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Their services are not good, the communication, the fees, and knowledge are all around the worse. The fees are not stopped when you tell several teller, corporate and branch managers. I have had nothing but frustration.

This 20 Plus Years Customer Is Leaving! (If They Let Me)

I wish I could give 0 stars. I was with Zions Bank for 20 years. It was fine, at first, and then they would randomly freeze my account for weird reasons. Once, they froze my account because “they didn’t know my occupation.” With that, they also froze my 3 children’s accounts who were connected with mine, and being in college, we were all beyond frustrated that it took several days to unfreeze them. Right after that, my kids withdrew their money, but I still stayed for a while, dealing with the random freezing of the account, the extra fees they found they could add, etc. But when I tried to leave, I found that it was like trying to quit the mob...I went in, said I wanted to cut ties with Zions and close my accounts, thinking I was done now. 6 months later, I get calls from Zions that I’m past due on my line of credit. What??? I thought everything was closed, so I didn’t stop some auto payments (bc, silly me, I thought a closed account couldn’t be charged), so they kept just billing my line of credit. Argh. So, I’m angry now and frustrated. The fees have piled up and I now owe a large sum of money. But I just want out! I ask to talk to the manager at the North Salt Lake branch and the nice lady apologizes for the miscommunication, says that everything will be shut down, as soon as I pay the fees. I scrape up the money to pay, thinking I am now out of the Zion’s Bank mob. 6 months later the calls come again. They didn’t close down my account or my line of credit and allowed all sorts of fees and payments to go through that I thought were cancelled. AGAIN!!!!! I go talk to the assistant manager (the manager I spoke to before didn’t work there anymore and there had been 4 managers since then!). Angry, I asked, “How did this happen??? The manager assured me we were finished!!!!” He hemmed and hawed and said, “Sorry, but there’s nothing I can do.” He then went back and looked at the day I came in to make the big payment and close all accounts with them. Apparently, just after I made the payment, but before the manager had closed all the accounts, there was a fee applied to my account, which kept it active, for now I owed them more money, and it would not close. RUN AWAY FROM ZIONS NOW!!! They are very unethical and have charged me thousands in crazy fees and took no responsibility for their massive mistakes. The next bank I went to didn’t freeze my account when I went out of town, they texted me to make sure I approved of the charge, and off we went. Other banks can get it done so much better!

There Are Betters Out There

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I opened an account here to get discounts at the megaplex theatres. I got my debit card and was unable to get my funds so I went to their Orem location to try and get it sorted out. It was one of the most outdated bank branches I have been in. The tellers were clueless about what was going on and had to call the office in Salt Lake, they were able to get the money out of the account. A few weeks later, I get an email stating they were unable to verify my identity. Really? They could have called and asked for documents or something!

Used To Be A Good Bank

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I've been with Zions for about 10 years. It started great--I got wonderful response and was pleased with the products and service. But recently the service has dropped dramatically. Try calling the general help number and you will get someone who is trying first to get you off the phone ("try this or go into the branch and solve it") not help solve your problem. I've sadly had that happen multiple times.
It's not the proud local bank it used to be. I'm really disappointed.

Zions Bank, meh. But still better than most.

I started banking with Zions Bank in 2008, right when I graduated from high school. I Used them all through college and even after. At the start I really loved it. But as they got bigger and bigger, the fees increased and the customer service went down. It is still better than most big banks, but I have now switched to a smaller credit union and I much prefer that. I just felt as thought they were making too much money off of my overdraft charges even though I had requested multiple times to not have my account even able to overdraft. 6/10

A decent choice with opportunities

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This is an overall solid bank, but one that is advantageous in my area only because there are so many branches located around here. They have a good selection of products. For me, I've had both a savings and checking account to them. One thing I like is that it's easy to find your balance and what transactions currently are on a live update. Some institutions delay these by quite a bit, but Zions does a good job of making them as real-time as possible. What I don't like about them is that they don't have a good way to do live chat or contact customer service outside of calling them. Really wish they would support more channel offerings to get people a way to contact them in case of account issues.

Hike Fees! Lower Service! Over 20 Years With Zions Bank DONE!

