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I'm Not Clear Where This Discussion About Credit Union Membership Is Coming From

me1004   |     |   611 posts since 2010

I'm not clear where this discussion about credit union membership is coming from. Have people found they are able to join without really fulfilling the membership rules, such as claiming to be a family member when they are not? I have not been of the impression that was even possible. 

Are you saying that if you need to be a member of a particular group, and you are not but say you are, that you are able to become a credit union member? I have joined in that capacity, but all but twice it was done via the membership application and fee for the outside group paid with the application -- so how can you iie? The other two, they required that I actually provide the document showing I was a member of that group, my receipt for paying to join -- so how do you lie?

On the other hand, I have never gotten any kind of membership card or whatever when sending in a fee to join a group as the requirement for joining the credit union -- so, are they just pocketing that extra money and if the NCUA should check, I would not show up as a member of that outside group?

Anyway, where is this discussion of false membership coming from? My experience would suggest it is a moot issue.