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Viewpoint Bank In Texas

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ViewPoint Bank in Texas:  I would like to know the criteria to open a Reward Checking Account at this Bank.  They denied my deposit, are they looking for dead-beats or what? The repesentatives do not know anything.  I spoke with them and they say we get your report from Chexsystem.  I got a copy from Chexsystem and there was nothing negative. In fact, I have no outstanding loan for a very long time.  I do not overspend, no matter how little I make.  I live to bare bones.  Can't go to see a Dr. these days, they rip you off.  The bill the insurance maximum they can, "you have a very Good Insurance" unpaid of it comes back to bite me.  Well, please investigate, if they do not do not want to honor what they advertise they should be removed from the list. Why should we waste our time. My friend tried it, samething happened to him.  We both have excellent score.