I have seen over the past few years Zions bank has really gone down hill it when it comes to remembering who keeps them in business. Just a few years ago 7am to 7pm banking was a great part of Zions Bank. Just after I closed my place of work or before I opened for the day I could take care of my banking needs. Not any more! Open at 9 or 10 and close at 5 or 6 my branch is not even open at all (not even drive thru) on Saturdays. This was the first big disappointment for me. Next part of the down fall of Zions Bank was the roll out of service fees hikes up to 30% in one year. Next I had a business loan with Zions for 7 years. Last month I asked for a payoff so I could pay the loan off. It took 19 phone calls and 11 faxes and emails over an 8 day period for Zions Bank to get the pay off to me with promises "just give us an hour" mean while charging about $35 a day intrest. I was blown away! I have been honest in my banking relationship with Zions. A few years ago I wrote a check for $5000 it went through my account but a banking error only pulled out $325 for that $5000 check. I caught it 3 months later and immediately went in to this Orem branch and showed Brad what had happened and had him take the correct amount from my account. I don't feel like it's heroic to be honest just business as usually and I expect honesty in return. Yesterday sealed the deal... end of Zions Bank in my business and personal banking. Yesterday when for the first time many years I had a 4 fees pop up on my account, I called to dispute 1 out of 4 charges on my account, and a manger brushed me off like a pest and told me to have a great day. I will not be a pest anymore, or a customer. Zions Bank has forgotten how the customer used to matter. Closing my 4 Accounts and encouraging my friends and family to do the same. I will never bank there again!

A caring and professional bank

I was in Utah for college and BoA was not available in the area for me to deposit/withdraw money and manage my account. I went into Zion Bank in South Jordan, UT to open an account. I was greeted very warmly, like family. I opened up a savings/checking account with them. Their web experience is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend Zion bank. They also offered me a small scholarship for attending a university nearby.

Great Service

After doing contract work there I opened an account and am happy with the service for the last 2 years

Zions Bank is just so-so

I've been with Zions Bank with over 10 years, but I just decided to cut off my ties with them. The reasons for doing so include their lousy savings rates and really poor experiences I've had with other aspects of the institution. When I'm making less return on my savings than inflation, I really need to switch to a better bank. Most experiences with customer service have been friendly, but I haven't been made a very high priority to other things the tellers and bankers seem to be doing. I've had a number of problems with their on-site ATMs shooting money out or just eating my money. One instance in particular took 4 hours out of my day to just get my money deposited after the ATM ate it. That's just really unacceptable. I'm looking for a new bank now that is competitive and doesn't have so many logistical problems.

Experience With Local Zions Branch

I have been a long time Zions Bank customer and I find their service to be very good. I enjoy banking with a local institution because I am able to better resolve issues and problems with a local company that has headquarters in my state. Overall, I have had a very good experience with my deposit accounts at Zions. I maintain both checking and savings accounts with this bank. Although I do most of my banking on-line, they have several conveniently located branches which I have visited when necessary.

Large Bank Basic Features

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I have been banking with Zions Bank, for 8 years now and the internet access has been the same and has received no changes since I first signed up 8 years ago. It is a basic site that shows all your accounts that you have with Zions, but there are no state of the art features that make things more lucrative to stay with Zions. Sending wires and or ACH'S is difficult. I have had personal experiences where Zions, will show that the wire and or ACH, was submitted correctly and the money debited out of my account, only to find out that a couple days later the payment actually failed. Which has led to me being charged fees, from the places I tried to send the money because the payment never arrived therefore I am charged a late fee. Also, the mobile app is very limited on what you can do. It allows you to see your account balances, but does not allow you to make payments or transfer money. If Zions, could make the mobile experience more updated and fluid, I believe Zions, customers would be happier over all.

Leaving Zions For Good.

I received awful service from a lady today at the Zions Bank Sandy branch on 2137 E 9400 s. She is apparently the "customer service" specialist at that branch. I had an issue with my account and was being charged wrongful late fees and charges that were due to a payment transfer on my account that was incorrect. It was a mistake on their part and the lady was willing to do nothing to make the situation better, and trust me she didn't even try. She gave me no explanation what so ever as to why or how the late charges were showing on the account, and no professional explanation as to why they would not be able to get them removed. She also glared at me during the whole conversation and had attitude. I mean seriously lady your job is CUSTOMER SERVICE i think you can try a little bit harder than that. Then, as if it couldn't get worse the branch manager was ALSO not willing to do anything for me (the lady went and talked to him on her own im not entirely sure how that conversation went). The branch manager couldn't even get off his butt and out of his office to have a conversation with an upset client? I mean seriously, what's the point in these positions anyway? I decided to visit a different branch right after to see what kind of answers I would receive from them. Can I just say what a relief! They took off 60%+ of my late charges are were so respectful and courteous to me. Not only were they respectful, but they were able to take care of my issues and explain in a professional matter as to why the issues were on the account in the first place. I find it extremely unlawful that not only did the specialist at the Sandy branch AND the branch manager tell me there was "nothing they could do" but, I go to a different branch and they do everything in their power to honor my requests and save me TONS of money? I was told I could not post names on here but I sure hope if there are any executives reading this they know who to talk to and teach the SIMPLE, BASIC principals of customer service.. cause what a disappointment that was!

