounts! There so worried about fraud but there the ones cheating and frauding anyone banking with them! Stay far away from WELLS FARGO!

Horrible Customer Service On Phone Or In Person

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I'd rather live through a hurricane than visit our local branch. They have lots of "managers" to manage the one teller and one other employee to open accounts.
Last time, I wanted to open a savings account but after waiting an hour, I walked out, went home and opened an online account with Capital One paying a better rate.
They are also incompetent when it comes to computer programming. While their website is pretty good, if you are enrolled in paperless statements, your statement won't included imaged checks. To get them as part of your statements, you have to request paper statements. I asked them what the logic was behind that and was told "that's just the way we do it." I deal with MANY banks for multiple clients, this is the ONLY one that operates that way.

Hard To Believe

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I've been an active customer, on every Wednesday, of every week, for more than 10 years. And today I had a small problem, but between the 3 managers (men standing around in suits), and the 3 or 4 tellers, (only one of which was helping the ONLY customer in the bank), no one was willing to help me, or let alone just give me some advice or assistance to resolve my problem. All I got was shrugged shoulders, and multiple, "Sorry, we can't help you", over and over. I'm a ten year customer, with commercial accounts, whom they see in person every week, and these half-dozen bank 'Professionals', all stood around and offered no help or useful suggestions or answers. No help or ideas of a professional nature, human nature, or decency nature. Pathetic.

Thieves And Crooks

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Mandated 2-3 dy holds on paychecks, numerous use fees without minimum daily balance. If you feel kike hassling to get your hard earned money than this is the bank for you. Customer service do not care about helping you. Like a broken record repeating nothing i can do to assist. All they can do is look t your account and thats it.

WHY Wells Fargo?

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With so many banks and the great credit unions, I will never understand WHY anyone uses Wells Fargo. Decades ago, when I had an account with them, they would question my transactions and create obstacles to complete my transactions. More recently they have (finally) been caught and fined for illegal activities. Why people??????

They Gave Them A Bust It's A Lie

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Worse bank in the world! Been banking with them for a couple years now and every check I have deposited has been on and irregular check status to keep me 2 weeks from getting it deposited into my account. They play with your money for a whole two weeks. Then tell you they issuer doesn't have the funds in their account which is bs cause they are doctors, lawyers, and Real Estate businesses. I will be removing all my accounts with the bank, personal and business.

Wells Fargo

This is the first review I have ever posted but my most recent experience with this financial institution was horrible. I have maintained both my personal and business checking accounts at Wells Fargo for more than 15 years. They even granted me an unsecured business line of credit even though I never asked for it.
I recently asked for a $225K secured line of credit and offered to put up a$600K property owned free and clear as collateral. My FICO score is above 800 and I have substantial liquid assets. I provided electronic copies of some tax returns, a financial statement, a rent roll, etc. they rejected everything because they were not signed. I told them I was not looking for an approval, just an indication it was something they could consider subject to a full application and complete underwriting.
Their response they could not do anything until I submit a completed application and all supporting documentation.
How they can call themselves a lending institution is beyond me. Since I was not advised as to the product they would offer or the associated interest rate and fees, I did not give them a score for these categories.

Their Bonus Offer For New Accounting Opening Is Very TRICKY!

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Be Really Cautious of Their Bonus Offer for New Accounting Opening
For those of you who are interested in their promotional bonus offer for new account openings, especially the $400 bonus one, there are a few things you REALLY need to keep in mind:
1. Never ever open an account online if you want to receive a bonus. Online account opening is easy, but it may also be a "trap" for the bank not depositing you the bonus. You need a BONUS CODE during account opening. This code will not show up if you open online even though the ad says it will be automatically applied, but the bank would not acknowledge this. I opened the account through their ads online, it clearly said that their "bonus code will be automatically applied". However, I fulfilled all the requirements and waited for two months, they said they did not have my BONUS CODE. Are you kidding me? I went to their branches several times and presented the online promo page to them, they still could not figure things out for me. This made me feel like I was fooled by Wells Fargo and their promotional emails! $400 is not a big deal, but nobody likes the feeling of being fooled by others and doesn't know what's going on!
2. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions, including the vast majority terms underneath their ads with much smaller characters. This is a common trick that most companies do. If you do not understand any of these terms or you do not know how to do, just don't proceed. You do not want to waste your time and end up getting nothing!
3.Make sure you have all the evidence with you when opening your account. They do not have the incentive to pay you any amount. You should do your job if some things happen!

In General, all so-called promotional offers are tactic tricks. Be really cautious of those things and stay away from them if you do not 100% know them!

Excellent Bank

I have been with wells fargo since 2008 and have never really had anuy issues any time i have any issues they are quick to help me out too


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Wells Fargo is a horrible bank. Please do not bank with them. They took my cash deposit and it never showed up in my account.

Cheap Bank Ever!!!

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In terms of security, it is zero!!!! If you want your money to get stolen by fraudulent activities, then you are most welcome to open an account here. The worst thing is that they don’t pay attention and want proof from you why your account is being stolen. Their investigation section is annoying!
It is frustrating that you have an account for several years and you get an overdraft charge for an unauthorized transactions!!!! One of my wise decisions is closing my business and all accounts with this bank! I feel really sorry for having accounts with this cheap bank! I wish I could rate wells forgo even minus 0!!!!!!!!

Wells Fargo Worst Bank You Can Sign Up With.

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I had been a customer when the bank before they merged was called first Union and they were great.
Then they merged with Wachovia and they started to mess up a little with hidden fees and weird charges but I could always call and fix things and it was not as bad as now. Wachovia Merged with Wells Fargo and then everything you can possibly think could go wrong did.I had a checking and a savings and I opened the account for my disabled son a checking account in 1997 I opened all accounts but with the above banks. We started to see all kinds of things repeated and charge over and over again in my accounts I cleared it out and then, again and again, the charges. I closed down my accounts. From checks that were not even directed to me with totally different names in my account to charges that had not been paid and I had the money as I got paid weekly from my job through direct deposit. Even though the accounts did not get paid it showed up that they did in my bank statements that they did. I took all evidence to the bank and to the people I owe money and they people kept saying that they did not get in showing me their bank statements. When I went over there they pulled a who on first base and what on second base from the three Stuges Comedy scene to confuse me when I try to
explain then they ruined my credit and it lasted for years finally when I get my credit back in shape now they are doing the same thing to my son who is disabled and he does not do his trasactions I do. Now my poor son who only mistake was to order online to a company called KIngSize he ordered before never had a problem but this time he did he got instead of a Cap which was a very fine and expensive item but it was in sale just for 59.99 and he took advantage of the sale and then instead of that they sent him a underwear that was 3 sizes to small so he could not even use it.He made me call to get the money back and shortly they did but when we sent the package back as they ordered they delivered that package back in August the 29th so I did not know that happened until it showed up on his bank account and we did not even have the package back yet as we had sent it in July the 12th.Then we call and they said that we probably sent it to the address where they send out product with returns its differently so we asked what can we do as we had tried in their website to activate a Postage but it was not there it was blank so they activated the postage and we sent it back they got their product and gave us our money back in 08/31/2018 when we looked in his account it was not there. They had a temporary charge and they left in the online website that we needed to present evidence or we were liable for the charges so I called and then they said we needed evidence so they can conduct an investigation. They got their evidence to reject it and later state that they gave me the money until the account was paid and when it did that they had paid two times so they went and charged my poor son 59.99 again. I call them they pull off the same comedy scene again whos on the third act. To confuse people they can never confuse me as I am very good at math. According to my math, he has money left over but you can't win with them. They will cheat you and say it's your fault and you can bring them evidence and they still will blame you for their mistakes. My question is when they make a temporary deposit and they are awaiting the company to deposit the money back they get it why would they charge the client the money when it was paid back by the company this case King Size Men clothing. Then they place in his account as if he got paid twice and he did not he got paid once it was removed due to issues of returned product and when finally they got the product they paid the provisional money and how is that even legal that they charge the client that had no fault in this but the banks and the merchants mistake. As you see there is no double payment but a return in funds and the client is not responsible for the charge.I want to sue this is just one of the few problems we have been having with this bank.

Think Twice

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Wells Fargo...PACK OF THIEVES!!

The Days Of Brick And Mortar Are Numbered

I have had a 20 year history with Wells Fargo, nee Wachovia, nee World Savings. I will say I like how Wells Fargo is organized both at the teller window and also in online banking. I do like visiting our local branch, and all employees are pleasant people. I am glad to say I did not encounter any problems during the fake account scandals. That was probably due to good managers at our local branch who didn't get greedy. But they have been given a weak hand to play with from upper management. The savings rates are abysmal. I remember when I had 4 or 5 percent before the crash of 2008. .01 percent is just not competitive, and I am finding myself throwing more money into online institutions to get some more money for my money. I can understand they have a lot more overhead than the online guys, but some sort of rate hike would be nice. We've been stuck at .01 for nearly ten years? I will keep my Wells Fargo account for a small deposit amount, just to get cash occasionally. But the time of online banks has arrived. Brick and mortar I believe will be something of our history books, just like writing a check.

Good customer service

I was in a branch of this bank to open a checking account and the experience I had was very rewarding I was quickly attended and the attention was very personalized, they explained to me in detail the requirements I needed to open the account. I left very enthusiastic about the intitucion and recommended them to my friends and family

Great account with great sign up bonus

I signed up for a Wells Fargo online checking account around fifth teen months ago and I have loved this account. First off they gave me a two hundred and fifty dollar sign up bonus. There is no fees if you meet easy monthly minimums. Overall this account fits my needs plus there are plenty of atms that a free to get money at. I would highly recommend this bank to anyone.

Wow, My Business Is Not Important

I have had an account for years before opening a business. I shopped around and wells fargo talked the best game. I highlight talked a big game, because the delivery and execution is lacking greatly. I have consistently coming a situations with this back where i did not get straight answers to banking questions. I recently attempted to deposit a check using a pos and contacted the corporate office to validate requirements for deposit. Upon going to the branch to make the transaction the bank presented with new requirements contradicting information given by corporate. Having bank rules made up as the branch goes or making me guess what the rules are do not sit well for my business. If this works for you and hiden fees and libg holding times are what you want this is the bank for you. I however will be moving my business to chase.


I really enjoy using the mobile site to bank with wells fargo. I love the convenience and simplicity involved in checking my checking and savings account without having to go anywhere. I really enjoy the ability to transfer money easily between my accounts, and other people. Paying my monthly insurance and car payments has never been easier. Additionally I'm crazy in love with the mobile deposits! Being able to deposit checks directly to my account without having to go to the banks is absolutely amazing.

I can do everything I need!

I love my online banking! They have brick and mortar locations as well but I rarely go because I can do everything on the website and they also have an app as well that makes banking on the go easy. On the website and app I can deposit checks into my accounts, move money between accounts, pay bills, and so much more. I check my account everyday so it is nice to be able to do that on the website and on the app when on the go. I get checks every month for a job I do and it is nice to be able to do that at home from my phone and deposit into my bank account with out having to leave my couch. They also let you view all your statements from you phone or website and I do that so I can go paperless and not get paper copies because it makes me feel better.

Never Had A Problem, Good Tech -- Expected Rates For A Big Bank

I have been using Wells Fargo as my primary day to day checking and stock investing. I qualify for the Premier (or whatever it is called) status. I like the access to the atm's and branches even though I have only been inside a branch two times in the last year. The rates are abysmal, but so are they at all big bank brick and mortars as branches have to be paid for somehow. Where Wells excels in my opinion is their online banking app. It works great although I would like if they would increase their daily/monthly limits. There is nothing sexy about barking at Wells Fargo, but it gets the job done.

Great wells fargo experience.

I am a long time wells fargo banking user and am pleased to note that they are on the cutting edge of online banking. Usually I notice that they offer updates and improvements well before other banks have launched similar features. The online experience is always seamless and with out issue. They offer many features such as mobile check cashing, online bill pay, as well as being able to check your balance report at any time. Their customer service is always exemplary. Any time I have an issue or question the agent is always kind and helpful. They will always attempt to resolve issues immediately or within a short time frame. They also demonstrate excellent knowledge of the typical problems that a customer might contact them and as them for. I have never had trouble with my checking account, I typically do not use many of their other services, but they do regularly offer their services as I log onto my account so if there was ever a question or a need that arises I would know what direction to follow.
I will say that over time my account has lost some of the features that it used to have. But because they handle everything so effortlessly and It would require great effort on my part to change, I do not see me changing my banking method in the future.

Wells Fargo Has Served My Needs Well for Over Ten Years

Overall, I have been completely satisfied with Wells Fargo online banking experience which I've used for many years. Both the pc and android interfaces are well laid out and easy to use. They have the option for several different kinds of notifications -- when a deposit is cleared, when balance goes below a certain amount, when a payment is due -- which greatly increases my confidence and comfort in moving away from paper statements (which I no longer use).

I have checking and savings account with WF, and one complaint there is that interest rates on checking are now virtually nil (but that's true of most banks anymore). My only other complaint is that, apparently, when I set up my account many years ago in a different state, I set up some sort of PIN number that would enable me to interact with WF customer service on the phone. I did not keep track of that PIN, and when attempting to speak with customer service, they tell me the only way I can deal with the issue is to go into the original WF branch where I set up my account. Given the fact that branch is about 800 miles away, this is not feasible, so I simply have to do without phone interaction with WF. This hasn't really been a problem, but I find it annoying. Surely I could provide them with sufficient information over the phone to establish my identity and set up a new PIN? Apparently not.

Complaints aside though, if you are looking a bank, I would recommend Wells Fargo. Whatever my issues may be with them, they are relatively minor, and less egregious then I have had with other banks in the past.

WellsFargo summary

In general, I've had experience with both the checking and savings account aspects of the aforementioned bank. Overall, my experience was generally mediocre to above average. When I had an issue with one of my accounts due to possible questionable charges on my accounts the customer service responded adequately and made sure everything was ok. They also checked credentials to ensure account security which I liked. They also offered user feedback after instances that I called which seemed invaluable to me. The experience itself of checking online status of accounts was relatively painless and smooth. There were really no outages and the service seemed robust and secure on a secure website. Since I didn't purchase an products I can't really relate as I know the offered some services like mortgage which I wasn't interested in. Lastly, the fees were below average. You had to meet a minimum balance threshold or be charged a fee. Even though I was always above the fee criteria, charging a fee just for an account seemed ridiculous.

Wells Fargo = WORST Customer Service Possible

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For MONTHS I have had consistent and repeated problems logging into WF Online, even though I know for sure all of my inputs were correct. I have had not had problems with any of the dozens of other financial sites I use to manage my business. Every single time, WF's online instructions told me to reset my password online, which required several steps, always to end with "we cannot verify your identity, call this 800 #."

I never could figure out why they couldn't "verify" my account, when I knew all of my inputs were correct.

FINALLY today I spoke to an actually helpful gentleman named August, who told me that business customers CANNOT reset passwords online, and must ALWAYS call the 800 # and speak to a banker.

The information is nowhere to be found online, and NO previous banker ever told me that, even though I always made it clear that this was a persistent problem.

Why in the world the idiots who run WF think they have the right to waste countless hours of customers' time by consistently withholding key information is beyond me. But then again, these are the same jerks who created thousands of fraudulent customer accounts, aren't they?

The Hidden Fees of Wells Fargo

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I was a long time supporter of Wells Fargo and had a decent experience with them. They were able to cash my checks efficiently for a decent amount of time. While their customer service on the phone and in person was a bit spotty at times, I did not hold any grudges against them for it. Unfortunately, a while back Wells Fargo was exposed to have been charging their customers hidden fees for years. In other words for years I had been getting slightly ripped off by this bank who was commanded by the CEOs to enforce the shady fees, but at the end of the day the people that were blamed and fired were the middlemen. I rarely keep anything above $70 in my checking account there because I have absolutely no trust in this bank.

Really Bad Experience

I have two accounts with Wells Fargo and one of my accounts went negative due to a dentist payment taken out for services back in June. I go to the bank and talk to a banker and he tells me that I won't get an overdraft fee So I assume I will slowly put money into that account til after the first of the year when I will pay it off. The account has been negative from Nov 30th to Dec 20th not even a whole month. So Wells Fargo waits 5 days before Christmas and takes the money from one account and puts it in the negative account which zeroed out my account without the curteousy of letting me know before they did it. I have been with this bank for 14 years and that's how they treat their customers. I am going to close this account and I would advise anyone looking for a bank to look elsewhere. I have had troubles over the years but it was small mistakes like charging me overdraft fees for mistakes the bank had made on those occasions the bank always gave me the overdraft fees back but it was the inconvenience of those small things. Not a very good bank at all. Remember I have been with this bank for 14 years so I have a valid leg to stand on with this review. There are lots of other banks and I will be closing both of my accounts and I will be urging everyone I know to do the same.

Worst Bank Ever

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Wells Fargo is full of bull. I am closing all four of my accounts with them as soon as I get my money back. I have been purchasing all electronics from Best buy since I was 18 and never had an issue until I used my Wells Fargo card. First I was embarrassed because my card kept declining and I knew I just got paid I called and was told I had to talk to someone and verify my SS, date of birth and ATM pin in order for funds to be released. I have spent way more than $348 before so it was due to the amount of the transaction I believe Wells Fargo did some real slick sht. Best buy never got the money , I still don't have the product I ordered as a Christmas gift. The product is now $400 and I'm a gift short for my daughter and it's all she asked for. Wells Fargo still holding my money and will not put it back in my account. I have called everyday for 7 days and still nothing just being told Best buy took the money out of account but that's untrue because the money still say pending which mean Wells Fargo is the one still holding on to it

My experience online banking with Wells Fargo.

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I have been using Wells Fargo's online banking for some time over 6 years. As time has progressed, they've added more and more features to this service, so my experience has continually gotten better. I haven't actually had any reason to go to a physical Wells Fargo in over a year. I deposit my checks using my smart phone and their mobile app. Anything I used to have to do with a phone call or a bank visit, I can now do on their website. I've ordered checks through their website, checked my balance and transaction history, cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one, deposited checks, paid my utilities and car payment, and more. Being able to do all of this online, has taken a lot of the unpleasantness out of banking. Overall, I love Wells Fargo's online banking, and it keeps me their customer, even though the bank does have some policies I disagree with (like transaction fees for non-Wells Fargo ATMS, in addition to w/e fee the machine already has). The convenience of their online banking makes up for other little nuisances, and I definitely could not bank with a company that doesn't have it anymore--I use it nearly every day.

A lot of products but falls short

My experience with Wells Fargo dates back to 10 years. I don't feel like I should when logging in, it feels cold, sometime I must pay overcharge fees, I wish they would waive them after so long. I think they are falling behind on technology and applications for banking. I think they should offer more budgeting tools, and products to help consumers. I do not think their prices are good nor do I think their apr rates are fair. In fact as I write this I will probably switch to a local bank or credit union.

Unexplained Fees

I was at Wells Fargo for a couple years before I started noticing some discrepancies in my accounts. I had a savings account and checking account at Wells Fargo and I started to notice that every month or so $5.00 would be withdrawn. I couldn't believe that in some cases depending on the month, more money was being taken out than being put in! I called Wells Fargo and requested to speak to a customer service agent. She explained to me that because I wasn't depositing money regularly or spending money regularly a fee was being charged. I couldn't believe that they were charging me a fee for not using my money and just letting it sit in the bank, isn't that the point of banks! I never had a terrible time with their app, it was very use friendly and I was able to deposit checks well and see my account. However I did have a hard time finding the account number and routing number for my own personal use. After losing about $30 from Wells Fargo I ended up closing my account before I lost any other money there. I still know a bunch of people who bank st Wells Fargo and love it, I was just not one of those people.

An Easy Way To Bank!

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I love using this bank's website to bank because it makes it easier to do what I need without having to go to the bank. I am able to easily check my savings and checking accounts to see what the balances are in any of them and I can easily moving money between accounts with ease. I can also easily transfer money to other bank accounts from the same bank or even other banks and this all can be done with my computer or even my phone with their easy to use app. I can also deposit checks using the app which is great if you don't have time to go to the bank and wait in line. Another thing that is nice is you can see actually what you money you have spent from each account and what money may being deposited in soon or already is so you always have up to date information on how much money you really have.

Happy Customer

I have had nothing but a great experience with Wells Fargo. I have had a checking account and a savings account since I got my first job when I was 15. Eight years later, they are still the only bank I use and will continue to use for the foreseeable future. Their benefits are great and they have given me many tips throughout the years on how to manage and save my money, as well as help pay off other accounts to the best of my ability. Any time I have ever had an issue, their customer service was very knowledgeable and able to quickly assist me. The best example was when my credit card had suspicious activity on it; they quickly froze the card and sent me a brand new one in a couple of days. My entire family uses Wells Fargo for their banking needs and I would recommend them for anyone looking to open a banking account.

Not so Wells Fargo

I absolutely did not like my experience with Wells Fargo. This was the first bank I opened an account with when I became of age. I thought I was in love at the time and opened a shared account with my partner. I was supposed to have total control of the accounts, including hers. Well, things went bad between us and she had went and taken all the money out of my account and spent it. I went into the bank and told them I wanted her off and asked them how she had gotten into my account. They couldn't give me one answer. Apparently she manipulated someone there to give her access to one of my accounts with them. I got the paper to sign to get her off of my account and she refused to sign it for a while. I called and told them to take her off or I would contact their manager about the person that let her gain access to my account and they finally took her off because I was not very happy.

Great Banking

I like Wells Fargo. I think its a great institution that takes care of its costumers. I opened a savings account a couple of months ago because I was quite unpleasant with my other bank. I was happy that I made this choice because so far the service has been great and I feel appreciated as a customer. I think that its important for a bank to leave its customers in a positive note and this is what Wells Fargo does for me. I like the movie experience and also that the process to make transactions is quite easy. Overall I would say that my experience is a 4 out of 5 star one. I think this institution can improve in some ways but so far I'm glad and think that I will remain loyal to this bank for a long time. I think this banking institution is doing things right and that is what matters the most at the end of the day.

Good bank, despite news coverage

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I have a checking account and savings account with WF, I have used their other services were which all good, including replacing lsot card, currecny exchange (they have low fees for exchanging money), cashier's checks, online payments. The staff is always nice and friendly, sometimes too much so willing to help you and call you the following day to make sure youre satisfied. The service is always fast and you bnever wait long. There are ATMS everywhere which is nice. The mobile app is great for checking statements and balances and sending payments with wells fargo surepay is super easy and fast. But they also want to sell you as many services as possible, so be on guard. If you have followed the news lately you will know they have been in trouble before, first for CEO bonuses even after receiving federal bailout money, and the other times for manipulating customers accounts without their knowledge to purchase more services and increase sales. This was the latest one that got 2 CEOs fired and their salaries/bonuses "clawed back".

A good bank.

I have had a good experience with wells fargo. My husband banked with them and i was with bank of america. When we got married we merged our accounts into his wells fargo checking account. The people in the branch were friendly, efficient, and helpful, and it was a very easy process. Wells fargo is a trusted company and i feel good about banking with them. They really know what they are doing. Their mobile and web presence is also good. I love the app and do all of my banking from there. It is user friendly and i love that i can deposit checks by photo and i dont have to drive to the bank. it is very convenient. I dont think i will be switching any time soon.

Good overall bank

I have used Wells Fargo for about 3 years now. I have used them for a checking account and a mortgage. Their mortgage was easy to pay using a transfer from my checking account onto the mortgage balance. There checking account does have maintenance fees which is a negative, but they can be waived it you reach certain requirements within your checking account each month such as debit card transactions or direct deposit. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a local bank.

Satisified Wells Fargo Customer.

I have been a Wells Fargo customer for over 10 years and basically do all my banking on line. Their website is easy to get into, looks sharp and is usable through all my devices. I pay all my bills through the app and website. It lists all my debtors and keeps track of my payments so I don't miss one. It is also easy to transfer money between your own accounts and you can even transfer money to other peoples accounts like my son who also uses Wells Fargo. I had an identity theft issue a few years back and Wells Fargo put the money back into my account the next business day, basically no questions asked other than the standard ones. My statements are easily accessable and easy to read. I also especially like the feature when you can take a picture of a check with your phone and the money is deposited into my account without having to go to the back. Its all about convenience with the Wells Fargo app and website.

Wells Fargo

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I bank with Wells Fargo and subscribed to their online only bank statements. I use their website for most things and rarely have to call or go to the bank myself. I like that I could transfer funds so easily and check the balance of my accounts. I have other accounts under my name, so it is really easy and simple to transfer funds between the different accounts.

Wells Fargo is my Last Choice

If I had known how bad the user experience for Wells Fargo was so bad, I would never have banked with them. Their fee schedule is random at best, their customer service both online and on the phone, almost always refers one back to "We can't help, the end," and their website is one of the most basic I have ever encountered. The site is, however, harder to navigate than most sites, and does not appear to have been updated in several years. Several parts of the site, such as routing numbers, are unnecessarily obfuscated, and all of their site information is hidden in tiny links at the very bottom, if you're lucky. Having used Wells Fargo for a good four years now, I can pretty definitively say that theirs is one of the worst websites I've used, for a bank or otherwise.

Unfair Overdrafts

I banked with Wells Fargo for awhile starting when I was a teenager. I became disillusioned with them over their overdraft policies and subsequently switched to Chase. Overall I would not recommend this bank to another person. They also have dubious policies regarding their credit cards that they issue to people that I had problems with as well. I would not go back to this bank. I do like their logo however, that's about all I can say for them. I heavily caution anyone against using this bank as I do not favor them anymore and will not be going back to them ever. They also affected my credit score negatively which is not good. I'm still trying to fix issues they caused for me.

Wells Fargo, My Bank of Choice

I have banked with Wells Fargo Bank since 2009 and have not been disappointed! I opened a regular checking and Way-2-Save savings account. Although the Way-2-Save feature of the account is no longer offered, I still find their services quite engaging and forward thinking. The Way-2-Save feature allowed $1 from every transaction I made to be automatically put into my savings account without needing to manually set up an auto transfer online. The online banking experience has been easy and very rewarding as well. I really hate going inside banks to make transactions and find pleasure and satisfaction in knowing I can get all the services I need done on a user-friendly online interface. I can easily pay bills, set up transfers, wire money, interact with my accounts and even plan for my retirement! The features included with Wells Fargo online banking makes my whole experience stress free.


When banking with Wells Fargo, be extremely careful to keep all your receipts. I deposited a cash amount of one thousand dollars, I forgot to get my receipt. i went to buy something and there was no money in my account. I quickly went to the bank and it took five days to get my deposit situated. and I had to go with out my money or any money until they resolved the issue. On top of that , I had to wait an additional seven to ten days to get my money back into my account. I closed my account and will never go there again. I would actually consider maybe the old time "money in a sock" method.

Wellsfargo on th go!

I can say that my experience with the online features of this bank was very smooth and hassle free. This is where my company deposits their pay to me, my businesses too and other form of transactions so it's a hassle for me if I have to go to the bank physically and update my account for any deposits made. All I have to do is log on to their website and have my account summary just like that, it's very convenient and easy to use. I also have tried contacting there customer service for some questions regarding my account and they replied quickly on that same day, it took them at least 4 hours to respond to me but that's okay, that's a lot better than physically going to there banks.

Online with Wells Fargo

I have been a Wells Fargo customer for nearly 15 years and in that time it has been a pleasure to do business with them. Over the course of the 15 years I have never had a customer service issue, in fact the one time I did have an issue with a $20 fee I was charged for not meeting the monthly minimum ballance in my checking account. I was able to contact them through WellsFargo.com and in less then 10 minutes I had my $20 refunded to my checking account. Their ATM machines now accept Apple Pay so I don't ever have to take my card out of my wallet, all I need to do now is use my phone and I am in and out with my cash in about half the time it use to take me. Over the years I have tried several banks and Wells Fargo is by far the best. I would recommend Wells Fargo to anyone that asks.

Want To Close My Daughter Account

I opened wesll fargo saving account for my daughter ( she is 12 ) at 20 days ago because her dad wanted to send money to her account from another country . and when I was opening account I told banker and her manager this account is just for transfer money from another country.

