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Wings Financial has been a perfect fit for a constant world traveller

Posted by: talker90 | Jan 10, 2016

I switched over to Wings Financial from a traditional bank (TCF bank) this past year. I was originally interested in credit unions because of how they operate more ethically following a cooperative model and because of the negative affects big banks have had on the US and its economy. I initially thought I would be set back as far as rates and customer service were concerned because credit unions are smaller institutions. I was very pleased to find I was wrong, that my CHECKING account through Wings Financial would be TEN TIMES the rate as my SAVINGS account at TCF. That is an incredible difference. I am an avid world traveller and when I found that Wings also covers a certain amount of ATM withdrawal fees per month, this was also a massive bonus, as the best exchange rates are generally through ATMs. I have had lots of questions as I've been working abroad and Wings representatives are always extremely helpful, I particularly like how they transfer you to the correct department who has the ultimate knowledge in a particular area instead of general line which at TCF provided very mixed results in expertise. In particular, I had my questions about bank transfers, wiring, online check deposits, and money ordered answered. Once I waited on the line with TCF for over an hour on hold. You would think from a smaller company like Wings Financial the wait times would be even worse because they would be likely to have less staff. This has NOT been the case, I have never waited on hold for more than FIFTEEN minutes with Wings, which is very important as international phone calls can be challenging as I travel. My only complaint is their website is a little challenging to navigate, is not laid out the most intuitively or efficiently, and is aesthetically very outdated. This is the only thing I would recommend to Wings Financial to invest in improving. And going forward to keep up with the growing number of clientele in staffing so that they can continue to provide fast and efficient service over the phone, which is a major service priority to me.


Wings Fcu is the best they are great with car loans even if your credit rating isnt that high and a great rate. No fees on atm credit card international and the best exchange rate in the market. I have Chartway, Alliant credit unions they have fees and are not flexible

soaring on WINGS!

Posted by: Kruke | May 30, 2015

I absolutely LOVE Wings Financial Credit Union. I have been a member with them since I was 16 when my father remarried a NWA flight attendant, and have never been even close to dissatisfied. I have checking, savings, and money manager accounts through them. My girlfriend and I recently opened a joint checking account together (and opened her own savings and checking) and it makes getting money to each other absolutely painless. We also get great rewards off all of our checking accounts! They have an awesome mobile app that utilizes the finger print ID with the iPhone 6 so i literally touch the screen on my phone only once to open the app and I am already viewing all my accounts with 100% security, and if you need to transfer money it is available right in the app and is instantaneous! I have been singing Wing's praises for 10 years and will continue to do so at every opportunity I get.


This Credit Union really strives to help me every time I go in or call in with an issue. They are always friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs. It's not often that they make mistakes but they always correct them in a professional manner and that makes me feel comfortable working with them. They have everything I'd need in a Financial institution so I don't see the point of ever switching to somewhere new. It's possible other Financial institutions might have some better rates or advantages but the service and respect I receive at Wings is far worth sacrificing some benefits. Although I say that if I were in the market for some huge purchase like lets say a house I would definitely shop around for different rates on that kind of purchase but for everyday little things I wouldn't think of going anywhere but Wings.

Horrible Loan Department

Posted by: ronjones | Jan 21, 2013

Don't fall 1 month behind otherwise they will start the repossession process for your car. Really, 1 month behind and you start the repossession process?????? Ridiculous. I ask to set up a payment plan that will catch me up on 1 month past due plus the payment due the next month on the first of the next month and they refuse. So rude. Even though they have good rates their customer service is horrible. Loan Rep Amanda Scott is the worst one.

Maybe They Bank At A Different Branch?

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 5, 2012

I love Wings. I do almost all of my banking online, and it has been completely stream-lined with NO FEES! If I have any questions regarding my online balances or charges, my emailed questions are responded to quickly. They even helped when the utility company claimed to not have received a payment. Guess what, they had and Wings back it up. It was resolved quickly and painlessly on the Wings side.

I wanted to pay off a credit card with a high interest rate, Wings offered me a lower interest rate Wings credit card and transferred the balance and I paid it off quickly. The people at my branch (NE Mpls) are friendly and helpful. I am not sure where these other people bank. My experience at Wings has been far far superior to what I had been living with at Wells Fargo.

Great Service, Low Or No Fees, And Great Rates - What More Could You Want?

Posted by: dlspell | Aug 19, 2012

I've been a member of Wings since 1987.  Over the last 25 years I've had nothing but great service.  I've done ALL my banking there for the last quarter century.  Over the years I've purchased three homes and have had the same fantastic loan officer (Roxy) every time.  Where else can you build a banking relationship with an individual that will last more than a decade?

Yes, on occasion, I have had annoyances of not being able to do this or that online - but, I consider those minor when I look at the fees and  great service.  They are just hiccups, especially when I hear friends talking about their bank issues.  