A treasure - no fees!

I've been with Zions Bank for 10 years and can say I've never paid a single fee with them. I started with my personal checking account, and then added a money market account. They never charged me for my debit cards, and I've only paid for checks. When I started a company, I walked in with some supporting documentation and walked out after about 40 minutes with a new business checking and savings account with a lot of great security features and debit card management over the phone. We didn't pay anything for that either.

I've always been impressed with the accessibility of Zions Bank services and everything they offer. Their online banking panel and mobile applications provide all the features I need, including free OFX reporting for services like Mint.com or Quicken, to stay on top of my account all the time. I even get a text message + email within seconds of when my debit card is used - it arrives before the cashier can hand me the receipt, usually! I'm very impressed with Zions Bank and keep them on my shortlist when I need to open other accounts.

Zions Bank Stinks

Since banking with Zions Bank I have had so many issues with my account. I put over draft-protection and with notice my account is opted into a program that I did not authorize. I end ended up over drafting and they made the mistake on their end and are not willing to fess up. I talk to the customer service rep and they said that there was a plethora of reason why it happened. Have you ever had someone have liar written over their face well this lady had that exact look. She said they would deduct half of what over drafted. Apparently, she could not do math because the amount offered was a quarter of the amount over drafted. It’s dumb when you hear what they doesn’t match what they do. I think if the person running customer service should live up to their word. If she says half pay half not a quarter. I will advise against banking with Zions Bank until they get their act together. I have chosen to leave this bank and find a better one. However, due to their lack of assistance it will take a month of overdraft charges to make this change. Thank you Zions Bank for your Horrible Service.

P.S.: Wells Fargo is not any better.

Mostly Happy.

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I do not live anywhere near a Zions Bank branch, but have never needed one. Their website is pretty good, and they respond online well. I have been with them about 7 years now, and am happy with my experiences. I was even deployed overseas for a year, and banking was not an issue for me.

Open Account W Zions Bank? Might Be Dangerous

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I decided to open Internet Money Market IRA. It was supposed to be quick and easy. After I opened the account online (22Feb2013) I received an email, which informed me about welcome package coming in mail. 7mar13 - I contacted Zions bank and express my concern of not receiving my package. They recommended me to go to the branch to sign signature card there. 11mar13 - I went to the branch. I waited one hour for all the paperwork, which person helping me (Assistant Vice President) received in email. As I seen what's in the welcome package, I was shocked. All my information and my husbands as a beneficiary right there. Social security, date or birth, address, phone numbers, everything and they didn't even bother to send it registered or with some kind of tracking number. She was shocked too and apologized. After signing signature card, I left the branch hoping sooner or later welcome package which show up in my mail box. It never did. I called help line couple times trying to see if my account is active. They haven't received signature card. Zilion phone calls later -25March13. They recommended me to go again to branch and fedex it. As I came to the bank I still believed signature card was emailed, but I was wrong, my whole information was send out by mail, not registered, not able to track. AGAIN!!! I asked if they will offer me a identity theft protection, which they decline. They actually told me that it was my risk which I agreed to take by applying for account. That it was my choice. (I do read a tiny letters and I haven't seen anything stating your information will be send out unprotected and if lost oh well too bad) It all seemed like it was my fault. I told them to cancel the whole account. An awesome idea of opening an IRA account to protect your future.  :(  

Accounts Closed Mysteriously


Recently, National Bank of Arizona (a subsidiary of Zions) terminated my long standing accounts violating the account agreements in place, without reasonable notice or reason, and caused significant hardship to my family and my various business and community efforts.


On Oct 22, 2012, I received aletter from National Bank via certified mail at my UPS store mailbox.  The accounts detailed were ALL of my family's accounts at National Bank including my personal account, my wife's personal account, my corporate business account, my father's account, my son's saving account, and 2 accounts for the political campaigns for my wife and I, as we were running for election to the Arizona State Legislature.  This action was taken without any explanation ever given to me.  And these closures negatively impacted my business and caused harm to my families reputation.

