Signature Federal Credit Union

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12 Herbert St
Alexandria, VA 22305

Signature Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Alexandria and is the 27th largest credit union in the state of Virginia. It is also the 839th largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1970 and as of June of 2019, it had grown to 55 employees and 23,412 members at 1 location. Signature Federal Credit Union's CD rates are 3X the national average, and it has an A health rating.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership is open to anyone through membership in the American Consumer Council. Membership is also open to employees of the United States Postal Service and to employees and members of other select organizations. (Membership requirements are listed in the credit union's online application)
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13-Month Advantage Certificate, 2.75% APY - 11/28/2018

Anyone can join Signature FCU through the American Consumer Council. Advantage Certificate *For a limited time only!* With our Advantage Certificate you can start building your savings even faster earning a rate 2.75% APY for 13 months, but hurry, this offer ends soon. The minimum balance required to open this certificate is $500. New money only. Dividends are compounded and credited monthly. 13-month Advantage Certificate may not be added to at any time during the term. Early withdrawal penalties apply. New deposits only. Certificate will earn 2.75% APY for 13 months. Certificate does not automatically renew.

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Reviews (7)

Great Little Credit Union

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 9, 2010

Great if you can get in.  Restricted to Postal employees.  Now have a 3.8% APR 22 month CD going, which is 2 ponts above above.  However, the minimum is 25 grand. 

Signatures Gives The Runaround In A Major Way, Inconsistent, Doesnt Walk The Talk

I read the comments on here before applying, and thought it might be a random bad experience. However, it appears to be a pattern of confusion, inconsistency, and not following their own rules and recommendations.

I was told, "Being a member of other credit unions does not factor into our decision when a potential member is applying for membership with us. I always encourage our members to give their other financial institutions some competition and to compare rates to see who exactly is offering the best product. I believe in what Signature FCU has to offer and am confident in our products, our rates and our ability to accommodate our members. If you have any questions regarding some of our rates and services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you again for you interest in joining Signature FCU."

After I was denied joining as a new member, I was told:

"Our membership review committee has reviewed your membership application to Signature Federal Credit Union. Unfortunately, your application for membership has been denied due to a high number of recent inquiries with other financial institutions. This decision is final and cannot be overturned."

After I applied, I was told I could not join because of inquiries denoting I had joined other credit unions already. When I pointed out this inconsistency, I received no reply. Why claim that being a member of others "does not factor into our decision" then tell me that I am being denied because of a high number of recent inquiries from others Ive opened accounts!?! The representative encouraged me to give them competition, but it seems that is just lip service. To be clear, my credit score is around 800, I dont have any late payments, no record of problems, yet I get denied?!? If you aren't going to walk the talk, you need to change what you are telling people. That's not a good way to do business. I am a highly diversified rate shopper with a large amount of money in cd's all over the US. To be treated as unworthy is greatly disappointing. So much for being told they are "confident they can accommodate."

UPDATE 4-20-16
After a few weeks, I was finally able to get this opened, once Signature took another look and did the right thing afterall. It appears they do honor their word. I wish it hadn't taken so long but I am happy they did what was necessary to get me approved. Being a member of other credit unions shouldnt get one denied because that is anti-competitive.

Great 22 Mo. Bump Up CD - 3.8% APR !

Posted by: Guitarman | Sep 20, 2010

I just opened up several of these so I know this is a real rate.   Nothing comes close, however must have minimum of 25 grand to open.  The credit union has been easy for me to work they try to get things right.  

We'll See - Unbelievable Project

Posted by: curls | Jan 8, 2016

I've been trying to open an account for days. Something is going on there. I've jumped through hoops and more hoops. They don't seem to be able to streamline a process and just do it. It's like they are trying so hard, but over doing everything.

I was asked a long series of security questions TWICE. (The type like when you apply for a loan.) Even after telling me that I passed the first set. The first set of questions were odd and I emailed a concern about them, but that got no response. When I pointed out the email, the answer was that it was never seen.

They sent documents to sign ON the COMPUTER using your cursor, but with no heads up that they use Docusign, nor explanation of how it works. I finally figured that out on my own. You can't save a copy WITH your signature, but that doesn't seem to bother them.

I provided my driver's license and joined ACC organization to for universal membership, and funded the account. Those were the requires stated in the email I got. But...then in later step, got told to provide TWO more pieces of info, a paystub and another bank statement with my name. I minded digging up stuff after all those security questions and copy of license. I really minded that they lied and said it was because of NUCA requirements. NCUA doesn't have requirements like this. They said they wanted to "be sure of who I am" because I don't work directly for one of their organizations but I answered TWO sets of personalized security questions ALREADY and was already told that only a driver's license was needed!

So this gets my account open, and instead of an email with my data and how to go online... I get a personal phone call. Personal sounds nice, but why do I want to talk to someone at that point (at 5pm)? Especially when he starts telling me the benefits of the bank (sales pitch on an account I just opened?), and doesn't know what type of account I've signed up to open? This was the manager I'd originally spoken to, who doesn't remember my original conversation. Why not instead an email telling me what next steps are?

So with that call he tells me there was still another hoop. I got an email (not a welcome email, another hoop email) where I had to click and go to webpage to accept email statements. (They couldn't just set that up in my account since I'd signed the authorization in the application already? I have to accept it again?)

So, now I have the account number, but can't successfully enroll online. The computer's complaining that it couldn't verify the data and they'll manually check and send it to me. Instead of THEM doing anything manually, yet again, I'm being told to call them to get this set up. Good grief. Why can't they pre-check what's gone wrong? It's not a big credit union but I have to call the security dept (Probably one person)? Enough with security, I have an account, now activate it and send me enough info so it's easy.

