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What Qualifies As Direct Deposits For Bank Promotion Eligibility?

howardt55   |     |   5 posts since 2015

I don't receive income from employment or pension or any periodic payments so I do not have any direct deposits set up.  Can I have one bank send monthly payments as deposits to another bank in order to qualify for new bank account promotions?. 

me1004   |     |   679 posts since 2010
Typically, yes, you can. I have learned that they at least GENERALLY are simply looking for a recurring incoming ACH deposit. They don't care, and I doubt even know, if it is from a paycheck (when a bank sends money, they don't say it is paycheck money, they just send money).
Ally6770   |     |   2,515 posts since 2010
I believe there was a list on this blog some time ago of banks that accepted transfers as a DD. 
cumulus   |     |   1,036 posts since 2010
Believe this is what you're after: List Of Methods Banks Count As Direct Deposits