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Anyone Know Of A Rewards Checking Without ACH Deposit Requirement?

ges74   |     |   2 posts since 2011

Apologize if this question has already been asked...I am self employed performing project based work (read: income some months, no income other months) which makes it difficult for me to set up a recurring ACH deposit.  Anyone know of higher interest checking accounts out there that do NOT require the ACH deposit?  Thanks so much, GES

51hh   |     |   1,714 posts since 2010
Even when they specify salary/payroll deposit, one may still experiment it.  I found at least one credit union that states strictly payroll deposit, it turns out that ACH into the credit union is just fine.
Alan   |     |   33 posts since 2010
I have found that most banks and credit unions requiring Direct Deposit, accept automatic ACH transfers from another bank/cu.  Those that require an actual paycheck or Social Security check generally state that up front in the advertisement/application.
Mike   |     |   323 posts since 2010
My understanding from other posts, is that some banks will honor bank transfer deposits as a fulfillment of that requirement. I don't think all banks require it to be a paycheck. A customer service representative at the banks u may be interested in should be able to clarify that for u.