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Predictions For 2013?

PastTense   |     |   9 posts since 2010

Any predictions about what is going to happen in the areas of primary interest to this forum? CD rates, reward checking accounts, internet banking....?

I think things are going to stay miserable with few significant changes either positively or negatively. RCA caps might continue going down--$25K is getting pretty rare for the better interest rates.

51hh   |     |   1,716 posts since 2010
Going further down in rate for sure, to Fed rate of 0 - 0.25%:D
lou   |     |   719 posts since 2010
I have learned not to make predictions about interest rates. The answer is nobody knows, although I think the Fed will do everything in its power to keep them low.
darkdreamer4u   |     |   228 posts since 2010
Looks l.ike quite a few RCAs are taking the new year as an opportunity to lower their APR (see other topics).