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Is IRS Still Accepting Free File Fillable Forms From It's Website?

paoli2   |     |   2,449 posts since 2011

I heard over the news tonight that due to computer problems, the IRS is not accepting E-Filing of tax forms.  Does anyone know if this includes the Free File Fillable forms we fill out online and mail in to them?  I do not E-File my taxes but prefer to use the fillable forms online and then print them out and mail them to IRS.  I have done this in other years without a problem but I wonder if their computers will accept these forms now if they are having problems.  I have already done them but have not mailed them yet.  Does anyone know the answer?  Thanks for any help.    I ordered forms from IRS at end of December 2015 and have not received any to this date so I have no other forms to use if not online.