1- they did not sent ATM card after 20 days
2- when her dad sent money less than 10000.00 they immediately hold and block her money and with out any reason closed her account.. I have excellent credit but they destroyed it with this stupid decision!!

wells fargo has fake advertising they don't know about taking care and can help customers

I will recommend people that DO NOT thrust this bank!!!!

I will continue sending every body and anyplace my feedback until I die !!!!!!!!!


Wells Fargo Online Banking Experience

I was first a member of Wachovia which was bought out by Wells Fargo. Since then I have kept my savings and checking accounts in Wells Fargo because they have offered me basically the same services as Wachovia. The customer support has improved quite a bit over the course of the past few years. Every encounter I've had with the staff of Wells Fargo has been quite pleasant and reasonable. The website was just recently overhauled and it has a much more aesthetically pleasing graphical user interface then it had before. It also has more features that are useful for a user who is managing his or her Checking and Savings accounts. The growth rates on these accounts are competitive with many other major banks but they aren't anything above the average which is fine for me. Also, the fees involved in Wells Fargo are usually pretty fair and average. I've never encountered a strange or out of place fee and most of the fees that I've had to deal with can be negotiated with the customer service of this bank. Overall, Id say that Wells Fargo is a decent bank for checking and savings accounts.

Nashville 4Th Avenue Branch Won't Give Me Cash From My Own Checking Account

On Friday, February 17, 2017 I took my Wells Fargo checkbook to Wells Fargo to cash a check for $100. Imagine my surprise when a poorly trained teller, whom I later learned was from Somalia and had never learned that the checking account number for a customer is on the check, asked me three times if I had an account at Wells Fargo, which I explained was on the check. Despite making the check out to myself, signing the check, and endorsing it all in his presence, showing my id since he said that he didn't know me, that was not enough. He wanted to write down all of my personal information from my driver's license onto my own check; wanted me to remove my license from its plastic container. It was bad enough that the man could not read well and comprehend what was being said about a Wells Fargo checking account. When another man, the purported manager, Mathew, came over, he would not cash the check because the teller wouldn't, and in spite of the fact---know your customer---that he knew me, acknowledged that he knew me, but he just wasn't going to cash my check without writing down all of my personal information. Two days before I had deposited $2500 by endorsing another personal check written on Bank of America to me, signed by me, and they had no problem taking my money. At the same time as all of this a young man who identified himself as being from out of town went to the teller next to me. He had lost his debit card. He pulled out his phone and scrolled through information, gave the teller the last four digits of his social security number, and entered his account information into a pin-pad and received $120 in cash from the teller. There were about a dozen construction workers in the lobby waiting to handle their banking. I was traumatized by these poorly trained men who work for Wells Fargo. Since Mathew, the purported manager refused to cash my check, I walked over to Bank of America on Union Street. Mary in the right hand teller spot pleasantly greeted me by name, asked what she could do for me, and I explained my problem. I presented my Wells Fargo check, signed by me, made out to me, endorsed to me, and told her my Bank of America checking number, and she handed me my $100 and told me to have a nice weekend. Meanwhile, the customer complaint number at Wells Fargo--1-844-931-2273 was useless. In spite of calling three different days to give the information concerning the discriminatory behavior by an employee and his manager, the "area marketing" supervisor never called, and Wells Fargo refused to give out the name or number of another superior supervisor or anyone who was responsible for addressing "inappropriate behavior, workplace disruption, situations that may result in potential customer harm, or situations that may warrant sending a team member home for the day" as set forth in the Wells Fargo Team Member Handbook dated January 2017. Human Resources telephone number is 1-877-479-3557 option 3 was unable to help, and directed me to 1-800-511-2265 "Executive Office" where the music plays and no one answers.

Wells Fargo actually not that bad

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Despite all of the controversy that has come from the Wells Fargo scandal, I don't find them to be all that bad anymore. The were very willing to work with me on several occasions and often would refund an overcharge fee to me without even asking. This bank has minimal costs and fees that they rarely charge me. I think they might be trying to act with good behavior since they are trying to repair their image. I think that this makes their customer service and quality better than other banks right now. I am satisfied with Wells Fargo and I would recommend them to a friend. I have had a single checking account at this bank and I have never had any problems whatsoever highly recommend.

Easy Online Access

I like using the website or the mobile app for Wells Fargo. I am quickly able to check my balances, deposit money, and transfer between accounts. I also like the option to do use billpay and transfer quickly to other Wells Fargo customers. I do not have to go in person to the bank hardly ever now. On the rare occasion I get a check, I can take a picture of it and upload it in the mobile app in order to deposit it. Occasionally the app will say it is unavailable, however it typically functions very well. I would like an easier way to submit a request such as if my card is lost or stolen via the app instead of having to call, but the customer service has been friendly and helpful when I have had to call them.

Wells Fargo

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I have used Wells Fargo since I first got a bank account at the age of 16. It is not something that I think about often but I do believe that it is the best option for banking. Their online website is very easy to use. I am able to transfer money simply and quickly. Their app is also easy to use but I prefer the desktop version. I am constantly transferring money and checking balances as I have two checking accounts and one savings accounts. I also have automatic transfers setup to transfer money from my checking to my savings weekly and this has always been seamless. I don't even think about it as I know it will always be delivered on time.

Opened Accounts

They said I opened a credit card account even though I never remembered applying for one. Not only this, turns out they owed me money because of their overdraft policies. I moved to a credit union and will never bank at Wells Fargo again and I suggest other people move too.

My wells fargo experience!

I have been banking with Wells Fargo for about 6 years now. I must say that I am so impressed with their bank and how they handle certain situations! Their fees are not the best, but I know that, that is how they make their money. When you have a credit card with them, they offer rewards. I think I have cashed out 5 times since I have been with them. The rewards are great, and it makes up for any negativity you might have with them. The customer service team is so helpful, and will typically reply to your inquiries within one day. I am so happy to be banking with wells fargo, and do not plan to switch any time soon. Thank you wells fargo!

Wells Fargo's Disgustingly Immoral Business Practices

I work for a small business that had been with Wells Fargo for years. We never really had an issue with them until the last few months. In light of the scandal it seems they are doing anything in their power to prey on customers. Being that we were with them for awhile, they knew the flow of our financials all to well. Every month we have a few hundred thousand coming in an a few going out. Around the 20th when sales tax is due and a few other large expenses they knew our account would reach just under $10,000. We recieve funding checks from other financial institutions on customer vehicle purchases. A few months ago I went to the local branch to do my routine deposit on the 22nd. My deposit consisted of a check for close to $9,000 from PFS Financial and a check for $4000 from Nicholas Financial. Now mind you these are the same checks that I have deposited for years. All of a sudden a 7 day hold was placed on my deposit. I was confused and seriously upset. They knew our flow of income and expenses. They knew that placing a hold during that time of the month would wreak havoc. Needless to say they were complete assholes and wouldn't release the hold even after 4 appointments with the business banker. I kept getting dodged by the bank manager and the customer service bankers were even being cold towards me. They ended up collecting their overdraft fees, I felt really let down and pissed off. We went and opened an account at another bank but I didn't close the Wells account. We had been there so long and so many transactions would take time to transition to a new bank. We overcame that but then they did it again. They held more deposits. These deposits are not checks from individual people, they are checks from other banks!!!! But being that they created the overdrafts on the first hold they had an excuse to hold again. They had no right or reason to hold my deposit the first time and had they let the deposit go through like they have been for years no overdrafts would've occured. I don't understand what is going on with Wells but I feel bullied by them and it's not right. Small businesses are what makes this country the greatest nation on the planet. The American dream choked by an asshole entity named Wells Fargo. They didn't destroy us but they sure as hell lost our business for life.

Wells Fargo for banking relationships

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My husband has had this account for years. After Bank of America took advantage of us we decided that we would move everything over to his account. We had not used it for years and kept a minimal balance in the account. After a misunderstanding with one of credit cards we were charged several fees. We paid the fees and left the bank. Just as we were leaving the cashier came out and said I wanted to tell you because of the length of your relationship with us I was able to reverse the fees. This act of kindness saved us over $200! I was so impressed with the way this young woman went out of her way to help us I felt so grateful. We have been there for seven years and my husband has had this account for over ten years. I do enjoy my bank and how they treat their customers.

Good online banking options.

Wells Fargo's online banking options are very good. I have never had any issues using there online banking. I have 3 account on from Wells Fargo and it is very convenient to have all of my account all on one page to view. There online banking is kept up to date and I have never have any issues of my online account not matching the amount I actually have in the bank. I also like how the accounts will still show you your pending charges even on weekends and holidays when the bank is closed. I have had to contact Wells Fargo when I was a victim of identity theft. Someone got a hold of all of my online information including access to my online banking and stole all of my money out of my accounts. Wells Fargo was excellent at repairing this issue for me and setting me up with new account and new information to get back on to the online website. I have been banking with Wells Fargo for over 14 years and using their online banking for the majority of that time. I also use the online bill pay option on their website which makes it really easy to pay bill, especially since I easily forget to pay some of my bills. I would recommended Wells Fargo's online banking to anyone who wants a easier way to bank online.

Will Never Bank With WF Again

Right before my WF incident i was banking with another popular bank (i wont say their name) i hadnt used my account in awhile and i recieved a letter stating i had some checks wrote to my account which had bounced. At the time i thought nothing of it cause i knew i had no money in the account and i knew there was no bills being debited from the account and also i knew i hadnt used my bank card in months so nothing could happen.. WRONG! This bank as well as WF lets you recieve half the money on a ATM deposited check.. Needless to say 3 checks at the amounts of  300-800$ was deposited and later there was cash withdraws from the ATM. Basically I was up the creek without a paddle. I was going to just pay what was owed and start fresh  but I was told by a "close friend" (the same close friend who lived with me at the time of the checks) to open a bank account with WF because this "friend" used them as well. Not to long after i opned my new account i noticed this "friend" switched banks but i thought nothing of it. I had direct deposits of some checks every two weeks and this "friend" knew the amount and the day of the deposit. My "friend" had been with me plenty of times ive entered my bank card pin# and possibly been around my bank card alone (being as how we lived together). Now looking back i remember my "friend" would go to any means for me not see their pin #..  At this time i never thought to get onlinebanking or the mobile app. I had no suspision that anything was wrong. But then when my statements would come in I started noticing withdraws and card swipes i didnt make myself or i would go to the ATM for cash and my count would be way off from the ATMs.. Example: i drop my "friend" off in a  near by big city and i went to the spend some time with my children. (Mind u he left on bad terms, we was aruging) The last statement i was noticing something funny  so i made sure this day with my kids i used the ATM once i got out a big enough withdraw i wouldnt have to use my card for the rest of the day and i also keap the reciept.  When the statemnt came out ( and my "friend" was home and well again) i seen at the same time in that near by city where i dropped my "friend" my card was being used to buy 2 movie tickets, wash someones car and also put gas in their car. I went to WF the nxt day and they refunded my account, cancled my card and sent me a new one. But dumb me used the same pin # (bad memory lol) So now im still not thinking anything of the "friend" continued on, added another direct deposit, still dnt think to check my online banking and i also added a couple thousand dollar savings account that would help with over drafting my checking. I did all this because WF made me feel safe with another new card and i simi new account. (I couldnt have a completly new account because of my affairs still pending with the other bank i used before) WF made what they called a merged account. Different account number, and new card but souly connect to my old account for everything to just "merge" over. Well by then my "friend" was gone so i started feeling alittle more secure again. (Secretly his "partner in crime" who knew all his tricks. I always suppected this person of helping but i thought once my "friend" was gone this "pic" would be also but i was dead wrong) Any ways suspisions arrouse again and yet again more transactions, the same bank card number and pin #. After this time I started being more careful. I would go into WF and check on online statements every once in awhile so as not to use the mobile app or online banking. I even went as far as to ask  a banker if it was possible for someone to order a duplicate of my bank card or even so make a duplicate some how them selves. She informed me no there was no way this was possible. (Now knowing what i know there is a couple im close with they both use the same bank account with 2 different cards but both cards have the same card #, same ex date, and same CVW code but different names for each person. So YES its possible)But yet i seen some transfers from my savings to my checking with the mobile app. I even had bank txting so that if my account was below a certin amount id get a txt and catch the peraon red handed. But there was even ATM withdraws and ATM transfers i didnt make myself. Which keap my account from dropping into the low for a txt to be sent. By this time i had decided to us only one ATM and at one bank desination no matter where i was i would drive back to that certin ATM at that certin bank. The same bank i reviewed my online statements  from. So every where i used my banking MYSELF would have the same bank code! I enformed WF i wanted to follow up on this and possibly do a more intensive search on the matter. They informed me to do so i had to make a police report on every single transaction i thought wasnt posted by me. During this time it had already been from Jan to Sept before i thought i had enough evidence for even consulting  with WF without sounding crazy, so there was months to go thru for a police report. But i did as they said. I made the report. One by one going thru them all with the police, sounding crazy as hell, saying there was a duplocate card made to my account and i thought someone was spending my money for me! Trying to explain i know myself and i know my spending and i wouldnt have spent thousands in a month or two plus the store i dnt shop at the ATMs i dnt use. I gave names and left copies of my findings. The police informed me i have something to start a case with and they be happy to look at ATM tapes and store tapes and all the above but first i need to file a claim with for all my missing items with WF. I call WF and tell them the report number and i try to file a cliam. After all this WF informs me that they can only go bck 90 days from the day i was trying to file the claim. Which was that day! Never telling me this before, i was pissed! I had already went thru all that with the police report, endless nights and days of going thru my account statments, signing up to watch my credit score with WF, signing up for identity theft protection with WF, the policr, the report. Now they tell me THEY ONLY GO BACK 90 DAYS! WTF was the point in letting me do all that? Needless to say after thousands of dollars gone and all within the span of a yr and a half i left the report and claim unfinished, i left the "friend" alone for sure, and also i closed my account with WF.. ive never felt as unsafe, unprotected, or even unappericated as a customer before from any company. I understand i may have sounded like a crazy person at times but as a customer i feel as tho if i come in with a money problem and your company holds my money in their possession and you yourself are not the problem then help me solve the problem. And upfront give all the information thats needed so i am able to make a complete claim and report to start the process of regaining whats mine! I hate to say this but I WILL NEVER refer anyone i know to WELLS FARGO. Well unless i wanted their money to come up missing(jk) Being as how WF is under so much money fruad Im starting to think if it was WF all along taking my money. Some associate in my local area swiping my card and spend up my money. Guess i will never know but i do know for sure I WILL NEVER USE WELLS FARGO AGAIN! ( a crimal bank will attract crimal minds. Their 2 of a kind)

Transferred Money Is Space

What is with the delay in transferring funds from one institution to another. It leaves my bank on day 1. I lose the money. Wells Fargo does not show I have the money for 5 days, not even as a pending transaction. For 5 days, that money is in the cosmos and I have no control over it. In 2016, this is just wrong! Time to change banks!

Wells Fargo

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approximately 5-7 years ago, as a customer, I was sent a wells fargo credit card that I did NOT ask for. eventually I gave it back and asked for my atm card back. on another occasion I was told I had to have a savings account. I signed up for it, then called the bank back and complained and they canceled the savings account. to be honest I can't remember what the reason for the discussion about the savings account was all about. I have been a wells fargo checking account customer for about ten years, due to opening a checking account in about 1992 in a different bank that was sold twice and eventually ended up as wells fargo. I have normally had good service at wells fargo and if I did not I would go to a supervisor and the problem was resolved. in my opinion, their cd rates are horrible like a lot of banks. I have never purchased a cd from them.

No Problems With WF

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I've been banking with Wells Fargo for over ten years. And during that time I have not had one problem with fraudulent charges, until very recently that is. I woke up to chec my account balances like any other day, only this particular morning I unfortunately realized I was approximately $540 shorter then I should have been. Immediately I made contact with a bank rep through their standard 188 number. And within 10 minutes I was informed that my account would be credited back. Not only that but a full investigation would be launched on my behalf from the Wells Fargo fraud dept. And my bank account would not have to be frozen during this inquiry. Two weeks later I received a full report of the how's, when's, why's, and who's. Thank you Wells Fargo for keeping me and my finances safe.

Wells Fargo Bank is Top Notch

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I've been banking with Wells Fargo for 25 years. I've never had one moment of customer dissatisfaction with them. They always go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of their customers. They also look out for their customers. Recently the bank noticed suspicious activity on my debit card. They immediately notified me and sent me out a new card within four days. I've also made great use of their cash back program on their credit card where for the first six months you earn 5% cash rewards on gas and grocery purchases. Then 1% cash back on all other purchases all the time. It's been great to pay off my credit card through my purchases. I have a checking and savings account with them as well. Both of my teenagers have had savings accounts at Wells Fargo since they were little and recently have opened checking accounts. I rarely actually go into the bank anymore, but when I have had to, the bank employees are always very helpful and friendly. I really can't say enough good things about Wells Fargo. It's been an awesome bank for our family.

Poor Choice

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Wells Fargo is a...ok choice if you're looking for a bank that has a large national footprint. However, if you're looking for some individualized treatment look elsewhere. I left Wells Fargo years ago, but my mother still banks with them... She's been a customer since they bought out Norwest Bank back in the 1990's. Recently, she tried to order a new debit card with a chip over the phone, but because she couldn't remember her verbal password (she rarely calls) they told her that they were unable to help her. They were unable/unwilling to verify her identity by any other means (SS#, address etc.) I was actually dumbstruck by this, I had never heard of this happening with any other friends or family members. She is now in the process of moving all of her accounts out of Wells Fargo.

Reinaldo Alvarez

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I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo in which I tried modifying and after 4 years we could not reach an agreement . I paid penalties and made my mortgage good . Wells Fargo reported me to credit bureau even though I made good on my mortgage . They agreed not to report me to credit bureau and they did . They only do bad decisions and make consumers life a living hell . Do not use Wells Fargo they are a horrible institution. Nobody knows what they are doing . They should be penalized for bad service ....

Unreasonable Customer Service

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Talked to 3 customer service representatives, Deanne, Elizabeth and Meirya and none of them could help in a medical emergency situation. Very greedy Company that tacks on late fees even in medical emergencies and when pay off balance still accruing late fees on account.

Will not recommend this bank to anyone and will not open another credit card in their name. Beware!!!!!


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I've been a loyal Wells Fargo customer for 5 years and I ended it just now. It started when I switched over from joint bank account to a new on several months ago. I was under the impression that it was the same College Student account, but it turned out it wasn't. So for being unable to meet the conditions for that new account (having at least $1,500 in account, direct deposit of at least $500, and having at least 10 transactions with my debit card), I was charged $10 to use the checkings account. Before, when I had the college student account, having automatic transfer of $25 monthly from checkings to savings was enough to keep my account free. I called them to have take the charge back since I have >$2000 in m account after learning the conditions, but they won't or they're saying they can't. If they think that losing a loyal customer is worth it over losing $7.50 over, then they can have that $7.50 and I'm gone. Now, who would pay $10/month for a checkings account? NOT ME! There are too many banks around who offer FREE checkings account just for you to do business with them. My credit score would probably take a dip from closing my accounts with them, but I'm sure it will bounce back. GOOD BYE WELLS FARGO!

Good Experiences As A College Student

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I went to Wells Fargo after moving to the Midwest for college and have been with them for just over three years now. So far my experience has been very positive. Setting up my checking and savings account was incredibly easy, along with moving over my money from my previous bank. Wells Fargo offers a savings plan which includes adding a dollar to every purchase you make, and automatically adds this to your savings account. This was very convenient for me, as I steadily built up more and more savings over time.

Customer service has been great as well. Every time I had an account issue or just a quick question their representatives have been very polite and helpful and made the whole process run incredibly smoothly.

WF Steals From Disabled Single Mom Over And Over

And again...$335 in my account this morning before I left the house, checked to make sure my direct deposit went in. I come home and during the day, WF was playing around with my transactions again and my balance is $135 with three $35 overdraft fees from transactions that WEREN'T THERE THIS MORNING, but they moved everything around so I was overdrawn and THEN put my deposit back in. How can they keep getting away with this? HOW CAN THIS BE LEGAL??? I
am a single mom, on disability, minimal child support, GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO PICK ON!!!

Better than stuffing my mattress!

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I started my relationship with Wells Fargo 5 years ago. I had been in a tough financial situation due to making a cross country move from the Midwest. Nobody in California wanted to give me a bank account due to my lack of collateral. Wells Fargo was not like that. They gave me a bank account suitable to my needs and a savings account. In addition to the modest checking account they provided me with the help and guidance to improve my credit. Once back on my feet I continued to have no problem with them. My savings and checking accounts have been of great use to me over the years. Wells Fargo's website has never given me any problems. Their mobile banking system has always been useful and helpful without being confusing on my cell phone in addition to my PC. I have come to trust Wells Fargo now that I am back on my feet and have relocated again for a better opportunity, and my bank has been with me the whole way.


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So, I went through the commercial drive thru and asked a tellers advice (my account was negative at the time) as to whether I should deposit the check or cash the check THEN deposit it. The teller advises the cash route. So I took her advice. The same day I saw where she deposited the check & took it right back out, cool. I, at the time was awaiting another deposit of around the same amount. A week goes by I check my balance & it appeared as though I received the other deposit .... so I proceed to pay bills. TWO weeks later my account is more than $500 over drawn. Come to find out 5 (or more) business days later these guys redeposited the same deposit, so in fact it was NOT the other deposit I was awaiting. @ weeks later they withdrew the money AGAIN. This has put me in a SERIOUS BIND, & guess whose shoulders it is falling on? Mine. I will no longer be banking with them after this is taken care of. And don't get me started on the fees they've been charging me for an account that no longer exists when I've been eligible for a now free account.

Big Brother Lives At Wells Fargo

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When I went to buy 100 Euros to give to a friend as a bon voyage gift for her trip to Italy, I was appalled at the "security" questions...for my "protection"--I simply wanted to give them cash in exchange for Euros, but it took me 20 minutes, first having to give the smug Millennial two forms of ID, then my Social Security #, then my phone #, then my employment information! He tried to get me to open an account there, even though I told him I have happily been with the bank across the street for 35 years. When I was unhappy about the way I was being treated, he became surly. He told me that these requirements are at any place that exchanges Euros for dollars. Ridiculous!

Wells Fargo

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I am a disabled veteran and on a fixed income, I have 2 checking, a savings acct andsecured credit card all over 1 year. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks earlier this year and had missed acoyple of important payments and charge overdaft fees and several on my credit card. I recently had to borrow outside funds from another source because of the eexcessive fees and penalties. I deposited the funds in my account only to have a 10 day "hard hold on my acct that was never explained meanwhile I had several payment bounce, had no money for food or bills during the period. Also allowing the to charge many more fees and penalties for a credit card that was cancelled 3 months ago.

Wells Fargo As Zero Customer Service

I am so tired of trying to get this bank to do anything proper for customers. It is of NO use to send an email question - the ROBOTS do not answer anything.

The rules/regulations (NOT banking regulations) are set-up ridiculously. AND not shared/explained until you call someone on the phone - which takes too many steps to get a live person.

It will take me a bit of time to close accounts and move them - but it will be absolutely worth it.

Why do fiduciaries all hate this bank? Because it is horrible,.

Wells Fargo Review

I have had a very good experience with Wells Fargo. I actually got my first bank account at age 16 with Wachovia because they were one of the few banks without a minimum balance requirement for a checking account, being 16 years old I didn't have 500 or 1000 bucks to put into a checking account at the time. It worked fine for me and then Wachovia was purchased by Wells Fargo so my checking account just rolled over to them and the transition was seamless, I even kept my exact same account and routing number and still can use my original Wachovia checks. After a short while I opened a savings account with them and began using the $1 deposit everytime I use my debit card because then I would be able to avoid the $5 fee on my checking account. This worked fine for several years and it came time I decided I wanted to get my first credit card, well after researching thoroughly I had my mind set on a cash back card and applied for a few different ones but was declined due to lack of credit of course. But Wells Fargo actually accepted my application and I now have a 1% cash back card with 5% on some items and a $1000 credit limit with a fairly reasonable interest rate. And the card even has 15 months no interest financing. I believe the fact that I was a customer for ~4 years or so with no overdrafts and a fairly consistent balance showed them that I was responsible enough to own the card and it has given me the opportunity to begin building my credit with a really great credit card that rewards me for using it.

BEWARE Wells Fargo

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I recently deposited a 6 figure check with Wells Fargo. It was debited from the account upon which it was drawn on June 2. I verified the debit with the bank upon which the funds were drawn, Union Bank.Wells Fargo drew down the funds. However, they will not credit my account until June 11. Nice float for them. I called the Wells Fargo customer service and was very nicely advised that they would not do anything, and that no one had authority to do anything. Their hold limit applies to any deposit over $5000. So, if you are going to deposit funds with them, be very careful about their hold policy.

Thrilled with Wells Fargo

My husband and I have been banking with Wells Fargo for the last 8 years. We have had a great experience with Wells Fargo. We opened our accounts before we had children and at that time we only used a checking and a savings account. After we had our children we opened savings accounts for them. Every employee we have had an interaction with whether it be in the branch in our town, online, or on the phone has been exceptional. We love their online banking and budget help, you can plan your monthly budget and itemize your purchases. We are also very happy that there are locations everywhere, we can go on vacation and not have to worry about having to pay fees for the ATM. Overall we are very happy with Wells Fargo and would recommend it to everyone.

Very quick, friendly service.

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I have used Wells Fargo for almost a decade now. They have always been very friendly to me when I walk in as I get greetings from all of the staff members. Every one of them legitimately looks happy to be working there. I get greeted with a friendly wave and smile every time I walk in. Overall, the atmosphere is just extremely positive and uplifting. The few times that I have had a problem with their service, they just call over a manager to help resolve it. All of their account options are perfect for any amount of wealth and they don't charge any crazy fees. One of my favorite things about them is that they are able to remove fees from your accounts if you meet certain requirements like being a college student or retired.

Closing My Account

Worst bank I've ever had to deal with. They purposely manipulate transactions to ensure you overdraw , then hit you with overdraft fees per transaction. Customer Service is of no help, they only impose the situation by transferring your call. I've never had an account in the negatives until this. Your money is safer stocked in your freezer/mattress.

Wells Fargo Online Services Are Horrible

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In all errors related to online payments or transfers they hold your money until they recover the money the took from your account from wherever they erroneously sent it.
The money transfers are the worst. Believe or not, these transfers are blind transfers, i.e. they do not get a confirmation from the recipient before they send money to a black hole. That is correct, there is no number at all to track that transaction! The number they give you in an email only indicates "we sent money", it is not connected to the actual transfer! They have to assign a claim specialists to actually make a phone call to the intended bank and ask "do you have our money?" If not then the specialists has to try to follow the money trail. AND UNTIL THEY FIND IT AND GET IT BACK INTO THEIR BANK THEY WILL NOT REFUND THE MONEY FROM YOUR ACCOUNT!
I have had to resort to MAILING CHECKS through the Post Office to my daughter rather than transfer funds!
Their Bill Pay is flawed with bugs. Any change to your automated monthly payment account may generate duplicate payments. And when this happens, AGAIN they have to assign a specialists to research why and where the money went and UNTIL THEY GET THE MONEY THEY SENT ERRONEOUSLY THEY REFUSE TO CREDIT THE MONEY BACK TO YOUR ACCOUNT!
I have finally decided to change banks. A real pain since this involves my social security benefits and numerous creditors I pay online. Online is supposed to be reliable and convenient, NOT WITH WELLS FARGO!

Complete Joke

I have a non-Wells Fargo account that has been verified for some time now on 4/22/15 I did an online transfer from the non-WF account to my account it was under $1000 it is now taking 5 days to be deposited into my WF account despite the fact that the funds were withdrawn from the non-WF account on the 23rd and WF. I feel WF is waiting for all my bills to bounce so they can collect their fees and take as much of the money as they can. Another thing on the 22nd I notice an online charge coming through so I deposited $25 to make sure it cleared. Both the credit and debit cleared the bank on the 23rd but on the 24th WF charged me $35 for so called insufficient funds. They posted the deposit but would not credit it to my account till after the debit went through. That is wrong I have been with WF for 10 years but as soon as I can I am leaving I don't think I will use a bank anymore who are you to tell me when I can have my money.

