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There Is A Recent Specific Example Which May Have Prompted Mary's Comments

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There is a recent specific example which may have prompted Mary's comments. Someone noticed that the field of membership for Garden Savings FCU in NJ included those who worship in Elizabeth, Jersey City, and Newark, and on that basis joined the credit union to get the CD special, stating that the CU employees did not further question his/her claim to worship in one of those cities. The implication was that it was possible to join the credit union without actually falling within the field of membership. In this case, it would be difficult to verify whether the applicant really worships in one of those cities; would attending a worship service only once be enough to qualify? Or, for that matter, if the credit union is taking the applicant at his/her word, what is to prevent the him/her from joining under false pretences? I remember that post well, as I actually fit Garden Savings' field of membership (I work in Jersey City), and was considering the CD special there, but decided not to take advantage of it because the 4-year term of that CD special was longer than what I was willing to commit my funds.