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900 Roosevelt Road
Niagara, WI 54151

The First National Bank of Niagara is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution mBank.

Reviews (1)

Customer Service

I feel that my one star rating of the First Niagara Bank Branch in Willow Grove, PA 19090 is justified. As I had banked with them for many years but a recent transaction left me with resentment regarding an insulting manner in which I was treated during a recent transaction. A customer ahead of me in line at the the ATM alerted me that the machine had given her an incorrect balance then kept her card. I was in the process of my transaction while the customer was speaking to me and the machine kept my card as well.

When I went inside the branch to retrieve my card I was told that it was their policy not to return credit cards that are not affiliated with First Niagara. I explained that I was trying to withdraw money from another credit card account to deposit in First Niagara to offset an overdraft fee. Then despite proving that the machine was malfunctioning as verified by the customer ahead of me, and despite proving that my drivers license ID was valid, and proving that the credit card affiliated with the other bank was valid (via a phone call from the bank) I was told that an exception would be made, but that if I used their ATM for my intended transaction and the machine retained my card again that they would not return my card.

Thus, in fear of the malfunctioning machine doing the same thing I had to go to another banks ATM to retrieve the money then go back to first Niagara to deposit it in my account to offset the expected overdraft. Simple logic, common sense and human compassion would have solved that problem without the disrespectful manner in which it was handled.  As I had also explained that I was a retired senior citizen and if they had held my card a second time that I'd be without any financial means until my next Social Security Check was due, which would have been 10 days. The experience reminded me of those Science Fiction films wherein some people allow machines to override human capacity to reason, as the banks justification for holding my card a second time if it kept it was expressed like so; "I don't know why the machine didn't return your card so we can't take a chance". It was difficult to take being an honest upstanding citizen and having a machine dictate via bank personnel that I could be a suspected criminal..... Sincerely, Tyrone Brown - Abington, PA


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