Good For What It Is

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You won't get great rates, but I really like Wells Fargo for the great services. The mobile banking app is great. I can pretty much do 100% of my banking online or by phone, but I still like the comfort of a traditional b&m bank that I can walk into when needed. There are branches and atms everywhere. Customer service has always been pleasant. I've heard people say not to get a mortgage through WF, but why would you when there are better options? If you choose to bank with WF, do it for the great services.

Wells Fargo - Decent Big Bank

Going into college I got a savings and checking account from Wells Faro. It was very convenient as they were close to me and had locations and ATM's in a lot of places. It also came with no fees of any kind which is also nice. However, once I got out of college my checking and savings account had a fee that became attached with it. Now unless I automatically transferred $25 dollars a month to savings I would have to pay a monthly fee. I found this pretty ridiculous. However, I just let it transfer for me and then I usually transfer it right back. I will give the bank credit their customer service is usually very good. I usually can walk into the bank and be addressed and solve my problems quickly. They always have tellers and bankers on hand who are decently knowledgeable. Overall, I would say that compared to other big banks, this one is doing a lot of things right.

Wells Fargo Preys On The Poor

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Wells fargo puts all cash deposits in as pending, including social security direct deposit. They tell you the money is available, but it really isnt.

Last month my bills were processed on the 3rd like always, however something was very wrong. All of a sudden I was $425 overdrawn! I called customer service and they were rude and talked to me like a child when I said I didnt understand.

Here is what they are doing, yes cash deposits, including direct deposit are available to use your debit card or take cash from the ATM. HOWEVER that money IS NOT available to pay checks and automatic debits. Yes thats is correct. They put a 24 hour "pending hold" on the cash. So if a check or arch comes in there is no money available and they charge you overdraft fees.

Social security says your money is to be make available to you on pay day, so wells fargo lets you use your card but not pay your bills. I just spent 3 days contacting people and trying to get them to change the due date from the 3rd to the 4th.

So tomorrow when I can get cash, I will be opening a new account with another bank and wells fargo can take their overdraft fees and stick them where the sun dont shine!

Love the Wells!

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I love Wells Fargo Bank! I do all my banking there. A recent experience made me totally convinced that I will stay with them forever. I had just paid several bills online thinking that my paychecks had been deposited. I had no idea there was a problem. All of a sudden hours later I got a message from Wells Fargo saying that my account had insufficient funds for some of the bills I had just paid and also that there is a charge for each bounced transaction. I totally freaked out and called them and said that I should have had over $1000 deposited from a few paychecks I receive from 3 sources. They said the deposits weren't there. After talking with someone, I explained that I have excellent credit and have never bounced any checks or payments in many years. I asked them to check my account to verify that and to check with the manager if necessary to delete all of the charges that were accumulating in my account. The clerk had the authority to delete the charges and I love that she was empowered to do so, without waiting for a manager to become available. The agreement we made was that once the monies were deposited they would process the transactions that were pending and delete the charges against my account. In fact that same day all paychecks were deposited and my account was all clear and positive. They could have made me pay the charges and would have had that right to do so, but looking at my loyalty and good credit and also listening to the customer and CARING about the customer gave me a satisfactory outcome. I love this bank!

Great bank close to home

I recently opened up an account at Wells Fargo. I am very impressed with their customer service. When you walk in the bank you are greated right away and directed where you need to go. Great communication. My husband and I opened a Money Market account. Great product with little to no fees. We are transferring our other bank account to Wells Fargo since the customer service is outstanding.

Supreme Customer Service

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I currently have both a checking and savings account from Wells Fargo. I have found that consistently, whenever I go in to the bank, I'm treated as a human. All of their employees are attempting to find you the best deal, despite what is best for the company. They're also always very informative regarding Wells Fargo's latest services. I recently went in to a branch to deposit money, and the teller explained how to use the ATM to deposit cash and checks. This will save me a lot of time and I was appreciative that she went out of her way to explain that to me. Overall, I enjoy banking with Wells Fargo because of their strong customer service, and I plan to stay there for all of my future banking.

Wells Fargo is terrible, but this branch is good

I went to the Wells Fargo branch in Clayton to deposit foreign currency and discuss rearranging funds in my existing bank accounts. This took multiple trips to the bank to accomplish, but I was ultimately successful. While I disagree with Well Fargo's practices as a whole, this branch is excellent. Wells Fargo charges overly large fees for its accounts, and often doesn't disclose those fees prior to implementing them. However, this branch can't be held accountable for that. What I perhaps find most interesting is how well this bank does in comparison to other branches. When visiting other branches, for example, I was told that what I wanted was impossible to do with Wells Fargo more generally, but the Clayton branch did an excellent job ensuring that my needs were met. They worked hard, and seemed genuinely apologetic when all my needs couldn't be met on my first visit. However, after two visits, my needs were taken care of, and everything was solved. The Clayton branch did a phenomenal job.

Vactim Of Wells Fargo Bank

My letter to Wells Fargo, N.A.

With regard to a Franchise Tax imposed on my checking account on 2/23/15, I have decided to send you this letter of grievance because I strongly feel that I have been wrongly taken advantage off by (Wells Fargo) you.
After the Franchise Tax was imposed on my checking account, being totally shocked, I contacted my local Wells Fargo which advise me to contact Franchise Tax. Surprisingly, a representative with the Franchise Tax informed me that it had been a mistake on their part and my checking account had be wrongly (attacked) debited. The Franchise Tax department assured me on 2/24/15 that the mistake will be corrected immediately as a notice “to release account” will be sent to the legal department of Wells Fargo and then all monies and fees charged due to this (wrong doing) error would be corrected and my checking account will be credited as it should.
Almost two weeks later, from the date of the imposition on my checking account, I received a letter from Wells Fargo regarding “ Required withdrawal from your account ending in 7476”. Wells Fargo stated in the letter that $0.00 amount was debited from my account however, a bank fee of $103.00 and another bank fee of $22.00 was additionally debited from my account by Wells Fargo. This action does not make any sense especially when a notice was sent to your (Wells Fargo) attention that the action of Franchise Tax was wrong, noting a letter “to release account” and credit all fees back to my checking account.
I am not a rich person and money does not come my way that easy! It is absurd and ridiculous on the part of Wells Fargo in that such predatory behavior of imposing fees on my checking account in the manner stated above. I did not authorize the action on my account. The action was a mistake by Franchise Tax which they very politely and kindly assured me would be corrected. Only to have the predatory and merciless behavior of my bank, Wells Fargo, in raping me of off the little money that I had in my checking account.
I like to presume that this predatory behavior to make money using legal tactics, is used a lot more against people and businesses that have a lot more assets… and the extortion of thousands and probably millions of dollars being taken away (from people) by the “so called” (predators like yourself ) big banks which would lead to poverty or perhaps death for some.
Before I close, I want to also remind you, Wells Fargo, that you have to do a better job in the hiring of some of your representatives, both on lines and local area bank locations. They are seemingly, uneducated, unprofessional, immature, and additionally don’t know what they are doing in regard to their jobs, and very rude.
My letter may not be what you will expect, but at this point I am piss-mad at your bad behavior that it makes me feel wonderful in expressing my guts in this manner! Luckily, I am a person of integrity, otherwise, I feel like I should address You (Wells Fargo) in the exact manner that you, predatory big banks choose to behave in taking advantage of individuals and small businesses through legal maneuvers!
Finally, I will be very appreciative if you will reasonably (put back) credit my checking account and take away the unnecessary and improper fees you have imposed.

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Love The App!

It was long overdue, but I recently just started using WF's app. It's so great, and the smaller banks don't have the resources to offer services this good. I can deposit checks by taking a photo which is pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread.

WF review

This bank has horrible customer service and high fees. My checking account was overdrafted and the fee was $35. I called to see if the bank would reverse the fee as I was only overdrafted by a few dollars and they refused. I have carried an account with them for more than 5 years. Finally after talking to a supervisor in customer service the bank reduced the fee by $8. I am dissatisfied with my experience and think the fees are much too high. This bank only cares about revenue and people with a high balance. The bank doesn't care about people who carry a balance under $500. Their atm was also out of order for a week. It wouldn't accept deposits. I called to complain but the bank didn't seem too concerned. I will be switching banks as soon as I have a regular income.

Never EVER Get Suckered Into A Home Equity

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In 1958, I established my first checking account, with Wachovia, for a happy half-century relationship with a courteous and efficient staff. With the W-F buyout, things changed drastically. I had established a home equity line of credit, thinking to use it in an emergency situation.
Last December I chose to use it for the balance of an unexpected home purchase due to severe arthritis and osteoporosis forcing me to leave my beloved hillside condo. Rather than go through the red tape of a mortgage, I thought I would get the home equity loan and repay it as security redemptions came in. On 12/9 I obtained a $45,000 loan and went on vacation for the holidays. On my return in January I paid $22,000 before the first monthly payment became due. Later that month, I paid an additional $11,000+. Last week unprecedented snows hit as I received a payment notice from Wells Fargo. I was unable to get out of my complex but didn't worry about the minimum payment as I had already paid off 3/4 of the loan in less than 60 days. I was so WRONG! Last Saturday, home-confined with black ice covering our roads, I received a call from their collections department informing me I was five days late with my minimum payment and must pay immediately. I authorized a payment of over eight thousand dollars (she did, under the circumstances, waive the late penalty!) Today I was able to get to the local branch to pay off the balance. The customer representative here was shocked that I questioned why a minimum payment was required when I had paid off 75% of the total already. She, with smug condescension, informed me there is ALWAYS a minimum payment due regardless of any extra payment I would want to make. So today I settled up and made my farewells...after 57 years. I normally despise gutter language, W-F, but I find your initials quite apropos ~

Wells fargo is okay but not the greatest.

After i moved from Florida to Oregon I switched my bank to wells Fargo on account of my previous bank not being in the area. When I signed up everything seemed to be fairly good and things proceeded well, but I ran into hard financial times and then the fees started hitting me. I started paying 10 dollars a mount for a banking account because I didn't have over 2000 dollars in the account. Then i over drafted once and the fee was 35 dollars. Eventually my account was closed for being about 1 dollar in the red. I then had to open up a new account which is under a "second chance" system. Which basically made everything a big hassle, and checks took quite a while to clear. I ended up closing that account and switching to a simple greendot card.

Very Poor Customer Service!

Very poor customer service - poor enough to close all my accounts with Wells Fargo and go elsewhere. It's too bad because I like the folks at my local branch, and was always treated with kindness and respect. Wells Fargo started charging me a $10.00 maintenance fee on one of my accounts without any explanation, because my other accounts are not being charged this same fee. Everything was fine when the account was first set up, but now I'm being hit with a $10.00 fee. I had no intentions of finding a new bank, but my search is on. They lost a 10+ year customer over $10.00 and they could really care less. Reading other reviews, I see I'm not alone. GOOD BYE WELLS FARGO!

What ISN't Wrong With Wells Fargo?

I have had the misfortune of dealing with Wells Fargo (not by choice) in various scenarios where they failed miserably.
1. Our previous home that we were renting out and now have up for sale was originally a First union loan, purchased by Wachovia then Wells Fargo. No issues til Wells Fargo came into the picture. We had received an offer from them to refinance the home as I had a bit of equity built up. Just after I had given the agent ALL of my personal information + my first born required for this transaction, the agent disappeared into thin air. Voice amil still set up, but full - n replies to emails, or return calls from his manager. Found out WEEKS later he had left Wells when he requested me as a contact on Linked In. He assumed my account had been handed off, but no such luck. I found that the only way for Wells to return my calls & emails was to file a BBB complaint. We did not refinance with them, we went to Chase.

2. Recent storms had caused roof damage to the same house and my contractor recommended I file an insurance claim for the damages. While State Farm cut the first check within a week, because the house had been part of a bankruptcy TEN years ago, wells had to endorse the check. Their reasoning was they needed to make sure the work actually got done and I did not pocket the $. They thought the most effective way to protect themselves is to hold the check for 2 weeks, have us fedex them an inch of paperwork, wait another two weeks for that to be "processed" and then give the contractor 1/3 of the materials check, totalling $1200. (The entire job was $15,000 and should have taken 4 days) Once the job was 1/2 done (which happened before we even got the check), we had to request an inspection (5-6 business days for them to call to set an appt, plus another 5-10 business days for them to inspect). Once the inspector filed paperwork and it was processed (up to 5 business days) they would issue a check for $3800 (5-10 business days to process & receive). By that time state Farm had issued the final check for $8000 (i had a deductible) and Wells suggested we start the entire process over again with this check. I went ballistic. It has now been 4 MONTHS to complete what should have occurred within 4 DAYS. more paperwork and 15 phone calls including an exception request (5 business days) I finally have the check in an account, and NOW they want to HOLD half of it for 2 WEEKS !!!!!

3. On the mortgage for this same house, I have not received any statements for 10 years due to the bankruptcy (illegal to attempt collection on a bankruptcy, it was a "retain & pay" so I paid online each month thru MY bank (NOT WF) Well, as a result of the above I was granted access online to my mortgage. Upon first perusal, I discover that there are many payments made where the ENTIRE payment is credited to Interest, and zero to principal. This loan is in its 14th year of 30!! There is NO WAY there should be any interest-only payments. I look further and find NO rhyme or reason to the amount credited to int vs. princ. It is completely random, like they picked numbers from a hat. I call to discuss with an agent, they tell me that interest accrues for every day the payment is late. But that doesnt jibe with the reports. There are months I paid early and it is an interest-only payment, and there are months I paid late and 70% of the payment went to principal (which is about where it should be). The agent finally agreed that SOMETHNIG was really messed up. So what is the best she could do? Fax me a copy of the original note and the entire payment history. and how long does it take her to send me a fax? why, 7-10 business days of course!!

Best Bank to have a home with.

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I have been a homeowner since 2013 and My experience with having a mortgage with Wells Fargo has been great. In Jan 2013 I started to look for a home and I had went into a Wells Fargo center and the experience was beyond amazing. The personal banker knew exactly what he was saying, she showed me step by step and also she has a personal testimonial which made me feel that I can trust her. As the month were passing by she kept in touch with us to where it made it seem like she actually cared. She was always on top of us and also the realtor. She made our whole experience into a great one. Our closing took only 45 days and I was so happy I wrote a letter to higher management explaining my experience and since that I have brought over 50 people to this branch to open accounts.

Overall good experience with Wells Fargo

I have been using Wells Fargo for almost 10 years now, and most of my interactions have been very positive. Earlier this year I lost my debit card- I was expecting a long process for getting it replaced, but I was in and out of the bank in 15 minutes with a temporary card. My new card came about a week later. I use the app quite a bit to deposit checks, it's usually prompt (although submitting the pictures can be a little temperamental). I used to have a problem with overdraft charges from overdrawing my checking account until I linked it to my savings account. Once I did this I stopped having an issue, but I kind of wish this service was recommended to me before. I overdrew 3 or 4 times before I realized linking my checking to my savings was an option. Overall, most of my interactions with Wells Fargo have been positive despite a few minor issues.

This Bank Is Just A Bunch Of Theives

I have been with wells fargo for years and recently I had some overdraft fees. I had the money in my account to cover 2 of the bills that came out but not the 3rd. They gave me an overdraft fee for all 3! I expected 1 for the 1 bill that I didn't have enough to cover the day it came out, no problem that was my own fault but when there was money in the account to cover 2 of them and left a positive balance after those 2 were taken out and then I still get charged 3 overdraft fees is absolutely insane! They took $70 from me that was not theirs and for no reason and when I called about it they refused to reverse it! The lady I talked to even said she seen exactly what I was saying and understood my point of view but her system wouldn't allow the reversal and she was a supervisor. I will be closing my account with them as soon as I find a better bank.

Nickle and Dime

I have to say I do not want to ever be part of this banking institution ever again. Wells Fargo will eat your bank account up with fees and penalties that will drain the funds of someone on a budget. It was very slow at work and I did not have a large amount of money in the bank. The stress of making sure there was enough money in my account to pay my monthly fees was starting to get to me. The day came when I did not have enough money in my account and then I ended up with a negative balance. The amount they charge you to use another banks ATM is just as bad. I had to pay over 8 dollars in combined ATM fees one time.Wells Fargo is a OK bank if you have a lot of money but if your are scraping by go to a bank or credit union that waves some of the mentioned fees. Why should you pay large fees to use your own money? Are you just paying for a name?

Checking Accounts Fees

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Needed an account that I could use nation wide as I travel often. I told the bank rep what I did and how I used my money. She advised me to open 4 different accounts and were all free with no monthly fees. I used two of them the first two months and noticed one had a $51 fee for usages. I contacted the bank and was told these fees were because the accounts were setup wrong and it could be changed. I asked if I made the necessary changes would the fees be returned since it was a bank error and was told no, I still had to pay the fees. I closed all accounts and moved to another bank. I don't do business with thieves.

Worst Of The Worst

I use to love banking at Wachova as they treated me with respect and courtesy and was really disappointed when Wells Fargo bought them out. This bunch over at Wells Fargo, especially the branch in Boerne, Texas, is about as bad as it gets. They could care less about customer service, never return your phone calls, and, in general, have never heard of customer service. It's like a foreign language to them. The only decent person there is the branch manager who will go out of her way to help you. Otherwise all the personal bankers, loan officers, and other administrative staff flunk the " decent human being test". And don't get me started on the so called brokerage advisors. The first one I had spent our meeting time rating and raving about President Obama, including blaming him for the demise of the space program. After that tirade I went to another advisor who was nice enough but put me into some investments totally at the wrong time and then refused to answer my phone calls about the investments. Stay clear or I guarantee you will be sorry.

Much easier to deal with then Bank of America

I've been a happy customer for two years now. Although the hours at my local branch aren't the best, the level of customer care I've received more than makes up for it. I've received all the help I've needed setting up checking and savings accounts,and I've been advised on retirement plans. When my identity was stolen, they handled the matter quickly and painlessly, and I had my money back in under 72 hours. The only thing I don't like it's there aren't many Wells Fargo ATMs, so if I do need cash I'm hit with fees from both ends. Overall though I'm very satisfied, and plan to remain a customer for the forseable future.

Lazy Customer

I've banked with Southtrust, Wachovia, and now WF as the bank has been acquired over the years. I am well aware that there are better choices out there (online banks with much more competitive product offerings, low fees, and ATM refunds), but the reason I've stuck with WF through the years is probably laziness (not wanting to go through the hassle of closing my accounts and opening new ones). Fees may be higher than some banks, but it's not an issue to me since I usually keep plenty of money in the bank to avoid getting in a situation where I could incur a fee. The only complaint I've had regarding their fees is an expedited debit card replacement fee that I felt was a little excessive. I ended up not paying this fee and just waiting a few weeks for my new card. Customer Service has always been excellent, and it's been nice to find WF branches and ATMs throughout the country. The bank's best attributes to me are its online and mobile features. I can deposit checks, pay bills, budget, etc all online. I rarely have need to go into a bank. One day, I might check out Ally Bank or one of the popular online banks, but for now WF is just fine for me.

Research first, bank second.

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Before you go into a Wells Fargo, It would be a good idea to know exactly what you want and how to tell if you are getting a good deal because the employees tend to not have a clue. Sure they can process an application, spin an amazing sales pitch, contingently dismiss any objections you have while downplaying your concerns. Now ask they why the APR and note rate on a loan are different and expect the deer in the headlights look. Product, sure its a major bank. They have all of the products and loans you can expect. Fees, well of course there are fees. Tons of them. Open a free checking account but wait a month for the first direct deposit check, that's an $8.00 fee. Get free overdraft protection and use it, that's a $30.00 fee. I guess the only positive to Wells Fargo is the website. It's laid out well, is always up and fairly easy to navigate.

Excellent customer service

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I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for over 20 years. They have always provided excellent customer service, especially when I have called with an issue or problem. I have always receive very professional, courteous service and I feel like a valued customer. At one time, I had fraudulent charges of almost $3000 made to my account. The bank had the money credited to my account within 24 hours. They have also helped me with other issues involving questions, always to my satisfaction. I have used other banks, personally and commercially. None compares to Wells Fargo.


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I love this bank. I have had an account for ten years, and I am still using it. I love that it is available in every state and can access my funds on a vacation or business trip. The customer service is also great. The mobile app is a really nice perk as well. Overall, I love Wells Fargo, and they will probably be my bank forever because I have no reason to change.

Linked Accounts

Overall, I think Wells Fargo is definitely a decent bank. Although, there is only one issue i have with this particular bank, I'm not sure if other banks do this as well, but my father opened my account when i was younger so both of our SSN are on the account...this means that EVERY time my father's account is in the negative for whatever reason, the bank automatically takes money from my account and deposits it into his. Now the only way i will be able to stop this is to cancel my current account and open a new one, which i do not want to do. i don't see why they can't just stop taking my money even though his social is on my account.

Bank review

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I love Wells fargo bank. I opened it six years ago and I am loving the customer service and the banking system of Wells fargo. It is located almost in every state and available where ever you go. I have also good record of customer service in this bank. When ever there is overdraft I call them and they deduct it If I say them the reasonable excuse. I also have the mobile app and I use it to open my account and check my account even when I am outside my home or in work. I have a very good experience in this bank and I love it.

Wells Fargo - Rewarding Loyalty

I have been very happy with my experience with Wells Fargo. I have been with them for 11 years, and due to their exemplary service I do not plan on switching any time soon. When I walk into my local branch, I am greeted by name by bankers with whom I have dealt with in the past. They are kind, patient, and willing to listen to any questions or requests I have. Similarly, the Wells Fargo app and online banking options have greatly increased my satisfaction with the bank. The only concern I have is whether or not I only receive this treatment because of the relatively long time I have been with Wells Fargo. If I was a new customer, would they be more persistent in getting me to open additional accounts with them? Nonetheless, I am extremely happy with the service I get from Wells Fargo.

Not A Bad Bank

I really like the way they count all deposits from Amazon or Paypal as Direct Deposits. I like that they wait at least 24 hours to put something in if your funds look low. I pay all my bill through bill pay, have never had a problem. No bank is perfect, for a big bank I think they are ok. Customer Service Fantastic.


This Bank is 100% thieves. They overdraft and pend everyone.
If you take cash from my account to transfer cash to another Wells customer why does it go in "Limbo" to screw them for 3 days in hopes of an overdraft???
I just got screwed for $55+ with a $12.50 extra BS charge for their "overdraft transfer fee" on top of the overdraft fee because I was .83 cents short in my account. I give these thieves over $20,000 of personal checking per month, plus I have 2 Business Accounts at WELLS FARGO
WELLS should be Audited and PENALIZED for screwing 100% of all Customers. Pure EVIL

Boo this bank!

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I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for 14 years. During this time, I feel like the customer service has gone down hill, almost to an unacceptable point. Hidden fees are plentiful, and when you call or go in to speak with someone, you get nothing but the run around. I belong to another popular bank that my wife and I share accounts, and the comparisons make it easy to see why Wells Fargo is terrible. I would not be so unhappy, if I could just get some straight answers. I have two credit cards, a checking and two savings accounts. Comparing how these accounts are managed to my other bank, I almost feel cheated. I did not choose banks based on extras, but it sure is nice to get free stuff here and there based on my normal spending and saving patterns. I imagine that I will be making a full switch soon and will not feel bad one bit.

Good Customer Service, Need less Fees

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I have been using Wells Fargo for the last 10 years and have had very few problems with the bank. I have had a Checking and Savings account along with a Wells Fargo credit card. The credit card is ok, however the rewards program is not great. I got a different credit card with another bank because it gave out better rewards. I have had positive experiences with their customer service though. A year ago I got an email saying that my online account had been potentially hacked. One quick call and I had my accounts fixed with new security and new credit cards. The representative was very friendly and made the whole process very smooth. The only thing I would change with my current services is the fees on the Savings and Checking accounts. I have to jump through hoops, by moving cash around to avoid some of the charges, which can be annoying.

Middle of the Road

Wells Fargo is a solid choice for a bank. I used to have a free checking account with them, but now you have to sign up for a savings account in order to keep it free. The savings account has a dismally low APY so I never keep any money in there anyway.

Customer service in person is good depending on your branch. Service over the phone about issues can be challenging.

Middle of the Road

Wells Fargo is a solid choice for a bank. I used to have a free checking account with them, but now you have to sign up for a savings account in order to keep it free. The savings account has a dismally low APY so I never keep any money in there anyway.

Customer service in person is good depending on your branch. Service over the phone about issues can be challenging.

Wells Fargo

They've been great to me. I had been against banks for 10 yrs due to an excess of hidden fees. With wells fargo I know whats coming up front. They always sound cheerful and eager to help me with both simple or complex problems. Although their online and mobile banking is the best, I don't even need to go anywhere to deposit a check, just take a photo with my phone, and within one business day it's in my account. Same with Amazon and PayPal transfers they are available much faster than most banks. Plus they're open on Sundays! Overall I'm very pleased with them.

Not For Small Business.

Small business owners BEWARE. Drop the idea RIGHT NOW of using Wells Fargo for ANYTHING. You will eventually be faced with a unbelievable rack of fees, and treated like scum of the earth when you deal with customer service. Any work you ask them to do will result in another fee. Their features used to be advanced but other institutions, online banks and credit unions now all feature mobile banking etc.
Advice from experience: My problems with Wells Fargo did NOT end with closing the account. They are now holding my own information hostage, demanding $200 to release it. Truly and honestly and from the heart, do not do this to yourself.

Wonderful experience

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After banking with Wells Fargo for a few years, I've had nothing but positive experiences. As a college student, they waived any monthly fees on my account, since I'm not currently working. When suspicious charges were made to my account, they immediately locked the account and reversed the charges. Their customer service representatives were very helpful in providing me with a temporary debit card while I waited for my replacement to be delivered as well. Their online banking experience is well-designed and user-friendly, making it easy to transfer money between accounts. Their app also allows checks to be deposited by taking pictures of them, which is extremely convenient. Overall, my experience with Wells Fargo has been overwhelmingly positive and I'd recommend them to anyone!

Love Wells Fargo

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I run a non profit and Wells Fargo goes above and beyond my expectations. They do not charge me for checks, there are no fees of any kind. They go as far as staying past business hours until you are completely satisfied with whatever problem you had when you entered. I would highly recommend this back to any non profit, especially since we have to watch every dime we have. Their customer service is outstanding. They always seem to have a smile on their face and very friendly - no matter what they may actually be feeling. The customer is always first with them. Always!

Wells Fargo Review

Wells Fargo is one of the big banks available in this area. I have several accounts with them, and they are by far the friendliest and most welcoming bank.

Convenient Banking

This bank has many branches. I am able to open up an account simply and have free checking and savings. I also have a credit card through them that works well. It is easy to use their BillPay feature. I also have an IRA with them that is very easy to use.

A Quick review for Wells Fargo

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I recently had to buy a new car and since Wells Fargo is the bank where I do most of banking, that's where I decided to get a loan to finance my purchase. The staff were always courtesy and attentive to my need. They always greet customers every time they come through the door. I sat down with the loan officer and she asked me for my personal information. We went over my credit check and what options were available to me. I was able to get a long term loan with a very competitive low interest. The whole process only took around 40 minutes and it wasn't that long at all even though there were a lot of paper work that needed to fill out. I was impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. Overall, I'm very happy with Wells Fargo and I can envision myself staying with them for a long time.

Large bank with small community feel

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I worked for a small town bank for many years. After moving on from there I decided to branch out and find out if I could in fact be happy with another bank. I have so far been very impressed and happy with Wells Fargo. Because they are a larger corporation things tend to get done faster such as receiving atm cards, contacting customer service, online banking... The only downfall I have is the fact that the fees are significantly higher than the small town banks. Also with small town banks you are able to get a one time refund on a fee just for being a good customer.

Could offer lighter fees

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The best part about Wells Fargo is that they have friendly bankers. All have wonderful attitudes and hooked me up with an account I could use. It's also very convenient with their features (mobile apps to deposit checks and bill pay).
What Wells Fargo could work on however is bank fees. Or at least allow all members to have free cashier's checks no matter the circumstance especially after being a loyal customer of the bank for several years. Fees are too big for loans and some loans have a penalty for paying your loan off early. It doesn't seem very fair and it requires having to be extremely cautious with reading fine print.

Overall though I would say Wells Fargo is not the best bank ever but they are certainly not the worst. I do enjoy the convenience of mobile banking and being able to pay bills and transfer funds between accounts within a moments notice. However, they could work a little harder to keep their already established clients. This has been my perception thus far banking through them.

