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Debt Collections And Minimum Payments

paoli2   |     |   2,472 posts since 2011

Since debts are finances, I wondered if any posters could answer a question I have.  If one has thousands of dollars of  medical bills but one's only income is disability but you do have insurance and it pays it's share, what is the minimum one has to pay the hospital or medical providers before they can put you into debt collection  for your share after insurance?  Years ago, it used to be that as long as you paid even $5.00 a month they could not come after you.  Has this changed?  It maybe more than $5.00 now a days but does anyone know what it is?  I am not looking for the answer for myself but for someone else who finds themself in this predicament.  They do not want to have to end up with the taxpayer paying their bills through Medicaid so was wondering what is the least they can pay without having the Collectors coming after them.  Thanks  for any info you can provide.  Much appreciation for your help. 

Shorebreak   |     |   4,118 posts since 2010
Check this out first but it appears it depends on the hospital’s policy, hospital type, and the state law that governs collection processes. Above all, be sure to communicate regularly with the provider.

paoli2   |     |   2,472 posts since 2011
Thanks SB.  That is the same link I googled up before posting.  It didn't say anything about the minimum payment I was looking for.  It mainly seems to encourage getting those medical bills paid off as soon as possible from what I understood.  I forgot all about the "interest" factor.  I didn't think they added interest to medical bills but nowadays interest is fair game on all debts I guess.