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USA Fed Members Soon To Become Navy Federal Members: Opportunity to Join Navy Federal?


As I mentioned in this forum thread yesterday, Navy Federal Credit Union announced that there will be a merger of USA Federal Credit Union into Navy Federal:

Navy Federal Credit Union of Vienna, VA, and USA Federal Credit Union (USA Fed), based in San Diego, CA, announced today that they have agreed to merge operations. The Board of Directors of each institution has approved the merger. The newly combined credit union will begin joint operations under the Navy Federal banner projected to be October 1, 2010 pending regulatory approval by National Credit Union Administration, (NCUA).

According to Navy Federal's FAQs:

All USA Fed members will become Navy Federal members.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not sure if Navy Federal with add USA Fed's field of membership to their FOM after the merger. It would be nice if they did because USA Fed currently makes it easy for anyone to join. Here is what USA Fed has in its membership page as of 9/23/2010:

If you are not eligible to join through one of our sponsor groups below, don’t worry, you can qualify for membership by joining the Prime Meridian Association. It’s only $5.00 to join this not-for-profit organization and available to join through our online Membership Application.

One reader emailed me yesterday and asked if it made sense to join USA Fed now so that she could become a Navy Federal member. Based on the FAQ above, this may be a good idea if you want to join Navy Federal. Navy Federal has a long history of competitive CD and IRA CD rates. Unlike PenFed, Navy Federal has higher rates for $20K and $100K deposits. Here's a short comparison of the CD rates as of 9/23/2010:

  • 5-year CD: PenFeds's 2.75% APY $1K min vs. Navy Federal's 3.00% APY $100K min, 2.90% APY $20K min and 2.80% APY $1K min
  • 7-year CD: PenFed's 3.49% APY $1K min vs. Navy Federal's 3.55% APY $20K min, 3.45% APY $1K min

Another thing to consider is that it may take a while before USA Fed members receive access to all of Navy Federal's products. According to the merger overview:

The process of consolidating operations will begin October 4, 2010, and will take some months to complete.

It should be interesting to see what happens to Navy Federal's FOM after the merger. Unlike PenFed, Navy Federal has kept its field of membership limited to those with a military connection. In 2008 Navy Federal expanded their FOM to include not only members of the Navy but also all branches of the Armed Forces. Expanding membership to everyone who pays to join that association may be problematic. In June the New York Times article Credit Unions Are Beckoning With Open Arms looked at credit unions that make it easy to join and how this has created controversy with the banks. USA Fed and its Prime Meridian Association were actually mentioned in the article. Since Navy Federal is the largest credit union in the nation, they may not want to get involved in this controversial issue.

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Anonymous   |     |   Comment #1
Except for the competitive CD rates, what are the other benefits for joining the Navy Fed?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #2
I have a 4 yr CD and I am 2 yrs into it with USA FCU and getting an APY of 5%. Will NAVY FCU still honor the rate since this is a "merger" and not a "closing" by the NCUA and not a "take over" after a faliure?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #3
By merging, Navy FCU is contractually agreeing to acquire all the assets and liabilities of USA FCU.  CD's are liabilities.  Since Navy FCU has acquired the benefit of USA FCU's bargain with you (i.e. your deposit), it cannot therefore unilaterally repudiate USA FCU's corresponding obligation to pay your interest for a particular interval at a specified rate.  In contrast, if this were a bank failure,  the receiver of the insolvent bank could repudiate your terms of your CD before transferring it to an assuming bank, but only because the repudiation is authorized by statute.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #4
Tried to open an account over the web today with USA Fed.  Came to a point where I had to choose a userid and password.  Got a message that I would be emailed a code that I would need to enter.  When I entered it, the account opening application crashed.  I called the internet help line, got a CSR with a native accent but an empty head.  I must have spent at least 20 minutes explaining to her.  After imploring her for ten minutes, during which she insisted on her total competence,  she finally went and got me a real tech person.  I sent them a screen shot of the failure screen and they promised to debug their application.  I still have not been able to open an account over the web with them.  I so prefer doing business with financial institutions who have competent CSRs and competent techs regardless of their accent.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #5
#4 - had the same issue with their website crashing. I've seen this kind of error before and sometimes it's caused by invalid data in a cookie. Clearing my cache and deleting all cookies from usafed.org solved the problem for me.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #6
Their security is a bit different. If you select that you are logging in from a "public computer" you have to have them send you a one-time use code via text, email, or voice call. You then use that along with your member# and password (numeric passwords only).