One of the best banks in the country

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Wells Fargo is one of the best banks that I've ever used in my life. They provide an excellent web/app that I use frequently on a daily basis to check my accounts. Every bank branch that I've visited had people who were genuinely caring and very professional in giving me the best banking experience possible. They are very courteous and prompt with helping me out on any issue that I may have with my accounts. They also have great phone customer service and do not make you feel terrible about yourself.

Run The Other Way

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Wells Fargo is the worst bank I have ever had the displeasure of encountering, and I wouldn't be surprised if it were the single worst bank in existence. The fees are large and frequent, the customer service is impossible, and there aren't even any benefits that might entice you to overlook all that. I'm amazed that anyone still banks with them at all. They are known to squeeze every cent they can from you in the most despicable ways, like this one: if you make a few purchases with a debit card, and maybe you're a little low on cash in that account, they'll process the BIGGEST purchase first, regardless of chronological order, to see if you overdraft and they can charge you a fee. Then, they'll process all the other, smaller transactions, exacting an overdraft fee on each one. Charming, no?

Bad employees

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I switched banks and do not have a Wells Fargo account but I get a check for some services I do and the guy has an account with them. Since I pass the bank quite a bit I usually just cash it there. I've cashed countless checks with no issues until I came across a woman that just wanted to be difficult. They ask for 2 forms of ID and usually my driver license and Social Security card are fine. This time tho, she claimed it had to be 2 picture IDs, after standing in line and then arguing with her I wasted 10-15 minutes or more and still didn't get my check cashed. It didn't seem the manager wanted to be much help either as I waited for her and she never came to see what the issue was so I just left. Haven't went back there since and likely will never.

Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo is the best banks in US. I love the customer service and the importance given to the customers. The app provided by Wells Fargo was highly user friendly. I love that app.


Wells Fargo is the ONLY bank in my small Alaska town. It has changed designations several times in the 20+ years I've lived here, and I never had any problem until Wells Fargo took it over. There went all the quick, local decision making, and in came long wait times for out-of-state decisions on loans, etc. Fees became incomprehensible... you can't count on the total cost of the bank account to be anywhere near the same from month to month. Extra charges can apply for: too many cash deposits, too low a balance, too many deposits, too much or too little activity; the list goes on and on. And they're posting record profits all while service declines. I now bank BY MAIL just to avoid Wells Fargo, and have for several years. I get a FREE, interest-bearing account, better service and consideration and have a great working relationship with Key Bank. I know my banker and get personal service for both my business and personal accounts. Wells Fargo? Worst. Bank. EVER!

Former Wells Fargo Customer

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Wells Fargo was my bank of choice at first, because it's location near both my house and my university. I also used to have student loans through them before the federal government brought out the loans. However, I switched banks after the customer service experience proved to be less than satisfactory. When I called for customer service, I was hard pressed to find someone that I could clearly understand. One time, a customer service representative even sent my account information to the wrong e-mail, twice. At the location nearest to my house, the customer service was equally grim. At times, they would let you wait around forever before bothering to assist you.

Bad, Inept, But Polite Customer Service

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If you are considering Wells Fargo just know that the banker/customer service is truly terrible. They are polite and friendly. However they do not seem to know what they are doing, and have tendency to try to blow you off. They have messed up both a Credit Card account and business checking account. (I am not getting into the complicated, nasty details.)
Note, I am mainly talking about my credit card account experience.
If you have Wells Fargo, my advice is to get to 3rd level support - it's worth the extra 10+ minutes to get there. Once you get to that level (supervisor's supervisor), they seem to know what they are doing and genuinely seem to want to help you.

Good Enough for Smaller Incomes

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I didn't really know what to expect, going into WellsFargo. They have a reputation, but I think this comes with any kind of really big bank. The particular WellsFargo location I visited was in a small town, and a lot of the employees there felt like down-to-earth folks. This location seems to understand the needs of the people of the town they operate in. For example, there were special rates for employees at X, which is a huge university in the area. They give you a free credit card that is attached to your bank account, and a free debit card as well. Fees are very minimal, as long as you don't overdraft! All in all, I'd recommend them. But if I made more money, I'd probably seek out a place with better interest rates.

Closing Account Tomorrow ASAP

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Had account way before Wells Fargo took over. their customer service is getting worse, they are into automatic idiot mode and logic does not exist. Truly , it is a disappointment , and I have giving them a chance not without costing me money.
It is time for me to go someplace else and give an opportunity to another entity .
Sorry Wells Fargo but I give you half a star only:(

Consistent but Persistent

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This bank is fairly consistent with it's services and customer support. That being said, I don't understand a few of their practices (ie. open a savings account but can't have less than a certain number of dollars or charged for it) and nearly EVERY time I talk to someone in person about an account, I get offered some sort of extra credit card or additional account to sign up for. I refuse the offer but its as if they believe after the 20th time I will say yes. Not to mention I have been called on my personal phone and offered the same accounts. They are so persistent with things I'm not interested in, but most other interactions are consistent with their helpfulness and personality.

What the Fargo

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My experience with Wells Fargo is that they are good enough. In my day to day interactions with them, they have had good customer service when I called them with an issue. They website and phone app work really well and contain the services that I need. A few negative things are that whenever I go into an office location, they always try to sell me something or try to get me to open a new account. They also have a $13 dollar monthly fee that you have to work to get around.

great bank

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I have been a customer of this bank for more than 8 years and have found banking with them most fruitful, it has been a real pleasure. Online banking here is so easy and my interaction with the local banks have been a real pleasure. Would definitely recommend this bank.

Helpful and Trustworthy

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Wells Fargo is very dependable and helpful. I just recently received my first debit card, and wells fargo made the process easy and understandable. They are very helpful, have great customer service, and obviously care for their customers and are always available for help or questions. The web site is easy to use as well.

Deceptive Bank

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First, when I signed up for Wells Fargo, I was told I would receive a $50 bonus. I never received this $50 bonus due to hidden conditions upon signup. Second, Wells Fargo charged me monthly fees multiple times for failing to use my debit card a certain number of times due to hidden conditions upon sign up.

Wells Fargo Review

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I was forced to use this bank after spending the summer working in a small town. The worker who helped me start the account was very nice. She helped me a lot, however, she told me that Wells Fargo was not a place to save your money. This bothered me because I had just opened a savings account and checking account with them. I think their fees are easily avoidable, my monthly fee is waved for making more than 10 purchases a month or having more than $2,000 in the portfolio. I like their website and I like their security on the website as well. I like how their ATMs deposit checks. I don't like how the machine holds onto your card until the transaction is over but they make up for it by not allowing you to get cash, reciepts, etc until the card has been removed. Overall, I like Wells Fargo. They treat me right.

Wells Fargo Wows

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I have been a member of Wells Fargo banking for over 9 years now. It has never crossed my mind to change banks at any point in time. There are plenty branches located all over town, standalone atms, and also Wells Fargos inside grocery stores. Whenever I need to do banking inside they always have very professional and courteous employees. They offer water when it is cold outside and coffee when hot. The bankers they have are also very knowledgeable and help open up accounts and offer valuable products that the customer can take advantage of. I am very satisfied.

Wells Fargo

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I was a customer of Wells Fargo for 27 years, when my parents opened a saving account when I was a baby. I banked there for many years with a checking account, savings account, and credit card. Then out of the blue, they started assessing a $10 monthly fee to maintain my checking account, even when new customers were not being charge that fee. I felt very manipulated about this poor service to a long term customer. I closed my accounts with Wells Fargo and switched business to a local bank, and have had much better customer service.

Best Bank Ever

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I have been with this bank for years. I will continue to stay with this bank for many years to come. The customer service is amazing. I always get the answers that I need. There have been a few times that I needed a bank check and they waived the fee. Now that is customer service. There have been times that I had to wait in a long line and someone walked around to apologize for the wait. That was very pleasant.

For Small businesses, I like it!

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Wells Fargo is pretty awesome for somebody who has a small business (and I mean small- I am the sole employee). There are no fees for a business checking/savings account (provided you have an automatic transfer go through every month from checking to savings). But I do admit, the one thing that bugs me with them is the fees. I'm charged $3 per session to be able to look at previous checks I have deposited and/or written. (I feel as if that should be a given).
Everyone has been pretty friendly. The only issues I've had with the staff is very slow wait times if I need to talk to a banker (vs teller) and if I go through the drive through, they are almost always backed up. (The opposite of going through a drive through restaraunt. The people inside are by far taken care of first at banks)

Ridiculous overdraft fees

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When I was a young high school kid with a new checking account, I had very little money. During one particular purchase I overdrafted by a mere 20 cents. The fee that was on my next statement was about $25 plus the 20 cents they had covered for me. After some begging they decided to "only" charge me $10 for the fee to cover the 20 cents. I think this was incredibly unfair, especially for a kid with no money.

Great service

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I was charged a few account maintenance fees for my account, and went in to see if they could be cleared. At the time, they said no and turned me away. However, a couple days later, the employee who originally opened my account called and said he had reversed the fees on my account and that he advised me to close the account if was not going to use it, in order to avoid incurring more fees. Overall, their customer service was great and solidified their service to me.

Fee Based Institution

It is somewhat frustrating to have an account at this bank. The minimum balances and other requirements to avoid monthly fees are unreasonable. The average depositor does not have these minimums and other requirements. Occasionally they come up with new and unfair ideas to increase their fee income. You really need to stay on top of their new rules in order not to get burnt.

Do Not Use.

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1. Published comparison of rates/prices often indicate this is among the worst banks for real people in many markets, auto loans, equity, etc. even moreso than BofA.
2. Promotion not paid and unexpected monthly fees and deliberate nonresponse to customers. In newspaper, found $75 for opening "free checking account," no initial minimum. Did not receive even though employee also opened some kind of savings account. Never got bonus, manager insisted $25THOUSAND had to be deposited although no mention in promotional fine print. Found accounts whacked for $25 monthly, plus $35 for "overdrafts" due to their internal transfers made without disclosure. Wrote to stop this, finally called and was told did not honor requests from account-holders in mail. Had to use banking regulator credentials (true) to Los Angeles Regional HQ to get bonus, reversal of charges after some months. Required visit to another branch in another city to close out accounts.

Fantastic banking bxperience

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Wells Fargo is a world leader in the banking industry for good reason. Having much marketing prowess and having a good understanding of social behaviors, they heavily saturate many areas in and around college campuses. Having the knowledge that people often stick to whatever financial institution they first become comfortable with has been paramount. I'm 28 years old and I still use the same checking account that I opened with them on Campus 10 years ago. They have accounts tailored to just about anyone's specific needs and there are minimal fees. I never have trouble getting a hold of their customer service reps and I feel 100% confident that I would be taken care of in the event of a fraudulent occurrence.

Good all-around bank

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I have used the Wells Fargo website for 4 years now. It does everything I need it to. All transactions are neatly arranged, giving many details about them. One con is that the website logs you out after a short period of non-use, although I understand this is in place for security reasons. The customer service is outstanding. I have never met a single disgruntled employee. They always seem happy to see me. I look forward to see their future website developments.

All is Well!

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I have been a Wells Fargo customer ever since I started using banks in 2010. They have numerous account options from regular checking to college checking accounts. The fees are reasonable, and you can get a $2 discount by opting to receive online statements rather than paper. They have excellent customer service! I made a claim over an unauthorized transaction and a simple phone call and a few days later my issue was resolved. They reversed the charges immediately after I called and reached their conclusion in just three days. Whenever I walk into one of their branches or talk with one of their representatives on the phone, they are always friendly and eager to assist me. They even hold the door open for me when I leave! Also, their website is simple and convenient to use. It is very easy to access online features from my mobile device too. All is well at Wells Fargo!

Wells Fargo Student Account

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My family usually works with KeyBank, but my college has a Wells Fargo unit in one of the buildings and it is the dominant bank in this town so I got an account. My account stayed free because I am a student at this school, and they even converted my student ID into a "secret" debit card so I can use it like a debit card at some of the local shops. Whenever I've had an issue the employees have always been prompt and helpful. Transfers to my account from paypal and other similar sites take as long as they did for my old Key Bank account (3-4 days), but online the descriptions of where you spent your money and when are helpful. There are also maps and graphs of where you spend the most money, which is cool too, but I do a lot of online shopping so my graphs are mostly "food" and "other" so I guess it doesn't help me too much. I haven't been with them very long but as student bank accounts go, they're not to bad. I"m happy and would recommend them to others.

Wells Fargo, trustworthy bank

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I have been working with Wells Fargo for a long time. They have very efficient banking tools to let you manage your money online. Their budgeting tools are way better than standalone money managing software and best of all you can access it anytime you log online. Any time I've had credit card fraud, they resolve the issue almost immediately. Anytime I lost my credit card, they we're quick to cancel and replace it. They've helped build my credit efficiently and are always monitoring credit activity. The branches are always great place to go and handle finances because the employees are always well-trained and easy to work with. They have the best ATM machines and locations nearly everywhere. I trust Wells Fargo greatly with all my money.

Wellsfargo. Pretty good bank.

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I have been banking with WellsFargo for 3 years now. I opened a bank account with them right after they made the switch from Wachovia to WellsFargo and what a good switch it was. The brick and mortar stores are worth entering if you need an actual person for and they are always willing to help you out in any way they can. The online access (which I use 90% of the time) is pretty good and I can accomplish most of the things I need to do for my daily banking. The only negative issue I have with the bank is the interest rates on their savings accounts are very low...but I guess that is typical for any major bank these days.

Bank at Wells Fargo

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In my experience of banking with Wells Fargo, I have found them to be capable of handling my needs. They have treated me fairly and don't impose any fees that are unreasonable. Their mobile and online banking has always worked well. They offer as many if not more services than other similar banks. They treat you like royalty when you step foot in the bank and try to solve any of your needs. Overall, I would recommend Wells Fargo.

Best Bank For Bait And Switch

I signed up for an account which was supposed to be good for low income people to save money. If I transferred $75 a month into a savings account, I wouldn't be charged a monthly service fee.

One day, I looked at my account and noticed a $15 service charge. When I asked, I was informed that they decided to change my account to require a $7500 minimum balance. So much for trying to help a low income guy save money.

Also, that $75 was supposed to come out on a set date to coincide with my paycheck. They take it out when ever they feel like it,

Don't bank with Wells Fargo. They'll tap you dry.

Well Fargo review

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Been with Wells Fargo for about 25 years now. Never thought about leaving this bank. they have competitive rates and I believe their web presence is unmatched in the field. I have used this feature many times to check my account, transfer money, send money. It is incredibly accurate and is mad responsive. I would recommend this bank to anyone in need of a new banking facility.

Wells Fargo

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When my girlfriend and I were deciding on getting a joint bank account together we took in consideration and did reviews of the various different banks. We decided that Wells Fargo would be the best one it is convenient in location and the hours are good as well. When we went inside to initially open the account we were greeted with friendliness and smiles from the tellers and directed to a banker who could help us open our account. They are extremely nice and were willing to help us and provide the correct answers for all of our questions. They also helped us sign up for online banking. Even though we are now in a different state the employees at the bank are all very warm and welcoming. I would refer anyone I knew looking for a bank to go there.

Awesome Customer Service

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I visit Wells Fargo daily as a office manager of a loan company I make several deposits daily and I have not once had an issue with the representative who work at that location. I have always had an awesome experience with them from day one. I enjoy the fact that the rep know me by name when I enter or drive up to the location. They are always quick and precise with my deposits and they are always extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Bad Customer Experiences

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I have been a customer with Wells Fargo for over twenty years. I recently started a business and got a business credit card from Wells. I was late paying my balance by six days because I was on business trips and thought the card would link to my accounts. Wells insisted to charge me high late fee. I paid it off. Wells Fargo is too much into money making and ignores good customer experiences. I have good services from other banks I am with. I am first closing out my business accounts and am convincing my wife to do the same for our personal accounts. We do NOT need to put up with this type of services.


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Ever since, my banking accounts were transferred over from Wachovia, the level of service of has significantly decreased. They started charging me a fee on my crown account that I had never received before despite a promise that everything was going to remain the same. I called several people and talked to several more people in person but nobody could explain why I was receiving the fees. It took three months of complain for the fees to be reversed.

customer service

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I had an account with wells fargo about a year ago. I was in drive through one day, and teller told me that she wanted to talk to me about a change that was available with my checking account. We set up a meeting time later on that week, because I had to go to work. The next day I checked my account and the teller had taken $100 out of my savings account to open a new checking account. So now I had two checking accounts. I never authorized her once to do that. I called customer service and ended up closing all my accounts. I was so upset.

Bad Customer Service

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Wells Fargo only cares about taking your money. They recently closed a Global transfer account I had with them. They gave me notice but did not tell me they would be deleting all the statements online. When I discovered the statements gone, I called them to ask to be able to retrieve and save them. They said it would cost me $5 a page for them to research and copy the files. If they would have informed me that they were going to delete the files I would have copied them myself. On the call to customer service the agent said that after she talked to me about my problem she was going to try to sell me some other products. Wells is only interested in getting your money not in servicing your needs.

Wells-Fargo And Hidden Fees

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I heavily recommend not using Wells Fargo ever. They will change account fees without telling you and they just show up on your statement. When you try to get them contested they fight you every step of the way. You will be lucky to get your money back.

I have an account with Navy Federal Credit Union and they have never pulled this kind of shady business with me. There are good banks out there please find one and put these crooks out of business.

Wells Has Been Great

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I've been with Wells Fargo for several years now. I've never had a fee for my Checking, Savings, or any of my business accounts. (It just takes a $25 automatic transfer each month, You can instantly transfer it back ). I love the mobile deposit, and there online services are really good.

I've always been impressed with the service I got in the local banks. They are a lot better than the arrogant small town bank that i used to use. I see some of the reviews are a few years old, so maybe Wells realized that they needed better customer service in the last several years?

I don't understand quit all the negative reviews. But i guess people are likely to complain online. I seems from reading a lot of bank reviews, that the average review is people who found this site just looking for a place to vent.

Pleasant Employees, But Not Aways Competent

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I've had it with this bank, which became "my" bank solely because it gobbled up Wachovia, which had gobbled up Southtrust, which had gobbled up First Union. My branch keeps moving people around to the point that hardly anyone there ever knows me. It took 3 months to get a bank mistake credited to my account (and 4 trips to the branch mgr.) The fees for business accounts are high, they nickel and dime you for online access and even viewing checks. Want check images with your statement? Pony up another $2/month. Meanwhile, it makes me sick that their rating based on deposit growth is A+. That's because the small banks that could USE your business and appreciate your business don't have enough customers. Banks like Cornerstone. WF has good ATMs and loads of branches; but there is much more to a good bank than that.

Banking With Wells Fargo An Exercise In Masochism

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After spending several years as a Wachovia customer, I thought little of the changeover to Wells Fargo. That is until things started getting weird. Real weird. Things have come to a head this year, which has been downright ridiculous in regards to dealing with them. Here's a list of the troubles I have had since the beginning of 2013 alone.

- New debit card replacing an expiring one was deactivated as stolen or some such before I even had a chance to activate it in February.

- Replacement for that debit card being overnighted to me while the new PIN was sent standard mail. I was not asked to select a new PIN upon asking for the replacement and thus had a much harder time accessing cash for a good two and a half weeks, as my old PIN did not carry over and the new one was a mystery.

- $100-something check being read as a $200-something check and that was reversed after three weeks of "investigation," which should not have taken nearly as long given the detailed explanation of the discrepancy I gave in the initial report and the scan of the check even I was able to see via their website.

- Negative balance on my account as a result of that error taking longer to alleviate due to payment issues with my job at the time led to the deactivation of the replacement debit card. This deactivation occurred despite the regular incremental deposits being made to rectify the issue, signifying the account had not been left to rot (as perhaps it should have been). Thankfully, while replacing the card a second time in only three months, I was asked to enter a new PIN for the one they sent overnight, so I wasn't as screwed this time around.

- Got charged for three overdrafts (due to a combination of circumstance and poor judgment) when only two should have been assessed. Upon receiving an explanation of why I'd been charged for three overages instead of two and doing the math with the figures they gave me, I found a small deposit from a side account that would have covered the largest transaction had not been figured into things despite having cleared the day before the overdrafts processed. My available balance at the time of the deposit was in excess of the largest charge I was expecting and the missing amount was the exact amount of that deposit. Still fighting this one as it was recent, but not getting my hopes up.

Banking with Wells Fargo is akin to stabbing oneself in the eye, although the stabbing would be greatly preferable. They may have convenient locations nationwide, but the chicanery, manipulation of things in their favor and downright incompetence in many cases are not worth the trouble.

New Customer

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would have loved to stay with this bank because it is so difficult to switch but their deposit holds are RIDICULOUS!

Fees, Fees, And More Fees

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WF nickle and dimes you to death.  $3.00 at fee?  That is so stupid.  Moved to PNC, no atm fees at thier atm and they refund other atm use fees right back to myaccount, no limit eaither! 

Fraud By Banker, And More

I was in a rush and depositing a cash money, requesting to put it in a saving account, guided to a banker, while in a rush she start asking questions such as monthers maden name, I clearly asked her why? are you running my credit? she strongly claimed that "NO, just updating information. Well in a short time I saw an alerf from my credit monitoring, she had run my credit, applied for a credit secure, depositn the money from my account. Filed a complaint. Bank Manager claimed it was a msiss communication. It is a shame to go through this experience, people who are suppose to serve us. horriable service it is the most outrages one. Waiting to update all my vendors and close the account.

Worse Bank In America

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The credit program - credit card is a scam, had an unsecured credite card, graduated to secured in April, 2013 and it is July 25, 2013 and still no deposit returned.


Refinance began twice, both times, increased the percentage rate on the last week.  I finally refinanced with another bank.  WF is required to return your escrow

within 30 days, they took 40 days.


finally, service fees are out of the blue.  The information is sporadic and inconsistent.  Despite the few nice representatives, the policy is not consistent. 

There is a monthly service fee $13.00 with notice...



We Hate Wells Fargo! They Give A Whole New Meaning To "Bank Robbers"!!!!

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My husbank and I originally opened a Suntrust Account (personal and business).  Wachovia purchased Suntrust and now Wells Fargo purchased Wachovia.  We never had a problem with Suntrust or Wachovia.  They gave excellent customer service and treated us like the "customer we were"!  Well along come Wells Fargo and everthing has been fees, fees and more fees.  Wells Fargo comes to town and they start putting debits(checks, debit card transactions...) in order of highest to lowest through your account first.  They then put your credits (deposits) through last.  This will cause a customer to overdraft easily.  I thought if you took deposits to the bank that were drawn on Wells Fargo that was like cash and they would at least put those deposits in first.  Nope they will not  and they will not give you credit for them til the next day!!!  They will put holds on accounts to make you overdraw the account more too! Well I am moving my hard earned money to another bank, THEY WILL NOT GET ANOTHER CENT OF MINE. CUSTOMERS you had better wake up AND REALIZE WELLS FARGO IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN "OFFICIAL BANK ROBBER"!!!!!!! 

All Around Predators

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Inconsistent service as noted below.  Generally the highest "reputable" rate lender in most consumer products localized, preys on those with the intelligence of hamsters as target market. Investment of the Lizard of Omaha, the zillionaire who sells slimy lizard gekko insurance to the same unwary unfortunates who deserve better.

Wellsfargo Home Mortgage Lacks Customer Service

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My mailing address has not changed for as long as Wellsfargo Home Mortgage has serviced my loan. Whenever they have needed to send me a bill or invoice, they have always found me very quickly. I recently refinanced with another bank because Wellsfargo turned me down for a refi. Now they owe me MY escrow account balance to the tune of over $1400. It seems now that they owe me, they can not seem to get my address correct. My refi was settled in the middle of May 2013. 

Wellsfargo says they cut a check on June 4th (which was also reflected on my statement)

on June 18th I called to inquire about the status. They recognized their error (they forgot to include a street address on the envelope. I was told it would be sent overnight.

On June 21st I called to inquire about the status. I was told it did not print on time to mail out this week and it would mail out overnight on June 24th. (per supervisor). I was upset it had not been overnighted by now and asked where I could pick it up...a branch, direct deposit, a number of solutions were offered...The supervisor then faked that my cell reception was going bad and hung up on me. I immediately filed a complaint with the BBB.

On June 25th, I received notice from the BBB that the complaint was sent to Wellsfargo.

On June28th I received a call from Wellsfargo indicating they are handling the complaint.

Several hours later, I called the Home Mortgage offcie again to inquire about the status of the check that was promised via overnite mail- to have shipped out on June 24th (before anyone knew of a BBB complaint).

I was told no second check has ever been printed, but it is now being handled through the President's Office.

I now have been cut off from access to my mortgage account and all historical statements online. They want to charge me if I want a copy of them

Absolutely rediculous and unprofessional. I will soon be closing several Personal and Business Accounts with Wellsfargo....Good ridens....of course, I still don't have the check.

Surprise $ 8.00 Checking Account Fee

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This morning I got the monthly e-mail from Wells Fargo indicating that my checking account statement was ready to view.  Much to my surprise, it included an $ 8.00 fee.

I called the 800 number and asked why the fee appeared this month.  I always have a balance above the minimum required to waive the fee and also have direct payment of my mortgage from the checking account, which also qualifies for the fee waiver.

The CSR (typically) had no idea why I got charged the fee, but he removed it. He also tried to push one of their credit cards during the call.

Check your statements!

Worst Customer Service - Never Try To Apply For A Loan

I have banked with Wells Fargo for around 5-6 years now.  I am looking to switch ALL banking services to another bank after the way my husband and I and my parents have been treated when looking into their loans for refinance and home equity.  I understand the laws are very strict now thanks to a slew of irresponsible banking practices and even less responsible and informed customers taking advange of these and causing our current financial disasters.  However, I at least expect to get treated with respect and receive periodic updates on these processes along with accurate information UP FRONT on qualifications required.  When my husband and I inquired about a refinancing opportunity that WELLS FARGO CAME TO US ABOUT, I specifically asked up front what the required credit rating was, how they calculated that rating (so I could calculate for myself up front before letting them pull credit) and any additional requirements (such as debt to income ratio which is a common standard).  They provided me some basics on the credit rating and neglected to cover debt to income ratio at all and then declined us (AFTER SENDING NOTIFICATION WE WERE APPROVED WITH DOCUMENTS TO SIGN AND A REQUEST TO RETURN IN THE PROVIDED ENVELOPE) based on debt to income ratio.  They also could not clearly explain to me HOW they calculated their debt to income ratio - I only know that what I came up with was different than what they did, so no clue on that one.  I was using the standard I could find online - maybe I'm off, but I did actually ask that question up front and told them I did not want to apply if I couldn't clarify I met the basic requirements up front and they neglected to properly inform me on these.  Just to clarify again, I understand why we didn't get the refinance - I'm ok with that.  I'm terribly upset at how things were handled from a customer service perspective - we were misinformed of the requirements we requested up front and then NEVER contacted or properly notified on status or issue.  We received the decline notice several WEEKS after receiving an APPROVED notice!!

During all of this, my parents had already started an application (unfortunately) with this bank for a home equity loan.  They started this process in JANUARY and it is now nearing mid-March and we still have NO CLUE where we stand on them getting the loan.  The process has been extremely confusing and upsetting to my parents and we have requested multiple times to receive the "elusive" 3rd party verfication affidavit which would allow me to handle things on their behalf.  A MONTH later we finally got the form and then discovered that ALL prior documents received on the same day had be processed with the exception of this one.  So they continue to call my parents, my parents do not understand what more they are asking for, they call me, together we call the bank back so that I can hear first hand the request (after much hesitation on their part despite the fact my mom is on speaker phone right next to me) and then I finally am able to help get what is requested and send it in.  And you would think it is the most impossible request in the world to get a check list of what documentation is needed.... the list doesn't exist.  Instead, we send in information that gets processed incorrectly - we are on our third attempt to get the information right - only to call back ourselves multiple times leaving messages over the course of 1-2 weeks and finally get some random person who updates us that 1-2 weeks ago it was documented further information was needed.  If we never called, we would never know things were on hold pending more documentation we didn't have a clue they even needed!!  A little more competence and customer service would be nice.  Be warned, you will not get either if you use this bank for a loan - I highly recommend against it!

