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Forum Highlights: Navy Fed IRAs, Coping with ZIRP and Credit Card Rewards


Forum Highlights: Navy Fed IRAs, Coping with ZIRP and Credit Card Rewards

As I mentioned last month, I plan to regularly highlight a few of the forum posts. This is intended to help readers who may not regularly read the forum. It will also give me a chance to recognize and give thanks to the DA members for their contributions to the website. I've listed a few recent forum posts on topics that I think may interest DA readers. If you don't see your username mentioned this time, keep posting and you will likely see your posts mentioned in future forum highlights posts.

  1. Add-On IRA CDs at Navy Federal: DA member bbug posted that Navy Federal is accepting additions to existing IRA CDs through April 30.
  2. 1.10% Savings Account in Massachusetts: Last month scottj reported on an unlisted high yield savings account that's offered by Metro Credit Union.
  3. Rate and Balance Cap Changes: Unfortunately, rate cuts have been much more common than rate hikes. For reward checking, balance cap cuts have also been common. DA member 51hh posted on balance cap cuts at UniWyo FCU and at BankIowa. However, there have been occasional balance cap increase as reported by pearlbrown.
  4. Special 13-Month CD in SoCal: This week I reported on Kinecta FCU's 1% APY 13-month CD special. I will often post on rate specials in the forum instead of the blog when the rates aren't that great.
  5. Problems meeting reward checking requirements at Consumers CU: PaulF describes a downside with Consumers CU's reward checking account and its online banking system. It has one of the reward checking accounts that require signature-based (or credit) debit card purchases to qualify for the high rate.
  6. Coping With The Zero-Interest-Rate Policy: DA member cumulus posted a link to a Scott Burns article with a few useful tips for savers in this awful interest rate environment.
  7. Woman Drains Ex’s Retirement Account: This shows what can go wrong during a divorce when you don't stay on top of your retirement paperwork. Thanks to shorebreak for posting on this.
  8. Favorite Credit Card Rewards Programs: This might give you some ideas of new cash back credit cards. Thanks to 51hh for posting on the WSJ article and listing his favorites.
  9. Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin: You may have seen news reports of this. Some are proposing this for the President if Congress doesn't raise the debt limit. Thanks to Kaight for posting on this news.

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