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Credit Monitoring

jackcarter   |     |   6 posts since 2013

Why should you opt for credit monitoring?

amyjk5   |     |   20 posts since 2013
Because it gives me a chance to stop identity theft even before the damage can be done and will help me keep a close eye on how my finances are affecting my credit rating. Credit monitoring may not be able to prevent identity theft completely, but it can definitely help me prevent it with its real-time alerts regarding changes in my credit score or report. Once I am alerted, I can instantly verify if the transactions were authorized and if not, I can dispute them right away. In terms of helping me keep my credit score healthy, as mentioned earlier, credit monitoring services provide real-time credit score alerts. So if I am out looking for a loan and inquiries are negatively affecting my score, I know when the right time is to take a break and resume my search. 
lou   |     |   719 posts since 2010
Credit monitoring alerted me to a credit card applied for in my name before it was activated. In my case, it was extraordinarily helpful.