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Pulling Funds From Penfed Via ACH

h_meister   |     |   12 posts since 2014

I have a 26K CD maturing at Pen Fed this week.  This is first time taking $ from Pen Fed and I had to reestablish on line with them.  Was setting up trial ACH pulls and found out there is 5K per day limiting on outgoing ACH.  Question is: can I pull greater then 5K per day from Pen Fed ton institution such as Alliant?  I'm aware of the 25K limit there and have verified I have that amount on my account.  Thanks.

cumulus   |     |   1,036 posts since 2010
Ally has fairly "generous" transfer limits:

                Each        Maximum     Maximum      Maximum
                Transfer    Per Day       in Process     Per Month
To Ally      $250,000   $250,000     $1,000,000   $1,000,000
From Ally  $150,000   $150,000     $600,000      $600,000
gbtexas   |     |   66 posts since 2013
The best way to pull finds is to have an account that allows for withdrawals via paper checks. This is too late for you, but perhaps not for others who haven't already taken this avenue.   It should be mentioned that while you can sometimes find Checking accounts without monthly fees in commercial banks, they'll more often be found in credit unions.