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Will I Run Out Of Money? No Software Or Program Covers My Situation

John Sears
John Sears   |     |   67 posts since 2015

I have the principal amount I was left.  Most is in 5 year CDs.

I was left an IRA, I take $5K each year RMD.  $2K interest has to remain in it.

I have interest coming in monthly from the 5 year CDs.

I receive monthly Social Security.

I dip in roughly $1K/month to cover a $40K yearly budget.

I'm 63.

I have to break $10K CDs to supplement the $5K available from the IRA.

The rent goes up about $500/year.

As rent goes up, principal goes down as CDs are broken.

I don't believe there is any spreadsheet or retirement calculator that will take into account the changes each year.  Can anyone help?  Thanks.