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Money Disappears Out Of My Account Without A Trace

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4000 has disappeared from my account, with no trace of a transaction! I receive daily emails of my account balance early this morning I received a email stating what was in my account, when I went to bank app it says something totally different! I check my transactions nothing is showing that equals up to 4000 on my behalf! It’s Sunday you can’t call to speak to anyone because they are not 24 hours 7 days a week I am a single mother of three who looks forward to income tax season to catch up on bills. I have no idea where my funds are! Or will they even be replaced. I haven’t stopped crying since this has happened. I will sue this corporation for pain and suffering and stolen funds! Hopefully my funds can be replaced!

Insurance Carriers Won't Accept This Bank.

Life insurance carriers won't accept this bank. Everybody needs insurance. I'm losing business!


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If you are not a customer of Woodforest Bank, consider yourself lucky. I bank with several corporations and this one is by far the worse. This corporation allows their employees to manipulate and fraud their customers. You can tell that this is common for this corporations because when you try and call and report their staff, they wear you down by constantly referring you to another department. I'm going to share one of the many incidents. A customer comes in and asked them how long would it take to cash the certified cashier check from the government (which can be verified with one phone call) they told her 24 hours. So she opened an account to cash her tax refund check. After opening the account they held her money hostage (so they can collect interest off her money) told her that she could not get her money until 10 days later. The reason why I bring up this particular incident is because I seen them con several individuals the same way and all of them was minorities. This situation calls the person to fall behind on their payments to their house and went into bad standings. This bank is a criminal enterprise. They should be investigated and sued. I really hope someone goes viral and expose them for the crooks that they are. And If you are in North Carolina and trying to bank with a corporation, woodforest should not even be an option. Their days are numbered. I really dislike slick deceitful companies. They are holding people money to collect interest for their own personal gain and giving their customers the middle finger.

Do Not Use This Bank

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Do not use this bank my mom died they told me to bring her death certificate in and also a small estate affidavit and I did and they still haven't given me her money all they keep telling me is it's gonna be 2 business days but that was a week ago I done everything they said boy they sure do not how to kick a person when they are down they just jerking me around it's unfair to me and my family during our loss

Choose Wisely Because Acts Like Your Money Isn't Insured, From The Way They Handle Fraud Situations

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first thing this bank allowed fraud on my account and kept my account open for 30 days after I notified them and they have cost me over 3k, not 1 single credit for 3k in fraud on my account, I have asked them to send me a photo since they accused me of fraud on my own account their advocacy department wrote nasty letters. This bank fails to abide by their own policy nor do they abide by Regulation E policy, they will tell you to call them but when you call them they will state they don't want to talk to me...what kind of bank has an advocacy department but refuse to correct situations like fraud, FTC has labeled me an identity theft victim Equifax and TransUnion but this bank just violates terms, such as if we are not agreeing on solution their policy states they will have a third party mediate the situation, but they refuse to take these steps that they offer and one of the main reason I chose them in the event of a situation like this yet they fail to acknowledge their own policy. I have been to the local branch and they have not shown me any video or photo which they won't cause I canceled my card before my family and I left for vacation...I am ready to file a class suit against woodforest and if anyone needs my signature or my help we can file against this bank and win because this is the worst bank that I ever dealt with in my life and they have caused me to lose 3k and they have made unnecessary calls to me taking advantage of this situation, and they fail to produce documents as to why I was denied my claim, when fraud kept taking place after i notified woodforest on 4/14/2023 they refused to close my account. Their advocacy resolution letters are so indirect with no signate just a number to call and when i call they tell me the advocacy department refuse to take my call and I will call on a threeway to show you this bank is a bank that should not be in business...then they will leave a message on Trustpilot telling sounding like the respond to the issues but in reality they leave the response but not one email response do they give they should not label them as a high percentage negative response rate cause anyone can copy and paste the same response that does not mean that they actually responded, Woodforest Banks is cowardly bank, and I nominate Woodforest for the next class suit from FTC or CFPB for their practices and the way they handle their clients which they need to be hit with a few billion dollar lawsuit to payback the money they have stolen from customers...still waiting on a response but this bank is a bank that should not be operating because the violate their own policy so they most definitely violate Regulation E policies, while my account had fraud on it they refused to close the account for over 30 days, my account went from positive $3,000 to a negative -500 balance right before my eyes I was literally on their website talking to customer service on the phone watching my money disappear while continuously asking them, why is my account still open and they didn't give a single f about me or my money..just know that Travis H. was not lying if it happens to you.....what's even more messed up is they have a mastercard logo, and if mastercard offers zero liability protection then the bank is supposed to do the same but these banks will violate their rules and regulations, and i feel like people need to start targeting mastercard or visa in these situations cause without those logos banks aint ish....a fraud situation cause if the bank is not handling the issue properly that mastercard or visa logo should not be on that card, because mastercard and visa cosigns these banks and until they start regulating these situations they going to continue to violate the same ones that make them rich, the customers.....On 6/26/03 I went into the branch to to see who was responsible for the fraud on my account and to allow them to see what I looked like in person, since I was out of the hospital, and to my surprise the bank manager took my id looked up my account, and refused to show me the fraud on my account for over a month these agents refused to assist me until I went inside the branch when I spoke to Brent the store manager in Greenville, SC on Whitehorse Road he saw immediately how I looked and knew it was not me on the footage now I have been waiting on their Branch manager Andrew Misocky to call me and give me some weak rebuttals about this issue yet, I was told once I proved it was me they would quickly correct this situation, but It has been 2 weeks, and I have not received a call or a check for this 3k in fraud that Woodsforest allowed on my account, since the store manager Brent refused to show me the footage of the fraud on my account while a police officer was in his presence, he knew it wasn't me, yet when he saw me he would have had no problem showing me the footage if it was me on the footage instead he acted like I had no business in the store, and they have not refunded my money nor even apologized for the mistakes they made, but I nominate Woodforest for the next Class Suit, because they will block your number if they feel you could be a threat to them financially they have blocked three of my numbers from calling and thats sad that a bank don't want to own up to their mistakes, that really dont matter I just want my money back

