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Where's The "Subscribe" Link?

Rosedala   |     |   26 posts since 2010

Hello, I'm trying to give a friend (who's too lazy to search herself!) the right link to subscribe to www.depositaccounts.com but I didn't find it.  Please let me know?  I want her to receive the same great emails I do from this site.  Thanks.   Rosedala

Ken Tumin
Ken Tumin   |     |   5,980 posts since 2009
To subscribe to the daily blog posts, refer to the following webpage:


To receive daily emails, click on "Get Deposit Accounts delivered by email".

To subscribe to bank alerts (email you when your banks have a rate change or some other news), refer to this page:


Hope this helps.
Rosedala   |     |   26 posts since 2010
Hi again Ken, but I just realized my friend won’t be able to find it so I thought I’d send her the direct link to subscribe, but I’m a little confused!  On the first link you gave me “Daily Blog Posts” (I hope these are the emails that give us the best bank/CUs deals?)...I didn’t find the direct link for her to insert her email address...I clicked on “Get deposit accounts delivered by mail” but neither she nor I have any of the “readers” that one has to choose from and I’m not familiar with FeedBurner either...   

Yes, I know, this is like a blind trying to lead another blind..... lol!  But she knows even less than I so I want to help her get into your wonderful site.  

On the second link you gave me, I didn’t find any link to enter an email address either...Would it be possible for you to send me the direct links to her placing her email on please?   I’m sorry to bother and thanks very much!   Rosedala