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AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa Debit Card Review

Written by Brynne Conroy | Published on 6/18/2019

It’s no secret that prepaid debit cards tend to charge more than a few fees. And some cards carry more fees than others. Unfortunately, the AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa debit card charges relatively high fees for to use almost any feature of the card.

Two positives on fees: there is no activation fee, and direct deposits are free. However, there is an unavoidable and relatively high $9.95 monthly maintenance fee, an unavoidable $3.00 ATM fee per withdrawal, and even fees for outgoing ACH payments.

AccountNow offers 5% cashback rewards. However, a very low annual rewards cap of $100 makes this rewards program little more than just a way to offset your maintenance fees. Read on, and we’ll take a deeper dive into other seemingly great features — like a $15 direct deposit bonus — that may not be so great after a closer look.

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AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa prepaid debit card features

The AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa Prepaid debit card allows those without a bank account to get access to services like cash checking, direct deposit and the ability to make purchases with a card rather than carrying around cash.

If you are over 18 and have a physical address and a valid Social Security number, you should be able to open an account as there is no credit check and your name will not be run through ChexSystems.

You’ll see the most advantage from your card if you set up direct deposit. Perhaps one of the biggest perks is that by establishing direct deposit you can get payroll checks up to two days early and government benefit checks up to four days early. AccountNow processes direct deposits onto your account as soon as they receive notice from the payment provider, eliminating the lag commonly comes with direct deposits.

There is a $15 bonus for setting up direct deposit, although the conditions for getting the bonus are somewhat complicated. Here’s how it works: Within six months of being approved for the card you must set up direct deposit and have at least deposited $500 per month for two consecutive months. Within 30 days of meeting these qualifications, you must call 877-553-3767 to request your bonus, which will be paid to your card within 15 days.

The AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa prepaid debit card also offers 5% cash back. There are a couple of caveats: You can only earn up to $100 in a 12-month period, and you must have paid your monthly maintenance fee for all 12 of those months in order to qualify. You may be able to earn up to $100 cashback, but you’ll have to spend nearly $120 in monthly fees in your pursuit of the reward.

AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa fees and fine print

While it’s nice that the AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa prepaid card does not have an activation fee and has no minimum balance requirements, it does have other high fees at every other turn. First and foremost: The $9.95 monthly maintenance fee which cannot be waived.

If you want to schedule outgoing payments, to pay bills or other purposes, there is a $2.50 ACH debit payment fee per payment. You can avoid this fee by using the online bill pay features on the AccountNow web portal rather than initiating the payment with the bill issuer. Unfortunately, these online bill pay features are not available on the app, only the website.

If you need to make a bill payment right away, you have the option of paying a $9.95 expedited online bill pay fee, which should get your payment taken care of within 1-4 days; this is a large window, especially when you consider the fee of nearly ten dollars.

This is not a good card to take with you overseas, and replacing the card could be an expensive proposition. Foreign transaction and ATM fees are high. It costs $10 to replace a lost card within 7-10 days, and $35 to replace a lost card “generally” within three business days.

AccountNow Fees
Monthly fee $9.95
Activation fee None
Direct deposit fee None
Reload fee $5.95
ACH debit payment fee $2.50
Expedited online bill pay fee $9.95
Check deposit fee 0%-5%
ATM withdrawal fee $3.00
ATM balance inquiry fee $1.50
International ATM withdrawal fee $4.95
International transaction fee 3%
Card replacement fee $10-$35

Using the AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa mobile app

AccountNow’s mobile app provides the basics, but not much more. You’ll be able to use your device to check your balance, view recent transactions and update your profile and user preferences.

If you want to add money to your card via mobile check deposit, you’ll be redirected to the Ingo Money App, which will allow you to take a picture of your check, upload it and deposit the money onto your AccountNow prepaid card.

If you’re willing to wait 10 days until after you cash the check to access the money, you can use this service for free. However, if you need your cash immediately you will have to pay a fee for the service. Typically, this fee is 2% to 5% of the total check amount, though if you cash at least six checks within 90 days fees go down to 1% to 4%. There is a $5 minimum fee on all mobile deposits, regardless of the actual calculated percentage.

Opening a AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa account

In order to open an AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa prepaid debit card, you will need to provide basic information including your name, phone number, email address, social security number and address. Your address must be a physical address and not a PO Box. All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

If you have a negative history with banking, your name may be in ChexSystems. This is not a concern with AccountNow’s prepaid card as ChexSystems is not used to qualify you for a card. Your credit will not be checked when you apply, either.

While signing up online or via phone is simple enough, the process of obtaining your card will not happen quickly. It will arrive within five to seven days of completing your application. As we discussed above, there is no application fee. You won’t be charged a monthly service fee until you load your card for the first time.

