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Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union is headquartered in Westland and is the 102nd largest credit union in the state of Michigan. It is also the 1,574th largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1948 and as of June of 2018, it had grown to 30 employees and 11,332 members at 1 location. Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union has a B+ health rating.

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Membership is open to those who live or work in the cities of Wayne or Westland in Michigan.
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Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union In Wayne Michigan

Posted by: DonLaw | Nov 10, 2011

November 2011

Ruth A. Strozeski

Human Resource MGR.

W/W F.C.U.

Thelma Dasho



To Whom It May Concern:


At this time I would like to reply to the incident of October 8, 2011 concerning one Rachael, a teller at W/WFCU , and myself.  Also, of the very misconstrued, negative, one sided letter you sent to me (2) two weeks later, opening a can of worms that had died down and just about forgotten.  So taking pen in hand, and the same can of worms, others shall be made aware of the truth in this mater.  It has been my belief in life that it’s always been a sin to lie, it is now, and will be in ages to come; therefore you will hear the true side in this matter.


On October 8, 2011, a Saturday, this incident and transaction was documented and computerized at 9:34 AM, (I have my receipts) as follows:


Rachel: “Good morning, what can I do for you??

Don:       “Good morning, I’d like to get a money order and some cash please, handing Rachael my I.D.

Rachael: “How much is the money order for?”

Don:         “ $9.36, Rachael jotted that down on a pad in front of her.

Rachael: “How much cash would you like?”

Don:         “ $40.00 please”, she jotted that down also.


Rachael then got into her computer to do the transaction.  She then handed me 14 cents, gave me the money order for $9.36, and $30.00 cash back.  At that time I had $436.62 in my account.  After Rachael’s great calculation that left my remaining balance at $396.62.  My balance should have been at $386.62 and I should have received $40.00 cash back, not $30.00 cash back.


Rachael, after writing down on her pad a $9.36 money order and also $40.00 Cash, did not comprehend what she should have learned in first grade. “Oh my goodness, poor Rachael made a $10.00 error.”  My thoughts to that were “No big deal, we all make mistakes, I wasn’t upset about it, she can just re do it, smile, and I’ll be on my way; NO PROBLEM.


Don: “Excuse me Hon, you made a mistake here.”  At this exact point Rachael should have said something like; “Oh let me look at this again,” noticed her obvious mistake, then state: “I apologize Mr. Law, let me straighten this out and re do it, (with a smile.). Instead…


Rachael: (Blurting out), “That’s what you asked for!” Rachael obviously could not take some honest correction, nor could she resort to some sign of wisdom at this time.  Not too well trained, and, very unstable in handling this situation; not good.


Don: “No honey, look at your pad, you wrote it down but you just made a mistake, just re do it.”


Rachael: “You keep calling me stupid!” (I immediately saw the immaturity in this person, and she was very rude!


Don: “I did not call you stupid, YOU just said that!”  Both of us were raising our voices at this time, and I was aware that others were hearing “OUR” loudness.  Absolutely no one knew the content of our conversation only “OUR” loudness.


Rachael: (Returning to her former thought), stated: “You think I’m stupid!” (very loudly), and yes, I was loud, but not once did I ever demean her, use profanity, or threaten her; I just wanted to leave.


Don:  Putting everything back on the counter, cash $30.00, money order of $9.36, and .14 cents, I stated: “Here, please do this over again so I can leave.”


Rachael:  “No!” she yelled out, “You go to another teller!” Several customers and employees obviously had to hear her as she raised her voice and was very rude to me.


Don: “Call your Supervisor out here please.”


Rachael: (Raising her voice) “Again, YOU call her, how rude!”  At this time we both had raised our voices, which was completely to your poorly created letter that you sent me.  At that time a woman came out of the back and stood there looking confused because at first she wasn’t aware of where the problem was.  That was because no one was saying anything in the way of a disturbance.  That was you, I later learned Miss Ruth.


