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BP Chase Rebate Special

darkdreamer4u   |     |   228 posts since 2010

Just got this in the mail labeled as 'An exclusive offer for BP Visa® best customers': 2% rebates on groceries, home improvement, utilities and drugstores from 7/1-8/31/10. That's on top of the 5% on BP purchases and 2% on eligible travel & dining purchases.

Seems like a select deal, so your mileage may vary...

Is this PR stunt an attempt to repair their disastrous image? >8-o


And speaking of which: how does that work anyway? The branding of credit cards? Who gets what out of it? Ken?

tomlawler   |     |   22 posts since 2010
Sounds like a "slick" deal from  the guys that brought you the "Disaster in the Gulf".  Personally I'm boycotting anything BP.