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$20 Back + A 10 Second Decision For A Paypal Extras Mastercard

RJM   |     |   168 posts since 2011

Sure, its a hard pull, but for $20 plus 2% off ebay purchases, it might be worth it.

Use your PayPal Extras MasterCard to get 2x points for all your PayPal and eBay purchases.

3x points/ $1 spent on Gas & Restaurants

2x points/ $1 spent on PayPal & eBay

1x points/ $1 spent on all other MasterCard purchases

No annual fee.

I dont see any gotcha's.

Not sure what they mean by "back" either.

Anyone do it ?

RJM   |     |   168 posts since 2011
Not the deal I hoped.  The 2% equals 1.66% because they charge 6000 points for $50.


And giftcards, inexplicidly, are an even worse deal.


The $20 takes 3 months to show up.

In hindsight, not really worth it but there was no way of knowing their ripoff $50 =6000 points scheme.


I will use it...just for ebay buys when I have no other option. But 1.66% is not much better than my regular 1.5%debitcard that I had been buying ebay giftcards with. Except I dont have to buy them & wait hours for them to activate and I get a few weeks float before having to pay.