Selecting that you want to login from a "private computer" tries to load some kind of Java applet. Which won't work if you don't have Java or have disabled Java applets.

Once you finally login the website is VERY basic. I can't tell if they support ACH pulls, but they do offer online deposits.  Unfortunately it isn't enabled for my account yet, probably because the account is new. I can't find blank deposit slips or check ordering online either.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #7
In 2008 Navy Federal expanded their FOM to include not only members of the Navy but also all branches of the Armed Forces. "


Your comment above is inaccurate.  Navy FCU does NOT include all branches of the Armed Forces!

They don't allow enlisted and officers of the U.S. Coast Guard to join.


According to the US Code, Title 14, Part I, Chapter 1, § 1:

The Coast Guard as established January 28, 1915, shall be a military service and a branch of the armed forces of the United States at all times. The Coast Guard shall be a service in the Department of Homeland Security, except when operating as a service in the Navy.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #8
Navy FCU's eligibility is still quite strict. My father served in the Air Force and retired (honorably) after one year in the Air Force in the late 1940s. However when he tried to apply, he was told (verified twice) that he could not join Navy FCU even though he served in the Air Force, because he does not receive a pension or any money from the Air Force today (when he served he served they allowed people to serve only a 1-year term, but the catch was no pension or money from them after the 1 year). So even though he served, and was discharged honorably, because he's not receiving any MONEY from the armed forces now, he's not eligible. So just "having served" in the armed forces and retiring from that does NOT make you eligible for Navy FCU -- you have to have served a long term and still receive money from the armed forces after retirement to qualify. So even many who served honorably in the armed forces will not qualify for Navy FCU directly.
lou   |     |   Comment #9
hard or soft inquiry?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #10
Informative article on the merger


smokeboat   |     |   Comment #11
The shark swallowing the guppy....41B/600M.  Doing the regulators a favor.  San Diego a perfect fit.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #12
Many thanks for the information from "Anonymous #3 above regarding my comment about the 5% CD rate being honored. I thought so--"merging" like Wachovia and Wells Fargo was the same thing--I had a 5 yr CD at 5.35% and Wells Fargo kept the rate.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #13
Just finish filling out the application. No problems. Took about 30 mins. After I link them to my checking account, it stated that $10.00 will be withdrawn. I then called USA Fed and had an agent go over the application and they said all looked fine. The agent said the next step will be the application and credit reviewed by them.

The agent then said that they are being hammered with people joining them and to allow to at least until next Tuesday for the e-mail to arrive from them stating that I have been accepted or denied.


Anonymous #3
Anonymous #3   |     |   Comment #14
Anonymous #13:  Thanks for sharing your experience in applying for a USA Fed membership.  I also submitted an onnline membership application and was wondering when I might hear from them.  Now I know that it will take a while.  It seems that  appying online for a membership can only be accomplished by applying for a checking account.  However, these guys are really fussy about verifying personal information. I not only had to upload two forms of personal identification (in my case, a driver's license and a utility bill) but also later received an additional request to upload copies of my last two pay stubs. I hope this turns out to be worthwhile.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #15
Thank you to #5 poster cleare my cache and was able to apply.  Since I am retired and have no pay stubs they siad it was ok to send 2 forms of ID Passport and driver;s license. I am not appling for a loan just interested in cds later in future.  They said they are being overwhelmed by applications and would take at least 5 days.