Idiots Running The Bank

I made a deposit online, so my money would be available tomorrow. I tried to access my online banking to check the status of my deposit. They told me my online access was blocked and my check was denied. It's almost historical they would reject a check from the company I opened the account with. It's also a company that has enough money to buy out Woodforest.
I called the phone number they instructed me to call, in order to straighten the situation out. Their representative was completely useless. So, he transferred me to an equally useless supervisor. They claim there was suspicious activity, even though that was just from me. They froze my access to my account, but allowed a third party app to withdraw funds, after they froze my access. Obviously they are complete idiots.

Violates Privacy Laws

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This bank refuses to communicate with you when they have made a mistake. They will not let you speak with their legal department and locally they say call Corporate but after trying to wear you down with 3rd world phone operators for an hour they promise to have Legal to call back but never do. They have shared personal information with my son in violation of State and Federal laws while causing problems and making threats of reporting false information to credit bureaus if my son doesn’t pay a debt that has nothing to do with him. He has not used his account in 3 years when he asked them to close it. Shameful !!!

This Is The Worst Bank In America

Been a customer over 10 years but this is it. I'm done. I'm so sick and tired of them blocking my damn card for nothing....attempting to purchase and businesses I have used time and time again they seem to just randomly decide to block it. If it's after hours or the weekend you are screwed...no one to talk to...I guess you go without food or gas (like I have) when they do it on the weekend. I despise this worthless pathetic bank. In the process of finally leaving them and I'm going to do a happy dance when I do.
If you are considering opening an account with them DON'T. You will regret it...unless you don't like having access to your funds..in that case you'll love them.

What A Nightmare Woodforest Is Horrible

By far the worst bank ever, someone hacked my account after I notified them, they did nothing to help me get my money back from these thieves, who had an authorization to go into my account. This bank is horrible. I will never do business with them. We are a small business family owns, and this has affected us tremendously. They did nothing for us nor did they care. I will look for a different bank and never do business with them again they’re not trust worthy they don’t have your best interest they are just horrible. It’s a nightmare.

Certain Banks Have No Ethics - Woodforest Is One Of Them

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I sent a wire transfer to a customer of woodforest, unknowingly sent it to a closed account. They refused to return the money because there was money owed on that account.
I would not have sent to a closed account and Woodforest knows this, but still refused to return the money, saying oh well, that I knew what I was doing. I asked them...why would I send money to a closed account. Their answer...too bad.

This bank is not one you should deal with. They have no customer service, but they do have one thing you should be aware of. Greed. This is the most unethical, greedy bank and you should avoid dealing with them. For goodness sakes, what happens to people who borrow from them?
Pick a bank with a decent reputation, not one like this.


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This bank put $1000 deposit/credit on hold and demanded proof of receipt. The receipt was provided to them and denied because it wasn’t sufficient proof. So now they can steal my money and overdraft my account anytime I make any kind of transaction. Abusers!!! Anytime I call them I get different reasons as to why they’re stealing my $ like this. Reporting them to the OCC!!!

Steal My Money

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This bank is not to trust. I had no activity for a while and they just took $15 from my account. Banks are meant to keep your money safe but this one is no more than a trap.
Shame on them
Unfortunately there's no zero start to rate.

