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US Banks Accepting Accounts From US Citizen Residing Overseas

jamesteven   |     |   1 posts since 2013

Any updated information on overseas residents (US citizens) denied access to US banks? So far, my accounts at BofA remain open - though I have limited priveleges  - e.g., I can't open a CD. I would like to change banks but have not found any institution that accepts depositors without a physical (and checkable, I presume) US address. 

Shorebreak   |     |   4,118 posts since 2010
Americans Residing Overseas are Denied Bank Accounts

Americans Residing Overseas are Denied Bank Accounts

Domestic mail and international mail that bears a U.S. military delivery address or return address:

APO/FPO addresses are not international addresses. There is an assumption, that because the addresses reside in a foreign country, military mail goes through an international postal carrier. This is not so. Our mail goes through United States Postal Service-Priority Mail.


International Direct Deposit (IDD) is available to U.S. military retirees living in eligible locations overseas:

Ally6770   |     |   2,379 posts since 2010
How do the people in the service overseas bank? There are several credit unions in the USA that you can join that deal with the military and I assume they allow them to get a CD but do not reside here. Have you contacted any of them?