Overall, I am completely satisfied and would NEVER consider moving my business. 

Wings Finan

Posted by: jam | Aug 16, 2012

Old city county credit union member. Since the take over nothing but problems. Will be reporting them to attorney general office. Unauthorized credit report hits. Account opened incorrectly rude service reps phone and online. A disaster never had any problems with ccfcu. Help looking for NeW bank asap.

Wings Is A Great CU

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 15, 2012

This is a great Credit Union, one of the best you can be a member of, end of story. Some of the low rating folks experience what would happen at any other bank or CU. I have never had a problem with them in the years I have my dealings with them now I do all my banking with them and I live out of state and they have made it easy for me to use them as my main bank. Pay your bills on time and don't play games and they will treat you as well as you treat them.

I was so impressed with my experience with Wings I tried to join a local CU and discovered how unlike Wings my local CU was. I was glad I had Wings because they were much better than my local CU, in rates, customer service and just how easy they make it, I have always felt as if I was dealing with a friend of the family when I dealt with Wings for all these years, they can be hard at times with security related stuff, but once they know its you, its smooth sailing, they say what they mean and mean what they say, they don't play games. And the longer they know you and see how you are the better it becomes.

Wings is a great CU without question in every point of importance in banking.

Overall, I Have Really Been Happy With Wings Financial Credit Union

Posted by: Anonymous | Aug 11, 2012

I have used it for years and would not go to another bank. I feel it has been much more honest and trustworthy than my husband's Wells Fargo Bank regarding mortgage practices. Additionally, overall rates have always been better: credit card rates, selling your home and various other services.

Pull My Credit Without My Authorization

Posted by: amware | May 23, 2012

Wings pulled my credit 3 separate times. They had my permission to pull it once. When I called to inquire why it had been pulled the 2 other times, they could not give me an answer. I asked what I could do or to whom I could speak with to put some type of hold or something on my account with them so this wouldn't happen again and they told me there was nothing they could do. They told me I could contact the 3 credit bureau's and put a hold on my credit myself, but, there was nothing they could do on there behalf to make sure they did not pull my credit again without my permission. I of course reported them to the FTC, BBB of MN and the MN Attorney General.  I have found Topline Federal Credit Union to be a wonderful CU. They are very friendly and very helpful.

Rude Customer Service

Posted by: Adi | May 23, 2012

I think the regular banking service members are good, but working with their loan representatives, especially over the phone is absolutely horrendous. Extremely rude, cut and have an attitude that they are superior to you, even when they make a mistake. Their rates are good, but honestly, not worth it.

Wings Is Awful!

Posted by: nwaflyer | May 22, 2012

It is unfortunate this site's minimum rating is one star, because Wings doesn't even deserve that.   Dealing with their institution has been a hassle from day one.  I was sold on them because their rep in my FA training class said their online tools are so great you don't have to live near a branch.  What a joke.  Their remote deposit is down half the time, the overdraft protection rarely works properly and they charge a ton of fees for things that are their mistakes.  When visiting a branch, the staff is snooty and unhelpful.  I have since taken my business elsewhere and it was the best decision I ever made.

I Love My Bank!

Posted by: CindyS | May 18, 2012

I have an auto and boat loan through Wings and absolutely love them. The interest rate is low and my payments affordable. I would recommend them to family and friends! I have received great customer service from them!!!!

Thank you Wings :)

Great Rates And Great Service

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 10, 2012

I have been a member for years. They are always helpful when I have issues and work with me to resolve them. My favorite part about my membership - if they lower the rate on their car loans, I simply call and ask them to decrease my rate to their new, lower rate. It is as easy as pie.

Long Time Members

Posted by: gramflyer | Mar 31, 2012

We have been members of Wings since 1986 when it was  orginally Northwest Airlines Federal Credit Union.

As every company has downsides, the positives definately outweight the negatives in this company.

It's not the same as it used to be but what is nowadays?

Wings Is A Great FCU.

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 14, 2012

I have been a member for about 2 years after transferring my accounts from a large bank and an employer credit union. Wings has been responsive and very easy to do business with. I find their rates for both savings and loans to be competitive and their online services to be on par with other financial organizations.

Very Pleased with Wings FCU.


Wings Financial

Posted by: gageis | Mar 10, 2012

Rarely do I provide any kind of on-line review for products or services.  However, when I happened upon this site and noticed a low 'rating' for Wings Financial, I felt compelled to contribute. 

I have been a member of Wings Financial since 1992, when it was simply NWAFCU.   In that time, I have had very good experiences with many of their products and services, including savings, checking, credit cards, auto loans, home equity loans, first mortgage, home refinancing, tax preparation, on-line services, CD's, and Money Market investments.  Wings has a reputation for offering among the highest returns on CD investments (often listed in the local Tribune), while offering among the lowest mortgage rates.   

