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Sun National Bank Fees

Bronxbomber   |     |   2 posts since 2013

I have several accounts with Sun National Bank. I know banks are looking for ways to nickle and dime customers to boost corporate profits. But this one is the lowest of all. OK so I have an ATM with Sun National Bank and I don't use this account much so I don't often use my ATM card. Well about 1 1/2 years ago, the banks marketing guru came up with the brilliant Idea to charge it customers a $2.00 a month fee for not using the ATM card with in a 6 months period. Yes a $2.00 a month fee if you have no activity within 6 months.  I call and asked why they implemented this policy and I was given several reasons, including that it could be a security issue??? No one gave me the real reason, which was that it was just another way for the bank to put their hands in our pockets to increase corporate profits. If this happens to you, you should go to the nearest branch and close you account. That will have to reconsider my relationship going forward.