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3.75% 24-Month CD at MetLife Bank - Nationally Available


Update 2/11/09: Special 24-month CD rate has fallen to 3.00% APY.
Update 1/21/09: Special 24-month CD rate has fallen to 3.25% APY.

MetLife Bank has a 24-month CD promotion which offers a 3.75% APY for a minimum deposit of $25,000. This is listed at MetLife Bank's promotion page as of 1/10/09. This rate is 15 basis points higher than the standard 24-month CD rate for a $25K deposit listed at MetLife Bank's rate table as of 1/06/09.

My last post on MetLife Bank was in mid-December when the 24-month CD APY was as high as 4.40%. This new CD rate is much lower, but it's still competitive in today's rate environment.

Refer to my previous MetLife Bank post for details about these CDs. MetLife Bank gives you 15 days to fund the CD to receive the rate that was in effect on the day you applied.

MetLife Bank has fair ratings for soundness: 3.5 stars (good) at BauerFinancial and 3 stars (performing) at Bankrate.com. Both ratings are based on 9/30/08 data. MetLife Bank has its headquarters in New Jersey. It has been FDIC insured sinc 1999 (FDIC Certificate # 35055).

Update 1/10/09: The 3.75% 24-month CD promotion page is listed on MetLife Bank's CD rate page.
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