Unfortunately, we have so much time invested now it would probably send my parents (and a very pregnant me) into the hospital to consider starting over again.  Again, I understand strict government rules and regulations due to the financial crisis, but I also expect a certain level of customer service to go along with that and this bank just doesn't have it.  If you at least TELL me what the requirements are, we might have a prayer of meeting them - but unfortunately no one has the capacity to return phone calls there.  Only after you hound them and ask to speak to a manager do you get one more step ahead - which isn't saying much because there will just be another unknown road block in front of you.  By the way, my parents happen to have STELLAR credit - scores in the 800s, next to no debt and they are looking for a loan on a house that is PAID IN FULL!!  You would think people would be beating down their door to give them a small loan (we are only asking for a loan of ~22% of the value of the paid in full home to complete some landscaping and updates to the house!).

Just sad - I miss the days of real customer service - they don't exist anywhere anymore it seems.

Wells Fargo Is The Worst!

A 15 year wells deposit customer. I went to them for a small equity loan against a property with 500k equity.

A secured loan mind you. they ran me through the ringier with a constant barrage of paperwork requests, additional questions, poor response times and overall the worst worst worst customer service ever. Almost 2 months of this!

in the end they deinied my loan even though is was secured. how totally stupid of them

i went and opened a wells credit card which was approved immediately. Then once i got it ran it through

my personal pay pal card reader and maxed it out as a merchandise sale and got my needed cash unsecured.

Yes its a bit more expensive, but in the end i secured my home improvement funds and now they can sweat out the unsecured position without a lean on my property.

I cant impolore you enough NEVER NEVER EVER!!!!  do business with Wells Fargo. They are the absolute worst

organization out there.......

i have since moved my business to Chase.

Security Measures Ignored.

I received an email that Wells Fargo has updated the contact information as requested.  Since I had not requested any info to be updated, I called. They assured me that my accounts were still listed with the info I provided.

Few days later, I got in the mail 3 cards again notifying me of contact info being updated as requested, with account numbers that did not belong to either my or my husband's accounts.  I went to the bank with these cards and inquired as to what was going on.  The rep proceeds to tell me that my husband's address and personal information was updated to an address that we did not live, and all information was wrong.  I asked how this could be done, and we changed all the info back.  The person it was changed to rented their home, we own, employers and salary different, etc.

Kept calling and asking what is being done.  They had the fraud dept and id theft depts involved, still no answers.  I got a phone call from a gentlemen who said he is receiving my husbands mail from Wells Fargo at his house, along with a credit card in my husband's name.  They have the same first name and this man had our old phone number from 10 years ago.  He cut up the card and sent it back to WF, and said he knew that wasn't for him because his credit isn't that good to get that much credit.

Find out after I threatened to get a lawyer, this person was issued a credit card, debit card, and an equity line of credit on my house (remember he rents his home).  Turns out someone in the branch called this man to ask if he wanted a credit card, when asked his social security #, the bank employee said "Oh, we have something different here" and changed it...asked mother's maiden name and said, "Oh, we have different info here", and changed it.  Security meant nothing!!!!!!!!!!

Now in the midst of finding another bank.  WF has been apologetic and offering free credit checks for 1 year, but can this happen again??


Started A Studend Account For My Granddaughter

Started a studend account for my granddaughter in Oct 2012 - completed all the paperwork.  The service fee was 3.00 - on my statement, it showed they were charging me 7.00.  I went into the bank and spoke to teller.  They said they needed her student ID, we gave it to them and they reversed the charges.  I'm still being charged the 7.00 fee because their policy changed in Nov 2012.  Do you think the teller knew this?????  I called and was told - to bad, to sad.  I'm closing all my accounts.  This is not the type of bank I want to bank with.  Reminds me of that commercial about banks

Crooks And Liers!

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Worst Bank Ever! Stay away from them! Always charge some hidden fees and claim that its a part of the contract.

Horrible customer service! They just don't care about customers and will rip you off at any moment they want to !


Wells Fargo Sucks The BIG ONE.

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Should not even be a one star bank.

they are sneaky crooks

be careful they will they sneak in their overdraft fees. 

my checking account had a balance of -$5.82 on the Dec 31st.

i deposited $10.00 bill on Dec31st to clear negative balance

the available balance was $4.18...on Dec31 ...Have the receipt to show available balance...

on Jan 3rd I was gong to deposit a check for $15,000

to find that the $35.00 fee found its way in my account. 

account negative -$30.82 on Jan 3rd. What sneaky F#%&S.. THIS sneaky shit should be illegal..

They will try to confuse you when you try to dispute the BS FEE so be careful. 

quick note:  always print your availabe balance when you clear a negative account. If they sneek in the BS fee you'll see what these sneaky crooks do..

The WORST Banking Experience

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Wells Fargo - where to begin? They changed, without my permission, one kind of checking I'd had for years that only required a minimum of $1000 balance, to another kind when I opened a 30K money market, and they linked my checking to my 30k money market. When I found out about this, I asked them why? They sis sit was so that my checking could be free. I alraedy had free checking, because I always had more than the required minimum, so that made NO sense. I talked to the bank manager, and after much hassle,I was able to get my checking back to the original that only required $1000 minimum, but when I asked for my checking to be unlinked from my money market, I was asked, "Why would you want to do that?" I replied, " why wouldn't I?" The answer - get ready:"to avoid banking charges!". Wait, if I keeps minimum in my checking, doesn't that take care of no banking charges? What kind of double talk was that? Then the rep. said something about " pricing structures" that was gobbledygook. I will be withdrawing all my money from Wells Fargo today. I need an honest bank that looks after my interests better. I gave one star because that's the minimum to write a review. I would not have given any stars if that we're possible.

Tired Of Big Bank Games

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Wells Fargo's online bill pay stinks.  I've found, that despite what they say on the bankers' end, you have to delete a payee in order to change from a manual pay to automatic pay.  Then, to make matters worse, when you create that payee as new again, it doesn't give you the option of setting everything up going forward AND making a current payment so you have to do it in two steps.  I just did this in this order: delete payee, create same payee as new with a automatic payment, make current payment, go in and edit for begin auto payment for next month (to avoid paying current month twice).  I got a reference number for the current payment then discovered AFTER the bill didn't get paid and I got charged, that the bank in it's infinite wisdom is going by the computer's time table (vs. what I said happened and what would also make common sense) claiming that I deleted the payee AFTER I scheduled the current payment so the payment was deleted with the payee.  Nope, they wouldn't pay the late charge for the bill I thought was paid but wasn't because of their mix ups.  Anyone have a GOOD bank that's easy to use in the Twin Cities?

Love Banking With Wells Fargo

I love banking with Wells Fargo! The customer service on the phone is so nice and aren't in some other country where I can barely understand them. They quickly and happily reimbursed me half of my overdraft fee (and have done multiple times before) for a overdraft I was unaware of for two days. Been with them for almost 10 years now and am not planning on leaving anytime soon!

Wachovia Was Great, Wells Fargo Is Robber Baron Trash

I will spare you the details. Suffice it to say that when I moved from CA to NC I was thrilled to close my WF account and bank with Wachovia.They were so much better in every respect. Then WF bought Wachovia with bailout dollars and ruined the company. They finally went too far. I am closing my account and they will never make another dime off me. Sooner or later they will go belly up and I will laugh my arse off when it happens.

Broken Online Transfer System Causes Overdraft Fees, No Refunds.

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I wanted to transfer money from my Wells Fargo (WF) account to my PNC bank account, so I set up online transfers on October 13th, 2012. They told me that they would make small deposits to my PNC account, and I would have to verify the amounts before being able to make a transfer. When I did, the WF website showed me an error message, saying my account had been locked, and I would need to call customer service to have the issue resolved. Weird, but whatever. Then, during the span of about a month, I called five times to get the issue resolved, but each time I was put on hold for excessive amounts of time, told a representative would call me back, which never happened, or simply got an answer that it was not possible to fix the issue at the time. Because WF and PNC are my only two bank accounts, and WF is the one where my paychecks are deposited directly, I had no way to deposit money into my PNC account to cover the charges. There is a PNC branch in San Francisco, which is the nearest one to my house, but I wasn't willing to make a 2-hour round trip just to deposit some money. I incurred overdraft charges on my PNC account when the bills were charged. That, although slightly annoying, was okay. Then, on November 7th, WF was finally able to fix my issue (after being put on hold for close to an hour) and said they wiped my PNC account from my WF account, I will be able to newly set up a PNC account to transfer money to. Problem is, when I went to set up my PNC account again, WF once again made trial deposits to my PNC account, and withdrew the deposits, which incurred another overdraft fee on my account. I was extremely displeased with the whole process, and the extra overdraft charge was just rubbing salt in the wound. I called to have the fee refunded, to which I received a 'no,' then went to a local WF branch to have a representative there call WF headquarters for me, and help me file a complaint. Once the complaint was filed, They responded with a 'no.' Although I'm normally a pretty easy-going guy, and this started because of a small twenty-five dollar charge, their lack of accountability throughout this process has really pissed me off. This is really unacceptable, and I will be canceling my account and taking my funds to Bank of America.  

Easy To Use Accounts

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I have always loved my WF accounts.  They have streamlined the checking accounts, making some of the stipulations for keeping the accounts free easier to achieve.  What was previously a monthly transfer to keep accounts free, can now be done with using your checkcard a certain number of times a month.  When opening an additional account, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to meet requirements since I wouldn't have a direct deposit right away, but I have been able to keep my account "free".  The online banking is amazing!  I have had accounts at a state bank and local credit union and the technology of national banks far surpasses others.  It can be irritating at times when you go into the location or call the phone banks and are being sold to, but where aren't we sold to at the "check out" these days? These people are just doing there jobs, and unfortunatly that is a part of it.  

Unlike other reviews if you are able to keep a grasp on your funds and make sure you are using your accounts correctly you should have no problems with them.  I did my mortgage through wells as well.  I had no hiccups along the way, which was great, because I have had friends that haven't been so lucky.  Overall it is great! 

Wells Fargo Does Not Read Letters; They Read $$$ Only

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I did not want to give Wells Fargo any star, but it does not have this option.

Employees at Wells Fargo make mistakes on custumers's mortgage account and do not know how to fix it. They answer your phone nicely, but too bad that just do not know how to do things correctly. When they say "please wait for 24 hours" that means "please wait 20 forever...".

Unhappy Customer

I don't recommend this bank.  I'm verey unhappy because when I opened my Checking account it was "free" as long as I had $25 coming from Checking to Savings.  They changed their conditions and communicated in a monthly statment, (that is what the manager said) but they didn't have a way to prove it to me.  They started charging me a monthly fee. They change conditions at their convenience, they dont do much to help you.  Manager was rude. They have their tellers well trained to be friendly but obviously they don't take the lesson and apply it to themselves. I'm very UNHAPPY with Wells Fargo, the one I went to was in Murrieta, Madison street.  Find other bank if you want honesty. I asked to show me proof of the "letter" they had sent to me and they said they don't have copies??? really??? how can you not have proof that you communicated to the customer a new policy???? I won't go back to this bank ever! The manager was not helpful at all, she was very rude.

The Worst Bank In The World--Zero Star

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i am pulling out this worst bank in the world, after being a faithful customer for 8 years!  i stayed with it over these years because it is time-consuming to switch to another bank, in spite of very unpleasant experience with a big and inefficient bank. after talking to a high-level manager to try to solve one issue--and on the phone for 2 hours after having received wrong information from three people before i talked to this one--i am so sick of the bank's indifferences to its customers and i am finally pulling out my money and decide to support a smaller and more friendly bank.

when you deal with a big bank like this, be prepared that you will be treated poorly. the only thing that matters for it is money, money, and money. it does not care about people.



Not Happy.

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When a deposit hits my bank before a charge i do not expect to get an overdraft fee. Yet today i recieved two... I called and talked to a very nice woman who politely informed me that they could not refund this fee, that it was not a bank error.

I disagree with it not being a bank error, however that aside... What happened to customer service? What happend to helping people out so that they remain your customers?

We will be looking for a new bank. Apparently wells fargo doesn't care if we're members or not.

Really Bad For Business Banking

My business has carried our main banking account with Wells Fargo for over ten years. Today as I attempted to deposit a $68,000 check into my account the manager at Wells Fargo Bank, 3010 Williams Boulevard Southwest, Cedar Rapids, IA (319) 398-4760 insisted that he had to put a hold on the deposited funds since the check wasn't drawn on another Wells Fargo account. It was a check from a public school district so the deposit is good as gold. I've deposited over $300,000 checks before with no problems at all. Now, I have checks written to my suppliers that may have a problem clearing since they won't acknowledge that the funds are deposited. Wells Fargo is really starting to suck!

Undertrained 'Bankers'

I've been using Wells Fargo for years with problems I've overlooked, eg: they didn't know how to wire money to Europe. The daunting task of changing banks has kept me with them. All those auto debits for bill paying! But, now, I'm done. Their computers are 'touchy' a three year veteran banker tells me. The phones are 'jacked up' a three month banker apologizes. Finding statement information is possible, sort of, IF you know how to type in the right word. Like put it in twice. You, know, "Water bill, Water bill." So sorry!  Incorrect information from the young bankers on a stop payment, fees that are sneaky. "Someone should have told you, so sorry!" If you use WF, check everything twice or thrice and ask "Is there anything else I should know?" They have bank buildings on every corner, but their employees are so inexperienced they give incorrect information. And you'll pay for it.

Just Nickel And Diming You. Don't Borrow From Wells Fargo

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I am a medical professional and did financing for some renovations in my office through another bank. Unfortunately my account was sold to Wells Fargo. First off, they don't accept credit cards for payment. Every month I would send in a check and although I admit I was late a couple of times, the rest of the time it was sent out on time. Every time I would get charged a hefty late fee. I called a few times and they admitted it takes them a while before their system posts the payment. They gave me credit a couple of times. Needless to say this happened almost every time and I got sick of it. I have finished paying my debt except the late fees and now they want to send me to collections. Isn't that shortsighted to send a customer who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to collection for $600 and then to get a review like this. All because they don't have the right systems in place to process payments in a timely fashion. Also why not accept credit cards to make it convenient for the customer? To save another couple of dollars for the company?

Fraud At Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo never called to tell me why my debit card wasn't working. Turns out someone else tried to charge $750 dollars to it so they cancelled the card. Also, they randomly charged me an $8 service fee that i've never heard of. I went to the bank to get my car title notarized and they didn't have a notary available. These are just a few reasons why i'm switching banks. They portray a commercial attitude, always trying to sell you new ideas. I'm looking for a simple bank that practices what they preach.

Stiealing Money Like Crazy

Charged my husband 8 fees of 35 dollars in one or two weeks..overdraft service that we didn't required. A total of 280 dollars lost. Plus other fees before he decided to close the account. I stayed with them but now they charged me 4 fees of $35 for overdraft I am not sure where it came from. Im definitely leaving them.

Long Time Customer Seriously Fed Up!!!

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My husband has been a customer of Wells Fargo for 25+ years.  When we got married I decided to become a  joint holder on his accounts.  I truly regret that decision now.  Over the last few years they have been pushing us to keep upgrading our accounts and to sell us new ones.  When we finally agreed to an upgrade I found out that we had been paying a monthly service fee for 3 years that we should have been waived because we met the requirements for waiving.  When I asked if all that money would be reimbursed, I would swear I could hear crickets chirping.  I gave them another chance to prove themselves.  Until recently we had an issue of having our credit card number stolen and used.  I promptly reported the issue, spent numerous days talking to 5 different people (getting different results from each one, might I add) only to be told that after their investigation they have decided not to honor our request and we are responsible for paying all of the fraudulent charges.   What I found ironic on the whole situation was that when we received new replacement credit card numbers/cards, it states right on the form "you will not be liable for fraudulent acitivity, if promptly reported".  They don't mean that in the least.  Some how do you do for loyal, long term customers.  Don't waste your time with this institution...unless you want to get ripped off over the years. 

Wells Fargo Is The Worst Bank I Could Have Ever Dreamed Working With

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I'm a college student at The College of New Jersey.  Wells Fargo is the only bank available to me on campus, being it is the only ATM here at TCNJ where I attend.  During orientation, they had a booth offering to open up a FREE!!!! College Student card with no fees, and a minimum of only $100.  Great! I thought, what a nice bank Wells Fargo must be.  The man working the booth takes my ID, walks me thru the sign up sheet and after a short 10 minutes I was on my way to having this checking account.  Nice and simple, what could go wrong?


3 weeks later, I finally receive my debit card in the mail.  On the face of the letter, there is something a little off.  My name is backwards.  The person who copied my ID to the sheet put my name as my middle name and first name switched, so my card did not have the correct name on it.  I was a little annoyed by this, but understood mistakes happen.  So, I went to a branch to get it straightened out.  The teller at the bank was very helpful, nice and pleasant.  She told me that contrary to what i was told, I was opened up for a account with a $5.95 monthly fee and no minimum.  So, pretty much, the man at the stand blatantly lied to my face when opening my account and tried to screw me with fees.  WHATEVER! It could have been worse, at least we caught it.  We open up a new savings account with a $300 minimum and no fees.  Not really what i wanted, but thats okay. I fill out the necessary forms and set my pin at the branch.  I was so happy it was all finally over.


Not.  After another 3 weeks, my card comes in the mail.  My name is spelt right and all!  Yesterday, I desperately needed money so I ran to the ATM on campus.  I stick it in, punch in my pin.  Denied, incorrect pin.  I try it again (I must have miss typed it!)?!  Nope.  The pin does not work.  WHY DOES THE PIN NOT WORK.  THIS MUST BE A NIGHTMARE.


That night, I email Wells Fargo pertaining to the PIN problem, and they respond to me saying I have to call or go into a branch in order to change my pin.  I have no car, I'm a freshman in college.  So, obviously I call the 800 number.  The women on the phone tells me that I can't change it over the phone (I think, I could barely understand a word she was saying), then continues on to tell me about a new emergency cash card that is perfect for college students who needs some cash in an emergency that I should consider signing up for.  I immediately hang up on her.  That's where I'm at now, writing this review.  I am furious.  I've never been more frustrated by a bank In my entire life.  


If you have the choice people, go with Chase.  Anything but Wells Fargo, save yourselves the stress and anger.  

Horrible Bank

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I usually don't write reviews but this bank just makes me mad. It was a nightmare to me. I just closed my account after 5 years being with them and I couldn't be happier that I finally made the time to get ride of them (with a $10 fee they charge for closing, but this is the last $10 they will ever get from me.). Among all the bank accounts I had previously this is the definitely the worst. I will try to never use Wells Fargo, don't ever use this bank. This bank doesn't even deserve 1 star, the stars should go to the negative region.

Can't Believe What They Tell You

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I've had an account at Wells Fargo since I started receiving social security disability about two years ago, and have had nothing but trouble from them. Can't depend on what they tell to be a true fact.

Seems more interested in insurance business than in banking.

Don't Keep Your Money In Wells Fargo

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Wells Fargo is the worst bank. They don't have free checking/savings unless you keep $50,000, no matter how long you've been a customer. Their high yield savings is a joke, it is .01%. They charge for every transaction and don't even have good rates for home loans. But the reason I finally left them after 14 years is the lack of customer service. The rude tellers, that don't do what you ask them. And, even when I left them I tried to politely tell them why I'm going else where, they told me to keep it to myself and they are not interested in why I was an unsatisfied customer. My advice, go to your local credit union, their rates are much better and they are non profit. Even two Wells Fargo tellers told me that.

Flat Out The Worst Bank Ever.

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BEWARE Wells Fargo is out to get your money. They offer no actual free checking accounts. They have hidden fees and service charges at every turn. I actually got charged a service fee to walk into a branch in person and make a small ($100) withdrawal from my account. I strongly recommend you stay as far away from Wells Fargo as humanly possible. Anything they tell you to try to get you to set up an account is very carefully devised to keep the real information from you and make you believe what they want you to believe. It takes very little reading on their own banking website to uncover their snake-like scams. They are the worst bank I have ever done business with and I have had at least one account with almost every major bank and many of the smaller regional banks. Avoid Wells Fargo at all costs. I will be filing reports with every agency possible to inform them, or most likely add to the reports, of the abhorrent banking policies that Wells Fargo is getting away with. With no exaggeration, they are liars and thieves. A true disgrace to the banking industry.

Horrible Bank - Stay Clear At All Costs

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If I could give a negative star rating I would!

I am a small business owner with continual issues with my Wells Fargo Business Accounts and Wells Fargo customer service.  Most recently and the last straw was this evening.  I am winding down these business accounts and had cancelled my American Express and NPC merchant accounts, but the monthly charges hit my WF account anyway, saddling me with two overdraft charges which WF refused to refund.  $70.00 worth of fees for $27.95 worth of transactions?  Come on!

I called Wells Fargo customer service to seek assistance, but true to form...I encountered an unhelpful and smug CS rep (and her manager).

Also, I have repeatedly tried to set up auto-payments/online bill pay for the business credit card.  These transactions were set up incorrectly multiple times by (I am assuming) a fully trained WF staff, but long story short...the payments never went through, at which point I was charged a $50 late fee.  So each month, I'd spend 30 minutes or more on the phone with WF business customer service to clear it up and make the payment manually.  Evenually the $50 fees would be credited back to my account, but the damage was done.  This has happened at least 4 times resulting in an increase in my rate.  When I tried to get the rate reduced, I was told that it was not possible due to the repeated tardiness of my payments.  Tardiness caused by Wells Fargo customer service errors!

Please stay away from this bank.  They are the true definition of greed and don't know the meaning of the words customer or service!

Worst Bank I Have Ever Been With.

I was with Wachovia for years, as soon as Wells Fargo took over, everything went downhill.  They started charging for everything they legally could.  Wachovia had a great overdraft protection account called Way-To_save where everytime you used your debit card, they deposit $1 into a saving overdraft account.  As soon as Wells Fargo, they started charging $12.50 for transfers between this account and a checking account.  They DO NOT care about average checking account customers.  PASS THIS BANK BY OR CLOSE YOUR ACOOUNT ASAP.

Fees, Fees, Fees........

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Last year, I opened an checking account with debit card for my minor daughter, so that she could have some autonomy with finances.  We started out with $110.00.  This money has not been touched and although monthly statements came to the house, they weren't even opened, just shredded since I knew what the balance was.  By the grace of God, I opened the most recent statement and the balance was $82.00!!!!!  It appears that although I was told this was a no-fee, no minimum balance checking account, after a year you start accruing a service charge ~ not sure if for inactivity or min balance issue.  When the manager on duty walked over for damage control, the teller gave her the name of the account and supposedly that would have not been the ideal account for a low-budget child account ~ really?!?!?!?  And that's my fault?!?!?!?  So I closed the account and now have to explain to my child how banking works and why she is $28.00 poorer.  That's a hefty charge per month!!  Unfortunately I also have a business account there (which was opened by someone else and I inherited) which I would close if I didn't just order new checks which will last several years.  So I made a five-figure deposit into that account but no one cared to make good on the child's account so we are finished!!  Went to Citizen's and opened a no-fee, $100.00 min balance checking account without an issue.  Perhaps it's better to put your money in a pillow case!!!   

Terrible Bank Look For Another

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I switched to this bank because of a geographical move.  It seems to me to be punitive institution. The "cushion credit" service is complicated. Rather than having a loan backup account, simple and clear, it has convoluted possibilities, ranging from taking money from savings to credit card--all with flat charges rather than interest.  WF constantly makes changes that you are required to attend to. These changes bring new charges. Sure, they can be refunded, but who wants to spend the time dealing with WF. The website is tricky.  Where one once could look up reward points immediately, one now has to type in the terms in a search.  I'm looking for a new bank and have moved money into a credit union but want both.

Carry A Average Balance Of 17,000 And Still Need To Charge Me $30 Service Fee For Having An Account?!

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crazy....going to switch to a different bank....never got fees before, but they had personell change at bank....they will loose my business.   my great aunt had a lot more $, like 800,000+ in their bank, and when we she passed away, the crap they were getting her for was stupid.  shame on them.

Wells Fargo LIES!

So in my younger years I did not have an account because I had a problem with overdrafting until 1 day I walked into a Wells Fargo and some teller swore up and down I would never see an overdraft charge. Sounds pretty sweet huh? It was! For 2 years even if I did overdraft which actually wasn't very often since by this time I had better learned how to manage my money, but I never saw a fee and then all of a sudden a month ago I was slapped with 3 charges because we were going through a hard time. I went into the branch and talked to the manager who credited 1 of the charges but claimed there was nothing she could do about the other ones. THEN this week I check online and my account was overdrawn by .50... that's right guys 50 measly cents. So I run down to the bank and put money in my account but when wells fargo went to post my transactions they listed the charge for the day before even though it wasn't there the day before.. So now I owe them an extra $35. I will be taking my money elsewhere. I am so sick of corporate bullies stepping on the little people. I will now be telling calling all the people that I convinced to go back to wells fargo to tell them why they should cancel their account.

Cost Of Checks And Mailing Fee

I paid a total of over $ 92.00 to have printed and sent to me 200 checks! Outrageous, robbery. I had no choice since I can't just switch overnight. After having been with this bank all thru it's different ownerships for more then 4 decades, it's time to switch!

Dont Travel With WF Debit/ATM Card ... Us CHASE Or AMEX.

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Thinking of going to Wells Fargo ... think again.
This specific location management totally screwed up ... and will not take responsibility.
We opened a secondary Checking/Debit/ATM account for specific travel through Mexico and Guatemala as we did not want to travel with our main account cards.
The reason for the new account was very very specific.
Then while on our trip ... the card was flagged as possible fraud use ... and shut down because the card was being used in Mexico! What a surprise ... Stranded in Mexico with no other means of money access.
The card said to call the Collect number on the back from international locations.
The collect phone charges were not honored by Wells Fargo ... we had to pay the Hotel the $85.00 for the phone calls (they kept hanging up on us).
Upon return home ... we talked to the Banker at this location ... they said we had to contact the number on the Card ... we called the number on the card ... they said whe had to contact the Banker. Typical run-around. Finally talking to the Bank Manager she flatly refused to do anything about it. "Charges to a third party (hotel) are not something that they will refund". This Bank's mistake ... the card should never have been flagged as possible fraud as we made those arangements up front before leaving. This Bank's mistake costs me the $85.00. This Bank Manager Michelle's attitude is that we can close our account and go to another bank. Nothing they can do.

This is all you can expect after belonging to this bank for over 12 years, having 3 mortgages with them, and several banking accounts.

My other card I have with CHASE that I use for business travel ... always takes care of me. Really well. We are going to go to Chase from now on.

How can we get our mortgages transferred to CHASE?

Wells Fargo..Lies

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Piece Of Sheet Bank

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This bank is one of the worst...


Deposit your paycheck and you get only $100 at the ATM, and sometimes you have to wait 48 hrs for the funds to be available.

This doesn't happen with my other bank that I prefer not to mention.

The only reason why I have wells fargo is because I make money with their statements, hahahaha....

But if you have to open an account try something else like Chase, at least they are more friendly and give you less bullshit.

Less Than One Star Rating HORRIBLE Customer Service

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Never, in all of my years, have I had such a horrible experience with a bank/credit card. Wanting others to be aware of this atrocity, I came to this site. It didn't come as too much of a surprise to see that the ratings lack 1 star. I have impeccable credit, and have worked very hard to achieve such. In paying off my bill, I often made more than one payment a month. Once this led to a misunderstanding, in that in one instance I had figured that the month was paid, but the amount was applied to the previous month leading to a $35 fee. It took a lot of finagling, but finally got them to refund the fee that should never have been applied in the first place. During that conversation, I clarified that to avoid such instances in the future, if a second "amount" was paid after the due date, I would be all set for the next month. Fast forward two months. Again, paid twice in one month, then paid the entire balance off. Imagine my surprise to find a $35 fee for paying one day late for the month of July. Theoretically the second payment in June should have been applied to July, given my previous conversation. So, when trying to rectify this matter, I was told that I had 'used up' my courtesy refund. Heinous behaviour, really. To treat good clients with such disrespect. Never again will I take my business here.

Wells Fargo Bank Has Almost Given Me A Stroke!