I've been very satisfied with on-line baking services, and often wonder why friends actullay go to a bank in-person anymore.  When friends complain about surprising fees/penalties for using their bank's services, I'm similarly surpised because the concept seems so foreign at Wings.   It has been, frankly, a fantastic 20 years.    I look forward to my next 20 years with Wings Financial.




Wings Services

Posted by: Anonymous | Mar 1, 2012

I have been a member of Wings (which was city county federal) since my mom opened a savings account for me as a child. Since that time I have taken out two student loans with them in addition to my savings account. They have offered me great service and unlike at Wellsfargo I do not feel pressured to open more accounts with them every time I go to a Branch.

Despicable Credit Union

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 20, 2012

I was a member of City County Federal Credit Union so of course my account was transitioned to a Wings account when they merged. I have been a customer for many years and have had many loans, all paid on time with no late fees. I recently received a letter informing me my checking account had been closed due to inactivity despite the fact that I have a credit card and loan that I pay on every month. They closed my checking without asking me my intentions or giving me the option of using it again before they closed it. This is wrong.

I recently went in person to make a payment, plus extra on both my accounts and the customer service was horrible! The teller was a smart mouth, and she openly argued and made smart remarks. I will never do business here again. I am now paying off the credit union and I am in the process of having the loan taken over by a different credit union. My credit rating is in the high 700's, and I have given them tons of business!

Stay away from this credit union unless you enjoy being treated disrespectfully. Wings is horrible.

Great Credit Union

Posted by: wingsuser | Jan 22, 2012

I've always had courteous and prompt service from the employees at Wings Financial CU whenever I've called them. And they usually offer one of the highest interest rates in the nation on CDs.  

There is only one thing I wish they did differently at their website: they only allow you to see check images for about two months.  That is not long enough!  If I need to see who a check was written to, or if I need to print the check image to prove that payment was made 3 months ago, I can't.  Come on Wings, in all other areas you give great customer service; please also do so in this regard!

I Have Worked With This Credit Union For Many Years , They Are Terrible .

Posted by: Anonymous | Nov 28, 2011

Do not get an auto loan from these people. They screw over the current members !!!!!!! I have used this CU with my customers for a long time. Do not trust them!!!!!! Go to any other credit union.

Miserable Company

I can print out a page any show anyone who wants to see it that my credit card statement is already online.  I see my credit card information - the payment amount and the date due - every time i log into my account for my checking and savings information.  It's on the same page, so I can't possibly miss it.  Yet, like clockwork every month I get a generic unsigned letter from them telling me that my credit card statement will be coming in the mail.  And on the same day, the credit card statement arrives in the mail.  Yes, I get a letter telling me the statement is coming in the mail.  The generic unsigned letter tells me if I need help with anything to call the number in this letter.  The people who answer this phone never know anything and can't do anything about stopping the mail.  They give me to the phone number that is on the credit card statement.  The people who answer THAT phone tell me the mailings are not their issue and give me back to the original people who don't know anything and can't do anything.  They don't seem to get it that I already get a statement of my account online, and the statement they are sending to me doesn't contain any additional or different information that what I am already getting.  I don't want things to come in the mail.  I have repeatedly told them that, and they have repeatedly ignored me.  Why do I need a letter telling me about a statement coming in the mail that contains the same information that I already have online?  I pay online, too, through an account transfer, so somehow they have got to know the statement is there, but they seem to find it important to hold on to their right to not make any sense.

Don't Get An Account, They Are Worse Than A Regular Bank!!!

Part I - my Folks got a loan with Wings before we moved here to Georiga. They talked to a Loan officer who didn't make them Sign any paper work or give them any physical proff (details/information) about the Loan they had just opened. He just shooed them out the door saying that Wings would get back to them with infomation about the loan and where to get paper work. A year and a half later after we moved into our new house still there was no contact from the Loan Officer, Wings,  and still no paperwork about the loan. It didn't even show up on their online account. So School Starts for me which means I might need backup money to pay for college so my Dad and I try to get a Student loan at Wings like we did in the past. The Loan Officer in Atlanta informs my dad that he can't be the cosigner on my loan and would not explain why. So My mom calls wings and immediatly gets directed right to collections. She finds out that the loan that they never recieved any information/contact on is past due and is now Deliquint. The Collections Officer did not show any intention to help my mom even after she fully explained her situation. He was extremely rude and said irrisponsible things insinuating it was 100% our fault and we are making this up. He also called my mom a few names which would not be spoken under civilized company. After that my parents stopped using their wings account as much as they could. (as a funny note my Parents tried to get a loan at other banks and they ended up getting them, this bs deliquincy only applied to wings apparently)