Thanks Ken, I have been rying to get into Navy fed for years, hope this works.

tightwad   |     |   Comment #16
Regarding poster #9...Fatwallet posters are reporting hard pulls.
Anonymous #99
Anonymous #99   |     |   Comment #17
As I don't have a scanner, when I got to the end of the on-line application, I had to FAX the documents into them today (Friday). However after FAXing them, they didn't appear online as I thought they would. I spoke to a representative who said that they use a 3rd party to handle the incoming FAXes, and because they're suddenly diluged with applications and so many people FAXing stuff, it'll take a while. They said at least a 24-48hr turnaround just to show your FAX documents appearing (at which point you then have to go and finish your application). She said to try looking again on Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Once the FAXed documents (hopefully) show up online, and I'm able to finish the application, she said it'd be at least 5-7 business days for them to approve the application because of the number of applications suddenly coming in (my personal guess it'll probably be longer than that). So I'm in limbo now, until the 3rd party they use hopefully puts the FAXes online so I can finish the application and then wait to hopefully be accepted.
tightwad   |     |   Comment #18
Anyone else uneasy about a third party handling faxed personal info?
SD guy :)
SD guy :)   |     |   Comment #19
Had the same issue through the web. Went down to the USA Fed branch off of Black Mountain Rd. and managed to open an account that way. Didn't realize I qualified for their membership. They totally helped me out. If you are as weirded out about opening accounts through the web as I was, this was the best way to go. Thanks again Ken for the tip!!!!!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #20
Many thanks to "Banking Guy" for this tip. 

I was able to fill-in the application and join USA Fed, soon to be NAVY Federal Credit Union!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #21
How long did it take your app to be approved?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #22

Today, sept 30, I went to USA ded to check on my appliacation.  As of today you can no longer join USA FED online, the USA website goes to NAvy Fed.  Anyway I applied last Friday Sept 24 and complted appliaction online.  Today, USA fed my application as been reviewed and waitingfor decision.  I have excelent credit and do not want loan or crdit card just want to join for cds.  So I caaled Navy Fed and they said if you are close to comp;etion of appliaction process I should get in, we shalle see.


tightwad   |     |   Comment #23
#22 is correct. Applying now directs you to the Navy Fed site, and you would have to qualify through them.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #24
22 Update

I called Nay Fed, and USA fed again. USA said no new appliactins are being accepted to USA. BUT if you applied up to yesterday with USA and you application is in process, Navy Fed will probably take you in, We shall see, I reaay think the customer sevice is not able to answer this.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #25
Where is Navy Federal listed in the CD charts?  Thank you.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #26
I applied on Sept 24, faxed my proof of ID but then they contacted me by email that they couldnt read my IDs so I was able to scan them last Wed or Thurs(and I read above that you can no longer apply to the usafcu via their website) and they did receive them.  They tell me today that my application is in progress...
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #27
Called USAFED today, my application is pending also.  USA is holding all the applications that have not been processed till Monday when NAVU FCU staff take over. NAVY will process the rest of the applications.  But if you qualify to join USA on USA qualifcations, NAVy will let you in. I called Navy fed and they said the same thing.  So the only reson I guess you would not get it if you did not qualify based on your credit history.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #28
do they really disqualify anyone from joining just based on credit history??  Why would that be?
Anonymous99   |     |   Comment #29
If anyone's still reading this page... for those who completed their application around the 23rd or 24th, have you heard back by now yet? I filled out the application online on the 23rd but had to send in the documents via normal mail because they were too dark. But still, around Tue or Wed of last week I called to check, and the documents HAD arrived. They said to give it a couple days. When I called on Friday to check (knowing Monday they'd become Navy), they told me I should hear from them by Monday at the close of business. Well I didn't hear anything. I know they're swamped and I don't want to keep bothering them, but I'm just wondering if others who have completed the application are still waiting or it's just me. I suppose if I don't hear anything by the end of the week I'll call them again, but I'm just worried I'll get someone at Navy who will say "huh? Who are you?" Are others here still waiting as well? Thanks!

