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315 Franklin Ave
Scranton, PA 18503

Valor Federal Credit Union is no longer doing business under that name because it has been merged or acquired. See the successor institution PenFed Credit Union.

Field of Membership Restrictions

Membership is open to anyone through joining the American Consumer Council ($5 fee) or through Tobyhanna Army Depot Chapter of the Association of the United States Army ($34 fee for civilians). Membership is also open to those who work within a 3-mile radius of Veterans Memorial Bridge between East Stroudsburg and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania or employees of over 200 Select Employer Groups.
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Valor CU Seeks to Merge with PenFed - Impact To Valor CD Holders? - 1/31/2017

Last week, Valor Credit Union announced that it is seeking to merge into PenFed. Before the merger can go forward, Valor must receive approval from its members.

Prime Rate Share Certificates - 1/28/2017

Does anyone know what will happen to the prime rate share certificates at 3.00% that were opened previously to the upcoming merger with PenFed? Since this is a merger and not a takeover, will they honor these certificates until maturity?

Valor Federal Credit Union - 1/26/2017

Valor Federal Credit Union pursues credit union merger with none other than Pentagon Federal credit union (Scranton Times newspaper 1/26/17.. Members of Valor will receive ballots this wk. to vote on whether to merge.... Not sure if this a deal however it may to some....

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Reviews (10)

My Experience

I have been reading the reviews of the credit union I joined a year or two a ago.

There is no such thing as a perfect bank. However, I work with a loan officer by the name of Sean Thorpe in the Scranton area.

There was a time in my life when a disability took me out of life, took away my income, and left me isolated, lonely, fat, and burdensome.

My credit score was the least of my concerns. It took me years to pull us out of the ditch. When you pay one collection account, it is like word spreads and suddenly new debts are coming out of nowhere.

I stayed with it. They extended me credit and helped me get the kind of terms that would reflect my true creditworthiness. Now, I have a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) drive a Lexus, and have some $20k + in available credit. Having money in the bank is the very source of peace of mind.

Working with Sean helped make all of these wonderful things happen


Those of you touting those Prime Rate CDs better hope you are properly structured for the NCUA Insurance! As a recent posting on their website indicates, Valor cut ties with its CEO. Nevertheless, the letter gave no indication as to why this credit union found it more prudent to operate without a CEO at this time. I would certainly be concerned if I had any significant amount of money here.

I Bet Their Employees Don't Even Bank At Valor/Toby Fcu

Posted by: terry255 | Jul 20, 2015

I have so many stories to share. I experience this coming from representatives of the East Stroudsburg and Tobyhanna, Pa. Branch) First annoying one I go into the branch to close an acct final straw. Teller gives me my balance OUT LOUD with a line full of people nearing the entrance/exit door. She was the only teller. She kept getting held up calling for assistance with the three customers before us and with us. Oh you can't close it you have a number of things pending. There were only 2 items pending, but she kept yapping loudly about that too. I didn't want to hold the other people up because after she called for help not knowing initally what the problem was I was already frustrated with her and had to ask her to tone her voice down I don't need everyone in there in my transaction business.

(East Stroudsburg Branch)Here's another one...I applied for a credit card increase I was granted. Three weeks later I applied for a refinance on a small personal loan I had outside of the credit union. I was told there would be no hard credit check but instead a soft one because they had already done one within 30 days well the two employees that told me that lied. I got a hard pull and was granted loan with conditions. We will give you the loan but we want to put a lien against your money in your account. The loan refinance was 7k I had 15k in checking. They went on to say we'll release your money as you pay off refinance. What! I asked what prompted this scenario I was told it's because of to many recent credit inquiries. When I looked at my report the bulk of credit inquires belong to them (Valor/Toby Fcu), and they too shouldn't have been on my report because they were 800.00 loans in past for vacation or odd stuff. Upon taken them out I was told if it's not over 1k there is no credit check if it's over that it's a personal loan. Well they lied about that too.

(Call Center) The customer service is bad! There doesn't appear to be any truth in lending (East Stroudsburg & Tobyhanna), and if you have money with them you are better off using your if the "underwriters" no small loan for you. They don't want you to borrow their money even though they are in loan business. This C-U simply want your deposits so they can look like a healthy "A "credit union which they are not. They are old school and out of their league. When was the last time you were at a credit union on the weekend and there is one teller who talks loud and the line is nearly out the door. Check out the East Stroudsburg branch if you want to see this at it's finest. I saw people get out of line and just walk away. lol There was one man who wanted to open an account and after sitting for nearly 20 minutes he left. Don't leave your cash with them & don't take chances hoping this small friendly little credit union is just what you need.

How Valor Credit Sucks Don't Get An Account Here

Posted by: Mat | Aug 4, 2016

On the 25 July they shut off my card without a phone call or letter so when I went to use it after a long vacation miles away from home at 230 am I was stranded "Not the first time they have shut off card unexpected" but I am fed up. On top of it is next to impossible to get a loan if you need one and the hiring of their executives is highly questionable. Their Last president was arrested for bank fraud but I don't know how he got the job in the first place he was in his late 20s I don't see how he is qualified. I am leaving this bank don't fall victim to its shady practices.



We do not have health information for Valor Federal Credit Union, because it is no longer an operational credit union.


Sorry, we do not have rate data for Valor Federal Credit Union.


Sorry, but we do not have location data for Valor Federal Credit Union. Its headquarters is located at 315 Franklin Ave - Scranton, PA 18503