Lost A 16 Year Customer

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I have been with Woodforest over 16 years. They use to be an excellent bank never had any issues. This year alone my account has been hacked twice. Well today the hackers got 5k. Wiped my account out on mother's day and I could not even take my kids to the movies as planned. Of coarse it's Sunday and they do not have any customer service available. So I leave a message on fraud line. They call. The lady says "oh so that wasn't you that used fb pay". I said "NO and I don't even have my card info on fb nor do I use it." I mean 1k was taken out of my account FIVE times. You would think after the first or even the second time their security/fraud system would have kicked in but nope they just let the hackers drain all my money. So then she does the dispute and tells me I need to drive to the branch tomorrow when they open to sign it. I said "ok so when do I get my money back?" She said "oh we are told to say 7 to 10 days." I was furious. I said "mam I have NO MONEY now. I have to go to work which is 2 hours away. I travel for my Job and my rent check has not even cleared my account." I need MY MONEY." so she tells my to tell them tomorrow to call the fraud department to get my money back quicker.
About 6 months ago someone was using my card in TEXAS I live in OHIO. So they are just having a hey day spending all night on my dime or so they thought. No help from them and doing my own investigation I was able to catch the guy and even with a police report I did not get my money back for over 2 weeks. They guy was arrested and recieve felony identity theft and unauthorized use of credit card.... because he literally was using ALL my card info with his name on the card. So he was able to make a card with all my banking info. How? I don't know because I'm not a thief and actually work for my money. If you asked my even 5 years ago if they were a good bank I would of said yes, but today NO!!!!! They just keep getting worse and worse and their security is obviously nonexistent!

Can't Believe They Actually Remain In Business

This is the very worst bank that exists or ever existed. They have terrible customer service. Terrible policies and rules. No available help after 5pm or on the weekends. They fraud your debit card repeatedly over the dumbest things. I believe so they can hold on to your money for as long as possible. They have fraud my card at least 6x's all stuff I buy repeatedly. They even called it fraud for shopping at the Walmart where my branch is located. Once they fraud it you aren't notified until the next day. So if it's after 5pm no access to YOUR MONEY. if it's the weekend you are SOL until Monday. If you make a deposit even cash they hold it. If you get a new debit card you have to wait 24 hours to use it. The tellers never give you any of this information until after you have put YOUR MONEY. In the Bank, they have no deposit ATMs at there locations. You can do a night drop only. Again making you wait for YOUR MONEY! This bank is in Walmart so thay can take advantage of people.
Don't put your money in there bank if you want to be able to access it on a regular basis like a normal bank.

Shiity Customer Service

I got $420 stolen from my account by a guy I had no idea who it was and he apparently used a zel account which I have no clue what that is either. So I called the call center the rep I could tell they didn't give a shit about my situation. I wanted my money put back on my account but they said I had to wait till the dispute is over that can take up to 90 days. I can't wait that long. I have bills to pay. Then the teller at the bank said I could take out a $500 over draft thing and would have to pay a non disclosure fee of $32 for everytime I had a pending transaction. Fuck that! Why would I have to pay for anything when I have only $38 in the bank. That's bullshit. Yes I got a new debit card with a new pin number which I can't use till tomorrow morning. Then I called the fraudulent department and they told me the same thing i had to wait till the dispute is over in order to get my money back. That's if I do get my money back. I have never known a bank that wouldn't put your money that got stolen back into your account the same day. They are about to lose a customer after 15 years of banking with them. Sorry but not sorry.

Woodforest National The Worst Customer Service

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It is absolutely horrible they just let you stand there and wait and wait and wait because they Stand around behind the counter talking to each other entertaining themselves, The customer is not important.
They don't understand that the customer is the king because they have the money that they cost those people who work there that's not their mthey are money but they think they own everybody's money they're absolutely disgusting. Also when I couldn't a Bang and ask for a manager there's never a manager there when I call the speaker manager there's never a manager there it's a real clown show

Woodforest National Bank Is A Fraud

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I received a debit card from Woodforest National Bank that I never applied for. In fact, I had never heard of Woodforest National Bank before. In the envelope was the card and the checking account number, plus I received a pin number for the card in a separate envelope. NEVER APPLIED FOR A CHECKING ACCOUNT, NEVER APPLIED FOR A DEBIT CARD. NEVER HEARD OF THIS BANK BEFORE. The customer service reps and their supervisors were no help. In fact, they told me I would have to wait for documents to come in the mail for me to fill out and sign and send back before they would even flag or suspend the account. After doing some digging, it seems to me that this account may have been fraudulently opened in-house. I was able to check the account balance: -15 dollars. 15 dollars happens to be the amount needed to set up a debit card, which means there was 0 dollars in the account before-hand. Plus, would an identity thief set up an account and debit card using the victim's actual address? Doesn't make sense. When I get this all straightened out, I'm reporting this bank to the proper authorities, and I will thank this low-rent bank to tighten up their practices and stop putting responsible people in financial jeopardy,

Bad Bank! Be Careful!

