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Overdraft Fee

wburchard1   |     |   1 posts since 2016

I have had financial problems lately. And have gotten overdraft fees but 400.00 worth. Blackhawk has been sending the same check for 6 dollars through my account at least 5 times charging multiple fees Over 500.00 is this legal This sickens me and they need to get some compassion. Anyone can get into a financial crisis. This is wrong . I lost my job with 6 children. It's been 6 months. But we will make it no thanks to Blackhawk community credit union. William Burchard

Antant42   |     |   1 posts since 2016
Sorry about what happened with Blackhawks community credit union. Tough times can happen to anyone and you should not be taken advantage of because of them. I am a banker with Wells Fargo and I understand that things like his happen. Especially given your outstanding previous relationship with the credit union I am surprised they did not help you get atleast some of the money back. All of it if it was the banks fault. Part of the problem is how impersonal some banker have become and they frankly do not know their clients. They are not doing their jobs. As a banker I know that maintaining a relationship with my client that is going through a rough time will not only be best for the client but also best for the future of the bank as well.
Again sorry for your troubles, feel free to respond or message me if you would like help establishing a relationship with me as your banker with Wells Fargo.