Part II - Since Moving here to Atlanta from Apple Valley MN I find out that job market is terrible since I have been activly searching for a job since May with no luck. Since then my parents have been helping me pay what they can on my Wings Student Loans as well as other bills. During the Month of July they coudn't help me much and so Wings took a loan payment out of my Checking account making an over draft. Since I couldn't do anything until I got a job which I couldn't find any I had to wait until Sept.  Sept comes along and I have money that I am able to put money in my Checking accoun. As soon as I log into my Wings account to get my information for direct deposite I notice that there is only a savings account showing up in my information. That is how I  found out they closed my checking account. They didn't tell me until after I found out this way via a letter in the mail I got on the 7th of Sept telling me what I already figtured out, that Wings Closed my Checking account. They closed it on August the 19th and it took them until september to send a letting telling me of their actions.  I am livid because this could have been avioded if they had sent a curtisy letter telling me of thier intentions, that they might have to close my checking account. Instead I have to wait 12 months (one year) to open up another checking account from them. After this experince and how I was treated like a common criminal I will say this one thing. I will never go back to wings, once my loans are paid off I will write an informative letter telling them to close all my accounts and let them know that I REFUSE to do buisness with them again. That I hope that Karma will come back and bite them in the ass. That we can add Wings Finacial to the list along with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all the other failed banks with crappy customer service. (funny thing in August before they closed my Account they sent me a replacment Check card since my other one expired which made me have no idea of thier intentions)

Wings Products And Services

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 3, 2011

I have been a member of Wings Financial Credit Union since 1976 when it was NWA Federal Credit union. This has been an excellent company to work with, and their rates have been well above other financial institutions. I would recommend Wings to anyone who is interested in working with a financial institution that respects its customers and works to get it right the first time. Thanks Wings for the many years of service to my family.

Home Equity Loan Cancellations

Posted by: Anonymous | Jul 26, 2011

Wings cancelled all loans that were 100% of value of your home. We have never missed a payment. I wonder what percent of their customers they cancelled. Of course, the value of everybody's home has gone down. I thought Credit Unions worked with their members. We have been members for 14 years.

Excellent Service

Posted by: Anonymous | Apr 26, 2011

I joined a credit union named Highgrove Community Credit Union in Saint Paul, due to their excellent reputation. Shortly after I had joined, I found that they were acquired by Wings Financial. I was naturally nervous, because I have had bad experiences with larger institutions, but my concern was unfounded. The process of transition was a little frustrating due to some address issues, but once the transition was over with, I was actually happier with than when I was with High Grove. I secured an auto loan through High Grove in May 2010 at 5.25%. When the transition at Wings was over with, I found I could refinance the loan at 3.5%. They counted my remaining principal on the old loan as the principal amount on the new loan. This lowered my monthly payment significantly, and I was able to purchase insurance that would protect me if I became disabled for a nominal fee.

Their membership requirements are very simple. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro, you can join. I've never had it so easy with another financial institution. Where companies like US Bank and TCF Bank charged me nonsensical overdrafts for petty reasons, Wings has yet to charge me a single one. They understand that if they treat their customers with dignity and respect at all times, they have no reason to leave. Credit Unions are the only way to go.

Just Trying To Get An Online Account Set Up

Posted by: lizzie | Mar 11, 2011

I have been a member with this credit union for 20 YEARS, (I joined back when it was Northwest Airlines) and I  absolutely loved it 

I am truly amazed at how very difficult they make the process of trying to set up on online account.  I have made attempts each month for the last six months.  Today I finally have all my information, and I am calling in from my home phone for help during office hours and successfully get someone on the phone. 

I was just told that they didn't have enough information about me, so they could not issue me a password over the phone, but Monday morning they will put the password in the mail.  Of course, this is after I successfully answer the security questions on my account.  And since when did mail boxes become so safe?

Really. Really? I had to ask them to repeat that.  I asked if they could email it, but no, they do not believe that emails are safe enough.  I surrender.  All I wanted to be able to do was pay my Visa online.  This is the last straw. 

Wings Financial Review

Posted by: jwils | Mar 10, 2011

I've been a member of this credit union since 1982 and have always found the employees to be very helpful and the credit union itself to be a great value.  I like the deposit rates which tend to be higher than average and the online/mobile services which I use alot due to my travel schedule.  I wouldn't bank anywhere else.

Paying Off Credit Card

Posted by: RichardsTL | Nov 5, 2010

I am disappointed at how hard it is to pay off a Wings FCU credit card with a non-Wings FCU account.  I have been trying to pay off an account for several years and just recently wanted to change the account the automatic withdrawl was taken out of.  Four months later and with four months of late charges, the issue has still not been resolved.  Furthermore, even though there has been fax, email and telephone calls addressing the issue, Wings still is trying to withdrawl the money from the old account which has been closed.  I would not get a credit card from this company.  They are impossible to deal with.

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