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #30
Yeah I am still waiting too, hopefully NAVY will do the right thing and honor the apps submitted to USA Fed but were not approved before the date they switched. 
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #31
I applied on 9-23-2010. I waited a week and received an email back stating they now wanted a 3rd ID. I uploaded the 3 ID and called to confirm. The USA FED phone agent verified the upload and she looked over my first two uploads. She said the first two were fine (readable) and the 3rd upload was fine. I ask why the 3rd upload and she said they just do that sometimes. I have heard nothing since. I called USA FED today about my membership and they said that NAVY FED was transferred my application. She then transferred me to NAVY FED customer service. They could not find any information on me. The agent was going to open an account over the phone with me, but could not find anyway qualify me. Apparently they don't accept the PRIME MERIDIAN ASSOCIATION. I then discuss the situation with a manager and they were at lost too. They stated that without an account already opened at USA FED, they were not sure what to do. They took all my information and will look into it, but it is not looking good. I had the impression they were not going to honor USA FED's membership requirements. Right now , I’m lost in the USA FED/NAVY FED limbo zone and there may be no way out! If anything changes, I will post an update. :(
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #32

For what isit worth,  Iapplied to USA on 9,24, and everthing complted.  I called USA and thet said all pending USA appications were being sent to Navy .  I called Navy this morning and a couple of other times.  Talked to Naby memship Dept.  they said they would process all USA mmebserships under USA qualificain, caleed another time said Prime Meridian did not qualify.  SO what a mess thestaff at NAVY FEDERAL DO NOT EVEN KNOW what to tell people.

I am glad i belong to Pentaon better service, but anyway, tomorrow I will call consumer line and repot Navy to NCUA.gov this in no way to teat consumers.  Everytime you call NAVY their staff gives uou a different answer.  Either they take USA applications or they cancel pretty simple right.  I will report back what the NCUA says.
Anonymous1234   |     |   Comment #33
About reporting Navy/USAFed to NCUA: I have thought abut doing so as well if USAFed/Navy goes back on their word to applicants -- but I suggest WAITING a little bit before doing so. Let's give them a chance to see what they do. A merger is naturally confusing. It appears USAFed is now in the process of sending all unfinished applications over to Navy for processing. But Navy surely knows that they're USAFed applications and not Navy ones -- and hopefully will take that into account. Let's see what they do first before jumping the gun. I was told it might be a week or two now because of this, before I hear back either way about the decision. I'm willing to wait to give them a chance to get through things. But at the same time if they go back on their word I will definitely contact NCUA myself (especially considering others who applied at the same time were approved -- and others who applied at the same time or even earlier shouldn't be denied because of THEIR processing delays and problems). However for now, I suggest we wait and give them a chance. I am 100% prepared to fight this and have everything well documented on my end (including chat transcripts). What I'm suggesting is just to have a little patience and give them a chance for Navy to first receive, and then start going through all the applications.

What I DO suggest though, is for people to post here as soon as they hear back either way (especially if a reason is given for approval/denial). But let's at least give them some time to get the files and go through them and make a decision before jumping the gun. Hopefully they'll honor their word.
lou   |     |   Comment #34
To the previous poster, I don't think NFCU has any obligation to accept you as a member. You were not approved as a member of USA Federal before the deadline. Reporting them to the NCUA will not accomplish anything. If think you ought to be very nice to them and hope that they will approve your application. Antagonizing them will not help you.

PS.  I counted 15 spelling mistakes in your post.
lou   |     |   Comment #35
By the way I was referring to poster 32 regarding the spelling mistakes. I don't mean to be confrontational, but where did it say that they were obligated to accept you as a member if your application had not been approved by the deadline. They only promised membership to USA members (not applicants).
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #36
Since USA FED has stop accepting applications, it would make sense that NAVY FED processes the last few USA FED applications under the USA FED membership rules. Especially since these applications were taken before the Oct 4 merger. Any new applications taken by NAVY FED could then go by their membership rules. It wouldn't kill them to help us (THE CUSTOMERS) who are caught in the middle with this situation.