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For many YEARS tellerS unable to provide endorsed copy of Cashier's Check because they are unskilled. April 2021, teller REFUSED to provide Cashier's Check for my rent because I had no WRITTEN PROOF of my Zip Code. Woodforest National Bank closed my account and sent a Cashier's Check for the balance of my account via U. S. Postal Service using the ZIP CODE IN THEIR OWN FILE. The teller refused to negotiate the Woodforest National Bank's own Cashier's Check with the memo: closing account xx____. Their OWN Cashier's Check! As I left the bank, the teller said "you're disgusting" not once, but twice. Now, the third stimulus was scheduled for direct deposit on MARCH 31 but it is nowhere to be found! IRS has to trace which takes 90 days. Be CAREFUL with this bank; they seem to delight in this behavior.
I am elderly and very low income. I would rate this bank NEGATIVE 10.

Lost A Customer After 16 Years. Not The Same.

I have banked with Woodforest for close to 16 years. Used to be a really good bank. Service is non existent now. When you call customer service in Houston, you reach India. They are rude and incompetent. If I need to dispute something on my credit card, since I moved none of the local Walmarts have a branch. I have to drive an hour each way for the nearest branch. I had to cancel my credit card because of unauthorized transactions. It's been almost a month and I never received my card or February statement as of March 10. After almost 3 hours in the past week of hold time and constant disconnects, I talked to the second person I have talked to in a week today. I talked at length to a person last week and gave all my dispute information and she disconnected me after I waited over an hour to talk to someone real. Never did enter my disputes. I hoped that I could put in online disputes because of the bad service. They are not that technologically advanced. I had to change my phone and I was able to do it online. I noticed that my primary address reverted back to my old address. I had been wondering why my zip code was showing incorrect when I would make a purchase online or for gas. So, I changed my address back to the correct address. That's why I never got my new card or recent statement. So when I talked to this rude woman in India today, she wanted to argue with me about the address issue. Said they were going to charge me to send a copy of my last statement. Said there's an active card on file for me and they never cancelled the old card like I asked or sent me a new card. That's BS because, I got several notifications from businesses including the one making unauthorized transactions that they could no longer use my old card. So, I tell her that I am not going to argue with her about it and let's get through my disputes. After she entered the first dispute, I was told that I would have to drive to that branch one hour each way to sign any dispute I had entered. What's the point of having customer service if they are unable to do anything. Why can't you mail me a copy to sign? I'm done with Woodforest and will be closing my account.

Reviews Overall Opinion

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I'm not satisfied with the way I have been screwed, not one but several times and I don't recommend that you bank with the Bank, it hurts to say this amd I've been banking there for years, looks like the next move is to Regions.

Customerwith No Complaints

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Wood forest was a gewat financisl institution.Really mever had any problems.Then i had accidently overdrafted s ok therefore had to close my acccou t due t ok financial situations.;hhhhhhhhhhhhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbhuyfdnshsjsjj*uggbv

Woodforest Issues

Been w/ this bank at least 7 yrs. Each year gets worse.Had few previous on their behalf /midstakes I tried to continue business.How do you over draft on a closed out savings account ? Top it off they charged me $25 for closing savings an keeping the checking..Many retailers do not except their card.An being an account holder M.O. should be free. Its good cause of the direct deposit that comes early. No longer even worth it. Here indpls there is only like one woodforest located inside walmart the store i hate and the line is always long

Woodforest Bank Holds On Account

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FYI, in Texas when you use the debit card at the pump.. Woodforest puts a 75.00 hold on your account though you spend only 30-40 and this applies if you use it as debit or credit,,, I tried both ways to test it.

It takes 24 hours for the actual amount to post on Woodforest.... No other Debit card has ever done this... I've had several with different banks,,, It is not the Service Station... I called Woodforest they tried to say it was the Service Station,... NOPE,,, I use different debit cards so I can verify,, it is Woodforest

Great Experience

I recently opened an account in my hometown in NC and have been very pleased so far with my experience. A nonsufficient fund I had gotten, that I was not at fault for, was taken care of by a Teller on my behalf. I was very grateful she took the time to get it resolved for me and my money back in my account. So far, so good with my new banking experience here. Thank you.

