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Social Security Question

Inforay   |     |   17 posts since 2010

I just read today that the new budget will take away the ability to file and suspend which had been available to spouses.  So if I had planned to collect social security at 62 years does this mean I have to elect between taking the higher of my own benefit or based on my spouse's benefit?  I had been planning to take via my husband's benefit (he is already 67 years) while allowing my own benefit to grow till I turned 70.  I am not sure how this new budget item will impact me.  I am also not sure if this is the correct forum to be asking this question, so my apologies if this is not the proper forum.

Kennewickman   |     |   17 posts since 2013
Go to fatwallet.com  and click on the Finance Forum. They are discussing right now.
paoli2   |     |   2,474 posts since 2011
Thanks.  I just checked it out but I could not find an answer to a question I have.  If you are already collecting social security as a spouse and are over 70 years old, does that mean you no longer can make any changes to get a higher benefit??  Thanks if anyone knows the answer.
Anon456   |     |   158 posts since 2011
not sure about going forward, but in the past, you must be at full retirement age to make a selection.  If earlier than that (62) you cannot make an election - SS will only give you the higher of your own or the spousal benefit.  Must wait to your FRA, which is currently 66 for most of us.
Ally6770   |     |   2,515 posts since 2010
What’s changing? Deemed filing