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I had banked with Wachovia bank, like my parents had, when they sold out to Wells Fargo.  The second time I deposited a General Electric dividend check, unbeknown to me, they held it for 10 days.  I had checks bouncing all over.  Wells Fargo kept charging me 35.00 for each bad check and most of the people charged me at least that much if not double the check.  I have put more money into this bank and I CANNOT get ahead of them.  You should see the stack of 35.00 charges I have!!!!  They are honestly driving me crazy.  I have direct deposit with my pensions and haven't wanted to try to change that but after the treatment I got today, I can't wait to get out of that bank.  I was never so insulted as I was today.  They told me that because my checking credit was bad, DUH, I should go cash dividend checks elsewhere because they wouldn't.  I could go on and on, but it is making me ill just talking about them.  For heaven's sake, stay away from this bank.  I know tellers who have quit since the take over and have talked to many others who feel like I do.

Completely Incompetent

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I had banked at Wachovia which was bad enough until it was bought by Wells Fargo which made it worse.

They linked my debit card to the wrong account, drained that account, and kept posting overdrafts which they took out of the wrong account. I was getting overdraft notices when I had plenty of money in the correct account. Three phone calls to the bank had no result. In the final one, the woman I spoke to had no idea how to correct the situation and there was no one she could call to rectify it.

When I moved the money into another account so it couldn't be drained due to the error they seemed unable to fix, I got a call saying that they were trying to collect a debt. I explained the situation and was told i had to go into a branch. So I have to take time out of my day to try to correct something they cannot.

I think the bank bailout was the worst possible idea. If the others are this pathetic, let them all go down and maybe some that work will arise.

Am leaving Wells Fargo as of today.

I Hate Wells Fargo

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I hate Wells Fargo Bank, it is the most bad bank I have seen, I went to get cash from my account. The bank teller gave me fake money.
When I complained they told me in rude way you went outside the door, so this is not our responsibility.
Most of the staff there are bad.
Please be careful when you deal with this bank.


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We've had a personal checking and a business account with Wells fargo since 1992. At first we loved the free checking accounts and never had a problem at all. But in the past year or two, we have become more & more dissatisfied. Actually, that's not the word I would use today to describe our feelings about this bank. Their customer service has become over-the top friendly in direct proportion to the sneaky fees they zap. All of a sudden there's a "monthly service" fee and a "monthly statement" fee and "it's a rainy day" fee and "it's NOT a rainy day" fee....

When I saw the "monthly service" fee for the first time, I called and asked what it was, and the VERY chummy employee sang, " OH! Would you like me to reverse that for you? I'll be VERY HAPPY to do that! just for YOUUU!" So it was.

I asked her to reinstate my fee free account so I wouldn't have to call again. "OH! blah, blah THIS!" and "double-talk THAT!" Several setences later I tuned out, knowing that my fee free checking days were over. I was right. If I call, they are EAGER to refund the MONTHLY SERVICE FEE but otherwise, they hope & pray I won't notice.

I had to go into a Wells Fargo bank recently to inquire about yet another fee and they now actually have a greeter who stands at the door, and SINGS to you as you enter, "WELL, H-E-L-L-OOOO! WHAT may we DO for you today??? Would you like a LOLLIPOP?! You look like someone who could use a LOLLIPOP!"

DO I have "SUCKER" stamped on my forehead?? Thank you, Wells Fargo happy-greeter-person! I must be a sucker to stay with Wells Fargo. If I survive the "closing your account" fee, the "please don't go away" fee and the "how can we live without you" fee, you'll find me at INGGIRECT.com.


Wells Fargo Not Consumer Friendly

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One star since I could not give "0".  I have had my business and personal accounts at Wachovia for years and service was great.  Once Wells Fargo took over it was all down hill.  They combine personal and business account information on the online banking when the business has it's own TIN and should be considered it's own entity.  When requesting they seperate the two accounts for online banking they talk to you like your nuts for wanting them seperate.

Mortage is also through Wells Fargo, who contacted me about a refinance.  They suggested a "streamline refinance" with no fees.  Documents arrived with errors, called loan officer to update and she stated it didn't matter I needed to sign and return to lock in the rate.  The errors however, gave wrong information regarding FHA status on other loans; had fees that were not to be inclued; mis-stated rental income and various personal information.

Agent was practically screaming at me to sign and basically called me a liar regarding the errors noted on the documents.  

Looking for a new bank, that's why I came to this site.

Lack Of Service


It's not what can we do for you it's how many fees and services can we see you...Coming from Wachovia they are impersonal, lacking a personal feel, I feel like I went from a small community bank who valued me as a client to the German SS. The first time I walked into the bank after the changeover it felt sterile and the same warm, kind tellers appeared to be robots with Attila the Hunnes daring them to smile. Looking very hard for a bank that appreciates my business and acts like they want me to be their client.


Bad Service, High Fees...Go Anywhere Else...

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I don't have time to list all the service problems I have had with Wells Fargo. The local folks have been trying to get our business for decades, so when I started traveling a lot, I thought I'd give this national bank a test run (while keeping main business accounts at our old, locally owned bank). It's been nothing but grief for two years and last month I was suddenly charged $15 a month for checking. Informed that I need to maintain a $7000 minimum in this account for them to drop the fee. Ridiculous. Should have closed this account last year, but today's the day!


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Find another bank, they have lost their minds! Now they want to charge you $5 for paperless statements and $7 for paper statements. What is the point of of going paperless if you are going to charge people for it? Once I found this out I instantly found a local bank with lots of branches,Online banking, bill pay, and also has ATM refunds, in my state of Virginia. I also moved my savings to the Va credit union (great bank for checking also). These big banks are loosing it! I sure do miss Wachovia! Also ING is a greet way to save your money. You can check on it but it is difficult to withdraw from it easily if you want your cushion to grow.

Satisfied Customer

A few years ago I switched to WF from Bank of America because of concerns about B of A's stability and because B of A treated me like a statistic after I had been a regular customer for 50 years. 

The staff at my two local WF branches have been unfailingly helpful, as have the telephone personnel.  People have gone out of their way to help me.  I was impressed with the credit card fraud department's thoroughness also.  Twice when they thought they detected unusual activity, I got a call from a courteous rep to determine that I had made the charges.  This never happened with B of A.

I would caution you not to let any CD automatically renew, however, because you'll get rock-bottom interest.  But I assume this could happen with most banks.

I'm not an expert on website security, but WF's system doesn't seem to be as secure as B of A's.

No More Customer Service At Wells Fargo

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After being a satisfied customer of Wachovia for many years, we are moving our money to USAA Federal Savings Bank, and getting away from Wells Fargo. Today was yet another example of how Wells Fargo could care less about customer service. My wife was trying to deposit a check for me. The WHOLE check, mind you. I omitted one number when I gave her my account number (she's not on the account). My friends at Wells Fargo would not even look up the account, recognize the omitted digit, and deposit the check. The check had my name on it, and the bank holds my account. How is it that this is so difficult?

Can't wait to leave Wells Fargo. I'd heard that the purchase of Wachovia would be the end of easy banking, but I didn't believe it. I do now.

Banking System Error

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I had an checking account with the WellsFargo bank at San Antonio Mountain View for many years without any problem until they upgraded their system several years ago. Right after that upgrade, I found that I was charged extra service fee by their new system. I pointed it out to them and asked them to correct it. They did refund it the first time and told me the system error had been corrected. I trusted them. Since they stop sending me paper statements, I did not realize that they were continuing making the same mistake overe and over again until a year later...

When I found that they were still repeating the same mistake to me, I printed out all the statements with and brought them to the bank asking they to correct their mistake. However, they only refund the fee for 3 months and refuse to refund the fee of 4 months and older...

I am ashamed of them by the fact that they would refuse to correct their own mistake, especially the customer had pointed out the same mistake to them before...

I Would Give Zero Stars If That Were An Option

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I had been using wachovia for 15 years and continued to use them when they were taken over by Wellsfargo.  Wellsfargo is now charging $7 a month if you do not hold a balance of $1500, which is just ridiculous.  I called and tried to get grandfathered into not paying the $7 a month since I had held a bank account with them for soooo long.  I was told by the customer service rep that they could not waive the fee.  So I cancelled my account and switched to TD banks convience checking and I could not be happier.  

Avoid This Bank

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I was forced to do bussiness with them due to my mortgage being sold to them. 2 months after an insurance claim and replacment of the roof of my house and the mortgage company still has not released the check (made out to them instead of me or the roofer) from the insurance company. 0 stars I recomend not doing business with this bank.

Wells Fargo Needs To Change

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I have had an account with this bank for about 11 years - that is, with Wachovia before the takeover.  Wachovia wasnt great but at least I could find people to ask and straighten out silly mistakes they made.  Then, upon takeover, all of a sudden the few competent people were fired (in our local branch) and were replaced by uneducated workers who had extremely limited English.  It was absurd.  

We have had both our business and personal checking accounts - and have about 7 accounts with this bank.  The only reason I have not switched is that I believe that the banking industry in general is set up to make as much money as possible for the highest ranking exec's and that this is the whole point of the existence of the banks - so we are all just completely stuck.  So much for customer service; frankly, it is simply unavailable.

Here is an example of a recent occurence:

I tried to make a deposit at an ATM at one of the 4 branches I frequent (ATM machines- convenient to my errands).  The checks would not process so I went into the bank.  After about 15 minutes the very simple issue was resolved, by a nice young lady.  However, she decided to update my ATM card.  So within the next week I received 3 different versions of ATM cards, all with serious mispellings of my name, and one of them was a VISA card, which I had specifically requested not to have.  I had to trash them all.  Then, not long afterwards, I got another one in the mail, which was a standard update, with correct spelling.  It was the oddest thing, honestly.

Here is another one:  Last time I ordered new checks, they got the name completely wrong so of course I had to reorder.  And whenever I have a question, I ask someone in the branch.  I am then told I must talk to a business rep. since we also have business accounts.  I then work hard to contact this person, by phone and email, and am always promised that she will get back to me.  So far she has never ever done so, by phone or email.  This has been going on at least a year and a half.  I give up!  

Here is another problem - prior to Oct 2011 for some reason they issued several partial month statements.  And even though for 11 years I have been asking for monthly statements (1st through last day of the month), and promised this many times, it has never happened.  Sometimes the statements are 29 days long.  Go figure?  All this costs me a significant amount of money in extra bookeeping and CPA time.  

Here's another problem:  Now they have converted their system and I can no longer get images of my canceled checks without manually going through each statement and making a copy of each check.  Thanks a lot - that alone will add another 90 minutes to my 2 hours a month of needless bank trouble shooting time.  

You should see the ignorance of the pathetic people who work in the bank.  They have no clue.  They are raw, untrained people who maybe could think if they were only taught how.  They are trained to be friendly, but there are so few things they know how to address I wonder why they are there at all.  I feel really sorry for them, but not as much as for me, a consumer.  

Banks make tons of money and pay out tons of large bonuses.  That is where they put the money.  We are suckers and have no recourse.

Was Wachovia Now Wells Fargo And Will Now Close Account

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We want to keep you informed of upcoming changes to your account. Effective August 7, 2012, your Essential Checking account will have a $5 monthly service fee with online only statements ($7 with paper statements). This fee can be waived with one of the following:

- Maintain a $1,500 minimum daily balance OR

- Maintain qualifying direct deposits totaling $500 or more each statement cycle. A qualifying direct deposit is a direct deposit of your salary, pension, Social Security, or other regular monthly income, electronically deposited to this Essential Checking account by your employer or an outside agency. Transfers from one account to another, or deposits made at a banking location or ATM, do not qualify as a direct deposit.

If you do not meet one of the criteria above, the monthly service fee will appear on your account statement on or after September 10, 2012.


Customers Do Not Count At Wells Fargo

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I have been a customer of Wells Fargo for more than twenty years. In the last few years, it has become obvious that Wells Fargo only cares about itself. That's the bottom line. Every single policy is made up to protect Wells Fargo and does not take into consideration the value of longstanding customers. This bank and its policy makers are arrogant at maximum.

I plan to withdraw my accounts from this institution and nput my funds in a local credit union.

Enough is enough.

Thought They Were Bad In California!

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Moved to Scottsdale only to find out the WF here is worse!

Set up new accounts, checking & savings. Asked for a differnt card for each, as I had in Cali.

They said they ordered them, but nothing showed up. Waited for 10 days, then went back to the banch r. Asked the young guy what the staus was. He checked and found out he hadn't oredered them. Wiated while he re-oredered. ASked him if he remembered to order 2. Oh yeah.

On the way out, saw the Branch Mgr and told him I wasn't pleased. I understand people make mistakes. But why do I have to come ask if his people have done there jobs?

In 3 days I receieved one card, not 2. Had to go ack to the branch. He forgot to oreder the second one.

Not a happy camper. I am looking for a better bank in AZ if there is one.

The Customer Service Has Been Getting Worse And Worse Over The Past 10 Years

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After years of dealing with rude and unresponsive customer service and being nickle and dimed (I've been charged fees for calling customer service, I should have gone through the inefficient website), enough is enough. Every other month I open my Wells Fargo statement there is some B/S charge they can't/won't/don't bother to explain. I have been a Wells Fargo customer for over 10 years and I have seen it get progressively worse and worse. I guess I stayed for so long because I figured all banks were the same. Well, yes and no. Banks are banks, bureaucratic aholes, but I've had a separate checking and savings account with Chase for over 2 years as well and I have had far fewer issues. I am taking all my business over to Chase and only wish I could take my mortgage with me.

Fees, Fees And More Fees!


My first bank account was with Wachovia and I never had a problem but now that Wells Fargo has taken over I’ve incurred so many ridiculous fees. I have their Way 2 Save program where they debit $1 out of your checking account everytime you use your Debit Card and put it into your savings. Great way for me to start a savings and also have overdraft protection. Well times are hard and I have been finding my checking account short a lot lately so I’ve been transfering money from my savings to my checking pretty much weekly. Everytime you transfer online it says that excessive tranfsers may incur a fee. I never really paid much attention to that because I didn’t think transferring once a week was excessive. Well Wells Fargo thinks differently then I do…..they charged me 2 fees of $15 each for transferring my money from one account to another. I called and spoke to customer service and they told me it’s federally regulated and not the banks doing! What a freakin joke!!!So in other words Wells Fargo can transfer my money from my checking to my savings several times a day or whenever I use my bank card and the government is all for it but I can’t transfer my own money when I need to without incurring a fee! Time to find a new bank!


Another Former Wachovia Customer Leaving Wells Fargo

Let me start off by saying, I was with First Union, Wachovia and then Wells Fargo. A customer since 1992! Overall, I wasn't very bothered by the transition to Wells Fargo. There were a few things that I didn't like, but overall my experience wasn't that bad.

I had a business account and two personal checkings (one was used strictly for online purchases and not linked to my main checking). I had everything the way I wanted. I did 99.9% of my transactions at an ATM and loved it. I made deposits, had a receipt e-mailed to me, and I was on my way. Deposits always posted the next day and I never had issues.

Recently, I found out that Wells Fargo would begin charging $5 a month for each of my personal checking accounts unless I carry a $1,500 daily balance in them or have a direct deposit. I don't have direct deposit, and quite frankly I get no interest in my checking so I don't have all my money in there. This didn't sit well with me. I called Wells Fargo up numerous times because I actually WANTED to stay with them. I enjoyed the convenience of the branches in my town and I loved their ATMs. Unfortunately, they would not work wtih me so in the end I've switched away from them. I've almost canceled all my accounts and I've done it through their online messaging system on their website. Not one person has asked me why I'm cancelling or anything of this nature (I've canceled two out of three accounts). It's unreal to me how I've been treated after being with them for over 20 years. 

It's on to bigger and better things. I will miss Wells Fargo's ATMs though!

Well's Fargo Refuses To Abide By Texas Probate Laws

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Wells Fargo has refused to release funds transferred from RBC Wealth Management, who abides by Texas probate laws that allow for two or dual POA's. Wells Fargo also refused to release the funds to the POA's and close the account. This has caused an interruption in medical care for the beneficiary!!! It has also caused RBC to make a formal demand for the return of the funds! If Wells Fargo does business in the state of TX, by law they must abide by the probate laws!!! The beneficiary has been a customer since 1979 and one of the POA's 12 and a half years!! We will be moving all accounts to another institution that abides by the probate laws in TX.

Wells Fargo - WARNING - Pull Your Money Before They Close Out Your Account

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Wells Fargo is a horrible bank to bank with.  They will help you with your items for years and then all of a sudden toss you to the curb and tell you to empty your checking accounts and savings accounts in the blink of an eye.  I would never bank with Wells Fargo again.

To make matters worse they will not tell you a reason but you are a high risk business.  Lending in today's market, "a high risk" then I pose the question Is banking high risk?

I am a small business owner for the last 7.5 years have been banking with Wells Fargo and this week received a letter with no phone number and it stated to empty out the accounts and we wish to discontinue our relationship.  


So run from Wells Fargo if you can.  I would pull your money out and go to another institution.  

“Was Great As Wachovia, Now A Nightmare As Wells Fargo...”

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“Was great as Wachovia, now a nightmare as Wells Fargo...” I travel extensively and try my best to call in advance of travel to notify Wells Fargo of irregular usage to avoid potential fraud issues or having transactions declined. Tonight, I even called on hour and a half before my company meal was finished to get pre-authorization for a meal that I was to pay for for a table of 16. I was thanked repeatedly for communicating this and was assured I would have no issues.

Not only was my card declined twice, when I called to quickly rectify, I ended up spending over 10 minutes on hold and a colleague of mine was forced to pick up the bill so we could leave while I remained on hold. It was incredibly humiliating and unacceptable to have gone through this considering my efforts.

This is the extreme, but this has happened several times now and I will be changing banks.

Get it together Wells Fargo...

Wells Fargo

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My letter from Wells notifying me of the 6 transaction limit being exceeded arrived 5 days after they charged me $30 for moving money on-line which had to be done for a business expense. Is there any reason why they can't notify me by email or text when first charge was TAKEN from my account? I am sure I was legally notified of this rule at some time and probably in very small print, but why can't they make a first time exception? Customer service read scripted phrases to me on the phone, but had no inflection of empathy and actually responded rudely. Wells has no concern for me as a customer, and less as a human being. I plan on moving on to an institution that cares.


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STAY AWAY FROM THIS BANK. NO WONDER THEY ONLY HAVE 1.5 STARS. I love Home Trust and First Citizens and the credit unions.

Deceptive Refinancing Practices

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In an attempt to refinance my condo under the HARP Program, I was told I could refinance at a rate of 3.875% based on a 125% loan amount  to the valuation of my condo.  When the appraiser valued my condo at 155k, when comparable sales were at 175k and my City Tax Appraisal at 181k only months before I was completely shocked.  Upon reviewing my appraisal I noticed that the appraiser, who was hired by Wells Fargo which only provides them the incentive to give Wells Fargo favorable valuations to continue this business relationship, he overlooked 3 properties that sold in my complex around 190k-170k and instead included a foreclosure sale and a property in another/less desirable complex with almost half the square footage of my condo.  In addition, I was told that since the appraiser feels I live in a declining market, he adjusted actual home sale prices to be lower than the actual sale price because in the future they may be worth less money.   Last I checked, I was being examined for the value of my condo today with out his subjective opinion.  Wells Fargo routinely uses back handed, deceptive and unscrupulous practices to milk every single possible penny out of hard working loyal customers.  I should also note that my credit score is 803 (very close to perfect) yet I'm treated like garbage to them.

Loads Of Nasty Fees And The List Keeps Getting Longer

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$168 per year. That's how much they would charge my husband and me for our 2 checking accounts - unless we can maintain a $1,500 balance. Now we have money, but we prefer to keep it in a joint savings account. I keep enough money in my checking to take care of my bills each month, then refill it from the savings. This allows us to mutually keep better tabs on our total available funds. I am not going to change my accounting habits to avoid a fee for an account that should be free and has been free for years.This fee is entirely based on greed. Consider the millions of people that bank with them. Assuming each has one checking account, look how much they stand to make.

We are changing banks this Saturday. If you bank with them I suggest you do too - who knows what other fees they will come up with.

Fees For Paying My Credit With My Checking (Transfer)

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I have been using Wells Fargo for Many years. I had a savings and checking account with a Debit card. I loved the simplicity. No problems. I went to get a couple of Cds back in December and this lady banker talked me into getting some Premium package. Now I have been charged a fee for transferring money from my checking to pay off the credit account. What bull. I may be looking for a new bank soon if this is not resolved.

Business And Personal / Called Better Business Bureau / Very Poor Banking Practices

Very large and unweidly.I received a rate increase to one of my Credit Cards of 2.5%. I called in to ask why. They said they just decided to do a blanket increase and they I did nothing wrong.

I requestined a rate reduction or that is stay the same. They said it have to fill out a paper form which has to be snail mailed to me. It could not be downloaded it could not be emailed. They mentioned it would take 10-15 business days just to RECEIVE the form.

Needless to say, I am on my THIRD request, and I still have not received the form just to MAKE the request. In the meantime, the rate has been increased.

They are very difficult to work with and I do NOT recommend this bank to anyone for anything. I will be switching my checking / savings / cc's to a new bank as soon possible.






Still In Disbelief

The Hoover, Alabama, Trace Crossings location of Wells Fargo would be a laughable situation was it not concerning the money we've deposited into this bank.  It seems as there is never the same banker there twice.  Each time, there is a new banker.  Lots of young people with rude attitudes that can't answer questions or give simple responses to guests concerns.  We will be taking our money out of Wells Fargo due to the lack of proper customer service.  I asked a manager how does it work if you have over 250,000 in the bank and the sign on the door says FDIC Depositor coverage up to 250,000.  He told me to go online to FDIC and look it up, that he had no idea.  So I asked for someone else who might know something and was sent to a very condescending young woman who basically told me the same thing.  What is going on?  Is there no one to hold these people accountable for their total lack of professionalism?

This Bank Will Not Even Tell You Why They Do Not Want Your Business They Just Drop You After Charging You The Costomary Fees, This Is Just A Word To The Wise BEWARE.

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i do not have any thing else to say to short or just a way to avoid posting do you work for the banks.

Customer Since 18, Not Anymore.

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If you're thinking of going with wells fargo, don't. They've lost any sort of care for the customer and their interest rates are terrible. When I was younger I remember them being a lot smaller and they seemed like they cared about the customer, now they have their numbers up and couldn't care less about you as a person. Look elsewhere for better rates.


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I just spoke to an incredibly rude man on the phone who instead of listening to me explained that I was totally wrong with out listening to me, explained no I could not speak to someone above him and then hung up on me. I will never use Wells Fargo again.This whole issue was because I made a payment in jan. Then later in the month made a payment for my Feb. payment. Because I did not make a payment in Feb. They charged me a late fee. Instead of waiving the fee since obviously I was paying on time, they were rude. Not only that told me I needed to make my payment like they said or they will keep charging me late fees. Then made a rude comment about if I could read then I would have known their policy.

Wells Fargo Is A B*** S*** Bank.


Wachovia Was Great, Wells Fargo Is Awful

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Wells Fargo is the worst bank I have ever dealt with. I was with Wachovia for ten years, but will soon be changing banks.

Botched My Mortgage Payment Procedural Change TWICE

I had been paying my mortgage biweekly for several years but needed to go back  to monthly.  The person who helped me was very nice, and I got the letter saying the change was made for the date we had agreed on.  I was stunned when they took the first monthly payment a month early.  This drained my account, forced an automatic transfer from savings, and was going to make four automated payments scheduled for the next day force more transfers from savings.  When I called to get my money put back where it belonged, the soonest they could do it was three business days because "the mortgage division is separate from the checking division." I pushed to find out why it happened in the first place. Turns out someone keyed the wrong effective date into the computer.  I got very angry and yelled at the agent, but I still couldn't get my money back any sooner.  I called the next day to make sure the return of my money was on track to happen.  In the course of this conversation, the agent said, thinking she was cheering me up, "Well, at least the automated monthly payments were cancelled."  CANCELLED?!!  I never asked to have them cancelled!!!  The first agent just upped and cancelled my monthly drafting on her own, probably to punish me for yelling at her. If I hadn't been bird-dogging the return of my money, I'd never have known the automated payment was cancelled until the payment didn't happen and then I would have been behind on my mortgage for the first time in my life.  I was with Wachovia until Wells Fargo bought it.  Wachovia was terrific.  Wells Fargo is horrible.

I Can Honestly Say I HATE This Place

I was a Wachovia customer, and I loved it!! Then they changed over to Wells Fargo...I should have close my account when I first didnt receive an ATM card for 3 months, but I'm in college I didn't need to spend any extra money. After that I realize over the summer that I'm being charged from my savings account everytime I make an ATM withdrawal from checking WTF!! When I called the bank (there is only ne location in Kansas City and it's way to far to travel to) it took them 30 minutes to tell me that is was an "oerdraft protection plan." How the hell is it overdraft protection when neither account had been overdrafted? If I wanted to spend my savings I would. Next incident is when they decided to start charging for checking I got NO notification of this change no email, no Wells Fago online alert, and no paper mail. I go to make a withdrawal one day and there is $65 in my account, from the $100 I like to keep in there (I started keeping less money in my account after the "overdraft protection" issue. But wait that is far from the worst and definately not what made me close my account. I started a new job in December and my check was on direct deposit. While at work the morning when my check should have been deposited I decided to check my account and pay my phone bill online. I go to my online banking and my checking account was GONE!! I called the banking line and the lady on the phone tries to get me to open a new account. Then the next person tells me well ma'am we closed you account, I of course ask why she had no answer. Finally, three people later a person (the nicest person I had geard from the entire 50min call) tells me that they closed my account do to an overdraft, but if I went to the branch and deposited my money they would reopen the account; she did not know how much I owed so she transfered me to yet another person. When I get to the guy he tells me that they closed my account because it was negative $3,45 for 30 days. I asked them well why didnt you inform me of this or why didnt you take the money from my savings that has cash? They had no answer and proceeded to tell me that I could open a different account but I would have to pay them thier money. That was not even an issue, I actually considered staying with them until I asked for my checking account information becasue I can't see my own checking account number online since I didnt make deposits into the account I only made transfers. Wells Fargo does not believe in creating statements (online statements) if you are not making bank deposits into your savings. They verified my identity and still told me they could not give me my own account info they told me i should travel to the bank 45 min away. Needless to say i did trael to the bank to close my darn account.

Not only do the tele-bankers have poor customer service the branch bankers did as well. They told me I would have to wait 24hrs before I could get the money from my savings. The lady told me I could either come back for it or they would mail me a check. What type of BS is that. I will NEVER again deal with Wells Fargo they are full of S***

Wellsfargo Bank Of Winona, Cashed Our Stolen Checks Without Checking Any ID Of The Person

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Wellsfargo Bank of Winona, cashed our stolen checks without checking any ID of the person, and now they refuse to pay back our money, three checks amounting to $ 3800.00.  Also, they never checked the signatures.  The thief just wrote our names in the back of the checks (not the proper signatures)!  The police caught the thief, and it is six months and we can't resolve the issue with the Wellsfargo Bank in Winona.

DO NOT Open Account In Wells Fargo Bank!!

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You would think that nothing should change after Wachovia became Wells Fargo, except the name? - WRONG!

Face to face service is still good, but that's about it. New fees, unclear rules, and AWFUL online banking (for example you won't be able to see how much of your check cleared...)

You would think that the institution that takes care of your money for you (and makes billions of dollars doing it), would make any serious efford to protect it? - again: WRONG!

Stay away from this bank, if you don't want to suffer from a heart attact, when go online one day and find out that your savings have been leaking out of your account without ANYONE notifying you. And YES - Wachovia did notify me, and stopped the suspicious looking transaction.

For us it happened TWICE in the last few months. After the first time the cards have been cancelled of course, and money returned (NOT RIGHT AWAY THOUGH). And you would think they would learn and maybe implement some kind of additional protection? - WRONG! It happened again and again many, many times for the last 2 weeks. I should probably add that we're very careful with our personal info, passwords, and online activity... We suspect that both times it was triggered by a simple IPhone transfer from ONE WELLS FARGO ACCOUNT into ANOTHER. So it wasn't some kind of strange online purchase...

Also, what's interesting is that for a couple months we had an additional identity theft protection offered by WF, but provided by some other company. We didn't know until later, that it's cost us $30 a month (!), so we decided to cancel it. Right after that our savings started to dissapear again... You start to wonder if this is coincidence...