Woodforest Bank Lewisburg PA

Woodforest Bank Lewisburg PA I would like to start out by saying I believe they should fire the entire staff and rehire now myself and my wife have been contacting them all morning I am stuck in an airport in Massachusetts and they are refusing to release my deposit from yesterday I’ve called Texas and I’ve called Lewisburg my wife has called both places also my wife told me how rude they were on the phone so I recently Had her do a three-way conversation so I could listen in and could not believe what I was hearing the woman was absolutely rude and basically told my wife not to call anymore when I get home I will no longer do business with this bank

BEWARE Woodforest Can't Keep Your Money Safe And Horrible Customer Service

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I have been with Woodforest National Bank for at least 13 years, possibly longer. I've had my account(s) broken into 4 times to date. This weekend the thieves stole a combined total of almost $1200 out of 2 accounts. The accounts had two different debit cards. Unless it was an "inside job" or the bank's security is extremely lax, I don't know how they got the debit card numbers for 2 different accounts. It's very upsetting to have your account compromised. It makes you feel horrible. But then to have Woodforest customer service treat you with suspicion and disdain is disgraceful. I asked 3 different employees to speak with the corporate office and was refused a contact number. I asked for my funds to be replaced and was told I'd have to wait until they finished their investigation before my money is returned (if it is returned). The Woodforest fraud department was aware my accounts were compromised. They contacted me to tell me that they had stopped 2 fraudulent transactions from going through my 1st account. Yet they allowed 3 more to go through. Then they called again about my second account to let me know that they had allowed 5 fraudulent transactions to pass through my 2nd account. Yet they still haven't returned my money. When I told them I would be closing my accounts and moving my funds to another financial institution, I was told, "I'm sorry you feel that way." It was obvious that they didn't care if they kept my business or if I took my banking business somewhere else. They don't care about their customers. They try to come across as a bank who donates money and cares about the people in their community. It's a lie. It's a false facade. Take your business to a bank that embraces honest practices, protects your hard-earned cash and treats you with the dignity you deserve.

Goods And Bads Of This Bank

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Ive had this account for almost a year ! I loved everything about it even the fact i overdraft and they dont charge any fees except when something tries to come thru that you dont know about then they want to charge you a $29.00 NFS fee even if you dont know its coming thru ! I called to ask them to take it off its my first and only fee to be charged and they said i have to go into the bank and speak to someone ! Why? What the hell is the customer service phone number for if they cant even help you ? The fact that i cant make deposits without going into the bank and only if there open! That sucks bad what if i have a bill due to come out and there closed and i cant deposit the funds then get charged an NFS fee because theres only 2 banks in my whole city and both far from where i live only reason i opened this account was to not have to drive around town and pay bills but looks like id rather do that then spend $29 on nfs fees that could be gas money each month for me to drive and pay my bills !!! Smh bad customer service all the way around ! Ive had other accounts that would cash a check if me and the other person sogned the back they wont cash it for me unless that person is there with me that totally defeats the purpose i do understand why to save someone else but they shouldnt worry about that until something goes wrong then blame the person and make them pay for it ! I opened a new account with another bank furst week there has been way more awesome than the year with woodforest ! They have mobile deposits a bank right up the street from me and atms i can deposit money ANYTIME I NEED TOO! Oh and I accidentally went over $12 and they refunded me the NFS fee immediately im in love with my NEW bank already bye bye woodforest ! Oh and they waived their monthly fees if my account has a direct deposit of so much per month something woodforest didnt do ! They charged me monthly fees No Matter What so GOODBYE WOODFOREST FOREVER

Love them!

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I have had an account with Woodforest National Bank since I was 16(ish) years old and I'm now almost 25. They treated me like an adult from the get-go. It was really easy to set up an account. My branch is in our local Walmart. The staff is super friendly & know me on a first name basis. I'm emailed every morning with an overview of the day before. I get my checks from work deposited a day ahead of everyone else. I've never had an issue with someone stealing my information. Those that I know that've had that problem with this bank has had the issue resolved very quickly. I also love that they have late business hours and are open on weekends, as most banks are not.

I love my Bank!

I have been banking with woodforest for over 3 years now! I dont think i would ever choose another bank after working with Woodforest. They offer an app on smart phones where all of your info needed is always displayed and updated correctly. The customer service (IN BANK) and online, and OVER the phone is excellent. Always quick, always helpful, they are always willing to help me with whatever need i may have. And NO monthly fees! They are excellent!

What it lacks it makes up for in Customer Service.