 I have been a customer at the bank for over 25 years.  I opened my first account at National Bank in 1986 which was then the First Interstate bank of Arizona at the Naco branch in Bisbee Arizona.  In the last 26 years, I have never bounced a check and have not had more than a few checks that were returned NSF, and none through any fault of my own.  I have had several lines of credit including several Home Equity loans and personal lines of credit with outstanding loan balances seceding $250,000 at several times.  I have never missed a payment on any loan, and I have paid off the principal of these loans several times.  I have also been an Executive Banking Customer since at least 2001.  At times I have had several hundred thousand dollars on deposit at the bank.  I have also had close personal relationships with several bank officers and executives.  I have not committed any fraud or deception nor do I represent any risk to the bank. I have been a good and loyal customer. 

The account agreement allows the bank to close accounts with "Reasonable" notice.  As I explained to the bank representatives I was able to reach over the phone, 7 business days is not reasonable notice.  To close political campaign accounts 6 days before an election is not reasonable.  To close a primary business account that has been in use for 14 years is not reasonable.  Especially when there is no evidence of risk or fraud presented by the customer. I repeatedly asked bank management for an explanation of these actions and I was told that they had no obligation to tell me.

Now the bank did agree to extend the closing date to November 15th, 2012.  However my accounts were frozen on October 29th and I was told to pick up any and all deposits.  After forwarding the attached letter to Ed Leyba at ZIONS, my accounts were re-activated.  However on Nov 10th my accounts were again frozen.  It was only after contacting bank management again that they were re-activated until November 14th, when I was told to come into a branch and get the remaining balances issued to me in certified funds.  Several checks presented on the 14th and 15th were returned as account closed.


These actions are very puzzling to me.  The actions taken by the bank against me were without basis or merit.  They have the right to choose their customers, but they do not have the right to expel long term customers from the bank without reasonable notice and without any evidence of risk or wrongdoing. 


They Are Horrable And Treat Customers As Beggers

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They charge fees they know they are not intitled to. They lie about policies to maximize overdraft fees and other fees. The charge 5 dollars a day after the 30 and then dont send notices of overdrafting for a week.  The will Lie aobut the status of loans and other information.

Dont Even Think About It

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Don't even think about it to get business loan with them. They refuse to help us with our small business loan when United States economy is very weak. We ask them to help us to restructure our current business loan. They told us No way you are own.

Zion Bank Preys On It's Customers.

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Zion Bank thinks your money belongs to them.  If you have direct deposit, they do not post it into your account when they get it.  Not sure where it is but your money is not in your account.  That is probably why it looks like they are healthy, when they are not.  It is about time they were sued and hope their banks in Texas and other states will feel the pain they have caused a lot of people.  They took TARP money but act like their customers are the ones with their hands out.  Their employees are dim, lie and make you feel like you are crazy when you ask them why they basically stole your money.  The large banks and their arrogance are disgusting.  This country was on the brink of disaster and we bailed their extremely crooked **ses out.  They had a heyday and cannot let go.  Psychopath's.  I wish everyone would take their money out of these banks and go community or credit union.  They need to be reminded that banks are supposed to take of their customers, not fleece them.

Really Bad People To Work With

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they charge me for .11 cents overdraft i call them to get a courtesy refound and they trick me like sh%^^&* so no good bank to work with people and they put you on hold maybe to lough about you when you trying to get you money back SUCKS!!!!

One Year With Zions

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ive been banking with Zions for one year had one over draft. I wish they had non overdraft protection but they are better than US and the Stage coach bank.

Naw they rate well with me

Why I'm Leaving Zions - The Last Straw

I've been frustrated for years with Zions' policy of selectively processing payments to cause as many of them to go into insufficient funds status as possible.  That policy is designed to maximum the insufficient funds fees they collect from their members.  Finally, a class action suit is being brought against them (just google "zions bank class action" for details).  This is especially sad because the bank is owned in part by the Mormon Church.

The last straw came last week when Zions informed me by mail that my free checking account was now going to cost me $7.00 a month.  They gave me one month notice, so now I'm scrambling to change my banking over to a credit union.  With several automatic payments I had set up with Zions, this is not a quick task.

Anyway, be forewarned. 


No Problems

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I signed up for a Zions bank account online a year ago. I've found the web site easy to use, and it's easy to transfer money from my regular bank account.

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