Very upsetting and disappointing!!

(1 star is for very nice people working in my local branch.... )



Wells Fargo So Stupid

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Don't know how to make auto payment rude people.

Some People Are Crazy

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I do not bank at Wells Fargo, but came here to see what some of the reviews are on them. I am moving due to a new job and will be looking for a new bank. It is pretty ridiculous the only way to not get charged is to have $1500 in an account. I hope there are other ways or I will never bank here.

The people who say go to a credit union are quite insane though. Credit Unions pay no taxes!!! So while we pay taxes these businesses get off free and clear. Go to a local bank that has free accounts and pay taxes.


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Today I realized that Wells Fargo has been charging me $15/mo as a "Service Fee". This is not what I agreed to; I would NEVER agree to a bank taking money from me every month. Maybe it is because I now live paycheck to paycheck. This is not a bank for the average American. I would give them 0 stars if I could.

Perhaps It's Just Me

I'm in the army, stationed out in Germany, and let me start off by stating to anyone who doesn't know, Wells Fargo has zero branches in this country. I already had an account, both checkings and savings, with them before coming over. I've always been a loyal person and it's because of this that I still haven't transferred over to a new bank.

I see a lot of people dogging on the personal customer service, and that's where I wonder if it's just me, but I can't write a review and rate this bank based on other people's experiences. What I do know is that during the issues that came up, I was able to contact them through Skype in the states and was given maximum service in order to best fix the issues.

First issue that came up, and this one I was very unhappy about, but part of the fault fell on me, was they unexpectedly sent my debit card into conversion as a fraud prevention technique. I was only notified of this by a letter in the mail, and I had never figured I should change my mailing address from when I lived in California as since I had switched all my statements to the online service only, there shouldn't be anything coming from them. Unfortunately, this meant that I was stuck with only ten dollars in cash and no way to access my electronic funds and had to take out a loan in order to live long enough for the replacement card to go through customs and reach me.

During this process, I logged near as much five hours of phone time with them, and though the issue wasn't resolved as fast as I would have liked, I understood their limitations with overseas shipping. This was also acceptable because I got to talk to actual people who knew what they were doing. So often, you try to contact someone and all you get are automated answering machines who create a helllish maze for you to waddle through to finally find a representative. Wells fargo is much easier as the option to connect to a banker is only one submenu down.

The second issue was that I was caught into a small phishing scheme and called the bank in order to sever the ties the merchant group had with my card. I was unaware that the only way to do that was to close my card, the one I had just received in the mail two weeks ago. She thought I knew that and closed it before I even got a chance to take a breath. I let her know my situation and all that I had gone through and she spent thirty minutes running through her supervisory chain to get hold of a top level executive. The exec quickly jumped on it and overrode the shutdown on my card, saving both me and my unit what would have disastrous headaches. Instead of waiting another two weeks for yet another card, mine will be up and running again in about a day.

Maybe I've just gotten lucky, but personal service has always been able to trump over the mistakes the service has run into. The problems they and I ran myself into were frustrating, but the service they provided to help get me back out of them was stellar and I would like to thank them for that.

NO STARS Rating - Bank Earning Profits Off The Backs Of Thier Clients And Government Writeoffs

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We have been members for over 30 years (through banks being bought up by them), and we have no service at all. The youth accounts are terrible and will not allow any real security or flexibility for people just starting out. You would think they would want that group of consumers to be their target for the future. They are also taking advantage of the government bailouts to increase their profits while gouging the consumer with underwater loans with rates 2 to 3 times the current lending rate for refinances. When you reach out for help they basically put up a wall. You will only be allowed to talk to one person and that person is a customer rep probably making minimum wage and reading from a script.

We are moving our business to a local credit union. Advise others to get out as well. There really are not advantages to banking with large banks for the average Joe.


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Wellls Fargo- Terrible!

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I have had nothing but bad experiences w/this bank.  The financial advisors are a joke!  Don't use them.  I'll go so far as to say they employed dishonest tactics to keep my accounts, but provided horrible service & advice.


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This bank has the worst customer service. If you get someone on the phone that you can actually understand because their cultural accent doesn't get in the way, they certainly won't have the brains to answer your questions. They are rude and disrespectful in every manner.

Wells Fargo Gave Out My SS#

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They gave SS# out to my grandma. She is not even on my account, nor did they ask for her ID! My number was laid on the desk 2 hours after I left when my grandma went in to change information on her account and saw it laying there. She said that she was related and could give me the paper to sign. They gave it to her. What about ID theft.

They are so busy trying to sell you everything that they do not even check if it works for you. They sold me a college checking account with high interest. We asked at that time if it was okay. 4 months later they said oops we made a mistake. They gave me a free lift ticket that you also had to be a college student for. I told them I was in high school and they told me to lie about my age. How unethical can you be! No, I never received my interest from that college account. They used my money and did not live up to the deal.

Do not trust them! My family has been with World them Wachoiva for over 30 years they are pulling all of the accounts!

I Was Receiving Good Service, Now End Up With Closing Account

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I have been using Wells fargo past 4 four years. I never had any problem. 

They started charging 15$ month fee without any proper notice. Once I called, they were saying

my online statement, you will find in one corner that, my account will get charge. This is really sucks.

Unnecessary things they use to send mails, important ones they are hiding. I am going to close my account in a month time after find better one.

Better luck wellsfargo to loos the customers, this should be ur 2012 moto.


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I had the unlikely pleasure of meeting with Angie Haden at WF on Haywood Rd in Greenville, SC. She acted like since I was not a millionaire, but a middle class patron, she did not wish to service my account! Very rude, uncaring, and not friendly at all. I asked for her supervisors name and number and she told my to find out myself since I wanted to know. I will never patronize or recommend WF to anyone due to Angie Haden!!!!! Do not waist your time!!!!!!

Bad Check Written To Me And I Get Treated Like A Criminal

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I was sent a cashiers check and it was no good. WF put a 5 day hold on it when it was deposited for it to clear. I recieved no money from it. When it did not clear our account was locked, put on hold to close in 10 days. We were told we can never be WF customers again. They allowed our direct deposit to go in, but refused to let us have any of our funds for gas or groceries. They said they would pay any checks that come through but did not so now I have to deal with car payments and insurance that was returned NSF. Bad Business practices.

Longtime Achovia Customer Leaving Wells Fargo

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I have been a longtime Wachovia customer and I loved there customer service. Now, I have Wells Fargo. Right after it became Wells Fargo, I made a bookkeeping mistake that resulted in a large amount of overdraft fees. I went to the bank branch and asked for help and was told that Wells Fargo does not forgive overdraft fees. Well, needless to say, because of all of the fees I have had trouble coming up with the money to cover the fees. I hate this bank and hope it collapses. Their customer service reps are rude and ineffective. They steal your money!!!

Daily ATM Cash Withdrawal

I was a happy customer of Wachovia bank who as we know was bought by Wells Fargo. I didn't think much of the acquisition and the transition was quite seamless. I went in one day to perform a transaction and it was recommended by a teller that I meet with a banker to discuss some options that would safeguard the large sum of funds that I had in my savings acct. It was recommended to me that I open a money market account. She opened for me a new money market account, a check and save as you go account. According to her the reason for this recommendation was that if my card was ever stolen it would better protect me. In theory everything was fine. However, a couple times since then I was hit with overdraft fees. I use my bank card for everything. My dissatisfaction came later when I tried taking out several hundred dollars from a ATM and was not able to. I then spoke with a rep and a supervisor who was not able to raise my limit not even temporarily. However, it's okay if I used my card for point of sale purchases in any amount and any amount of times. Seeing that I'm not able to access my money as I intend to then I need a better bank who will meet my spending habits with the right product. I take responsibility for not putting enough money in my new save as you go account to cover the possibilities of over withdrawals. But, what I'm disappointed in is a bank rep not being able to grant me access to my money when I needed it.

Mortgage Re-Finance

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i currently have a mortgage with Wells Fargo. I have excellent credit and perfect pay history with Wells.

i have been solicited to re-finance my current mortgage. I am in the process of re-financing however i was told i could not use my 2011 income(W-2) to qualify. They instead asked for my 2009 &2010 tax returns. My 2011 income is substantially more than my 2009. My 2007 income is substantially more than my 2009, but they would not consider it either. I was told with the new govt programs the process has been stream-lined. It is a joke.

I guess if i stopped paying i might get a break!  So much for mortgage companies wanting to help the average

joe. Disappointed again,

jh, SmithfiledVa.

Take Your Money & Run!

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I was a long time customer of Wells Fargo until realizing that they do not appriciate thier customers or thier hard working tellers and bankers. This is one of the biggest, gready corporate monsters I have ever had to deal with. The tellers & bankers try to be friendly and provide customer service only to be told by upper management that if they don't push sales on customers & ask customers for personal information that is truly none of their business, that they will loose thier jobs. I'm tired of them pushing sales down my throat & asking me the same questions everytime I come into the branch! I'm tired of getting sales calls from them even though I have requested to not be called, especially at dinner time! Over the last two years I have witnessed Wells Fargo get rid of the employees that are friendly & helpful to customers & promote the sneaky, unethical employees into management positions or hire management that has no banking experience whatsoever. They continue to change terms of agreements & attempt to charge more & more fees. The "good guy" has no chance with this corporate monster! Take your money and run! There is absolutely no benefit in doing business with this company! I closed my accounts with Wells Fargo and moved to a credit union that has wonderful customer service & great interest rates compared to what Wells Fargo offered. Even though I had been a customer for years, they did not care about loosing a customer.

Wells Fargo Home Mtg

If you are thinking of refinancing or purchasing a home do not finance with Well Fargo.  I have a small mortage with W.F. and a loan to value of less than 50% and I have over $ 200,000  in equity in my house.  I had an insurance claim for broken plumbing pipes.  The plumber doing the repairs refused to get involved with Wells Fargo because he said it always ended up in a lein on the house or in court.  I took responsibility for his payment and arranged to collect the funds from WF as per their guide lines.  Wells Fargo released 1/3 of the funds and the work began.  After the work was 2/3 completed (verified by their inspector) they still refused to release any more of the funds.  Its been 7 months since the funds should have been released.   I now have to refinance again to get the funds necessary to complete the repairs.  I plan a law suit after the refinance but this is a nightmare.  The only reason for not releasing the funds is that I refused to sign a hold harmless claim for them having screwed me, after sending them a letter of my intentions.  Well Fargo SUCKS and I intend to make them pay in court, but they have made our lives a living hell for months.



Can't Close This Account Fast Enough

I had a wachovia account for years and was okay with the conversion to WF.  Last week I received an email stating that I had an overdraft and was being charged $35 fee.  When I called to find out what the item was (because I couldn't see how) I was told that I had overdraft by $.26!  That's right $.26 whole cents!  Then they had the nerve to suggest I apply for a line of credit! To charge me a fee to cover items such as this...ARE YOU SERIOUS.  Even Bank of America does not charge overdraft up to $5.00!

Never again!

Customer From 1999

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I didn't have problems with this bank, but now they charged a monthly fee of $13 because I don't have a balance of $5000. But I have it. They said this is an error, but before the only condition to avoid this charge was to have a direct deposit, now it is not enough. Bye, bye, Wells.

Choose A Different Bank!!

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I had a Wachovia bank checking and saving account for 5 year when Wells fargo bought them. I had the best customer service ever from them. No matter how big or smalll the issue was Wachovia did their best to fix the situation. Now that Wells Fargo stepped in, day's have turned to night. No customer service period. You can call however you will end up angry and frustrated. I would like to give you examples of my issues but I would need weeks to explain. Lets just say being married means nothing to them for you and your spouse as they treat you like indiviuals and not as a partner. Even if you share a bank account. LOL Very difficult to get anything accomplished. Customer service if you want to call it that, are very rude. Please take my advice and choose a different bank!! You will regret it if you don't.   Oh BTW I gave them 1 star because I had to.

Wells Fargo Bill Pay

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Like many of the previous posters, have been a wachovia customer for many years without any issues.  I have relied on bill pay for the past 10 years or so and just gotten an email from wells fargo that my bill pay was no longer available.  After spending 30 minutes on hold with customer support, than going to a branch for 30 minutes to find out there was an upgrade to the system so that people without social security numbers could use bill pay, I am now still unable to use bill pay until they fix the system.  72 hours later, 4 phone calls, a visit to the branch I find out my 4 pending payments were just canceled because of the issue, with no notice to me.  No communication from WF about this, totally bad business and unacceptable.  They are dealing with people's credit and money, I have never been late with a payment and now I was going to be late because of my own bank.  I will be taking my banking elsewhere which is unfortunate because i was a very satisfied wachovia customer for years. 

They Will Steal Your Money!!!

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Wells Fargo has some of the highest fees and lowest rates of any bank. Shop around and go to a credit union or a small local bank.


Wells Fargo changed my free checking account without my knowledge.  They also made my account dormant which made it so I couldn’t access my money. They effectively canceled my account services and charged me a $5 a month service charge to do it. That should be illegal, and when I asked them if it was illegal they couldn’t answer my question. Never do business with them!


Goodbye Wells Fargo

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I loved, loved , loved Wachovia. I never had one problem and used them for years. Wells Fargo took over and everything went down hill. Who in the world would pay a bank to watch their own money? I shopped around for weeks and every bank that I spoke to has free checking and savings, no min. balance. We decided on one that has been around for a very long time. My husband asked the banker if she had been getting a lot of customers from Wells Fargo and she said that it was unbelievable how many. When I went in to close our accounts at Wells Fargo, the gentlemen did not even blink. Obviously, he has been doing this quite a bit lately.

They Do Not Really Value Their Customers

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Ugh!  The process of buying (and selling) real estate is so annoying!  The underwriter for my loan wanted me to provide a letter explaining where the money deposited into my (Wells Fargo) checking account (for a down payment for a house) came from, so I had to hunt up documentation from a few months ago showing that the money had come from me liquidating my Wells Fargo managed mutual fund, since my Wells Fargo mortgage loan officer could not figure that out for themselves without me taking half a day off from work to hunt up a Wells Fargo bank statement and fax it back to my Wells Fargo mortgage loan officer about where the extra money in my Wells Fargo checking account came from. Do you understand why I am a bit frustrated at Wells Fargo right now? I am a “customer”, not a criminal, so shouldn’t they be kissing my shoes, trying to get me to take a loan, instead of going out of their way to try to annoy me? Every time that I turn around, someone else wants just another letter of explanation, another letter of reassurance, another document, another bank statement … enough already! Just because I am helping the economy by buying a house doesn’t automatically mean that I am some shady character simply because I actually have some “savings” even in the middle of a recession, on a government salary, and can afford to buy something.  

I realize that the mortgage bankers are skittish after the real estate bust in 2008 (which every decent economist predicted years ago), but this is ridiculous! And this is typical of how they treat former customers of Wachovia Bank (whom they acquired) and whom that I have had accounts for several years. Wells Fargo has a worse website (counter initiative and hard to read), more paperwork requirements, and tends to be less helpful and less responsive to customer requests than Wachovia ever was.


I Work There

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I would like to say that I work for this bank, and there are some accounts with minimum balances, but there are a lot that are waived by simply making a transfer once a month from your checking to your savings. I noticed there are a lot of reviews that say you have to keep a large minimum balance in your account to waive the fee, and on some accounts that is true, but your local branch should be able to simply upgrade your account to one of the accounts that can be waived with a transfer to your savings. I am very sorry that no one in the branches you go to explained this.

I Hope this can help some of you.


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I just closed a 6 figure account with Wells Fargo today and the bank officer did not care!! Since Wells Fargo took over Wachovia, the service has been horrendous. The bank officer in the Syosset, NY branch gave me incorrect information so when I went to Florida to specifically take care of business for my mother's  account; I could not complete this business. In addition, the bank changed the type of account my mother holds (obviously the woman on the phone wanted her brownie points and commission). When my mother called the bank to change the account back, the CSR said this could not be done over the phone. So Wells Fargo can change her account over the phone without permission but cannot bring the account to its original account state over the phone. She also will be closing her account. You work hard for your money - make sure you place your trust in a banking institution that deserves and appreciates your business.

Sneaky Bank Is Stealing Money...A Wachovia Transfer

I was forced into Wells Fargo because of Wachovia being taken over by Well Fargo and it's been a nightmare from day one...from all of the hidden fees to the losses I suffered during the month of the transfer. This was due to the fact that I was unable to track transaction and wound up with over $200 dollars worth of overdrafts... now I find out that even though I have OD protection I am being charged a $12.50 fee every time it's used. It comes directly from my savings and there was never a charge for that when I was with Wachovia. I'm out of here.

I knew it was going to be a rough transition. My deposit is not big enough for them to be concerned.

Rough And Rugged Road With My Mortgage......

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Ive been with Well Fargo for about 8 years now with my mortgage and it has been tough to say the least they are always making mistakes you need to keep excellent records or its your fault  my local bank just down the street isnt much better every month same time I make my house note same unprofessional employees give me a hard time its tough you cant even drop off money at a bank lol. It takes a lot for me to sit down and write a review but this is the worst of all time employees and management the bank is in frisco texas (starwood branch) for all who wants to know. Best of luck to everyone watch out for the above.........

Good Service But Low Rates

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I always get friendly, helpful service both in my local branch and when calling the main office for phone service. My beef with Wells Fargo is that their savings rates are so darn low that I have to go elsewhere for CD's.

Avoid New Bank Fee By Switching To Value Checking Account

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I too am angry that Wells Fargo is now charging for their 'free' checking account and am looking at other banks. I have never had problems with them before and am reluctant to leave. The reviews of the other banks are pretty acrid. However, it seems that you can convert your checking to a Value Checking account which is free with direct deposit but seemingly the same level of services. I have not yet made the conversion but will do so soon. Why the bank rather risks losing long-time customers rather than ask everyone to convert their accounts shall remain a mystery... 

Another Decades-Long Profitable Norwest Customer Blown Off Repetitively (25% My Fault/75% Theirs)

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I was with Norwest and then WF for 12 years (credit and checking accts) and for about the first decade everything seemed fine. I'm a relatively big-fish for checking account and so it saw lots of use and not many fees. The only problem I really had was discovering 7 years on down the road, that I wasn't getting points from my debit rewards card, but they fixed it quickly, did a retroactive credit and without much BS. Mostly I appreciated the ability to move all over the country and never have to change banks. 

However maybe 3-4 years ago something started to change with the way card transactions posted, and I started getting more overdraft charges. After the third or fourth time of seeing the same pattern of deposits and card transactions leading to severe overdrafts- I let go of the semi-automatic guilt of getting an overage notice, and started to realize that it wasn't MY behavior that had somehow gotten worse!!! And I started looking around for a new bank.

I first went with a large state-level commercial bank and while it felt better to be keeping my money in the state, I still felt like the debit card transactions were posting in pretty strange ways sometimes. Also this banks online system proved almost impossible for me to regularly use for a variety of reasons. So I kept looking for bank that seemed like it actually wanted my business.

When I finally discovered a credit union I liked, I didn't officially "switch" from WF, I just kept my balance really low and started mostly using my CU acct. This is what I did that was stupid. Because the auto bill from my WF CC to my checking account at WF was still active, it kept drawing down my small WF checking balance. So it got to the point where the checking was sub-$100 overdrawn, and because I wasn't paying any attention to my 12 year old unused checking account anymore, I let it go for 30 days. According to WF they "tried" to call me but didn't have my current phone number (did I mention the acct was 12 years old?) 

So of course these days they don't send you a letter until its been 30 days, and apparently they also close accounts without valid phone numbers, after 30 days (instead of the normal 60)- so this resulted in my not being aware of the overage until the account was already closed and reported to chexsystems!!! And of course even though it was paid off within days of the notice, its still on chexsystems preventing my from ever opening another checking account! 

Whats REALLY wierd, is a very similar thing then happened to my Wells Fargo CC about six month later. I kept the CC open because at that point it was the only rewards debit or credit card I had. Was making a lot of online purchases at this point and because it was during the 2011 summer CC fraud-wave, my larger online purchases kept getting frozen or rejected by WF fraud prevention. 

Fine, I understand this is part of having a safe credit card. What got annoying was to tell people at WF over and over that I was planning on making more big onine purchases and to please keep the line open in the future. I kept telling people this and it kept accomplishing nothing. So due to all this mucking about (and one of the big transactions being refunded) there were a whole series of large pending transactions some of which stayed pending for OVER TWO WEEKS! All this without every showing the transactions in the online program, so all I had to go on, while trying to maximize use of my points card- was running balance and available credit, for several weeks. I could tell my balance wasn't really matched up with reality but because I don't keep a seperate set of books I couldn't tell how bad it had gotten.

So I continued to make payments about once a week and make big online purchases. Because the amounts were always less than the available credit for that day, and because the transactions were successful, I assumed things were more or less ok. Imagine my surprise to login one day and see my account was overlimit by more than 2 grand- and transactions had cleared even DAYS AFTER the card was supposedly overlimit!! I immediately made a payment to bring it back under limit, and when I login again three days later to see if the payment cleared, I discovered that yes the payment cleared and that WF had also CLOSED THE CREDIT CARD! ALL REWARDS POINTS DELETED !

So of course that now makes two seperate WF accts that have been closed before they even gave me a chance to fix things. I was quite surprised to learn that a CC can go from underlimit to overlimit to closed in three days on a weekend. Probably even more surprised to learn that an assisant branch manager on the phone with corporate, can spend two hours trying to help me out and get nowhere. Apparently they don't want the business of the middle class anymore.

The silver lining it all this was to learn a few wierd facts about the payment processors (Mastercard in this case). Again these are things the WF branch told me after this happened

1- Even if you are told for 12 years you have a certain credit limit, in actuality its only theoretical and won't always stop transactions from going through above that limit.

2- Payment processors have the ability to "force" transactions to go through, even above your limit (Under certain circumstances of course) what made my particular purchases qualify for these special circumstances clauses, they never explained real well. Because they were online buys where I hadn't recieved or shipped any products yet, you'd think cancelling the transactions would be easier and not require "forcing" anything. And "wierdly enough" thats exactly what happened with a couple of smaller purchases in that time frame- but the big ones were ALL FORCED through which is what led to the overage disaster.

So again I do take reponsibility for not keeping my own ledger, but for all the rest of this- especially the continued and consistent inaccuracy of the online banking product (which was "of course" modified within a few days of this happening to me) I do blame Wells Fargo. I also blame them for not having customer reps with authority to overide the computer algorithms, which is obviously causing the loss of profitable customers.

Anyways the REAL silver lining to this is now ALL my loans and accts are with, or soon to be with, credit unions. You feel better, are treated better, and with CO-OP network CUs you can go to any branch across the whole country, deposit checks etc !

Salesmen, Not Bankers.

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I have banked with Wells Fargo for some time now. Over the few years I have been with them, they seem to have continually increased their advertising for this special thing and/or that. I have also seen a lot of fees added to my accounts. It is feeling more like a bunch of salesmen are holding my money. I don't know about you, but I would never give a salesmen my money for safe keeping.

The worst experience I had with this was going into one of the local branches. I was asked if I wanted to pay to have them watch my credit score. I told them that I could do it myself for free, so I didn't need them to. The MANAGER of the branch came over an proceeded to argue with me. Isn't there some rule about not arguing with a customer? I was pretty upset by the end of this argument. I can even point out 3 lies he told me in the argument in hopes of swaying me. I have never gone back to that branch. The others I have been to still advertise like crazy, but haven't argued with me like that.

Overall, I am annoyed with this bank. I feel like I am constantly having to watch my back to see if they are taking my money. I also feel like I need to read all of the junk mail and stuff they send me so I know what they are trying to sneak up on me with. They have pretty good online banking though. Every once in a while they will surprise me with something good, but other than that, I don't like them.

We Are Switching ALL Of Our Accounts.

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Wellsfargo manages our investments.  They encouraged us to refinance to lower our monthly payments by $100 per month.  They charged us $500 for an appraisal and then turned us down even though we purchased our home and financed it through them just 2 years ago.  They made us jump through all the hoops for information that they clearly already had since our loan was through them and they manage our money.  No longer.

Hate This Bank

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I have been living in the U.S. and banking with Wells Fargo for just under 4 years now and I have NEVER had so many problems in my 48 years with another bank as I have had in 4 years with this one.

My husband moved money out of his mutual funds to his savings account and they lost the money then had the nerve to ask him if he could prove he ever had the money.

I had given my husband a large sum of money before I moved from Canada to pay off bills and they put a hold on it for a few days then into his account with no problem.  My father recently sent me a large check from Canada and I was told it would be on hold for 6 or 7 weeks or I could go through loss prevention etc.  They then told me to travel to another branch and they would be able to do it for me.  I gavethe next branch all the Canadian bank info along with the manager's name and phone number, but that was not good enough.  For some reason they have a problem with Canadian routing numbers.  Why it was okay one time and not the next, no idea.  The teller at the second branch started the transaction but then it fell apart as she realized she could not do it either.  The manager asked for a copy of the check and he would check into it and call me the next day and let me know, however, same result.  My father finally did a wire transfer.  Mind you, a month or so later I received a letter stating that they lost the check......which they NEVER had (only a copy) and they needed me to contact them, which I did and explained it was dealt with by WIRE TRANSFER......which they could not seem to figure out!

I recently decided to open an IRA and they said they would start the paperwork and would call me on a Saturday to sign papers.  I missed the call so I called and left a message....then left another on Tuesday.....and another on Thursday, but no return call.  The NEXT Friday, I got a call stating that I had to come in that night to sign the papers.  I told them it wasn't going to happen and then maybe we should just cancel it.......I was told I needed to come in to sign papers for that too.  She pinned me down to Saturday morning, but when I got there she was not there and I was told the papers were locked in her desk.  Later that day I received another phone call stating the paperwork was on a cart but had not had my name on them so they didn't know.  I said I would be in tonight but again she was not there and did not leave the paperwork for anyone else.  I was asked to come in tomorrow - travelling once again because they cannot communicate!

Looking online at Harborstone Credit Union......boy will they be upset when we transfer all our money.....not millionaires but thousandaires so it should still hurt.

Close This Place Down

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ok, so I had the misfortune of joining during their Wells Fargo conversion from Wachovia, so I forgave their losing my documents 4x's.  Yes you tea fit correctly, 4x's.  EVer since then, if there is any need to involve them in my day to day life, you can rest assured it'll be painful.

Proverbial "straw on the back"?  Well, I have 3 biz accts with them, all with completely different names and ATM cards, so why is it when I go to deposit a check to acct A it goes to acct B, causing all kinds of overdrafts, and not a single useful telephone CSR to help remedy the situation.

And this is just a summary of my hell with them.

The worst bank.. 

Your Matress Provides Better Service Then Wells Fargo.

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I would recommend stuffing your mattress before going to a Wells Fargo Bank. Wachovia had built a solid reputation for quality and caring service which existed under a variety of previous banks until Wells Fargo showed up. Instead of considering the impact on customers of introducing their policies and fees, they chose to trample on the customers and do what ever they wanted.

Today they don't have a low or no fee savings account or didn't last time I looked? And they like to stick you with high fees buried in fine print.

Let's compare WF to your mattress. First, friendly service. Ever seen your mattress argue with you? Next, I have an awesome indication that they believe the customer comes second, and they come first. Again, the mattress always puts you first. Third, my daughter was out right lied to by a staff member over a trivial detail. I made her take her money out of there when I heard about it. Mattresses always tell the truth.

Go to your local credit union or regional bank and avoid Wells Fargo, you will be happy you did, or use your mattress if that is your preference?

I Didn't Ask For This

I have had a wonderful relationship with Wachovia for nearly a decade. Recently, they were bought out by Wells Fargo. The transition just took place this week and I am already looking for a new bank.

First of all, WF's website for online banking is ridiculously confusing. Wachovia's website was incredibly user friendly.

The Droid app is absolutely useless. No one from customer service can help me get it to work, and the implication is that it's MY fault.

Then, I find out that Wells Fargo charges $12.50 any time they transfer money from one of my savings accounts to cover an overdraft. I know it is a bad habit, but there are times when I will make a late night purchase, knowing the money is not in my checking account but knowing it's in savings and I can make a deposit the next morning. No problem with Wachovia, but WF uses this as a way to gouge me. In other words, I get charged to use MY OWN MONEY! Wachovia did not charge for this service. 