I currently have been banking with Woodforest for about a year now. When I opened my account, I got my debit card the same day, and I remember really liking not having to wait for it to come in the mail. If i've ever had a problem the employees and manager have always taken the time to sit down and go through everything until I get all my questions answered. When I used to bank at bigger banks I felt like they didn't have any time for me. They have a mobile app that I use alot, and it hasn't given me any problems but I do kind of feel like the bank as a whole is a little behind. The things that the bigger banks offer this does not; ATMs do not take deposits, all tickets are handwritten and the mobile application leaves a bit to be desired although it does do many different things. The overdraft fee is $29 as opposed to some banks $32 and $34 fees so that is reasonable. They also offer a good second chance checking account if you have charge offs with other banks, and I hear that is something that not many banks will offer you. All in all the customer service here trumps any minor problems I have with them and I will continue to bank at Woodforest National Bank.

Second Chance Banking

Woodforest Bank is a bank located within Walmart stores. It is a second chance bank for people who cannot get bank accounts otherwise. I was really excited to find this bank because I really needed a second chance. I have banked with Woodforest for the past two years. There fees for using debit cards and making withdrawals are very reasonable. I have a special feature on my checking account where I am able to overdraw without penalty. That certainly comes in handy when I have unsuccessfully balanced my check book and overdrew. I would recommend this bank to other people needing a second chance. The start up fee is very reasonable and Woodforest meets all of their customers banking needs.

Woodforest bank offers customers what other banks cannot.

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I began banking with Woodforest Bank in February of 2017. At the time I was banking with Capital One. Capital One decided to close down all of their branches in Texas. So I had to search for a new bank for my financial needs. I went to First National Bank and the first impression the banker left on me was terrible. I had recently seen Wood Forest Bank inside my local Walmart. I went in and let them know I was interested in opening an account. They were extremely helpful, polite and professional. They opened up my bank account within 10 minutes and handed me a welcome good bag along with my new debit card. They printed my debit card right there and then! No other bank had ever done that for me. They informed me that they are open ever day of the week until 6pm. This was a big plus for me as I do a lot of business week round. I have been very satisfied with my experience with Wood Forest Bank and I intend to stay with them for a very long time.

Worst Ever

This bank is the absolute most fraudulent bank EVER. Damn app requires a star to get out of this application but I would reject every single star to the negatives on all notes.

Bad Service

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The two women at the counter, were very rude. They did not know simple banking rules. When I asked to speak with a superior, they refused to provide me any contact information.


The financial institution I'm about to tell you about is a local one in southern Texas outside of Austin called Woodforest Bank that has their branch locations inside of local Wal-Mart supercenters. It was a while ago that I had a checking account with them. I won't name specific people. Getting a checking account initially was difficult because they said I had bad credit, but when I initially applied with them I had virtually NO credit history so I was very shocked and skeptical. I had to call some central number to find out why and then subsequently get approved. At this time in my life I didn't have direct deposit so I'd always go to the local branch in Cedar Park to deposit my pay check. At least a couple of the employees were people I'd gone to high school with. This gave me some comfort and familiarity but I didn't like that they always were gossiping as if they'd never grown up. Looking back I feel as if the bank could have hired more competent and mature employees. Eventually I left that bank and switched to Wachovia which then got bought out by Wells Fargo.

Alright for a last-chance bank

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I used Woodforest after some dumb decisions I made in college locked me out for several years of larger banks. Woodforest had a program for second chance bankers which fit my needs when I entered the job force. Their fees are a bit burdensome, but they are taking a bit of a risk on you as you are a "second chance", so it's understandable. Their customer service is really poor and their website and app are nothing to write home about.

However, if you really need a bank account and can't get one with a larger bank, they are a decent option to consider and I never felt fleeced during our relationship, However, once I was able to, I did move on to a bigger bank. So, essentially, consider them if you must and you'll be fine with their service. Nothing special, but nothing terrible. Just be thankful for the second opportunity.

Woodforest Bank

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We love Woodforest Bank! We have both our savings and checking accounts there thanks to their "second chance" accounts that cater to those of us who have had problems in the past with bank accounts. They are super friendly and accommodating. Located in Walmart store, they are open 7 days a week but just using their website I can complete most transactions. Their fees are fair and clearly marked so there are no surprises! We look forward to being a customer for a long long time!

Platinum Account Woes

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Several years ago, I opened a Platinum Plus account. Under the terms of this account, you are to receive access to funds immediately. The hang-up is that the tellers at the branches have a limited authority to accept the check for deposit-typically $1000 and at the Wal-Mart branches, a manager is often not on duty. After several episodes of waiting several minutes for the teller to make call after call trying to reach a supervisor, we are moving on. The final straw was when the teller balked at us depositing an Allstate claim check and we were both present with IDs. After standing there 10 minutes, we ripped up the deposit slip and took it to another bank. We weren't even trying to get any cash off it, just deposit!