Overall review of AccountNow Green Dot Cash Back Visa prepaid debit card

AccountNow is not one of our top picks for prepaid debit cards. The fees are too high and prolific, the app leaves a lot to be desired and must in fact be supplemented by a third-party service to perform basic functionalities like mobile check deposit. The $15 bonus requires you to jump through a lot of hoops for a relatively small reward.

Even if you cannot get a traditional bank account, you do have other options. There are plenty of prepaid cards out there that will not screen you out simply because you’re in ChexSystems or have a negative credit history. Shop around to find one with lower fees.

  |     |   Comment #1
I bought a starter card from CVS on 9/13 put 38.00 dollars on it and still can't retrieve my money I did all what it told me to do and get the error at the end so what now
Family dollar store manager
  |     |   Comment #15
I've pulled all these card from my store! Green dot and account now do not want to take responsibility for errors on customers cards. They reload and it never shows on there card. I have contacted all numbers and people and they all say it isn't our card. I will not sell my customers this so they can be ripped off!
  |     |   Comment #2
Why can't I retrieve my money, I think it's a fraud because I still got the card and receipt and can't talk to a live person when you call the 1.800 number on the back of the card
  |     |   Comment #4
Please be careful with any green dot account they are frauds go to social media there are so many complaints and lawsuits for fraud as we speak. People are livid they say they can’t get a live agent and if you do they will lock you out your acct so you can’t retrieve money they are a FRAUD
  |     |   Comment #8
They have taken money out of my account without permission twice now. I just opend up a real bank account. The customer service is terrible, and they never take responsibility for mistakes unless you speak to a supervisor, sometimes the supervisor doesn't even help. COMPLETE SCAM!
  |     |   Comment #10
I’ve been banking with green dot for about three years and I have had no problems and the times I had to call, I have been able to speak to customer service just fine...
Unhappy Camper
  |     |   Comment #11
I got a cash back rewards card and the annual limit was $250 when I first signed up. All of a sudden my cash back limit went down to $100. I only have 2 1t2 months left til my year is up and I've lost $150 in cash back rewards somehow. Talk about fraud.
  |     |   Comment #12
The same thing happened to my account in November. I had over 270.00 in cashback and when I looked in my account next it showed 100.00?? I tried to ask a chat agent about it on four seperate occasions and every time I mentioned it they would immediately disconnect the chat. A month later a chat agent finally didn't disconnect and told me they have been having problems and my money would be returned. After a few days I speak to another chat rep and now they say they have no record of anything but the 100.00? I have had constant issues with this card and never have they tried to help or even be reasonable about any issue. Don't waste your money on these crooks!
  |     |   Comment #17
same here and the rep told me the offer was only ran for 7 mo how can you get your 250 if they stop it 5 mo before someone can finish so wrong
  |     |   Comment #13
This is the worst card you could ever have. Stay away. Run, don't walk away. They did a number on my credit report.
  |     |   Comment #14
I bought a pre paid visa put 400 on it.
Got home to activate it and it had already been activated and money used.
Called green dot spoke to several people and so called managers who all told me my name and social were not a match and they give no refunds.
I called at least 10 different times and told the same thing.
I was getting the card for my granddaughter for school.
  |     |   Comment #16
Can I see all my green dot cards I got registered
No name
  |     |   Comment #19
Is account now and green dot the same company because i have both cards
  |     |   Comment #20
Hello my name is laporsche mitchell here recently i have been with green dot for over a year now i have all my direct deposit going into this account on the 26th when my direct deposit was deposit someone hacked in my account which i feel more of so someone on the inside of green dot did this they just started taking money out of my account while i was looking at my phone they manage to change my email address and the security code going to another email address as well as i had to change everything back they stole 1700.00 from me and this was march 26 2020 this happen they would hang up on me when i filed a dispute they denied me yesterday because i talked to them the day before and told them if i didnt see my money back in my account that someone had stolen from me i was going to fly up there to california and i was going to file a law suit and they hung up in my face so now im in the process of doing what i need to do because they tried to send money to 5 different emails which means 5 different green dot accounts which equaled to one person name stephen blake who is that i dont know this is what the representative told me so yes i am very hurt i have 7 children i am a stay home mom i try to save everyday and to have this happen to me is very messed up i will never in my life recommend green dot to anyone else because they deny you all because someone on the inside is taking peoples money not only that how who someone get your number or email personally and just start taking yes there are some good hackers out there but for the post part green dot have their ways of taking your money and dont want to give it back so yes they have messed with the wrong person now im going to make them pay for it enough is enough and i have proof for everything i mean i faxed and mailed them proof i didnt authorize nothing and they still denied me so yes i am ready
elmer stilkens
  |     |   Comment #21
a flight to california to file a lawsuit might be chaper now becausse of the pandemic! good luck with the 7 kids.
Not happy
  |     |   Comment #22
Not happy with your service I deposited 30 dollars and can't get to it I want my money back you make this to confusing your customer service is trying to sell me other items you suck

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