I called to ask about these charges and to get other information. That was a nightmare. 

First of all, I was on hold for 15 minutes. When I finally got a human on the phone, she was the rudest, most uncaring individual I have ever encountered on a business call. She was absolutely useless. She could not help me get the Droid app to work. She scolded me like a child over the fees, and basically told me that if I didn't like the policies perhaps I should change banks. She did tell me that I could avoid the overdraft charges simply by using my Droid to transfer funds. Which would be great, if the app actually worked.

I have over 10 accounts with WF, with my personal and business accounts. I will be moving ALL these accounts within the week. Sadly, WF could not care less that they are losing my business.

Unprofessional, Unconcerned And Unresponsive

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My accounts were recently assimilated by Wells Fargo. As with all major acquisitions one expects there to be some problems, however, what has come as a completely shock of disbelief to me has been the inability and unresponsiveness to fixing it!! As a prior Wachovia customer we were instructed to sign on to our new Wells Fargo online account access, and verify that all scheduled transfers and scheduled bill payments were transferred from Wachovia successfully. I did exactly that and saw that the bill payment scheduled for that Monday was missing, however, all other bill payments and histories were present. According to the Wells Fargo instructions, I rescheduled the missing payment. Two days later the payment was debited from my account, twice!! Leaving me with no savings, thanks to overdraft protection, and overdrawn by over $500. When I contacted customer service I was informed that although the second payment was indeed not showing because they were not done entering all assimilated account transactions, the overdraft fees would be refunded subject to computer approval for eligibility and that the $1500 payment would be refunded subject to the dispute resolution departments turn around of 7 to 10 days!!! Leaving me and my family with no funds for that entire time! Wachovia used to issue a temporary credit pending the outcome of the disputed charge investigation. I miss Wachovia already.

It's Not Wachovia

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I have to agree with all the folks who were pleased with Wachovia, but I feel totally abused by Wells Fargo. My local branch has kept the same personnel, who are great (John Rolfe Branch in Richmond, VA. My one forced star goes to them). But Wells Fargo's policies and procedures have made my banking life too difficult. As a small business owner I am very busy and do not have time to worry about shuffling account balances around to meet the minimums since they no longer tie your accounts together.

I have decided to move to a local bank. Probably Union First Market, as they have good "Health" ratings, are very convenient, offer free personal checking, and very good rates on small business accounts. And I like the idea that my dollar will stay local.

Just Closed My Accounts

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Wells Fargo is the Worst. I'll never use them again. What a bunch of thieves.

One Star Because There Is No Lower Rating

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I had been banking with Wachovia since 1999 with few problems. I had a $500 cash reserve on my checking account since I started with them. After Wells Fargo bought Wachovia, I was hit with a $25 fee for my cash reserve account. I canceled the cash reserve and was refunded the $25 fee. On a recent trip to Canada, I used my debit card and later found "International Transaction Fees" attached to my account. I am only waiting for my automatic deposit accounts to transfer to my new bank before I close this account with Wells Fargo. If you are an employee of Wells Fargo, take a look at the long line of angry/unsatisfied customers who are leaving your company. You may want to find employment elsewhere with a more reputable bank. In short Mr. Wells Fargo, you will no longer take money from my pocket.

Wells Fargo Is The Worst Bank Ever

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In the process of moving everything I have with them away. I can not believe some of the things they have attempted to do.

Not Recommended For Poor College Students

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Young adults/teens who are looking to open a bank account just to put a few dollar bills in there should stay faraway from Wells Fargo. I've opened an account here sometime in April of 2009, just yesterday I was forced to close it and move to another bank. I'm a very poor student with no job so I live on allowance. There's no way in hell I can have $1500 + $500 Direct Deposit and expect that large amount of money to just sit on my account unused. I could do so much with $1500 including paying bills/debt, rent an apartment, buy food, entertainment, etc. Why would I bother to let WF sit with that large amount of money just to save me nearly $10 on fees? It's ridiculous.

I loved WF and they've served me well in the past couple years I've been with them. But they're better off for the rich/wealthy people like those living in Hollywood or Beverly Hills. For the poor and middle class, they're better off going to some other bank that offers $2 in fees or are still clinging onto the free checking deal. Good bye WF, you've been good to me. But now, my relationship with you has ended. Goodbye!

Don't Eve Sign Up With Them

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I have been using Wells Fargo for a long time, and now they decided that they would like to add new fees for no reason at all. I will NEVER use them again, and I will never recommend them to anyone. Their customer service is just as bad. I spoke with a lady and she was like "there is nothing we can do." Pretty much she acted like it stinks to be you. We don't care about our customers. I cancelled my account today. They stink!!

Poor Service

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Short and simple. My wife deposited her payroll check on Saturday, September 3 at 10:03 a.m. in the morning. Money is not available until Wednesday, September 7. Two Questions; 1) How much do they pay my wife for the privilege of holding her money for four days? 2) How much do they make holding her paycheck for four days, along with all the millions that they hold for that long? I guess that's why the biggest buildings in town belong to the banks. EXTREMELY POOR SERVICE.

I Was A Happy Wachoiva Customer, WF Is S***

I was a happy Wachovia customer for several years.  Since the transition to Wells fargo it has been nothing but problems.  They love to take your money.

To start off, i never had any problems with bill pay with Wachovia.  My rent was scheduled for the 3rd every month but then the transition happened on the 28th of July and somehow the dates of my payments were changed due to their error.  So little to my knowledge my rent check wasn't sent out on time and I incurred a $100 late fee thanks to their flawed system which they didn't reimburse me for.

Also I began to notice that bill pay was taking the money out of my account before the scheduled date.  This really made me mad.  So I called their customer service to find out why they were taking the money out of my account before the date.  They told me that Wells Fargo takes their bill pay out 5 days before the day it's due.  That's great for them that now they have 5 days to play around with my money, and F*** me over on over-draft fees.

Then there was another problem that I noticed today.  I had transfered $24 to my other checking account whenI had $25 available at that time.  I noticed today that I was charged an overdraft fee for the transfer I made and for ATT (another bunch of scum bags) taking out too much money ($130.25).  I called to find out why I was being charged an overdraft fee for the transfer when I had the funds available at that time.  They began to tell me bull s*** about how the ATT transaction was posted at the time that I made the trasfer.  This didn't make sense to me so after asking some more question to three different people, I FINALLY got to the real reason of the overdraft fee which was that they take out the larger items first and then the smaller ones so they can F*** you even more.  Even though that was not the order that it actually happened. At the end of the conversation the man asked if he resolved the reason for my call even though he told me I didn't qualify for a reversal of my overdraft fee.  Hell no you didn't resolve S***!

To summarize Wells Fargo is a PIECE OF S***!!  And a bunch of thieves.  Stop taking my damn money.

Go to a credit union immediately.

12 Year Customer Has Enough

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I opened my account with Wells Fargo in Jan 1999, although it may still have been NorWest then. It was free checking, then they started charging for the cancelled checks sent with the statements. I finally got tired of paying that, and just got copies. Then I opted for online statements only. I hadn't really  had too many problems with them, other than a lack of common sense in their lobbies - I got so tired of waiting in line to deposit my check (my employer did not have direct deposit), while morons got up there and said, "Do you have a pen?" and proceeded to waste 20 minutes filling out their stuff that should have already been filled out - they have several places to do it BEFORE you get up there. I went off on one of the tellers about it one time and they finally put a sign up to have your stuff ready by the time you get to the teller. But then I got direct deposit and didn't have to deal with it.  I did notice that they changed tellers quite frequently. So a year or so ago I got a check from Paypal for $149.94. I filled out my deposit slip (correctly) and went through the drive thru. I didn't look at my receipt until a couple of days later - they had deposited the check as $194.49. So I went online to see if they had corrected it (you would think they would not have balanced at the end of the day), but nope. So I emailed them to make the correction and that if Paypal gave me any trouble, they were in for it. About a week later I received a letter in the mail acting as though THEY had caught the error, and is if it were MY fault, not theirs, and they had taken the trouble to correct it. Nowhere did they say sorry, or thanks for notifiying us. But...I let it go.

Then I get an important notice - Effective Sept 12, my "free checking" is no more. I will have to keep $1500 at all times (so that WELLS FARGO can have access to and play with MY money - but I can't), OR, I will have to have at least one $500 direct deposit per "billing cycle." Since I only get paid once per month, and it may be on the 24th, 25th, or 26th - or who knows, maybe on the 23rd, 27th or 28th - I'm sure they could finagle that so that I would miss their "billing cycle" and I would get a charge - supposedly $7.00 but they will reduce it by $2.00 if I set up "online statements for this account." Which apparently they didn't notice I ALREADY HAVE.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I went to get some cash out of the ATM drive thru. However, there were 5 cars ahead of me and I thought it would be quicker to write a check and go through the regular lanes. I put my check and my card in, (still 5 cars at the ATM), and wait. And wait. And wait. Finally they send the check back and tell me that I have to endorse the back of my own check, so that THEY can then endorse it. Whatever. So, I remember I have an $11.00 check from ebates and go ahead and deposit that. And I wait. and wait. and wait. Meanwhile, the 5 cars at the ATM are long gone. People are coming and going while I sit there. Strangely,  no one EVER gets in line behind ME. The girl on the monitor tells me it will be "just a moment" but they are waiting on other people, NOT ME. I get on the speaker and ask "How long is just a moment?" I've been sitting there 25 MINUTES. She then tells me that she had trouble "scanning" my check but she has called her supervisor and it should be "just a moment." I tell her that is ridiculous and she should have informed me of this a lot earlier. She doesn't care, says the supervisor is there and she will have my stuff out to me. 5 minutes more - I'm about to go inside the bank and cuss them out - she does not come on the monitor and say thanks or anything - she send my cash and my deposit slip - but NOT my ATM card. I'm sitting there looking at my cash and dep slip, and I press the button. Another girl comes on and says, "I have your cash right here!" What? I have my cash in my hand. I tell her I need MY CARD.  I have to to send the plastic case back and WAIT again. NEVER AGAIN WELLS FARGO. Hire people with a brain next time, and quit charging me for the privilege of YOU using MY money. I've opened a free checking account with a community bank. I hope EVERYONE leaves Wells Fargo and their money-grubbing, incompetent management. 

Outrageous New Policy

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I had no complaints in the first four years, but they just announced a policy to charge $3 for each use of the debit card (outrageous) and this has caused me to change banks immediately. This would have cost me $60 or more every month! Just a way to gouge the not well off.

Service From Wells Fargo

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The worst service I have ever come across. They have the dumbest people in the world working there.

Can Not Get An ATM Bank Card

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I`ve been a Wachovia customer for years with no problems, but Wells Fargo can't get things right. I decided to get a Wells Fargo ATM card, since my wachovia card was about to expire. They ordered my 1st card, and said I would recieve it in about 5-7 days. Well, it never showed up. So I was on my first week of vacation, and stoped by another Wells Fargo, and told them I didn't get my card, and they ordered one and it never showed up. So I tried a 3rd time, and after another week of waiting for the card, it didn't come in the mail either. So I went to another Wells Fargo close to work, and they have ordered another card, and having it sent straight to the bank. I might get that..maybe..but they gave me a temporary card to use, and it doesn't work to pay bills online, or at the gas pump. It's time to close my account, and find a bank who cares about the Blue collar worker.
Bruce-Winter Haven, Florida

No Flexibility

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I exchanged $31 worth of Euros at the Wells Fargo Windy Hill branch in Marietta Ga. Of that $31 I exchanged $6 in Euro coins without a problem.  I was given a receipt and US cash. 1 week later I was called and told that the bank did not exchange coins and the teller should not have accepted them. They asked me to drive back to the branch (15 miles away from my house) to pick up the coins and that my account would be debited. Mistakes happen and I was not upset at the teller for making a mistake. What I can not understand is that the branch manager did not have the autonomy to make a decision based on customer service. I work in a customer service environment and if any of my employees or myself made a $6 mistake I would write it off in a second. It is insulting to call a customer and ask them to drive 15 miles for a small mistake that was made by your company! I don't care about the $6. I do care that my financial institution is unable to make a mistkae right.

I have been thinking about leaving Wells Fargo for a credit union and this just pushed me over the edge!


I Had To Defend...

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I have been banking with WF for over 10 years, and I have never had a problem they didn't fix. The rumors about needing a 1500 minute balance are a lie. My accounts are free with a $25 automatic monthly transfer to savings. I have never paid a fee for my accounts. Yes, they are a big bank, and they are not perfect, but if you are responsible with your accounts, you don't have to pay fees. I think they are a good option.

A Marked, Downward Trend -- I Cannot Recommend!

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My wife and I had accounts at Wells Fargo for ten years, even changing states and staying with them -- not because of anything special -- we always viewed them as acceptable, with ATMS in varying locations. We used checking, savings and credit card accounts. But after my experiences today, I recommend you look elsewhere for your banking.

I had to write this review today to recommend anyone who's searching to avoid them -- I was very disgusted with a sudden, poorly communicated change in their policies which led to an additional fee -- and when I wanted to close my account, they refused to even send remaining funds, but proposed the easiest solution was to simply donate them to the bank! They claimed changes from the Wachovia days made it more difficult to get your funds and close accounts, etc, etc, etc. Major run-around, and no care for loyalty.  

I had no difficulties with my credit card accounts, but closed them, too, as they offered little advantage over other, comparable accounts.

Again: look elsewhere, you can do better, even with a major global bank chain.

If Only I Could Give Wells Fargo A Lower Rating Than 1 Star

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I have been banking with wells fargo for 5 years - since I moved to CA (my previous bank of 20+ years is only on the east coast).  In May 2011, I applied for a small personal loan of $15,000 to remodel my kitchen.  It was approved easily and I deposited the money in my account.  the renovation date was still a month away and I had second thoughts about renovating the kitchen at this time.  I decided to wait a year and pay off my credits cards instead.  It was just a matter of priorities, so I gave the money back.  Well I returned from vacation on July 5th to find that a pipe was leaking in the kitchen causing a lot of damage.... so the renovation was back on.

I went back to Wells Fargo for a loan - this time asking for only $10,000 since my insurance is paying for the replacement of the damaged cabinets.   To my surprise I was refused!  They could not give me a reasonable explanation and refused to reconsider.

Also, Wells Fargo customer s simply DOES NOT CARE!  When I returned the money from the 1st loan, I went into the banch office - talked to a loan officer and got the payoff amount that was good for that day.  The loan officer walked me over to the teller and stayed to witness the transaction.  A week later, I was online and noticed there was still a balance owing on the loan.  When I called customer service to inquire, they insisted that I didn't make the payment until the day after - I even called the loan officer for his help.  After serveral phone calls, and getting transferred around and even hung up on, I gave up.   There is no way to get around customer service, so there is no personal responsibility at wells fargo.  If they make a mistake no one owns up to it and nobody cares.

I switched all of my banking to Bank of America - not only is my banking completely free now - they immediately approved me for a $5,000 credit card with 0% for 12 mos.  Now that is customer service!


Lack Of Customer Friendly Help

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I thought that Wells Fargo was a customer friendly bank. Much to my disappointment it is not so. Also the personal contact that is so important, is lacking sometimes. If this is how the bank will handle the Wachovia branches that now are named Wells Fargo, I think that a loss of customers will happen. I am sorry, I thought different about Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo Will Hurt You! NO STARS!!!

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Been with Wachovia (First Union before that) and had minimal problems that were quickly resolved at branch.  Take over by Wells Fargo a few months ago has been a TOAL and expensive disaster.  No one at ANY branch has any ability to fix a problem.  Numerous centers in Irvine, Jacksonville, Charlotte etc control various factions- no one can help you without being on the phone many times for many hours and the standard response is "that is company policy".

They incorrectly forced placed insurance on 6/13 and removed funds from my mortgage account... yet a month later there is still no line item nor explanation on line.  On the phone they say it has all been resolved and credited, but I have no hard copy nor anything on line.  Right now I have $370 that is simply missing....

I paid off a six figure mortgage loan on 6/14... I still have nothing in writing that it has been credited.  They closed the online account so I can not see anything.  They say they credited the draft on 6/24... TEN DAYS LATER.

I have already lost over $500 in the last 30 days and spent 30 odd hours at the branch, on the phone and writing letters! Moving all acounts ASAP!


13 Year Customer Told To Take A Hike

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Been using Wells Fargo for thirteen years and never had a problem. But today when I made a deposit I was told at the drive through that starting in September all their accounts are required to have a daily $1500 minimum balance. Great service and friendly reps when you have a problem but I guess this bank is just for the better-offs now. The average Joe that lives pay check to pay check should look elsewhere. I'm closing my personal and business account next week once I find another bank. I've been using them for 13 years and my family has for three generations. I guess that don't mean anything in this day and age anymore.

Wells Fargo's Charm Campaign

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OK, I'm the first to complain about bad customer service. Since they're paying us zilch to use our money, the least they can do is be nice to us. Well, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service at Wells' branch in downtown Oakland (CA) off 20th Street and Webster (near the Kaiser Building and Alliant Credit Union's office).

Cheapskate that I am, I wanted to park in Wells' free lot (a rarity in Oakland, might I add) while I deposited a check at Wells and then leave the car there while I went across the street to Alliant, to do a deposit. I fully expected to get the full "fuhgettaboutit" moment, since the signs in the lot were quite succinct, limiting parkers while on Wells' business only.

OMG, totally shocked. Not only were the folks in the branch (including the parking attendant) nice as could be, I almost thought I was back in the "free toaster" days of yore. I made my deposit at Wells, then Alliant, no problems, no moving of the car.

After all the negative posts about big retail banks, I had to share.


Pathetic... They Treat Customers Based On Their Balance!

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Their tellers are always nice and friendly, and branches are clean and organized; however, the bankers and managers treat customers based on their balance.

Well Fargo was my favorite bank, and only one, when my balance was above $100,000. When I had some financial problems, downgraded my account to save monthly charges, and my bank account was leess than $1000, they started to treat me defirrently. I just felt that they don't consider me worth to be served anymore, even though I had money overseas and had a hard time bringing it.

I'm switching to a Credit Union. My community would definatelly show some respect :)

IF You Have Lots Of $$ And Don't Need Them This Is A Great Bank.

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However, if you're like me and the other 97% Americans, Wells is the typical big banker just for a BIG customer. I've been loyal to Wells for 26 yrs, with one exception in 1998, had excellent deposit/payment history and now they nickle/dime me for a $19 overdraft, which I covered next day. Also, my ex ran $350,000/yr gross receipts through Wells, has 850 FICO, paid CASH for her $400k condo, and the IDIOT branch manager @ wells would not lend her $50k on a 1st mortgage. She left and I'm going right after I find my good local banker.

Wells Fargo Is The Worst

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Wells Fargo is the worst.  We were with Wachovia, so now our checking, savings and home mortgage are with WF.  We found a WF owned foreclosure and our offer was accepted.  We had to go through WF home mortgage for that as well.  Despite doing all this business with them, they have been nothing but obstructionary and difficult.  They say one thing, wait two weeks, then change their mind days before closing.  I am leaving them ASAP.  I tried to give them no stars, but had to set at least one :-(

Wells Fargo Bank Fees

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In case you are not paying attention, WF/Wacovia have placed fees on coming into the bank and doing business. Not only do they charge for say wire transfers, they now charged me a $30 FEE For coming into the bank and doing the wire transfer. The branch manager insisted I come in person, and never told me about this additional $30 IN PERSON fee to do business with WF.

Needless to say, I am looking for another bank.

Please watch for these unwritten fees that supposedly not even the managers know about.

Horrible Sustomer Service!!!

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Never in my life have I ever dealt with such poor, terrible customer service.  I sent money to my son's bank account (he is in the Army) I put the wrong account number on the electronic transaction.  I contacted Wells Fargo the day they cashed the check - first I was told there was nothing they could do and I needed to go thru my bank ( they had cashed the check and money had been taken out of my account)  then they told me if the money was going to a closed/incorrect bank account they would send the money back to my bank in two business days.  Haha nothing was returned to my account - I called repeatly for 3 weeks and so did my son to have SOMEONE there help.  I have never been brushed off and treated so badly in my life.  Not only did the 20 or so people I spoke to NOT want to help me they pretty much told me I was out of luck.  Not one of the customer service or bankers as they call themselves would even listen to what I was trying to say to them.  This has been going on for a MONTH!!!  The money my son needed is sitting somewhere in the Wells Fargo system and no one can find it.  I am talking about $1500.00 - my son was counting on this money to purchase a car.  They told my son he had to come into one of their offices so they could identify him.  He has no way to do this as the closest bank is 20 miles from where he is and oh yeah he has no car.  It was not as though we were trying to take anything from the bank - we just wanted the money put into his account.  Frustration  you bet!!!  I call everyday and I am told the same thing everyday.  I contacted my bank and they were more than helpful and they attempted to talk with Wells Fargo - ha they wouldn't talk to another bank unless my son was on the phone!!!!  Outragous!!!  We are still trying to get this settled and when it is my son will be closing his account and putting his money in a place that has CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!  Warning don't use this bank the people on the phone are useless and very nasty.  Oh another thing they told me after makeing 20 some calls to them and I was just a little pissed - They said I was not being nice hahaha yep I wasn't at that point and I don't theink they would be either if the shoe was on the other foot.  Thanks for your lack of support and understanding and horrific service to thoughs who Serve!!! 

They Screwed Me.

One time I was using my debit card to make purchases. I bought a book at a book store. Then I went and got a drink from my favorite place. Then I went and bought some shoes. Then I went to a movie. I thought I had enough for all my purchases. When I checked my account the next day I saw I had over drafted by a 1$. So I went and deposited to get my account back to the plus. Then the next day I was charged with not one but two overdraft fees. I tried to talk to the bank about this and ask why this happened. Apparently they charged my card first with the big purchases not the order that I actually purchased the items. I told the bank teller that this not right. She then was rude with me. So I decided to take my business else where.

Wells Fargo Bank

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I was recently in a wells fargo branch in Franklin, TN.  I had an insurance check for a roof that we replaced and the customers had a wells fargo mortgage.  The check was made out to both home owners, my company, and wells fargo.  The home owners endorsed the check over to my company.  I then took the check to multiple wells fargo banks and asked for them to endorse it so I could deposit it.  No manager would endorse the check, even after one manager told me he could.  I had a hard time understanding why they would not endorse it when the check had my company on it.  I would understand if the check was not made payable to me but it was.  It's my money. Now I have to have the home owner take time out of their busy day and drive across town just to get a signature on this check.  I think wells fargo should reconsider their policies on insurance checks.  All they are doing is making home owners and contractors lives more difficult.  Wells fargo is not a good bank.  If the check is made out to my company there is no reason that I should not be able to get it endorsed.  I did not like the fact that wells fargo could do NOTHING to help me.  

Loyal Customer

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I was slowly paying off my credit debt with this bank on a loan I took out in order to buy a used car, when I noticed a couple discrepancies on my statements. I was being charged a higher interest rate than I agreed upon for the loan, plus I was being charged for a service I never use and do not remember signing up for. I figured it would be difficult to speak to the representative who originally consulted with me about the loan, but I was able to talk to him directly and get the change clarified. The bank also compensated me for the service I never used and unsubscribed me without any hassle. I was so glad I was not pressured to continue to pay for the service; it was removed without too much trouble and the rep. apologized. This is why I continue to do my banking with Wells Fargo.

Ill Never Switch!

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I love Wells Fargo so much! I joined with them over 6 years ago to open a simple checking account. Since then, I have had a child and a 401k which continues to grow thanks to the mindful assistance of my wonderful financial aide. I never have problems (except when the lines are somewhat larger than expected) that are worth mentioning!

15 Year Customer

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I have banked at Wells Fargo for over 15 years. At times I have had more cash in the bank and received the treatment I would expect for a preferred client. The thing I really appreciate is that I currently receive the same treatment with far less resources in this bank. It is nice to be treated as a valued client based on merit and not just deposit level.

Service Has Become The Worst I Ever Had To Associate With.

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Since taking over Wachovia has droped to you are just a number and verry inpersonable.

I am going to another Bank and taking my money with me!!!

They not only are to BIG to Fail but to BIG to be usefull!!!!

Just A Number

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I have been with the bank for 20 years and I feel like a number. I feel the service is fake and the people that work there are not there to help answer and solve problems. They are only in it for the money. I don't feel they put the customers first and they have a fee for every little thing they can find to get money out of you.

Worst Bank!!!YUCK! No Star For Them

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Wella Fargo is the worst bank I have ever had, and will never bank with them again. They charge crazy fees for a simple checking account. They are rude, and never helpful with any part of banking. I had three accounts there and closed every one of them. BAD Bank.

Poor Conversion

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The conversion from Wachovia to Wells Fargo has left me convinced to move my money to another bank. I received four different answers to the same question. I only had one person express any concern over my dissatisfaction. My request had to do with a feature offered by Wachovia - and a number of other banks - but apparently Wells Fargo has their own way of doing things and they are belligerent about it.

Wells Fargo Is The Best

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 I have never been disappointed with the service from my branch or any branch of Wells Fargo. I recently had to deal with a large accounting error and the bank corrected the error immediately after I contacted them. Wells Fargo employees are always helpful and kind. It is the best bank ever!

Legal Loan Sharking!!!

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It amazes me that in an economy where interest rates are at an all time low, Wells Fargo acknowleges its long term loyal customers by increasing their credit card rate to 21.85%.

This is their standard rate Im told by their call center in Hillsboro, OR.  There is no consideration given to long term customers, positive payment history, excellent credit ratings.  None of that matters.

Thinking I would get somewhere I called the Executive Offices of Wells Fargo to discuss the matter with them.  I was told that when you originally sign on for a credit card with them (mine was in 2004) that determines your interest rate from then on.  It is not affected by the economy, interest rate trends, the fact that you have not had a late payment, have excellent credit or have been a customer of their banking institution for almost 20 years in total.

I am blessed in having an excellent job and the ability to pay off this card before the end of December but I have to wonder, in this very difficult economy, how many people struggling to make ends meet are being crushed by this villan with their unyeilding interest hikes and inability to adjust their credit card lending practices to meet current market standards on interest rates.


Fees, Credit Inquiries, And Money Leaks Form The Account! No Star Rating!!

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1. Account looses money with no transactions being made! It goes down on it's own!

2. Fees!!! Instead of declining a transaction they allow it every time and give you a 35 dollar fee. Account updates only at midnight and if you check account balance it will not show any recent transactions. You go buy a drink at a gas statinon - 35 dollar fee!! Some company made a mistake and withdrawed too much form the account and then made a refund the same day - guess what? No refund for 35 dollar fee from Wells Fargo!

3. Multiple inquiries on credit report. If you apply for a credit card they put 3 hard inquiries on your report and decline you with a credit score of 660!

Wells Fargo Destroys Wachovia's Banking Services & Customer Service

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Wachovia was pretty flexible for such a big bank.  They offered awesome retail business banking services.  I was using Wachovia's Custom Business Checking that provided a checking account, one no min business money market and up to five no min crown accounts.

Wells Fargo killed those off.  They now demand a min balance in the business money market account (which they call business savings).  In addition I was using a totally free business checking account for a low volume project.  Well now Wells Fargo demands $1500 min.  Plus they have now killed off the linked personal accounts are demand $4000 min for each.

While I maintain more than is need I find these changes in terms totally unacceptable!  This bank is anti-business and anti-consumer.  Plus they have VERY backward systems.  For example in a business account you can't even setup recurring transfers from checking to credit lines you have to CALL IN!  In this day what the heck is that?

This is a backwards thinking unfriendly bank.  I know I am looking at pulling ALL my business and personal accounts out.  The question for me isn't IF but WHEN.  I am comparing two banks in my area BB&T and Suntrust which are far more friendly and offer MUCH better terms and services than this mega monster bank.  I can't WAIT to get as far as possible from this bank.  I would run if I were you.

Wells Fargo Is Just One Of Those High Banks

I never had a Wachovia Bank Account. I never had a Wells Fargo Bank account. I now want to consider them.

However, now that they no longer have any checking account available with a low minimum balance and no or lower monthly service fees, Wells Fargo Bank is off my list of banks to consider opening account.  How dare they set a minimum of $1500 or higher as daily balance to waive a monthly service fee of $5.  Sorry, no horses and carriages for my bank!

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