Woodforest Kinda OK So Far

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I just opened a 2nd chance checking acct. with Woodforest less than 2 months ago. So far, they've been fair and even credited one NSF fee for refusing to accept a deposit that would have avoided that charge. However, they recently suspended my debit card OD protection privileges for one $10.49 negative balance caused SOLELY by recurring monthly svc. fee!

I wrote an email via their on-site message portal to complain. About 2 days later, reply came back with same crap as first auto-notification that I must wait 60 days with no more OD balances and take a GPS banking course at a local branch. This is very unfair, as sole cause of ONE overdraft was due to BANK-imposed mandatory recurring service charges. Very unreasonable, but I defer overall judgment at this early stage in the game.

Made Me Feel Like A Criminal

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I am an ex military wife, my ex husband was in the Marine Corps 1st then U.S Army retired after 24 yrs in, he was deployed to Iraq after 9/11 he stayed there for 5 years then came home for 2 weeks then retired in them 2 weeks and went back over as a contractor working with Special Forces. He has now been there 10 years. All the time he has been there he has sent me money for me to take care of the household bills and to take care of the 3 kids, we divorced in 2004 and he still sent me money til yesterday 06/15/2015 and he would send by way of wiring from his bank account with USAA & Capital One, into my Woodforest account for the last 3 yrs since I moved to Louisiana, I had been with other banks before and NEVER had any problems, today I tried to use my debit card an couldn't so I went to the bank to find out what was wrong, they told me my account was closed for suspicious activity on my account and due to the extensive monitoring required for the activity on your account we regret to inform you your account will be closed. I called and spoke with the corporate office and they said they are not obliged to tell me what was suspicious activity was on my account, We have the same last name and the wires come in his name to my name and they can also see I pay all my bills with my debit card, so they are thinking I am a drug dealer or money laundering, so they closed my account, my 3 kids have accounts with them that now we are closing and I advise you to NEVER bank with them, My ex husband and best friend fights for this country and I can't even have him wire money to me from his bank account to pay bills and take care of the kids as long as I was with Wood Forest National Bank, because to them I am obviously a criminal and not a mother & ex military wife of 24 years!!!

Thanks for giving me a chance WoodForest

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I am so happy I discovered Woodforest. In the past I have not been very responsible with my bank account. I thought I would never be able to have an account again. Wood forest has a second chance checking account. I was thrilled when I found out I qualified for an account. At the time I even got a bonus for opening the account. The minimum deposit was $25 but the gave me an additional matching deposit. I don't have a fee if my check is direct deposited and that is a plus. Although, I have had a few complications with timing of deposits etc. I really enjoy this banking institution. If you keep a $1,000 balance you will have a 05% interest. That's better than nothing. Thanks Woodforest!

Great customer service, average business.

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I started working with Wood Forest Bank 3 weeks ago. The lady that helped me open the account explained everything thoroughly, and when I had a question she couldn't answer, she called someone higher up in the bank to get an answer for me. I've have been back to the bank several times and she is always there and greets me with a smile and asks how I am doing.

Unfortunately the credit card that I ordered through them 3 weeks ago has yet to arrive, despite the fact that I was told it would come within 10 business days. I've asked the bank and they said they can't track it, so they have no idea where my card is. This is very frustrating, because I have to go to the bank to make a withdrawal every time I go shopping.

However I'm willing to look past it, because the other features are decent. Not the greatest bank out there, but definitely better than some.

Handles Customers Quickly

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I originally joined Woodforest simply because it was located in Walmart, where I occasionally do grocery shopping, and I was new to town. Woodforest doesn't seem remarkable in any way except that the tellers and staff are very efficient at their job and have never wasted my time. I have never stood in line more than one minute. When I had to bring in my change of name paperwork for marriage, the teller I was working with did not know how to handle my information. She quickly got someone on the phone who came out and sat me at a desk to process my work. The process took about two minutes. I compare this to a credit union I also belong to. The process there took over ten minutes. As my time is valuable and I hate standing in line, I choose Woodforest for most of my banking.