Don:  “Ma’am, over here.” You came to us, inquired as to what was wrong, Rachael sat there quietly and, I explained, all of the above to you.  Then you asked Rachael some computer questions as to the transaction and you proceeded to correct Rachael’s mistake.  You then told Rachael to go in the back, and then you finished up and put her closed teller sign up.  Then I said to you (Miss Ruth), “Ma’am, I don’t want that girl to get in any trouble or get fired because of this, it was just a small mistake that got out of hand.  Nowhere in your letter did you mention that gesture of kindness that I made.


At this time I want to say that I have absolutely NO animosity toward Rachael and her immaturity.  In fact, to me when I look back on this whole situation, she is almost laughable.  She reminds me of someone pampered, spoiled, and immature.  I know she’s young and trying and it seems as though you have taken her side and under your wing for some reason based upon the content and deceptive words you put in your letter to me.  As for Rachael, all I can say is if she denies this letter and all of the above, then Rachael is lying.  Hopefully she finds correct guidance because she’s not going to find it there. Remember, “it’s a sin to tell a lie.” And that goes for those who condone them.


After all of the above, here is your letter!


Dear Mr. Law:


It was brought to our attention by several members that on October 8, 2011, you were rude to our teller, Rachael.  I understand that Rachael was able to resolve the misunderstanding at that time.  If there is something else that is upsetting you, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.


Thank you for your time in this matter.




Ruthie (Blah, Blah, Blah!!)


Of course, it was brought to the attention of several members… there were several members in line who naturally heard raised voices.  But, as I stated above, no one knew the content of Rachael’s and my conversation.

By their curiosity of course, several members got up to a tellers station, and made a comment to their teller: “Gee that was some loud transaction down there, what’s going on?” OR “Boy, that mean guy was yelling at that sweet little girl down there; etc, etc, etc. BUT by the power of your pen, you said in your first sentence, quote: “I was rude to your teller Rachael.”


Excuse me, but, by my own admission in this letter, we both raised our voices.  I think that’s called, in the least, two people being rude to each other. And, to finalize any more misnomers you and Miss Thelma may have… Read my Lips: “The only thing I did wrongs was that I raised my voice; as did Rachael.”


Your second sentence in your letter to me was, so ridiculous it should not even need mentioning to the honest reader.  When you came out at the time of the incident, I explained to you the situation or misunderstanding as you called it.  Then you sent Rachael in the back as I stated above.  Quote: “I understand Rachael was able to resolve the misunderstanding at that time.”


How can you understand (as if you were not there at the time); you were right there and sent her away before anything was resolved.  You heard her story after I left.  I resolved the misunderstanding right here in this letter and when I spoke to you on the phone, two weeks later, when I called you because of your degrading letter.  You were very nice on the phone. Quote: “Thanks for calling Mr. Law, I was wanting to hear your side of this.”  You already heard Rachael’s and now on the phone, after I received your letter… Dated October 20, 2011.  I received this letter on October 24, 2011, and, immediately called you TWO WEEKS AFTER THE ORIGINAL INCIDENT!

Then, how did Rachael resolve it on October 8, 2011? Somebody is not being honest here.


Your third sentence in your letter: “If there is something upsetting you please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.”


Your lying and childish letter upset me.


And, when I tried to speak to you and Miss Thelma in person you both refused to see me; Shame on you.


When I called Miss Thelma, she heard me out and then stated, Quote: “Rachael wouldn’t do anything like that.”


Of course Rachael wouldn’t do anything like that… “Cuz Rachael said so.”  Well, if Rachael disagrees with this letter, then Rachael’s a liar.  Again, I have no animosity towards Rachael.


I have been with the Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union since 1974, my original number 12766-2, and in 37 years, I have never had a problem. My additional impression of the Credit Union reflects the friendliness, honesty, and professional integrity.  It takes creative and honest Administrative leaders to initiate this.  No doubt you have attempted to also achieve this. Again, I have been a client for 37 years; Rachael has been there a year or less and all this trouble.  Maybe Rachael needs some additional Customer Service training; the Ralph Nichols sponsored Dale Carnegie Course is what I recommend for her professional development.


