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New DepositAccounts.com Feature: Comment Subscriptions


My technical partner has added another useful feature at DepositAccounts.com. You can now subscribe to the comments of blog posts, notices and articles. This will allow you to receive emails when new comments are posted. It requires that you are logged into DepositAccounts.com. If you haven't registered at DepositAccounts.com, just click on the "New User" link on the top right of any page at DepositAccounts.com.

When you're logged in, you should see a new "Subscribe" button under the "post a comment" link for each blog post. Clicking on this will open up a pop-on style window confirming you wish to receive alerts with the option to choose instant, daily or weekly emails or no emails (control panel notifications only). There's also a checkbox to receive alerts whenever you are posting a comment.

You can see everything you're subscribed to from the control panel screen when you're logged in. There are two new menu items in the control panel:

  1. "Edit Subscriptions" allows you to see what posts you are currently subscribed to and change or delete those subscriptions.
  2. "View Alerts" allows you to see recent alerts triggered by your subscriptions.

You will only receive a single notice per blog post in between logins. This is to prevent readers from being overloaded with emails if a post receives dozens of comments. "Instant" emails are sent at 5 minute intervals, dailies are sent at midnight central time and weeklies are sent midnight on Sat nights/Sun mornings.

One final site improvement that was made is that you can now change the time zone of how times are displayed. This time zone selection is located at the bottom of the "Edit Profile" section of the control panel.

As I mentioned in last week's new feature announcement, more improvements are on the way. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment. We are striving to be the best resource on the Web for all things deposits accounts, and we can’t be that without help from this great community!

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rosie43   |     |   Comment #1
This site is already the best site there is. Really appreciate all that you do to make things so easy for your readers.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
What are you trying to do?  Put Bankrate.com out of business?  Keep up the good work!
Jo/GaelicWench   |     |   Comment #3
I come here before I go to bankrate.com....this has the information I need, while the other provides info I am rarely interested in. So, with the incorporation of the abovementioned, all is quite well!

Kudos, once again, goes to you, Ken.  :-D