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #37
I'm also waiting for my membership to be approved.  I applied Sunday the 26th and have not heard one word back yet.  I received the email after saying they had received my application for membership, share savings & checking (I didn't apply for credit card) and would get back to me with a decision within two days.  I sent drivers license, car insurance card and two check stubs and everything must have been ok as I've not heard anything yet.  I checked on the 30th by logging back in to check the application and it said IN PROGRESS.  I sure am hoping for the best, I think it's just going to take awhile longer as by what I heard they had been swamped with new applicants, hopefully they will honor our applications under USA Fed, but you never know.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #38
Comment update on #31


I called Navy Fed again today and after 90 minutes on the phone got them to open me a new account. Talked to 3 different supervisors and finally got them to accept USA FED membership terms.

I have already logged into my new Navy Fed account and set security and password. Navy Fed warned me that they will run a terrorist check within the next week or two on me and if they find me on a terrorist list somewhere that would be a problem. The account is open and functional now! 

I was able to open the account using the customer service phone number using a supervisor. 

Hopefully this will make it easier for other USA Fed applicants to come aboard!

(Note) They did say that if I would have waited, they would have processed my USA Fed application in the next 60 to 90 days range. I told them that I needed to get going on this account and they were nice enough to do it over the phone. All conversations by myself and them were pleasant.

My experience with Navy Fed was very good and I look forward on doing my banking with them!



Anonymous   |     |   Comment #39
I had same experience as 32, nice people as NAVY
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #40
Sorry, I meant i had same experience as 38, have to be a little persistent, but it looks like they are taking the USA fed applications that were pending.  NAVY FCU a good credit union.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #41
Oh my goodness!! I cannot thank this blog and #31 and 38 enough!! I followed all your advice and it took less than half an hour on the phone with the Navy Federal representative and I am now a member and have a savings account and online access all in the past 30 minutes!!


I had applied on September 27th (after reading this blog!! THANK YOU!!!) and I got the email that stated I will hear back in two days. When I did not hear back I called on the 1st of October and was told they have too many applications and it will take another few days. I called back today (the number that appeared in the email) and got a Navy Federal rep who could not find my information anywhere on their system. She said if I had applied via USA Fed I would have been given a choice to join Navy Federal.. I told her I did not see anything about a "choice" anywhere but was under the impression that Navy Federal would be honoring all applications submitted before the merger. So she transfered me to a USA Fed rep who told me that my application is pending review along with hundreds of others and at this point they have no idea when they will be processed because they have all been sent to Navy Federal. So I was bummed... and came here to see what other bloggers had experienced. When I read #38/31 I called the Navy Fed people again and did EXACTLY as prescribed... I was nice and polite and told them my fat CD expires in a couple of days and I would love to bring over the dough but my application appears to be in limbo. I told the lady on the phone that I would have qualified for USA Fed membership only under the Prime Meridian Association and that it is my understanding that Navy Federal would honor these applications .. and could I speak with a supervisor to perhaps expedite the process .. 

A supervisor was not needed! She proceeded to open the account for me over the phone. A savings account in which I will need to deposit $5, and gave me online acess so that I can ACH from Ally any funds I needed.

Oh I am thrilled!! It just made my day. :-)))


Anonymous   |     |   Comment #42
Followup on #41


I just called Navy Federal again about something else and was told that the person who gave me online access right away did so in error and usually the process is that they send you something in the mail in about a week after you open the account. So I guess I lucked out on getting online access right away. Don't be surprised if they don't do the same when you call them.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #43
Thanks for the information. I have been trying for years to figure out how to join this credit union with no luck. This merger turned out to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to join a great credit union!
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #44
I just called, spoke to a CSR at USA Fed and then was sent to a CSR at Navy Fed. Apparently Navy Fed just met with Prime Meridian today to determine if they'll be included as one of the SEG's to qualify members for Navy Fed. I insisted that I should be considered under USA Fed's requirements since I applied *before* the merger. The guy apologized and said it's in the hands of the Membership Qualification Department now, and that they're severely backlogged. I pleaded, said everything I could (including that I had some maturing high $ CD's that I wanted to move over ASAP)... no luck. He said to call back in a week or two to see if any decisions have been made.

