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Can My Current Checking Acct Be Affected By An Old Checking Account Being Closed And Reported To Check Verfication

allieoop   |     |   1 posts since 2013

Hi, I moved last year and have had a new bank/checking acct in great standing. I left my old bank account open (to make sure any outstanding checks cleared). I inadvertently paid an online bill with the old acct and it was over drafted. I sat up an overdraft repayment plan and everything was fine until I forgot to make a payment. I received a letter that my account was closed and that I had 5 days to repay in full to avoid collection or reporting to check verification. I paid the total in full the next day and was told that I would not be reported. A week later (yesterday) I tried to write a check at Walmart (from current checking) and was declined. Do you think I could have been reported anyway? Do I contact old bank? Thank you.