My disgust in this whole matter revolves around two individuals: Miss Thelma and Miss Ruth. Both of you have put a blemish on yourselves and the 54 year history of the Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union.  As far as I’m concerned, both of you certainly abused your authority. And it is a shame as the younger employees, especially the young ladies, quite possibly look to both of you as role models; in that capacity both of you have noticeably stumbled.


If I had the opportunity to take a Polygraph examination regarding this matter, I would pass. I certainly question Rachael’s ability to pass the same examination in regards to this incident.  Rachael can portray humbleness, and innocence, i.e., the lovely little damsel in distress while lying to your face.  It’s apparent that Rachael’s story is different then mine, or you are covering up Rachael’s blunder.  Either way you have slandered me falsely as all of the above is the complete truth.


Allow me to quote you from the “Good Book,” the Holy Bible.

Revelations Chapter 21, verse eight.

“All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.”


It must be ok to tell you this because it comes from the Bible, the Good Book; so it must be good.


If you call yourselves Christians this would be a good time to go to God with your sin.


If you’re not, this just fell on deaf ears.


I have discussed this matter with a board member and three different ladies from two different Credit Unions.  The board member for his outlook and advice, the ladies were all amazed that Rachael still has a job.


Now throughout your days at work, all of your coffee buddies, co-workers, peers, and all the honest young ladies who give you those big friendly smiles will undoubtedly have different thoughts of you behind your back.


Well Miss Thelma, and Miss Ruth, no matter what anyone thinks of you two sisters, I, for one, have no respect for either of you.  You two are a couple of “naughty girls/naughty sisters.” Shame on both of you!


An honest apology would be appropriate! Then, all would be forgiven and forgotten.


Some may say that this is an angry letter.  Whatever!  To me it is a letter of disgust and disappointment in two trusted leaders in a respected place of business. It seems as if family relations among the associates “Trumps” customer service and accountability


After this, you may do what you do.  I am through and intend to move on with my life as if this never happened.  Over and done unless you feel different.


I have asked God to work this out decently and I pray for you two to “Woman Up,” and bless our Credit Union and all who work there.






Don Law



P.S., This would never have been carried on if you had not sent me that lying and degrading letter.  Think about it, some wisdom would have solved all of this.  You definitely abused your authority and positions.  Perhaps the reason for your cover up and lying is because Rachael is the darling Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece, etc, of an Associate of Wayne Westland Federal Credit Union.

Fraud On Bankcard

I'm sorry to say that I am very disappointed in this credit union. I have been with them since 1995 and just recently my bank info was stolen and my account was frauded. I went to the bank expecting them to help me. But all I got was I NEED TO CONTACT THE COMPANIES MY CARD was charged too and try to get my money back. Really ....I need to investigate the fraud done to my account, your fraud department doesn't do that. I have had this experience happen one other time and the card company immediately reimbursed me and did there own investigation. This is poor service on there part and as a credit union you would expect a little more out of. I believe MY OTHER BANK would have provided me with better resolution. This is a total shame and I did share this with my friends and family who currently have accounts there


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NCUA #5928
Year Chartered1948
Primary Regulator
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Return on Assets - YTD0.7%
Return on Equity - YTD8.7%
Annual Interest Income$1.6MM
Assets and Liabilities
AssetsQ2 2018vs Q2 2017$105.7MM$99.5MM
LoansQ2 2018vs Q2 2017$42.5MM$37.2MM
DepositsQ2 2018vs Q2 2017$96.3MM$90.0MM
Equity CapitalQ2 2018vs Q2 2017$8.6MM$8.9MM
Loan Loss AllowanceQ2 2018vs Q2 2017$250.00K$231.00K
Unbacked Noncurrent LoansQ2 2018vs Q2 2017$699.00K$430.00K
Real Estate OwnedQ2 2018vs Q2 2017$0$307.00K
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