Ally No Longer Allowing 1-Day ACH. Is It Just Me?

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I've just checked all my linked accounts, some of which I know were allowed 1-day transfers in the past (part of my reason for using Ally), and all of them are now only allowing 3-day transfers (both in or out). Anyone else experiencing this?

Wondering if I tripped something, either taking out a large chunk of funds due to Ally's consistently dropping rates, or just by having too many linked accounts.

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I've been having no problem with transfer times. But there have been recent instances where their online transfer system is not working at all. (I'm not the only person to have experienced this; it was reported elsewhere on this site's Forum.)

One thing to be aware of re Ally -- if you use Ally's ACH system to transfer funds into Ally, and you try to transfer more money than is available at the other institution, the transfer will not only fail but Ally will remove the one-day transfer feature from all of your Ally accounts (according to people who've made that mistake, and posted about it here).
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Thank you. It seems this is the cause of my problems, however what *triggered* it was a failed debit of the trial credits sent when opening a new account at a credit union (PenFed): two trial credits were received at the PenFed and then, as is usual, a debit attempt by Ally was made of the total of the two credits. Because the credit union's $5 minimum share policy, their system stupidly *reversed* this debit attempt, so Ally didn't get their money back -- and PenFed tried to charge me a $10 fee for this, which I got reversed when it happened, but didn't realize the implications on Ally's end until now.

The only solution I was offered on Ally's end was to wait 3 months (and have no failed withdrawal attempts), even though the rep clearly acknowledged this wasn't my fault. Ally just doesn't seem to care about keeping customers.
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I just got off the phone with the Ally CSR regarding why I lost the option of doing 1-day transfers. The CSR reached out to the back office operations department and confirmed that any failure with a transfer to complete will cause the 1-business day transfer to default back to 3-business days.

The 1-business day transfer ability will be restored after a 90-day wait period as long as there are no other failed transfer(s).

NOTES from the conversation with the CSR:
-- I was informed that the 1-business day transfer option is offered only to certain customers who have banked with Ally for a "long while".
-- Not all customers qualify for 1-business day transfers.
-- The default minimum banking transfer time is 3-business days.

From Ally FAQ
We determine eligibility for next-day transfers based on account tenure (so new accounts aren’t eligible), account activity, and transfer activity such as overdrafts and returns. To combat fraud, we are selective about when we offer next-day transfers.
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I'm happy to report that my 1 day transfers have been restored again on 27 Feb
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I have also encountered oddities in the 1 day vs 3 day protocol.

I recently had a transfer from checking (to Alliant) start as 1 day, but when I got to the review screen, it had turned into 3 day transfer. Yesterday, all transfers from checking were 3 day, but all transfers from savings were 1 day.
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You also get 3 days for any scheduled in advance of a day or so transfer. For example, I have RCAs and in order to meet the direct deposit/ach requirement, I set in advance small transfers from ally and they are 3 days BECAUSE they are set in advance. But they are usually a penny so its not a big deal.

My broker, fidelity has same day ACH transfers, Usually within 3-6 hours, What I have not tried is if I can do an in and out the same day without possibly incurring margin interest. One rep seemed to think it was possible even though the transaction has cleared from the first bank/cu. I tend to transfer out any dividends the day I get them even for small amounts. Just because 1% is more than .01%. But, I can't do that with my HSA or IRA so I am pretty much earn nothing on cash in those accounts.

(i have a local CU with a 1% savings)
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You can have Fidelity accumulate those dividends in a separate "cash" account and then have them transferred to your checking account on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.....lots easier than doing a bunch of small transfers and Fidelity's system works 100% of the time.
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Thanks for pointing this out. I had notice that no matter how much I transferred Ally is no longer doing 1-day transfers. In the past when Ally pulled from my local CU that I bank at it would only take 1 business day. Now it is taking 3 business days, no matter how small the amount.

From the comments it now makes sense why the 1-day transfer is no longer available on my account. One of the external FI locked one of my accounts due to too frequent logins within a specified period, and the Ally transfer failed. Since that day Ally no longer makes the 1-day transfer feature available to me.
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You should call because I'm still getting 1-day transfers on most accounts.
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I monthly do a low 5 figure deposit to Ally checking and then disburse it out the next day. So local bank to Ally at 3pm on day 1, and it is in my account and available by 4am the next morning on day 2.
I just did this a week back.
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Yes, if you have any failed transfer you get transfers pushed back to 3 days for a period of time. 3 months?

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