Suspicious Phone Call About Computer Problems

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I just received a phone call from a man with a very strong "accent" whose voice sounded all gargled telling me he wanted me to go to my computer and press the Windows key and another key so his "technician" could resolve my computer problem which many people are having.  I could make no sense of where he was calling from or what company he was with. I told him I was not having any problem at this time and I did not want any of his people going into my computer!  Another guy got on the phone with the same type of accent and insisted they had to help me because so many are having these problems.  I told him I didn't want their help because for all I know "they" are the ones causing the problems for others.  He got angry at me and we ended up with me telling him he was making a very very old lady almost 100 years old very upset!  ( I was not lying.  One day all of us if we live that long may be 100 years old!)  I then hung up on him. 

Has anyone else on here received such a call on this same subject?  If so do you know what it is all about?  Thanks!

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This is a common occurrence.  I usually don't get the pleasure of answering the calls because I have caller ID and just ignore it.  It's just a phishing expedition to get gullible people to allow the fraudsters access to their computers to install malware, or any other malicious software used, to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private files.
Cas Saint Denis
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Like everyone else who has a phone, I've received calls like that.  You can do a Reverse Phone Search at (make sure it's and not and see if it's a phone number associated with suspicious scam activity. You can leave feedback there about your experience with that phone number and read what others have posted.

The strangest call happened to me a couple weeks ago:  when I looked at Caller ID before answering, it showed that I was calling myself!  I was totally freaked out, and didn't answer.  I have VOI, so I called my ISP who told me that frequently "phishers" mask their identity by using someone else's phone ID, in hopes of you answering the call.  The phishers aren't bright enough to remember to not call the number they're using as a cover.  

I wish I had answered that call - next time I will, and I'll have an air horn in my hand, ready to blast the caller back under his rock!
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I've got calls from them for years. I did pick up on what a bunch of crooks they are in the first sentence the first time they called. But yes, they can be convincing. They  claim  tobe  Microsoft  calling, and theyahve detected issues onmycmputer. Hey, I certainly haven't given MS my phone number, nor my name, not even in any registration for anything -- the first tipoff. Besides, I'm a Mac  guy, although I didn't tell them that, I didn't tell them anything at  all. 

They  won't stop calling. They called me for years at least every other day and would not stop no matter what I did: tell them not to call again, call  them crooks, scream at them, hang up the second I heard their voice, cuss them out, nothing -- until I went nuclear and started really jerking  them around a LOT more than they were me. 

I did things like act frantic when I first heard them on the phone and asked them to hold for a moment, and putting the phone down for 5 minutes to waste their time, coming back for a split second, saying sorry hold a moment, and let another 5 minutes pass, go back and do the same -- until they finally hung up. I took the phone to the bathroom and made disgusting sounds for them to listen to! I had fun and did the Seinfeld thing and asked for their home number so I could call them back after they got home -- and just like them, would not stop insisting on having that info,  wasting their time and taking them off script and irritating them, and they don't like it any more than I do -- they even called me an idiot. I acted like I confused wasn't following what they said  and I would start a different, unlrealted coversation, wasting their time and forcing them off script.

It  wasn't until I went nuclear with them -- especially the bathroom stuff  and the time wasted on hold, that they finally stopped calling. They dealt  with a few calls of that and then stopped calling me, something I had not been able to accomplish for years of more reasonable conduct (if cussing them out is more reasonable). It seems the time wasting might have been the big thing, but I could hear them talking in the background with a supervisor about the bathroom stuff, so that also played a significant role in ending those calls. They really didn't much care for the bathroom stuff. 

Try it. Nothing else works to stop them. I have now heard from them only about once in the past 6-9 months, and did it to them again that time, never to hear from them again -- I'm on their bad list. They have met their match. :)
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Since my reply Jul 23, 2014 to this question I have disconnected my land line, saved $25 per month,  and only utilize my cell phone. I don't get those phishing calls any longer. If I do get a rare scam artist attempting to call me I usually don't answer because of caller ID. My cell service provider is Cricket which runs $35 per month for unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of 4G LTE data per month.
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I had the same thing about two weeks ago. It is obviously a scam.

I asked him which computer he was talking about, implying that I had more than one, and that left him floundering. I also asked him for his phone number so that I could call him back for security reasons and he said there was no need for that!!

I hung up on him.
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As others have mentioned, I use caller id. Sometimes it may read number unknown, caller blocked or something like that . In that case I let it go to the voice answering machine. If the message is legit they will leave a message; if not they just hang up. I am also signed up for the do not call list which weeds out more of these calls but some still get through. I have reported some of these unwanted calls but not sure how much it helps.
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Thanks folks for the info.  I got concerned when he insisted I click certain keys for him. I have caller ID but it doesn't always tell me enough to know who is really calling.  I was expecting several return calls so I thought it was one of them.  I will just hang up quickly if he ever calls back.
May DeMonde
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I just got one of these calls.  I told him I was reporting him to the FCC but he continued to talk.  I told him not to call me again and hung up.  He had a  very heavy accent, hard to understand.  I believe it is a scam to get into your computer.
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I have enjoyed trying to mess with the callers, but they often must detect a hint of sarcasm in my voice and they hang-up quickly.  Sadly, they are likely using some sort of IP phone system and not paying much for the time on the phone.
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My husband gave me a whistle when we were first married in 1961 when I started to get unwanted calls. 
Just blow it but keep the phone away from your ear. The calls will stop. Also you can report the 
phone numbers if you have them stored on your phone or computer. If you don't report the calls
then you are part of the problem. 
Check with your phone provider but star 57 is the call trace for Verizon. Below is the Verizon link

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