Has anyone else had success calling in since #38 and #41 above?

I'm tempted to try again on Monday and see if someone else is more helpful. Or perhaps ask to be transferred to the Membership department of Navy Fed?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #45
Sounds like Navy Fed is overloaded with the merger.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #46

I am 38 well today I logged onto Navy fed account and they flagged it. I called Navy andthey said it was flagged till they merge with USA fed account.  I am one with a pending USA account, applied on 9.24 and did make it ti final review.  Has anyone else had online flagged?
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #47
Yes, they will flag your account until they get a copy of you driver's lic & ssn card. As soon as they get these items, your account should be going again. Call Navy Fed to see if this is what they need. As far as USA Fed having your information, forget it and resend the info to Navy Fed. If you decide to wait until Navy Fed finds all your info from USA Fed, you could have quite a wait.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #48
47 Thank you
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #49
I applied on the 24th of sept.  usaafed has told me that navy fcu is handling everything.  I called navy and she did find me in their system but I am not yet officially a member.  It sounds like it wont be a problem.  Still waiting.  Not in a rush as long as I get in.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #50
Well after my application was sent to the IT department because USA was having computer issues I still have not heard from them as promised. I chatted on line today and was told to call Navy. Called Navy and was asked what qualified me to join USA. I said I was joining a non-profit but did not remember the name. I again called USA and she told me that Navy could take the application over the phone after telling them my problem and giving them the name of the non profit.  I called Navy back and was told that Navy hasn't decided to allow those that had trouble joining to be able to join. I called back USA to see if I could try again to join and was told they no longer can take applications. So it looks like I will not be able to join.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #51
this is #41.


i just logged into my account online and it does not appear flagged. i guess they must have received the $5.00 check i sent them because now the available balance is zero and the current balance is $5.

i am unsure as to what to do next: i have a package at home sent from navy federal with a blank application in it. apparently she opened the account for me based on my conversation with her but still sent me the package because they don't have a signature on file. and it says something to the extend that if they don't get the signature back they will withhold taxes. well of course their application says nothing about usa fed and i don't work for the military so i don't know what to do..wait till they get the application from usa fed, or send it back with my information and just note: USA Fed on it even though i was never a member of USA Fed and had just applied on the 27th?...

i hope they don't take my little account back, thank will stink!

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #52
to 41,

Funny, I applied on 9/24 and flagged the account.  Have not gotten paper application yet.  Anyway there is a good discussion on fatwallet.com in finance and creditboards,com.  You should fill out the application, under what qualifies you , I understand there is a section called OTHER check the box and write USAFED member.  It looks like they are taking all the pending completed appications up to the merger date from what I am reading on other boards, Why they flagged my account which wa sone on 9/24 and not yours it just depends what customer agent you get.  But i have my account access number so hopefully I will stay a member.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #54
If you joined Navy Fed over the phone, they will lock your account until they get some ID info. I fax them my driver's lic & ssn card. When they process them, they will unlock the account. They also send you a welcome packet in the mail. When you receive the welcome packet fill out the application, sign it and send it back. If you do not send the application back, they withhold 28% of your interest for taxes.

When filling out the application, check the OTHER box under the member eligibility area. I then wrote USA FED MERGER in one of the boxes below. I verified this with a phone agent that said this would be fine. You are not re-qualifying for membership. Your membership info is already in the system.  

Anonymous   |     |   Comment #55
This is #41 again. I think I will just note under other: USA FED and ommit the word "member". I was not a member of USA Fed. I just applied on the 27th of September and my application with them was still "pending" on the date of the merger. So putting down "USA Fed member" would not be a true statement.