Thinking back to the very first call where I was asking details, the person was new and didn't have a clue but guessed incorrectly at answers even after putting me on hold a couple times. When I finally asked for manager, I got different answers, that finally made sense. (And he sounded so relieved that I asked him if there was anyone he could ask.)

It's taken me less time to write this saga, than half the hoops so far.

It's a great rate. We'll see, if I actually ever get to use this account

....or if it becomes a project just to have it. Somehow I expect it to be.

BTW, my credit score is over 800 and I've lived in this house for 20 years and now own with mortgage. I have opened a number of banks over time. So there's nothing in my profile to explain this. Either it's that I'm female, or that this bank is always like this.

900-DAY Penalty For Early CD Withdrawal!

Posted by: MisterR | Jul 26, 2019

They are very reticent about disclosing that. What more needs to be said?

Worst Credit Union Ever!

Stay away from this credit union, they conduct illegal business practices and make their own rules and will not listen to your complaints. By far the worst credit union i have ever experienced in my life!

Awful, Just Bank Local

Don't, just don't deposit your money with this establishment. The clerks are not helpful and when you are trying to get answers, they just go silent. Waiting on hold for over an hour is pretty ridiculous also. Just as soon as I get figured out how to transfer my automatic withdrawal. Bank local people, this is a group of non caring people. Bank local.


Health Grade Components

NCUA #20061
Year Chartered1970
Primary Regulator
Profit Margin
Return on Assets - YTD0.26%
Return on Equity - YTD1.86%
Annual Interest Income$6.5MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$293.2MM$295.1MM
LoansQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$247.7MM$239.9MM
DepositsQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$239.1MM$241.0MM
Equity CapitalQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$40.7MM$39.5MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$1.2MM$1.4MM
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$757.00K$803.00K
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2019vs Q2 2018$0$0
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* The APY shown varies based on the deposit amount. Expand the listing to see APYs for other deposit amounts.

Signature Federal Credit Union Savings Account Rates

2.00%--IRA Savings
0.40%$100-Holiday Club
0.40%$5-Youth Savings
0.40%$100-Vacation Club
0.40%$100-Convention Club
0.40%$100-Name Your Own Club
0.30%$100-Business Share Savings
0.30%$100-Business Holiday Savings
0.30%$100-Business Convention Savings
0.30%$100-Share Savings

Signature Federal Credit Union Money Market Rates

1.10%*$50k*-Legacy Money Market
OTHER TIERS: 0.45% $500 - $10k | 0.65% $10k - $50k
1.00%*$50k*-Business Money Market Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $500 - $10k | 0.55% $10k - $50k
1.00%*$50k*-Money Market Account
OTHER TIERS: 0.35% $500 - $10k | 0.55% $10k - $50k

Signature Federal Credit Union Checking Account Rates

3.00%-$20kChoice Checking - High Yield
0.20%--Legacy Checking
0.20%--Youth Checking
0.10%--Business Checking Account
0.10%--Choice Checking - ATM/Rewards
0.10%--Standard Checking Account
0.10%--Student Checking

Signature Federal Credit Union CD Rates

3.20%$100k-5 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
3.20%$100k-Business 5 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
3.10%*$50k*-5 Year Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 3.00% $500 - $50k
3.00%$500-Business 5 Year Share Certificate
2.85%$100k-4 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.85%$100k-Business 4 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.80%$500-Business 36 Month Bump Up CD
2.80%$500-36 Month Bump Up CD
2.75%*$50k*-4 Year Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.65% $500 - $50k
2.75%$100k-3 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.75%$100k-Business 3 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.65%*$50k*-3 Year Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.55% $500 - $50k
2.65%$500-Business 4 Year Share Certificate
2.65%$100k-2 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.65%$100k-Business 2 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.55%$500-Business 3 Year Share Certificate
2.55%*$50k*-24 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.45% $500 - $50k
2.45%$500-Business 24 Month Share Certificate
2.45%$100k-1 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.45%$100k-Business 1 Year Jumbo Share Certificate
2.35%$500-Business 18 Month Share Certificate
2.35%*$50k*-12 Month Share Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.25% $500 - $50k
2.35%$500-18 Month Share Certificate
2.25%$500-Business 12 Month Share Certificate
2.25%*$50*$10kBusiness 1 Year EZ Save Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.10% $10k+
2.25%*$50*$10k1 Year EZ Save Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 0.10% $10k+
1.55%$500-Business 9 Month Share Certificate
1.55%$500-9 Month Share Certificate
1.45%$500-Business 6 Month Share Certificate
1.45%$500-6 Month Share Certificate
1.35%$500-Business 3 Month Share Certificate
1.35%$500-3 Month Share Certificate

Signature Federal Credit Union IRA Rates

3.20%$100k-5 Year Jumbo IRA Certificate
3.10%*$50k*-5 Year IRA Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 3.00% $500 - $50k
2.85%$100k-4 Year Jumbo IRA Certificate
2.75%*$50k*-4 Year IRA Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.65% $500 - $50k
2.75%$100k-3 Year Jumbo IRA Certificate
2.65%*$50k*-3 Year IRA Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.55% $500 - $50k
2.65%$100k-2 Year Jumbo IRA Certificate
2.55%*$50k*-24 Month IRA Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.45% $500 - $50k
2.45%$100k-1 Year Jumbo IRA Certificate
2.35%*$50k*-12 Month IRA Certificate
OTHER TIERS: 2.25% $500 - $50k
2.35%$500-18 Month IRA Certificate
1.55%$500-9 Month IRA Certificate
1.45%$500-6 Month IRA Certificate
1.35%$500-3 Month IRA Certificate

Signature Federal Credit Union Locations
Branch Office12 HERBERT STAlexandria, VA 22305

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