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The CD Rate At Northrop Grumman CU Is Good For Members Prior To January 31St 2010

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The CD rate at Northrop Grumman CU is good for members prior to January 31st 2010, not to new members.  I rather buy a a closed end Bond Fund or an aggregate Bond ETF which pays 4-5% conservative. The best day to buy is when they start complaining Interests Rates are going up or ask BOZO for 2 yr. CD and wait to earn 2 !/2 % . I personally feel the Interest Rates are going to stay low for some time, can be six months to 2011.  US Govt can't afford to pay high Int rates on its own Debt.  The Govt has to continue to refinance its own debt. High Inflation is  linked to Social Security payments, it is not in Government's int to raise rates. Only Wall Street cries Wolfe? They scare people and when people sell they buy those high yld bonds.  Who should we Trust?