Woodforest Bank Review

Woodforest bank, being conveniently located inside my local Walmart, was one of the most convenient banks I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It offers extended ours, often open until after 7pm local time on specific nights of the week. This offers especially night shift workers increased flexibility, and allows you to wake later in the day and still be able to conduct banking activities. They offer daily email updates that reflect any new transactions, pending transactions that have now completed, as well as your available and ledger balances. This is quite convenient, as it makes it easy to keep track of your available funds, often preventing overdrafts for those with lower income levels. Fees tend to be the bank's one weak point, as their products often require you to keep a certain income level and / or a specific balance to avoid monthly service charges. At the time of my business with them, this totaled approximately $6 a month for basic checking and an associated savings accout. Other pay per service activities such as money orders and cashiers checks tend to be cheaper than other options. Their online services tend to be smooth with a clean, easy to use interface. The online mobile banking tends to have frequent downtimes, however. All my interactions with the bank tellers as well as customer service were quick, with friendly service. Overall, I would rate my experience very good. If they would lower several of their fees, I would be willing to up this to excellent, making them one of the more competitive banks that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Woodforest: A safe place

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This bank is a fairly good bank. The perrsonell, both online support, customer support, and physical locations are all very professional. They have treated me very kindly in my time with them. But they also have fees that some people may not be comfortable with. The main fee I am not too fond of is for people with direct deposit accounts. Woodforest charges at least 6 dollars if one's balance ever goes below 100$ in a month. I am also not too fond of the automatic fraud system, in which certain purchases can be labeled as 'fraud' automatically, preventing you from using your bank card until the hold has been lifted. Woodforest generally serves poorer people and tends to be found in Walmarts as a physical location.

Very Very Poor Bank Is Woodforest

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WoodForest Bank has absolutely no excuse for what WoodForest did to me. For some months there was a daily bank statement sent to e-mails online. Suddently, nothing at all. Nothing. Daily was way too much. Monthly, would be fine, but there was nothing suddently, and no explanation whatsoever. My bank account at WoodForest was entirely disolved. Entirely to nothing because of fees. It was called inactivity fees. There was and is absolutely no excuse for no contact. I know persnally of another who couldn't even get postal bank statements from WoodForest. So, WoodFrest is a place of robbery, and not any place of safe keeping. Never use WodForest Bank. Never. I did withdraw from Woodforest.  I aked for a change in my e-mail address, and all was agreed to and fine. This was only a month before my account was entirely disolved. Nobody at the bank knew anything. Weird, huh?

Best Banking Experience I Have Ever Had.

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The people are always friendly, knowledgable and helpful. It is actually a pleasure to go to the bank.

A few years ago, there was a time that a company overcharged me by not stopping an automatic charge when they should have. This put my account in the negative. The people at Woodforest forgave the overdraft, helped me to get things straight again, and made sure that company could not automatically charge my account again.

Great people. Great bank. I highly recommend them



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Simply not the kind of bank where employees are well trained to resolve issues.  Requests for assistance requires numerous attempts lasting days to weeks.  District managers don't return telephone calls.  By far the most unresponsive of all banks I've ever experienced to date.  Definitely NOT recommended - put your money somewhere else. 

Great Bank!

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I was skeptical at first, especially after seeing my first Woodforest in a Wal Mart, but they really changed my perception. They have been wonderful with me. I truly believe a lot is in the client and not the bank. Dont make bad decisions and you wont have any issues. Very professional clerks who seem to really care. I felt at home from the day I walked in!

Woodforest Bank Is Not A Good Bank

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To make a long story short ,The bank cashed a 2 party check for a large amount of money on which one of the boys had expired ID,and the teller did not verify the check,which turned out to be closed account and stolen,and no red flags went up that the bank it was drawn on was in the same parking lot.My grandson which in all the years with banking never had that amount in the bank,had him sign the back of the check and cashed it for the other boy.3 days later the check came out of his account which put his account in the red plus all the service fees and wanted him to pay back the money they cashed for the other boy.When I went to the bank the manager wouldnt even talk to me about it and said nothing can be done except my grandson deposit the money and have his account out of the red.When I went higher up it took two weeks for him to call me and said the same thing,We didnt get the money ,dont have that kind of money so they took out of my account all the money I had in there and put me in the red so now all my checks will be sent back and have 2 accounts in the red.Plus left me penniless for groceries and gas.Im telling you all this because it can happen to you,warning do not bank with Woodforest bank

Avoid This Bank

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I opened individual and business accounts based upon 5 star rating at this site. It took 3 hours for clerk to open my first account, and she ended up putting the wrong name on my checks. I noticed service charges on my statements which turned out to be charges for every check I wrote which no one told me about when I opened these "free checking" accounts. It takes 10 minutes to make a deposit because clerks have to get permission to take money. Clerk put a 7 day hold on my cash deposit. Walmart branch clerks were nice, but obviously poorly trained, if at all - everything takes much longer than it should. Woodforest is too greedy, too bureaucratic, and too incompetent to be a real bank.

Great Institution

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Great institution. Excellent online banking, direct deposits post 24 hours prior to actual post date, clear terms, quality programs.

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