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Should We Trust Any Article From Bankrate.Com?

Ally6770   |     |   2,134 posts since 2010

I read the first article and then thought that this chart cannot be correct so I went to the actual information from the census. 

Bankrate states its source as the US census. 

How they both be correct? 

Had a bunch of college kids here studying until 4 am so I did not get much sleep but am I understanding this correctly? How can one chart from the bankrate state that in 2010 39.4% of the population was over 65 and then when you go to the census to verify this chart the census states that in 2013 14.1% of the population was over 65. 

Get ready to rock ‘n’ roll old age « Bankrate, Inc.

USA QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau

Rooks777   |     |   36 posts since 2014
Read the 1st article more closely. The article doesn't state that 39.4% of the population was over 65 in 2010. Rather, it states that there were 39.4 million adults aged 65+. The second article gives the percentage of adults 65+ in the US population. In other words, one article is giving the raw numbers of 65+ adults and the other is giving it in percentage terms. There does not seem to be any contradiction between the two articles.
Ally6770   |     |   2,134 posts since 2010
Thanks. This just shows that when you are in your 70's your brain does not function on 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Thanks again for setting me straight on this. 
paoli2   |     |   2,304 posts since 2011
Rooks:  Thanks for confirming that "Bankrate can be trusted".  I use it a lot and the way the original poster titled her post, it was very concerning to me.  I think we should take care as to how we attract readers to our posts with negative titles unless we have our facts verified. Next to DA, Bankrate is my favorite "go to" page for information and I have never had a problem with "trusting" the information.