The phone representative did not ask me to fax-in any form of ID, although I did give her both my SS# and DV# and I am sure she ran a credit check before approving the application. I did fax both forms of ID to USA Fed. Perhaps she was able to retrieve their documents from the pending application with them, hence my account has not been blocked.

Thank you for the link. I will go check out the discusion there.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #56
hello i am 52 above.

yesterday i got my paper application from navy. i signed the form mailed a 5.00 check and a copy of driver license, social security card and water bil.  I also faxed a copy of the license , security card and water bill this morning andd guess what I just tried to log on to my online and they UNBLOCKED it n just a couple of hours.

My advice is when you mail back the paper application include the identification it might speed thngs up and also go ahead and fax it will not hurt.  I really do not like having people pull from my checking account that is why I mail it back and also when I see the check is cahed I know they got the application back.

Hope this helps someone else.

Ken Mr. Banking Guy I and many people on this list owe you a big Thank you , we never could have gotten in to Navy Federal withiut your help.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #59
I applied 9/24.  I waited and received a packet in the mail on 10/13 that gave me an account # and access #.  I called on Thursday and I asked if I needed to send in the paper navy application that was in the packet and they said no.  But then I read a post above that said you should send it in and I called back today to navy and they said I need to send in the application.  She asked me how I qualified and I told her PMA.  She said the account is on hold until it is reviewed by the navy member dept.  I said I already have and account number but she said they may revoke the accounts.  I don't know how they can revoke an account after they have opened.  I was assured by usa fcu in September that my application was complete and that it should be accepted by navy but at least now navy rep is saying that may not be so.  So even though I thought everything was over and my membership was assured when I received my welcome packet , we'll see what happens.  I would be interested in hearing other's experience
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #60
to 59

Yes, send back paper application, they need your signature and 5 dollar check.  to go online thet need picture id, social security number and utlity bill.  I talked to USA fed, I applied 9/24 also if USA has not taken out 10 bucks already from your account , Navy will probably not take it.  You got a custmer sevice rep who had no clue.  They will not revoke memberships.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #61
this is 58 again.  I hope you are right.  What I neglected to say in my post is that they transferred me to a "specialist" with regard to the usafed merger, and she also said they were evaluating the new applications thru usafed and that some of the memberships might be revoked and we would get a letter if that happened.  I did what you said' 59. and I filled out and signed the application and sent it in with a 5 dollar check.  They had no record that usafed had debited my account.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #62
I miswrote in 61 "this is 58 again".  I meant to say 59 again
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #63
When mailing in the check to fund the share savings account, is it supposed to be made payable to yourself or to NFCU? I thought I should write it out to myself, but when I called NFCU, the person said to make it out to NFCU and that didn't sound right ot me. I'm planning to open a certificate soon and transfer funds from the savings account to fund the certificate so the check I'm writing out is a sizable amount and not just the $5 minimum.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #64
for share accout send 5 bucks made to NAVY fcu. 

a week later send another check in your name , write your share account number on your check , that is what i do
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #65
64 again. on your 5 check to Navy write also share account and access numbers
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #66
Navy Fed is running this deal. Looks good!

Our EasyStartSM Certificate is a simple way to watch your money grow!

With a 12-month term, earn 2.90% APY*—all you need is to open the account with a $50 minimum and add a minimum of $15 each month!

This excellent opportunity to save is exclusive to Navy Federal members.
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #67
 I just joined NavyFCU without problem.  My only qualification was that I worked for the Army as a civilian some 30 years ago.  Perhaps the criteria for joining is geting easier
Anonymous   |     |   Comment #68
To the navy federal offices,I only just concern citizen from the philippines coz i have a neighbor whose name Midgeta M.Raines,shes a american citizen but she live here in the phil and we wonder why she still have the pension monthly even she already married a filipino man,they already put in jail before due to the case of drug user and a drug dealer in the philippines,pls do and action for this matter,email me pls if you already do in action coz all the neighbor of her bothered anymore.My question is why shes still have the pnesion monthly even she already have another partner in life.God bless you.